Christmas Party

 /===================( - Port Island - SEES Co-Ed Dorm - )====================\ 
|                                                                              |
|  On paper, this building is a co-ed dormitory for students of Gekkoukan High |
| to live in for whatever reason. In practice, thanks to meddling by Shuji     |
| Ikutsuki, this is the home of SEES. Keeping close to one as protection from  |
| the Shadow threat, this is where almost all of them come at night.           |
|  The lobby of the dorm is quite spacious, bearing an appearance akin to a    |
| hotel lobby... all the way down to a sign-in sheet on the counter to keep    |
| track of comings and goings. Brown, earthy tones are the dominant colors,    |
| with a green floor with little yellow and orange tile patterns. A few        |
| couches face around a table at an unfavorable distance from the small old    |
| CRT TV in the corner. In the back is a small counter and dining table.       |
| Generous numbers of lamps keep the area well lit at night. Two restrooms,    |
| divided by gender, are off to the side of the hallway leading up to the      |
| staircase. The staircase is something of a square spiral that leads to the   |
| higher floors.                                                               |
|  Most of the SEES members spend their time here. One of the most common      |
| subjects among each other are primers on their own strengths and weaknesses  |
| in battle, spoken in peculiar amounts of self-aware detail. The only real    |
| downside to living here is that in order to get to Gekkoukan on time, one    |
| has to take the monorail.                                                    |
|===============================( - Players - )================================|
| Akatsuki Enda [SEES] <Hector>         Masumi Hayashi [NWO] <Ceridwen>        |
| Shiori Hibiki [KDA] <Pheme>           Yuuka Chiba [SEES] <True Unicorn>      |
| Hinata Itoh [SEES] <Skuld>            Aigis [SEES] <Alice>                   |
| Minagi Shimizu [SEES] <Wolf of Gubbio Junpei Iori [SEES] <Hermes>            |
| Hitoshi Taniguchi [SEES] <Calliope>                                          |
|===============================( - Objects - )================================|
| The Possessed Table                                                          |
|================================( - Exits - )=================================|
| Up <U>:                  SEES Dorm - Living Quarters                         |
| Out <O>:                 Port Island                                         |

Say what you will about SEES; once they know how to have fun, they remember it for life. As such, now is the time for the first(?) annual SEES-KDA Christmas/Winter/Exams are Over/No Hell(Not Counting Katsuragi in the TV World)/Holiday Time Vacation Party. Hey, it's not as complicated as it sounds. Yuuka Chiba is standing in front of the karaoke machine/DDR dual set up in front of the old CRT TV in the lobby, having asked Minato ever so nicely to use the dorm. He shockingly enough agreed. As such, there's plenty of Christmas-y type stuff around; wreath on the door, some holly tied up over the boys and girls' bathroom. You know, just nice and cheerful. There's a pair of tables in the back with plates and food; pretty much anything you could think of is probably up there.

(Including a chocolate fondue fountain.)

However, not all is well this fine Saturday evening. Someone had given Fumiya the mistletoe(coughYuukacough) and... well, it looks like a bomb went off. There is mistletoe EVERYWHERE on the ceiling. On the floor, there is temporary red X's marking every single spot. Watch your footing; taking one mis-step for all you know could end you up underneath one with Shinjiro, and if he doesn't growl at you, Ran might n.n you to death.

There is music playing the background. The time has come.

Where the heck are all of you guys?

Minagi, after her FREEDOM scene with Junpei, got dressed and came down down...

Only to immediately just appear at the food tables. She is helping herself to a pile of food, eating even as she is filling a plate up. She is strangely able to avoid the X's, almost as if they MOVE for her...however, she is in a festive mood. Her head is adorned by a green and red santa cap!

"Jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an eeeeeegg!" she sing songs.

Not all of the X's are red. A few are green. Fumiya had to keep it festive, after all.

Speaking of festive, Fumiya looks like he absorbed a Christmas Tree somehow. His clothes have /lights/. His sweater, his pants, even the rim of his glasses, they all have blinking red, green, and white lights on them. The sweater also has a little speaker that plays a tinny, scratchy sample of 'Jingle Bell Rock'.

His being a giant walking fire hazzard aside, Fumiya seems rather pleased with himself. Not only was his Operation: Mistletoe Minefield a success, but /exam week is over/. Even the worry of Detective Katsuragi being TV'd is something he feels like he can put aside for one night. They'll go after her tomorrow, after all!

There was a knock on the door, along with a great deal of rustling. If opened, the doorway would reveal Shiori in... well, she did have a Santa hat on, which appeared to be her one concession to the season fashion-wise.

She was also carrying several shopping bags, apparently repurposed as present-carriers.

With a bright, nervous smile of greeting, Shiori took one step in-

Stopped. Blinked at the markings on the floor. Glanced upwards at the mistletoe.

"Um," she said, still staring at the ceiling. "Merry Christmas."

Hitoshi had disappeared upstairs sometime before the party to get himself ready. Shower, change clothes... etc. After a rather fast text-conversation with someone, he wanted to look nice. Or, at least, try to. Sadly, Hitoshi had sort of -spent- his nice clothes and as a guy, he sort of failed at general house-keeping skills... including washing his clothes or maintaining them in a timely manner. So, his wardrobe was pretty spent at this point until he did something about that.

What he ends up in is a rather interesting ensemble, consisting of one of his white uniform shirts, a pair of nice brown slacks, and a typical blazer. No tie. The whole thing -wasn't- exactly a formal affair... Right? So, forego that. And to top it all off, his head was topped with a red-and-white Santa hat. He, likewise, is bearing a small bag of boxed up presents. Even though it's a little early, it can't hurt to give them tonight, right?

An ominous motorcycle rumble winds down outside. Judging by the pitch of the engine, it's not Mitsuru's. The astute motorcycle enthusist could recognize it as a Ninja 250R.

The door swings open and the familiar extremely tall member of the KDA strolls in. Perhaps to those sensitive to resonance, she has done a service and muted the arrgression of her aura a little. Or rather, Thora's in a good mood for once. When she enters, she briskly removes her infamous blue coat for a change, placing it on a nearby coatrack. Beneath she wears the red-dyed jeans she usually does during her time off. What is new, however, is the crisp dark green men's dress shirt she's sporting. Rather than the usual blue, red ribbons have been wound through her twin braids. Most unusual at all, Thora is even smiling a little.

Palming the top of her head, she steps inside, neatly sidestepping a cluster of red x's before making a beeline to the chocolate fountain.

Where is everyone, you ask?


Minato Arisato is in his room, slumped over in a chair, having facedesked at some point during the afternoon.


Minato is still asleep. He stirs a little, starting to peel his cheek off the desktop.


"Yo, dude!" Comes Junpei's voice, "Hurry your ass up, or Minagi's gonna eat everything!"

Aigis by this point in time is already in Minato's room. She is sitting on his bed and is looking at him. And she is still looking at him as he starts stirring up from his position. Her internal chronometer indicates that--OH SHIT JUNPEI.

Aigis tries to hide under the bed. She better not get caught or Yukari will yell at her.

Returning home to the SEES dorm after a chat with a certain KDA member over beef bowls and some other activities (this *was* not long after school let out, after all; beef bowls were basically a late lunch), Akatsuki heads into the door. ...Ah, he sees as he eyeballs the mistletoe /everywhere/, they finished decorating. He lets himself in, smiling slightly, and shuts the door behind him.

"Hey, everybody," he calls casually, glancing at those already getting festive up in this place. Fumiya is the natural place where his eyes go, considering he is literally lit up. "You really went all out, I see."

He makes his way over to Hitoshi, grinning at him a bit. "Pretty subdued, huh? The hat looks good on you, though," Akatsuki teases; after all, he's not exactly got the halls decked either. "I see you're giving out presents tonight. That's not a bad idea; maybe I should've done the same."

Speaking of other people who just arrived, Thora and Shiori show up not long after Akatsuki does. Yes, he /totally came back before they did/. Hush up! He turns towards them as other people start walking in; Thora gets a respectful nod of greeting, while Shiori gets a smile and a wave. "Merry Christmas," he tells them both, though it's admittedly more directed at the latter, for having actually said it first.

If Minato ever decides to wake his ass up, Akatsuki will greet him too.

There was dashing through the snow. There were no one-horse open sleighs, however, for this is urban Japan and there's no way you'd get the horse or the sleigh past all the cars and cyclists. There was also a distinct lack of fields as well, but laughing all the way was done with much glee!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way, Oh What Fun It Is To Run, To Meet Masumi At The Train Station-

Ok, so Hinata's lyrics need work.

Once the pair had rendesvous'd there, the ponytailed teenager accompanied her friend at a much slower pace back to the SEES Dorm. There was talk of what was to come, anything obvious the feminine youth should stay wary of - namely invitations to Junpei's room, and much smiles and perhaps even a carol or too. He wasn't SEES or KDA, but he was her friend and a friend of a lot of her friends too! There shouldn't be any problems with him arriving accompanying her, would there?

She strides through the door first, announcing her presence with a very loud and very /very/ jolly "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" She's dressed for the occasion, wearing a snappy outfit of a red blazer, white sweater, red plaid skirt, and - what else - a festive Santa hat! Of course, there has to be a little green, so her ponytail's being kept up by a emerald ribbon. And of course, there are gifts, a bag full! If only she had caught Minako-chan about her Secret Santa idea before exams! Oh well~

After the initial cheerful wave, she makes sure to keep the door open for the silver-haired boy. "I hope you don't mind if I brought a friend-"

Its then that her gaze starts darting around the room. The ceiling. The floor. Fumiya. Fumiya again. "Um." A quick glance back behind her is taken, "Uh? Masumi? How good are your dance moves?"

Minagi looks towards Hinata...

Then to the DDR pad.


"Show me your moves!" Minagi interupts the pose order just to call out Hinata. "Also hi!" she puts a piece of food into her mouth.

Following quickly behind Thora the Destroyer, Shirou rubs the back of his neck a bit, just a bit windchilled from the Motorcycle ride. He was wearing a red shirt to match Thora's green, with a long red tie, and black slacks.

"Man, it's already a party... I mean... obviously but..." The kid just shuts up a little more, still rubbing his neck. His resonance is muted a bit as well, just a calmness but the waters are rippling more then usual...

Intercepted! As Hitoshi comes down the staircase, he pauses, staring at the floor. The people. The Xs... and then, the wall. Good Lord. The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is ... mistletoe'd.

His eyes look back toward Akatsuki, and he smiles, nodding. "Y-yes, Enda-sempai," he remarks idly. "Actually..." He opens the bag promptly, digging into the bag for a moment, before pulling out a small-ish box. "I got something for you, too, for being an awesome friend." He offers the older student the box. "It may actually serve a little functionality to you." No, it's not something from the Women's section. He grins a little bit.

... It's a compass, when Akatsuki gets around to opening it. ... Odd Gifts: Hitoshi.

There's something akin to amusement in Yuuka's emerald eyes.

The petite teen carefully dodges all of the red and green X's on the floor, and the ceiling occasionally just to make sure Fumiya didn't set up a trap, before she finally stops next to him, looking up to make sure she didn't actually step underneath a mistletoe because that would be awkward to be the party planner and getting mistletoe'd first.

"Dude, I think you just outdid a rainbow in terms of color." She tells him, with a grin. "Thanks for the help with the mistletoe, though... hey, Shiori-san. Minagi-san, don't eat everything, other people have to eat." She gives a look up the stairs. "I wonder where everyone else is..." Akatsukis' cornering by Hitoshi is noticed, but Yuuka's too wary to move.

Fumiya's gift to everyone is the mistletoe! A gift from the bottom of his heart to all!

(He totally didn't just forget to go shopping)

Pressing a hidden switch in his sweater's cuff, the clothing starts playing the low quality sound clip of 'Jingle Bell Rock' again as he makes his way around the room, strangely avoiding all the Mistletoe marks on the floor. There's no point in overdoing it at the start of the party.

"Thora-babe! Shibrou! Glad to see you two could make it, I was thinking I would be the only one from Inaba here." Even though Fumiya is actually 'from' Port Island, but whatever.

Suddenly, he's Yuuka'd. "Oh sure, no sweat Yuuka-babe." He says with a grin. After all, he was perfectly happy to have the opportunity to rig... I mean, decorate for this party.

Hinata's enthusiastic arrival is impossible to miss. Akatsuki grins over her way and calls, lifting an arm to wave at her, "Merry Christmas, Hinata! Looking good there!" She brought a friend, though, huh. He'll have to say 'hi' later. For now, he looks back at Hitoshi as his kouhai answers.

"Haha, you didn't have to go to the trouble! Thanks, all the same, though," he says, grinning as he accepts the present. "A functional present, huh? I'll look forward to seeing what it is." For now, he slips it into his jacket pocket, then jabs a thumb over his shoulder. "D'you want to get a snack from the refreshments table? Or would you rather get to handing out presents first?"

When he opens the present later, he'll be puzzled as to why he was given a compass, of all things. Still, it's the thought that counts, right? For now, as he steps forward, seemingly not particularly caring if he ends up under an X or not--he certainly says nothing about it if or when he does--he spots Yuuka and gives her a nod of greeting too.

Carefully, checking both ceiling and floor, Shiori navigated through the mistletoe maze. After all, what if the X markings on the floor had been placed there as a trap?

"Good evening, everyone," she said distractedly, wondering what the chain of reasoning had been for Yuuka to think that giving Fumiya the mistletoe had been a good idea. "Oh, uh, Enda-senpai!" She dug into her bag of presents, and extracted a small box. "It's not much, but... please accept this small token of my thanks."

A keychain, apparently. With twin bunnies. Possibly too cute for Akatsuki? Who knows.

Shiori continued maneuvering across the room, smiling in the bright, glassy way of someone who hadn't slept in several days. At least the exams were over now, and Shiori was looking forward to sleeping away the entire weekend.

Heading over to Yuuka, she bobbed her head in greeting. "Thank you for organizing this party, Yuuka-neesan. Um, I hope you don't mind, but I, er..." Another small box. This one was a pendant on a silver chain: a unicorn.

Two down. Shiori tried to map her path to the others. "Uh, Hina-chan! It's good to see you again, and... oh, um." She bowed instinctively to Masumi. "Uh, merry Christmas." Was this Hinata's date?

One of these things is not like the other -- can you figure out what it is!?

Masumi Hayashi is absolutely dressed to the nines, which is to automatically say that he is far prettier than most of the actual girls in the room. He has avoided the festive reds and greens that many others are sporting in favor of the softer colors he generally prefers -- though the sweater he is wearing over the white blouse is an exceptionally deep burgundy -- and has both worn his silver hair up in an elaborate style that falls gently over one eye in the front, and also a pair a simple, tastefully understated diamond earings. Both of these are a first so far as Hinata has ever seen.

It also means that it's /even harder/ to tell which gender Masumi is tonight.

The time passed from the train station to the SEES Dorm proper was a very enjoyable one, and even though Masumi is on the whole much quieter and more subtle than Hinata, he is very much still capable of a summoning deep currents of underlying energy and enthusiasm. His singing voice is something akin to the sound of the resonance of a silver bell.

His arrival is also much more quiet than Hinata's, the feminine youth stepping through the open door with but a soft smile to his companion. "They are reasonably passable," he replies demurely with a quiet twinkle in one of his azure eyes, though she will probably remember from the Masquerade Ball that this is something of a definite understatement. "Merry Christmas," he further replies softly to Shiori, returning the bow.

And then suddenly as he finishes crossing the threshold and his deep gaze casts over the room for the first time -- he suddenly inhales sharply. But it's a decidedly positive note. "A-amazing," he all but whispers, eyes suddenly full of wonder. Hinata is close enough to still hear easily. "I've...I've never felt so many Resonances concentrated in one place. It''s beautiful." His azure eyes glimmer gently as he just...stops and tries to absorb it all. He is in fact so deeply entraced that he doesn't even see the abomination against all good taste that is Fumiya.

"Actually, I'm going to finish with these presents first, Enda-sempai. You go ahead, I'll join you later," Hitoshi responds, smiling and bowing his head slightly. The compass was for one principle reason: At this point in time, Akatsuki had pretty well been a bit of a compass for Hitoshi. He had helped him through the worst, shared a fun time on his birthday with him, and was generally just a good friend, always wanting to help him out. Like a big brother, really. Hence, the compass: for someone who guides. Since it's not an actual electronic device, it'd be useful for finding directions during the Dark Hour, perhaps?

Smiling again, Hitoshi steps aside for now, and he looks to the floor, biting his lip a little. Slowly, he begins to two-step through the traffic, and the X's. Slowly... so as to try and avoid one. Good God, help. He's inching his way toward the gaggle, and Hinata, for the time being.

"You look nice by the way." Thora mumbles to Shirou, definitely approving of his fancy dress. The tie was especially nice, even if it's a little tempting to grab Shirou by it to pull him around. Of course she won't /do/ this, it's just not proper!

"Hey Fumiya-san!" Thora calls out cheerfully, not that surprised with his very merry outfit. Though the kid had toned it down a bit since being pulled out of the TV, it was actually kind of refreshing to see here. "Of course we'd come! You know I'm close with some of these guys!" Speaking of...hey, where's Shiki? Where's Itsuka? Thora looks around and recognizes Yuuka at least and Akatsuki with a bit of a start on her end. Damn twins, he looked far too much like his lesser half for Thora's comfort. Fortunately, Akatsuki's usually kept his distance from Thora so there probably won't be any problems with that tonight. No Aigis yet either. "...damn."

She looks to Shirou again. "I wanted to introduce you to people too but it looks like they're not here."

Yuuka steps back underneath a sprig of mistletoe when Shiori approaches, opening the box. "Oh, Shiori, this is gorgeous...!" She chirps a little bit, giving her friend a bright smile. She tilts her head and carefully pulls on the necklace, giving her another smile. "Thank you, Shiori-cha... uh..." She had just looked up. "... oops." Quick, dodge to the left. Only ... there's more mistletoe.

"Dangit!" She starts laughing. "Fumiya, I knew this was a bad idea... hey, Thora-san, Shirou-san, glad you guys could make it." She manages to sidle out onto a bare patch of floor now, one hand fingering the unicorn pendant as she looks around carefully. Once she's sure everyone seems to be okay, she just... slides against a wall and blends in.

Minato pulls his head off the desk with a quiet peeling sound. He snorts in surprise, looking left, right, and then standing up. "Uhnnhuhn," he mumbles in the door--and Junpei's--general direction. He turns, shuffling towards the door, stretching his arms in the air over his head, his eyes shutting as he lets out a bear of a yawn.

During his trek to the door, he steps right over Aigis's legs, sticking out from under his bed, and doesn't seem to notice them. He opens the door, steps out, and closes it behind him, offering Junpei a sleepy brofist on the way towards the stairs.

"You look good too." Shirou smiles a little more, cracking his knucles just a bit. "And hey, any friend of yours is probably a friend of mine!" He grins a little bit, and loops a lazy arm around her waist. Well, maybe /later/ once they're out of the public eye she can grab ahold of the tie~.

But that's neither here or there. "Fumiya. Nice ta see you too. Oh, Merry Christmas, ya idiot." He says good naturedly, before sliding him a small wrapped present. Once he opens up the blue and silver wrapping (Snow flake print!) he'll find a copy of Transformers: Season One. "I tried to find something cool and 80's related and from America. Apparently they took one of our cartoons and redid it. So... yeah, there you go." He shrugs just a bit.

He waves to Shiori and Yuuka both, but doesn't move over there yet. He's sticking close to his date to start with... and he doesn't notice the red and green x's, as he steps nearby one...

"All right. I'll talk to you later, Hitoshi-kun," Akatsuki tells his kouhai, giving him a one-handed salute as he continues his approach. He's intercepted by Shiori, who offers him a present in the most generically polite way possible. The sandy blond smiles back at her as he accepts it, likewise slipping it into a pocket; looks like he won't be opening presents in front of other people, at least not immediately. Maybe if there's a present opening session later? "Thank you, Shiori. I'll be sure to take good care of it."

He watches her as she continues on, a look of concern crossing his face at her glassy smile. Exams must've wiped her out... Well, he supposes he can hardly blame her. Not noticing the way Thora flinches at him (and even if he did, having no reason to think anything of it), Akatsuki returns his attention to Hinata and Masumi, stepping over to greet them along with Shiori.

Resonances... Akatsuki pauses slightly at Masumi. So she's--because as of this immediate moment he has no reason to think he's *not* a she--a Persona-User too... He gives 'her' a friendly nod. "It's nice meeting you. My name's Akatsuki Enda, and I'm one of Hinata's upperclassmen. I don't think I've ever seen you at Gekkoukan before; I'm sure I'd have remembered someone as pretty as you." He smiles. Despite his flirtatious words, he is not particularly interested in Masumi; (s?)he's certainly beautiful, but, well. He gives his ex-girlfriend a curious look. "Where did the two of you meet, if you don't mind my asking?"

At this rate it may be Aigis who ends up downstairs last. She waits a while underneath the bed to make sure they are gone--she is a PROFESSIONAL people but before she leaves she makes sure to tidy Minato's bed--not that he uses it half the time--and takes care to toss a spider lurking in in the corner of the room out the window, closingi t a moment later. One last check around the room indicates that he has left clothes on the floor, again, Aigis tosses them into the closet and after one more look around decides this is enough and pokes her head out the room.

Naturally when she comes downstairs after Junpei and Minato she says, "Oh! Junpei-Kun! Minato-San! You're awake!"


There's no date here! Masumi is a friend of Hinata's she walked over with so she could let him in without knocking or waiting for someone to open the door. C'mon, just look at her! Him. Whichever.

Ah, that was right! He was quite light and graceful out on the floor with, uh. Yeah. "You'll have to be on your toes tonight," the ponytailed girl nods with a toss of her hand to the nearest batch of mistletoe. "Someone set us up a minefield!"

Wait. Something's wrong. She steps over at the first sign of trouble, but there's no trouble to be found. "It- It is?" Being an evoker user meant that Hina never quite grasped resonances. She could make out the vague edges of feelings, like shadows at the corner of her eye, but that was it. She could only imagine what it must be like for someone to encounter so many Persona users all at once! Maybe someday she will. "W-Wow! Uh. Yeah, just wait right here." If its that much to take in, she'd better let him acclimate while making the rounds!

"Senpai!" Hinata grins widely for Akatsuki first, tossing him yet another wave. "I'm glad you could make it!" He's here alone? Um. Yeah, this could be awkward. "Hey, Shirou! Thora-senpai! Merry Christmas!" Now she remembers how the Oni really did dwarf her boyrfriend! And he even came with his own leash? ... Nah. "Uh, hey, Fumiya!" OH GOD THE NEON IT BLINDS US. "And hi Minagi! And hey there Shiori!" The newest member of SEES is waved over very warmly, "Hey, Hitoshi-san! You made it!"

Last but not least, "And there you are, Yuuka-senpai! You did a great job getting this all set up!" There's a thumbs-up for the diminuitive girl. "Thank you!" Now to wait on Hitoshi finishing up and Masumi steadying himself before handing out her own gifts...

Junpei returns the slow brofist, bobbing his head and follows the sleepy felleow SEESite down, also downright not noticing the robot that is still inside the room. "Man, stayed all up studyin' again, huh." Iori comments, frowning a bit as they climb down the stairs. "You can stop doin' that, school's over!"

And evantualy, they reach the main hall room where the party is at, where he booms out!


Shiori nodded happily at Yuuka. "It looks good on you, Yuuka-neesan." Thank Be Blue V for their sales. "Um, I'll hand out the rest of the presents, and then I'll come back here. The food looks... really good." And really rich. Chocolate fondue? So much for diets.

Making her way over to Hinata and Masumi, with the occasional glance at Akatsuki. There was something about Shiori's manner which was... nervous? Something about Akatsuki had made Shiori uneasy around the senpai. But they hadn't really talked all that much since Shiori left SEES, so what was the problem?

Shiori tried to peer surreptitiously at Masumi. Guy? Girl? Something in between? Something else entirely? Who was this mysterious person?

The talk about resonances made Shiori blink, and smile. Could this person be another spotter? "It's very... /busy/, isn't it?" she said quietly. "Everyone in one place, all together... oh, um." She bobbed her head. "Shiori Hibiki. Gekkoukan first-year." Why did Masumi look familiar? "Pleased to meet you."

Rustle rustle. Another package; this one looked like it was some sort of clothing. "Hina-chan, I hope this is all right..." It was a scarf, red, particularly long. "You can share it with your sisters, if you'd like."

Hitoshi's presence was noted with a speculative stare, and a glance at Yuuka. We Will Have Words Later. "Taniguchi-san, good evening. And merry Christmas." Rustle rustle. Box. "Um, I didn't know what to get, so I hope this isn't too presumptuous of me..." A book jacket cover. Partly because of Hitoshi's literary works, and partly because his current girlfriend loved to read. A good match?

Minagi's challenge was ignored?!

Minagi falls over, standing up and looking dejected. Instead, she takes another bite of her already heaping plate of food and looks up to Minato and Junpei...and then Aigis as they come down. "Hey Minato-san! Junpei-san! Aigis-san! Apparently there are X's on the ground. That means you have to hug whoever comes into the same X as you right? That's how Mistletoe works?" She says, still not getting it even after it was explained to her.

Minagi also squints at Masumi...wasn't that very pretty girl familar? She stares at him a bit longer, rubbing her eyes for a minute. Of course, she then spotted Thora, there may or may not be an explosion if their eyes meet, and the clocks may advance a bit closer to GO time.

"I think we are out of chocolate." Minagi eats another piece of whatever she has piled on her plate.

"Yes! Yes, I did," Hitoshi confirms as he continues to try and dodge bumping into people and stepping on the X's. Press Triangle to two-step! Square to moonwalk! He smiles at Hinata rather warmly at her greeting, trying to get to where he can regard her properly. But, things are made difficult by people jockying around and the X's. He tries to keep from stepping on them. Really.

"I've got something here for you, if you'd like!"

When Shiori approaches him, and he regards her, he tilts his head. When offered his first gift of the night, he takes it, placing it into the bag. "Thank you, Hibiki-san! And remember, please. Hitoshi." He beams a little bit. He's not opening his gifts immediately, either.

Thora watches Shirou pass Fumiya a gift and immediately pales a little. This was actually the first Christmas season she's really had to care about other people (mother side) as far as gifts went. She hadn't bought anything and probably would have been too busy to do gift shopping given exams. Maybe she could just tell people that their stuff was in the mail. Or would be given on Christmas. "Aw, thanks Shirou."

As usual, the number of resonances in here makes it feel like walking into one of those scented candle stores to Thora. A bit of concentration and she could pick out specific smells but right now she'd much rather ignore them. Thora hears Hinata call out to her (senpai no less!!) and turns to grin. A large arm loops around Shirou to tug him over and Thora walks over to introduce him.

On the way over, she does pause as she makes eyecontact with Minagi. For a split second there's an EXTREME CLOSE UP of both of their eyes! ....but when the page turns, Thora is already walking away, eager to continue having a good time tonight. "Hinata-chan! I want you to meet Shirou. Formally and stuff."

Pulling the halpless youth up alongside her, Thora beams. "He's my boyfriend." A statement that may come to a shock to hear, at least to Shirou, as Thora had held a strict policy of not spreading their relationship around.

Thora stops cold, however, when she notices Masumi. As pretty as he looks tonight, she still definitely knows it's him. An awkward look crosses her face now.

Fumiya can totaally tell that Masumi is a dude because he's not showing up on his 'babe-dar'. Plus he met him once before, and even though he never really paid attention to him at all it was still enough to give him 'dude vibes' tonight.

"Huh..." Fumiya says, hearing Thora wonder about Shiki and Itsuka's absence. "Good question, I thought for sure he'd be here tonight." Especially since the /last/ time Fumiya was at the SEES dorm it was for another, different, party for Shiki's birthday. He was starting to associate the dorm with Shiki and parties, which is good since the /other/ thing he could associate the dorm with is Shinjiro and /guilt/.

Before he could go meet and greet some more he's intercepted by Shirou and given /Transformers Season One/. "Oh dude, sweet! This was the only time they got the whole Transformers thing right, it's classic!" Does he mean it? Is he just being overly-enthusiastic? It is a mystery! And, in order to hide the fact that he didn't get Shirou anything, he silently nudges him to punt him towards Thora and under a mistletoe since /SOMEONE/ has to be the first couple to get caught by his trap--- err, party decorations.

"Yoooooo Aigis-babe!" He calls out as she finally comes down the stairs. The lights on his clothing start blinking erradically, must be a coincidence. "I was wondering if you were even gonna be here."

Minagi's challenge wasn't as much ignored as lost in the sheer volume of people, mistletoe, and NEON. There will be time for dance-offs soon. Sooooon.

When Hinata had first thought of inviting Masumi, it was merely a chance to help a friend enjoy the holidays. Not to mention the pair were becoming good friends. This was what friends did. However, she had not worked her cunning plan to count for Akatsukis. Maybe Minako-chan or someone would be there to keep him company, and that would take care of everything!

Or he could go stag and walk right up to them and start flirting. With Masumi. Shiori's gift is almost dropped, the first-year doing a quick fumbling catch that would make Yosuke proud. "Ah- Thank you, Shiori!" She flips it over a shoulder, planning to swap it out after her brain stops its endless loop of flat 'whats'. Ah, there it goes!

"Senpai, this is my friend, Masumi. We met when I was trapped in Mikage-Cho. And, uh, Masumi, this is my senpai, Akatsuki." OK, senpai should figure things out by now, hopefully.

She'd say more, but Thora has precedence. "H-hey! We've met!" Any awkward feelings go right out the window at seeing the pair so close and enjoying each other, "He came over yesterday to drop off your letter, and we were talking- uh-"

Great, now /Thora's/ confused too! "Uh, yeah, I'm not sure if you met Masumi at Mikage-Cho..."

Was someone calling her? "H-Hey, Hitoshi-san! C'mon over!" Like Hinata's going to try navigating that minefield!

Aigis-babe. That means Fumiya-dude (she has done research off screen) is present. Aigis takes her attention off Minato (sort of, her attention is, at a minimum, at about 25 percent on Minato at all times). She tilts her head at Fumiya curiously, then looks over his clothing. Aigis is not wearing her casual 'uniform' but is otherwise unremarkably adorned.

"Hello, Fumiya-dude." She says. "I am present. I apologize for the delay. I..."

--had to observe Minato in his sleep vaguely disgusted by his inability to get in bed on time what would Minako think? What would Minako think?

"Had to finish some last minute business." She says. "Are you having a good time?" She smiles, then. She can vaguely see Thora and Masumi from where she is but, well, flashing lights are distracting.

Minato just shrugs at Junpei, smiling a little. "Guess so," he says, suppressing a yawn. On the way down the stairs, he waves back up at Aigis, and then down at Minagi. He suspects nothing, Aigis! Don't worry! He'll probably appreciate not getting a cold or the plague from your diligence at some point, too. Right now he just assumes he cleans it up and doesn't think about it.

Minato stops at the bottom of the staircase, looking around at the festivities and the people gathered. He smiles a little bit, hands in his pockets. Weirdly, his headphones and MP3 player are completely absent. Oh well; it's a minor thing, really.


Minato's MP3 player, left on, plays the Jaws theme as a warning to an empty room.

"Glad you enjoy-oh geeze!" He is nudged by Fumiiy and then /dragged/ by Thora over to Hinata. The boy just kinda stays silent for the most part, smiling and nodding and hanging on for death sweet life. As much as he loved parties, he was rather rendered awkward via the sheer /volume/ of people.

Masumi is recognized after a moment of almost-oogling. He feels... almost rather jealouse that he looks so good. Maybe he'll start to do up his hair, or at least do more with it then comb it out and then throw it into a ponytail... Wonderful, he's feeling inadequite over another guy.

"Err, nice seeing you all again. I was told there was to be punch and pie..."

"Hey, Arisato-san, Iori-san, Aigis-san!" Yuuka chirps a greeting to her three fellow second years as she continues sliding against the wall, narrowly avoiding sitting on the couch underneath mistletoe. "Aiee...!" She chirps, quietly, still heading for the karaoke machine. Her steps are slow, careful; anyone could push her under a mistletoe if they wanted.

... or picked her up and carry her under one.

Please don't get any ideas Taniguchi, Iori, Watanabe.

Shioris' look is met with a completely innocent one. What'd she do?

To draw something of a parellel, Masumi appears like a person that is standing on a high bluff overlooking some great and ancient city, perhaps Paris or Rome, right as the most glorious sunset is occurring in the distance and bathing the entire city in deep reds and golds. It''s easily the most beautiful thing Masumi has ever experienced, and deeply, deeply entrancing. The sensation of so many Resonances coming together, moving in and out of one another.

The feminine youth is not a Spotter, cannot sense things which are hidden or otherwise cast out to find people or things at distances, but he is extremely sensitive to the /feel/ of Resonances in the open. The subtle nuances and feelings which they incite within him. It''s amazing. Masumi in fact closes his eyes for several moments to simply drink it all in, allowing the feelings to slowly cascade over his soul in a mixture of positive energies. Even the very occassional negative Resonance he feels seems...muted tonight, blending in with the general ebb and flow of the most beautiful dance ever.

Akatsuki probably has to repeat himself once or twice to break Masumi from his reverie. "Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry," he apologizes softly and with tones of genuine contriteness as he seems to shake himself back to the real world. "Masumi Hayashi," he introduces himself in kind with a small, friendly bow. Even his name his wonderfully adrodgynous! The youth's delicate lips turn upwards just slightly into a demure smile at the compliment. "We met in Mikage-Cho," he replies freely.

For everyone else, Masumi is generally quietly hovering by Hinata's side, seeming rather reserved in the face of all the unfamiliar faces. He is however very pleasant to anyone that approaches him. "It''s amazing," he replies softly to Shiori, deep tones of wonder in his delicate tones. "Masumi Hayashi," he introduces himself pleasantly to her as well. "Inaba, Second-Year, and the pleasure is all mine." Not flirtatious, really, but as if he genuinely meant it. He might not even be the right gender for flirting -- it's really, really hard to tell tonight!

Masumi returns Minagi's gaze without animosity despite the nature of their last meeting, perhaps not quite realizing that she doesn't immediately recognize him. He at the very least is very aware of people looking at him due to the nature of his work.

"Hello, Kobayahshi-san," he greets warmly to Thora when she approaches, after she is finished talking with Hinata. In contrast to her awkwardness, he seems very natural in his current entire, as if he were entirely comfortable in it. Really, it's only the natural step or two up from his normal appearance, and perhaps in a way not /too/ unexpected for his idea of dressing up for a party.

Masumi does not immediately notice Aigis, his attention still mostly caught up in being entranced and a little starry-eyed at the amazing richness of Resonances in the room and the people immediately in front of him, that are primarily flocking around Hinata.

Must. Make it through the sea of X's. Hitoshi is nervous enough as it is at the time... He's just trying -very- hard to not show it. As he finally does make his way around people and to Hinata, Hitoshi bows his head slightly. "Hinata-san! Merry Christmas!" He then holds out a nice little looking box, beaming. "I'm going with form and functionality. I already gave Akatsuki-sempai his gift! I'm sure he'll like it." He grins a little bit. Hinata's is a form-present, though: it's a bandana patterned with various baseball-esque designs. Fitting, considering her always wearing that jersey around! He grins and nods. "Hope you like yours, too!" At which point, he's steadily moving away again... navigating slowly. His eyes scan...

And then lock. Target aquired: Chiba Yuuka. He begins to take his first step... And it's at this point the Jaws theme reaches it's loud point as he goes...

Minagi, however, gets the initive!

Leaving her plate of food, she makes a rush for Yuuka, gives her a big hug if she doesn't dodge, and walks back to her food. Putting her and Yuuka in the same X for a moment. Ok, who are we kidding, Minagi didn't leave her food, it's on a plate, and Yuuka might have smelled the combination of various foods that /just should not be together/.

"Merry Christmas, Yuuka-san!" munch. "Want some?"

Shiori closed her eyes momentarily, letting all the resonances flood in.

"It is," she replied quietly to Masumi. So many Persona-users in one place, and for once, Shiori didn't have to worry about /fighting/ anyone or anything.

Who else had Shiori prepared presents for? She seemed to be trying to deal with this part of the Christmas party first, rather than the usual stop-and-mingle. The bags of presents was looking significantly slimmer now.

Then again, Souji didn't seem to be here, and neither was Shiki, or at least not yet. Two presents that she'd have to hand over next time.

"... Hitoshi-san, then," Shiori said. Did she seem somewhat less friendly than she had been when they met at the Junes food court? Quite possibly.

Another glance at Akatsuki, but nothing else was said. Shiori merely bobbed her head again in farewell, as she withdrew. Who else... oh. Right. Shiori took a deep breath, and braced herself.

"Aigis-senpai, Arisato-senpai." Blink. "And, uh... Iori-senpai?" Shiori hesitated, with one hand in the present bag. She hadn't prepared anything for Junpei, mostly because she had completely forgotten about him.

Probably best to just steamroll past the awkward situation.

"Please accept these small tokens of my thanks," she said politely, bowing. Minato would get a large, awkward-looking box: a pair of headphones, which was probably the second-most expensive item Shiori had bought for this party. Then again, this was only middling-range in quality; Minato probably had better. Maybe he could exchange it with someone else?

Aigis would get a smaller box. A silk pouch, made from kimono fabric. Shiori had noted that Aigis didn't wear a kimono to Yuuka's tea ceremony, and while an entire kimono would be far too expensive, at least she could make a start.

Without waiting for a reply, Shiori bowed again, and backed away. Escaping from the awkward, perhaps.

Michiru Fukase doesn't socialize in large groups a lot, and while she is perhaps not a timid Terrence inclined to go hide in the corners, being involved in a social mixer with rich people from another part of the country is a little unusual.

She sidles in through the doorway, having taken the train alone and feeling, perhaps, a bit isolated. The big X's on the floor are eyed for a moment, but she appears to not get it -- given how she's crossing heedlessly towards the fondue fountain!!

Wow! There is a lot of people, Junpei thinks to himself! Even more than he expected to seeto come -- fortunately, there is a lot of room here for everyone!

"Hello, hello!" Iori shouts heartily, making his way to the punch and the food table. He don't seem to mind that there was nothing prepared for him by Shiori -- also, he wonders what she's doing here. Still glad to see her. "Yeah! I bet he was still sleeping on the desk studying, Aigis--wouldya belive it!?"

"Yesterday? Letter?" Thora looks so confused. Maybe Hinata was referring to someone else's letter unless there was some KDA thing Shirou was passing on to Hinata. "Well y'know, I didn't know if you had a proper meeting or anything like that." She didn't really count the missions as good 'meeting times.'

"Hayashi." Thora says, looking to the feminine male. "I didn't expect to see you all the way out here." Her golden eyes shift to Hinata again and she adds, "Yeah, we've met. He's from Inaba so we've...seen each other around." There was also Mikage-cho, of course.

SUDDENLY. /Aigis detected/. Thora whirls, thankfully not dragging Shirou along this time. hey, if he wanted to go leap into one of those misletoe patches, he could go right ahead. "Aigis! Hi Aigis!" She notices the other young man nearby the robot and a little bit of her cheer disappears.

"...hello Iori."

Akatsuki is indeed here alone. If it's any consolation, he was out having dinner with a girl earlier!, that really wouldn't be a consolation, would it? He does notice Shiori seeming nervous--apparently thanks to him? Akatsuki has to wonder why that is, but he already promised himself he wouldn't try to meddle into her life anymore. If there's some reason she's nervous of him, even if he has no idea what it is, it's better to give her her space. If she values their friendship, she'll tell him what it is on her own time. When she bobs her head in good-bye, he does likewise.

"So you two met in Mikage-cho, huh," Akatsuki murmurs, giving Masumi a thoughtful look. Masumi... Wasn't that name included in the reports? Something about it niggles at him, though he can't quite put his finger on it. He decides to set it aside for now and give 'her' another friendly smile here. "I hope you enjoy your time here, Hayashi. I'll let Hinata take care of you, though."

With that, Akatsuki turns to step towards the refreshments table to get a drink. He grins when he sees Minato with Junpei and Aigis in tow, and throws the SEES field leader a wave across the sea of people.

Heh, 'Fumiya-dude', not bad. Fumiya simply grins at Aigis to let her know she 'did it right', and turns his attention to the rest of the lobby. Damn this place filled up in a hurry.

His lights fritz out again, this time he notices. Looking down in confusion, he pats his sweater in a few places and they come back on. Weird. Must be a short or something. Ah well, it's not like that could somehow cause a problem or anything ever.

Duhn duhn duuuuuuuuhhhhn.

Shirou blinks as Thora twirls, and tags along, looking just a hint like a little lost puppy. He gives a smile and nod to the very girlish Masumi, as he goes. He has /got/ to ask him what shampoo he uses...

"More friends of yours Thora?" He vaguely knows Aigis, but the particular circumstances evade him. Iori he has no clue about. "Err, nice to mee you..."

Aigis is also paying the mistletoe very little mind. This may be because she is secretly A GROUCH or it may be because she is still presently downloading what she is supposed to do in such situations. She isn't content with a wiki article, she wants the full range of possibilities before she makes a first step. Presently, she is talking to Fumiya. "Your lights are behaving oddly." Aigis says. "I hope it is safe--"


She bobs her head pleasantly at Fumiya and gives him a hifive which may cause minor injury.

Nodding to him politely she looks over to Thora and waves towards her (she sees Masumi but, well, Thora).

"I missed you." She says, "I'm glad you made it."

She glances to Shirou whose dungeon she vaguely recalls as being pretty insane.

"Hello." She says, "You are Thora-Chan's friend, correct?"

BIG SMILE. She is glad THora has so many friends.

"I would believe it, Junpei-Kun." She adds.

Just down the street from the festive SEES dorm, a solitary figure stalks homewards. It's been a rather long day of Shinjiro doing... whatever the hell he does, and he's perhaps anticipating opening the door to a nice and quiet dormitory, full of nice and quiet docile children, all studying for their upcoming exams in a nice and quiet 'not bothering Shinjiro' sort of way.

This context may explain just why it is Shinjiro is so disappointed when he actually keycards into the dorm and opens the door.

To his credit, he doesn't do more than blink at the total disconnect between 'what he expected' and 'what he actually sees.' His expression, thereafter, quickly degenerates from 'neutral' into 'extremely put out.' He almost just turns around and leaves, but an obligation to check on the cat means he's stuck.

Somewhat determinedly, he shoulders in and starts cutting through the room nonetheless. He isn't precisely walking so quickly that he can't be addressed, but neither does he look particularly festive. He's also completely ignoring the mistletoe, the X's, the implications-- all of it!! The mistletoe can uproot itself and get the hell out his way as far as he's concerned.

The mistletoe moves for Shinjiro Aragaki.


Somewhere, a ChoRyuJin is formed.

However, Minagi and Yuuka finally break their hug, and Minagi follows back to the refreshment table.

She was getting low on food. Munch munch..

She also looks at Akatsuki, blinking at him.

"Uh, hi...I don't think we met! I'm Minagi!" She says, with all of the cheerfulness she can muster.

Target lost. As she takes off before Hitoshi can get through the minefield, Hitoshi audibly curses. "Damn it." He looks around again. He looks toward the way he -thinks- she went. Likewise, Hitoshi begins to cut through the minefield. As he goes, he doesn't really realize he's hitting one X after another, calling out. "Hey, Yuuka-san!"

He stops short, though. Blinking, he tilts his head a little and looking down. Then up.

"Oh, -damn.-"

... This could get awkward.

Minato is suddenly assailed by Shiori. He blinks once, accepting the awkward-looking box and bowing in return. He smiles a little bit, in his manner of thanking someone. It becomes easy to pick up on this sort of thing when the guy people have to listen to doesn't actually speak more than once in a blue moon.

He's not really sure what that was all about. He does have higher quality ones, but his backup pair got washed a while back. It's thoughtful. Nice, even. He watches Shiori back up and leave, and opens his mouth to say something... but nothing actually comes out. He just sighs a little to himself.

Minato raises his hand and waves back at Akatsuki, over the surprising croud. He spots Shinjiro start to come in, and looks... surprised. For a given value of it. Much like Shinjiro, all he does is sort of blink, approximating shock with a single facial movement. He should be a mime or something.

Minato starts across the room, apparently intending to either say 'hi' or 'mingle' or something. He doesn't seem to have noticed the X's, or he'd be skillfully avoiding them.

Michiru has her shoulders a little hunched up, perhaps to avoid bumping into anybody else, perhaps simply to avoid looking at too many folks before she can drink something, as it is rather chilly outside. She does, though, see a familiar face (or form, perhaps, more accurately). She turns her head as she comes near the refreshment table, straightening slightly to raise a hand to wave to Aigis --

-- while like less than eighteen inches away from Akatsuki. She jostles against him, letting out a little noise of surprise and turning towards him. "Oh!" she says, eyes wide as she looks up at the handsome young man, feeling her foot slip slightly -- but not enough to give out -- continuing rather hastily, "Sorry."

Her foot had slipped on one of those questionable green X's. "Ah -"

Junpei, already with a cup of punch in hand, is drinking from it when he notices someone coming. Oh god. It's her. She's... not bad. She's just... man, she's kinda scary. He know she's not all that bad from what he hears, though.

"...Hey, Kobayashi." Iori says, forming up a smile as an attempt to be at least friendly,. "Glad you could come."

There's just the faintest glimmer of guilt to Hinata's eyes as she nods to her senpai. "I'll take good care of- uh-" Wait. What the hell was she saying!? "Y-Yeah, Merry Christmas, senpai!" Yeah, she needed to learn a few things, to appreciate some other things more, but there's still a little pain there. Regret? Mmmmmmmmaybe.

"Oh!" Obtained: 1 x Bandana. Between that and the scarf, the amber-haired girl wonders if she was really that lacking in head accessories. She'd so try the gift on now, but, yeah, it totally does not match with her outfit. "Thank you, Hitoshi-san!" she beams back. "It'll come in handy during baseball season!" There's some rummaging through her bag almost immediately, as she realizes what she's been forgetting to do all along. "Here's yours," she nods as a parcel is handed over. Hitoshi obtains: 1 x Writing Journal! Because not everyone appreciates Microsoft Word!

"H-Hey! Minato-senpai! Aigis-senpai! J-Junpei-senpai!?" HE REALLY DOES EXIST. "Merry Christmas!" And there's some strange Michiru she hasn't met yet! Soon! She's about to tug Masumi over to the karaoke machine when there's one more entrant to the party!

What, you think you could date her older sister and get away without even a Seasons' Greetings, Shinjiro? "Merry Christmas, Shinjiro-senpai." At least she's not shouting. In fact, Hina's being quite proper, calm, and outright subdued. There's also a package extended for him too. "I was going to leave this at your door, but..." If and when he unwraps it, Shinji will have a dark colored woolen scarf of his very own. 'cause its cold out there, and it won't make him look any less wimpy wearing it.

Akatsuki has not been paying the mistletoe the slightest mind. As he heads towards the refreshments table, Yuuka all but runs into him just as they're crossing a cluster of red and green and possibly white. He stops, dancing a half-step around her agilely. "Oh, hey, Chiba. It's good seeing you," the third-year says conversationally. "Good work setting up the party with Watanabe-kun--it looks like a real success. Though," and he glances up at the ceiling--there is no possible way he couldn't see the mistletoe directly above them-- "I think Watanabe-kun overdid it a little." He looks down and smiles again at Yuuka, as well as Hitoshi who's just joined the two of them, before gesturing at the refreshments table. "I was going to get something to drink. Would you two care to join me?"

When he's addressed by Minagi, Akatsuki glances over her way, then smiles. Minagi... Meaning /that/ Minagi. "It's nice to meet you, Shimizu," he replies, polite/friendly enough. "I've heard a lot about you, naturally. I'm Akatsuki Enda." He begins to take a step in her direction, moving out of the mistlebomb area... Wait, isn't he even going to try to take advantage of the mistletoe? This is about when Michiru likewise jostles against him, and he stops to face her, holding out a hand to steady her if necessary. "Ah, sorry about that! Are you all right?" Another girl he doesn't recognize... Probably one of the KDA's. He likewise seems to pay no mind to the little green X on the floor. What game is he playing here?

This is around when Shinjiro stalks into the dorm. Akatsuki looks up towards the other third-year, and something briefly clouds his dark amber eyes. It's been a while since he's seen Aragaki--not since a couple months ago... Assuming Shinjiro catches his eye, Akatsuki will give him a polite nod. "I didn't figure you for the party type, Aragaki," he'll observe as well.

"This is my -best- friend, Shirou." Thora announces with a hint of triumph in her voice. Hey, a year ago, she didn't have friends! A year ago she was transferring schools /again/ after popping a teacher in the jaw. Clearly this is a big accomplishment! "Maybe you recognize her from when..." she gestures vaguely, but doesn't explicitly say 'television'. "...she was there to help."

Junpei gets off the hook. Was Thora really holding a grudge back from that one time in the Sky museum months ago? /Maybe/. That or she was just chilly towards people she didn't know all that well.

"Shirou is my boyfriend." She tells Aigis with a tone that suggests This Is A Distinction. Of course, Aigis has a boyfriend, right? Teddie? "We work together. We're also in the same class at school, actually."

A familiar feeling overcomes Thora and she turns suddenly to spot Shinjiro walking in the door. Judging by the look on his face and the clothing he wears, he wasn't expecting a party. Unable to help herself, Thora bursts out laughing at this sight.

"Hey." Thora rumbles neutrally at Junpei. "Wouldn't miss this."

Shirou smiles and bows just a bit. "Aigis... it's truely a pleasure to meet you. I've heard quite a bit about you." He gives a wide smile, even as he rubs the back of his neck a little. "Yeah, that's all a bit of a blur for me Thora... hon." He adds quietly, trying out this /actual public affection/ thing.

Really, called boyfriend /twice/ now. It's amazing. Once he can pass off as a fluke, but.

Junpei he nods a bit to as well. "Nice to meet ya too."

Minagi is completely ignorant of what might have been said about her.

Of course, if he knows about her, she already has steeled herself against possibly being hated. She was alright with this...she could deal with this. She forces a smile up, keeping the facade of the happy go lucky random kid with the larger than life appitite.

It wasn't as hard as you might think. "Oh? I hope you heard good things then." She says, with a wry tone, and put some more food into her plate. She also looks for something to drink.

"If not, I am sorry." Honestly, reflex was to appologize upon meeting new people.

Masumi generally is shadowing Hinata very closely tonight. The feminine youth possesses too deep of a poise to really be /nervous/, but he is definitely very reserved in the face of the unfamiliar environs coupled with so many unfamiliar faces. He feels very much like the outsider tonight.

Although Masumi is generally exceptionally aware of his surroundings, the X's end up getting exceptionally low priority between his continued entrancement by the beauty of so many Resonances collected together one place, and also trying to carefully keep track of all the new faces. The ones he does notice are only avoided so far as it does not come across as awkward or otherwise disrupt his soft, elegant gait -- which means he ends up walking underneath quite a few over the course of the evening.

Hinata's path eventually progresses in such a way that the feminine youth finally catches sight of Aigis. His gaze at once becomes much more demure, even as a very deep, soft light shines up from behind his azure eyes. "Hello, Aigischan," he says softly, demurely, but there's an unmistakeable warmth within his tones. He is very glad to see her again.

And then...and then Masumi subconsciously takes a step closer to Hinata as if for protection when their paths intersect with Shinjiro, as the feeling of the older youth's Resonance slams into him like a physical punch to the chest. His gaze immediately averts to the ground, even he blushing? No, surely not. But he is /definitely/ intimidated just by Shinji's aura, as sensitive as he is to them.

Aigis waves towards Michiru, wondering what's with all the X's on the floor. Nothing she has downloaded really explains this. She seems pretty distracted. Hrmm. It has been a while since she has talked with Michiru. Maybe this is a good opportunity to try again ... ... after she is done seductifying Akatsuki, perhaps.

She looks back to Thora and Shirou, eyes widening. "Oh, hello there." She says, "I am glad it has worked out." She thinks she recalls Thora mentioning this to her, though it was ages ago and is buried under a lot of other files by this point. Perhaps she should check it out.

"You have?" She asks of Shirou, bobbing her head to Masumi, smiling at her. "You seem to be doing well."

She has a second question and hesitates, just a little, before asking it of the two--Hinata provides some distraction, allowing Aigis to do another wave before she finally settles that she really should ask it because, from what she understands, it is important.

"Have you two scored, then?" She asks.

Clearly Shiori was distracted by /something/ during this party, with the glances she kept directing at Yuuka, Hitoshi, Akatsuki, and Minato, in order of worry. She very carefully did not look at Fumiya, mostly because then she'd have to say something, and then it would all go terribly wrong.

So many people. Shiori sensed resonances by sound, and it was... overwhelming. Masumi seemed to think it was glorious, and it /was/, but in Shiori's current state, she didn't quite need a full-blown symphony.

She carefully made her way past the mistletoe traps, and attempted not to collapse onto the couch, and only failed slightly; at least she looked like she meant to do that.

So many people. Some of whom she hadn't seen in a while... wasn't that Shinjiro? Who looked as scary as ever. Minagi, with the food (always with the food). Shirou and Thora, and Shiori felt a sudden pang for Wataru's absence. A... girl, Shiori didn't recognize, but who looked very slightly familiar.

So many people, so many resonances, so...

... so tired.

After a very short while, Shiori shifted position, and mumbled: "... five more minutes..."

Michiru feels her face coloring. "Oh, yeah," she answers Akatsuki, but she already heard the introduction (at least part of it). She straightens up without moving away from the AoE zone of Doom, and bows very slightly. "I'm fine. I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Michiru Fukase, I'm from Yasogami -"

Think of something cool to say, numbfuck! she thinks to herself. Then, looking downwards, she asks, "Are these from something else --?" She shifts her foot back from the green X. "I have like, ah, I mean I've never really gone to a Christmas party like this."

Then, "Oh is that sushi?"

Junpei suddenly chokes.

Shinjiro seems to approve of this new, improved, subdued Hinata; he pauses when she addresses him, gazing down at her questioningly a few moments before she tells him 'Merry Christmas' (answered with a nod), and he's... given a gift?? Shinjiro looks completely bemused as she pushes it into his hands, but encouragingly enough he doesn't try to give it back. Not overtly, anyway.

He looks the box over a few moments, turning it in a manner that suggests he's just at a loss, before he hmphs something that could be acceptance. "Didn't have to find me shit, you know that. Could've been put to better use somewhere else," he finally says, though his voice is tempered with a rather gentler tone. The softer tone is, perhaps, his substitute for actually saying 'thank you.' For a few moments, his gaze does stray directly to Hinata's uncommonly-pretty companion, who he completely takes for a girl. He appraises Masumi even after the other boy's gaze drops away, clearly a bit puzzled as to who all these strangers are. Why, back in SHINJIRO'S day, SEES was only composed of three people, it was easy to keep track--

He's swiftly distracted when Thora laughs. He glances up, notices she's laughing AT him, and promptly gives her the most withering stare in his arsenal.

That he pauses to do this, however, has the unfortunate side effect of trapping him long enough that even more people can accost him. He glances over at Akatsuki as the other senior addresses him, his expression heading straight back towards a tense sort of neutrality. "...I'm not," he retorts, a little annoyed by the very insinuation he MIGHT be, so to speak, a 'Party Cat.' "Didn't know this shit was on tonight."

"H-hey, Enda-senpai, I- I'm sorry about nearly running into you there...!" The second year is clearly flustered from the slight stammer, even as he steps to the side, crashing into Hitoshi right as he stops and looks up. "Augh!" She yelps, bouncing off the first year. "U-um...!"

Pause, awkward moment.

"S-sorry Taniguchi-san, I'll um...!" Dammit, mistletoe! The second year heads straight off the floor, only to skid to a stop next to Shinjiro. "A-aragaki-senpai, welcome...!" A hasty bow, and Yuuka holds it as he says he wasn't aware of the party. Don't breathe, Chiba. Don't even /move/.

"I-i'm sorry, Aragaki-senpai, I-I thought the notices had made it around the whole dorm e-especially with my help from the Itohs with food and the karakoe machine an-and I'm really sorry, I didn't think anyone might want quiet, um...!"


As if on cue after Aigis' well meaning, if in poor taste, comment to Thora and Shirou, Fumiya's sweater-lights short out again. This time, though, they don't come back on.

His shoulder, though, suddenly comes aflame.


Making a bee-line for the punch bowl, Fumiya pretty much tackles it, sending the beverage flying everywhere, soaking his clothes and anyone nearby, and knocking several pieces of mistletoe out of the ceiling.

Fumiya sheepishly lifts the punchbowl off his head, and quickly locates the battery of his sweater, yanking it out.

"I'm too hot for these clothes anyway."

Interputs the pose order to inform you all that Minagi is now covered in punch.

Also, there is some mistletoe on her head.


Bumper-Car Yuuka? Hitoshi watches her bounce around a bit from person to person, and once she bounces off of him and away, he watches her spin off into yet another direction. Regarding Akatsuki, he grimances, but manages a smile. "I promise I'm not putting you off, Akatsuki-sempai! I'll be right back!" And off he goes again, toward Shinjiro and Yuuka... just in time to catch the swearing.

He stops short, making a bit of a noise in his throat to indicate he's there. Otherwise, he says nothing. Also, once again, trapped, unknowingly, under a mistletoe sprig. This is not his night.

Shinjiro stares fixedly at Yuuka as she gets stuck in a 'bow' animation in front of him and begins to stammer apologies. In truth, the expression he's wearing is his confused look... but being that he's Shinjiro, his 'confused' expression is largely indistinguishable from his 'debating whether object in targeting reticule is edible' one.

A very long few moments pass.

"The hell are you apologizing to me about...?" he finally questions, with what he thinks is a relatively mild tone of voice. "Didn't say people couldn't have a little fun once in a while." Within REASON.

Ouch. That withering glare actually makes Thora's laughter die down to a faint snicker. She doesn't seem to apologetic for Shinjiro's plight though, especially as he's soon mobbed by ducklings. Hey if Thora could adapt to social situations like these, Shinjiro eventually could as well, /right/?

Aigis's question out of nowhere catches Thora off guard completely. The giant girl whips around to stare at her best friend and, as seconds tick by, she realizes she should have expected this question. Neatly composing herself, Thora gives her a wry smile.

"Ma-" she begins but her answer is abruptly cut off as Fumiya has an ACCIDENT. "FUMIYA IS ON FIRE!"

"Oh thank the Gods" Is how Shirou answers /that/ one, after Thora blurts out that his best(?) friend is on fire.

Shirou /can/ be kind of a dick after all.

He rushes over to his friend though, squatting down onto his haunches as he offers a hand. "Dude... next time, abspestos. Or like... not wear an entire Christmas Tree..."

There are times for Excessively And Perhaps Annoyingly Cheerful Hinata. And then there are times for Quiet And Respectful Potentially Future Little Sister Who Knows You Totally Didn't Expect All This Unneccessary Hullabaloo. This was one of those times. There is, however, a tiny, yet still respectful, smile at Shinjiro's protest. "Hey, sometimes you are the best person to spend it on." If she had anything further to say is lost in a quick succession of events.

Aigis just asked someone if they scored. No, seriously, she did. Hinata is very certain that this happened.

Before she can answer, however, there's a very flaming 80's kid running right past them and diving into the punch. Hinata remains unwavering.

Indeed, she's about to apologize to Shinjiro for walking in on an apparenty slapstick comedy, but he's already making evil glares at Thora and here's Yuuka and yeeeeahhhhhhh. "Y-Yeah, I think I'll go look for a fire extinguisher now." She spins right around-

- and runs right into Masumi who she totally didn't catch being so close to her in all the insanity. "Oof!"

Most of what Akatsuki's heard of Minagi is related to reports that were made to the SEES board. So... no, a lot of it is not especially great. He's nothing if not polite, though, and shrugs slightly at her apology. "I've heard various things," he replies, which is also true. As for Shiori, well, Akatsuki still sees her glances, but if she doesn't want to interact with others, that's still her perogative; no one's forcing her to stay, except perhaps the demons in her own head. He'll respect her boundaries. Besides, there is Michiru right here.

"Michiru... That's a pretty name," Akatsuki muses, smiling at her. "If you mean the mistletoe, that's actually a tradition, I think American; if you're caught under it--"

Cue Fumiya. Cue Fumiya catching on fire and diving for the punch bowl. Out of reaction more than anything else, the Gekkoukan senior grabs Michiru around the waist and takes a wide step-step-step to twirl the both of them out of the splash range. " kiss whomever is nearby," he concludes, setting Michiru down and removing his hands. A quick glance over at Fumiya shows that he's relatively okay and there are other people attending to him, so he returns his gaze to Michiru. "I apologize for the man-handling."

He'd reply to Shinjiro, except he's gotten trapped by Yuuka flailing that someone might not have wanted a party tonight. "Don't worry about it, Chiba," he raises his voice, calling over to her. "Aragaki's not always at the dorm, after all." And Shinjiro himself says that it's fine if other people have fun. Meanwhile, Hitoshi gets himself over under some mistletoe. Akatsuki watches this with some amusement. This seems to be happening a lot.

Finally, Minagi. Akatsuki flicks a glance at her, frowning slightly, but retrieves some papertowels from the upended table and offers most of them to her. "Here you are," he says politely, removing the mistletoe from her head and wrapping it in the remaining towels. "It's getting rather chaotic, isn't it?"


Wait, what.

"... O-oh..." She blinks a few times, still in the bow, but then -- Fumiya is on fcking fire and there went all the punch. "Augh!! WATANABE!!" She yells. Dashing through the crowd, the small girl hops over the couch, and slides next to Shirou. "I knew that- you- just - Fumiya, I - you owe...! /Augh!/ ...!" hand wrapping around his shirt collar, she drags him off into the girls' bathroom, which we all know Fumiya is familiar with.

Door clicks behind them.


Shiori jerked awake again, as Fumiya went up in flames. On the upside, at least that horrible sweater was /gone/. But so was most of the punch, and any semblance of order left in the party.

She hurried to Fumiya's side, checking him for injuries. (The bag with the remaining presents was left on the couch.) "Watanabe-san, that..." Was stupid. Was reckless. Was dangerous.

Was hilarious, in hindsight.

Yuuka dragged him off to the girls' bathroom, though (wait, /girls'/ bathroom?), and Shiori just shook her head. At least nobody was hurt badly.

Another glance at Akatsuki. Shiori looked like she /really/ wanted to talk to him, but was nervously... trying not to, at the same time. What gives?

She did wander over towards him, keeping some distance, and keeping behind him.

Aigis interrupts pose order to pay little mind to Minagi being covered in food. /This is how she normally is/. Similarly, Fumiya being on fire is not something TOO out of the ordinary by Aigis's estimation but she supposes she better put him out just to be on the safe side. Her arm shifts to fire extinguisher mode and she guides it towards Fumiya carefully.

He throws himself into the punch moments before Aigis fires, covering Fumiya in fire retardant foam. And probably Minagi too. Aigis doesn't consider this collateral since, well, it's probably a good thing.

The fire extinguisher hand pulls back into Aigis's arm and the hand returns. "Mission complete." She says. She nods to Thora, "Understood." She smiles. "You two seem very happy."

In her other arm, a giftbox has been placed on. She doesn't immediately open it but she remembers to say, "Thank you, Shiori-San."

Finally she agrees with Akatsuki. "Perhaps this is too many people in one lobby. I think we should all take care and minimize antics to a managable level. Please remember these dorms belong to the Kirijo Corporation, damage encrued to the facility will be billed to respective individuals."

Was someone just on fire? The flames shooting out of what Michiru identifies as Watanabe is a little - - wait, they're actual flames? Her eyes flick towards the punch bowl -- And then she's being grabbed and whirled around. Her skirt, which is probably unduly long even for the weather, twirls as she's moved, and she takes a moment to regain her footing after landing.

For some reason she can feel her heart beating faster. The room seems marginally sparklier. A moment later she realizes that a table fell over.

And Aigis shot someone with a fire extinguisher.

She breathes in sharply and steps forwards again, coming back near Akatsuki. Possibly a touch closer than she really ought to be. "Do you need a hand with the cleaning?" she asks the tall fellow, looking upwards towards him. "And if you don't -"

The writer's love interest just blew past him - again. Hitoshi stands there with the bag in his hand, frowning a little bit. He had sort of watched it all happen in slow-motion, really. Hmph. Well. He looks down at the bag for a moment, before closing it with a bit of resolve. Realizing he is once again caught under a sprig of mistletoe, he begins to try and move toward a more neutral area... not really caring, but taking care to avoid them here and there. He's kind of got this odd look on his face as he rejoins Akatsuki, putting the bag aside for now and moving to get some food. As he does, he attempts to make light conversation with the older student.

"Interesting party, huh, Akatsuki-sempai?" Deadpan, as he pops a small bite into his mouth.

Minagi blinks as the mistletoe was removed from her head, taking the towels offered to her. She starts cleaning herself off, nodding to the question presented to her. Looking back at him for a moment, then at the person that caused his whole situation. She is then hit by bits of whatever foam is in the extinguisher, having to clean her face and hair again.

"Yeah...a little chaotic. It's fun though!" She says, towards Atatsuki. "Uh...thanks for the towels." She says, a bit meekly. looking at her now ruined plate of food. She might even start to sniff a little, all that delicious food...ruined.

But the reality is that she was trying not to focus on the things he might have heard about least he wasn't reacting to her like Yoshiro did. "This...kinda chaos I like. It's...good." She says.

"...speaking of scoring..." Thora murmurs as Yuuka drags the foam-covered Fumiya off to the bathroom.

As talk of chaos starts to brew, Thora shrugs and stuffs her hands in her pockets. "Weeeeell this time it's not my fault." Has Thora been responsible for dorm chaos before? Oh yes. She's gotten into fights with Shinjiro in this lobby and furniture was upturned.

Despite the ardent 'not my fault', a tiny mischevious grin crosses her face and Thora pulls a hand out to casually shove Shirou onto one of those red Xs.

Masumi continues to very pointedly stare at the ground in the face of Shinjiro's intimidating aura, a little more color rising to his cheeks as he can feel if not see the other youth's appraising stare. The more the conversation continues, the more he instinctively inches closer to Hinata. It's not even really something he quite realizes consciously he's doing, but Shinji's Resonance only grows heavier with the passing of time, and while he talks.

It is for this reason that Masumi is rather distracted from the increasingly-insane chain of events that is occurring elsewhere, at least until people start shouting. That's enough to get him to at least glance up, and he immediately finds Hinata turning around and running into him. He didn't realize he had gotten so close, either! It's very difficult for any human to intimidate Masumi. Shinjiro does it without even trying.

"Wha-?" he starts in surprise as he realizes his proximity in the same moment that Hinata makes contact, immediately losing his balance -- but in an instinctive effort to maintain it, he reaches out for Hinata's hand to try and steady himself, still not even /quite/ realizing what's happening. This may or may not end with him simply pulling her over ontop of him as he staggers a pace or two backwards and then falls over onto his backside. Blushing furiously either way.

Minagi is now covered in Chocolate. Just wanted to interupt the pose order for this.

"It burns so good..."

Akatsuki *did* tell Shiori that he was available any time that she wanted or needed to talk to him. But he won't force herself into her life, nor will he coddle her. He notices her, but he'll let her take that first step if she actually *does* really want to talk to him.

There's also the small fact of everyone localizing around him, even after Yuuka picks up Fumiya and drags him into the girls' bathroom. Akatsuki's eyebrows go *up* at that, but he says nothing. It's... probably better not to say anything. He glances over at Aigis, smothering a smile as she sprays Fumiya and Minagi in flame-retardant foam. "You may be right," he agrees, almost as deadpan. "We should try to spread out some more, once we've cleaned up a little. Aigis, could you get some more paper towels from the bathroom, please? I don't know if we have enough out here to clean all this up." At least it was only the punch bowl that got knocked over. Either way, Akatsuki takes responsibility for FUMIYA'S MESS-UP and starts to get more napkins and such. He smiles over at Michiru when she offers to help, coming a little close. "I'd appreciate that," he murmurs, offering her some. "Thank you, Fukase. You're a kind person."

Unlike HITOSHI, who just stands there STUFFING HIS FACE. ...nah, it's cool, man. It's not like the entire table got upended. As Akatsuki kneels down to start mopping up the punch, he laughs up at his kouhai. "I know, right?" He glances over at Minagi, who is just a chokkake magnet tonight, then looks back at the newest SEES member. "...Hitoshi-kun, could you help Shimizu clean up? She'd better head on over to the bathroom too, but I won't tell you to go that far."

Ahhell Shirou is shoved. He blinks a little bit as he's /about/ to say something to her, then he notices the placement of the misseltoe.

With a bit of a smirk, Shirou leans up and kisses Thora, grinning mischieviously, after pulling back. The kiss itself was a good three seconds. " could have just asked."

Weirdly enough, once Shiori saw many people gathering around Akatsuki, she relaxed somewhat.

... had Shiori's nervousness been because she thought he was lonely?

She hung back now, directing her stare at Hitoshi. With luck, he would notice her before too long, especially when she sidled up right next to him.

Quietly, almost conspiratorially: "Hitoshi-san. What do you think about Yuuka-neesan?"

Lost in all the chaos is the opportunity to ask just what else Aigis could fire from her cannon. Water? Rainbows? Pocky? The mind boggles!

Sadly, there's no chance for Hinata to do such a thing. Her stumble into Masumi has predictable consequences, the feminine youth tumbling backwards. He reaches out for something to help keep his balance, and there's but one girl in this quadrant. Now, the tried and true method would have her taking the hand and falling right on top of Masumi. And she does, in fact take his hand...

... but Hinata's a very nimble outfielder, having dodged worse tags than this. She does trip up as Masumi falls, but she doesn't quite fall over herself. There's just enough balance for her to keep on her feet just long enough to let go and hop past his prone body.

And bounce flailing right into the very content Shirou. "Gah!" Because true comedy comes from both the unexpected and abusing the easily abused!

"Actually," Michiru says as she collects some napkins - and does lean over to start sopping up spilled punch and other materials, "I -"

> Courage check passed

"wanted to know why you didn't follow through. Are you waiting til later...?"

A few minutes later Fumiya exits the bathroom, dry but nonetheless flustered. A large burnt hole in the left shoulder of his sweater kind of ruins his entire outfit. "Someday..." He says. "...someday we'll have clothes that light up and are perfectly safe. But it is not today."

He sounds profoundly disappointed.

"But I'd better head out since I didn't bring a change of clothes, and I can't keep /this/ on all night." Heading to the door he turns once to wave. "Party on dudes and babes! Enjoy the mistletoe!"


"Shimi--" Hitoshi pauses for a moment, eyes falling on the dirtied Minagi. "Oh, you mean Minagi-san?" he asks, frowning a little. He looks toward the bathrooms. Then Minagi. Then to Akatsuki again. Then to the closed and locked girl's bathroom door. His face droops slightly. He then is sort of cornered by Shiori's question. He frowns a little bit. "Really," he remarks quietly. "You have to ask?" He's more than just a little... upheaved at the moment. He's not feeling so hot.

He then looks toward Akatsuki, nodding. "Sure. Erm, Minagi-san, would you like some help?" he asks her, moving to grab another towel...

Minagi doesn't notice the BUILDING TENTION in the room because of Shiori's lack of spine and Akatsuki being too cool. This is because she is covered in chocolate, and it sorta burns. However, Minagi's a tough cookie, and she also can't see.

"Uh...if I open my eyes it's going to burn like hell. Can...someone navorgate me?" Yes, she said navorgate!

"Like Fuuka-san navorgates us? She is an excellent navorgator."

Suddenly, as if by animation error, Minato appears by one of the food tables. He stands between three X's, apparently having somehow squeezed between them to get at a platter of tiny sandwiches with little toothpicks in them, surrounded by tiny wieners with the same. The sort that are delicious no matter what, that are lusted after by party-goers everywhere.


"So long as you don't wreck the whole god damn dormi--" Shinjiro starts to grumble, only to find himself admonishing a blinking outline as Fumiya and Yuuka disappear into the bathroom. What the hell is that about?

A slight lowering of his brows, in an expression that could be either exasperation or amusement, is his sole response.

His attention is robbed, anyway, when Masumi pitches over and almost takes Hinata with him. The girl hops nimbly past him, rolling straight on like an Itoh bowling ball into Shirou and Thora (Shinjiro doesn't even mentally comment on that), leaving the senior staring down at what he assumes is a girl tripped over on the floor.

Chivalry kicks in. ...after a fashion, anyway. Shinjiro reaches down and hefts Masumi back upright, his rough handling leaving no illusions as to the kind of strength backing that hand up. "Somebody's gonna get their ass hurt in here soon," Shinjiro complains, perhaps only having stayed as long as this because he feels leaving would be akin to abandoning a bunch of silly fledglings out near a sewer grate.

Aigis doesn't seem to realize she helped make a mess but she may just be chiding herself for spraying Fumiya with foam a little TOO slowly. He did get lit on fire. That's a little dangerous, you know, being on fire.

"You mean navigator?" Aigis asks, deftly avoiding X's (even Minato X's) to take Minagi by the arm.

"Please try to enjoy yourself, Shinjiro-senpai, despite the antics. I will guide you to a bath and bring towels and other clean up periphenalia while you are getting cleaned. Please be careful to not step on anything on the way to the stairs. She has gone back to being business robot it seems. Her elite robot hearing catches Michiru demanding smoochies but she does not comment.

Yuuka exits not long after Fumiya, also flustered. Her cheeks are pink. No, Fumiya did not kiss her. If he did, at least, she's not telling. We're not going to tell though, as we didn't actually talk about it and agreed. Yuuka would probably swat him for trying, as it were. Sorry, Watanabe. Try next time. Dusting of the front of her blazer, she heads /straight/ for the karaoke machine.

Click, click. Play, play. Song on the speakers. Here, allow Yuuka to distract everyone from the gloriousness that is Minato munching on a rare treat and also of Thora and Shirou making out of over there. Right. Her voice is a soft soprano croon.

"Poets often use many words / To say a simple thing -
It takes thought and time and rhyme /To make a poem singing~

With music and words I've been flying / For you I have written a song
To be sure that you'll know what I'm saying / I'll translate as I go along...~"

Is Yuuka distracting enough yet?!

Utada Hikaru -- Fly Me To the Moon --