Highway to Hell

Historically, Inaba was formerly Yasoinaba, a coal mining town. Over time, it grew from the initial settlement of coal miners into what it is today. Nobody here mines for coal any longer.
A rural town out in the country, tourists praise the air as being clean and the sky cleaner than any of the big cities surrounding it, and the sunsets as absolutely breathtaking. The town goes at its own pace throughout the day. To the average person, there is not much to see out here, with a lack of interesting historical landmarks or, really, even much of anything. Inaba is about as close to being the middle of nowhere as one can get in this part of Japan. A new department store may be the herald of encroaching urbanization.
Recently, the town has fallen on hard times. A major department store's recent opening is seeing smaller businesses fold left and right. A serial murder case grips the attention of the local media. Rumors circulate about how if one watches a turned off TV in one's room at midnight on a raining evening, one will see their soulmate. Bizarre meteorlogical patterns see great amounts of rain followed by thick, choking fog. Some say a local beef skewer stand isn't even using real beef.
Some seem a little too welcoming of the excitement and confusion. Is it just from a change of pace, or is there a sinister truth to all these events?

Shirou goes back on the defensive when that name is said, his eyes narrowing a bit. "Kobayashi-san... I can assure you, most of the things people hear about her are rather... overblown if you ask me." He states simply, but he's grown a little more nervous.

"And frankly, I'd rather not say more then that. Unlike /most/ other students, I hesitate to gossip behind their backs." He's using a polite, formal tone, trying to stay rather neutral

How disappointing. Not so interested in sharing information after all...?

"Well that's why I'm asking you Sekigawa-san. I want the real story, not the gossip or rumours. I prefer painting a proper picture of the things I write about it." Azusa smiles towards Shirou again.

Shirou hmphs a bit. "What story is this exactly?" Frightful as he is, that also means he has a healthy distrust of authority. His hands grip just a bit on the handle bars, his shoulders starting to tense up.

"Besides... Thora-san isn't /exactly/ the easiest person to get to know. Why would I know anything?"

"Yes I've gotten that impression." Comments Azusa when Shirou mentions she's not easy to get to know. After all having that big wolf trying to chew her up certainly didn't make it easy.

"As for what it's for... Just researching the local legends. So to speak." Adds she quickly.

Exams are over. Most students are relaxing or hanging out with friends or maybe even doing something productive. Fumiya Watanabe is doing none of these. Instead he's unwinding in the same manner most teenagers from the 1980s unwound (as far as he knows):

Reckless Skateboarding.

Currently he's tearing up the outskirts of Inaba, the outer road works well for him. Just enough turns to keep it interesting, and straightaways to let him sail. Traffic isn't too thick today either, so he even weaves across the road back and forth whenever he sees an opening. This continues until he spots a pair of people not too far ahead of him. He intially intends to skate on by, maybe shout something that they would remember, but as he gets closer he barely recognizes Shirou.

In a split second decision, which probably wasn't all that smart, Fumiya attempts to brake but winds up heading towards a telephone pole. He reaches out to grab it with his left arm to slow down, but that just causes him to spin around and slam into the adjacent wall maybe ten feet from the pair.

Shirou pffts a bit. "Osiris returning from the dead, or the tale of the 47 Ronin... /those/ are legends. A girl that happens to be taller and stronger then all the other kids and has some... emotional issues because of it isn't legendary. A good commentary on the humanity of students, yes, but not-"

Holy crap flying Fumiya. Shirou siiighs a bit, rubbing his forehead with two fingers, before pinching the bridge of his nose. "Err... if you'll excuse me, Shimegi-san, I have a... err, aqeuatence, yes, to help..."

Shirou mutters as he goes over to Watanabe, shaking his head. "You idiot, the hell was /that/?!"

Well she's seen a lot of things, but Fumiya's little stunt was probably a first. Granted she wasn't really into skateboarding.

"... What was that?" Asks she just as Shirou turns around and walks over to the unknown person.

Azusa walks over and peers towards Fumiya. "Is he alright?"

Well the wall certainly stopped him, but it was a slightly more painful way of braking than he wanted. Fumiya lies on his back for a few moments, seeing stars, as Shirou runs over to him.

"Hey Shibrou..." He says, meaning to say Shirou-bro but slurring it a bit. "How were exams?"

Clearly still a bit dizzy, Fumiya climbs back to his feet and dusts himself off, his pink shirt now marred with dust. He probably has some skinned knees under those pants too, if the wincing is any indication. Surprisingly his sunglasses remained on his face. Are they glued on or something? "So what brings you all the way out here anyway---"

Beep beep! Babe alert! Fumiya's attention immediately turns to Azusa, as she actually expresses kind-of-sort-of interest in his well being. "Gonna introduce me to the babe, bro?"

Shirou grunts slightly in annoyance. "He's fine." He rubs the back of his neck as he nods from one to the other. "Fumiya Watanabe, meet Azusa Shimegi-san... she's a reporter, asking about Thora-san..." He doesn't talk about exams... he thinks he did pretty damn well, but no reason to go on bragging till he actually saw the results.

Babe? Not something she was used to being called. Azusa wasn't certain she liked it either, but she could ignore it as long as she could get the information she wanted out of Shirou...

"I'm pleased to meet you Fumiya Watanabe-san." She bows politely infront of the two. "I take it you're a friend of Sekigawa-san?"

Well, Fumiya's as fine as he usually is. How fine that is might be debatable to some. The mention of Thora causes an eyebrow to quirk, Fumiya has a bad poker face. Though he keeps his attention on Azusa.

"Oh yeah, we're tight." He says, exaggerating greatly. "So you're a reporter eh, Azusa-babe? That's really interesting. Just like that action reporter from that one show, April O. Neals from Challenge 6." He must've hit that wall harder than they all thought afterall. "But you came out here to look into Thora-babe?"

Shirou just rubs his temples again. They're not that close, no, but whatever. "Fumiya can give you some good information... I should be heading on home." He slides past Fumiya, heading towards his bike quickly.

"It's... er, a pleasure to have met you Shimegi-san..."

Babe again? What was it with this guy and that word? If an american had said it, she'd be less surprised, but it wasn't something she expected from her country men. Granted with the long time she'd been away, she was perhaps not the best person to comment on such things...

"Yes I did Watanabe-san and leaving so soon Sekigawa-san? That's a shame." A real shame indeed, but this Watanabe person could do for now...

The next noise of warning to gradually grace the area is the roar of a motorcycle engine. The locals of Inaba might be vaguely aware of what this means-it was no secret that Thora owned one.

On her way to Port Island, Thora looks like she's seen better days. She just seems tired and is otherwise thankful that her usual choice of Sunday dress nicely covers the injuries she sustained the other night. Her coat was left at home though as it had yet to be mended.

She drives by the little gathering at first but eventually makes a sharp turn around that would send a lesser man tumbling from their motorcycle. Returning just as quickly, she's fast to whip off her helmet, eyes blazing in anger. "Shirou..." she says in a low tone, eyes focused on Azusa with a murderous glint in them. "...yeah, you should probably go. Stay away from this hag."

Shirou just... blinks as Thora comes riding up like a badass out of hell. "T-thora... the hell?" He slips back closer to his bike. "Err... alright. But 'm gonna have to ask about this later..." He says, as he jumps on his bike and goes.

Fumiya seems momentarily dumbstruck when Shirou actually recommends Azusa get info about Thora from him. Really? Well he could certainly provide something, but how much of it is true versus how much of it is fabricated ramblings may not be satisfactory for her.

But any thoughts of elaborating on his percieved relationship with the Oni are quickly smited when Thora herself arrives. "Hey, Thora-babe!" Fumiya is still a little too light headed from the accident, so he lets that one -babe slip. Hopefully Thora will be merciful since he is dirty and bleeding a little.

Things happen a bit too fast and suddenly Shirou is gone, and Fumiya is between Thora and another girl she doesn't seem to like very much. Alas, one thing Fumiya is not really good at is diffusing tense situations. So he continues to put up the dumbfounded defense. "Hag? You two met before, Azusa-babe?"

Speaking of the devil. It seemed like Thora had shown up. Coincidence? Perahps. Azusa was starting to loose belief in such things however.

"Yes I guess you could say that." Replies Azusa in a friendly tone while smiling. Except last time they had met, Thora had literally tried to murder her. This time however... She was prepared.

"Later." Thora rumbles stoically, internally very pleased that she's just extracted Shirou from harm's way. Who knows what this snake-bitch would have done to the poor guy. Shirou was nice, he seriously didn't deserve to get caught up in this stuff...

...even if that drastically limited how close she'd let him get to her. It wasn't as if that was much of a problem anyway, even before she got the magical head monster she didn't want people getting close to her.

A literal /growl/ escapes Thora's throat, just like a dog's. She could smell the blood on Fumiya which meant he'd already been injured somehow but Azusa was being too cheerful to have done it herself just then. "You too, Fumiya. For your own good."

All the time she speaks, her gaze doesn't leave Azusa. After a few seconds, though, her eyes widen-why didn't she smell the snake right now? Was Fumiya's blood really that overpowering? Seconds of silence pass before...

"Get out." the curt words are directed at Azusa. To Thora's credit, she doesn't seem inclined to jump into a fight right now. Maybe because Fumiya's here or maybe because she was still injured from last night.

The wall and Fumiya had a disagreement, is all. A disagreement over velocity mostly.

Fumiya can certainly sense some animosity between the two, most of if radiating from Thora. He's still a little woozy, but he's not totally brain-dead. Which is unfortunate, because if he /was/ too dizzy or disoriented from the crash he might be /more/ inclined to back off and stay out. But he's recovered enough that his desire to butt in and stand out has overpowered his common sense once more.

"Come on, babes, don't fight over me...." He attempts to joke. Bad time to joke around, Fumiya, very bad time. He even gets a chill down his spine as he speaks, causing him to trail off. As if he got a sense of the enmity in the air as he was speaking. It finally sinks in that there seems to be some real hate-on here.

He glances back to Azusa, to try and read her. He doesn't know Thora /well/ but he at least has met her before now. Hilarious temper is not quite the same as this kind of anger, there must be something up.

"The hell's this about?" He asks, foolishly not following Thora's adivce to GTFO.

This was really a shame. Thora certainly didn't seem to enjoy her company at all. Of course being something of a murdering crazy lady probably had something to do with it, but there was something slightly amusing about this situation. What it was, Azusa couldn't quite put her fingers on however.

"Is it wrong to have a friendly conversation Oni-san? Or are you afraid of something?" Asks Azusa in a somewhat polite and oddly innocent tone.

Azusa turns her attention towards Fumiya. "That's a good question Watanabe-san. I really don't know either." Well she did. She was just waiting to see how Thora would react to all this first.

Thora leaves her motorcycle and strides forward, looking to interpose herself between Fumiya and Azusa. As she passes Fumiya, she gives him the stink-eye over that -babe slip right there. Double babe slip really. "This is your second warning, /Fumiya/, get out of here."

At the dropping of 'Oni', Thora /bristles/, her hands curling into fists partially obscured by the oversized men's shirt she wears. One had to wonder where the hell she got such a big shirt that it would count as 'oversized' on her. It may as well be imported.

Inwardly, she's panicking. How the hell was she supposed to get Fumiya to run if Azusa was gonna go and be all stupidly /polite/? "This hag hurts people. She's dangerous." Thora growls in an oddly reluctant manner. Maybe Azusa lost her persona? Could SEES remove personae?

Fumiya certainly senses Thora's urgency, she's getting through to him alright. But he's just /not leaving/. He's even fighting to keep a smirk off his face. Despite how dangerous Thora is making this out to be, he's just too damn curious.

But he DOES take a step back as Thora passes him. He's not that stupid.

When Azusa insists that she has no idea what's wrong, Fumiya doesn't quite believe her. He's used to city girls and has dealt with plenty of them telling bold-faced lies with bright smiling faces. But Thora's comment confuses him a little. "Hurt people? Seriously?" (What, like lifting them up and threatening them to call then by a certain name?) He wisely doesn't voice that thought. If someone like Thora is insisting this Azusa girl hurts people, then there must be something big between them.

And now he's even less compelled to leave.

"There is no need to chase people away for no real reason Oni-san." Replies Azusa politely and eyes Thora curiously. She could partially see why the younger girl had gained her reputation simply from looking at her. What happened last time hadn't given much time to study her though, but now she did have a chance.

"Me? Hurt people? Of course I hurt people in self defense. Who doesn't?" Inwardly she's grinning. This situation is amusing. Quite extremely so even.

"Not at all Watanabe-san. I only hurt someone in self defense. Anything else is illegal after all." Replies she to Fumiya in a friendly and honest tone. After all in her eyes, she was defending herself back then.

Give Thora some credit! She usually doesn't smile when she lies. Smiling just made her look insincere since she didn't do it so often. "You know damn well what the reason is!" Thora spits back reflexively. Not only is she angry now, but angry and /frustrated/. Unlike certain uninhibited Shadow-possessed, Thora's a lot less willing to pull out the supernatural stuff.

Of course, she could also regularly punch if she had to. She was a good shot at that.

She storms right up to Azusa, looking her in the eye. There's that murderous gleam again, the one Azusa should remember from that abandoned warehouse in Port Island. "It didn't look like self defense when you attacked that girl in Port Island."

She's holding back, that much is easy to see, and she really /hates/ it. "Don't listen to her, Watanabe." For a second, there's an almost /pleading/ tone in her voice, "She'll hurt you too."

The intense conversation certainly piques Fumiya's interest. Though he's jumping to all sorts of wrong conclusions. He's thinking Azusa must be involved in some sort of gang activity, there's certainly enough of it in Port Island. Since Fumiya's originally from there it only makes sense this is the conculsion he reaches.

Which is why the specific mention of Port Island really forces him to start paying attention. Thora's insistance that Fumiya might get injured too still doesn't cause him to move. "Hey hey, give me some credit, ok? I'm /from/ Port Island, remember? I'm used to those bogus gangs, they've given me plenty of trouble in the past, and I gave them trouble right back! I can handle myself in a fight." Even if Fumiya hasn't so much fought female gang memebers as he has merely defended himself against the ones actually willing to throw a punch. But he's still thinking of this fight in purely physical terms, and can't imagine Azusa posing a threat to him, especially with Thora in the way.

Oddly enough Azusa doesn't seem to react to Thora's actions. The fact that she's so brazenly violating her personal space doesn't seem to phase her either.

"Really now Oni-san. There is no need to be violent. Besides it's not my fault that you charge into situations so... ignorantly." Replies Azusa and smiles gently. After all she had good reason that time, but now though... for some reason that girl didn't seem to matter so much anymore.

"Gangs Watanabe-san? What does gangs have to do with Oni-san?" Asks Azusa in a geniunly curious tone. After all since she has nothing to do with gangs herself, she jumps to the conclusion that he must be talking about Thora.'

Actually, Thora had no idea that Fumiya was from Port Island. He probably mentioned it once but didn't actually bother remembering. Scowling, she looks over her shoulder at him. "No, Fumiya, leave /now/ before you get in over your head." Her voice sounds a bit more harsh and throaty now, the mounting frustration really getting to her. Her self-control was rapidly melting away and she knew it.

She wouldn't be able to hold out.

It gives way when Azusa dares to call her 'Oni-san' again, the very word suddenly earning the reporter a very sudden headbutt.

Fumiya has proven himself to stubbornly /not listen/ to Thora in the past, so why she keeps trying to tell him to leave is anyone's guess. The 80s Kid continues to try and take this as lightly as possible. "Getting in over my head has never stopped me from anything before."

He doesn't get time to respond to Azusa about the gangs though. Thora's headbutt is swift and probably very brutal. "Whoa whoa! What the hell?!" Fumiya should make a mental note: Thora-babe hates 'Oni' more than '-babe'.

Making a, possibly, very stupid decision Fumiya steps forward and places his hand up Thora's shoulder. "Chill, that's enough. Whatever happened between you babes in the past, she hasn't done anything violent yet." Inferring Thora is a 'babe', even indirectly, is probably very stupid with /his hand on her shoulder/, but even despite Azusa's attitude Fumiya can't help but feel sorry for her over the abrupt butting.

Azusa is taken by surprise as she's suddenly headbutted by Thora. Right in her face as well! It's more than enough to make her stumble backwards and nearly fall down, but she manages to remain standing.

"Now that wasn't very nice of you... It seems the rumours about you are true after all." Says Azusa and turns her gaze towards Thora, while rubbing her now slightly bleeding nose.

"Did you ever consider getting counsel to help you with your problem?" Azusa pulls out a small handkerchief from her pockets and cleans away the blood from her nose.

"You should listen to your friend." Adds she quickly when she hears Fumiya's words. Though she isn't sure calling Thora babe is such a good idea right now.

Of course she /hates/ Oni. That nickname wasn't one she gave herself, you know. She doesn't exactly like being referred to as a monster the whole time. "Yet." she responds curtly to Fumiya before shrugging his hand away, then whirling upon her classmate. Her mind races, struggling between going all out and looking horrible in front of Fumiya or trying to get away from all of this. In the back of her mind, her persona /howls/ for blood.

Azusa's continued words earn another growl from the teenager and in that split second, she makes a decision.

She grabs for Fumiya. "We're gonna go for a ride." she says stiffly. "Come on."

Fumiya is surprised to see Azusa so... coherent after a swift headbutt. Maybe she really is a gang girl, she seems tough enough despite her appearance! Still, it's clear Azusa is still trying to antagonize Thora. "You asking for another one of those?" Fumiya says, not in a warning sort of way but more in a dumbfounded 'are you serious' sort of way. I mean, Fumiya might push Thora's temper, but he knows not to go too far. It's all in good highschool fun after all! This isn't that.

He doesn't get time to continue that when Thora grabs him. "Go for a... what?" No time for a witty comeback, probably in his best interests, it was just such an unexpected thing for Thora to say that it flabbergasts him for a moment.

"Leaving so soon Oni-san? That's quite the different behaviour from last time..." Says Azusa as Thora withdraws. Running away is she? Not something she had expected from that girl, but then again you never know about some people!

"I'll just have to go and look up Sekigawa-san again then." Says she and smiles in a manner most would probably perceive as wicked or at the very least slightly evil looking.

"We're going to Port Island." Thora says matter of factly to Fumiya. Judging by her tone, she's not giving him any choice in this, especially as she practically /drags/ him to her motorcycle. Is this a kidnapping?!

She's 100% sure Fumiya's going to take this the wrong way too but..well, a hit to her pride and reputation was worth not having more dangerous secrets get out. She points at her motorcycle, indicating that Fumiya was to sit on the very back of her seat. It's clearly going to be uncomfortable too since the bike wasn't built for two people. There's room on the back though where she'd normally strap extra baggage to.

"Shut it." she snaps at Azusa, grabbing for her helmet, then hesitating. The helmet is passed to Fumiya.

Seconds later, she is practically shaking with rage. "Stay away from Sekigawa or I will kill you." Sounds like she means it! She does, of course, because she hasn't forgotten her previous vow to kill Azusa.

Geez, what is this Azusa girl's problem? She's clearly trying to bait Thora into doing more, did she kill Azusa's puppy or something?

"What are we going there for--" Yeah, Fumiya quickly learns his protests don't mean much as he's more or less dragged to the motorbike. He has the sense and reflexes to snatch his wayward skateboard from the sidewalk as he passes it, but otherwise Thora is successful in her abduction. "It's a long ride to Port Island, are you serious?" Fumiya asks, in probably his most unnecessary statement yet.

As the helmet is thrust in his hands Fumiya starts to wonder what he's gotten himself into. He also starts to wonder if the helmet will mess up his hair. He's about to try it on when he hears Thora's last statement to Azusa. "H-hey!" Is all he can manage to say, because he honestly never expected to hear something that threatening, so he's kind of at a loss for words.

"Kill me? That's a rather violent way to solve a dispute don't you think? I suppose I should repeat my suggestion and urge you to seek out counsel to help you deal with that..." Replies Azusa with a surprisingly sincere tone of voice. She doesn't like she's overly phased by the girls threat however. Perhaps she's just plain old insane?

"And saying such things even infront of your friends? You know I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, but it seems the rumours are quite true after all." Azusa keeps up that smile of hers as she keeps talking.

"You came from there, ever visit lately? You should visit. I got some people up there I know." Thora mumbles at Fumiya through gritted teeth. People up there that she's going to have to talk with about this now.

Tempted again to continue physically abusing Azusa, she tears herself away and stiffly marches over to her motorcycle, climbing on. With both her and Fumiya on it, room's a bit...tight. But hey, at least Fumiya can say he got /this/ close to a girl. She didn't care if it was going to be like this all the way on her long ride to Port Island it seems.

An unamused look is thrown Azusa's way. "No you weren't." she says flatly before jamming a foot down on the pedal to her bike. "You never were."

Fumiya just shakes his head. Craziness. Gnarley even. But he's just a bit too stunned by everything to spout nonsense words like that. Fumiya is willing to give Thora the benefit of the doubt, even if it's for no other reason than he knew her first. Still, he's going to be bringing this up again for some answers. If not today, than soon.

"Well I was there before exams..." Fumiya says, knowing full well at this point he's going back there today regardless. He can BS something to his folks if he has to. Thora might feel a little better to feel Fumiya's skateboard between the two of them, the wheels are even on Fumiya's side so he's the one mostly uncomfortable.

"You're gonna have to fill me in on this." He warns. He's not someone who lets go of stuff like this, especially when he might be able to use it to bolster his own reputation.

"Assuming a lot I see. Well that is of course your choice Oni-san. I'm certain Shirou Sekigawa-san will be more than willing to talk." Azusa seems to put some emphasis on Shirou's name as she replies to Thora.

"Oh yes I'm quite certain he'll be a lot more interesting than you." Azusa's smile has now turned into a wide and somewhat unnatural looking grin, well unnatural for an overly polite woman in any case.

"Oh and take care of yourself Watanabe-san. I do hope she doesn't go crazy on you as well, but I'm curious Watanabe-san. Do you even know about -them-?" Azusa says the last part in a rather innocent tone, as innocent tone as she's capable in any case.

Fumiya receives nothing more than a grunt in return. Yeah, that's not very encouraging as far as 'getting an explanation' goes. She tightens her grip on the handlebars, amber eyes darting to glare at Azusa again.

"No he won't. He won't say anything to you. Never." She has confidence in that, at least, if Shirou respected her enough to run when she told him to. But if this bitch goes and hurts him over it...well, she'll never forgive that fucking reporter, that's for sure.

Wait, 'them'? What them is she talking about? SEES? Shit, Fumiya didn't need to know about any of this. "/Goodbye/." she says decisively as the pair roar away on Thora's motorcycle.

Never has she been so happy to own this thing.

Fumiya squeezes the helmet on. Hilarously his own hair barely fits and blocks his vision due to filling the space between the eyes and the visor. So he's gonna have to hold on tight, don't hold that against him, Thora-babe.

"Know about /what/?" He asks, turning in Azusa's direction. Or, what he THINKS is Azusa's direction since his vision is a little impaired right now. A victim of his own style! He doesn't get an answer, though, as Thora just tears off from the scene abruptly.

Thora will also have to forgive his inexperience being on a motorcycle. Like a lot of punk teenagers he's always thought about getting one, but he's certainly never actually ridden one yet.

"Awh leaving already?" Says Azusa as Thora jumps on her bike and activates the engines.

"Not quite sure I approve of that one." She lifts her left hand slowly and points it towards Thora, who is now a bit further away, but not out of range. Suddenly the air around it begins to swirl violently as her body shifts slightly in it's appearance. However as soon as the air is shot much like a bullet towards the two, that ends and her body appears to be normal... For now.

Thora can tell it's Fumiya's first time (BOW CHIKA WOW WOW). "Leaving /now/." she scowls, back hunching, motorcycle engine roaring to life. They get about a dozen or so feet, the noise the vehicle makes drowning out most of Azusa's words.

Every been in a motorcycle crash before, Fumiya? Thora has! It's not fun. The air strikes the bike and riders wholesale, the back tire fishtailing and swinging out to the left. The motorcycle tilts, then falls on its side, sliding down the street with a symphony of ugly metal-on-pavement scratching sounds. Thora remains tightly gripped to the bike, quickly letting off the gas and twisting the throttle so it shuts off otherwise the damage will continue. Yes, she does this in spite of a leg getting pinned between her bike and the pavement which means that the hot motorcycle is against her leg. Oddly enough this doesn't actually seem to /hurt/ her very much.

When the bike finally stops sliding, Thora claws herself free, immediately looking to Fumiya, then looking up to glare at Azusa. "...Fumiya, are you okay? Speak to me."

Don't be dead. But please be unconscious, that would work out very nicely.

What a day this is turning out to be. Especially after the painfully humdrum week of exams. Despite the bizarre actions on Thora's part and Azusa's strangely aggressive behavior, Fumiya is pleased. He gets the feeling this will lead into something big. Why, nothing can ruin his mood now!

Oh God why are we crashing?! Great Scott!

Fumiya really doesn't know how to carry himself in a bike crash, so his startled yelp is quickly cut off by the bike skidding on the pavement. Fumiya doesn't really hold on, and is roughly thrown off as it comes to a halt. He's not thrown far, at least, and it didn't look like he hit his head off of anything.

His hair still obscures the view of his face from outside the helmet, but Thora will be able to see Fumiya breathing. He's not responding though.

Azusa moves her left hand down and to her side. It didn't seem like it had killed her. A pity in one way, but interesting in another. This test did much to prove the theory that people with these powers became toughter physically.

"You know. At first I had my doubts about this, but she was correct about it after all." Azusa smiles, seeming oddly pleased at the havoc that just happened. "And behold! You're quite the survivor Oni-san. I wonder if he's alright?" Despite the question, there's no hint of her caring in her voice as she turns her gaze towards Fumiya.

Now Thora's /real/ glad she gave him her helmet. She could tank a motorcycle crash well enough it seemed. Fumiya? Well...

In spite of the rage exploding through her head right now, the first thing she does is crawl over to check Fumiya's pulse. Still alive, whew. She lifts her eyes to glare at Azusa again-she clearly /did/ that but she knows that she doesn't have a persona anymore. Then how... "...your /shadow/." she sneers, "That explains a lot. GARM!"

Upon command, the monsterous dog appears before her and without hesitation, bares down upon the reporter. "She /who/?!"

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits Azusa Shimegi with her Bash attack.

Fumiya is probably totally unconscious. Honest! He's not moving from his 'sprawled on the side of the road' position, that's for sure. Fight away, babes!

"Ah not so unintelligent as you appear to be after all Oni-san." Replies Azusa as Thora mentions the word shadow. She even seems to gain a wicked grin just before the giant wolf attacks her and manages to toss her backwards as a result.

"Oof!" Yells she as she hits the ground. Yeah she felt that one alright. It would however require more than that to actually keep her down this time.

"Rather rude of you Oni-san. I suppose this means that I too should be more serious." And as she speaks those words, her entire body begins to change and twist into the very persona she once summoned, but with a few changes. Unlike Meroe's more greek european appearance, she's more similar to Azusa's own asian appearance. Though the scales on the snake tail is still black and green.

Azusa turns her attention towards Garm and repeats the 'spell' she used to knock the two off the bike, except this time it seems like a stronger version of it.

COMBAT: Azusa Shimegi critically hits Thora Kobayashi with her Garudyne attack.

"STOP CALLING ME THAT!" Thora snarls, simply allowing all of her inibitions to just /go away/ now. The old murderous rage returns and were Thora thinking about it, she'd be extremely glad that Fumiya couldn't see her like this. Even if that would permanently deter him from flirting with her.

She's familiar with shadow-possessed, having seen her fair share of equivalents in the TV and now somehow being 'friends' with two. She knows people change like this. She /didn't/ know how much stronger they got as the blast of wind is more than enough to send her flying backwards into a lightpole hard enough to dent it with her back. She doesn't bother getting back up yet, still reeling, and allows her persona to do her will.

Azusa would find the sudden chilled breath of air pretty /familiar/ now though.

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits Azusa Shimegi with her Fimbulwinter's Chill attack.
COMBAT: The Agility Down status effect has been added to Azusa Shimegi.
COMBAT: The Cursed status effect has been added to Azusa Shimegi.

While Thora does manage to score a few hits, the rest of them, including the attempt to knee her in the face, is soon blocked by the snake tail. The attack does seem to have been quite effective though as the shadow possessed woman quickly moves away to create some distance.

"I've wanted to give this a proper try... I guess you'll have that honour Oni-san!" The air begins to swirl around Azusa as she speaks those words and it takes on the form of a sickly green looking mist. Then she suddenly extends her arms to their respective sides, causing the sickly green mist to be shot in all directions, pretty much covering most of the area.

COMBAT: Azusa Shimegi hits Thora Kobayashi with her Grand Miasma attack.
COMBAT: The Damage Over Time status effect has been added to Thora Kobayashi.

Oh dear, Thora remembers this attack. She quickly takes in a deep breath to avoid breathing in too much of the poison. She can still feel it invading her lungs though, the misama tearing through her insides. She begins to hack and cough loudly, anything she was going to say to Azusa cruelly cut off.

SHe gestures wildly at Azusa as she sinks to her knees, her Persona surging forth in response. While she reels, the doglike monster goes to town upon the woman, attempting to sink its fangs deeply into that snake tail.

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi misses Azusa Shimegi with her Double Fangs attack.

This time however, Azusa manages to react in time and instead slams her tail straight into Garms head, thus diverting his attacks for now.

"You know Oni-san. It's because of people like you that this world is so rotten." Says Azusa as she casts a glance towards Thora. She doesn't do much else right now however as her attention is turned back towards Garm.

COMBAT: Azusa Shimegi hits Thora Kobayashi with her Slash Attack - Whip attack.

Thora tries to respond to that! She really does, but all she can do is hack out a lot of blood again. As she does, she does cast a glance in Fumiya's direction to make sure that he's still in one piece. Maybe, she vainly hopes, he'll get up and high-tail it out of here. She doesn't want to consider the possibility of, well, having /him/ get killed over this.

Garm snarls in pain, perhaps even sharing it with Thora as he is whipped back like, well, a monster. It's pretty fitting, really.

Icicles are summoned and violently flung in Azusa's direction. This should seem familiar too!

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits Azusa Shimegi with her Ice Crush attack.

And familiar it was indeed! She remembered all too well how those very icicles nearly shredded her arms apart the last time. It was only the fact that persona summoning people becomes tougher that had saved her back then. So naturally her first reaction is to bring up the tail to protect herself with again, but they're spread too far apart from one another for the tail to catch all of them, causing of them to risp up her arms much like last time.

"I remember that attack... I suppose now will be my chance to repay you for it!" She raises her left hand and the air begins to move around it, causing a small wind, one that's growing more and more violent with every nano-second that passes until it's finally shot straight towards Thora.

COMBAT: Azusa Shimegi misses Thora Kobayashi with her Garudyne attack.

Thora's coughing finally abates but not after she's lost a good amount of blood now. Rapidly, she pushes herself onto all fours and scampers to the side just like an animal as the rather thick gust of wind chews into the pavement where she was just standing. "FFFFF-Garm, c'mon, /kill her/!"

Woe unto Azusa if she took her attention off the dog. The Persona closes in again, this time moving much more violently as he tears through the shadow-possessed not only with its teeth but strange 'claws' as well.

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits Azusa Shimegi with her Rampage attack.

Unfortunately she did indeed take her attention away from Garm in order to strike towards Thora this time, leaving her open to Garms attacks. Though she uses her tail to defend herself, there's a lot of visible damage and torn off scales when she finally manages to fend off Garm this time.

"Annoying -beast-." Utters she and launches herself straight towards Garm, baring her fangs and aiming to sink them into it's neck. Assuming of course that she manages to hit in time.

COMBAT: Azusa Shimegi hits Thora Kobayashi with her Venomous Bite attack.
COMBAT: The Damage Over Time status effect has been added to Thora Kobayashi.

As far as the girls are concerned, Fumiya is still lying by the wreckage of the motorcycle. Well, something pink is.

Fumiya, growing up around Port Island wearing what he does, ran into a lot of punks that tried to beat the stuffing out of him for it. He got used to distracting them with his own clothes. It's amazing how people zero in on one identifying feature and can be so easily distracted by it. Fumiya took a lot of punks out by surprise thanks to hanging his pink shirt on something in an alley and obscuring it. Right now, his bright pink shirt is off and being held by the wreckage by a large rock.

On a good day Fumiya is a nimble guy, very swift. But he was just in a motorbike accident so probably not as much right now. Still, he works his way around Azusa, swallowing his fear over seeing these rather terrifying creatures fighting by the side of the road. He keeps his mind on one thought: If he survives this day, boy is going to get people talking!

As Azusa finishes her most recent attack on Thora, Fumiya makes his move. Dashing out behind her, he thrusts Thora's motorbike helmet down on her head, backwards. If he succeeds she'll be briefly blinded. If not... well, it's not the most foolhardy thing he's ever done....

Typically when you hear the phrase 'GARM KILL!' it's about time to get worried. Even Aigis who is relatively implacable but not totally implacable, gets a bit of a chill when she hears that phrase uttered. and why shouldn't she? It's a very ominous phrase. Aigis worries two things simultaneously: 1) Thora is in trouble, and 2) Thora is putting someone else in trouble. It takes her a few attempts to find the right street but thanks to a bright pink shirt that assaults her eyes, it doesn't take too long. She hears the phrase 'annoying beast' as she turns around the corner, slowing down a bit now because she has to be careful not to draw attention to herself too readily, and sees Azusa kicking the crap out of Thora.

Her eyes narrow as she re-evalutes Azusa to 'Threat to Azusa' to 'Threat to Aigis's best pal in the universe'. However, as a killing machine, one has to wonder--will she destroy Azusa, or lend Thora a hand first? Well her parameters discourage fighting humans, and encourage protecting humans, and in this case it seems Thora could use a bit of a hand more than she needs Azusa to be capped in the face.

"Fortuna Primigenia." Aigis says, the Goddess of Luck appearing above her head as she turns around the corner. Fumiya is there, but a security breach is acceptable for Thora-Chan and he's already been pummeled the hell out today. "Recarm!"

Healing power fills Thora! Will this be enough to get the Oni of Osaka back up on her feet?! Or will she be destroyed because she's so evil healing magic hurts her? STAY TUNED!

COMBAT: Aigis hits Thora Kobayashi with her Recarm attack.
COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi has been healed.
COMBAT: The Dekunda status effect has been added to Thora Kobayashi.

Battle in Inaba?! Chie...sensed it, from a ways away. She thinks, anyway; a vague, annoying ripple in the back of her head, Tomoe stirring and murmuring of danger. Someone in peril, a familiar resonation in her heart...

Chie rushed out her front door, leaving her books behind.

It's hard to follow your /heart/ to a battlefield, but the generalized bad feeling eventually finds Chie at the far end of the random sidestreet somewhere in Inaba, witnessing: A) Some Shadow B) trying to rip Thora apart while C) several motorcycles are blown apart nearby and D) that annoying guy from the other week fights without a shirt.

...yep, this is Inaba, alright. Her eyes tick over, seeing Aigis approaching from another direction and unleash healing for Thora, so Chie just dives right in - CHARGING at the problem, yelling, "HEY, YOU!! BACK OFF!!" as she bounds into the air, and comes down heel-first on the Naga-creature-thing's head. If that works, she snaps her other foot up and plants it, and uses that as a pivot to kick off, and backflip down to the ground, instantly dropping to her combat stance, which consists of hopping back and forth between her legs, hands uselessly at her sides. "Thora! What the hell is going on!?"

COMBAT: Chie Satonaka misses Azusa Shimegi with her Strike Attack - Kick attack.

"How dare you..." Thora hisses at Azusa. The lamia doesn't get much time to attack Garm as the persona vanishes right away. Even Thora can still feel the effects though, which pissed her off since she'd just gotten over that coughing fit. Now she felt like she wanted to VOMIT.

Her eyes widen suddenly as she notices Fumiya trying to helmet Azusa from behind. "NO!" She stands up, swaying a little as a wave of poison-induced dizziness hits her. "FUMIYA, RUN!"

She covers her mouth, ready to hurl when a nice feeling washes over her. At that point she sees Aigis coming, then Chie arriving as well.

Thank /god/. "IT'S A SHADOW-POSSESSED!" she shouts at Chie, "SHE DOESN'T LIKE ME!" Bolstered by their intervention, she calls Garm to her, who curls around her protectively to share his power.

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits Thora Kobayashi with her Tarukaja attack.
COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi has been healed.
COMBAT: The Strength Up status effect has been added to Thora Kobayashi.

Fumiya is however not succesful with his rather stupid maneuver. Instead he gets Azusa's snake tail coming straight towards him as he does his stunt.

"You shouldn't defend someone like this Watanabe-san, but if you intend to get in my way then I'll be more than happy to kill you as well!" There isn't the slightest hint of care in Azusa's voice, there's just a hint of a cold confidence.

That's when the sudden appearance of Aigis catches her attention. What was that girl doing here? As confident as Azusa felt right now, the battle had drained her quite a bit so far. Standing up towards one opponent was one thing at this point, standing up towards two probably lacked the merit of success.

Then an attack comes out of nowhere, but not from Aigis, Thora or that beastly Garm. Instead it comes from some girl she's never seen before. Luckily she manages to move her tail and duck below it just in time for it to hit there instead. Though it is still slightly painful due to what Garm had done earlier.

/Too many and I'm too wounded.../

Azusa raises both of her hands and darkness begins to seep from them in every direction, creating runic circles and sinister blue flames around her enemies.

COMBAT: Azusa Shimegi misses Thora Kobayashi with her Mamudo attack.
COMBAT: Azusa Shimegi hits Aigis with her Mamudo attack.
COMBAT: Azusa Shimegi hits Chie Satonaka with her Mamudo attack.

Fumiya can be forgiven for not accounting for the shadow in his calculations. He's not used to taking EVIL MIND MONSTERS into consideration for these things. Azusa's Naga swiftly swats him before he can finishes his work with the helmet. It clatters to the ground, Fumiya is sent flying off to the side. Fortunately he doesn't land on anything sharp, but without his usual layer of clothing covering his torso he gets more than a few cuts and bruises.

He's far too stunned and drained to do anything more at this point, which is why he feels relieved when he hears voices. "If I knew she had back-up.... I would've kept playing possum..." Fumiya mutters to himself before dropping to the ground, unconscious for real this time.

"Fumiya-San." Aigis says, frowning, but a brief look over indicates that he'll be alive. She nods to Thora, briefly, and then braces her body up, shifting her Persona back to Palladion even as THE DARKNESS slams into her body and pushes her back. "Palladion--" She says, after hearing how Azusa is going to outright start killing civilians, "Eliminate the Shadow."

Saying that sort of thing in front of an Anti Shadow Weapon tends to draw aggro. Palladion appears above Aigis's head and flings itself for Azusa, intending to collide into her body in a full on tackle--she hopes Chie will be able to help out on the follow through but for the moment doesn't call out to her.

COMBAT: Aigis has activated Palladion.
COMBAT: Aigis hits Azusa Shimegi with her Vicious Strike attack.

Chie glances over, seeing Fumiya slowly try to lever up...and then fall back. She puffs a worried breath of air, but can't afford to check on him just now. "We should check on him when we've handled this," she notes to the others. A look at Thora, and her lips curve down. Nobody likes Thora! What gives? You would think she were mean, or something. "Got it!" she adds, and then staggers back in pain as the darkness energy tries to draw her soul out of her body. She takes acouple steps back, grimacing and grunting, but not crying out.

Instead, her eyes refocus just as Palladion tackles the Lamia in her direction.

"Attacking people like that," Chie spits, off to the side, and then plants her feet, stretching one long leg out and then the other. "I can't let you get away with something like that!"

She charges TOWARD the Shadow/Persona tackle, but doesn't call out Tomoe - instead yelling, "So what I'm saying is," planting her foot on the ground, and cycling the whole weight of her body and soul around that point, until the whole world seems to be spiralling in concert with her kick's motion, the whole galaxy - the whole universe! "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY TOWN!"


COMBAT: Chie Satonaka hits Azusa Shimegi with her Galactic Punt attack.
COMBAT: Azusa Shimegi has been knocked out!

It's okay Fumiya, Thora actually didn't know she'd have backup today too. Today...she got real lucky.

"No, stay back-" Damnit! Now Fumiya's down and Thora feels /really awful/. Hopefully he's unconscious and not dead again. Maybe if Thora wishes really hard,he'll dismiss this as some crazy concussion dream and wouldn't go around spreading the fact that she really IS some kind of monster.

She rolls to the side, this time avoiding that soul-sucking darkness she'd come to hate so much after she fought Azusa the last time. Upon standing, a hand curls into a fist, ready to punch Azusa's scaley lights out.

But Chie beats her to it. Normally she'd be kind of angry about the whole killstealing thing but tonight...was a good night to let it slide. She relaxes and immediately runs over to Fumiya.

Unfortunately for Azusa, she hadn't expected such a quick reaction to her attack. Infact she'd hoped it'd slow them down. As a result she's tackled to the ground, but manages to get up again quickly seeing as she doesn't need to rely on legs to stand.

As fate would have it however, a sudden kick hits her straight in the stomach just as she gets up again, causing her to fall quite a bit backwards as a result. Heck it even takes her a few seconds to notice the immense pain from the attack! It's more than enough for her to shriek ear shatteringly loud as a result.

"I guess I'll have to get back to you later Oni-san." Says she once she manages to get back up again. However she appears to not be in any shape to continue this fight and instead of retaliating, she quickly slithers away from the scene as fast as she can, hoping that none of them follows as she doubts she can offer much resistance at this point.

Fumiya is certainly unconscious for real this time. Whether he remembers any of this or not like Thora ponders is yet to be seen.

Right now, though, he's dreaming about pop stars and flashy clothes and time-traveling Deloreans and hoverboards.

Aigis has no idea why Thora is a 'love' or 'hate' sort of deal and there aren't people kind of in the middle there except maybe for Shinjiro. SHINJIROOOO!! Shinjiro. She watches the Galactic Punt in act. She's kind of in love with Galactic Punt. All of that kinetic force unleashed in one direct point, it's quite amazing to behold. Aigis wishes she could kick as hard as Chie can.

Nevertheless, while NORMALLY Aigis would follow, there's two hurt individuals here. She looks Thora over who seems to be, well, alive. And then with a glance she looks back to the unconcious Fumiya. She checks out his body which might be cooler to him if he was not unconcious but there you have it.

"She claimed to not be attacking Yosuke-San before." She frowns, "But perhaps she was."

"/Bitch/." she spits at Azusa as she gingerly takes Fumiya's shirtless body up into her arms. She doesn't have it in her to pursue after Azusa, even post-healing that Aigis so lovingly provided. Carefully, she looks over Fumiya to make sure that, once again, he's not dead or anything. Or too injured.

Thora seems to deflate now that the danger has passed. "...damnit." she sighs, sounding so very much like Shinjiro that one moment. Thora's loads worse for wear than Fumiya at first glance. She still has blood clinging around her mouth from the violent lung-destroying miasma she inhaled. "I hope he doesn't remember this shit."

Chie knocks Azusa flying a couple yards (slightly disappointed; when she does that in the TV World they go shooting off into the sky, it's awesome), and then lands, planting hands on hips and scowling. "Yeah," she says, shaking fist after. "That's right, you run!"

Then she turns her eye toward Thora, adding, "You're pretty popular," with a little grin. "Are you hurt?" YES SHE'S HURT YOU MORON "Uh, I don't have any healing loaded up right now..."

"I have some, if you require more--" Aigis summons Fortuna again, hitting Fumiya with a wave of the good stuff before hefting the young man into her arms so she can take him to a proper hospital. He was a muggle fighting wizards, he could probably use the help. Walking back towards her she adds, "I imagine that may be unavoidable, he was brave but foolish," a common trait in humans it seems, "But I feel he will be reasonable after this sort of encounter." She may be giving Fumiya too much credit here.

"Are you going to be okay, Thora-Chan?" She looks to Chie, she wants to make her request but she knows that's just way too improper until she's sure Thora is stable.

Oh if only Fumiya knew Aigis briefly checked him out, and that she carried him, and that /Thora/ carried him. He'd milk that for all it was worth, and probably drive her hilariously crazy in the process. It's best, then, that he doesn't know.

Thora may seem more damaged, what with being in the battle and all, but like Aigis says Fumiya is just a muggle! He doesn't have the power of a supernatural mind monster beefing him up. His life's not in danger though, that's obvious, he's just going to be hella sore. Whatever he does remember from this, he WILL still recall getting on that bike with Thora, so she can expect to have to answer his questions one way or another.

Time will tell if it's just a "...did we hit something?" type question or a "WHAT THE HELL WHAT THE HELL AAAAAAAAH" type question.

"Popular's a funny way of puttin' it, Chie-san." Thora murmurs, sounding pretty...disappointed. Yeah, she's actually kind of angry that FUmiya got caught up in the crossfire, even if he was an annoying little punk.

She's happy to hand her burden over to Aigis at that so she can slump back onto her haunches. "..man, glad at least Shirou split when I told him too." She was mortified at the thought of him finding out about this crap too. "I'll be fine, don't you worry...ugh."

"-san, still?" Chie prompts, tipping her head. "Did I do something wrong?"

She watches the Shadow skitter off, but then just plants hands on her hips in that typical fashion of hers, humming. "Shadow attack in broad daylight...that's kind of a pain..."

She turns toward Aigis, saying, "How about you, Aigis? Are you alright?"

"I am fully operational." Aigis assures Chie, "Would you prefer to be called Chie-Chan?" She runs some more scans over Fumiya now that he's at close range but determines nothing harmful except for the cancer she just gave him with the power of her x-ray eyes. ha ha ha just kidding. She thinks about this Shirou person but he seems to have ran away so there's nothing to do for it there now.

A pause, and then she adds, "Though--as you already know, one of the units from my line has been taken, KirijoCorp would prefer that I do not get too involved, but if it's possible I was hoping you could free him from their influence without destroying him. I understand that he is not likely never going to be completed, however, and can understand if you have to eliminate him."

Fumiya has monumentally bad timing. Just look at all the events of today for evidence. For further evidence, he picks right this very minute to wake up. Luckily he only half-catches Aigis's talk about another unit from her line, it doesn't make much sense to him (especially considering drowsy awakening fuzziness), so he promptly ignores it. Besides, he's much more astute to pick up on the fact that he's in a girl's arms.

"Whoa... hey Aigis-babe..." He mumbles as he wakes up. "Am I dreaming?" ...has he been dreaming all this time? What just happened anyway. Consciousness slowly filters back to him, as he tries to make sense of what's going on.

Luckily, he's still a bit too out of it to consider why a girl with a seemingly slender build like Aigis can carry him so easily.

"Well you are older than I am..." Thora says awkwardly at Chie. "...yeah, that woman just ain't right in the head." Idily she wonders if this is her fault. Nah, it couldn't be. She couldn't be responsible for yet another person becoming Shadow-Possessed, could she?

Then Aigis brings up /that/ line of questioning. "Oh, yeah, I'm trying to get in back in one piece. There are...some isuses with that though. For starters, they stuck a sha..."

She trails off as she notices Fumiya coming too. Shit, she had to work fast. "Yeah, sorry Fumiya, I dunno what happened." she says apologetically. "I lost control of my bike and you fell off and hit your head pretty hard. Man, and here I thought helmets would help that kinda thing..."

She looks away from him awkwardly. "Uh, we should send you to a hospital for that injury, Wanatabe."

"That's what -sempai is for!" Chie points out, chiding, toward Thora, and then a glance at Aigis: "Sure," smirk. "If you like, I guess."

Hummm. Chie's behind on boards, apparently - a unit from Aigis' line was stolen? She'll have to read up, later.

Thora gets cut off from explaining, but Chie thinks she knows what the end of that sentence was going to be. This sounds like a problem. She'll have to figure it out later, though, because there's A DUDE. Chie wiggles her fingers at him, and then, deducing from his 'knocked the hell out' status, decides he probably has no idea what just happened. Plus, Thora's whole...coverup thing. She starts stepping away, perhaps planning to /slip into the darkness/ before the presence of other strange people jogs his memory.

"Hello Fumiya-San. Why do you use the term 'babe' as a suffix?" Aigis asks with no judgement in her voice at all which is probably unusual because there probably should be one there, it's almost as if she actually, in fact, doesn't know what Fumiya means by it. Hell, she's not even sure if Fumiya DOES mean something by it.

"I have run into her before." Aigis explains, "She was harassing Yosuke-San with questions." She thought she was a Persona User then, however, nwo it seems like she's a Shadow User after all? How did that happen? She's just utterly flabbergasted and isn't even sure how to do a report on this. Like Chie, she frowns at the cut off sentence but doesn't talk about it now thanks to the illtimed muggle awakening. Such is life. at least she can call her Chie-Chan now like Teddie~.

"Are you alright? We're taking you to a hospital." Aigis says.

"Because babes are babes...." Fumiya responds, far too out of it to consider the question weird. Bombarding the up-until-recently unconscious guy questions about his personal quirks would normally not give one any results, Aigis got lucky that Fumiya is kind of an oddball.

For now Fumiya doesn't notice Chie, thanks to her awesome CHIE STEALTH, but Thora's comments get his attention. "Lost control? Really?" Fumiya asks, trying to put two and two together in his head. But the events after getting on the bike with Thora are such a blur right now that two plus two might as well equal marmalade.

Something does finally get his attention, though. Despite the heat of summer he feels oddly cooler than normal, and it's about now he realizes that his awesome manly pink shirt of manliness isn't on his awesome manly bod. There's a heavy pause as he considers this, before he speaks.

"If you babes wanted a show you could've asked me..." Yeah, that's the best he got. There's probably a dozen 80s references he could've used, but he's spending all of his energy remaining coherent right now.

"Gooooosh, fine, Chie-senpai." Thora mock-pouts and heads over to her motorcycle, her jaw going slack. "...my /baby/..." she murmurs softly, hovering around the vehicle. Damnit, if another shadow thing wrecked her bike she would be VERY ANGRY! Azusa would die for certain! QAs if she wasn't going to kill her already.

One hand fishes her cell phone out of her pocket to pass this news on. "Y..yeah. I'm sorry, Fumiya, I guess that lady made me real mad." her eyes slowly come upon his discarded shirt. She snatches up the garment and marches over to Fumiya, dropping it down on him.

Aigis watches Chie leave for her home planet, but really the guy who is more like that Itchy and Scratchy dog is Fumiya. He's so 80s! "I see." She says, "Fumiya-babe." She frowns as she says this, having a feeling that it doesn't quite sound right.

She looks towards Thora and then her /motorcycle/. she doesn't budge as Thora drops clothes on him. "Can you walk?" She asks of him before looking back to the motorcycle.

She seems kind of...sad. Of course it's only in her expression, she doesn't say anything and all she's doing is looking at it for a moment, but her eyes are looking down at the transport and she is lingering at it.

If If Fumiya were unhurt and his usual self, he'd feel a little disappointed that Thora didn't react strongly to his comment on his shirtless state. He is starting to come around though. When Thora drops the shirt on him he grasps it with his free hand and nods to Aigis. "Yeah... yeah I think I can."

No broken bones, no major cuts or bleeding, just some major disorientation. First he slammed into a wall when he came to an abrupt stop on his skateboard, then he was involved in Thora's 'accident' with Azusa, and finally he was tossed around like a rag doll by Azusa's Lamia, though he doesn't quite remember that part. He's pretty roughed up. But he can stand on his own, though as soon as he is placed on his feet he will tip to his left until he regains his balance.

Finally the fact that he wasn't the only one in the 'accident' dawns on him and he looks over to Thora. "Are you ok? You gave your helmet to me and everything..."

She quickly returns to messing with her bike, gingerly trying to lift it off the ground but finding it very heavy all the sudden. Ugh, too much fighting (and ironically, she'll have to do even more later).

Pausing as Fumiya asks if /she's/ alright, she turns to look at him, then looks down at herself. "...I'm gonna be alright because I've survived a crash before but know how to fall but...I oughta see someone too, to be honest."

Her gaze softens a little. "Looks like you're gonna be alright though, Fumiya. I'm glad." she narrows her eyes, "...don't take that the wrong way though, got it?"

Aigis sets Fumiya down now that it is apparent he can walk. she could practically juggle Fumiya if she wanted to but it is getting a little awkward for her to hold him for reasons entirely different from physicalaity. She uses a hand to make sure he's steady.

Aigis can't hold it in anymore, "Is it okay, too?" She asks.