'Study' Time
  Junes - Food Court

Situated upon the roof of Junes, the Food Court is billed as a place to relax and have an affordable (read: absolutely disgusting) snack or two. A popular hangout place all the same, it's easy to find crowds sitting around tables or children playing in the small playground in the center at nearly all times of the day.
Innumerable food stalls are set around the perimeter, with ample space given in consideration to line sizes that are more wishful thinking than matching the actual demand for refreshments. Bad weather is only kept at bay by strategically placed umbrellas and awnings around the court. From large wooden benches you'd see in parks to smaller, classier round tables outside cafes, the seating is wildly varied as the food offered (the quality of said food, sadly, not varying any from being disgusting).
Due to speakers blaring the commercial jingle nonstop, it can be hard to eavesdrop on conversations without coming very cloe to a group. This makes it a great place for a secret headquarters between collaborators. In turn, it is a terrible place to study for upcoming exams or what have you.

Ahh, a quiet little study scene in the food court. Shirou's by himself today, oddly wearing his 'casual' gear here, tugging his baseball hat low as he ticks down the math questions, muttering under his breath as he tries to decypher a series of prime numbers.

Shirou's quiet study time is tragically short-lived as the neon typhoon Fumiya Watanabe skateboards into the food court, ramps off a conveniently placed panel (that totally wasn't set up beforehand, honest) before landing aand skidding to a halt. There shouldn't be any skateboarding in Junes, but as far as 80s Kid is concerned that only counts if they catch you, and he lost security a few turns back.

Kicking the foot of his skateboard up into his hand, he quickly slips the board into his schoolbag. One wonders why, because it's not like the skateboard itself is the primary identifying factor about Fumiya, and even if it was it doesn't fully fit and is partially exposed anyway. Inviting himself to take a seat at the table adjacent to Shirou, Fumiya takes out a book to at least give the impression that he is studying here. He glances briefly at his fellow student and nods. "'Sup bro?"

"Watanabe. Still 'keeping it real?'" Shirou glances up to the pink wonder... but not looking /directly/ at him, mind you. That much Pink can make a man go mad. MAD I SAY!

"How are your finals going?" He says in all seriousness, his mechanical pencil tap tap tapping on his paper as he works over some more math problems. He's focused this time... he's gotta do better then last time.

Fumiya's pink levels are fifteen precent under the lethal limit, thank you very much.

"Always keeping it real, bro." Fumiya answers Shirou. "Just doing what I can to keep this little town lively."

The mention of the exams causes him to frown, though. He only came here to pretend study, maybe at most glance over his worst subjects. Shirou seemed like a real keener though. "They go." He says, with a shrug. "I get by, that's all I care about. How about you? Do you plan on being Mr. Top-of-the-class or something?" It doesn't sound like Fumiya has much respect for academics, but really, he'd try harder himself if he thought he had a chance. He can't deny the popularity that comes from scoring the top, that's for sure.

"When you are focused on a goal, strike without hesitation, right? And yeah, if I can't compete with my brother on the playing field, 'm gonna beat him academically..." He seems... rather focused on that, yeah, as he taps his pencil a few more times, making a quick note to start from here agian later, as he moves to English.

"...you need some help?" He hesitantly asks, tipping his hat up just a bit

Something Shirou says seems to surprise Fumiya. The 80s Kid seems to ponder his words for a few moments. "Wanna beat your brother, huh? Heh." Re-adjusting his sunglasses with his index finger, Fumiya taps his pen on the book in front of him with his free hand. And then Shirou actually offers to help.

"Say what?" He asks, surprised. He doesn't get people offering to help him with his studies very often. "Well, I dunno... I kinda suck at math." He reluctantly admits. "Don't got a head for numbers, I guess."

Shirou grunts just a bit. "Oof, math. Yeah, not my favorite at all either. But I've been trying to get better." He offers the seat next to him, as he takes a sip of his melon soda.

"I know, right?" Fumiya comments. "Wish we didn't have to bother with it. I mean, if I'm not gonna be a programmer or an accountant or anything, why should I?" Then again, if he had the option Fumiya would probably try to weasel out of every possible course he could with that kind of justification. It's probably a good thing he won't have that kind of choice when it comes to school.

As if realizing this he flips through math notebook with a sour expression on his face. He doesn't like math, but if he needs help from someone on ANY subject, it's this one. "With the calculators we have available on hand in this day and age I don't see the point..." He grumbles, still stubbornly trying to justify not needing it.

"Eh, still. 's nice to be able to calculate a tip at a resturant or something right off the top of your head. Besides, err... eh, fair enough I suppose." Shirou really can't counter his point, but he flips his math book back open.

"Whaddya get for five on the practise exam?"

Hah! It's nice to feel right. Math sucks and no one should have to do it ever, the end! But Shirou still wants to actually study. Fumiya flips through his bag and pulls out a scrap of paper. If that's his practice exam he certainly hasn't kept it in good condition. Then again he did just shove his skateboard into the same bag.

Reading the page, he locates the answer. ".... 42." Wait, that probably isn't right. He didn't just look at the wrong question, did he?

"...the square root of twenty one over three is 42? Err, Watanabe-san, I don't think that's /quite/ right..." Shirou just... stares at him. How can people /not/ care about school. It was the only real way out of Inaba after all...

Fumiya has an advantage there due to not actually being from Inaba. Like a growing number of its population at this point, surprisingly. Not that it should be said students from the city always take education less seriously, there's probably just a greater chance of it happening.

"Wait, what?" He asks, and looks back at the sheet again, this time flipping up his sunglasses for a moment. "Oh, no. Misread the number on the page." Taking a closer look, he finds the real number five. "Um.... 3.2?" He asks, not quite sure of the answer. Do they have to mix square roots and division in the same problem? Insidious!

"Yeah, 's what I thought." It /is/ a tough question. Shirou groans a little as he rubs his temples. "Err... so you just do the divison, then the root..." He mutters, and turns the page.

Fumiya slams the book shut. "And then that." He finalizes his thoughts on math. "Thanks anyway Shirou-bro, but at this point I'll probably take my chances with what I know right now. If I do too poorly I'll just have to pay for it later." No point in fighting a losing battle, right?

In what is probably not his smartest move ever, Fumiya drastically changes the subject. "So you still together with Thora-babe?" Talk about a 180. Fumiya fearlessly attaches 'babe' onto her name because he knows she's not around right now. Probably. Hopefully.

...Oh, yeah, he picked the /wrong/ conversation to start on. Sekigawa actually impullsively grabs for his yari which isn't here, but he calms himself down as quickly as he can. "I'm /not/ together with Kobayashi-san. I never /was/." He tilts his hat down a bit as he tilts his head upwards, trying to give Fumiya his best Jojo impersionation.

"But you can stop calling her Thora-babe..."

Wow, that got him riled up. Even when Shirou calms himself down Fumiya can tell he struck a nerve. Luckily he's not really a vindictive person, he likes winding people up and pushing their buttons, but he doesn't want to be mean about it. Even though some people might classify that as mean, but whatever. Once Shirou is done insisting he's totally not with Thora, honest, Fumiya grins. "Fine bro, whatever you say." He won't push it any further, he has bigger fish to try.

Specifically, the Junes security guard that finally caught up. Mr. Mall Cop rounds a corner into the Food Court and spots Fumiya by his atrocious hair-poof. "Woop, I should be going." He says, shoving his books back into his bag and procuring his skateboard. "Good chillin' with ya Shirou-bro. Don't let the exams cramp your style." Fumiya skates off before he spouts more 80s cliches, and plays his game of cat and mouse with the security guard once more.