Chasing Skirts
  Inaba - Central Commercial Dist. Years ago, this was a bustling center of commerce and communal activity, a bright spot in a small and happy town, with each store telling stories spanning generations of the highs and lows of Inaba. Many of these stories are now at an end, as family-owned stores have been closing down left and right since the Junes department store opened close by. The long street where these stores reside still has a couple shops that are fighting to the bitter end. Daidara Metalworks and the Shiroku grocery store both stand strong before seemingly inevitable disaster, with Chinese Diner Aiya, Marukyu Tofu, and the Souzai Daigaku beef skewer stand continuing to attract hungry stomachs. Tatsumi Textiles largely survives on patronage from the Amagi Inn, and sometimes it seems only one young man's obsessive reading hobby is actually keeping Yomenaido Bookstore from falling apart. Konishi Liquors up at the northern end may be the next to go, following failing business and family tragedy. A small gas station does service for the few automobiles to come by here, more often servicing the buses that swing by the stop at the southern end. The outlook is grim, the street populated largely by bitter elderly folks and teenage bullies looking for an easy mark. Even the local, once proud Tatsuhime Shrine is falling apart, already said to be taken over by wild animals. The whole district faces a losing battle against Junes for commerce, but this nostalgic district held dearly by previous generations will go down fighting.

Today's weather: partially cloudy.

Summer vacation means that there are more people than usual out and about, even in the commercial district despite Junes gradually sucking the life out of local businesses.

Thora is out on a break right now, something that had been practically demanded by Daidara after a near miss on her starting a fight with Osamu. It's a sad day when even Thora can't stand to be at her job, the only thing that brings her joy in her life (...and much needed money). Coincidentally, she ran into the one person that she really needed to chat with lately. Adachi.

The poor cop was all but dragged towards the run-down shrine by the large teenager. Thora seems pretty serious, much like the last time she'd called out Adachi, which...couldn't bode well at all.

The weather *has* been pretty nice after the fog cleared up. Too bad. Adachi, true to his job especially after that body appeared on that satellite dish on Sunday (first a TV antenna, then a telephone pole, and now a satellite dish, hmm), has been walking around town and talking to people, but it's almost more like just randomly chatting people up rather than actually conducting an investigation.

That's when he ran into Thora, and he barely had time to tell her good afternoon when she started dragging him out towards that old run-down shrine no one goes to anymore.

They're a little down the ways towards the shrine--close enough to the commercial district that they can still people down that way, but far enough away that no one would be able to easily overhear their conversation. Not without the two of them noticing, anyway.

So, Adachi's blinking wide-eyed at Thora, looking a little nervous. "Th-Thora-chan, what's the matter? You dragged me out here all of a sudden," he says, now that it seems they've stopped for now.

With no real attempt to 'hide' her presense -- as if she even could -- Rumika is chatting with Yosuke near the food court. By the looks of things, she is perhaps getting ready to leave soon; still, she's prattling away a bit as if she were familiar with the boy. Of course, to the unknowing peasants, there is nothing abnormal about Rumika (well, except maybe that a girl is talking to Yosuke and not being overtly insane yet). To Thora, however.. well, Rumika isn't aware of her presence, or she'd probably be a'runnin'.

While it's probably impossible to tell the details of what she might be talking about to Yosuke without getting close enough to be noticed in a noisy place like a food court, it is easy to see that she gives him a rather.. thankful look, as if he'd been saying or doing something that enamored her a little, perhaps. PERHAPS.

The concept of Yosuke having a non-insane looking girlfriend should properly terrify most of Inaba, yes. While what he's specifically gone and promised Rumika /4evers/ is not specifically clear, he's making very wide hand gestures and looks--well, he looks determined and happy, which as everyone in the everything ever knows..

Yosuke has agreed to something terminally stupid and he's really going to see it through.

Michiru Fukase has not been leaving town for summer vacation just yet. She has had many reasons for this, some of them good and some of them otherwise. Perhaps she just doesn't have a vacation place to go to, what with the economic downturn due to the new American President. (His Persona: Dolemite) In honor of the summer, she's wearing a short sleeved blouse and no jacket, even if her skirt is still stupidly long.

She is coming down the hill, from the direction of that ratty old shrine and the liquor store -- she just dropped off an order in the latter, and is looking over her shoulder occasionally, hugging against the wall that used to have that model shop on her way towards Souzai Daigaku. Perhaps...

/She's being chased/.

This does mean she has yet to catch note of Yosuke and his new girlfriend, for better or worse.

Before Adachi gets an answer, Thora makes a quick check to ensure that nobody is within earshot of the pair. A set of familiar smells clues her in to Yosuke and Rumika sitting across the street which makes Thora pause and narrow her eyes quite suddenly. What was that little beast doing here?

She would find out in a minute. Thora had a very important piece of business to attend to first. "A thought occured to me, Adachi. Lately I've been..." In trouble. Engaging in vigilantism. Doing suspicious things. Nearly killing people. "..well y'know. I'm not exactly very popular with the police department." She shoves her hands in her pockets, shoulders hunched. "So I don't suppose..." Thora lowers her voice, amber eyes pinning Fumbles-san to the spot.

" can give me a heads up if I'm about to catch shit, do you?"

After a bunch of days of heavy rain, and then fog, Fumiya is out taking advantage of the nice summer weather. He's not skateboarding around town today, though. He's coming dangerously close to being known as a public nuisence with that board of his, which would normally be fine. But Inaba doesn't have the rail system that Port Island does, and despite the town's size Fumiya doesn't want to have to be walking everywhere if he loses skateboard privileges.

So today he is walking like a commoner, marvelling at everything Inaba has and doesn't have. Depending on his mood he sometimes sees more of the former, sometimes more of the latter. He's relatively upbeat today, so he's enjoying what Inaba /does/ have.

Particularly, a sweet babe that looks somewhat familiar. Fumiya has not yet met Michiru, but he has seen her heading upstairs at Yasogami once or twice. Probably means that she's his senior, but the only thing that /really/ matters is that she's a babe. She may not stand out like another hot-tempered girl from Yasogami that Fumiya knows, but it's summertime and he's a teenager and he doesn't have anything else to do today, so he might as well chase skirts.

Though Michiru might unfortunately be interpreting the neon-clad Fumiya's skirt chasing as chasing of a more sinister nature. Hilarity? Prepare to ensue.

When Thora checks their area, Adachi does likewise. From this angle, it's not easy to see what passes for a food court in the Inaba commercial district--really it's more like a couple of tables around a wooden crate where people can eat their food together--but he does see a couple of people over that way. With all the greenery about, though, Adachi doesn't recognize them (and his sensory resonance has been utterly pathetic recently; he really doesn't understand why, though it's nothing more than a mild annoyance), though he does notice the way Thora narrows her eyes. Huh.

He rubs the back of his head when Thora gets straight to the point, though. It's almost cute the way she hunches in on herself like that. Perhaps it's testament to how comfortable he's gotten with Thora that he doesn't quail at her stare like he used to.

"Oh... So that's what this is about. Yeah, I don't blame you for being paranoid." The detective tucks his hands into his pockets. "Don't worry, Thora-chan. I don't think you're the culprit behind the murders. It's just not your style. Nobody's looking your way right now, either." For now. Adachi recalls that he had a question of his own, though, but decides to hold off for the moment. "...though speaking of which... what happened with you guys? With, you know," vague gesture, "the TV stuff. I wanted to talk to Hanamura-kun and Souji-kun about this specifically, but..."

He bows his head. The KDA was supposed to be saving the people who were pushed into the TV, right? It's easy to surmise why he'd be like this.

As Rumika chats with Yosuke, she uses her hands to make a few gestures -- it appears that she is explaining something. Judging by the way she moves her hands, this something either involves explosions or possibly making popcorn over the fire in those old fashioned popping tin things that bloat up as they pop. WHO KNOWS. Either way, she is starting to look slightly less like a non-insane girlfriend, and it probably sticks out a little bit among people walking by.

"Yeah, yeah it is." Thora huffs out a breath of air through her nostrils not unlike a bull. "I'm afraid my latest activities got me on the...radar. Someone's radar at least. I've tried goin' to the police about the littler annoyances but I guess I burned that bridge a little too well."

She barks out a laugh, turning her eyes from Adachi. "I have a style? Hilarious. Either way, I need somebody getting my back in there." Guess Adachi can be useful after all, she thinks. For a cop.

Her expression darkens as Adachi ventures 'what happened' with the TV stuff. "...I'm not sure. Nobody has much to say about that yet. Seems there can be more than one person in at once. Or someone got chucked in at the last second where we couldn't touch 'em. None of us know who the guy is." Which is a lie, Thora does know who the victim is but hasn't seen the body. It's probably for the best because if she turns out to be the only person that can ID him...well.

Michiru thinks she's lost him. Her head whirls around towards the other direction, now, finally paying attention to the world before she really hears what that guy in the slightly raggedy suit is saying, walking forwards and pursing her lips.

She doesn't speak up -- after all, Adachi is a police detective and even if she's not a criminal she has some slightly unsavory habits and friends, so it's best not to draw attent-

-tion -

Her attention goes to Rumika, even as she makes these weird outlandish gestures. Her brow furrows as those little 'popsplosion' hand gestures go through, upper lip curling slowly, slightly back, even as her gaze turns towards Hanamura.

Which also means she's come to a full and complete stop and could be approached from behind, either with backstabs or smoove lines.

Well. Yosuke seems to be happy with the situation, though he's trying to calm Rumika down, clearly. There's some fist being punched into his own hand, but some hand waving as if to say 'calm down, sit down, it's okay'. Then he takes a long swig of his drink and gestures to Rumika's drink.

It's not Mae, at least?

You can't lose Fumiya. Not once he got his green-tinted sunglasses locked onto you. Fumiya is also far less worried about standing out or drawing the attention of an officer, not that he knows Adachi is an officer, so by the time he rounds a corner and catches up to Mitsuru again he's ready to destroy any sense of stealth she's trying to create.

"Hey! Hey babe! Wait up!" He calls out to Mitsuru, in the moment she becomes distracted by Rumika. Though Fumiya's posturing is briefly silenced when he finally spots Thora, it only lasts a moment. His loud arrival is sure to get her attention. Might as well keep making the most of it, this should still be an entertaining afternoon.

"I've seen you around Yasogami, I don't think we've met yet." He says, walking right up to Mitsuru as if she were his best friend in the world. "The name's Fumiya, babe."

What, hey. Even if Adachi didn't chase off Kanmori for Thora (and in fact completely neglected to tell Dojima about how he was harassing Daidara), he is still totally useful! He's just... a fumbles. ._.

"Well... yeah," he admits, scratching his head. "Um... I don't mean that in a bad way, though? Or, uh... Man, I have no idea how to say this so it doesn't come out all wrong. Look, the point is, I just don't think it was you. Why would you throw *yourself* into a TV?" Of course, this doesn't mean that Thora couldn't throw /other/ people into the TV, even if she wasn't the original killer, but Adachi neglects to mention that he's thought of that. "Don't worry, though." He smiles reassuringly. "I believe in you, Thora-chan."

That smile fades quickly when the conversation goes back to the murder. He ducks his head for a moment, then sighs. "...I'm sorry to hear that. Man... We found someone in Port Island who might be able to ID the body, but... who knows if she actually can."

A pause then as a spot of motion catches Adachi's eye. He blinks. Hey, isn't that--isn't that that one girl, fuck if he can remember her name, one of the TV thrower's victims? Mi-something, damn, he hasn't thought about her in *ages*. What's she staring at? And then of course Fumiya catches up to her and starts talking VERY LOUDLY to her, so even if Adachi hadn't spied Michiru, Fumiya sure would've made sure he noticed.

"Hey," he adds to Thora, pointing at Michiru, "isn't that girl--?"

At Yosuke's urging, Rumika starts to calm down a little bit -- she suckles her lower lip softly, and moves to sit herself down. She fidgets a bit for a moment, however -- she glances around, as well. Idly, at least, just looking at random people for a moment -- until she catches sight of Thora. Not that spotting Thora in a crowd is a very difficult feat or that staring at her is probably uncommon, but.. well. Rumika's stare retains it's direction rather than turning back to Yosuke after a reasonable amount of time. As if her brain has just blue screened.

Michiru looks over her shoulder abruptly, looking irate. This is probably unrelated, but that sort of expression may just make Fumiya classify her as - a tsundere.

"What - who are -" She blinks a few times, looking down at Fumiya briefly as if expecting him to stick a hand out in her face.

Her arms fold then, almos defensively. "Fukase," she says. "I suppose you're in - first year, right." It's /sort/ of a question, despite her flat intonation.

IT'S TOO LATE, Thora's trust in the regular police is gone! Especially since they didn't seem to be doing anything about the delinquents lingering around Daidara's now. Said delinquents weren't really doing anything besides, as Thora had claimed, stalking her. After her latest encounter at Port Island she had her own theories as to what they were. They were bad.

Eventually she cracks a small smile at Adachi. He believe her! It's even better because she was seriously telling the truth this time! "...thanks."

A flash of painfully bright neon registers at the periphery of Thora's vision and she immediately knows that Fumiya is nearby. A 'babe' being directed at someone (thankfully not her) confirms this. "Whoever's doing this must've decided to get nastier." she offers as a parting thought before turning to see Fumiya's latest victim and the person Adachi is trying to identify. "...Michiru? Yeah, I know her. Kinda."

Definitely Michiru, Thora would recognize that corn and blood smell anywhere. "She and her friend tried to get me into a motorcycle gang once." A chill runs down her spine suddenly and just as Rumika looks her way...

...Thora turns to meet her eyes.

Yosuke Hanamura phews. Well. Rumika's chilled. That's it. All's well. He sits back, stretching out a bit, before noting the odd expression. There's a moment as he slowly tilts his head. " okay?" He asks, before twisting aroohhhhh my god Thora sees him hanging out with an NWO girl he's screwed.

An unbelievable number of potential escape scenarios pass through his head, before he just. He settles for twisting back down, sitting, and eating his steak. It is his last meal, and he's going to enjoy it.

Adachi crooks a smile back at Thora. "It's the least I could do," he reassures her, because it really pretty much is.

Not like there'd be much of a crowd in the commercial district anyway. Hearing Thora name Michiru, and overhearing Michiru give her last name, Adachi thumbs a fist into an open palm. "Michiru Fukase, that's it! I knew I recognized her! ...uhh, I probably better not go say hello," he concludes, grimacing a little. It was hilarious to *him* that he left the door open to her house and so let reporters come in and invade her personal space, but Michiru prooooooobably won't think the same way, even if he a) apologized profusely at the time and b) it's been a while since then.

He squints at the neon kid then. Geez, what the hell. Not that Adachi's any fashionisto or whatever himself, but even he thinks that's eye-searing. His attention goes back to Michiru. "What, really? A motorcycle gang? You wouldn't think it to look at her..." Of course, having seen her dungeon on the Midnight Channel, he's really not all that surprised. When Thora turns to look /straight at Rumika/, though, Adachi follows her gaze...

...Is that Rumika and Yosuke sitting together?


"Hey, who's that girl sitting with Hanamura-kun?" he says aloud, perhaps a little too loudly. "He didn't break up with Ikina-san, did he?"

Michiru's coldness isn't lost on Fumiya, but he doesn't seem to be all that put off by it. So she's a little hard to get. Judging by how she said 'first year', probably a little bent out of shape about etiquette and seniority. Those babes are always fun.

"Fukase-babe, huh? Pleased to meet you. So what are you up to on this nice summer day? You know, if you wanted something from one of the stands around here I'd be happy to treat..." He trails off as he sees Thora start to head in their direction. He's not entirely sure why this causes him to stall. He kind of thinks he has her figured out, but it's hard to tell how that girl will react sometimes.

He spots Yosuke and Rumika off to the side, and makes a note to try chatting her up if Michiru turns out to be a bust.

Just.. staring !!! Rumika doesn't respond to Yosuke's question at first; she simply meets eyes with Thora, and quivers a little with her seat. She then turns her head with a quick jerk, lowering it a bit as if in some futile attempt to hide. "Th-.. Ah-.. We .. we should go somewhere else." She announces, with a firm nod. She's got a tense and nervous body language to say the least. She hesitates for a moment, and then leans over a little closer to Yosuke -- "There's someone dangerous nearby..!"

"Not say hi? Why not?" Yeah, Thora has no idea about the reporter incident. If anything she'd say it was that spot Michiru received after blaming the dog. "It's mostly her friend's. I wasn't interested, I'm not really a gang person."

She's a LONE WOLF.

It's probably not a good sign that Thora responds to Adachi's question with a low growl. Slowly those eyes turn to stare at Yosuke with a furious expression smouldering inside them. Ominously, she takes a few steps towards the pair, but relents after catching Rumika's words.

Michiru is only really aware of Yosuke and his latest ho girlfriend as she frowns at Fumiya. "I was going for a walk," she answers the younger boy, before her brow furrows slightly - and then she seems, almost visibly, to remember her manners, and smiles slightly. Perhaps she just got a plan.

"Well," she says, LIFTING HER VOICE, "I'm not that hungry, but I know Hanamura here - I owe him one, for that time..." A glance over at Yosuke, her head seeming to rotate like a turret, and a momentary baleful glare. "If you want to get /him/ something, that'd be really sweet of you."

Following along with Thora, Adachi lets his eyes roll upwards in that befuddled look he often gets. "Well... I guess it's not really that big a deal, just..." A helpless gesture. "Well, I dunno if you'd been watching the news at the time, but a while back she got assaulted by Kanji Tatsumi. And, well, I ended up being Tatsumi-kun's parole officer, so..." Which has nothing to do with the reason why Michiru would be awkward with him, but Adachi just sucks at his teeth and glances away. He at least gives a quick nod in greeting to Michiru and Fumiya before getting a better look at Rumika and Yosuke looking damnably nervous.

Then Michiru is pretty obviously dumping a pest on someone else, and Adachi looks at her askance, expression wide and blank, before looking again at Yosuke. Damn, what the hell did you do, run over her dog with your bike? But then, Adachi knows that high school girls are the pettiest, most evil bitches to roam this god-forsaken earth, so who knows, maybe it wasn't much of anything at all. Or maybe it was the whole Mae incident in the TV, as come to think, wasn't she with them too that time? Whatever. Who knows with girls.

And then Thora is ADVANCING ON RUMIKA AND YOSUKE LIKE SHE MEANS TO MURDER THEM. Adachi takes a quick step over her to try to grab at her shoulder, which is made pretty easy by the fact that she stops on her own. "Woah, woah, what's the matter? Did I just completely miss something?" The detective blinks, then lets his dark eyes widen before he leans in towards Thora and hisses, glancing not-very-subtly over at Rumika and Yosuke, "D-don't tell me he's /cheating/ on Ikina-san!? That poor girl..."

this is so delicious it is like liquid candy being poured directly into his mouth

"Dangerous? Thora's not dangerous to /you/ at least as bad as she's--"

He stops.

"It's okay. If she's going to hit you, she's going to have to come through me," and he doesn't append 'and that will take at least two hammer blows I'm pretty sure so you should have time to run.'

"It'll be fine. She is arguably a friend of mine, alright?" He puts his hand up. "I'll just smooth it over if it becomes a problem. Alright?" He slicks his hair back a bit, slowly getting up.

"Oh, hey, Thora, how's it going?"

Fumiya very nearly frowns when Michiru attempts to dump him off on someone else. He can tell what she's trying to do, she's much slyer about getting rid of him than a lot of other girls are. Fumiya makes a note to continue acting chummy with her in the future, it would be interesting to see if he could wear her down.

For today, though, Fumiya decides to take her up on her suggestion, though with conditions. Thora's advancing towards the vicinity of Hanamura and the other babe with daggers in her eyes lead Fumiya to think this general area is either going to be very dangerous, or very entertaining. Or both.

With an accepting shrug, Fumiya heads over towards Rumika and Yosuke's table. Though when Adachi nods to him he nods back with a "Hey bro." As if he's known Adachi all this time without skipping a beat.

Just as the tension rises and Thora's advance stop, Fumiya stands over their table and slaps his hand down on it very rudely interupting everything that's going on. He turns to Yosuke. "Hey bro. The babe over there tells me you're a little hard up, so I'd like to treat your mean as a way of introducing myself." And now he completely loses interest in Yosuke, and turns to Rumika. "Why hello, babe. I'm Fumiya. What brings you out here on this nice day?"

Did reality rewind itself a bit? This sounds oddly familiar...

Yosuke's words do -- not exactly calm Rumika with Thora having, even though she stopped, been moving toward the two in a /threatening manner/. She's tensed up, on edge -- and when Fumiya's hand slaps down onto the table, she nearly falls over by shoving herself out of her seat. "A-a~!" She whimpers out, knitting her brow and moving across to .. hide behind Yosuke, which is.. probably not the safest place in the world ever. Both hands grab the sleeve of his shirt, and she looks first toward Fumiya, and then across toward Thora again -- she doesn't seem to notice Adachi quite yet. Or perhaps she doesn't remember him. After all, she has only ever met that guy once !! Certainly not any other time. "A-.. Ambush..?! I didn't bring my stuff, so I can't help you kill them.. but maybe if we took out one, we could escape..! The big one is probably harder!" She murmurs quietly from behind Yosuke, playing Teddie. It is.. probably a good thing she did not bring an Evoker. A very good thing.

"It's not that." Thora says tersely at Adachi. "It''s /complicated/." DAMNIT, she couldn't tell him here. She couldn't point at Rumika in the middle of the street and scream ILLUMINATI!!! It just doesn't work like that.

Slowly, she turns to look at Adachi's hand on her shoulder before shrugging it off. She takes another step before turning to glare at Yosuke. "What the hell do you think you're doing." she demands in a low and unamused voice. She's clearly riled-and for good reason seeing as RUMIKA TRIED TO KILL HER DEAD the last time they met.

Oh damnit Fumiya, why do you always show up at the worst times?! "...Fumiya, not now."

"O-oh." Adachi remains a befuddled look when Thora merely tells her it's 'complicated,' and when she shrugs off his hand, he flails a little before deciding perhaps back here would be the best place to monitor this situation. So it doesn't devolve into violence. Yes.

He gives Michiru a brief, helpless little smile before seemingly worriedly watching over the confrontation.

/Damn,/ he thinks, /what I wouldn't give for some popcorn./

She sure is palming you off, Fumiya! Michiru's attention drifts now finally towards the looming bulk of Thora and - ah, that police guy, who she nods very faintly on. Except then Thora's coming closer to -

The way in which Rumika cringes makes Michiru's eyes and lips thin. Adachi can probably see the hint of a vein appearing in the crease of her temple, as she puts two and two and two together. Is this:

* A strange person? Check.
* A teenage girl? Check.
* Acting psycho? Check.
* Apparently inducing rage in Thora Kobayashi? Check.
* Associated with Yosuke Hanamura? Check.

YES SIR, all the signs are in place. Michiru raises one hand to her face, rubbing her temples with middle finger and thumb and hiding her eyes for a moment. She breathes in through her nose and out through her mouth, deeply, twice, quickly.

She lowers her hand and says, "So!!!" as she steps forwards, beaming warmly and staring directly at Yosuke, hands clasping before her. "This is kind of funny how we all ran into each other, huh!? Is this your cousin or something, Hanamura?"

" Rumika. It's okay. We don't have to hurt anyone, okay?" Yosuke waves his hands a bit as he's thrust into defending her. "...Just..let me handle it, and play along." He looks to Fumiya, raising an eyebrow a bit. "Uh, sure, I--um. I could--why are you..." He's too baffled to notice he's being completely ignored for the first few seconds, so he settles on just dealing with Thora quickly.

"Why, I think I'm having some food with a friend of Mae's. She suggested it, actually--" He adds, tapping some fingers on his forehead.

He tilts over to Michiru, then, waving. "Ah, nah. Nah. Just a friend, no big deal."


"Oh yes?" she says, looking now towards Rumika, beaming warmly. "I sure hope you don't have to hurt anyone. We're really pretty quiet!" She puts a hand to her chest: "I'm Michiru Fukase, and you're --"

The sad thing is, in Fumiya's mind he feels like he's playing everyone and is in complete control of the situation where he's really the only one who actually has /no idea/ what's really going on. If he understood the enormity of his carelessness today he might endevour to start behaving a little more normally. But, as far as he's concerned this is still all in good highschool fun.

Rumika's comments about killing them does cause him to quirk an eyebrow though. What on /earth/ could she have meant by that. Is she a secret gaming otaku, maybe? What are the odds.

"Come on, Thora-babe." Fumiya pleads, forgetting to not tack 'babe' onto her name once more like she has constantly requested. "We students should be having fun in the summer. How about you, me, Fukase-babe, Hanamura and his babe all go somewhere and cut loose?"

Adachi /really/ wishes he had some popcorn right now.

Rumika takes on a more defensive position behind Yosuke as Thora gets /all up in her grill/. "B-.. But she beat me up last time. In an alley!" She huffs, knitting her eybrow a little. She is a little braver now that she is /secure in having a human shield/. "She's.. one of your friends?" She questions, sweatdropping. A few creaks of a gear in her brain, knitting her brow in thought -- she knows what Thora can do, and what Yosuke can do, and if they're friends, and live in the same town --

"Aah-..?" Rumika mumbles out, letting go of Yosuke's sleeve to turn and look toward Michiru. "O-Oh, I'm uhm.." She mumbles off, with a long pause. -- "Rumika Shiratori." She blurts out, after a couple of moments. After all, giving some kind of fake name like a giant dumb around multiple people who know her actual name would /probably not assuage suspicion/.

Thora steps right up to Yosuke and LOOMS over him. At her size and current level of anger, it probably draws sympathy from all of those here. "Funny ain't it." she growls, "That we all end up here. Talking to each other. Like it's just nothing."

At one particular part of Yosuke's words, however, Thora pauses. "A friend of Mae's?" Her eyes narrow and Thora tries to peer around Yosuke to glare at Rumika. That wasn't good, that wasn't good at all.

Rumika says her name. Thora now says nothing, taking a step backwards and folding her arms over her chest. Surely Michiru knew what this meant. "I don't think I'm in the mood to....cut loose, Watanabe."

Michiru laughs rather warmly. "Wow, in an /alleyway/? Just like those bad schoolgirl movies? Eeeee," she says, looking at Thora, then back to Rumika, /right dead at her eyes/. "But she's not that bad, I mean, I can see where you'd get the joke! So what brings you here, Shiratori-san?"

Yosuke Hanamura shifts himself to try to keep between Thora and Rumika, taking a deep breath. No fighting here. No fighting. He can handle this. He can even keep from soiling himself, he's pretty sure.

"Yeah. You know how it is." He smiles a bit--"Aaanyway, nothing to worry about, right? We all know what's going on, and there's no reason for a fuss.

"And, as I said, Michiru, I called her over for a bite to eat. To hang out, you know? I'm allowed to hang out with my friends, right?" He holds his arms out, taking a deep breath.

Realizing Rumika's /behind/ him, he mouths some words.

Thora-babe's really set on being a downer today, isn't she? She makes it clear to Fumiya that she's not going to go along with his fun. What a drag. While he does brighten up when Rumika introduces herself, as he always loves to learn a new babe's name, he has to face the fact that there won't be salvaging any actual fun from this encounter. He hates to give up on a fun afternoon, but whatever happened between Thora and these other babes must've been big.

Why does this remind him of something?

"I guess I'll just have to cut my losses and try elsewhere, Thora-babe." Fumiya says with a shrug. "Babes, I'll be seeing you all around." He certainly sounds like he intends it, too.

Yosuke doesn't get a farewell. He's on his own. Come to think of it, Fumiya didn't even pay for what he offered earlier!

Adachi rubs the back of his neck and watches Fumiya wander off, before regarding Yosuke, who's just been completely focusing on his friends and mouthing very plainly that he'll explain later. That is going to be one hell of an explanation. Man, he muses, it's kind of amazing that the tension between these kids has gotten so high that they have basically completely forgotten he's here.

'course, that works out for him just fine. He'd be *very* interested to hear how Yosuke's going to end up explaining this one too.