Palace of Power - Warp Zone Room

This room, the center of warp activity in Videoland, is a series of long hallways, warp zones sitting like multicolored pools of light against the walls, each one labeled, destinations certain for those who step into them. From here, you can go almost anywhere in Videoland, your imagination the only real limit to your destination.

The Hero Of Spielburg
Jim Raynor

Obvious exits:
<W11> Warp Eleven leads to Transylvania - Jova Village.
<W10> Warp Ten leads to Mushroom Kingdom - Mushroom Castle.
<W9> Warp Nine leads to Hyrule - Hyrule Castle.
<W8> Warp Eight leads to DenCity - AC/DC Town.
<W7> Warp Seven leads to Lylat System - Corneria.
<W6> Warp Six leads to Kongo Island - Kong Village.
<W5> Warp Five leads to Adventure Zone - Dark Forest.
<W4> Warp Four leads to Action Zone - Rolling Plains.
<W3> Warp Three leads to Terra Zone - Little States (Back East).
<W2> Warp Two leads to Space Zone - Core Worlds.
<W1> Warp One leads to Puzzle Zone - Labyrinth.
<E>ast leads to Palace of Power - Waiting Room.

Captain N arrives from Palace of Power - Waiting Room.
Captain N has arrived.

One of the many warp zones activate, and out walks a woman, red hair, pointy ears, well, you've seen her desc. She takes a few steps into the chamber, and peers around slowly "Hmm... so, this is the place Noel was talking about... what a scoop this will be..." She grins slightly to herself, as she fiddles with her camera, notepad, and clipboard.

Palace Patrol. Okay, maybe not, but Kevin's just made a major announcement and he's tired of sitting in his room. So what if he's supposed to be resting. It's highly doubtful that he'll be out of commission longer than another two minutes. Especially, considering the fact that he's on his way to the Warp Zone Room.

He strolls right on in as if he one's the place, with the hurt leg limp and all. Duke, the loyal canine companion, is right at his heels. Only slower than usual because he keeps having to stop and scratch. Somebody needs to give him a bath. Pronto.

Gui is just lurking on guard duty in here tonight with a few of the other Terrans. Anyhow Gui hears the sound of a warp zone letting someone out and he says to Cyrstal and the one other Marine with them. "Looks like we got a visator. Lets see who it is." So the trio of armored Terrans fall in line and head towads the new arrival.

Chisato Madison hears footsteps approaching, quickly she gathers herself, time to put on a good show. She grabs out a voice recorder she also carries with her, and briefly speaks into it "I'm about make contact with one, or possibly several, of the natives in this new world..." Natives? Well N technically ain't a native, but she doesn't know that. Ashton never got to get into a great amount of detail explaining things to Noel, and Noel in turn didn't give every detail to Chisato, so she REALLY doesn't have the whole story. Still, she prepares herself, and quickly takes a few steps forward, to meet up with the approaching N. She quickly turns the corner to put herself in front of him, trying to look somewhat professional as a reporter.

And Kevin heads right on past her. He's not really paying much attention to anyone right now as he's trying to get out of the Palace. He's been cooped up for too long and he needs some fresh air. And he certainly doesn't pick up on the new face, considering that he sees hundreds of people/things on an almost weekly basis. He does offer a pleasant smile though as passes by, simply because that's the right thing to do.

Duke on the other paw stops. He doesn't know her scent and he tilts his head upwards to look at this person that's decided to be in his way. And the extra sniffing begins to both make scent notes -and- see if she's carrying anything edible. Yum!

Chisato Madison blinks as she's passed right buy. The smile on her face still there for a few moments. Sweatdrop. She ahems, and looks down at Duke, who seems to have SOME passing interest in the newcomer. "Well, I can't interview a dog..." She mutters to herself. Quickly, she turns around and catches up to N "Excuse me sir! Um, can I have a few minutes of your time please?" It must be odd to have a newcomer to the Castle and not know who N is... wait, that's EVERY newcomer. By all rights, Chisato is just another newcomer, but she does have some idea about what's going on, just not a great deal. And she's really only interested in 'getting the scoop' for now.

Afgncaap has arrived.

Gui and the other two Terran's do sport the reporter from Ashton's home world. They are not sure where the read headed elf? Is from by don't matter Gui ends up greeting her. "Hey can I help you ... Hey wait up!" The Firebat is almost ready to flail but does not as he quickly follows the reporter

Okay, why is somebody chasking him down? This is really weird. Of course, Kevin doesn't verbalize any of these thoughts for fear of hurting whoever's feelings. He's too nice for that. So he just stops with his limping self and turns around, flashing that winning smile of his. "What's up?" He assuming that she's just another hero that needs some inspirational words or advice.

Duke meanwhile has been distracted by Gui. He doesn't like flying things too much. Especially flying things that should be Zapped by Kevin. There's a quick bark or two at the thing before he trots on off to Kevin's side.

Chisato Madison ahems, and prepares herself. Contact intiated! Time to get to work! "I'm Chisato Madison, from the Iron Cross newspaper, Cross Continent, Planet Expel. I was wondering if I could a few minutes of your time for an interview, Mr.....?" She pauses, having no idea who she is. Ashton mentioned the gamemasters to Noel, who mentioned them to Chisato, she THINKS he is one of them, but she's not sure which. Duke's barking, and the flying Gui don't really get her attention, she needs to get her interview from Mr.Tall Sorta-Dark and Somewhat-handsome here.

Gui mutters something about this girl being as dogged as Michael Liberty. But says, "Expel? That's Ashton's home world where we had to have the Hyperion hovering over the captial to get the King there to belive about other Zones... A Reporter eh? Well Captain N would be a good target for an interview..." Yes get the reporter all reported out with MR 1980's yesss

Kevin blinks as he listens. This is a reporter? What in the tarnation is going on here? A reporter in the Palace? GASP! Okay, so maybe his brain is overreacting just a smidge. But you can't totally blame him right? Right?

"A interview? With me?" He sounds partially flattered at the sentiment and actually smiles even more than he was initially. He finally realizes that she's waiting on his name and he obliges. "Keene. Kevin Keene." He always prefers to go by his real name. But since Gui's volunteering information now, "Otherwise known as Captain N, yes." She can swoon and faint now.

Chisato Madison does no such thing, Chisato's not the swooning fainting type, maybe if it where Celine Jules here instead. Regardless, she smiles and nods, as she pulls out her clipboard, and writes down Kevin's name, and boy howdy does she write fast. "Kevin Keene, alias Captain N. Gotcha..." She blinks and looks back up at N "Oh hey yeah, you're like the big man in charge here right? At least that's what I've heard... hang on a sec..." She holds the clipboard and pen in one hand as she quickly takes out her camera. She brings it up to her face and says "Smile please." <FLASH!> And what a flash, Kevin should be momentarily blinded for a sec, quickly she puts the camera away and goes back to her clipboard without skipping a beat "Alright Mr.Keene, or would you rather Captain N?"

Gui and company just sweat drop. Reporters with one track minds got to love that. Gui whispers to Crystal "She got a one track mind don't she?" Crystal just shakes her head while the other marine is practually drooling over Chisato Madison.

ACK! Kevin's a bit busy blinking his eyes at the moment to actually offer a quick response. The Chosen One brings a hand up to rub at his eyes as he blinks away the blindness. "Uh... either is fine."

He finally get his vision to return and he practically stares at the reporter lady. Just because he's trying to focus on -something- to make sure he can see again. "And I'm not exactly the 'big man in charge', as you put it. That would be the Princess Lana." Wait. Kevin, think about what you just said. "Only, without the big and man parts..." Much better.

Chisato Madison nods "Ok, Kevin it is!" Presumptious isn't she? "Princess Lana hm? I'll have to see if I can get a word in with her too..." She quickly writes a note to herself to remind her to do that. "Now then Kevin..." She looks over her notes, everything Ashton and Noel have said about the Palace of Power, the Heros, and the battle against the Villains. "How would you describe the situation with this war against the Villains?" She's not expecting too long of an answer, and she'll likely end up writing most of the column anyway, only briefly quoting N, or paraphrasing him. She's just that type of reporter.

So basically, she's gonna' take everything that Kevin says and twist the words around until it means something completely opposite of what he intended. Figures. "Actually, the Princess is very busy so I doubt you'd be able to get her." Okay, so he's covering for is girlfriend. Sue him.

"As for the situation with the Villains... it's exactly how you put it. A situation. One that we'll deal with and continue to deal with until there's peace in Videoland once again." Ha! Twist those words, Lois Lane Reject!

Gui fear of the pressisrising now he forgot how evil reporters can be and their talents for twisting the truth into what can sell. Well The other Marine is still drooling over Chisato but finally smacked over the head with the butt of Crystal's gauss rifle. "Prevert." She mutters as the trooper topples over with a crash as a tone of marine and armor hits the ground.

Chisato Madison isn't the type of evil reporter to twists things around extensively to get a good story. She was a hero afterall, but she may quote Kevin out of context slightly, but nothing that would completely twist what he had said. And she's no Lois Lane reject! First of all, she can defend herself without needing some freak in blue tights to rescue her. Martial arts, Taser, Flame Thrower, Tear Gas, you name it, she's a tough chick. She mumbles "Darn..." As Kevin mentions Lana, shrugs, and continues with the interview "How do you see this 'situation' affecting a world like Expel, which has largely remained on the sidelines up until now?"

<IC Chatter> A Sebec Spokeswoman, not Guido Kandori says, "Ladies and gentleman! The press conference we had to postpone yesterday will be held in approximately twenty minutes time. If you wish to attend, please feel free to gather at the main entrance to Sebec Towers in Aoba Ward, Sumaru City, Japan, of Terra Zone. Unfortunately, due to...certain events...that transpired yesterday, we will have to ask for a photo ID proving you to be employed in the press."

<IC Chatter> Jair cackles insanely.

<Hero-IC> Naoya Toumou says, "Jair. Not AGAIN."

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "Someone get some rope!"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "Don't /worry!/ I'm not going to!"

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "Wait, what did he do?"

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Get enchanted chains."

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Gag and drug Jair as well."

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "Bastards. *click*"

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "Hey, if he said he's not gonna do it, he's not gonna do it."

<IC Chatter> Engineer says, "I'm guessing guns are out of the question."

<Hero-IC> Akira says, "If I see one sign of you Jair, you'll be out cold before you can do anything."

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Don't worry if I do see em. I will personally smack his aft down."

<IC Chatter> A Sebec Spokeswoman, not Guido Kandori says, "Absolutely, sir. There will be full body searches of anyone discovered with weaponry of any sort."

<IC Chatter> Engineer says, "I'm good with security, though."

<IC Chatter> A deep, thickly accented voice, NOT The Warlock Lord says, "And anyone starting trouble _within_ the premises will be swiftly evicted."

<IC Chatter> Engineer says, "If you need any help."

"Anything can happen." That's the best way to answer something that you're not sure how to answer. He's not the guy with all the answers. Heck he's not the guy with any of the answers. All he is is the front man for the battle. That's all he does. Fight.

"As long as we all do our part, I'm sure that we'll be triumphant in this seemingly neverending battle." Ha! Go ahead and quote out of context! If you dare! Duke'll hunt you down like there's no tommorrow.

Chisato Madison nods quickly. Boy, he's not giving a lot of detail, she'll have to improvise with it, like she always does. "Well, one last thing, what's your opinion of the epidemic that appears to have spread all over Cross Continent on the planet Expel?" If N has at least been keeping up with the hero's news, he should know about this situation. If anything, the one thing Expel needs is hope, so any out of context quoting she'd do would only put N and the heros in an excessively greater light. People need to be told everything will be alright to keep order, even if things may not be.

Kevin hasn't been keeping up with the news. He doesn't know anything about any epidemic so he does look a bit flustered for an answer for a quick second. But of course, for someone who's always one step ahead of the game, he manages to keep his cool. And wing it. "If there's one thing that I've learned here it's to never give up hope. Ever. Like they say, if all good things must come to an end... so do all bad things." He smiles, proud of himself for coming up with such a nice and vague response.

Gui and the others head off they can talk to the new reporter later.

Chisato Madison briefly sighs. And here she thought this was grand, well organized operation. No wonder these people seem to need /Ashton's/ help. Still, she can work with this. She's not the former star reporter of the Nedian Chronical for nothing. And you don't start the groundwork for a media empire on a primitive planet without some skill. "Well then..." She says, somewhat trailing off, figuring she won't get much else out of him "...thanks for your time. I've been wanting to get an interview with someone from this world ever since Ashton returned with news about it." She finishes writing "You have no idea what it's like to have the latest, greatest news story be totally out of your reach, when the people demand to know about it. And now, with this latest crisis, it was my /duty/ as a reporter to try and get the information I need." True to form, as a reporter, there's an epidemic widespread on Expel, and she's worried about keeping up the quality of her newspaper. "Well, I hate to interview and run, but I really need to get back." She turns on the spot, and walks back towards the warps, looking slightly confused for a moment, but then briskly walks into the one she came out of. Didn't even pause to say goodbye.

Captain N simply smirks as he watches the lady leave. He shakes his head a bit as he has no idea what in the heck she was talking about. There's a sigh and he bends down to scritch his dog behind the ear. "I know, boy. She weirded me out too." With that, he pushes back up, with a slight wince, and turns to head back the way he came. Screw going out. There's weird reporter people out there. Yikes.


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