Rooftop Lunch
  Yasogami HS - Roof

The school's rooftop, accessible through the main staircase that connects the main building's floors, is a quiet, peaceful place that students often retreat to in order to enjoy lunch, contemplate life's mysteries, or in some cases pretend to be professional meteorologists.
A chain link fence installed around the perimeter is in place in order to prevent untimely falls from three stories high. It is flat from end to end, save for some large ducts that jut out the roof in the pattern of the letter X. It makes for a nice seat. It is the only seat. The chain link fences are more than sturdy enough to handle the weight of more than a few kids leaning against it, if one has to slouch somewhere around the roof.
Given the popularity of the location for the above pursuits, no one ever seems to intrude on any touching moments between flustered friends, troubled lovers, or suspiciously large social circles whenever they decide to have a heart-to-heart talk amongst themselves. This is an ideal place as any on campus to have a (wo)man-to-(wo)man conversation over delicate subjects.


In Yasogami, students usually just stay in their homerooms when eating lunch. Some more adventurous teenagers even stroll into town or pick a completely different place to eat. The roof was a popular choice for this.

It's also one of the places that Thora frequents during lunchtime, mostly just to get away from the rest of her class and people in general. It wasn't just that though...

Thora looks down at her bento, which was a hideous pile of salmon, rice, and egg. It was /edible/ but there were no points to be had in presentation. It was pretty embarassing actually.

Mae is just making her way up onto the roof, and she scans the crowd. Seeing Thora - not a hard person to see, even in a crowd - her expression brightens a bit, then darkens, brightens a little again, and then finally gives up and settles on a rather blank look. She walks up to the taller girl, and bows. "Kobayashi-sensei. It's good to see you again. I was getting a little worried from the things I had heard." As she straightens up, her eyes flicker down to see that bento, and she slowly lets out her breath, trying not to let that disorganized mess get to her.

It's been a couple of days since Fumiya started at Yasogami High. The transfer still kinda bums him out, but he's quick to make the best of things. He just has to look at this as a new environment for him to make his mark. Not many in the school know his name yet, but if he has his way that will change.

Fumiya ditches his homeroom down on the first floor and makes his way up to the roof. Things can happen on the roof, it's apart from the rest of the classroom-lined halls. Plus he likes that the school here in Inaba has a pretty sweet view.

On one hand he has a cup of ramen noodles, water already added and just about ready to eat. Food comes first, and then... well, he'll play it by ear. For now he eyes the girls on the roof through the corner of his eye. The ladies are always something he has time for.

Reaching a hand down, Thora scoops up a pile of rice and egg and starts to shovel it into her mouth. Either her manners could use work or she didn't bring any chopsticks today. The way she hunches down while doing it does really make her look like a gorilla though she's really just trying to use her large size to obscure her meal. Naturally this happens just as Mae approaches her. "-mmmfhh..." she starts, then swallows, looking shiftily away. "...yeah..uh...yeah that's...over with and I'm glad."

She straightens and shakes some grains of rice off her hand. "How are you holding up?" the way she asks this suggests that she already knows that someone's missing. She doesn't seem too concerned though, maybe because it's Kenji.

...though the real reason is actually much worse.

Mae might also notice that there's a gauze bandage around the base of her neck.

Mae tilts her head to one side. "Hmm? Oh, I'm doing fine, Kobyashi-sensei...."

She blinks, belatedly realizing the tone might mean something, and scratches the back of her head. "Well... I said some... kinda painful things to Kurosawa-san, and we had just made up...." She shrugs a bit, chewing on her lip. "I guess... I'm just worried, is all."

She frowns at the bandage. "Are you all right...? You should see someone with... medicinal skills."

Fumiya eats quickly, so he finishes his ramen in no time, keeping his eye on Thora and Mae all the while. He's not familiar with them, but Thora definitely looks like someone who stands out, and thus she probably has a reputation; be it a good one or bad one. Leaving his empty ramen container behind, he starts to make his way over to them as inconspicuously as he can, which isn't very.

As he gets closer he hears something he can use as a hook. Kurosawa. He knows that name, it rings a bell. He remembers meeting Kenji on his first evening in Inaba, so are they talking about the same family? It's as good an excuse as any.

"Kurosawa..." He suddenly says, lacking much grace or tact, from behind Mae. "You babes talking about Oar-man? I thought he'd be easy to spot around this school, but I haven't seen him at all. It's quite a bummer."

There is one HELL of a reputation surrounding Thora. Even with the little time that Fumiya has been going to Yasogami he's probably heard a thing or two about Giant Schoolgirl. If only that she had been arrested.

Two fingers hook underneath a clump of rice which Thora dumps into her mouth as she listens to Mae. "Yeah, you really tore him a new one back there." Thora says neutrally. At the time she'd thought it was pretty awesome but now she realized it might just get used by his Shadow as fodder later. "...he'll be fine though." she smiles slyly, "I promise."

Then someone decides to join their little conversation. Thora slooooowly turns to look up at Fumiya and is nearly blinded as a resullt. "...yeah. I'm pretty sure Kurosawa's missing."

Mae shudders a bit as she involuntarily watches Thora eat, and looks away, studying the chain link fence.

And then... Babes? Oar-man? She turns around, and raises an eyebrow at Fumiya. She doesn't say anything quite yet, just staaares. Finally, a slight smile, with that continued raised eyebrow. "Excuse me, have we met?"

Fumiya responds to Mae first, being naturally attracted to pretty much any query regarding him. "I don't think so, I have a photographic memory for the ladies, and I'd remember a pair like you two." Fumiya places his hands on his hips, and starts tapping his left foot to some unheard beat. "I'm Fumiya Watanabe, I'm still new to the school so you could say I'm making my rounds." Does he think he's slick?

"But enough about little old me. You babes look like you could use some company. You ever been to ..." Fumiya's sentance is abruptly cut off by something that Thora said finally penetrating his hairspray-drenched head. "Wait wait..." He says, turning around to face Ginormica. "Kurosawa's missing? Dang, that's harsh. I need to establish my gossip connections here for sure, I had no clue!"

"By the way..." Thora says quietly to Mae and gestures towards the bandage, "I'm fine, I'm just healing." Any ongoing horror regarding Thora's eating habits abruptly ceases now. Those beady brown eyes narrow at Fumiya easily set off by the insinuation that her particular look is...unique. It is, naturally, but it's also a bit of a sore subject to Thora. "What's /that/ supposed to mean?" she growls. "You think I look funny?"

The box of disaster movie bento is set aside on the ledge and Thora begins to stand. Damn new kids! Before any harassment can occur, a thought hits Thora. No, it's not the promise she made to Naoya to stop bullying people, it's moreso the fact that she admitted that Kenji was missing. "Well yeah..." she shrugs, trying to pass it off as some natural thing, "...see he wasn't in school today, right? Missing. You're new anyway so I guess you probably wouldn't know."

Those eyes narrow again. "For example, I bet you don't know who /I/ am."

Chie Satonaka, HERO OF THE PEOPLE and professional amazing person, has had a bad few days. Again. Actually, it might be easier to just say the last couple months in general have sucked...

ANYWAY THE POINT IS she walks up onto the roof with bento in hand. Yukiko's.../still/ out. And Leader's out today. And she's still pissed at Yosuke. It kind of sucks, actually. Chie doesn't really know what to do with herself, so she came up to the roof to stare off into the sky and mope a little.

What she finds instead is Thora (yay!), Mae (ehhh) and a fruit-colored new guy (AHHHH). She stands there at the door way for a second, briefly looking at the weather report girl to see if she has any input. (She does: Rain expected within the week! typical.) "Uhhh," she hems. M-maybe she should go see if Rise wants to hang out...

Mae nods a little bit to Thora, and then looks over to Fumiya, opening her mouth, and then closing it. After a moment, she shrugs. Maybe she's trying to hold back too, considering the last time the two of them went off on someone, HE WAS KIDNAPPED BY A TV.

Yeah. This is kinda awkward, so she looks away, only to see Chie... staring at their group with a slightly awkward look? Her eyebrows furrow a bit, and then she attempts a bit of a smile.

Thora's sudden aggressive nature and presence actually doesn't seem to have much of a visable impact on Fumiya. In fact he continues on without skipping a beat. "I think I have, I've heard about a babe from this school being arrested. I try not to get caught up in rumors, they can be unreliable." He'd much rather be the source of rumors, anyway. "But I never caught your names, by the way. You don't want to introduce yourselves to the new kid?" He actually winks when he says that but, perhaps to his benefit, his sunglasses hide his eyes really well.

"Well anyway, I wish I could say I knew Kurosawa enough to help out. He seemed like an alright bro, if a bit eccentric." Says Fumiya, apparently with no sense of irony. "But we shouldn't dwell on this downer of a subject. High school students in their prime should be getting to know each other better, am I right?"

Another! Thora kept running into people that just wouldn't be intimidated by her. Not only that but this flamboyantly colorful kid was starting to weird her out. Reaching forward, she waves her hand in front of his face to test whether or not he's blind (it'd explain the clothing at least). "Thora Kobayashi." She huffs, watching the kid with a suspicious eye and trying to determine whether or not someone put him up to this.

...nah, he's new, he must really be this naive. She glances over at Mae and frowns-Thora's supposed to be the antisocial and quiet one! Then again, she's probably feeling guilty right now. "Well like I was just tellin' Mae here, we shouldn't worry about Kurosawa too much because I'm sure he'll be back in a few...days..."

A strange look crosses Thora's face. She looks around, spots Chie, and waves over to her. Something smelled /weird/.

Chie stands there like a lemon for a bit, just kind of trying to understand the situation. Mae gives her that look...and Chie, after a brief moment of consideration, sighs and smiles back. Well, she's heard Mae is less of a problem, these days...and more to the point, she feels a little bad for how she's treated the girl in the past. This whole thing is a mess...

She steps over, either way. "Oi! Ikina-san, Kobayashi-san!" She's got news for one of them, but not something she can really say in front of THAT GUY, so she just waves, for now. "What's up?"

Mae ever so slowly breathes out her nose, and turns towards Fumiya. "If you must know, I am Mae Ikina, girlfriend of Yosuke Hanamura." Not how she usually introduces herself, but... She looks up to meet his sunglasses evenly. "And I've found getting to know people better usually isn't worth my time if they're more-" Despite her words, her tone isn't hostile, although it isn't particularly friendly, either, but she's then distracted by Chie's greeting and doesn't finish her sentance.

She turns and smiles again, more strongly, bowing slightly. "Good afternoon, Satonaka-san."

The reason Fumiya doesn't seem intimidated by Thora is actually quite different than she guesses, and if she ever figures out how he works she might be a little pissed off. But all she needs to know is that, right now, he doesn't seem intimidated by her. Also, Fumiya isn't just 'That Guy', he's 'That 80s Guy'. He hasn't spent this much time crafting an outrageous identity just to be referred two without a specific qualifier like a sucker!

Clasping his hands together Fumiya sighs when Mae insists she has a boyfriend, appearing crestfallen though in an exaggerated way. He's not familiar with Yosuke yet, he needs to get more acquainted with the area. "Always taken, oh woe is me." He says, and turns to Thora. "I guess you have a dude too, Thora-babe?"

Before allowing Thora time to respond to that admittedly confusing comment, Fumiya immediately warms up to Chie. "Well, here's another babe I haven't had a chance to meet. This must be my lucky lunch hour!"

Each passing second that smell seems to get stronger. Unable to really discern a source, Thora decides to go ahead and ignore it. Besides, Fumiya was being delightfully IRRITATING right now. She can't help but smirk a little when Mae introduces herself as Yosuke's girlfriend. Well, that's definitely a way to get a guy to stop flirting, right?

When Fumiya has the /gall/ to inquire whether or not Thora shared the same situation, a hand automatically curls into a fist. Someone might have to rush in and physically restrain Thora so she doesn't deck Fumiya in the face. "T-this guy!" she stammers angrily in response to Chie as she draws her fist back, "You idiot! Stop mocking me!"

Chie tips her head in greeting to Mae.

Her lunch does not smell and is totally delicious, so clearly the problem is Thora. Or the fact that Chie had gym this morning.

She does, however, plant one hand on her hip, fist balled - there's no aggression in it, it's just kind of how she stands. The other is similarly positioned, although holding her bento. "So, uhm, is this guy bugging you?" She glances over at Fumiya. Man, the quality of guy at Yasogami kind of sucks, huh? It'd be nice to meet someone who wanted to get to know her genuinely, instead of a general want to hit on anything with boobs.

And then Thora gets the rage, and Chie takes a step in, adding, "Oi! Hey, Kobayashi! Calm down!"

With Thora's aggression reaching its peak, even Fumiya can acknowledge when enough is enough. If he's going to be known in the school for getting in a fight, he'd rather it be against someone he'd be able to fight back against. Of course, knowing when to quit doesn't do that much good if you suck at pulling it off.

"Sorry Thora-babe, didn't mean to ruffle your feathers." Fumiya says, giving the closest thing to an apology he can muster. He actually backs off a bit, for real, and even then he shows off by moonwalking. Once he's put a few feet between himself and the girls, a smile returns to his face. "High school is the time for love, you know! You can't blame me for seeking it!" He says, raising his voice in the process. It's as if he wants to draw the attention of all the other students hanging around on the roof. "But now's not the time, I can dig it. I'm sure I'll see you babes around!"

With that, he's left the rooftop. A few bewildered students stare in confusion at what they just saw, and start to wonder what Fumiya's problem was. They're baffled, to say the least.

Thora's pretty sure the smell isn't anyone's lunch. It doesn't smell like food. That fist lifts, Thora all too willing to pound this guy in the face out of sheer reflex when Chie's voice snaps her back to reality. Cringing, she lowers her hand and simply resorts to glaring at Fumiya. "Yeah, well look elsewhere, I'm not interested." There'd be a huge rumor backlash that Thora wasn't interested in dealing with anyway. Her angry gaze remains pinned on him until he's left the roof.

Once he's gone, she sits back down on the ledge she was occupying earlier. "Ugh, guys. Times like this I..."

She decides against finishing her thought about questioning her sexuality aloud, even if it would be in jest.