Clean Up in Isle 5
  Inaba - Junes Dept. Store

Every day is great at your Junes! o/~ This jingle is one reason why Junes is so prominent within Inaba. Just one store in a major department store chain, Junes offers many different products at unbeatable prices, from simple groceries to comfortable furniture and even an expansive electronics department, the latter of which has been proven very popular by some of the teenage crowd lately.
The department store is so massive that the elevator is the preferred method in which to go anywhere around the place, with different floors for different departments within it. Although the goods are varied enough that each may as well be their own store, at least several things are constant: the bright and cheery colors, the frequent announcement of some special deal or another going on, and most importantly, the endless looping elevator music of the theme song that can even rival Satomi Tadashi's for sheer catchiness.
Customer Appreciation Day is said to be every day at Junes, but this sure doesn't seem to show with the majority of its employees... especially the part-timers. Lazy, rude, and prone to complaining about their salary, they are not pleasant people. Even so, that hasn't been enough to drive the customers away.

o/~ EVERY-DAY ~ Is GREAT ~ at your ~ JUNES! ~o

Oh Junes. Farah was in the Inaba area anyways, and with the issue at KNOWS with the reconstruction going on, Farah had to take her shopping /elsewhere/. A late Tuesday evening in September, not long after Typhoon Nobunaga had departed. Farah was Just Released by Kandori to Go Do Things. ... Things of no importance, it seems, as it involves making sure she and Tom doen't eat ramen for the next week.

Pushing her cart, Farah walks past the ramen aisle, heading towards the rice. Hmm.

Humming that damnably catchy jingle, Adachi is likewise making his way through mirrored halls--errrr, the aisles of Junes. He's cabbaged up--c'mon, it's Adachi--and he's thinking of getting some kind of carbohydrate to go with it, since unlike Farah, he still has just his meager police detective job to pay the bills as well as groceries. Yakisoba noodles will work. They're usually cheap.

Rice seems like a good idea, too, though, and as Adachi's got his head craned in that direction, he ends up walking forward--just in time for Farah to pass by, meaning he walks right into her cart and drops his bag of cabbages right into her cart.

"/Ow/!" Dammit. Looking up, he sees the foreign woman, and gives her a worried look. "S-sorry about that, I wasn't looking where I was going! You okay?"

Every day's great at your Junes~!

Aigis is not humming the catchy jingle. Instead, she is holding a small envelope sealed with a smiley face sticker as she is about to head towards the electronics department--she is DETERRED however by the act of one Adachi being, well, cart interrupted. PUSH ZEH CART!

Did she just hear Adachi get run over, Aigis wonders vacantly, before heading in that general direction, a mildly concerned expression on her face.

Fumiya haet jingle! Jingle won't shut up! Fumiya go smash!

For a lover of 80s music that is full of repetitive themes and similar lyrics, the Junes jingle can really get under Fumiya's skin. The teenager is here, at the request of his grandparents, to get a few groceries. Fumiya's been pretty good (bad?) about shirking his duties as much as possible, but they managed to get him into a corner, and their story of 'we forgot to go shopping before the storm and are low on food now' wasn't something he can argue with.

So by some coincidence Fumiya is also headed to get rice at Junes today. Thankfully as he weaves through the isles and the crowd he does not hilariously crash into a familiar acquaintance. He does see some, though. It's Aigis-babe! And that crazy pink-pencil obssessed chick! And... um... that... guy!

So he doesn't really remember Adachi. He only saw him all of once.

"Yo, Aigis-babe." He greets, casually walking up to the robot who is casually walking up to the other pair of less-familiar peoples.

Farah is catch! ... So Tom says. Then there is an Adachi living up to his nicknames of Fumbles, especially as Cabbages join her Food in her basket. Farah blinks for a few minutes, then stares at Adachi.

"I'm fine. Thank you for the cabbages?"

Aigis is noted, and Farah tilts her head. So od- wait, there's Fumiya. So odd! Farah pulls a pink coloring pencil out of her pocket, and tosses it at Fumiya.

Don't worry, Fumiya, Adachi is only vaguely aware that you exist, too. You were sort of a bynote to a much more entertaining spectacle. Yes, even with all that goddamn neon, you attention whore.

Unaware of Aigis' presence just yet, Adachi rubs the back of his neck as he smiles nervously at Farah. With his rumpled suit and perma-bedhead, he looks pretty harmless. And what guy runs into someone's shopping cart like that, really? "Ah, sorry, I'll get those out of your cart now," he says, reaching in for them.

That's when Aigis shows up, along with CAPTAIN NEON, to whom Farah throws a pencil. This is odd to Adachi, and he stares back at Farah and Fumiya for a moment. Is that some kind of... foreigner custom? She speaks Japanese well enough... The only reason he didn't bother trying to speak some other language is because, well, he actually doesn't give a damn if he's not understood.

Whatever. "Hey, Aigis-san! It's been a while," he greets the robot cheerily, giving her a wave. "Uh..." He pauses, glancing down again at Farah's cart--it's kind of blocking his way.

Aigis looks less weird than Fumiya. Next to Fumiya, Aigis looks normal. Aigis watches Farah throw a pencil at Fumiya. She does not try to stop the deadly writing implement. This time.

"Ah," She says, looking back to Fumiya, "Hello Fumiya-San." This is back away from Fumiya-Babe again. Maybe someone explained to her the deal again. Don't count on it staying that way forever. "Are you here to talk to the--" A pause, as Aigis contemplates the next words, "...Vegetables?" Nice save, Aigis thinks turning back to Farah and Adachi. "Are you alright, Adachi-San?" She is, of course, concerned about the fragile police officer. "I heard a shout--"

Fumiya watches in horror as Aigis failes to do anything to stop the deadly colored pencil and dies horribly from--- ok, he just watches as it bounches harmlessly off his chest and into his hand. He stares at it for a few moments before he remembers specifically what happened two weeks ago, and it's something he'd rather /not/ remember. Frowning, he clutches the pencil for a moment, before returning to his normal upbeat disposition.

"I thought you wanted me to replace it? I'm getting mixed signals here, babe." He says, tossing it back with a smirk. Adachi will just have to remain in the dark regarding the adventures of CAPTAIN NEON and the deadly COLORING PENCIL OF DOOM. (it involves zombies)

Fumiya then turns to Aigis, a bit puzzled by her stilted question. "Uh... no." He answers. "I don't speak, um, broccoli." Not that vegetables speak, but if they did it would probably be very boring and totally a language Fumiya would have no interest in learning.

Oh right, better move the car- WAUGH PENCIL. Farah catches it, grinning impishly at Fumiya. "I consider it replaced now, thank you." She says with a bow. "I'm Farah Newman, I don't think I ever got your name before?" She inquires.

Then she actually moves the cart. For Fumbles and Aigis.

"My apologies, sir." She bows to Fumbles.

Talk to the... vegetables? Adachi gives Fumiya an askance look, like any moment he's going to try to speak carrot. This isn't helped by how he pockets that pink pencil and then goes around calling women in their twenties "babe." Man, if *he* tried that, he'd get slapped. He sure hopes this kid gets slapped.

Too bad that life is made of disappointment. The two of them instead banter a little about something Adachi doesn't care about. At least Farah moves her cart for him, to which he smiles doofily and steps around it.

"Oh, no, no, not at all!" he reassures her, shaking one hand. "It was my fault for not looking where I was going in the first place." He gives her a curious look. "Excuse me for being nosy, by the way, but... are you a tourist, Miss... Newman, right?" He smiles. "Obviously, you don't look like you're from around here."

Poor Fumbles, so very fragile and delicate. Just ask Chie and Michiru, they know all about that. "O-oh, yeah," he tells Aigis, looking chagrined. "I wasn't paying attention and I walked right into this lady's shopping cart. Don't worry, I'm fine." He pauses, then gives her a concerned look of her own. "How about you, Aigis-san? I read about your, er... troubles."

More specifically, he's interested in hearing about Azusa being under the scalpel, not to mention Thora's little alliance.

Clearly, Adachi, this means you should start trying to call Aigis 'Aigis-babe' and Farah 'Farah-babe'. Of course, Aigis is not very slappy. That's Yukari, whom is missed very much. Miss Newman. Aigis catalogues the information.

"Ah yes." She adds to Fumiya, "Neither do I."
But she does speak dog.

She focuses on Newbie Newman and adds to her, "You are friends with Fumiya-San?" She glances to Adachi who also seems to know of her.

Fumiya would say he was sorry for causing you disappointment, Adachi, but he really isn't. But it's not uncommon for Fumiya to not think about how he might disappoint his elders, even when he is aware of it.

Fumiya grins as Farah seems more open to talk than she did last time, though what happened last time was a fluke he'd rather not have repeat itself. "Fumiya Watanabe." He replies with a tone that suggests he likes saying his own name just a little too much. He regards Farah for a moment, his sunglasses giving his eyes the ideal shield so that it's not obvious he's doing that. She was attractive, if a little old. But not /too/ old.

So what if the first thing Fumiya thinks about upon meeting a new girl is how hard he should pursue her?

Aigis interupts his train of thought, though. "Well, that's good. If you could there would probably be something wrong." He says, totally unaware that she can speak dog.

Though he wouldn't be surprised to learn that she can speak duck.

Fumiya shrugs. "I met her once before. Acquaitences I guess." Not that he'd be against developing a relationship, but he can't help but associate Farah with zombie nightmares. "It was an odd day."

"I am not a tourist." Farah says quietly. "I live in the Lunarvale area with my boyfriend, Tom Magnusson." Farah's skin prickles. Men, men, especially charming men who are hiding things. It just reeks Benjamin ... and Tom, sadly enough. Yet will Anyone Ever Get To Know? /Maybe/. Just /maybe/.

Or Maybe Not.

"Acquantices, yes. I took a fall in the mall in Port Island and lost my colored pencil, which Watanabe-san picked up, but evidently he lost it as a friend returned it to me." She says, holding up the pink pencil.

Adachi's phone chimes the tinny little generic tune it does for when he gets texts. He pulls it out, blinks at whatever message he got, and texts for a moment in between talking to the others. Aigis' glance gets a shrug; he only just now met Farah, and the only reason he knows her name is... well, because she just said it. C'mon, he's a detective, he's allowed to openly notice stuff *some* of the time. Fumiya's name is... noted, though not given any particular importance for the time being. He's the annoying American 80's kid, and that's about it.

Farah isn't given much importance either until she reveals who her boyfriend is. "Tom *Magnusson*? That big guy who was buying--uhhhhh," Adachi interrupts himself, looking abruptly embarrassed, which might make people wonder what exactly this guy was buying that might cause this kind of reaction. Which, of course, is the point. "Uhhhhhh, never mind, none of my business. Uh. Uh. S-so! What, uh, brings you out all the way to Inaba?" he continues in what is clearly an awkward attempt to change the subject. "Oh, I'm, er, Detective Tohru Adachi, by the way. I'm part of the local police force--nosiness is kinda what I do. Sorry for not introducing myself earlier." A lopsided, awkward, but earnest smile.

The phone is put away. Apparently he's done texting. He also walks over to join Aigis; it's surprising that she'd show some discretion, but Adachi is not *that* surprised that she might refrain from talking about SEES matters in public if she can't at least whisper.

Aigis blinks twice at the idea of Tom Magnusson having a girlfriend. It's not a very pleasant thought, the idea of someone actually being enamored with that guy. Even if they have mostly 'made up' by now, something is off about that guy. And as such, it sort of implicates FARAH as being unusual as a result. To Aigis's credit, she doesn't let this show on her expression, something which is helped by her terrible robot nature, but the idea of Tom Magnusson 'scoring' is just plain monstrous.

"Though I have heard singing to plants helps them grow." Aigis adds to Fumiya. Starting to sound like nonsequitors here.

"Buying what?" Aigis asks, perking up a little as Honest Adachi comes closer.

Farah's explanation about the pencil causes Fumiya to stare for a moment. He thought she just got a replacement. "So... someone /found/ it?" He asks, still not entirely convinced. He last saw the pencil carried off by a zombie ghost monster right before the mall exploded back to normal. Did it somehow find its way to the /lost and found/?

Well... ok. Whatever.

"Good, I guess?" Fumiya says, hoping she cleaned it off first. With a twitch of his shoulder, trying to forget the horrible zombie memory, he is instead given an even worse image to contemplate. She's 'with' that big guy, Magnusson. This is so astounding it even disturbs Aigis. (though Fumiya would have a hard time understanding how Aigis can't figure out the whole 'babe' thing, yet finds the idea of Tom scoring monstrous. Goes to show the terrible power of Tom's speedo.)

With his head spinning from one horror to another, Fumiya desperately tries to turn the topic of conversation towards something less mentally scarring. It's only then that it registers with him that Adachi just introduced himself as a Detective. "O-oh... you're with the cops?" Not that Fumiya has reason to be worried about the police (at this very moment) but this guy just seems so.... un-Detective like. Maybe he's some kind of super undercover kind of guy that puts up a convincing unassuming front?


"Yeah. About another foot taller than I am, probably about twice my weight, dirty blonde hair, foreign detective from Britian Tom. Easily Foreign. Sometime's doesn't know what he's getting into, calls himself a detective." Farah says wryly. "That's my Tom for you, I'm not surprised you know him with your vocation it seem- ... what was Tom-san buying?" Farah asks.

It's okay, Aigis-san. Tom having a Girlfriend is Unexpected. She knows, she knows. The Speedo Event at the beach scarred half of SEES. Oh, and yes, Farah is highly unusual. That's the point of her. She's the Moon, mystical and reality warping things are right up her ally. So Tom scoring? /Totally working/. ... Even if you count the fact poor said girlfriend was physically abused and assualted in a coma.

Farah is *fine.*

"Oh, I work in Inaba!" Farah explains. "Over at the KNOWS building, so not in Inaba, but close." She looks at Fumiya. "Yes." She says simply.

Adachi just isn't thinking too hard about what Tom and Farah get up to. Or down to. It's pretty much all the same in the end, anyway.

"Uhhhhhh I don't know if I should say this with girls present!" Adachi says, getting clearly alarmed now, holding up a hand and waving it briskly, as if that would somehow magically erase everyone's curiosity rather than increasing it. "I mean, it's really not my business what he buys at a bookstore--oh, yes, yes I am!" he says abruptly, seizing onto Fumiya asking him about being with the police. This is followed by sheepish laughter and a half-grin. At least he's calming down. "Ahaha... I guess I don't really look like it, huh? I only just got transferred here in Inaba back in spring, so... I'll keep doing my best! Inaba could really use it, these days..."

Whether Farah's fine or not is not really of much interest to Adachi, though, who is as far from fine as one can get despite his cheerful doofus act. He blinks at Farah's statement--she works at the KNOWS Castle, huh...? Being in charge of field investigations these days is helpful. Isn't it great when people trust you? "Wow, really? I hope you'll be doing all right; I heard about that accident they had over that way. You'll be able to go back to work soon, right? I was thinking of dropping by and seeing what kind of selection they had there, but..." A shrug. What can you really say now?

Aigis still doesn't seem to understand with Adachi's clarification. She has not yet found Junpei's 'goods'. He's very good at hiding them. She weants to warn Farah that KNOWS is dangerous and she should KNOW to avoid it! But she doesn't think just saying it without any proof would be very helpful. So instead she says, "Please be careful." Whether she means about Tom or KNOWS is a mystery. Probably the former, though.

"Adachi-San is a very good cop." Aigis says assuredly, "He is very friendly and dedicated to his work. And brave, too." She maybe shouldn't have mentioned how brave Awesomedachi is but she can't help it, he's been such a great help and he's so nice not like that /other/ cop.

"Uh...huh." Fumiya says in acknowledgement of Adachi. Aigis has always seemed a little odd, but if she trusts this Adachi guy so much then he's probably alright. Even if he's one of the boys in blue. (Or... brown?)

He can't help but belatedly shudder at the thought of what Tom might be buying at a bookstore, but it's probably the wrong idea entirely. He's a teenager with his mind in the gutter after all.

Since Fumiya knows not much about KNOWS, that thread of the conversation goes over his head. He finally notices on one of the shelves the rice he came this way to find and realizes the time, and remembers what he was doing here to begin with.

"Well I'd better get going..." He says, weaving around the group to grab the item off the shelf. He shoots a glance at Aigis as he does that. "Seems we can't catch a breather. We'll have to catch up later, Aigis-babe." He says, because Fumiya (of course) wants to talk about MURDERS! If only he knew how much better a certain someone would be to get that kind of information out of.

"... bookstore, huh." Farah says thoughtfully. Poor Tom. He Has Awkward Questions To Answer.

Farah's cellphone goes off, and Farah flips it open, peering at the text. She says something in Arabic, probably cursing. Then you know. Cart-grab, run off without a goodbye~