Movie Night

 /====================( - Inaba - Eastern Residential - )=====================\ 
|                                                                              |
|  The less congested half of Inaba, this neighborhood is where most families  |
| with young children end up living. As small a town as Inaba may be, it       |
| benefits from modern urban planning as the growing population require more   |
| and more homes to live in.                                                   |
|  The yards are small and the houses are cramped for any household with more  |
| than four individuals. As far as living out in the country goes, this part   |
| of Inaba can't be beat. People looking for more quiet lifestyles find this   |
| place as one of the best in which to raise a family. Everyone knows one      |
| another here by name, and this part of Inaba's about as friendly and         |
| tight-knit as they come... aside from the whole 'family businesses going     |
| under' thing.                                                                |
|  The crisscrossing network of streets aren't without their own little        |
| legends. From stray orange cats swindling away hours of time from unwary     |
| passers-by to a local housewife trying to share completely inedible food     |
| only fish can enjoy to those who even appear remotely interested, are they   |
| just the products of merely bored minds?                                     |
|===============================( - Players - )================================|
| Thora Kobayashi [KDA] <Garm>          Shion Katsuragi [KDA] <None>           |
|===============================( - Objects - )================================|
| Lee Residence <Lee>                  Kobayashi Residence <KR>                |
|================================( - Exits - )=================================|
| Dojima <D>:              Eastern Res. - Dojima Residence                     |
| West <W>:                Inaba                                               |

It's December, finally, which means it's really cold out. Sure, it doesn't have to mean that, but today, it does. It's a chilly Sunday as evening approaches, which means, among other things, that most people won't have school today. It also means that Shion Katsuragi is actually home from work, though she hasn't been for terribly long.

There also, strangely, was a very high-priority message that suggested that a few people wanted to use her television for something. The detective agreed, seeing no particular reason not to at this point in time.

So, the destination will be a small residence out in the east of Inaba, a fairly unassuming sort of place from the outside. On the inside, however, it's completely clean, from top to bottom, the walls bare of almost any particular adornment. In fact, in the entryway, the only clue that someone even lives here is Shion's shoes, neatly placed over here.

Further in, there is actually some amount of furniture, and a kitchen area that, likewise, is spotless, though perhaps of interest to teenagers will be the refrigerator and the cabinets and drawers that surely contain the fabled alcohol! There is in fact a television in the corner, facing a small table and then a couch, and then there's, finally, a personal touch! ...A very leafy potted plant in the opposite corner. It's doing great, too!

The other doors are closed!!

Thora's heavy frame always kept heat pretty well. So did that iconic blue coat of hers. That aside though, it did seem that ever since becoming awakened to Garm that the frigid cold didn't feel nearly as frigid anymore. This is usually passed off as acclimating to the climate of Inaba though.

At the insistance of Thora, she would have specified that they needed to use Shion's TV for some VERY IMPORTANT Investigation Team business. "You'll love them, Shirou." Thora beams to her companion as she slips her shoes off her feet, leaving them next to what she assumes to be Shion's shoes. Thora just barrels her way inside, not bothering to knock since she knows Shion's aware of their impending arrival anyway.

Thora's kind of rude like that. "HEY SHION WE'RE HERE! YOUR HOUSE IS REALLY CLEAN BY THE WAY!"

"Wow... I think I've seen psyche wards with more warmth then this." Shirou snarks a bit, as Thora just barges on in. "Alright, alright. I already said I'd watch 'em, you don't need to hype 'em up any more."

The son of Inaba slide out of his wool pea-coat, hanging it up and taking off his own shoes. He yawns just a bit, rolling his shoulder just a little bit. "I hope it's subbed though... dubbing never really did it for me ya know?"

"I got both..." Fumiya says to Shirou as he follows in behind him, holding up a DVD set of the Evil Dead trilogy that has both japanese audio and subtitles. In his other hand he has a plastic bag that seems to contain several bags of popcorn, cola, and candy bars. Because this is the only way to do movie night.

They DID tell Shion about movie night, right?

Kicking off his own shoes, he enters Shion's home and nearly stops in his tracks at how clean it is. He kind of feels bad about this, because let's face it: movie nights tend to be the anti-clean and tidy. But they'll behave themselves.

They totally will.

Oh, sure, come on in. Don't knock or anything!!

Shion slips out of the room that she's taken as 'hers' in this place at Thora's yelled greeting, having actually changed out of her suit. Her gun, for once, is put away! Or at least, so one could easily surmise by the fact that she isn't wearing it, and her long-sleeved shirt doesn't exactly have a place for a holster. She did know they were coming, at least. And secretly, she doesn't have company over much.

And, thankfully, she missed Shirou's terribly hurtful comment. :(

"Hey there, everyone. Just come right in." The amusement in the detective's voice is probably fairly obvious. She gives the group a nod as they come in, glancing them over. Her eyes catch on the plastic bag in Fumiya's hands, and then on the DVD set in his other. Her eyes slide right back over to Thora at that, raising her eyebrow as she gestures towards the couch. "...Have a seat, make yourselves comfortable. And thanks." Since she takes 'clean' as a compliment. "...So, what was this important business, anyway?" This she says as she moves towards the fridge, planning on offering people something to drink because she's polite that way.

Thora gives Shion a big toothy smile. "It's important Investigation Team business! Shirou has never seen the Evil Dead trilogy before so we must be all detective...y and fix this crime." She tries her best to keep a straight face while saying this too because she wants to make it out as important and serious. Not like they were trying to use Shion or anything. Much.

Admittedly, Thora was kind of curious about her too. Part of her was hoping Shion would help her out with her money management thing but she'll try bringing that up later when they aren't watching totally awesome movies.

"Well Shirou, the version I saw a while ago was subbed so...probably?" Thora promptly claims a spot on one end of the couch.

Shirou gives a smile and a bow to Shion, as he plops right next to Thora. It was nice to just /be/ with his friends and not have to worry about things so much. He mmms a bit, already eyeing the snacks they brought. "I'll pitch in for some take-out if you guys get hungry. Mother gave me some extra cash since the whole 'party' thing kinda fell through..."

"Well this can be a bit of a party." Fumiya says to Shirou, tossing the bag of confections on a free seat, and shuffling his DVDs. "Thanks again for letting us crash here, Detective Katsuragi." He says to Shion, being surprisingly polite.

"Ok, so... there's two ways we can do this." Getting everyone's attention, he holds up the DVD case. "We watch all three, or we just watch the second and third movies. The first is kind of a classic, but they cover all the ground of what happens in the first at the start of the second, minus two characters, so you don't really need to see it. Depends on time, I guess!" He shrugs. "Either way we're watching the second and third, so it just comes down to if you don't mind seeing a few things twice."

Being more of a general 80s buff and not a horror buff, Fumiya's not quite as fond of the first one. The other two are far more quotable.

That big toothy smile receives a sort of a 'and...?' look, because Shion was not in fact born yesterday and she imagines that there is /something up/. The actual explanation comes, and.../oh/. So /that's/ it. Shion does her best to keep a straight face in return, treating this matter with all the gravity due Very Important Point of Business, and inclines her head seriously. "I see that you've already gathered all the evidence you need," she deadpans.

Briefly, she debates a moment of explaining what is and isn't important, and considers mentioning that she hasn't actually even heard of that trilogy, but in the space of those moments, she decides not to bother. It's kind of nice to have people over. And the boys, after all, are polite!

"...Anytime, sure. Feel free to stick around. Anybody want something to drink?" Shifting herself as far out of 'business mode' as she's actually able, Shion reaches the fridge, glancing back to the group again as the matter of food comes up. "If any of you can't cover it, I can. The perks of having a full-time job, right?" Pause. "...I'm of the opinion that if you're going to do something, you should do it right. Watch them in order. I don't have anything keeping me busy tonight, aside from some paperwork I brought home. I can do that with a little noise, don't worry." Pity about Shirou's party falling through! But...wait. This, as a kind of a party...?

"I'm glad you see how serious this is." Thora continues, putting on the facade for Shion just a little longer before she drops it completely. "Do you like horror and...awesome stuff, Shion? You should watch with us!" She couldn't possibly have seen these movies already, right? They're American cult classics and actually a little hard to find here.

Thora shifts so she's leaning more on Shirou now that he's parked on the couch next to her. "You know my thoughts on food, Shirou. Maybe a little later when this stuff's all used up." Fumiya presents a really good question though. A lot of ground is re-tread in the later movies but Thora's a big horror fan and likes the first a lot.

"I say..." Thora lifts a finger, "...we do all three!"

"Let's just hit up all three. I don't think much can actually /scare/ me now." Shirou says in all honesty, idly stroking Thora's hair as she leans on him. He waves a hand a little bit to Shion.

"Eh, I had a few days where I was basically the only one at the house. Just wanted a recharge kinda night, but I guess this is better." He smiles a bit more. "And the way these two keep talking about these movies I guess I had to see them at /some point/"

"All three it is." Fumiya says, tossing the cases for the other two aside and placing the first DVD into the player. "Oh, and kill the lights." Because, let's face it, horror and splatter movies just don't work if it's not totally dark.

"Hey, we talk about them because they're awesome." Fumiya says, with a glance at Shirou. "There's creepier and gorier movies out there, but these have a certain charm." And if they wanted to go uber gory they would've went with Scanners or Braindead or something. But one step at a time.

Setting the DVD in, Fumiya heads back to a free chair, and starts grabbing confections out of the bag he brought and starts passing them around. "Man, all we'd need is for there to be a thunderstorm tonight..." He grins, tossing a kernal of popcorn into his mouth.



Quite serious. Shion isn't quite sure how to respond to Thora's question and invitation combo at first. Hearing Thora say 'and awesome stuff' is actually endearing, another hint that there is in fact more to her than the rumors would suggest, /just as she thought/. "Sure, why not?"

She is not typically a big horror fan, especially with what she's actually seen in the last few months, but she'd hate to disappoint the three of them. And Shirou's response to it might be something near a challenge.

Food handled, and the votes are in. What's the plan, Fumiya!? ....So that's how it is. Shion turns off the lights just as she's asked, and brings by habit a drink of her own over from the fridge. There's only space for three on the couch, but she can take a seat over here on one of her chairs, where she can still see pretty well.

"Charm, huh? I guess I'll look forward to it." And who knows what turns the weather will make? It is time...for the Evil Dead! (That's...quite a title.)

Thora thinks it would be awesome if a giant badass thunderstorm rolled in. However, it's probably a little too late in the season for one of those. They could hope for some rain though, Inaba sure got a lot of rain after all. It's also good to hear about Shirou's 'lack of being scared' nowdays but what it took to get him there...

A teeny excited noise escapes Thora as she sees those credits. It's actually been about two years since she last saw these movies. Yes, she watched all three when she was fourteen. Violent movies and anime had always been part of Thora's childhood. "Of course this is better." Oddly enough, even with Fumiya and Shion here, she doesn't mind being affectionate with Shirou. Normally she'd hide it around other people.

"Glad you've decided to join us, Katsuragi."

Yeah, the whole affection thing was on full display at least, as he half pulled Thora a little closer to him, Shiriou still idly toying with her hair as the movie goes on. "Ha, what a rusted out car... okay... um... the blonde dude I /know/ is gonna bite it 'cause he's kind of a dick, but... mm"

"Yeah, it's nice talking to you 'normally', Katsuragi-san." He smiles a bit more, taking a long drag on his drink of whateverpopwasgiventohim

Wow, Thora seems more excited to see these flicks again than he is. He probably should've picked up on her love of gore by now, but he never made the connection. Go figure.

"If you're that concerned about run-down stuff then you haven't seen anything yet." Fumiya comments as they cross the least stable bridge ever. He idly starts munching more on his snacks, not out of hunger or movie-influenced gluttony, but simply because Fumiya is /so bad/ at keeping his mouth shut otherwise during movies. If given half the chance he'd spoil every damn thing that would happen if he didn't keep himself otherwise occupied.

And he doesn't want to ruin it for Shirou. Especially if that'd particularly upset Thora.

The cabin. It oozes an ominous tension.

"Adachi's apartment... I bet his original place wasn't all that interesting. Wonder if working for Kandori's changed that." Shirou's not wary of Adachi, nooo. Something about him... even if he's a mole for them, kinda-sorta, something just rubs him the wrong way sometimes. But it's probably nothing.

Ooooh. Cabin. "Okay, yeah, they deserve all they get for walking in there."

Hey, Adachi's an alright guy. Fumiya doesn't really feel at all wary about the detective, it's pretty awesome having someone in the force knowing about all this stuff, same goes for Shion. Who knows when having those connections will come in handy?

Because, as we all know, Adachi is someone to rely on.

For some reason Fumiya starts coughing when Adachi is mentioned, having gotten a popcorn kernal stuck in his throat. Some cola takes care of that pesky problem. "Yeeeahhh..." He finally says, his voice a little strained from the coughing. "Not the smartest vacation spot. I saw friendlier places in Mikage-cho."

He shrugs. "But, it's not an American horror movie if they didn't act like morons." He takes another sip of his drink. "Seriously, so many of those flicks are based around the cast making totally dumb decisions." You know, like trusting characters who are so obviously the villain.

Who would be dumb enough to do something like /that/?

Hey look, a mysterious tape recorder found in the cellar! Let's play it!

There's a special hell reserved for people who talk in the theatre...

Oh, where she's living? The comparison to Adachi brings up a little something in the back of her mind that bothers her a little, but she doesn't comment. Her feelings on her fellow detective are not something that need to be shared. "Nah, though I'm just renting. I got a good deal, since I went to school with the owner's son, and I used to tutor him on the side." She doesn't go into too much detail, because /movie/, but she takes another sip of her drink anyway. "I don't really know," is all she's willing to say about Adachi.

Since sure, he can be a jerk sometimes, but he might not mean it, right? And of course a fellow detective is trustworthy!

"You okay there, Watanabe?" Since well, coughing! "...I hope they notice before too much longer." Those poor cast members! Okay so she's distracted from the coughing again after all! What is /with/ this movie!?

"He probably pays good." Thora mutters on the matter of Kandori. "Last I saw Adachi he actually looked like he was doing fine." Which in fact was last night, but Thora doesn't go into that. She never really goes very deep into that particular relationship in front of other people.

Discarding the Adachi thought and taking in Shion's interesting living situation, Thora focuses back on the movie. Fumiya's comment about horror movie casts gets an oddly deep-sounding giggle from Thora.

Thora...giggling. It happens.

And Gods help him, Shirou loved it. Yawning a bit, he leans his head against her head, just watching as he munches just a little more on some candy-bar or another he brought along.

And as the movie goes, and it gets far more graphic, he both winces and grins... and then gurks at one particular part. "TREES SHOULD NOT DO THAT"

Fumiya waves down Shion once to assure her he's ok. Popcorn just has its way of being really irritating when swallowed awkwardly.

The movie does indeed progress. The message is played, an evil force stalks the cast, and one of the girls is raped by a tree.


Then said girl becomes possessed, the OTHER girl also becomes possessed, and eventually the other dude becomes possessed. It all culminates in an elaborate stop-motion scene where the possessed bodies melt horrifically.

"And everything is alright forever." Fumiya comments, smirking, right before the camera stalks up behind Ash and something is upon him just as it cuts to black.

Munching on his popcorn, he eyes the next DVD case. "Part 2?"

That's fine! Shion is ready to discard the thought of Adachi, too, having explained a little bit about herself and ascertained through a very timely wave of Fumiya's hand that she isn't about to have a death under her roof due to /popcorn/.

The movie goes on, and Shion's eyes just sort of gradually widen throughout the whole thing. Bodies, sure, she's cool with. She's got a gun of her own, and she's seen a lot of terrible things. But evil stalking forces? /Tree rape!?/ It results in one silent detective over the course of the movie, right up until horrific body melting.

It is a good thing that it's dark. Shion turns her head slightly to Fumiya as he eyes the cases. "...Sure. Keep on going." Her voice is perhaps less authoritative than usual. Ugh. She is meanwhile going to go get some water or something, standing up during the break of the movie.

Even for Thora, who has watched her share of violent Yakuza films and things like Ichi the Killer, that TREE RAPE scene makes her cringe. Seriously, there are ways to go and there are /ways to go/.

Thora curls a little closer to Shirou in the process as he's possibly scarred for life by the graphic nature of the first film. "Onward!" Thora says excitedly, pleased that Shion at least wants to press forward.

Of course she assumes that Shirou will say the same. "Maybe you should send out that order now, Shirou. We're runnin' low on candy." Yes, Thora's been steadily snacking on it throughout the whole time.

"Alright, alright... 'll call for like pizza or something"

Do they /have/ Pizza parlors like that in Japan? Does it matter?

Shirou curls up with Thora a little more. If the other two weren't here, this would have devolved into making-out long before the girl got a pencil to the ankle. He flips his cell-phone out, making a few quick calls for food. <3


'Hail to the King, baby.'

"I love that line." Fumiya grins. He's been hoping he'd get to say it himself someday, perhaps if he could ever pull off an awesome rescue of a hot babe from evil zombies. Something which he now sees as having a higher chance of happening now that he knows zombies can be /real/!

Downing the rest of his now-flat cola, Fumiya turns to Shirou. "So that was the guy whose style I was ripping in Mikage-cho. That whole town just had a way of making folks looney."

Or maybe that was just him.

"But now that it's over, what do you think? Pretty awesome huh?"

Sure, she was totally wanting to press forward! It wouldn't be good at all to say otherwise, though truthfully, the last two movies /were/ pretty different, in the end. Food was ordered, food was eaten, and Shion pretty much insisted on people actually using plates instead of being horrifically messy!

Standing back up as the movies finish, the detective hits the lights, turning them back on after a brief 'look out' sort of a warning. At the thoughts about Mikage-cho, Shion just has to stop and actually picture it. "...I guess it did," she replies, in favor or something else.

"They were definitely something."

"These other two have got some great one-liners." Thora sighs. "I hope I get a great one liner one day." She actually might have already had a few but right nwo, in the face of the awesomeness of Bruce Campbel, she can't really think of any of her own.

After the other two movies, Thora's pretty stuffed with food. A tiny pile of empty plates remains on the table next to her and she'd eventually taken to snuggling up against Shirou again in an oddly innocent fashion. Oddly in that it's strange to see /Thora/, gigantic ugly teenager that she is, doing that.

She's in a terribly good mood. "I'm glad you liked them!"

"They were... something else to be sure."

Shirou smirks lightly, running a hand idly over Thora's ear and grins a little more. "Kinda... Deadites kinda remind me of Shadow-Possession... but not really. I dunno, but yeah, those were great!"

"C'mon, Shirou, you could be a little more enthusiastic!" Fumiya says, but sighs. It's probably just not in his character. Ah well, more awesome quotes for him to lift.

"They're really unique movies." He nods. "Well, I guess a lot of films have gone for the overkill gore thing, but I like the humor in these a lot more. Plus the actor who plays Ash is really awesome."

Collecting his DVDs, he stretches with a bit of a yawn, eyeing the time sleepily. "Man, haven't had a movie marathon like that in awhile." Certainly not since moving to Inaba. He left all his movie-viewing buddies back in Port Island. "Ah well, back to school tomorrow. I'll see you guys there." He says to the others.

Well, he won't see Shion there, of course. Unless.... THERE'S ANOTHER MURDER!

But, there's not much chance of that happening, eh?

A great one-liner of Thora's own, huh? That might just say a lot about her. ...Sure, Shion would have to admit that that actor is /pretty awesome/, but she's a little more touched by just how normal things are here, with the way the supposed 'delinquent' is acting in particular.

She is perhaps in a good mood, herself.

Shion laughs a little to herself as the matter of enthusiasm is brought up. She notices how late it is though, herself, as there's a bit of yawning and talk of folks leaving. "I think it's the humor that makes them really work. I was not expecting that first one, though." At all! Really! "...And hmm, alright. I still haven't gotten my work done, either." The good mood shows. Honestly, she hasn't had a 'movie night' in a long time, either. Longer than Fumiya's gone without, she imagines!

"Glad I could host a little. Don't worry about the plates; I've got it." She smiles around at the group. She's not kicking anybody out just yet, of course.

And of course there isn't going to be another murder anytime soon. Even with the talk of 'Shadow-possession', things are nice and quiet, since Mikage-cho. Relatively speaking.

"Booooo, school." Thora pouts, finally sitting up. "We should do this again sometime. On some...other set of movies." Thora's not sure what. Really, what could top the Evil Dead trilogy? It'd have to be something amazing.

Thora loiters a little, picking up random bits of leftover food and making sure they disappear rather thoroughly. The plates are left as-is since Shion did say she could handle it. Before heading for the door, she gives Shirou a quick hug.

"See y'all tomorrow." Thora announces, likely referring to school.

"Yeah, yeah, see you all tomorrow." Shirou responds in kind. "Maybe next time I can bring in something Noir-ish. But yeah... for an introduction to American Horror, those can't be beat." And 'Groovy' will likely be entering his lexicon really damn fast.