Beach Party
  Port Island

Tatsumi Port Island - or just Port Island, for short - is in reality a small part of a larger city. With the influence of several things on the man-made island, such as one of the best public high schools in the country, most people at this point refer to the whole city as Port Island even if they intend to go somewhere that actually isn't on the island proper. This generalization has stuck.
A large, densely-populated urban city facing the ocean, Port Island is a place that runs almost like clockwork through the day. Boasting one of the best public transportation systems in the prefecture, if not Japan itself, it is easy to get about where one needs to by monorail. Much of the city's prosperity is owed to the Kirijo Group, whose influence has had many positive respects throughout.
Though humanity has advanced so far in the name of convenience and expansion, there is an underlying level of unhappiness that can be found in many of the residents. Maybe they're in a rut, or things aren't going so smoothly as they seem to on the surface. Some have even gone into a state of unresponsiveness to the world at large, content to remain catatonic until death by malnutrition or the elements. This is dubbed "Apathy Syndrome," and has no known cause.
Surely, none of this is what people will want to let go unchecked?

Beach. Teenagers. Do you honestly need any kind of sceneset? Seriously? This may be the one sort of thing that could stand without, but...


Today's a fine enough day to go out and have a little fun, with summer coming to a close. This means almost every student out there is trying to milk what little free time is left for all it's worth, so odds are, SEES will probably run into a bunch of friends (and maybe not-so-friends) while they're out having an outing. It's mid-afternoon and the skies are remarkably clear.

Yoshiro, dressed in T-shirt and swim trunks, struggles to carry a large watermelon off to wherever most of SEES has decided to gather on the beach. Figures he'd be stuck with the largest, heaviest one to cart around.

Aigis is going to go to the beach. She likes Yoshiro. She thinks she likes Yoshiro, anyway, and she is also interested in examining the beach and learning from the beach and comprehending new infromation...from the beach.

She is presently wearing the sundress which is the closest thing she has to 'beachwear'. She leaves heavy indentations in the sand as she walks across the beach though it isn't so heavy to be unreasonable--nevertheless, she seems disgruntled.

She has a watermelon in her hands. Junpei, she suspects, is bringing the bat.



THE /BABES/! Thanks the damn gods this country is no longer in some sort of terribly prude way of life of before this century, because then, /then/, Junpei Iori wouldn't be able to live that well in that period of time. Then again, his ancestors were probably farmers. Or basket weavers. He don't really care.

But what he DO care about is that his fellow SEES students go get some sun, and as a senior (and a man), he feels he has the /upmost duty/ to make sure that his younger fellows(and cute ladies) do get some sun. And if THAT means picking up small book worm ladies and bring them to the beach, then /so be it/, it shall be done.

Case in point: Junpei Iori had to drag one fellow called Yuuka Chiba out of the dorm to bring her along with the rest of the SEES fine fellows. He also bought a bat along. Not for dissuasion, but, you know, /watermelons/.

In fact, here he is, right now. He left the tiny book worm along so that she can, you know, /get changed/. Iori is not a pervert. Not THAT BLATANTLY a pervert, anyway.

"Hey, Aigis-san!" The be-baseball capped one says cheerfully.

It mostly consisted of Yuuka protesting about HOMEWORK. And HOMEWORK. And ADVANCED COURSES. And SCHOOL STARTING SOON. And LITERATURE. And Junpei just standing there telling her to get up and grab her stuff, she protesting. ... it didn't last for long, as at one point, she was head over heels as he made sure she got all the way out to the beach. "... 'm dizzy." Yuuka states, before falling into a changing room. There's a resounding THUD-RATTLE-CRASH that comes from it. "... ow."

Yuuka has been offically Junpei'd. Life will never be the same.

She looks around. Drags her bag to a part of the beach; lays out her towel, a fluffy pillow, gets comfortable...

And pulls out her Algebra book and homework sheet.



THE BABES---wait, this seems redundant.

Truth be told, Fumiya Watanabe being in the same place as someone like Junpei Iori is already kind of redundant, but here he is all the same! The time-lost 80s Kid is here on the beach not for the SEES party, but is coincidentally kicking back regardless. And by 'kicking back' we mean 'hitting on anything with a two piece'.

Fumiya's blinding pink shorts are only outdone by his blinding yellow shirt, so suffice to say the youth doesn't have much luck picking up beach beauties. This doesn't get his spirits down, though, as he continues to walk down the sands, posturing in front of just about every female he sees.

This keeps up until he finally spots a familiar-looking girl in a far too conservative robe. Fumiya blinks. It's been awhile since he's seen her, but his eyes probably aren't mistaken.

"Yooooo! Aigis-babe!" He waves, heading in her direction. "I was wondering when I'd run into you again."

So why had she come to this again? Because Shiori had invited her and it was a convenient excuse to be somewhere else than home. Besides it could be fun! Granted she wasn't all that used to wearing a swimsuit, but she could get used to that fairly quickly.

Once Sayaka finds a nice spot to sit down on, she takes the small bag she's brought with her and places it next to herself. She wasn't entirely sure what had been put in it since both her mother and Mizuno had insisted on packing it for her. At least of it seemed like things that were edible, but with those two she could never tell. Though she figured that Yuuka might enjoy the candy.

Taking a quick look around, she notices Yoshiro. Wasn't that the guy who nearly ran over her the other day? She remembered how she'd reacted to it and in retrospect she had perhaps overreacted a tad.

Sayaka turns her gaze around and notices Yuuka as she places the towel. The sudden appearance of the algebra book doesn't surprise her. If there is one thing she's come to expect from her sort big sister like friend then it is that there will be plenty studying of -everything-.

"Uhm an algebra book at the beach Yuuka-san?" Sayaka tilts her head slightly and just stares.

Many people have took the time to spend time out in the beach. It is a nice place for people to get together and enjoy the sun.

What is a time in the beach without music?

The sound of strings echo out in the air. It sounds a little far off, needless to say. However, the sound does bring out a relaxing tune that keeps filling the air. The source leads to a large umbrella stand that is set out away from everything.

The tune being an acoustic guitar, that is.

And Yoshiro is ever so happy at least someone was able to help him carry the watermelons like he asked! His dad's been getting on his case about his difficulty with lifting and carrying heavier things. He's going to want him to be helping unload trucks more often now that he's inching closer and closer to adulthood. He's not sure how someone with such narrow hips like Aigis manages to be able to lift these things without a hitch, but...

"Ahh," Yoshiro places the melon down on a towel with a loud sigh as he wipes his forehead. Welp, here it is, perhaps the one tiny little taste of recreation he'll ever be able to squeeze out of his high school years, a pessimistic part of himself thinks, and he already feels ready to just pass out. Someone calls to Aigis in some sort of hick dialect or whatever which is kinda familiar but at the moment he's not putting the pieces together. Hopefully he won't be catching sight of that crazy yakuza schoolgirl(?) just happening along by. There's some good acoustic guitar music to go with the waves and the people and the ocean and pretty much everything.

"Summer's almost over, isn't it?" Yoshiro asks of the rest as the thought crosses him, setting his arms on his knees. He has some really thin arms. They are about as wiry and wimpy looking as pretty much everyone might have presumed.

"Yup." Yuuka says to Yoshiro. "I'm redoing my homework again, algebra cause it's sorta hard." This implies this isn't A) the first time she's done it, nor B) the first time she's redone it. Clearly, Yuuka really did have to be dragged all the way here by Junpei. "Oh, just ... to do." Yuuka's in a very pretty bikini, but from the way she's sitting, it doesn't look like she plans on moving willingly.

The guitar is heard. Yuuka says, solemnly, "I think Shiori-san invited Wataru-san." She then starts humming along to the melody, even as she breaks out her calculator to start doublechecking her answers. If anyone wanted to look in the bag, they'd see some more work in there.

Arriving with Ran to bring out the cooler full of drinks (which includes water, sodas, juices, and so on)--Ran may be bringing various delights of her own--Akatsuki sets down the cooler near where Yoshiro and Aigis are to the tune of an acoustic guitar in the background and various other high schoolers (and younger) being total dorkfaces. He himself is wearing dark swim trunks with golden lines down the sides and a light button-up shirt that is left mostly undone.

"It sure is, huh?" he remarks, smiling over at the freshman. "It was good thinking for you to suggest this beach visit happen when you did, Yoshino-kun." A glance over at Aigis in her sundress--she looks cute in it; too bad she's, you know, a robot--to whom he gives a friendly wave. "Hey, Aigis. That dress looks good on you." It flatters *and* it hides all the mechanical gears. Kind of necessary for when you're out in the public. He wonders if she's ocean-capable or if she has to avoid swimming. Somehow, it seems impolite to ask.

"Oh, Ran-chan," he adds, glancing over at his companion, "was Hinata coming along later, or no? I'm surprised she didn't join us."

"Well if it works Yuuka-san... I'm sure you can do it, but shouldn't you try to have fun?" Sayaka smiles friendly towards Yuuka and wonders how long it'll go before someone takes that stuff and hides it.

Sayaka takes pulls out a small chocolate bar from the bag and starts munching it. Thankfully it was the type she prefered. At least those two had remembered that much. "Do you want some candy Yuuka-san? Mother and Mizuno packed more than I can eat on my own."

"Hm? Is someone playing a guitar?" Asks she loudly once she notices the sound of music in the air. The style sounded somewhat familiar, but she couldn't quite place it.

"Oh Wataru you think? Wonder how he's holding up..." Probably just fine. That boy was a bit odd, even by her standards, but he did seem to be capable of taking care of himself.


Aigis decides to give Wataru some space right now, she doesn't want to impose on him too harshly especially when it has been some time since she could really 'hang out' with Junpei. But she isn't going to say that because she's a robot. Instead she merely wishes to inspect on Junpei's progress. "Myself as well." She smiles at the young capped man, "I have missed you. I wish to inform you I haven't neglected my training." In Team Fortress 2. "Though sometimes I accidentally break the keys on the keyboard." She frowns at this--but before she can get into too deep territory, suddenly NEON!


"Ah, Fumiya-San. Have you met Junpei-Kun?" For some reason, Aigis suspects the two will get along.


The sun and the babes, well, Ran's not too into those. Fortunately, she brought a huge bottle of SPF 45, and there will certainly be plenty of guys to look at too. (Hey, looking doesn't count.)

Akatsuki was kind enough to walk with her to the beach party, since Shinjiro would probably shrivel up and die inside that coat of his if he got out in the sun.

Being Ran, she doesn't even duck into a changing booth while Akatsuki is busy finding a place for the cooler - just strips her loose t-shirt and shorts off to reveal the yellow-gold one-piece she's been wearing underneath the whole time. She takes a deep breath, throws her arms up overhead and yells, "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" at the top of her lungs!

Apparently Ran does enjoy the beach. Or Hinata is /definitely/ coming along later.

She brought with her a heavy-looking tote bag full of snacks, more sunblock, a towel, and some spare change; her shirt and shorts get stuffed down into that with all the rest of her junk. "She didn't say, actually... maybe there was a Gekiganger marathon? She probably wouldn't leave the house-- oh, oops," she pauses, chagrined, and clamps a hand over her own mouth.

"Yeah, I haven't been hanging much around, haven't I?" Iori says, sheepishly, scratching the base of his neck as he looks away. "But, hey! Awesome-- yeah. Yeah, I heard that. /I felt that/ last night, too. You're one hell of a player." He adds. Yeah, he haven't been much around -- being forced to focus on studies (and we do mean /forced/) does that to do. Maybe he wont end up in with a 50% mark or less next year.


The first look that Junpei gives at Fumiya is 'what the hell are you me from the 80's', but the look warms up a bit. A Bro knows when he sees one of his own. "Nah. Hey, man, name's Junpei Iori. Sup--"

That's when Junpei was supposed to give a hand to shake, but that is ALSO when Ran makes her loud entrance into the busy beach, and the teenager saw her coming from the corner of his vision. His mouth hangs a little as she strips off her t-shirt and... she goes straight into the sand. He stares for a good moment.

"Daaaayuuum." He mutters.

"Ah, senpai." Yoshiro addresses Akatsuki as he takes another deep breath. "Yeah, um... well, those watermelons were going to go bad otherwise, so..."

Another loud exhale. He gives Aigis an odd sort of look, the kinds of odd glances he tends to give her in passing anyway that typically involve looking over his shoulder. He's wondering if she volunteered to help carry the watermelons only to keep following him or something, but...

"Er, thanks for the help, Aigis-senpai." He doesn't need to explain further why he needed the help, it's obvious enough from glance alone.

With Yuuka's utterings he's about ready to roll his eyes, it's like she's able to find all the time in the world to do her homework and studies five times over somehow. He doesn't place much thought about Wataru given Minato's words about him, though Ran's happy screams are enough to break him out of any contemplative thought. After all, hey, beach!

He squints as he sees something bright just a ways nearby, when did the sun get so low and bright anyway, is this some other dumb bizarre Persona thing or...

...that's not the sun. What the hell?

Today's a good day to be on the beach. It's definitely much better than any of the beaches back home. For one, you can actually see the sun in the sky- and the water probably won't feel like someone shoved you into a freezer.

Tom arrives on invitation! Shiori was so kind as to ask the detective if he would like to come- and with all the recent insanity in his life, Tom was quick to accept. So, here he is, shirtless on a beach with a towel wrapped around his waist and a bottle of water in his hand.

Of course, without a shirt to obscure it, Tom's physique is plain to all to see- it certainly fits someone of Tom's stature. And, yes, if there was a blonde, half-naked man on the beach, Tom would be him. But, there is a strange gash of discolored skin along his left collarbone, from the top of his shoulderblade to the top of his ribcage. But hey, he's also carrying a fresh cooler on that arm, so it can't be -that- bad!

Tom wanders up to the gathering of students, and with a light grunt, sets the cooler down. He blinks at some of the ones he knows- Aigis, Shiori, Yuuka-- Yoshiro? "Hey there, everyone," Tom says with a sheepish grin on his face, "I hope I'm not too late."

How is Wataru holding up?


The music suddenly stops. Instead? There are a lot of chitter chatters. For Junpei and Fumiya? It would be something that they can understand. Women.

The crowd of girls have gathered around the umbrella region. Different hair color, size, and so forth.

"Wow! That's a cool guitar! Why don't you play us another song!"
"Come on! Play us a cool song!"
"You're kind of cute there! <3"

They are crowding upon a young boy who is wearing a pair of green swimming trunks, sandals, and a pair of orange flotation wings. The boy is staring at the crowd of people akin to a deer with the headlights. Ordinarily, they are usually vacant. This time, the are filled with anxiety. Wataru's expression pales at the crowd of people around him.

He is skidding close to his umbrella, hoping that it absorbs him in. *anxiety sweatdrop*

...Go away.

Considering that Fumiya's clothing is blinding when looked at directly, rather like the sun but with less good taste, Akatsuki kind of... lets him be. It may be that he's embarrassed on his behalf.

Ran's exultation at being at the beach, however, is met with laughter. Whether that's an answer to his question or not is really irrelevant--it's rejuvenating to see that kind of enthusiasm (from someone who isn't a fellow guy and also looks very hot in that one-piece)! Junpei staring at her earns him a smirk from the blond senior, but Akatsuki doesn't needle him about it.

"Oh yeah? That's a shame," is what Akatsuki says at first. Really, he wouldn't have thought anything of Hinata watching Gekiganger had Ran not immediately made it clear she wasn't supposed to say that. He grins slowly. "Hehhh. So Hinata likes that kind of show, huh?"

To Yoshiro, he adds, "True, but you could've always just brought them to the dorm and let people eat them." A quirk of a smile. "Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Exactly the opposite, really."

Then there is a big American guy bringing a second cooler along. Akatsuki blinks at him. Not knowing who all Shiori invited and having never met Tom in person, he is left wondering for a moment who the hell this guy is. And yet he seems to be here for the party...? "Er--no, you aren't," he says, politely but guardedly. "Sorry, you are...?"

Shiori had made a beeline for the nearest available changing booth as soon as she could. Spending a suspiciously long amount of time in there, she finally emerged...

... wearing a T-shirt and a hastily-wrapped sarong.

Clearly Shiori was having second thoughts about displaying what beachwear she had bought. At least she was wearing said beachwear under the T-shirt, but the presence of so many beautiful women, and more to the point so many /guys/ around, diminished any possible enthusiasm for showing off.

It wasn't like she /had/ anything to show off. This was a little discouraging.

Shiori carefully made her way over to Yoshiro and the watermelons, bobbing her head in greeting to those she passed, and keeping a wide berth from certain others, in an effort not to turn this into an awkward moment, like the /last/ SEES session she had attended. Sorry, Aigis, you're /still/ a really scary robot.

However, when the music stopped, Shiori blinked, and turned in the direction of its source. Where had all those girls come from?

... was Wataru all right?

"Excuse me," Shiori said diffidently. "Um... pardon me, coming through..." Did the crowd of girls react? Either way, Shiori would have tried to squeeze through them. "Wataru-kun? Wataru-kun, are you all right?"

Fumiya has this way of leaving an impression, and he wouldn't have it any different. Suffer mortals.

At first Fumiya is just as uninterested in Junpei as he is in him, just due to his fellow bro not being a babe. But they seem to be on the same wavelength and Fumiya softens as well. "Iori eh, sup? I'm Fumiya Watanabe---"

Don't worry about not giving Fumiya that handshake, he just got distracted by the same thing. Ran can make quite an entrance. "Duuuuuuude." Is all he can manage to say. He can already tell he's going to enjoy this day at the beach.

When he finally tears his eyes away from Ran, he spots Yoshiro out of the corner of his eye. "Hey!" He exclaims abruptly. "Duck-boy! It's been forever!" He picked the right day to come to the beach, this is going to be fun. In fact, it might even be--- hey is that a giant?

Surprisingly, Fumiya's attention is now set on the one thing it absolutetly should NOT be set on while at the beach: a big dude and not a gorgeous babe. It's /him/. That guy Thora-babe tried to save. Wow, what is this? Coincidence Beach? Fumiya stares at Tom for a few seconds more before shaking his head and turning back to Aigis. "S-so, you guys have a party planned here or something? Mind if I stick around?"

"Yoshino-san brought watermelons." Yuuka informs Fumiya. "And thanks for staring at /me/." She sniffs haughtily. Maybe hiding a little bit of :( at the fact that, well, yes, Ran looks sexy in her one piece. Yuuka looks back at her homework, and ponders momentarily swatting both Junpei and Fumiya-sans' with it. Then Tom shows up, and Shiori, and Wataru is doing the classic OGODSAVEMELOOK. "Hi Magnusson-san." Yuuka says cheerfully to Tom.

Then Yuuka frowns, and shedding her mesh one piece coverall, she kneels up in the towel, tracing Toms' scar in the air. "... Magnusson-san, what happened?" She asks. Concentrate on Tom, don't be sulky over the lack of stares.

If there is one thing Sayaka could say about Fumiya, then it'd have to be the fact that not noticing him was next to impossible. She blamed the neon stuff for that part. The one next to him is also one she recognizes, mostly as the guy she accidentally blew up that one time in dark hour. Maybe she ought to apologize for that(again).

"Oh hey Magnus-san." Says she when she hears the voice of that big foreigner. Was all foreigners from his country that big? She had to admit that she was curious.

"Huh? Why are so many people gathering around that umbrella over there Yuuka-san?" Sayaka tilts her head as she notices the crowd around Wataru, though she doesn't know that Wataru is the one who attracted all that attention.

As far as lack of staring goes, she seems to be perfectly fine with that. The less someone stares at her, the happier she'll be over all.

"Huh?" Tom inclines his head... Then chuckles, "Oh, right! I forgot, I really haven't met many of you all yet. The name's Tom- Tom Magnusson." Probably the same Tom who was in that Television that one time, "It's nice to meet you. Sorry for taking so long to introduce myself-"

"Huh?" He looks over at Yuuka. She's -not doing her homework, is she!?- But she's asking about his scar? "Oh, don't worry about it. It's an old wound, that's all. The bone's healed and everything!"

Tom doesn't actually remember Fumiya. He -does- remember two giants wrestling with each other and a strange gnome with a frying pan, but that whole day is kind of a blur and probably isn't anything important anyway, right~?

"Uh, no, I mean she does..." Ran fails to backpedal. "Augh, she's a little shy about it, but yeah. She loves them!" the blonde laughs, giving up on any attempt at secrecy. Why did Hinata want her to keep quiet about that, anyway...? "But only the super robot shows. She thinks Gundam is boring..."

Ran also thinks Gundam is boring, but that's because she'd rather read Sailor Gunluna or Neigborhood Story. She completely identifies with Mikako.

Ran seems like she'd be more of a two-piece girl, what with the clothes she usually wears. Maybe the one-piece was on sale? She seems completely and cheerfully oblivious to any stares or furtive glances or terrible death glares, at least...! "So many people showed up," she murmurs happily to herself, dropping off her tote next to the cooler. Then she proceeds to wiggle her bare toes in the warm sand for a bit because that feels good.

"One of my uncles always said watermelons only taste good on the beach." Yoshiro responds to Akatsuki's pleasant smile. The long-haired boy nods his head and starts to stand up as he fully catches his breath.

At which point he is addressed as 'duck boy,' and that jogs his memory. "Huh? Oh! It's you," he recalls the face and voice (if not the name, kind of hard to think of names when such a bright neon shirt is threatening to take your sight). "Uh, I don't mind," though he starts to wonder if there will be enough watermelon for everyone.

Then, a huge foreigner comes along. Who is this guy-- oh! Oh! The guy who was yelling at his dad and then got him some soda after the fact, it's him! Detective Magnusson. Yoshiro's traces of fatigue and the like disappear instantly.

"Oh! Hey guys, this is Magnusson-san." Yoshiro introduces him about as best he's able, passing over the notable scars or what have you because he seems to be a pretty okay guy and detectives in general are pretty cool people.

"Wow, never thought we'd all run into one anoth--" His eyes suddenly fall upon the form of Sayaka Takuma. He blinks a few times, staring at her. Checking her out? Working up the confidence to ask to hang out?

He takes a few steps closer to Tom's side.

Aigis looks to Yoshiro and--looks at him--but that's about it, aside from a "You are welcome, Yoshiro-San." being very careful to avoid using a contraction but her attention is soon diverted by Fumiya as he asks a very salient question. She considers, and then as stiltedly as ever says, "I Do Not Mind. Please, stay with us, Fumiya-San." It's probably the best way to keep him out of trouble, after all. She seems totally oblivious to everybody getting attracted by Ran--she wouldn't mind if she wasn't oblivious though, Ran clearly has a magnetic personality which is why Aigis has to be careful, otherwise it could accidentally format her brain.

She looks at Shiori.

And looks at Shiori.

The boy does not do well with strangers. In fact, the boy is usually very wary of strangers that approach him. Now, multiply those amount of strangers to the point of the amount of girls surrounding him and it is enough to cause an anxiety attack.

Mind, the usual reaction would be to swipe or pull forth a menacing look. However, Wataru is too frighten to even do -that- around such a crowd. His eyes shift around from the right and then the left. He looks around each direction to see where he can make a break for it. Breathless at that.

/Any/ familiar face and Wataru will cling onto that just to get away from the crowd of strangers. Any familiar face would be Godsend. Even Yuuka. Hell, even Minato would get hugged at this bloody point. ... Just.. help plz.

Thankfully, it is Shiori shows up to save the day, the girls don't react much to Shiori getting through the crowd. Shiori! Wataru springs up to wrap his arms around her waist in an embracing hug. Of course, it draws a few bit of either disappointment and/or adoration over seeing something this cute.

"Aww, looks like he's spoken for."
"But hey! Just play us a song, okay? <3"

That's right, he's taken for. Get away from my boyfriend.

Shiori gave a perfunctory bow to the crowd of girls, in apology for spoiling their fun. Hey, being polite now would save trouble later, and it would be nice to be friendly as fellow patrons of this fine beach.

But still. MINE.

"Would you like to go join the others, Wataru-kun?" Shiori asked. "Or would you like to continue playing your guitar here? I can stay with you, if you'd like." For one thing, the wall of girls would help her get out of the way from Aigis's robot stare.

Or that really really bright neon guy, whom Shiori had been too polite to make any comments about, despite the searing of the eyes.

Junpei, on the other hand, has /not/ stopped staring at Ran that easily. He does evantualy snaps out of it and realises that the other bro is, well, /gone/. He looks at Aigis. Who is looking at Shiori.

He stares at Aigis.

"...Sooooo, where's the others?"

Yoshiro's response merits a laugh. "I see. So that's why, then," Akatsuki replies. "What do you think about that, Yoshino-kun?"

Then, Tom. Akatsuki regards him for a moment, replying, "Oh, I see. Hibiki must've invited you, then." Considering the conversation he had with Shiori just the other night, it's probably for the best if he doesn't say anything. He flashes her a smile when she comes by, warm enough to at least partially mitigate Aigis' o_ostaring. Yoshiro introduces Tom as well while Shiori goes off to save Wataru, and he smiles briefly at the underclassman before he inclines his head politely to the detective. "It's nice to meet you too. I'm Akatsuki Enda."

Another chuckle when Ran tries and fails to backpedal. "I don't watch much anime myself, but if she's shy about it, I won't tell her you said anything." Meaning: 'I have no idea what you mean by a "super robot show."' A glance at the ocean, which looks inviting, and should be decently warm with it being the end of summer, and he looks back at Ran. "Yeah, it's a little surprising," he remarks. "You seem like you're really enjoying yourself, though. Do you not get to go to the beach that often, Ran-chan?"

Fumiya has not gone far. Really, just do a quick visual scan of the immediate area and you'll spot that neon-clad crime against fashion easily enough.

Right now, Fumiya is weaving through the gathered people, noting the ones he's familiar with. Counting Aigis-babe and duck boy, he sees Yuuka-babe, Sayaka-babe, and that other really quiet dude from the other day. Plus Mr. Big McLargehuge American, whom Fumiya is happy to leave well enough alone for now.

"Aww, don't get jealous, Yuuka-babe. You look great too." Fumiya says when he finally catches up to her. Despite being engrossed by Ran, he must've subconsciously heard her words regardless.

Fumiya eventually circles back to Junpei and Aigis. "So bro..." He asides to Junpei. "You look like you know most of these babes. How many are, ya know, available?"

"Then why are you asking Junpei-kun th- you know what, never mind, I'm going back to my algebra homework and literature studying." Yes, Yuuka did bring her homework to the beach. She then, absentmindedly replies to Sayaka, "It's Wataru-kun. Risk of his profession is having a hoarde of cute mostly eligible females swarm him at the eclectic call of his acoustic guitar strings." Then! Homework.

Sayaka didn't know of that injury, but since Tom said it was all fine, she assumed it wasn't anything to dig around about. Then she notices Yoshiro staring at her. If it wasnt't for the fact that she was feeling slightly guilty, she'd probably stop asking him to stare at her hair(that was what she was assuming that he was staring at anyway).

"Oh it's Wataru-san." Replies she quickly to Yuuka san. "Hope he's having a good time. Like you should be trying to..."

She stands up and stretches her arms before she walks over to Yoshiro. "Greetings again." Says she and bows politely. "I apologize for my harsh reaction the other day. I didn't mean to be so uhm... mean." Might as well bury any hatches that could've been digged up. Or at least try. Shiori had asked her to be more diplomatic a while ago after all!

It is from a great distance that one of the ladies shout, "Hey! Some of the guys are going to play volleyball and they challenged us! Let's show them what we made of!" And the girls immediately turn from the musician and his girlfriend to depart.

As the crowd clears, Wataru looks over towards Shiori, tilting his head over at her. He leans forward to press his nose against her nose, then he pulls away. Tilting his head over, the boy looks over towards the crowd of people. His eyebrows furrow for a moment.

Both eyes shut as he considers this predictament. Really, he felt comfortabe with the distance from the others. But part of him can also feel a nudging of what would be Him...

...moving forward.

Wataru looks conflicted. He looks over towards the crowd of people, then he looks at Shiori and the spot. ...They can do something together later. Wataru, however, believes that he is getting nudged by Him to see the people. The boy walks over to scoop the guitar case over to his arm and then he grabs the guitar itself. He uses the free hand to grasp onto Shiori's hand.

Nod. He's ready.

Oh, Aigis-chan. Ran would never reformat your hard drive... at least not on purpose!

Are the Itohs really nerdier than average? Does Akatsuki think they're a family of otaku? Will someone think she is related to the HUGE AMERICAN GUY?!

Instead of voicing her curiosity about these subjects (and many more), Ran just chuckles a little. "I don't think she's shy... ah, you know Hina pretty well, Akatsuki-kun!" Shy isn't really a word for the littlest Itoh that could. "But maybe you shouldn't tell her after all. Thanks."

She looks out over the sand and surf. "I didn't get to come out here yet this summer. I was working a lot, and then I got sick" read: hooked on the drugs "and it just seemed like I never had time to come out. But now that I'm here, I'm sorry that I didn' /make/ time." She looks over curiously, eyes and smile friendly. "What about you? Were the beaches nice in New York City?"

"Err," Yoshiro grunts uncomfortably as a response to Akatsuki due to Sayaka standing up and... oh my god she's coming this way, help! He probably gets a little too close into Tom's personal space in, seemingly, trying to duck away from her, maybe he really should've just brought the watermelons to the dorm instead!

...He's met with an apology. Huh? That's more than a little disarming! He blinks a few times. Apologizing for a harsh reaction?

"I, um... th-thank you!" He bows his head very quickly, a slightly incorrect choice of words, if not incorrect in meaning, but otherwise moves to keep his distance. He sighs again in relief.

Tom is not American! That's the priest. Tom's British, which is at least twice as as awesome as an American- or at least, one with a much better accent. Nevermind that America has a military capable of rivalling the Galactic Empire, or that it has much better food- but not by much!

"Akatsuki Enda. Nice to meet you!" Tom nods, flashing a cheery grin at the Gekkoukan upperclassman. "And, yeah. Shiori did invite me. She's a good, considerate girl, if I do say so myself." Except that she's also very protective of her man. But hey, what highschool girl isn't?

When Yoshiro sneaks up beside him, Tom blinks. Then, as he realizes just who he's looking at, grins. "Hey there, Yoshiro. Got your eye on someone, eh?" Except that someone is Sayaka Takuma. Not that that's a bad thing! It's just that... That maid of hers. Shudder.

"Sayaka," Tom nods, chuckling, "What's up?"

Aigis looks at Shiori for a moment longer before returning her gaze to Junpei. "We seem to be fairly spread out across the beach." And, since Fumiya is just asking this right in front of her, adds something for him too, "Available..?" She asks, as if confused by the term. She's closed for applications, obviously, and cannot be apped--so obviously she must not be available!

Aigis has no safe mode. She only has 'lie in wait' mode.

"/Hmmmm/, that is a good question, bro, one that I've been spending /several moments/ but found the answers, as I am an /Ace Detective/!" Iori answers Fumiya enigmaticaly, lowering his voice so that only really he (and Aigis's super robot hearing) can hear. He points looks at Ran. Mmmm. Eye candy. "Totaly single. Older than us. American, too. Well, half, that makes it awesome."

Eyes flies to Sayaka. "Single too. Hot samurai chick."

Then his amazing stare turns around to look at Shiori, nodding to himself. "Single too, I /think/, but I could be wrong. Not with a /guy/ anyway."

And theeeeeeen there is Yuuka. "Totaly single. No doubt about it. Hot, too.

Then he pauses, then realises he STIll has to MAYBE make out that Aigis is a Totaly Normal Human being, he looks at the Robot. "She's semi-taken."

"Let's go, Wataru-kun," Shiori said. It would be pretty obvious to anyone watching that she was trying to hide a silly grin, as she led Wataru to the others.

That's right. /My/ boyfriend.

"Have you met the others yet? Um, SEES is kind of large and busy, and I haven't seen many of them in a while, which is why it's probably good to get together like this. Um, getting to know one another better. A, er, a cohesion project, or something." Shiori wasn't really expecting any sort of response, or for Wataru to even listen to every word. She just liked to talk.

As they reached the others, though, Shiori trailed off. Wataru would feel Shiori's hand stiffening in nervousness, as she mentally psyched herself up to do something more than a little scary.

Shiori didn't actually want to do this, but she needed to. Akatsuki had told her that she shouldn't just get her emotional support from outside SEES; after all, SEES was also there to help her.

Deep breath.

"Hallo, Aigis-senpai. Are you, er, are you enjoying yourself?"

Scary senpai... but still, Shiori would like to be friends anyway. Shiori would like to be friends with /everyone/. And to do that, she shouldn't be avoiding Aigis like she had.

At least Wataru was there beside her now. The emotional support was immensely helpful.

The boy decided to be her support. In essence, Shiori is his support in dealing with people.

Despite that Shiori wasn't expecting Wataru to really listen to her, he actually was. However, although he was listening, he was actually having a hard time trying to process it. So as she mentions about the project and all...

Wataru furrows his eyebrow. His understanding level is very lacking.

The young boy turns to face Aigis. He perks at seeing the robotic figure. The boy lifts a hand up, idly waving at her direction. Then, Junpei and Akatsuki are glanced over as well. The boy is waving their way as well. Then Tom and Yuuka are glanced over. The boy idly lifts a hand to wave towards Tom's direction.

Well, long story sort, Wataru is now waving towards the ongoing people, including Ran, while maintaining the vacant eyes that slowly managed to return, now that the anxiety of strangers around him are far behind.

Fumiya is intrigued, nay, impressed by Junpei's encyclopedic knowledge of the availability of all the babes around them. If this talent cannot be copied then perhaps Junpei should be further exploited--- I mean, befriended.

"That's quite a list bro," he says in a low voice, though he throws a sideways glance at Aigis, "but how can she be semi-taken?" Despite just asking about it, he shrugs it off a few seconds later. Why dwell on the specifics? There's plenty of other babes here, and luckily no sign of a certain Oni to frown at him (or worse).

He turns his attention back to Yuuka, not really /trying/ to shun her but it's just how his mind can wander when babes in swimsuits are present, and frowns. "/Homework/? This is the beach, Yuuka-babe, you don't bring homework to he beach!" Fumiya's puzzled as to how someone could even study in a place like this. When he studies he has to elimiate all distractions, ALL of them, and even then he still spends most of his time procrastinating. "Come on babe, you need to cut loose and have some fun here. You can study your head off when school kicks back in."

"It's no problem," Akatsuki reassures Ran, grinning. He nods when she talks about how she just never had the time to hit the beach earlier in the summer, before he shakes his head at her question. "New York City actually isn't known for its beaches. If you're in that area and you want to go to the shore, you go to New Jersey. There are two towns that are especially popular--Atlantic City and Ocean City. I usually went to Atlantic, because the Amtrac line in that direction--that's the trans-state train system they have in that part of the country--only goes as far as there." He grins again. "There's a casino there too, in the style of ancient Greece, so I wouldn't be surprised if your mom's been there too. It's a nice town. Really crowded, though."

He watches as Yoshiro hides from Sayaka and receives some kind of apology for something or other. Akatsuki's underclassman gets an inquisitive look, but he won't pry. Meanwhile, the boy that Akatsuki recognizes as Wataru is walking back with Shiori and waving around. He gives the boy a smile and waves back, before nodding to Shiori again. "She is," he remarks simply to Tom, before addressing the girl in question with a warmer smile, giving her an encouraging nod when she tries to strike up a conversation with Aigis.

"I heard that, Junpei-san. Shiori-san is dating Wataru-san. I think Sayaka is getting chased, but I'm not going to name by who; as far as Ran-san, well, it's Ran-san." Yuuka says succiently. "As for me, until someone makes it worth my while to get up from my homework, then I'll be right /here/." Yuuka nestles in. Yes, she challenged the boys. No, she doesn't see where this could go wrong.

"Hi Wataru, Shiori!" She waves, happy to see them!

Sayaka just smiles friendly towards Yoshiro and turns her attention to Tom instead when he addresses her.

"Nothing is up yet. Currently I've just been checking what my maid and mother packed into my bag... So not much yeah. What about you?" Sayaka points towards her bag, which is next to her own towel, a few metres behind her.

When Sayaka hears the familiar voice of Shiori, she turns around slightly and waves towards her friend. When she notices Wataru as well, she says "Hiya Shiori-chan and Wataru-san."

She turns her head around and looks towards Yuuka-san. How could that girl study when on the beach? It seemed like such a waste.

Aigis waves a hand quietly towards Wataru. "My systems are operating within near-max capacity." She tells Shiori, apparently automatically, but then she says, "Ah. I mean. I am performing as to expectations. ... How are your systems performing?" That's a lot more subtle, she thinks, Fumiya will never understand what she means.

But then Junpei (obviously) reveals that she is--aha, now she understands.

She looks towards Fumiya for a few moments, considering Junpei's words. Fumiya doesn't seem to understand, so she should explain, be social. That is what she should do.

"Ah," She says, "He means that I am presently 'taken' by the Kirijo Corporation. That is the company that I serve."

Man, Junpei thinks to himself, I really have to work on my conspirational tones.

"Uh, right!" Iori says, grinning wide and losing some color on his face. Oh, man. That sounded like a /challenge/ bro, Fumiya. This is /on/.

"Well! I have the /one thing/ that will make it worth your while, Yuuka--"

He looks at Aigis for a moment. Yeah. Yeah. That's what he meant. /Totaly/.

Yoshiro decides to count his blessings and not really say anything about the matter - Sayaka's not pissed (for now) and as such he has reason to believe that, today at least, he has one less thing to worry about in the bic picture of worrisome things in his life.

"Huh?" He looks up to Tom. "Ah! Oh, well... sorry, I shouldn't stand so close." He bows his head and backs away so that he can find himself some peace now that he has some in-between people discussing girls and various girls fawning over Wataru and all that rot. Ho hum.

Aigis says something really weird he doesn't get. Is she dating a corporation or something? That's totally weird, but...

Oh, so Shiori is here! He almost didn't notice her. It was probably because she had penetrated a wall of women and was more or less hidden within. And she has someone with her! Wataru is given a reciprocal wave- somewhere, Tom wishes he could be as popular with the lades. That voice is quickly silenced by a second, admonishing tone that goes somewhere along the lines of 'We already have a girlfriend!'

"Me?" Tom inclines his head at Sayaka, "Oh, nothing much. I'm just waiting and wondering why nobody's actually hit the water yet. It's such a nice day, too." He sighs, shaking his head, "Maybe I'll just jump in on my ow-"

...What. Aigis 'serves' the Kirijo Group?

God. No. No. No. That's not what girls in highschool do! Even if they're desperate, they don't sell themselves to corporations, do they!?

...Do they...?

Shiori took a moment to parse this in her head.

"I'm, er, I'm having fun too, Aigis-senpai," she guessed. "Um, I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused, but I hope we'll still be able to, er... be friends?"

Who /was/ the neon guy anyway? Next to him, Shiori felt like she shouldn't have been so worried about her own looks.

"It's nice to see you too, Iori-senpai," she said. "We haven't been able to talk much, have we?" And thus Shiori was almost entirely unaware of what Junpei was really like. He was just a normal senpai, wasn't he?

"And, er..." Shiori bowed politely, partly to hide the fact that she was attempting not to look at Fumiya directly. "I don't think we've met before? I'm Shiori Hibiki, Gekkoukan first-year. Pleased to meet you."

Akatsuki looks at Aigis as she talks about systems and performing to expectations in front of non-SEES members and known nosy private investigators and goes, "..." In an attempt to salvage the situation, he tells her gently, "Aigis, in Japanese, the word is 'intern for part-time,' not 'serve.' All right? You give a very different impression when you put it like that."

Ocean City, Atlantic City... Atlantic is the name of the ocean on one side of the country, Ran knows. "Amtrac," she repeats, stowing away a new tidbit to ask her mother about in due time. "I bet Mom's been there, then," she laughs. "Mom and casinos... sometimes she tells us about the times she worked on a casino ship. I think she lived in Las Vegas for a long time too; at least, I /know/ she lived there for a while." She's just not sure how long 'a while' really is.

"I'll have to mark those places on my map," she tells Akatsuki. "I'm making a map for when I go overseas... kind of my fream," she explains with a chuckle. "To see a place that big!"

But they didn't come here just to stand around, right? "Hey, want to go swimming?" Ran suggests, taking an inviting step towards the water. "And then afterwards, shaved ice!"

What? Serves... huh? "...I don't really get it." Fumiya responds. "Are you one of those company-loyal workaholics?" Yeah that didn't work so great. A for effort, but try harder Aigis. He doesn't know Akatsuki, but his follow-up explanation clarifies things, so he turns his attention back to the bookworm.

Presently, Fumiya ponders if he should take Yuuka up on that challenge. On the one hand, there's plenty of other babes here. But, on the other, she /totally/ just challenged him to get her attention. He can't let that fly.

"Alright Yuuka-babe. I'll make it worth your while."

He then leans over and /snatches/ her homework away. Gasp! There's probably a hundred ways this isn't going to end well.

Yuuka did not see Junpeis' look. Therefore, the only person that gets her wrath is her neon yellow and purple man that has her open algebra book. In his hand. And he is standing. And moving away from her. "GWHAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She yelp-shrieks inarticulately. "Fumiya Watanabe-san, give that back!" Yuuka wails as she staggers to her feet. And starts running after Fumiya.

Red-streaked brown haired green-eyed bikini chick chasing after yellow-shirted purple-shorted dude. Yuuka will trip in 5... 4...

Yoshiro was quite lucky indeed. Once she'd apologized, she'd decided to let him be. No need to cause problems for the poor guy after all.

Then there was Aigis statement about serving the Kirijo group. A weird statement even for that odd girl. Was the word 'girl' the right thing to refer to Aigis as? Whatever was the appropriate word to use, Aigis was still Aigis. One of the few Sayaka would call weird.

"I wondered when that'd happen..." Comments she when Fumiya snatches Yuuka's homework. For that she's giving Fumiya some bonus points, but only a few. Though Yuuka's reaction catches her by surprise. "Uhm Yuuka-chan. Calm down please?"

Serve Kirijo Group?


Wataru lifts his shoulders up in a shrug, then he thinks over to himself before he turns to face the others. When Shiori introduces herself to Fumiya, Wataru keeps his eyes towards the man. This time, the eyes become piercing. Juuust to make sure that Fumiya knows that Shiori is -his- girlfriend.

Then, when Yuuka freaks out when her homework being taken away... Wataru shrugs.

His attention focuses towards Sayaka, waving at her direction. Yet, the by's eyes draw over towards Yoshiro to wave at him. Yes. He knows Yoshiro is around. Yet, the person who gets his attenton for more than a linger few moments is Akatsuki. He tilts his head over at the individual curiously, unsure of what to make of him. So. Wataru just stares at Akatsuki.

And stares at Akatsuki.

And stares at Akatsuki.

Junpei winces at the scream. Not because it was high, but... seriously, he don't like hearing girls scream in terror and... well, /rage/. He can tell this will end /badly/.

... speaking of hot chicks...

"...Hi, Shiori!" Iori says, turning around and grunning while chaos happens behind him. "Yeah! It's been a while! How are you?"

Pause. "Nice bikini, by the way!"

"Your map, huh? Show me sometime--I'll point out a few other good places for you to visit," Akatsuki replies, grinning. A laugh at her invitation. "That sounds great. Actually, you read my mind--I was just about to suggest heading out to swim. That's what the beach is for, right?"

He moves to join her, but hen Wataru is staring at him. And staring at him. And staring at him. Akatsuki stares back for a moment, then smiles and adds Shiori to his gaze, as well as his invitation, "Would you two like to join us? I don't know if you care for swimming, Hibiki, but if you and Wataru-kun," a quick glance down at the mute boy, "want to, feel free to come along."

Yuuka's screaming and wailing after Fumiya gets the two of them a slight sigh. Better to leave those kids to their own devices.

It was amazing what people could get used to. Only very much later, when they had gone back to the dorm, would Shiori realize why people were trying to dance around the subject of Aigis being a robot.

Then again, everyone was also used to shooting braingods out of their heads, so normality was relative.

For now, she was just confused, which turned into even more confusion of yet another order when Yuuka screamed with rage. "Huh? Chiba-senpai? What-"

And then Junpei complimented her on her bikini.

Shiori simply stared at him for a very, very long moment. Finally, with a sigh of resignation, she stripped off her T-shirt and undid her sarong, revealing a modest aquamarine two-piece, made more along the axis of "cute" than "sexy", and certainly more for lounging around on the beach, rather than actually swimming. There were frills, albeit tasteful.

The overall effect wasn't actually bad. Nowhere near the amazing style of Ran, but not embarrassing per se.

"Fine," she muttered. "Thank you for the compliment, Iori-senpai." Junpei and his amazing(ly selective) X-ray vision.

To Akatsuki's offer: "Um, thank you, Enda-senpai, but... I'm not a very good swimmer." She could at least tread water, but that was about it.

"Yes," Aigis tells Fumiya because that is at least basically true even if it isn't entirely true. "I very much enjoy my work. And also going to school." She adds that last bit because that is also true. So she can't be too much of a workaholic? Except she is. And she. Wait. what? What?? She listens to Akatsuki for a few moments and, eventually, nods sincerely. "Understood." She whispers to him.

"I am an intern." She says, "For the Kirijo Corporation."

Assuming this solves everything she adds to Shiori and adds, "I am uncertain as to how friendship was endangered." to her, looking honestly confused.

You yelled at me and called me a threat to SEES and the people I cared for, Aigis.

"Never mind, Aigis-senpai," Shiori said. "It's not a big deal."

Yoshiro ducks away from the sudden screaming by Yuuka (but it's really just a further excuse to move away from Sayaka just a bit more).

"Th-that sounds like a good idea, senpai," Yoshiro chimes to Akatsuki, getting a little cagey with a slump in his posture. Given Yoshiro is basically built like a stick, one might wonder if he is even capable of staying above the water. Maybe he'll just sit near land the whole time or something and not actually venture out into the ocean too far.

"I'll race you there!" He suddenly blurts out as he takes off across the sand with all the hurried speed of a young man who turns narrow unfriendly alleys and private property into biking routes for a living.

Fumiya can't help but smirk in the same manner of a little boy teasing one of the girls in his class. "Not until you have some fun, Yuuka-babe!" He says to her before turning and running.

And then the chase begins.

Truthfully, the sight of the neon-clad teen being chased by the nerdy girl may not be the strangest thing to ever go on at the beach, but it's probably the oddest thing in their immediate vicinity. You know, besides robot girl.

Somewhere in the middle of his caper Fumiya realizes he can't have much fun with Yuuka if he's holding onto her book the entire time. Time to sacrifice a bro. "Hey Iori!" He calls out to his now partner in crime. "Head's up!" He calls out again, before /throwing the book at him/.

And them algebra books are rarely light.

Akatsuki gives Aigis a smile back. That's much better, though he... kind of worries. Hopefully that will be enough.

Well, he can't let the presence of other people ruin his good time, right? And Ran's already invited him along, so-- "All right," Akatsuki says to Shiori, nodding once. "That's fine. Why don't we get shaved ice together later, then?"

A momentary silence at the exchange between Aigis and Shiori. Fuaaaaan. He puts a hand on Shiori's shoulder briefly, and when she looks at him, gives her a look of concern; then he lets go and smiles to her and Wataru. "Let's definitely do that later," he tells them. "For now, Ran-chan and I are gonna go swimming. Have fun, all--"

And then Yoshiro is sprinting for the beach. Akatsuki laughs, then winks at Ran. "C'mon, you heard him--it's a race!" he tells her, before chasing on after Yoshiro, waving to Shiori and Wataru for a moment before the run.

Poor Junpei. Akatsuki doesn't even see Fumiya throw that book at you.

The eyes drift towards Shiori when she finally removes the t-shirt and the sarong. The sight of Shiori's two-piece is noticed by the boy. He tilts his head over towards her curiously. While she does show the modest, cute look, Wataru offers a smile her way.

...Wait. A smile? In public?

Perhaps with the vacan eyes, the smile is a bit odd.

The boy turns towards Akatsuki, then he looks over towards his girlfriend's hesitation. Wataru immediately sets his guitar case down and then he slides out an flotation device that is not inflated yet. Wataru looks at the two, and then he starts blowing the floater.

After a few moments, Wataru places the case on the floater and hands the floater to Shiori.

...Well, looks like someone trusts Shiori to be near the guitar + case.

That is certainly reason enough, if /this wasn't Aigis/. Not that she yelled, of course, she never yells. She just says sternly how you are endangering the lives of those you care about. Unfortunately, Shiori is a human, and Aigis is a friend to all humans (except Strega).

"?" She practically vocalizes.

Wh- Scream!? Tom is snapped out of his Aigis-terror induced reverie by Yuuka positively -flipping out.- Well, that's not something you see everyday. Someone actually upset about having their homework snatched away! That said, summoning eldritch abominations from the depths of one's mind is -also- completely bizarre, so it really shouldn't be that much of a surprise.

Still. What the hell, Yuuka?

A book sails by. Tom shakes his head.

"Well, and here I was thinking I'd be able to relax a bit," the detective chuckles, "Shiori. You SEES guys are kind of crazy. The good kind of crazy, though. You think maybe we should join in?"

...Wataru has floaters?

"Fumiya-kun, stop!" Yuuka wails. Her vitality is letting her creep on him in inches, until he throws the book at Junpei. "W- wait, Fumiya-kun, Junpei-kun, that's not-" She watches her precious algebra book go flying, and hits a dilemma. Go after Junpei. Go after Fumiya. Both are clearly eligible.

Yuuka pauses and makes a :| face.

"... oh screw it." She attempts to tackle Fumiya. She is closer to him, after all~!

The sight of Yuuka screaming and charging after Fumiya certainly wasn't what she had expected when Shiori invited her. It was somewhat funny to watch, but at the same time she wondered if she would kill Fumiya if she got her hands on him. From the looks of it, it certainly seemed like he wouldn't survive.

"I'm not so sure that'll end well... Maybe someone ought to stop them..." Then he throws it to Junpei. Huh will there be two casulties now then?

"I'm not sure this is good crazy, but I'm not an expert on it Magnus-san." Replies she to Tom and just stares at what's going on. Damn she didn't even know Yuuka could freak out like that!


Minato Arisato walks along the crisp, clean sands of the beach, the waves crashing on the shore.

He then bends over and picks up a lone seashell and places it carefully in a bag.

You found: Seashell x1! Only 53 remaining!

Minato sighs. Sidequests.

"You will? Oh wow, thanks!!" Ran's starry-eyed gaze portends visions of champagne lifestyles and two-pound-hamburger dreams. <3 <3 <3 Her map will be the /best map/.

She turns to smile at Shiori (and that quiet kid... what was his name-- oh, Wataru), looking a little bit disappointed when they don't want to come swimming as well. "Oh, maybe another time? I can teach you a little, Shiorieeeeek!" It's kind of funny to watch Ran's eyes bug out at the sound of Yuuka's enraged scream. The blonde cranes her neck to peer at the impromptu three-man war. "...Well, I guess it takes all kinds," she says philosophically, a finger tapping her lower lip.

But enough of that; it's time to get in the water! "Yeah, swimming!" she cheers wildly, and takes off across the sand after Yoshiro and Akatsuki.


Possibly the oddest thing about Shiori's outfit was that despite being at the beach, and despite wearing a two-piece swimsuit, Shiori /still/ had that black Evoker pouch at her waist.

(But then didn't she manage to summon Pheme at Samegawa without needing to draw her Evoker?)

When Wataru handed her the guitar case (plus floater), Shiori accepted it with some puzzlement, which quickly gave way to understanding as she worked out the implications. "I'll take good care of it, Wataru-kun. Go ahead and have fun. I'll..."

Try to explain to Aigis why humans had trouble forgetting harsh words spoken in anger, even if they were the ones who said it.

"... I'll relax on the beach until we get to the shaved ice Enda-senpai mentioned." That, or the watermelons. Who smashed open watermelons in this day and age, anyway? The ones who wanted to generally couldn't afford to do so willy-nilly, while the ones who could afford it generally didn't seem the type to do so.

Neon Dude (he never did introduce himself to Shiori, did he?) was still chasing after Yuuka. "Chiba-senpai, be careful! Please don't trip and fall and hurt yourself!"

And if you /do/ trip and fall, do it somewhere far, far away from Wataru, if you please.

Shiori smiled wanly at Tom's observation of SEES's antics.

"Yes, Tom-san. We kind of are."

Tom blinks at the boy's cellphone. For... Saving him? "Heh..." Tom scratches shyly at his chin. Nevermind that Tom's Not American (this really should be a skill). "It's no problem. I just did what I thought was right. It's what people should do, isn't it? If you see someone who's in trouble, it's natural to want to lend a hand."

That -is- the case, isn't it?

"Must be tough, eh Shiori?" Tom asks, "You know, herding cats all the time. Though I guess that's not officially your job. Still, I think I know a bit of what it's like, you have my sympathies." Crazy is crazy across continents, after all.

"...I just hope they don't end up falling over each other. God, that'd be awkward, wouldn't it?"

The eyes shift over towards Shiori, then he furrows his eyebrow. When he tilts his eyes up at her, he frowns. He won't leave without her. The boy gave her the floater for a reason. As such, the boy is squeezing her hand, then he moves out to try to tug her with him.

After all, even if she didn't want to be in the water, the floater will at least let her be with him.

"Yes, Tom-san," Shiori said carefully, "that would be awkward."

Wataru was... oh, so /that/ was what the floater was for. Shiori hesitated, before shrugging and smiling. "Sure, why not. Would you like to join us, Tom-san, Aigis-sen- oh, wait. Um." Could Aigis even swim? Or was it bad to get her submerged in water? It wasn't like she was a cellphone or something.

Aigis often feels as if she's the one herding cats. Well no, cats are more predictable. Aigis doesn't seem to be wearing a 'swimsuit' so much as a 'beach dress' but it seems plausible that she would not die if she went into the water, having been hit by water magic before. On the other hand, she doesn't seem like someone who is well equipped for swimming.

She quietly observes Shiori and Wataru, expressionless.

"In the water?" Tom grinned, "Well yeah! That's why people go to the beach, isn't it? Just a sec..." He goes to fiddle with the towel around his waist. What is beneath when it drops may in fact scar young minds for life.

It seems that Tom favors speedos, not trunks.

"Let's head in?"

"So Shiori-chan. How are you? It's been a while since I last saw you. I hope everythings alright." Sayaka smiles towards her oldest and first friend from Port Island.

"... And Tom. Knowing Yuuka, she most likely will do that." After all she'd seen Yuuka trip on air. So betting on her tripping was usually the safe bet.

"Oh you're gonna go swimming now? I'll come with you. Haven't had a chance to jump into it yet." Bathing in the ocean water sounded like a good idea now. She did want to test out this new swimsuit after all, but she still regretted that she hadn't dyed her hair before coming here...

Tackled! Success! Fumiya has drawn Yuuka's attention away from her boring old homework and to having fun at the beach, and more importantly got her to keep her attention on /him/. Servs her right for trying to ignore him!

Hitting the sand softly, Fumiya cranes his neck to get a look at Junpei, upside down from his perspective, and throws him a thumbs up. "I guess I win, bro!"

And then Fumiya sees Tom's speedos, and his world is now TERROR.

And Tom has a speedo showing.

Wataru blinks a few times, as if stunned. The boy merely tilts his head over a few times.

Drawing influence from Snoopy and the gang, the boy's face contorts as his tongue sticks out.


Shiori simply nodded, head turned away, a hand over her mouth in forced casualness. If one applied some imagination, she might have been turning the same shade of blue-green as her swimsuit.

Sayaka on the other hand seems to be unaffected by Tom's speedos. Unless they turn into a super-shadow, she probably won't even think about the subject.

The thought of Tom's Speedos actually being a cosmic horror is entertaining, but fortunately untrue. Not in the literal sense, anyway. They're still pretty horrifying. The detective inclines his head, arms crossed over his chest, "...Is something wrong?"

Thank god. Yuuka misses the sigh of Tom in Speedos. Something in her will thank her. This is even as her world suddenly tilts and she's sitting on top of Fumiya ala ... well ... she's sitting on top of Fumiya, knees next to his hips. There's nothing wrong that can be seen with this position, and it's not uncomfortable. It's just um awkward, as, well ... she normally tries not end up like this. She normally has to trop to get into these things.

"Win what?" She asks, voice husky. "All I'm doing is sitting on you. If I wanted I could start monolouging for drama club ..." She wriggles. Yeah, she really can be that evil. "... why you look terrorized? What'd I miss?" Yuuka can't see over her shoulder.

Aigis is still rubbing her eyes.

Sayaka is now starting to wonder why everyone is so terrified.