Romantic Advice

/=========================( - Junes - Food Court - )=========================\ 
|                                                                              |
|  Situated upon the roof of Junes, the Food Court is billed as a place to     |
| relax and have an affordable (read: absolutely disgusting) snack or two. A   |
| popular hangout place all the same, it's easy to find crowds sitting around  |
| tables or children playing in the small playground in the center at nearly   |
| all times of the day.                                                        |
|  Innumerable food stalls are set around the perimeter, with ample space      |
| given in consideration to line sizes that are more wishful thinking than     |
| matching the actual demand for refreshments. Bad weather is only kept at     |
| bay by strategically placed umbrellas and awnings around the court. From     |
| large wooden benches you'd see in parks to smaller, classier round tables    |
| outside cafes, the seating is wildly varied as the food offered (the         |
| quality of said food, sadly, not varying any from being disgusting).         |
|  Due to speakers blaring the commercial jingle nonstop, it can be hard to    |
| eavesdrop on conversations without coming very cloe to a group. This makes   |
| it a great place for a secret headquarters between collaborators. In turn,   |
| it is a terrible place to study for upcoming exams or what have you.         |
|===============================( - Players - )================================|
| Shirou Sekigawa [KDA] <Charon>                                               |
|===============================( - Objects - )================================|

|================================( - Exits - )=================================|
| Elevator <E>:            Inaba - Junes Dept. Store                           |

Shirou is pacing, literally pacing along the strip coming from the elevator to the counter. Just placed an emergency call to Fumiya, as... well, he had no idea what he'd gotten himself into. And he really needed a friend at this point, a /male/ friend, and one experienced in the matters of the heart.

Again, the fact that he called Fumiya indicates Shirou lacks in the friend catagory. But he doesn't mind, but he's tenser then usual, a hand running through his long brown hair, nervously tightening the tie that keeps it out of his eyes.

Fumiya seems to take his sweet time getting there, but blame traffic for that. The town is oddly busy tonight, so Fumiya takes an uncommon path to Junes, it winds up taking him a little longer to get there than it normally might if he had taken the bus. But he does arrive, exiting the elevator, and looking a little beaten up. It's almost as if he got in a fight with a powerful shadow last night or something.

Misadventures aside, he spots Shirou quickly, and waves once as he approaches. "Yo, what's all this about all of a sudden?" He asks. Being called out like this isn't exactly uncommon, but it's not something Fumiya was expecting tonight. He kind of just wanted to stay home and crash for the evening.

Shirou urks a bit as he sees Fumiya. "Damn man... sorry, didn't expect... err, sorry." He kinda half deflates, waving to the counter. "You want something to eat? My treat for dragging you out here." He rubs the back of his neck, grinning slightly, and man... Fumiya's gonna flip when he hears all this.

"I er... I gotta ask you somethings. About girls. 'cause man, I don't know the first thing about what I'm gonna do..."

"Nah don't worry about it." Fumiya sighs. It's not like he can hold this against Shirou after he saved his ass before. Dragging himself out to Junes now and then isn't so bad.

"Some takoyaki would be good." He doesn't turn down the free food though. Because he's a teenage guy and his stomach can be pretty bottomless.

So he sits and he listens to Shirou reveal his reasons for bringing him here for a talk. He just stares for a minute before finally replying "...what." Then he starts laughing. Almost giggling. It takes him a few moments to compose himself. "Uh... heh.... start from the top?"

Shirou pinches the bridge of his nose lightly. "Dude... okay. J-just not so loud man."

The teen sighs a bit and recounts again. "Thora and I are going to be going to Port Island tomorrow... and, err... getting a hotel room together." He nearly whispers that last bit out, leaning over a bit, having gotten himself just some steak to chew on. He figures he's gonna need the protean.

"Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight." Fumiya eyes Shirou, wondering if this is just a prank of some kind. But upon thinking it over, it doesn't seem like something Shirou would do. But if it's NOT a prank, then that just means he and Thora really ARE going to a hotel alone together.


"Ok... ok so...." He stammers a bit, trying to wrap his head around this. Or maybe trying NOT to. "Sounds like you're already willing to take this step, man. What do you need me for?" He blinks. "You, uh... you DO know what's gonna be going down right?"


Shirou just hangs his head. "I'm /pretty/ sure but, err... I mean, I /know/ know but the actual..."

He's floundering, putting his elbows on the table, holding up his head as he looks down at the table. "Oh man I am /so/ in over my head. I... I do love her. And I want to be with her, but..." Ahh, anxieties.

Well shit, he's serious.

Fumiya sighs, and tries to take this seriously too. Even if it is still pretty hilarious. He taps his fingers on the table, and shrugs. "Well, as long as you got protection there's not much else I can tell you. Even though Thora's not a typical babe, she's still a babe. If you're doing this just for the sake of doing it and you're not even sure then she won't be comfortable, I can tell ya that. Babes love confidence and dudes that are sure of themselves. Either go into this gung-ho, or don't go at all."

He pauses. "Well, don't be TOO gung-ho. Eh... this is why babes are tricky, each one wants everything to be /just right/ and usually you can't figure what each one wants till it's too late." Leaning back in his chair, he grins. "But no matter what, if this is the first time for both of you it'll probably be awkward and weird. Ain't nothin' you can do about that, so just come to peace with it now."

Shirou just snerks a little bit. "Fumiya, if this entire relationship wasn't akward and weird, I don't think either of us would be in it. I mean... hell, you know what one of the first things I did this year was?"

He leans back, sniggering a bit. "I shoved a broom in front of her face to get her away from Ikina-chan. That was one of the scarriest moments of my life... or at least it was then." He sighs a bit, shaking his head.

"Hell of a year, huh? D-don't worry, I swiped a few from my brother..."

Shirou Sekigawa gives a very significant look at that last sentence as well. Still rather embarrsesed about all this.

"Hell of a year is right..." Fumiya sighs. Though for him it was for all this supernatural crap. It's probably about time he got a girl himself... though probably one a little less complicated than Thora.

"Well sounds like you're pretty much ready. I say go for it." Fumiya smirks. Hopefully Shirou wasn't calling Fumiya out on a hope he would try to talk him OUT of it. Fumiya's still a teenage dude like any other.

"Hell, if I were you I'd get rested up. Thora will probably require a lot of stamina." Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha.

"....she's gonna snap me like a twig." Is all he's managing to grunt out, face turning bright red.

"Thanks... for the boost of confidence man, really." He gnaws on his steak a bit, pinching his nose just a bit. "Not a word to anyone, alright? She's going into the KNOWS facility and... I'm just fearing the worst..."

Mustnotburstoutlaughing Mustnotburstoutlaughing Mustnotburstoutlaughing

Luckily Shirou gives him something /reasonable/ to talk about. As reasonable as dealing with KNOWS can be anyway. "Yeah, she mentioned it to me. That's rough. Something's gotta be done about that place..." He eyes Shirou, remembering what Throa had said about his crusade against Kandori. "You got anything in mind? If you ever need any help with something you can call me, I'm always down for something stupid and dangerous."

Shirou breaks into a natural smile. "Thanks man... once I figure out something, I'll let you in on it, alright?"

He leans back a little more. "Yosuke mentioned something about old coal mines. I'd give anything for a few dozen pounds of something explosive and a good fault line..." He mutters, fingers clenching a bit as he just thinks about that asshole Kandori. Fumiya didn't get to hear Shirou's pledge, did he?