Main Cast


The star of the comic strip. Also the Author. He goes by the name SpoonyBard, though he has nothing to do with Edward from FF4. Shouting "You Spoony Bard" at him only pisses him off. He used to frequent until it shut down, and now he usually hangs around RPGClassics,and Videoland.




Local violence and overkill excessive force enthusiast. He is always carrying around and boasting about his huge guns and weaponry. He prefers to solve a situation by blasting whatever he happens to think is causing it. He is also a master of typos and bad grammar, a common example would be "Here ya got" or "Engoud" Also hangs around Videoland.




Known Spoony for a long time, and they usually work together well to solve a problem. Not as quite a violence maniac as Lunaris is, but still loves a good fight, using more style than brute power. Of course whenever style fails, brute power is a good second choice. Is on Videoland like Spoony and Lunaris.


Macc Maverick

He's known Spoony for about as long as Zero has. He's more of a pacifist when it comes to fighting, usually relying on his incredibly corny sense of humor to get him out of situations.(Saying something so incredibly corny than your enemies fall over laughing is a pretty good defense actually) He spends most of his free time outside of the comic with Kai, who occasionally shows up herself. He also is in Videoland, though his alts are a secret.



He used to take the role of recurring annoyance in this comic. He knew Spoony from, and once it closed he stumbled across him in Mysidia. A master of insults and lame techniques (though he claims he only uses lame techniques on lamers themselves) Usually mad about one thing or another. Claims to wield the 'Ragnarok Buster', whatever that is... he used to hold a grudge against Spoony, but forgot why he did, so now he just spends his time destroying lamers. Probably the only character capable of almost as much firepower as Lunaris.



Headfigure at RPGClassics, with the help of Rast, Merlin, and the rest of the staff, Sin was able to overthrow the evil dictator ShaheenJim. General all around badass with the same sort of cynicism that Zero has with regards to the enourmas plot holes in the comic. He's not easily fooled by anything, and doesn't have much sympathy for stupid people.



Also a Headfigure at RPGClassics. Known for leading various role-playing scenarios. Also his body seems to have an odd polarization on it, as he is a huge natural magnet for pianos. They fall out of the sky and right on top of him, out of nowhere. He can't avoid them, no matter what, and they often show up at just the right time to keep him from saying something important.



Faetan has the honor of being the only regular female cast member the comic has. She has a habit of tackling anyone and anything, particulary if they at all resemble Lunaris. May not be the most serious character, but that's not really something that matters here. Has excellent drawing skills (compared to anyone here anyway), and also really likes fire.


Tenchimaru Draconis

Tenchimaru Draconis, or TD for short, is the newest addition to the regular cast members. His most notable recent role was briefly trouncing the crud out of Ego, before getting trounced himself. He may seem like a standard background character, who only appears when a convenient plot device is needed, but there's more to him than that. You just don't, uh, know it yet.




Ego's undergone some changes recently, and seems to have taken the spot of cheif villain of the series. At first it appeared like his loyalties were swinging back and forth, but ever since his recent transformation, and aquisition of power, he has taken up the villainous role without a second thought. What he is truly up to, and what he is truly after, is hard to say. He doesn't let anyone else take advantage of him, that much is certain, and whatever it is he has planned, it's to his advantage only.



'G' recently revealed his identity (To an extent) recently, claiming he was the mysterious 'Guidey McGuide' that led Spoony on in a dream. Naturally neither of these are his real name, he's keeping that to himself. He used to work for Nexus, under the ruse of being Shaheen Jim, but he betrayed him at the last moment. Thanks to his interference Ego obtained the power Nexus would have. Just where his loyalties truly lie is a mystery, as he mentioned working for a mysterious group called 'The Brotherhood', who have been in the background all this time. G gives the impression that he knows much more than he lets on, but no one can guess the true extent of his knowledge.



D00D!!!!11 |-|yP|-|4 |$ teh Ub3r 1337 |-|4KZ-R!! Err... sorry. Hypha is just some lamer wannabe hacker, who shows up now and again to make a nuiscence of himself. Usually goes away when punted. Has an annoying habit of talking like I just did above, it's a pain to read, and even moreso to type. Hypha is just the generalized stereotype of the internet lamers we all know and hate. He hasn't shown up in awhile, but he's still out there, and he will likely continue to pop up again and again...

Currently Crystalized Netforces



The first villain to appear in the comic, Peer's true nature was not something that was revealed until much later on. As it turns out his original story of being born from the internet was a load of bull-honkey. His true purpose was unknown even to him, everything he strove to do, and destroy, was just what he was programmed to do. Peer was the first Netforce, and his appearance sparked the arrival of all the others which soon followed.



Bandwidth was the second Netforce to plauge Spoony and co., though he didn't last nearly as long as Peer did. He mostly spent his time tormenting Zero, but never managed to get his villainous career off the ground. He took it too far while he kidnapped Zero, and he was almost incinerated for it. Had Bandwidth taken more time to fully mature like Peer did then he could have been more of a threat. But unfortunately for him, he was still much like an ignorant teenager, unaware of his limits, but thinking he was invincible. He survived Zero's assault, only to be ultimately defeated by G, who was an unknown at the time.



Tenshi was the wisest, and most developed of the Netforces, for a time. His motives were unknown, and will probably remain that way, but he guided the plot from behind the scenes for most of the story until Nexus finally did him in. Tenshi relied on what he predicted would happen, and was compeltely unprepared for Nexus's coup. If things went the way he had predicted, then it would have been him recieving the ultimate power which Ego did. What he would have done with that power, though, is anyone's guess.



Netsplit is the black sheep of the Netforces, at least as far as the story goes. Spoony and Ego has a lovely little adventure with him in an 'alternate dimension', but that happened off camera, so to speak. Essentially, his big villainous role was cut out and simplified in a flashback. Netsplit's true power remains unknown, much like the others. He's the Netforce that really got shafted.



Nexus came closer than any other Netforce to achieving his goal. He usurped Tenshi's power, he had gathered the remains of all the others, and he had Ego right where he wanted him. The only thing he didn't count on was being stabbed in the back. He never expected G to betray him, nor to know all he did about the Netforces. Like all the others, Nexus failed due to his arrogance. Had he succeeded it probably would have been the end of everything, but that very well can't happen. Now, like all the other Netforces, his power is added to Ego's. What truly became of him and the others is still a mystery, perhaps they were completely destroyed, or perhaps what is left of their personas rest inside of Ego's mind. Either way, it's still possible Nexus may not be gone for good...

Recurring Cast



Pretty much the spirit, and most important character from Mysidia (at least in this comic anyway). She has a strong corny nature, that only Macc can match, or overcome. Also she is also the most 'kawii' character that you'll ever see in this strip, her cutesy nature can get on anyone's nerves. Hasn't been seen much since Mysidia became skewed in the pages of history... or something.



Mazrim Taim

As far as this comic goes, he's probably the most mature and sensible person you'll ever see. He has a passive nature, usually prefers to stay out of the way in a fight, and if he ever finds himself attacked, he just puts up his 'apathy shield' where he just doesn't care about his enemy's attacks. And in the internet world, that can make all the difference. However he is one of the very few people able to pull it off, and keep it up.




Often ridiculed as being a bookworm, and short (at least, that's how he appears with his sprite) Cid is probably one of the few people that actually works hard on his duties. Known at RPGClassics to be the most frequent updater, and a genius with various scripts and codes, unfortunately he isn't as appreciated by some as he should be.



Former webmaster of RPGClassics, Rast moved on to new projects, and greater things. He left the site in the hands of Shaheen Jim, and later returned to help the staff reclaim it from him. Uber coding genius, Rast ain't no wannabe, he's the real thing. Potentially one of the most powerful characters in the comic, though he doesn't stay around often enough to help out with the really big situations. Spoony met him long before even Zero or Macc.



Showed up once, and only once, to help deal with a swarm of lamers. Due to his utter lack of a poseable sprite, he may or may not return. Very similar to X in personality, though wit ha slightly shorter fuse.



We should ALL know who this guy is, unfortunatly. After single-handedly redefining the terms of annoyance on the Internet, CATS went on to try to get revenge on Macc for a previously foiled kidnapping attempt at his HQ. However he too was duped into a contract, and now does whatever work Macc wants at the HQ. And he still can't speak proper english. Shows up occasionally just to make a nuisence of himself, and whenever Spoony feels like throwing in some bad AYB jokes.

Guest Characters


Knew Spoony back at RPGMakernet. One of the original 4 who defeated Peer in the first place before he returned in OL. He later met Spoony and came out of nowhere to help him and the guys defeat Peer at the last minute. Then left, hasn't been seen since.


Dark Macc

Macc Maverick's evil twin, now pacified and working for Macc at his HQ. Tried to cause some trouble during the Macc's HQ storyline, but failed.



The squid from Final Fantasy 6 we all know and hate, Ultros has a soul stealing contract with Macc, and pretty much has to do whatever he wants.



The samurai-warrior thingy from Final Fantasy 5 we all know and hate. Like Ultros he has a soul stealing contract with Macc, and has to do whatever he wants. He is also adept at running away from anything..



We should all know who this guy is. Big, hot tempered, short fused, all powerful Saiya-jin with an attitude. Now working at Macc's HQ as director, the only director I might add, Vegeta rakes in all the profits from the show, which is why he hasn't destroyed the entire lot of fools yet, that and Mr.T won't let him (just go to Macc's HQ and read everything, it'll make a sort of sense, probably)


The rest of the FARTS Cast

Wonder Boy and Super Mutt from Secret of Evermore, Kefka and Exdeath and Dr. Dopplar, all are working at Macc's HQ for some reason or another, and made an appearance in the comic.


Framed! Cast

Mike, Allison, Derek and Frank from Framed wandered into OL for one comic after escaping from their own. Afraid that Damonk would catch them they took off before Spoony could recommend a search engine to them, oh well.



Author of the staggeringly popular, Bob and George. He found himself cameoed in yet another inferior sprite comic. If you're reading this and don't know who he is, where on earth have you been? Go read Bob and George. Done? Good, then I don't need to explain him anymore then, do I?



Popular character from Bob and George, no so much the comic, but the community. Has a nasty habit of dying whenever poked, prodded, sneezed on, or anything in any way, but also packs one hell of an amount of firepower, maybe outdoing X and Lunaris. Unfortunatly he often dies before he gets a chance to use it, but it doesn't matter, he'll be back in a few seconds anyway.



Channel Moderator in the Bob and George chatroom, doesn't have a very widely used sprite, to my knowledge, and is mainly seen with a black text balloon. Doesn't put up with people who break the rules in the chatroom, and for some reason, has a thing for Ego.



Nabeshin, aka Shinichi Watanabe, is the director of various anime series', including Excel Saga. In that series in particular, he inserted himself as a sort of author-like plot device character, so what better person to have as a cameo for no reason? Who knows what happened to him after he exploded real good with That Guy, but chances are he won't show in the comic again.


That Guy

Villain from Excel Saga, like Nabeshin, largely showed up for no reason, just to fight him. He and Nabeshin got into a typical anime-power-shoot-out thing, and exploded with him, chances are they won't be back. And yes his name is 'That Guy', I go by the fansubs, not the official sub by ADV, where he's called 'That Man', I mean, that's just weird :)

Moved-on Cast

Future Trunks

Hot-tempered DragonBallZ fan, also somewhat new to Mysidia. He is like X, as he is quick to insult people, and quick to brawl, also loving to brag if he 'wins' a batte. Though he isn't quite as irritating as X can get, actually knowing when to quit.



A newcomer to Mysidia, it didn't take him long to get used to the rather insane conversations and goings-on at the place. Despite representing a giant mech, sprite-wise he is the same size as everyone else, which can look pretty silly ^_^


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