<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says nothing, but Gyoro does. He sounds a bit.. exhausted too "H-hello? We need... some help..."

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "What's goin on?"

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "<Gyoro> It's Ashton... he took Noel's Synard and flew off. <Ururun> A Synard is a type of flying dragon, it's quite tame... <Gyoro> Ashton is determined to fight Gods Ten Wise Men, he's heard legends of a sword called the Levantine in a place called the Cave of Trials <Ururun> But in his condition he'll never make it! He's too weak from the epidemic <Gyoro> And because of it, we can't possess him and bring him back ourselves..."

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Oh no...."

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "We'll be there shortly, can you give directions to that cave?"

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "<Gyoro> He's quite determined... <Ururun> And delusional, what with the fever and all. <Gyoro> Umm, yes. Well, Expel itself isn't hard to find. But you'd need some sort of aerial transportation after you arrive. The Cave of Trials is on an island covered by a desert in the southwestern part of Expel. It's not hard to find..."

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "Flight is not a problem, southwest in a desert...got it"

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "<Gyoro> From the legends we've heard, the Cave of Trials is a hellish place. 13 floors of traps and monsters. <Ururun> The Levantine should only be on the 8th floor, but even so, Ashton won't make it like this..."

<Hero-IC> Station says, "I will be on my way."

<Hero-IC> Arm Commander says, "I as well."

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "Sounds like fun, but I need to do some training. I'm getting rusty. *rummage rummage* Where's that sword I had enchanted...?"

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "Aha! *grunts, and continues in a strained voice* NNNNGH! Here... it... iiiiIIAAAH! *sound of falling, followed by a loud crash, like something /really/ heavy just hit the ground, twice in a row* Ummm... If anyone notices the sword-shaped hole in the Common Room's ceiling, and the sword-shaped hole in the floor, uh, ignore it. And don't look in the hole. My room's above it, and it's private."

<Hero-IC> Arm Commander sighs.

Station has arrived.
Arm Commander has arrived.
Ryu Bateson has arrived.
Rika has arrived.

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "Must... get... sword... in... pouch... NNNNGHAH! Whew. I really need to practice. This thing feels like it weighs a ton! It's only supposed to be half that."

<Hero-IC> Street Fighter Ryu leaves his radio on for a moment, giving a calm sigh before speaking peacefully. "Is something wrong back at the palace?"

The Cave of Trials.... it is largely shaped like a pyramid, it stands out on the otherwise bare island, in the southwestern region of Expel. And of course, outside of the gates is the Synard Ashton took to get there. Which means he's already inside. Oh joy. The gates are still open, and they won't be refusing the adventurers who travel after their companion.

Let the fun begin...

Flying thru the skies, undaunted by none, taruntatatun! It's...a white dragon with a rider included! Yup, and he's soarin above the sea as he approaches destination and begins to lower altitude. He was beginning to get the hang of longer lasting transformation ever since he got here, and the one known as Ryu Bateson liked it. <<We're here!>> He roars, extending his clawed feet and creating his own runway as he digs deep in the sand to stop his momentum and hopefully not eject the rider accidently.

Rika keeps legs wrapped about dragon's neck, with all the adventuring the two have done, Rika is far more confidant now when she rides with him through the skies. Wind whips at cattish ears as they fly into it towards the island. And she smoothly leaps down from dragons neck when they land, Ryu's words, even in this form, come clear to her with the dragon's tear he gave her. She looks up at the pyramid, head tilted a bit. "Wow...big place..."

Arm Commander Flys in style, ladies and gentlemen. When you're the head of the (tied) largest military ever, you can go and find a wonderful ride. And the Arm does so, piloting a Freedom Fighter, one of the Level 1 Arm Air Units. His passenger in style, Station. "Hold on, Corey, we're coming in now!" He makes a sharp nose dive, heading for the pyramid, pulling up hard at the end to land at a dead stop right as he touches the ground. "And here we are."

Station nods in content, then he offers a smile. "Excellent." He begins to wait for a while, until they land. Station smiles, "Okay, this is where we get off to enter the Pyramid..." He sighs, "This will be a fun task." He starts to draw his hand downward, reaching for the hilt from his waistline. His lovely photonsaber.

Arm Commander jumps out, pulling a plasrifle with him. "Right behind you, Corey!"

Ryu Bateson reverts to a more human form in a flash of bright light as he watches an odd vehicle arrive but recognises the driver instantly. "Seems we weren't the only one to respond." He comments to his companion, waving to the two. "Come on, we don't know if that Ashton guy is okay or if he needs help, let's hurry!" he says, pulling a fruit from his pack...hey, flight makes a halfdragon hungry.

Ryu Bateson strikes Ryu Bateson with his trivial One Wisdom Fruit a day makes your AP problems go away attack.

Station nods, then he is starting to exit from the ship, walking down the path with a serious look. The Gamemaster is in his normal attire. Though, he wouldn't mind using the jedi clothing. Ah well. DIdn't last too long. He starts to walk along the way, then he stops to meet with Ryu and Rika. He smiles, "Greetings you two." He then nods, running his way to the Pyramid. "Okay, let's go."

Rika dashes right after Ryu, hurrying towards the pyramid up ahead, keeping pace. She gives a quick nod, and a flashed smile to Arm and Station. "Hey...good to see we aren't going this alone." wrists flick, and photon blades for claws extend over hands. Right. "Well I'm ready when you all are.

The interior of the cave of trials matches the pyramid exterior... for this level anyway. Not too far in, however, you find your first sigh of Ashton. Or rather, sound. You hear his tell-all scream, which starts loud, then begins to fade rapidly, like he was falling... In the room where the sound came from, in the North-western part of the first floor, you see a hole, and standing before it, a woman. Angelic, she has a halo on her head, six bird-like wings on her back, and she carries a sharp looking spear weapon. Though beautiful, the look on her face is contorted with a bit of cruelty.

"Welcome, adventurers, to my domain. I am G-Celesta. I trust you are looking for your Dragon-Cursed companion?" She glances behind her where the hole is, which is now shieled by a type of forcefield "Truely unfortunate soul, he is. He's fallen down to the ninth level. And with all the doors leading back up here locked from this side, he is stuck. Unless of course..." Her eyes narrow "You all make it down there to save him." She rests the spear on her shoulder "Don't dissappoint me now..."

She fades from sight, leaving just the hole in the empty room, still covered by the force shield. No going to Ashton that way.

Ryu Bateson curses mildly under his breath, falling would be faster but the stairs will do. "Well, I guess we better start moving...wierd place." He says, pulling the finely crafted Dragon Sword out of the scabbard it rested in. "This place doesn't feel too safe, we better stay sharp." And he doesn't even have the dancing onion to tell him when monsters are near, phooey.

Rika follows on through with Ryu, glancing back to be sure the others are keeping up. A pause as they are confronted by the Angel woman, and she blinks a bit. "Um...right...puzzles and traps, no doubt fighting. Sounds like 90 of every dungeon from back home, this should take us like what, 15 miniutes?" she's feeling confidant, with four of them, that makes a full adventuring group...four heads to put together on puzzles, and more then enough to tackle any battles that come along.

The interior of the cave of trials matches the pyramid exterior... for this level anyway. Not too far in, however, you find your first sigh of Ashton. Or rather, sound. You hear his tell-all scream, which starts loud, then begins to fade rapidly, like he was falling... In the room where the sound came from, in the North-western part of the first floor, you see a hole, and standing before it, a woman. Angelic, she has a halo on her head, six bird-like wings on her back, and she carries a sharp looking spear weapon. Though beautiful, the look on her face is contorted with a bit of cruelty.

Station goes silent for a moment at the figure of the angelic woman. His eyes narrow a bit, then he gazes down the hole. "There's no turning back now. We're going to get him.." He grip upon the photonsaber's hilt. He flicks his thumb out, igniting the blade. It starts to emit a low hum, which is its breath of life. "...Okay, ready!" He gazes at the hole, then he sighs, "That way is now unavailable...time to make our way through one of the doors." He dashes out towards the second door.

Arm Commander follows right behind Station, doing a quick check of all his gear. Flashbangs, check. Ammo, check. Sidearms, check. Nanolathe, check. He nods, and powers up the fusioncutter on the end of the plasrifle. "Ready to go, Station." His pace quickens, as he checks his 6 every so often.

Ryu Bateson follows the man with the wierd sword, he seemed to know where he was going. "Well, we better stay on our toes anyway." He says to Rika, checking the rear before entering the next room...not HER rear, the group's rear, mind.

The second floor yeilds no surprises.... however there looks like there WAS a sort of puzzle. The various rooms are riddled with statues of people, all turned in seemingly random directions. Nothing needs to be done with them though, it seems, as the door leading down to Level 3 is unlocked. Except for the gnarly demon right in front of it, you'd be home free.

It is a most unpleasent looking thing. Largely, a giant blob, with lots of sharp teeth. It pulsates and makes a few gurgling sounds "Khee Khee Khee... so you adventurers wish to face this Bloodgerell in battle? Khee Khee... the four of you will make excellent statues to add to my collection..." The Bloodgerell lunges forward, at Ryu. (Trivial attack, if hit, stoned for the remainder of the fight. Attack Ashton with trivials to battle it.

Ashton Anchors strikes Ryu Bateson with his trivial Bloodgerell Stone Bite attack.

<IC Chatter> BB Hood | ( Late Night News Report ) Early this morning, citizens of the planet Corneria were stunned to find themselves victims of what appears to be a cerial mass murderer. The incidents started when a monorail transport was hijacked. The pasengers and the operater were gunned down in cold blood and the heads and tails removed off of several victims on their way to work or school, all of them wolves. Police believe the offender escaped before the front controll car exploded and sent a fiery train of death screaming down the tracks before officers and fire fighters were able to contain the flames and stop the train before it derailed and prevented further damage. Experts believe this murder is linked to a killing that took place late last night at a space dock when several security guards were found dead while on duty. And now your local weather report with Tina Toad.....

<IC Chatter> The Warlock Lord says, "...hmph. Wolf killer."

<IC Chatter> The Warlock Lord makes a spitting sound.

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "I'm going to check this blood bath out."

Rika nods her agreement, all hard edged and pointy now that work is on the line. She's been trained to do this, and spent a good portion of her short life at it. She may be naive, but she know's how to fight. She takes up the back...um...so that no one can check her rear. She'll handle watching out behind. As they head down however, she pauses, eyeing the creature...and gacking a bit as it stones her special someone. "Right then...I suppose we ought to kill this thing." they didn't have petrification in her world, so she doesn't carry any items to clear it...so instead, she lunges in, swiping photon claw at the creature, a student of the 'stomp in and beat the hell out of it' school of martial arts.

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "Bah. I can't concentrate on my training with this thing on. *click*"

Rika strikes Ashton Anchors with her trivial creature claw attack thingy attack.

<IC Chatter> The Warlock Lord's werewolves can be heard growling over the radio... and then a mass howling fills the channel.

Ryu Bateson barely has time to gasp in horror at what he thought to be little more than a slime but is far more agile, as he feels a sharp pain in his arm and tries to yell out...but nothing comes out, actually, his body doesn't even respond anymore as everything is beginning to feel numb starting from the bitten arm to his legs, and finally his upper body before it all goes black.

Anyone want a halfdragon statue?

Arm Commander grunts, and like any good marine, finds cover quickly, behind one of the aforementioned statues. The plasrifle comes to bear, and he fires a burst of small plasma shots, terying to gauge the strength of the opponent first. The marine eyes the shot, brathes out, and depresses the firing stud. *zotzotzot*

Arm Commander strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Plasrifle: Burstfire attack.

The Gamemaster is starting to stop as the slime arrived. He urks a bit as he watches the monster attack Ryu. The creature bit Ryu and....he's stoned! Station's eyes widen, shouts, "Ryu!" He then pulls the photon saber downward. The wrist starts to flick with a spin. He draws the hand upward, then he faces it horizontally. He then flips the blade out, pointing at the slime. He brings the right hand outward, then he flips it to have it over his head. He is sprinting towards the slime. He somersaults into the air, then he is making his wa towards the slime. Somersault slash!

Station strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Level 1: Somersault Slash attack.

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "I'll pay 500,000 credits to anybody who can tell me who went on the killing spree on Corneria."

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "That was just down right disgusting. I hope Wolf does get his hands on who did that."

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Come on. Somebody had to have seen something."

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Or maybe the person who did it is on this radio frequency and would like to make themselves known.."

<IC Chatter> The Warlock Lord says, "Allow me to add a bag of GoldCoins to that purse. While not as directly personal as Wolf, I too have my reasons..."

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "Those reasons being your wolf fetish, Talimar?"

The Bloodgerell, though lethal, doesn't have much for agility, at least when it comes to DODGING things. The toothy slimeball takes all three attacks, and explodes into a slimey mess on the floor. Well, mission accomplished right?

Wrong. The slime begins to regather, but instead of one pile, there is three. Three Bloodgerells now stand before you, though you notice each is only one third the size of the original, get it? "Khee Khee.... attack me all you want, I can not be destroyed so easily... can you really damage me enough before I make you all my statues, hmm?" One of the Bloodgerells lunge forward again. This time towards Rika. Same deal as last time. Of course, what needs to be done should be nice and clear by now.

<IC Chatter> The Warlock Lord says, "Jair. Not. Now."

Ashton Anchors misses Rika with his trivial Bloodgerell Stone Bite attack.

<IC Chatter> Carlie says, "What's a fetish?"

<IC Chatter> Borgan says, "Ask Jair."

<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Don't ask kid, you'll learn when you're older. Unless you already are 'older'. Then you're just painfully naive and sheltered."

<IC Chatter> Carlie says, "Carlie a half elf...an' age twice as slow as humans."

<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Well, I guess you gotta wait twice as long to learn then kid. Sorry, but thems the breaks."

<IC Chatter> Carlie says, "Oh....ok."

<IC Chatter> Crystal not Jim Raynor says, "I'll chip in 2000 mineral units and 500 units of vespian gas to the bounty."

<IC Chatter> Crystal not Jim Raynor says, "I doubt Fox will be happy when he hears about this either."

If you put a tophat on the statue, he looks like Abraham Lincoln a little...no, really! He does! Ryu's petrified, what do you expect? A pose?

Station growls under his breath, then he unignites the photon saber. He then unholsters the Guncon. He points the Guncon at the one of the bloodgerells, then he opens fire with a few shots.

Station strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Guncon shot! Eat plasma biatch! attack.

Rika dodges fluidly to the side, letting the blob that goes after her pass right by. A little growl, and she leaps after it, "I'm going to take you apart for what you did to Ryu..." she'll worry about fixing him afterwords, but doesn't want to let that stop her too much from the battle. Inside, she's torn apart, worrying that she might have lost him, just like that. But outside, she has to finish this fight first.

Rika strikes Ashton Anchors with her trivial vengeful claws attack.

Arm Commander blinks, and shifts fire. The gun mode is shifted to charged fire, and he blinks. Splitting enemies? He shakes his head. Just make sure there's nothing left to split. The barrel widens, somehow. A tennisball sized globule of plasma flies forth, right for one of the bloodgerells.

Arm Commander misses Ashton Anchors with his trivial Plasrifle: From Stun to Vape attack.

The Bloodgerell laughs some more, as it is splattered once again "Khee Khee... I told you, it's useless..." There's now roughly 16 mini Bloodgerell piles "Khee Khee.... ... Khee??" 16 mini piles... though they START to reform...they lose cohesion quickly... and begin to dissolve once again. After a moment or two... gone, melted into the floor. The statues throughout the rooms immediatly crumble into dust, and Ryu is reverted back to normal. Bloodgerell defeated, and where it once stood is a piece of armor. Serephic Garb, most powerful armor in this world. Not a bad prize. Oh, and the way to Level 3 is now open too.

<IC Chatter> Red Mage perks. "Somewhere, someone has found an ultimate Item..."

And Ryu ends up falling on his aft, surprised by everything going dark...and then back to light and all suddently, his balance thrown off and senses too blurred to compensate. "What just happened exactly?"

Arm Commander looks over at Ryu, putting the plasrifle back on his shoulder to recharge. "You were calcified by the creature." He holds out a hand to Ryu. "Up you go."

<IC Chatter> Venus says, "What does it do?"

Station begins to walk towards the Serephic Garb, then he kneels down to pick it up. "Nice..." He then gazes at everyone. Ryu is the first person, "Are you okay?"

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "...I don't know..."

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "But my Twink senses flared."

<IC Chatter> Venus says, "Is it expensive?"

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "Usually you don't sell ultimate items."

Rika blinks a bit, quickly turning to Ryu as the monster dies, and looking extreamly relieved that he's okay. She quickly rushes to his side, crouching next to him to check him over. She sighs relieved. "Glad to hear your okay...I was worried" she rises back to her feet. "Down again?"

<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Lemee guess...this ultimate item is probably some unassuming little thing that no one knows the true power of, or is just some random thing you made up to sound dramatic. That sound about right, feather hat?"

Ryu Bateson isn't quite sure what calcified is, but it doesn't really matter. "I dunno, it all went black when he bit me, and then everything's normal and the monster's gone, he must have poisonned me or something." He says, accepting the hand to stand up. "I'm fine I'm fine, don't worry about me, that Ashton guy needs our help more than I can worry about this scratch." He says, motioning to the already scarred wound on his arm.

Station shifts his gaze at Ryu and the others, "He turned you to stone, Ryu." He smiles softly, "But in any case, we better adventure on.." He returns the gaze towards the exit. Then, he holds the Serepathic Armor. "If you don't want it, I'll take it. However, if you want, you can keep it." He smiles warmly as he tosses to the Dragon. He then adventures on.

The stairway to the next level welcomes you all. Down below you would find a maze of rooms... this would be such an annoying puzzel... however, instead of the door to Level 4 being sealed... it is... open, like the previous floor. And LIKE the previous floor, it has a guardian. Three actually. They look like giant hourglasses, with arms and legs.

"Well... looky what we have here Dreamshade..." "I KNOW Dreamshade, such an amusing lot they are." "They defeated Bloodgerell... fools they are not..." "Yes... are you sure it was a wise idea to forego the test for this floor?" "Worry not Dreamshade, I was anxious to fight them.." "But Dreamshade..." "I said don't worry Dreamshade! Now then... let us show them the might of time!"The trio of... hourglasses seem to all talk at once. There are three different voices... but it's impossible to tell which comes from what hourglass. "Dreamshade..." "Trio..." "Time Distortion!!!" The three hourglasses form some dorky pose, and a shockwave is sent forward, at Rika. If she's hit, she'd be frozen in time until the Dreamshades are destroyed... same basic deal as last time actually.

Ashton Anchors misses Rika with his trivial Dreamshade Trio Time Distortion! attack.

Ryu Bateson looks at the armor oddly, and tosses it to Rika after. "My Dragon Mail suits me better, and it's kinda precious to me...you take it hon." He says as he follows the Gamemaster...to see three...three...houry things. "Ah, finally some action I can join in!" As he raises his sword and rushes into the fray...picking a target at random, they're all the same anyway.

Ryu Bateson strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Swordy slashy stuff attack.

Rika looks more then a little confused by the speak from the strange hourglass creatures as they make their way down to the third floor. A glance at the others, trying to see what, if naything, they are making of all this. She catches the armor, and shakes her head. "Mine is custom made...I wouldn't dream of wearing anythign else." and it's tossed towards rm. "It's like they don't want us to do any puzzles...just fights...I think that seems to be something we a..." trail off as a shockwave flys towards her. A quick mumbled word under breath and a glow increases her speed...and she darts right out of the way.

Arm Commander takes the time it takes to the next floor to quickly lathe in another few clips of plasma ammo. THe plasrifle, however, is forgone for a set of flashbangs, which he loads into the grenade launcher under the rifle. He shoulders the rifle, and fires at one of the hourglasses not being attacked yet. "Have at ye!"

Arm Commander strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Plasrifle: Burstfire attack.

Walking down the stairs, Station is nodding towards the others. "I will take it then if neither of you guys want it. I could use it for my other form." He smiles softly, extending his hand to catch it as it is heading to the Arm Commander. "Don't think he'll try to wear it, unless he wants t---." He then begins to come to a stop as he finds the three hour glass figures, "What the ..---" He watches the three attack. Okay, time to insert the Serephatic armor into his memory card. First, he saves it with a small touch, then he puts the card into his pocket. How did it come out? Plothole. *crackle* No word of this to anyone. Anyhow, Station is extending the right arm out, the photon saber is starting to ignite once again. *VRWHIR!* The green energy is feeding off into the atmosphere, illuminating soundly.

Then, Station strides towards one of the Hour-glass like monsters. He is starting to flick the blade around his wrist, then he thrusts his right arm out to drive it through. Not only that, but he starts flicking it around while bringing the blade out from every corner. Each part is focused upon certain spots on the dungeon guardian.

Station strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Level 3: Mace Windu-Style Sword Tech attack.

The three hourglasses stumble, being knocked in various directions because of the attacks. "Damn you relentless people!" "Don't you know that you cannot hurt beings outside of your own shift in time?" "You're just making this harder on yourselves you know..." Or so you'd think. The attacks by Ryu and Arm Commander strike two of the hourglasses... and they stumble backward and crash into each other "Uh-oh..." While Station's attack sends the third one flying... back into the first two. There's a small explosion, oddly contained around them, as it begins to ripple... and fade. When you can see them again, the three hourglass men are shattered... or almost shattered. It's like they're frozen in a pre-shattered pose... shards of glass even hovering in the air. Not a peep comes out of them. They're good and done. However, no item is left behind from them this like the last one, oh shame.

Station shakes his head, then he glances otwards everyone, "We better continue." he runs outward, "We can't stop for anything now.." Sprint!

Almost too easy. Rika doesn't waste any time. "He could be in trouble, let's keep going." and rushes straight for the next door. She pushes it open, and heads down the stairs to floor four.

Arm Commander nods, and follows behind, carrying the armor.

Ryu Bateson follows silently, his blade still unsheathed...felt right at home in that wierd dungeon. "I'll watch the rear." And no, he's not gonna do the same joke again, y'hear!

Rika feels very self concious about her rump and makes a mental note to get some pants.

Ryu Bateson feels like there's a disturbance in the pants

Well... oddly enough the next few floors offer no challenge. Various random demon spawn, some light puzzles. Oh, and blocks pushing, gotta have the blocks pushing. Finally... you reach Floor #7... just one more before your goal... too bad there's a giant demon thing in your way...

It's a giant... face. A metallic face, sticking up out of the floor, blocking the way down to the 8th floor. It rumbles before speaking "Hrrrrngh...... I.... HATE.... INTRUDERS...." It's eyes flash red "I AM... MITHRIL EATER.... LEAVE... BEFORE I.... LOSE... MY... PATIENCE..." Well it sure SOUNDS tough. Then again, it's just a giant face in the floor... can't be TOO bad, right?

Arm Commander shakes his head, and leads off with a flashbang. In the mouth.

Arm Commander strikes Ashton Anchors with his Flashbang in the mouth stun attack.

You've been stunned and cannot attack!

Station sighs, then he starts to draw his hand down to his bag. Yep... has to be here somewhere. Ah, here we go. He then pulls out a grenade. He then tosses the grenade out at the head. "....Swallow this." Plasma Grenade, yo.

Station strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Test to get you unstunned. attack.

Station strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Plasma Grenade go /BOOM/! attack.

Rika doesn't do that whole 'grenade' thing really. She hangs back a moment, watching the face, and suspecting ther'es more to it. As such, she waits for a more opportune moment to make her own attack, letting the others handle this portion of things.

The Mithril Eater only roars. The attacks do little to nothing. You only managed to P*** it off.... "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! WHAT FOOLISH ADVENTURERS!" The entire room rumbles "NOW YOU... HAVE MADE ME LOSE... MY PATIENCE!!" It's eyes flash red, and from it's mouth a huge shockwave is produced, it soars across the room towards each of you... except Rika. Perhaps if you could calm the beast down somehow...

Ashton Anchors strikes Station with his trivial LOST PATIENCE attack.

Ashton Anchors strikes Ryu Bateson with his trivial LOST PATIENCE attack.

Ashton Anchors strikes Arm Commander with his trivial LOST PATIENCE attack.

Ryu Bateson has no weapon like that, but he has other ways of smacking a face in the floor as he checks in his pack. Pulling a finely embroided sword from it after a while he gets slammed by a shockwave and sent on a wall, rubbing the back of his head he draws the Empire Sword fully and calls on the innate power of the weapon to rain lightning on the ugly

Ryu Bateson strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial S. Boom attack.

Rika blinks as shockwaves blast everyone but her. She moves towards it, frowning faintly. "It seems angry...and your weapons don't seem to be doing a thing..." is mumbled. Trying to figure this out...She does produce her plasma rifle that she got back during her and Ryu's panzer dragoon adventure, just incase, but doesn't fire.

Arm Commander has always had one way to fight, but puzzles work too... He looks around. "Maybe something connecting it to a power source..." His gaze pans across the room. As he lies on the floor bleeding from his ears.

The Mithril Eater's shockwave strikes Station, tearing against him. Luckily, he did equip the armor. Though one wouldn't notice it on him, now would they. He growls, and he feels his muscles tighten, as if becoming strengthened. He starts to smirk, then he kneels down with a grumble. "...Okay....This isn't going to work...." He then growls, drawing his blade out. He growls as he starts to swing the blade around, then he gazes around the room to find something. "...Nice earthquake will work..." He then smiles a bit, then he turns the vibrator button on the controller.

Station strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Vibrator: Earthquake attack.

Station strikes Rika with his trivial Vibrator: Earthquake attack.

Station strikes Ryu Bateson with his trivial Vibrator: Earthquake attack.

Station misses Arm Commander with his trivial Vibrator: Earthquake attack.

Rika acks as she's thrown off her feet, thumping to the ground. Sitting her pondering this previously, but STation's attack is a little confusing. Ow...she lands on her rear...pulling herself back up. "I don't think using an attack that hits your whole team helps as much..." is grumbled at Station.

The Mithril Eater's rage doesn't subside "RAAAAAAAAAA!! WHAT FOOLISH HALF DRAGON BOY!! NOW YOU'LL KNOW MY FULL RAGE!!" His eyes flash red once more, hoo boy... this looks like the end for Ryu... or so you'd think. Station's earthquake comes into play at JUST the right moment. The entire room shakes, even HARDER with the Mithril Eater's raging. And luckily, a piece of the ceiling breaks loose, and falls on the Mithril Eater's head. He immediatly stops, a large tear forming in it's right eye, which bobs up and down for a second or two... then it collapses into the floor rather quickly with a swift <CRUNCH> sound. A trio of stars swirling over the spot where it fell. Well.... mission accomplished again? Indeed... and this time an item appears once more... a staff. The Million Staff. Magely weapon, good attack power for a rod, and it boosts magic strength like nobody's business. Best Magely weapon in the world. Plus, it sells for a hefty price, ka-ching! Anyway, floor to Level 8 open, now all you have to do is open the door to Level 9 to get to Ashton...

<IC Chatter> Red Mage winces. "AGAIN! There it was again!"

Ryu Bateson shakes and dances, sorta...wondering what's goin on since he doesn't see the source of the magical quake but it gets the job done, the monster is gone and they can move on. "What...the heck was that?" He says, rubbing his aching legs.

Arm Commander just lies there, letting the quake roll past.

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "There what is?"

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "What are you babbling about?"

After the effect of the Earthquake, Station shifts his attention towards Rika, "Sorry..." He grins sheepishly. "I had to do it one way. I'll give a warning next time..." He sighs, walking over to grab the Million Staff. He then puts it into his memorycard. He gazes at Ryu, "It was an Earthquake that I created from my Dual Shock Controller. We better continue." He walks along the way, then he stops. "Let's heal up a bit...." He starts to grab a hold of something from his Guncon... Yes! A Materia. He starts to murmur a few words, before releasing some energy to mend the wounds of the party members.

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "That feeling. Like someone has a item I might want REALLY bad."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "...where's that Scribe?"

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "He was on the other knight. The librarian chappy."

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Really? What's this item? And who has it?"

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Cause I'll beat you to it and then make you pay me for it."

<IC Chatter> Knuckles the Echidna says, "Is it an emerald...?"

<Hero-IC> Dispatcher Cube says, "Beep, beep? (Who Mack?)"

Rika streatches a bit, just shaking her head slightly confused as yet another battle is won...almost two easily. They must be too good at this. "S'alright...I guess it worked, even if it did throw us all off balance." a faint smile. "Small cost for victory huh?" as Station's spell takes effect, she's healed right up though, and the effects of the earthquake are cast away. "Well then...are we ready?"

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "Nah. Said he'd been spending the last couplea years studying. You know. Scribes."

Arm Commander gets up slowly, and looks at Station. "Did I miss something?" He runs a quick diag on himself with his datajack.

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "The Mana Knight? Not sure where he is at the moment."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "Yeah. Him."

"Somewhat, but it is not important.." Now, it is time to continue to the 8th level.

Ryu Bateson has no idea what this dual shock thing be, he simply says "Oh, okay." As he runs a glowing hand over his minor wounds, it's good to be a fighter and a healer at the same time. "I'm set to go on whenever you guys are ready."

Rika nods her agreement, and gestures towards the door. "RIght, down we go then." she heads to the door, opening, and heading down again, once again taking point.

The final floor awaits... well... at least as far as you're concerned... the eighth floor... again, the puzzles are gone, and only a demon is present. A rather sickening looking beast... it more looks like a gigantic organ, pulsating and squirming in it's guarding position. It speaks, in a gurgly voice... boy this thing is just unpleasent to look at, and hear.

"G'heh... g'heh... so you <gurgle> are the ones G-Celesta told me to ... 'greet'? G'heh... your friend is just behind this door... but do you <gurgle> think you can get to him?" It starts to pulsate more frequently "It's been a long time since <gurgle> I had a meal... I am the Erysin Beast... I'm sure one of you would satisfy me for quite some time..." It pulsates faster... it's about to do something. It slitheres across the ground at remarkable speed, right towards Rika. Well she is the token female, bosses don't like them. A mouth opens up the front, and a tounge lashes out at her feet, if it hits her, she'll be engulfed whole by the beast, and out of commission for the rest of the battle.

Ashton Anchors strikes Rika with his trivial Erysin Devour attack.

Being the first out, means she's the first to run into the creature...and as she drops into a fighting stance, she's hardly ready for the tongue, she's caught up by it, and dragged into the creature. Eww.

<Hero-IC> Mana Knight says, "Did someone ask for me...? I'm sorry, I had my head in a book."

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "That's not healthy. Makes it hard to breathe, I'd guess."

<Hero-IC> Mana Knight says, "*dry tone* Only if you close the book on yourself."

<Hero-IC> Naoya Toumou says, "What book?"

The eyes open in shock as the creature eats Rika. "Oh no!" He then growls, unholstering the Guncon. Pointing it towards the creature, he then releases a laser beam at its head. "That's far enough."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "You're a Scribe, or at least the closest thing I've found...ye do weapons development?"

Station strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Laser Beam attack.

<Hero-IC> Mana Knight says, "Some, yes. Mostly medieval and magical items."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "Ah."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "I was thinking firearms."

Arm Commander cries out, and puts away the plasrifle, in favor of something less likely to harm Miss Rika. A flamethrower like weapon rezzes in on the COmmanders back, sloshing slightly as he moves into position. "I'll hold it in position! You go for getting her out!" The gun discharges, a cone of green liquid spraying out, turning into a sticky mass as it flies for the blob... thingy. If it hits, it stands a good chance of tacking it in place, a la Stone.

Arm Commander misses Ashton Anchors with his trivial Stickyfoam attack.

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Cube might be able to help you on that HR1205."

<Hero-IC> Mana Knight says, "I'm afraid I don't know much of firearms as yet. I am slowly working towards that learning, however. I would reccommend seeking elsewhere, regretfully."

<Hero-IC> Dispatcher Cube says, "Beep beep beep. (Toei made most of my weapons.)"

Ryu Bateson twitches...

Ryu twitches quite a bit in fact.

"You...you...EEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" and the kiai continues for quite a bit as the halfdragon loses it, flashing in a white aura as he transforms into his other half-dragony self, a redskinned winged warrior with white hair, looking far more dragon than human and his tail slams the concrete underneath as the transformation ends, causing a few cracks. Growling he rushes toward the beast, fists raised as he goes for a punch far stronger than he could do would he remain in his human self. (Yeah, I use a few BoF3 techs, bite me.)

Ryu Bateson strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Fist of Fury attack.

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "Ah. Need a gatling laser. Heavy duty, rapid fire, milspec laser weapon."

<Hero-IC> Naoya Toumou says, "... Interesting. There isn't too many places you can get that kind of hardware about."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "It's frustrating. I have the specs, maintenance, and programming to use it...but I have no idea how to MAKE it."

<Hero-IC> Arm Commander says, "Talk to me when I'm not fighting for survival."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "I'd note that there is no other type of fighting."

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Well maybe you could drop by an Engineering bay and get a hand there?"

The Erysin Beast burps contently as he devours Rika in one bite. Chomp. "G'heh... ah... that hit the spot it did. You all are only <gurgle> lucky I am full on one humanoid at a time... unlucky for you... that means <gurgle> I get to kill you all instead!!" Station's laser beam stirkes him in the .. 'head' and it only laughs "G'heh! Something like that cannot..." He then spots Arm pull out what looks like a flamethrower. It recoils in fear, until it sees it spit out a non-flame, though the recoiling did get it out of the way "...<gurgle> You had me worried there for a second, G'heh" Seems it doesn't like fire? Ryu's flurry of punches then come into play, it's hit, sure, but laregly uneffected, it's like he's hitting a giant punching bag "G'heh heh... you can hurt me not with impact attacks <gurgle> now then... shall we end this?" Part of it swells up, and it spits out three acidic projectiles towards the warriors. This is going to be a messy fight. However... it made it quite clear it doesn't like fire, guess you're up Dragon boy.

Ashton Anchors misses Station with his trivial Acidic projectile attack.

Ashton Anchors misses Ryu Bateson with his trivial Acidic projectile attack.

Ashton Anchors strikes Arm Commander with his trivial Acidic projectile attack.

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Or you could look on the open market. Maybe someone is dealing in what you are looking for."

<Hero-IC> Bob says, "Sure there is, HR. Lots of people fight for the fun of it. There are tournaments for it, and even the Fighter club in Videoland proper."

<Hero-IC> Sharde the Dragon Master, not Destin Faroda says, "There's also training and practice."

<Hero-IC> Dispatcher Cube says, "Beep beep beep? (Can you burst-send the specs?)"

Leaping into the air, Station is drawing his light saber. Since it doesn't like fire, then it won't like his slashes. Photon Saber, emits heat.. Heat, BURN... Station leaps into the air once again, then he slams the blade down at the cteature.

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "Yup. Sending."

Ryu Bateson moves like a blur, working simply by instincts at this point. Focusing his energy into his fist, he begins to gather flame into it..."You...will...BURN!" He says, before doing a straight flaming punch at the beast...he may be made by Capcom but he ain't gonna rip off the other Ryu just because of it.

Arm Commander screams in agony as he gets spalshed with a chestful of acid. You RPG types might take this well, but us RTS's tend to actually show damage. He falls to the ground, wicing in pain. He usually gets vaped when he gets hit. Somehow, this hurts a lot more than death.

Ryu Bateson strikes Ashton Anchors with his trivial Fire Punch, not related to Falcon Punch attack.

Rika is stuck in an icky monster. Eww eww eww.

FIRE BAD!! The Eryin Beast houls in pain, first at Station's attack "Ghaaaaaaaa!! Wretched human! <gurgle> I knew I should have devoured you instead!!" It starts to slighter towards station "Perhaps I'll TRY and fit two of you in my belly... Gahhhhhhhhh!!" The last scream started off as a leap... but it finishes as Ryu's punch strikes it, the blaze from the first catching all over the beast. It falls to the ground, and BURSTS into flames, maybe it's bodily fluids were flammable? "Ghaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I'm burning! Seething! Never have I been so...... <gurgle>" The flames before it can finish plagurizing that line. Poor Rika, burned to ashes with the monster... which is what would have happened had this been in the real world. But it's all a videogame, and an RPG world to boot. So once the monster is gone, Rika just sort of... poofs back, right where it disappeared. She's also especially lucky, the beast is TOTALLY gone, without a trace, so no icky leftover inner body fluids to wash off later. Course, she might want a good bath anyway, that's up to her.

Well, Congraduration! A winner is you! The door to Level 9 opens immediatly.

"Eww, eww, /eww/. Did I mention e...oh...it's gone." Rika looks a little suprised, checking herself over, evidently now sans goo and such. Weird. "Um..." she glances at the door. "I...I guess we ought to get going." she looks up to Ryu a moment, blinking. "Why are you in dragon form?"

Station glances back towards Rika,t hen he smiles softly. "Glad to have you back."

Arm Commander gets up slowly, still smoking. "Yes, Rika. Are you alright?" He looks over at Station and Ryu, smiling, somehow. "So, where's Ashton?"

Ryu Bateson cracks his knuckles, slightly more violent in this form and battlehungry. "Let's go, only one floor left and I can't stay like this for long." He says, his features relaxing a bit from the anger. "Anger got the best of me but I did the best of the situation, I'm glad you're alright though, are you hurt?"

Rika smiles softly. "Thanks...all of you. I'm alright now. But don't worry about me. We need to hurry and rescue him..."

Station nods, then he starts to run down the stairs, "Let's go, no time to waste."

And one final enemy appears! From the doorway to Level 9, a figure lurches forward! It's a pale figure, dripping with some sort of fluid, and with three heads!! ... ...oh wait, that's Ashton.

He's pale alright, due to the illness infecting him, he's sweating bullets too... he takes a few more steps forward, not really acting like he sees them, in fact, he's straining just to see ANYTHING. He gasps for air... and speaks "Where's.... the..... Levantine..." He manages to stutter, before collapsing to his knees...

Station runs towards Ashton, "Ashton!" He frowns, then he runs over towards his teammate. He then kneels down next to him, lowering his head. "Ashton, we should leave now... This is no place to be for you."

Arm Commander nods, and walks over, his body's healing systems turning over to work on the burns. "Okay Ashton, hold still..." He looks over at Ryu and Rika. "Either of you have any healing items?"

Rika shakes her head as she steps down with them. "No items...but I've hardly used my techniques, so I have plenty of energy...here...let's see if this helps." she holds hand out towards ashton, mumbling 'Nares' and sparks of blue light flash from her fingertips towards the man.

Rika strikes Ashton Anchors with her nares healing attack.

You are fully healed.

Ryu Bateson walks calmly, his feet making a soft thunk on the floor. "I cannot use my magic in this form." He says, matter of factly. "We will get what you look for Ashton." He adds, heading deeper in the labyrinth.

Arm Commander looks at Station. "Do you have a way to quick warp him to the palace?"

Any healing attempts do little to nothing, except for healing the damages he recieved from the fall. The illness he's suffering from is far too strong for whatever you try. Trying to catch his breath, and maintain his focus, Ashton looks up at the Gamemaster "Station... I thought.. I asked Noel to tell you guys... not to come to Expel...." His body starts to shake, seems he doesn't have much strength left "What if... Indalecio...." He keeps breathing heavily. He's in bad shape.

In front of Ryu, the door closes immediatly. "That's far enough..." comes the same voice you all heard earlier. The figure of G-Celesta appears again, behind the entire group. "I commend you for getting this far... especially you Ashton, who went all this way under such a condition... you just want to save this world, and I can respect that." She raises one hand quickly, and an item appears in front of Ashton. Her normal cruel face lightens just a tad. The item is the Levantine "Take what you came for, Dragon-cursed Crest Warrior. And also..." She snaps her fingers, a bag of unknown herbs appearing as well "Give those... to the one you call Bowman. They will... help." She waves her hand once more, and one of the floor tiles begins to glow, her face returning to normal "Now... go. Do what you can to save our Expel... but be warned... outsiders, Indalecio already knows of Videoland's existance. A confrontation with him may not be too far off. I wish you luck, should you fail, this world is doomed. ...Now leave my home, you who have managed to survive my trials. Be warned that I'll not be so... accomodating should you return..."

She fades from sight again. Leaving the Levantine, and the herbs at Ashton's feet. "The... myth's were true... G-Celesta..." He barely finishes speaking, when he collapses on the spot. Seems he's spent for the day.

<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland says, "Tsk, tsk. A mass murderer on hand? I recognize that handiwork.."

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Nrrrrh...You do? Who? I'll pay anything to get this info."

<IC Chatter> Knuckles the Echidna says, "What are you all talking about?"

<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland says, "My dear Mister O'Donnell, I'd never force you to pay me with anything."

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Well, that's fine. Save myself 500,000 credits. But I still need to know who did it. So I can enact some vigilante justice, and turn over what's left to the Cornerian authorities."

<IC Chatter> Flea says, ". . . . my my . . whatever has happened?"

<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland says, "Well Mister O'Donnell, meet me somewhere and we can discuss this."

Station gazes out towards G-Celesta, then he goes silent for a while. He nods towards her, then he blinks as she mention about Bowman and the item. "...The cure...?" He asks, pondering. He then takes a hold of the items, placing them into the memory card. "You'll get the Levantine...I'll take the herb to Bowman..." He then picks up the fallen warrior, smiling. "Let us return home guys."

<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "I'll be in my offices in Liberty City."

<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland says, "On my way, then."

Ryu Bateson watches the angelic woman silently, not stepping further...they got the weapon and he had no bone to pick, better not to start a needless fight. A flash of light and the wings are gone, the halfdragon back to normal. Letting a small breath come out he relaxed a little and sheathed his sword. "Need a hand picking him up?" He offers, stepping closer to the group.

Arm Commander blinks, and shakes his head. This is over his head. He looks around, and sighs as the stims kick in, keeping him moving. "Aye. Back to the Palace. Maybe now we can get a few more pieces of the puzzle together."


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