Nothing's Going to Stop it Now
  Yasogami HS - Roof

The school's rooftop, accessible through the main staircase that connects the main building's floors, is a quiet, peaceful place that students often retreat to in order to enjoy lunch, contemplate life's mysteries, or in some cases pretend to be professional meteorologists.
A chain link fence installed around the perimeter is in place in order to prevent untimely falls from three stories high. It is flat from end to end, save for some large ducts that jut out the roof in the pattern of the letter X. It makes for a nice seat. It is the only seat. The chain link fences are more than sturdy enough to handle the weight of more than a few kids leaning against it, if one has to slouch somewhere around the roof.
Given the popularity of the location for the above pursuits, no one ever seems to intrude on any touching moments between flustered friends, troubled lovers, or suspiciously large social circles whenever they decide to have a heart-to-heart talk amongst themselves. This is an ideal place as any on campus to have a (wo)man-to-(wo)man conversation over delicate subjects.

Infamy can do strange things to a person, especially if they seek it. Once they find it, they usually discover it's not what they had expected. Everyone, at least once in their lives, has a fantasy of what it's like if everyone was talking about you and it usually plays out positively. When it actually happens, though, it never quite works out that way. If only because you yourself can never predict how other people will react to any degree of success.

So Fumiya Watanabe, someone who wanted nothing more than to be known by everyone in Inaba, is finally on his way to that goal is trying to keep himself from having second thoughts. He doesn't like them, he doesn't like to think that he made a bad decision in the past. Heck, so far this talk of him being a 'vandal' and a delinquent hasn't gotten too out of hand, that's not what's eating him. It's how someone else is also attached to all this.

These thoughts run through the teen's mind as he relaxes on the school roof. School has let out, and while a few clubs are still ongoing Fumiya has retreated up there to unwind and get away from everyone. He's actually lying flat on the roof, his schoolbag acting as a makeshift pillow for his head, just watching the clouds roll in.

Shut up he's being deep ok.

Today soccer club meets! There's a rumor going around school that Thora is actually a member of this sports club but nobody has seen her come for practice. At least not since Ai took over managing the sports teams. That is exactly what drove Thora away too, the large girl unable to deal with Ai without giving into her own anger and having an...incident.

Normally she'd just split for her job right now but there was a person she needed to track down. Someone she wanted to have words with before the inevitable and unstoppable happened. She knew there was no stopping it too, they'd tried, and whatever it was that was doing this only proved to be some kind of force beyond their ken. Perhaps the power of a God.

Power that rivaled the Investigation Team. That rivaled Thora's. It took some intimidating but eventually Thora does eek out an answer to Fumiya's whereabouts.

The door to the roof opens and heavy footfalls echo in Fumiya's ears. Eventually, a large and familiar figure blots out the sun. Thora looks down at Fumiya, a tired look on her face.


Perhaps Fumiya just blanked for a few moments as Thora approached, because it's something he really should've noticed. Nevertheless it's not until the Oni casts her shadow on the teen that he finally realizes someone is standing over him. It doesn't take quite as long for him to realize WHO it is.

Fumiya jumps to his feet faster than anyone has jumped before and quickly puts a bit of distance between himself and Thora. Their last encounter is still pretty fresh in his mind, though he relaxes a bit when he considers Thora /could/ have just stomped him flat when she had the chance. He remains pretty tense all the same.

"Yeah?" He finally says, as if he were afraid to say any more.

"Nothing's going to stop it now. You're going to have to face the darkest part of yourself, whether you like it or not." Thora rumbles as she slowly folds her arms over her chest. "It's going to try to kill you. If you want to live, give me something that belongs to you now because we're gonna need it later."

There's an oddly weary look in Thora's eyes. "I tried to keep you out of it, I really did, but I guess I shouldn't have bothered." She turns away and walks to the edge of the building. Of course, she's stopped by the fencing surrounding it. "It's probably better this way anyway. Maybe you won't end up like Ikina."

Fumiya is a little confused at first, up until now Thora had been trying to hard to keep him out of things just as she said. He's never really seen her... defeated before. Though, maybe defeated is the wrong word. He can pick up on her weariness rather easily.

Goddammit, go away pang of guilt.

"Well..." Fumiya starts, but doesn't continue. There's a few things he COULD say, a few things he'd LIKE to say, but he just can't get the resolve. None of those things would help matters. "I told you before, Thora-/san/, I can take care of myself." It's true Fumiya has NO idea about what will happen in the TV World, despite everything he says. But he's so tired of the thought of someone else looking after him that he just isn't interested in thinking about the consequences.

"I know you must be thinking I pulled this crap just to get targeted. Well for what it's worth I had no idea about the whole targets being chosen after getting on the news thing, Shirou told me after I finished the mural." It was a little late then, of course that doesn't excuse Fumiya's behavior when he WAS on camera. Part of him wants to say 'maybe if I was told SOONER', but he decides that's just another thing he really shouldn't say.

At the request for a personal item, he looks down at his bag. Does he even have anything on him?

It isn't so bad anyway, she tells herself. You get to fight again and isn't that what you really want? Yes.

"Can you?" Thora rumbles in that low and unfeminine voice of hers. When she looks up, just the faintest glint of homocidal rage can be seen in those narrowed amber eyes of hers. It fades in a blink as Thora reins in her anger. People. Stupid /people/, if the would all just be dealt with, she wouldn't have to put up with this kind of stuff. "Then maybe if you fight it, maybe if you cling and don't give in, maybe you'll win. I guess I can give you that advice." The exact opposite of 'don't say it!' of course. No, the vindicitive part of her wants him to experience the whole thing he wanted to know about so badly.

"If it wasn't to get targted, then why Fumiya?!"

Fumiya snatches his bag from the ground and begins leafing through the disorganized mess. There was probably /something/. Though he slows as Thora resumes her questioning.

"Yeah." He insists. "I can." Thora's never seen Fumiya fight, but in all honestly he's not too shabby. He's quick, he's good at leading people into making mistakes, and he's not afraid to fight dirty. All those things would serve him well if all he was facing was something tangible. If it could just be socked in the face and go down. Despite being exposed to the supernatural and having bits and pieces of the Midnight Channel explained to him it's obvious Fumiya still hasn't quite gotten his head around what exactly happens in there.

At the other question, Fumiya shrugs. "The mural? I just wanted to vent. Screw authority a bit. That whole KNOWS place was fairly newly built so I figured it'd get noticed out there. Though Shirou went on some crazy rant about that Kandori guy." Fumiya sandwiches that explanation with another shrug. "Something like this was bound to happen to me eventually, even if I never learned of this crap. At least I know a little bit. Who knows who else might've been targeted instead, huh? Some old man? A single mother of two? A /little kid/? Hell, if I get half the chance I'm kicking that killer's ass." His voice takes on a surprising edge at that last sentance, as if he really wanted to prove that he wasn't just some obnoxious goof.

Thora smirks a little. Cocky, he thinks he's strong. It's funny, Thora thought the same thing about herself. Too strong to be attacked by a killer, and yet it happened twice and both times she'd nearly died. Strong enough to face her own Shadow. She nearly died again then also.

A dark look comes over Thora's face as Kandori is mentioned. The wounds on her ego from last night were still fresh and festering. "Kandori is bad news. I'll tell you how bad later." Later when (if) he has his own persona and is permanently submerged in her world.

At least he sounded like he had some balls about it and Thora could kind of respect that. She turns away though, now apparently too annoyed by the mention of Kandori to really want to continue this verbal sparring. "Good luck with that."

Fumiya was expecting any number of angry responses for his claims. It certainly would've been consistant with every othe time he tried to prove to Thora he could handle all this stuff. Instead all he gets is further confirmation on how much trouble this Kandori person is. He frowns a little when he realizes Thora isn't interested in keeping it up anymore.

Finally his hand comes across something within his schoolbag and he pulls it out. "Hold on." He says, and toss the object at her once she turns back around. "A friend, my neighbor from Port Island gave me that a few years ago. It's kind of a good luck charm, even if it's only a keychain. Took her awhile to find one. Don't go losing it."

The keychain in question is just a small metal Michael Jackson in one of his less potentially offensive poses. There's a bit of weight to it so it's not just a cheaply-made knockoff.

Thora's not so good with words. At an early point to her she'd always have to make the decision to just leave or start hitting someone. Fumiya, while an idiot, didn't deserve the brunt of her latest rage. He'd need his strength anyway for the coming ordeal. Good luck indeed.

"Hm?" she turns around and, with oddly quick reflexes, catches the keychain in a big hand. Frowning, she looks at the small trinket and it takes her a second to recognize who the statue consists of. That's...unsurprising.

She pockets the keychain. "Yeah, I won't. You'll get it back later." She sounds angry and tired.

The large teenager turns away again, shoving her hands in her pockets, and shuffling off. Friend in Port Island, huh? Well, he did recognize Shinjiro and say he was from there.