Port Island - Paulownia Mall

Just beyond the bridge connecting the mainland to the artificial island this part of town is named for, Paulownia Mall is a small but happening place at nearly all times of the day. It is renowned for its convenience in stark contrast to how small the mall is, and is a popular hangout spot for just about everyone.
Circular in shape with a clean reflective floor, while the walls give off the appearance of an old, humble establishment built from wood. It is bright all times of the day thanks to lightning above every store entrance. The Chagall Cafe appeals to those with sophisticated tastes in coffee, where the Game Panic arcade, Power Records music store, and Mandragora karaoke studio are all hits with the teenage crowd. Be Blue V is a very successful jewelry chain. Aohige Pharmacy keeps Satomi Tadashi at bay with its Saturday sales. Shinshoudo Antiques has an odd air to it, as it is rumored that it may deal more than just the namesake. Club Escapade provides a more grown-up place for relaxation at night. A helpful police station is on hand, but if you have the right connections, it can offer arms and armor.
Recently, someone has been dumping a small fortune into the three fountains strewn within the mall. Nobody is sure as to where all this money is coming from. The fountains are so saturated with coins that it is impossible to tell what the bottom of the fountains look like.

Somewhere in the mall ... (not that /that/ isn't vague...) stands a small trio of people. The adorable, innocent, white-haired Sayaka-san. The mute guitar hero Wataru-kun. And lastly, the slowly corruptible, always debatable, never comprehensible, plush-devil horn wearing Yuuka. What a group they make. The young SEES member twirls a long hank of hair around her finger, blinking at Sayaka.

"You have a MAID?" She asks increduosly. Then she turns to Wataru, and without missing a beat, "Good, did you two kiss and make up?"


Wataru looks over towards Sayaka, then he tilts his head at her with a nod. It is Wataru's silent way of returning the favor of the greeting. Now, his attention is put over towards Yuuka, who is looking at him and then presenting a question. Rather than outright answer the question, the boy turns his head away to look over towards the shops.

An index finger points out, trying to find a shop in particular.

Saturdays. On standard school time they're the painful end of the week right before the day off. Right now, though, it's a day like any other. One that could probably be spent in better ways than lingering around a mall, but Fumiya wasn't feeling especially creative on this afternoon.

He exits a shop holding a foriegn entertainment magazine which he absentmindedly flips through. It's like he's looking for something specific, but doesn't seem to find it. Frustrated, he rolls it up though doesn't toss it, instead keeping it in his hands like he was wielding a small club. He was about ready to leave the mall when he spots the trio of Wataru, Sayaka, and Yuuka. Or, as Fumiya parses it: some guy, familiar babe, and new babe. Since he knows Sayaka (kinda) he heads on over to say hello.

"Well if it isn't Sayaka-babe." He says with as slick a smile as he can manage. "I was wondering when I might run into you again. I hope you didn't feel put off from the other day, Thora-babe can be a little testy." He glances at Yuuka and, still grinning, asks. "So who's your friend?"

Wataru doesn't get a glance at first. But he shouldn't feel bad. It's just his misfortune of being a guy when there's two girls present.

Who let Fumiya out of the 80's?

"... not everyone is used to hearing that tossed around." Yuuka admits. "Lord knows my mom and dad would not have ever had a maid. She glances at Wataru. "What are you looking for, Watar- ... wait a second, babe?" Yuuka turns to Fumiya, hands on her hips, plush devil ears tilting even more to the side as her glasses fall down her nose, green eyes glinting. "Sayaka-san, you didn't tell me you had an admirer~" She teases.

She will show up? She was wondering how he was doing? She?


For a brief moment, Wataru turns to face Sayaka. The cheeks turn red as he recalls one of his first crushes, then he shakes his head. The boy is with Shiori now. So, the blush is brought down before he tilts his head over at the stranger who makes his way to the group.

Wataru idly loses his interest to the group. Instead, he makes his way towards one of the shops to stock up on some snacks for the trip.

"Something like that..." Fumiya responds to Sayaka, regarding Thora. Really, she doesn't know the half of it, but there's no point in going into detail. Thora already wants to strangle him, he doesn't need to give her more reasons.

As Sayaka introduces the pair, Fumiya offers Wataru a nod at least, though blinks in surprise when the boy walks off on his own. "Was it something I said?" He asks, though wastes no time thinking about it as he has just learned the name of a new babe. Yuuka's name is filed away in his mental black book for future reference.

"I'm an admirer of all girls, Yuuka-babe. I can admire you too if you want." Fumiya responds, the closest he can really come to being genuinely smooth.

"Admirer?" Sayaka just tilts her head and gazes towards Yuuka as if she'd said something in a completely alien language or some such.

Somewhere else in the mall, a certain Icy Maid stops and sneezes a few times before she continues on.

"No I don't think you said anything... Wataru-san just has his own style you know." To say the least. At least a certain other one wasn't here to engage in icy stares with him. She till thought that was creepy.

"... never mind then, he's just a flirt." Yuuka says, eyes narrowing at Fumiya. See, at this point, there's one of three ways this can go. She can flirt back, ignore, or put Fumiya down. B is no fun. C is kinda mean. A is easily done. So Yuuka twirls one hank of hair around her finger, lazily, just blinking at Fumiya, one eyebrow raised.

"Wataru-san, wait for me." She says, giving Fumiya a look that says, 'If your serious, you'll follow me like a duckling'. She then reaches out for Sayaka-san. "Come on, before he walks off on us again." And runs into Mizuno.

His own style. That is one way to put it. Wataru's particular style was mostly the lack of interest with anything that doesn't call his attention. Fumiya and the two, however, do not draw his attention. Wataru is on a mission. A goal.

Unfortunately for Yuuka, she is easily ignorable, so Wataru doesn't really -wait- for anyone. However, Wataru -does- stop for another reason: The boy is able to see a skateboard on display that have several neat designs. The boy is looking at the board up and down with interest.

"His own style, huh?" Fumiya ponders for a moment, and shrugs. "I guess I can dig that." Though he dislikes it when he's outright ignored, he can let it go. There are more important things (like babes) to concern himself with.

Also, Fumiya is totally serious. Always! Though in this case it's more he doesn't have much else better to do, so he might as well follow the babes! "What's wrong with being a flirt, Yuuka-babe? Life is short, love is a battlefield, and all that jazz. We're all high-schoolers, after all." He assumes, anyway. The trio all appears to be around that age.

When Wataru looks in the window, though, this actually gets Fumiya's attention. He walks right up besides Wataru and looks the board over himself. "Oho, you're interesting in skateboarding, eh bro? I have one myself. Didn't bring it with me today though, it's a pain to take on the train out of Inaba."

Skateboarding and babes, hitting on two of his passions in the past few minutes. This trip seems worthwhile already!

"Oh yeah!" Yuuka says cheerfully, turning slightly to Sayaka as she mentions the costume. She pulls out a small book from her large shorts pocket, right as she she turns, and trips. "Aieeeee!" The poor girl goes flying across the mall floor. At Sayaka's feet falls a picture labelled Flonne - COSPLAY on it.

As for where Yuuka lands? Let's see if anyone wants to catch her.

His eyes drift towards Fumiya for a moment when he asks the boy about the skateboard. As the eyes focus towards the stranger, one might notice that the boy's eyes are... vacant. Not like normal people that have some sign of life within the eyes. But the gaze of the boy is soulless and lost. The head shifts towards the skateboard once more. Then the head turns back towards Fumiya.

After a moment, the boy lifts his shouldrs wih a shrug. Perhaps. It has the boy's attention, after all.

he skateboard, while it looks nicely designed with the skull and cross-bone and the stars surrounding it, the price isn't too steep.

...As for poor Yuuka's fall?

Wataru just watches. He's not going to catch her.

And here Fumiya was hoping to have a discussion about skateboards with someone else who appreciated them. Wataru doesn't seem to be the talking type, though, and Fumiya honestly has no idea how to communicate with someone like that. He seems a bit puzzled at first when Wataru doesn't answer, though he can tell by his body language he means to say... something. Fumiya's not quite astute enough to guess what's up with him, he barely picks up on his vacant stare and figures he get easily distracted. Well, whatever. "Well if you have any questions about 'em, feel free to ask---"

He'd continue on that topic, but Yuuka trips rather comically. Babe in peril! Fumiya dives in to catch her, and lucky for Yuuka naturally pretty agile so he doesn't trip up with her or anything. Also lucky for Yuuka, he apparently has enough decency to not try to cop a feel.

Or, he doesn't, but missed.

Sayaka hadn't expected Yuuka to suddenly trip there so she doesn't react fast enough to do anything about it. Instead Fumiya seems to have managed to catch her instead.

"Are you alright Yuuka-san?" Asks she in a concerned tone. Hopefully she was ok. It would suck if she was injured.

How can you miss a girl who probably weighs less than Wataru's guitar? Yuuka goes flying, closes her eyes, waits to meet the flo- wait, that bright purple. That's not the floor. That's not Sayaka. Or Wataru. That means - oh god, five minutes and she's already fallen into Fumiya's arms. She's not sure whether to be confused, embarrased, or take this as an invitation for a date.

"Hi." Yuuka breathes moments after she's opened up her wide green eyes. "Um ... yes, I'm fine..."

While Sayaka did not expect for Yuuka to trip? Wataru sure as hell did. He wanted nothing to do with it, to be honest. After all, the last time it was an involving mess, Shiori walked in on it and misinterpreted what happened. From that time, Wataru figured falling on her face will help her learn to be more careful.


The boy looks at the two as they are both on the ground. Sigh.

Wataru idly shakes his head, dismissing the two. Wataru turns his head to walk off. He -really- needs to get the supplies ready for his fishing trip.

You can invite yourself on a date with me anytime, Yuuka-babe. At least, that's what Fumiya would say if he could read her mind. Instead he just sets her on her feet. "Kinda clumsy, huh?" He observes, much like how one would observe how blue the sky is. Yup, kinda clumsy.

As Wataru walks off again, Fumiya just shrugs. The communication barrier will be a hard thing for someone like Fumiya to get over. He's all about verbal rambling and exaggeration, after all.

"So what were you guys up to today, anyway? Just window shopping?" Fumiya asks, so he can make an excuse to stick around.

Thankfully Yuuka is fine! Or so it appears anyway. "That's good to hear Yuuka-san, but uhm... what did you trip on?"

Mizuno walks towards Sayaka and casts her icy gaze upon the other two in the small group. Then she notices Wataru and walks up to him. She hasn't seen him for a long time. Is he alright?

Sayaka doesn't notice Mizuno at the edge of her sight as she's fully focused on poor Yuuka and Fumiya.

"We're shopping yeah. More specifically Yuuka is buying stuff for her cosplay outfit. I've finished mine already since I've used it before." Replies she to Fumiya and smiles friendly. The best part about the costume was that she could bring a sword along which was better than nothing. Unfortunately that character never used katana's, but the world had never been perfect anyway. Besides she kinda liked the tattoo's. Maybe she should get some real one's someday.

Mizuno is stared at. STARE. Icy Maid. "Mizuno?" Yuuka asks of Sayaka-san. The Icy Gaze seems to confirm that, and leans down to pick up the Flonne-photo, and give it to Fumiya. "That's what I'll be wearing!" Yuuka says proudly. "Fallen Angel of Love, Flonne." She glances at Wataru. "If you get a skateboard, get a helmet." The young teen says firmly. Motherly-moment. Check.

The head shifts over towards the other three. It is for the best that the boy doesn't speak. One would imagine that Wataru would have something insulting to say. Instead, the boy drifts his gaze towards who is in front of him.


Of course, the demeanor exchanges quickly from the vacant, apathetic gaze to something more.. normal. The boy's cheeks turn red, then the kiddish affection is drawn his way. The boy is immediately approaching Mizuno to give her a hug.


Shopping? /Cosplay/? "Cosplay huh? Well, whatever. Never got into that myself. But if you like to dress up then go crazy." Apparently Cosplay is something even Fumiya thinks is a bit odd, so make what you will of that.

As the picture of Flonne is shoved in his face Fumiya feigns as much interest in it as he can, since it's nothing he's familiar with. "Uh... looks great?" He can't help but feel disappointed that the suggested outfit isn't more revealing though, isn't that the freakin' POINT of cosplay in the end? Ah well. Yuuka's comment about a helmet gets a chuckle out of Fumiya. "Really? I don't wear one, but I guess I'm, used to it." Though maybe a helmet might be better for someone like Wataru.

When the maid arrives, she takes Fumiya's attention away from Yuuka. Though luckily, for all involved, Wataru gets to her first and his abrupt hug stalls Fumiya from hitting on her. Instead he leans back to the other two girls. "..are they an item or something?"

"Yeah that's Mizuno." Replies she to Yuuka right after glancing in the direction of her maid. Then she notices that Wataru gives Mizuno a hug and that Mizuno seems to hug him right back as well. This makes her jaw drop down as her mind enters a state known only as the Heroic Blue Screen Of Death.

Mizuno accepts Wataru's hug and gives him one in turn. She even smiles friendly towards the boy! One might wonder if she's doing this partially just to see Sayaka's reaction given how she usually acts towards stranger.

"Ahem..." Says she and pulls a photo out of one of her pockets. She shows it to Yuuka and seems to avoid looking towards Mizuno. It's just waaaaaaaaaaaay too creepy for her so she's decided to just ignore it.

"This is the outfit I'll use Yuuka-san." The interesting thing with the picture is that Sayaka is wearing it in the picture, implying she's used it at least once already. The quality can also be said to be incredible and definitely something done by a professional rather than a fan. It must've been incredibly expensive to make it.

"They're good friends!" That was how Sayaka rationalized it at least. She just happened to find it creepy due to the fact that Wataru would never let people pat him during the first meeting, which he had done with Mizuno. If not for that then she probably wouldn't have reacted to the hug.

"No, Wataru-san has a girlfriend, Shiori-san. That's Sayaka-san's maid Mizuno. Too old for you." Yuuka says with a quick sniff to Fumiya. "Look, it was her or Etna." She says, showing a picture of the other girl. "Except I thought it would be cuter to go as a fallen angel rather than a devil, but, what do you think?" She asks Fumiya.

"Oooh, that's gorgeous, Sayaka-san!" Yuuka says approvingly.

Friend? Yeah.

Wataru shows his affection to a few people. Shiori, Lucas, and Mizuno. The boy isn't particularly affectionate. Yet, Mizuno's strange demeanor draws it out of Wataru. The boy looks over towards Fumiya and the others for a moment, then he gestures a finger the girls' way.

Wataru lifts his head up after a moment, then he furrows his eyebrows upon consideration.

Now? Well, Wataru will have to get a hold of Shiori so that they can do something. And with that, Wataru takes a few steps back after hugging Mizuno. He waves her way, then he starts to sprint off from the group.

Wataru's odd mannerisms cause yet another puzzled look on Fumiya's face. He'd almost think the boy was acting like E.T., except he doesn't talk at all. Though he can easily imagine him going 'Frieeeeeeend' for some reason. He runs off before Fumiya can make another comment, which is probably for the best. He might actually get along well with Wataru if he understood more about him, but for now it probably won't happen.

Suddenly, another photo is shoved in his face. The skimpier outfit grabs his attention in the split second it takes before he realizes '...eww, flat jailbait'. Then again, Yuuka wearing the costume might look a whole lot better. "Well I think you should go with this one, Yuuka-babe. Angels are overrated anyway." At least the ones with flowing dresses and a total lack of exposed skin.

Despite Yuuka's warning that Mizuno is too old for him, he turns to face her anyway. (Protip: trying to tell Fumiya not to hit on someone will never ever work.) "So babe, got a hug for me too?"

"I'm glad you like it Yuuka-san. I think the character is kinda cool too." Sayaka smiles brightly. It's the only character whom she's cosplayed that she even wanted to cosplay on her own volition. Everything else has always been forced onto her by her mother. When would she learn to say no to her?

Mizuno stands up after she lets go of Wataru and waves towards him when he backs off. She doesn't do anything to stop him and instead just walks over to Sayaka and glares coldly towards Fumiya and Yuuka.

Mizuno's reaction to Fumiya's flirting isn't unexpected in the slightest. All she does is give Fumiya an even harsher icy glare than before,

"What, she gets flirted with all I get is told to wear a skimpy costume?" Yuuka pouts at Fumiya. "See if I ever fall for you again." Yes, she used that play on words. Who couldn't? It's true .... Mizuno's glare is sidestepped. /She/ didn't do anything. Wataru is noticed running off -

"Wataruuuuu, where are you going?!"

Where is Wataru going? Away.

The boy is turning to face Yuuka as she prepares to -stop- him. That is when the boy sharply turns her way with a glare. Mind, while Wataru did make -peace- with her, being followed when in pursuit of something is not something to make the boy particularly friendly.

A huff comes out from the boy, then he flicks the cellphone out in front of him. Along with a scowl her way.


Few things stop Fumiya ice cold in his tracks, and Mizuno doesn't /quite/ accomplish it. But to be fair, he's hit on (and continued to hit on) Thora Kobayashi, so a single cold stare won't exactly scare him without something to back it up. Though it does keep him from continuing to hit on her, at least. Mizuno is a bit cood, Sayaka is a bit clueless, and Yuuka is a bit of a spaz. Thus Fumiya realizes he's probably not going to get anywhere with this group. The time for romance escapes him once again!

"Well..." He starts to speak in that tone of voice that suggests someone is trying to end a conversation, "...I should get back to the train station if I'm going to make it back to Inaba today. It's been fun, but I'll see you babes later."

Shoving one hand in his pocket, the other still holding onto the magazine he picked up earlier, he walks off towards the exit of the mall. At least this was a fun diversion, he needed to get away from the Midnight Channel stuff that's been taking up his attention lately.

"Is Wataru going somewhere?" Asks she when she hears Yuuka saying that Wataru is going somewhere.

"Hm maybe he has things to do?" Suggests she to Yuuka as she looks towards the boy. What was he doing here anyway? Did that boy have any parents? If she had to guess, she'd say no.

"Oh goodbye Watanabe-san." Says Sayaka and waves as he leaves. Mizuno on the other hand just keeps up that cold glare until he's out of sight. Then she turns towards Yuuka and gazes coldly towards the girl.

Yuuka stares back at Mizuno. "Oh ... um ... Shiori-san ... must've texted Wataru-san ... um ..." The girl steps back with each 'um'. "Where's my friend go?" She asks, looking around for Fumiya. "Oh. Um." She backs away some more. "IshouldgoI'llseeyoulaterSayaka!"