The world of Expel is divided up into three main continents: Cross, Lacour and El. And two smaller land masses, Hoffman Island which is just north of the continent of Lacour, and an unnamed deserted island where the Cave of Trials exist, which is southwest of the continent of Cross.

The continent of Cross is in fact, shaped like a cross. Cross Kingdom exists in the very centre along with Cross Cave, in the southern part exist the mining town of Salva, and the small village of Arlia. The Northern part is home to the newly rebuilt port town of Click, and the Mountain Palace. The Western land of Cross has the village of Mars, and the port town of Herlie. And the Eastern area of Cross holds the Lasgus Mountains, home of the King of the Monster Race, Xine, and an entrance to a peninsula of desert.

The continent of Lacour has the port town of Hilton on it's western seaboard. The city of Lacour is in the centre of the continent as well. In the southern region is the town of Linga, and the Linga Sanctuary. In the northern area is the now abandoned Frontline Fort, which was a bastion of defence against the encroaching demons from the Sorcery Globe.

And the slowly recovering continent of El. This was where the Sorcery Globe landed, and the spawning demons ravaged the land. The city of Eluria was destroyed as it was inhabited by the Gods Ten Wise Men. Just west of the old city, was the old refuge of the survivors, and is slowly being rebuilt to become New Eluria. South of there is the crater where the Sorcery Globe landed, and now a mysterious portal is in it's place, which leads to the rest of Videoland.

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "<Two voices seem to come in at once, not Ashton's, but the voices of the dragons> 'Gyoro' Are you sure this will work? 'Ururun' I'm positive I've heard some psychic wavelengths flying around since we arrived at Videoland, just shut up and concentrate so we can get some help!"

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "Can... I help you?"

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg can be heard whistling a bit befor answering. "...What? Yeah? Whazzup?"

Donkey Kong has arrived.

<Hero-IC> Nei says, "Um... did someone say something? ...I think I'm hearing voices again..."

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "If it's you, it's you and me."

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "*Gyoro* So it did work. *Ururun* Of course it did, you should have been paying closer attention! Ahem, anyway, yes, we could use some help. Specifically a representitive from Videoland, we are.... in a bit of a 'legal' bind right now in the Kingdom of Cross."

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg continues whistling while waiting an answer. *duuun, dun dun du-dun du-du-duuun! dun, du-dun dun dun duuun! etc etc..*

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "I wouldn't be the one, I'm still relativly new."

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "Representative of Videoland? Well...I'm far to be one..."

<Hero-IC> Duke Nukem says, "Are we gonna blow up Emeralds now or are we still talking?"

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "Oh relax you."

<Hero-IC> Nei says, "...in a way, aren't we all representatives of Videoland? I mean, we all live there, right?"

<Hero-IC> Donkey Kong says, "Repre... sentitive? *munch* Who's that?"

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "*Ururun* We just need someone to explain the whole thing. Um, the King of Cross doesn't seem to really believe us..."

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "Yea, but what... they? need is someone who knows the place well... like Princess Lana."

<Hero-IC> Donkey Kong voice pipes up over *munch* the sound of rocketry. "Huh?" *munch* *munch*

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "Or any Gamemasters, in fact...Hey! Any Gamemasters listening to this?"

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "+nc :whees."

<Hero-IC> Beat oocly facepalms.

<Hero-IC> Nei says, "I can explain things! ...but, what things?"

<Hero-IC> Duke Nukem says, "The Gamemasters are probably still in bed from a hard day's night playing video games. Yet they forget the best game of them all. Pinball. These kids may be videogame wizards, but they're no pinball wizards."

<Hero-IC> Princess Lana finally tunes in, her voice riddled with interest, as she's only been recently informed of her usefulness in the matter. "Excuse me, I've been informed my assitance may be required, but for what?"

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "*Gyoro* We don't need to disturb the Princess for this, hopefully. We just need someone to come... confirm the story, more than anything else. There are a few, er, other issues with the King that has made him distrust Ashton in the past, and we just need some people to come and back up the story."

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "Probably how we have a small pink puffball, a 4 foot tall blue hedgehog, and a bird on rollerskates. I know I had a hard time explaining that to my gang."

<Hero-IC> Donkey Kong says, "King has issues?"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "Er..what are we talking about?"

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "... I suppose... I can go. Is he a nice fellow?"

<Hero-IC> Nei says, "Well, I don't know what it's all about... but I'd be happy to do everything I can to help!"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "I don't even know what we're TALKING about..but I'll help!"

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg could be heard nodding...But more a positive-sounding huming. "Yeah, you could say that for me too."

<Hero-IC> Duke Nukem looks with X-Ray specs. "I see nothing wrong."

<Hero-IC> Duke Nukem whoops.

<Hero-IC> Yar Warrior LAUGHS!

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "So, where is your hideout, anyways?"

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "*Ururun* The King? *Gyoro*(Sort of pipes in here) Anyone's help would be appreciated. Princess Lana, we really don't wish to take you from your duties, but if you could spare the time..."

<Hero-IC> Donkey Kong says, "*rumble* Uhoh! My barrel rocket is acting up. I'll just feed it another 5 bananas."

<Hero-IC> Princess Lana says, "If I'm needed, I'll certaintly make time. Where should I traverse to?"

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "...You 'feed' bananas to your barrels?"

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "*Gyoro* Our world is located in, I believe what you call the 'Space Zone'"

<Hero-IC> Duke Nukem says, "If the aliens won't come to me, I'll go to them."

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "... Space Zone? What do you do, take a starship?"

<Hero-IC> Princess Lana says, "Very well. I'm on my way in that case."

<Hero-IC> Ashton Anchors says, "*Ururun* When we arrived through the warp we found a way to our planet in the 'Ceres Station', from there we found another warp down to the planet's surface."

<Hero-IC> Nei says, "Okay, I'll be right there! ...as soon as I figure out which one of all these warp zone thingies is the right one..."

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "Wait, I remember said pink puffball jabbering about some sort of 'star' transport system..."

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "You could say that for me t--WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa..."

Princess Lana has arrived.
Jair has arrived.
Grit has arrived.

<Hero-IC> Beat says, "Well, as long as I'm in this wierd... *warpstar sound* WWWWAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhh........ *bing*"

Beat has arrived
RRSS Hyperion has arrived.

In the Kingdom of Cross (not too far from where you all should conveniently arrive) there seems to be a rather large crowd gathered in the square. Seems theres a man with something to prove. That is, that there are other worlds out there besides this one, reachable through portals. It all seemed rather laughable. Pity Ashton's former comrades were nowhere to be found. The King of Cross himself has always mistrusted Ashton, but reasons for that won't be delved into here. Ashton is in the square, instead of the dungeon, because he promised the King some 'evidence' of Videoland's existence. And that evidence had better come here soon, seems the King is growing impatient.

And evidence you will have. If the apparition of a man-sized golden circle in the air, with a falling scream and sound coming out of it dosent tell them something...There something wrong. Oh yeah: The Blonde Haired wanna-be hero soon crashes loudly out of the Warp Gate, face first as usual. Beware: The Hero of Spielburg is BACK in Expel, 23% More Heroic than befor! And also missing two more theets in his mouth, but that's just a detail! No pain no gain!

Moving as quickly as she can, and looking rather stately as she so does, is Lana, her heeled shoes tapping sharply with the brisk pace she has set for herself. Carrying her long, golden staff, and coroneted with her jeweled tiara which glitters enchantingly amidst the fiery curls of her hair, she looks ever inch the princess. She is flanked by a half dozen guards whom have accompanied her to make her seem all the more credible, each garbed in the uniform of the Palace of Power. Instinctively, she heads towards the crowds, her speed heightening a bit as soon as she spots them.

Nei arrives! And how does she arrive? By the very same warp zone the Hero came through. See, she was just standing there, wondering how she would ever find the right one... and then the Hero walks by, trips, and goes down one of them! Deciding to see if the Hero's alright, Nei jumped in after him. Aw, she does care, lucky Hero! ...no, not so lucky Hero, because Nei ends up on his back. "Oops!" She quickly jumps off. "Sorry about that! Are you okay?"

Said crowd might see something up in the sky... Oh look! It's a shooting star! Said star is star-shaped, and is actually carrying a passanger by the name of Beat. Oh look, his first warp ride. Right now, he's bearly hanging onto the the star, lying oh his stomach with his legs sticking out. Bypassing the town completly, he ends up landing in the field where everyone else is... or is going to be.

" ......aaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *CRASH!*"

He looks up from the crash site, dazed. A grins slwoly overcomes his face. "That..... was.... COOL!" He simply says, still quite dazed.

~KRAKA-KOW!~ There's a bright flash from up in the air about 20 feet in front of Lana. "Grit? Don't look down. Seriously." Anyone looking up notices the High King and Grit...floating a good 30 feet off the ground. "I think I missed the floor."

Grit looks down, predictably enough. What, you think he'd lose his macho equilibrium? Naw. "Looks like it." He looks across at Jair. "Mind fixing it? I'd feel better with my feet on the ground, you know."

Worriedly, Ashton idly murmers to the twin dragons "Hey, are you guys SURE you got some people from Videoland to come here?" They nod in confirmation as Gyoro responds "Don't worry, we'll have all the proof we need soon..." Ohh... Ashton got his proof alright. Aside from the contigency of soldiers escorting the Princess to the gates of Cross City, the Hero makes a rather... obvious entrance (this time) followed by Nei, Beat, and Grit. And the guards at the castle gates notice Lana's soldiers approaching, seems things are going good right? Well... the King seems rather flustered, and a bit paranoid, he looks around as all these bizarre events unfold and asks in suspicion "Are we under attack?" He turns to Ashton "Explain yourself!" Hoo boy... Ashton would panic here, but thankfully Gyoro and Ururun take the initiative, and possess him to explain things without him fumbling. His eyes flash red as Gyoro speaks "Don't worry your highness, these people are friends..." He turns to face the gates "Let the soldiers and the lady enter, they mean no harm and will confirm our story."

Oh thanks Nei! Like if the fall wasent painfull nuff! Thanksfully...The Numan is rather light, but the impact still make something 'CRACK!' on the Hero's back. Nothing broken, though...just...hurts. "ARG!" He turn his best the best he can to look at he Numan, catching merly a little glimsp of her. "...Could have been better..." Yeah, he could recive anoter Tetris block instead.

Beat gets to his feet, notes Lana and guards, and follows on his skates. It seems he's here to teach the natives about Tokyo-to art. Good thing he brought enough spraypaint cans.

Jair scratches his head and just shrugs, poofing out of existence in a flash of light, Grit along with him..and reappearing on the ground next to Ashton. With Grit. Yah. "You called, sir Ashton?"

Look, there's the Barrel Rocket. DK's flying barrel in the sky. And look, it's going to land here again. Those bananas didn't help make the rocket do any better. Look out, the barrel is gonna land once more. It draws closer and closer to the surface, looks like it's gonna land, obviously.

Grit looks around briefly as he's re-teleported. Seems Jair got it right this time. Goody. Since Jair's pretty much spoken for both of them, he decides to just stand there at look around. At stuff. Yeah...

Nei kneels next to the Hero. "Sorry, sorry, completely my fault. Here, let me help you up." And that she does, picking Hero up by the shoulders and setting him on his feet with the greatest of ease. Yes, that's completely normal behavior for her. What good is super strength if you don't use it, after all?

Off up in orbit about the planet a massive form slowly decends into the lower atmosphere of the planet as the Terran Battle Crusier heads towards the Square in the city. As it does so a massive shadow as the terran warmachine finally comes into view hovering over the square as several flood lights pan about the crowd of people blow. Yes folks its a space ship, hovering right over you and could likely level the city if it chose to.However the commander of this vessel has come in peace. Anyhow the ship hovers there doing nothing but save launching a smaller craft, namely a drop ship heads towards the square and 8 ropes drop down from it. Shortly after wards Jim Raynor and 7 other Marines slide down the ropes and land on the ground. Jim and the other marines fall into line. "Well you asked for some proof of other worlds how does this work Ashton?"

Even Gyoro and Ururun can't help but give a slight sweatdrop at the sight of all this. He wanted some small reasonable proof, not 'the truth is out there!' proof. Oh well, they'll have to deal. Good thing Gyoro and Ururun are in charge, Ashton wouldn't be able to manage it all otherwise. The guards at the gate spend a few moments going over Lana and her guards (thus excusing her as she walks her dogs, fnord!) While the guards in the city square keep an eye on all the other 'intruders', but not making any moves against them. The possessed Ashton turns to a slightly calmer King "Don't worry your highness. These are all people from Videoland that I mentioned. This isn't an invasion, it's..." Jim's Battlecruiser happens to take that moment to descend, yeah, real 'non-invasiony' looking, isn't it? DK's rocket barrel also starts to come into full view now, 'barreling' towards Cross City. Well this isn't going well, not too hard to tell that, the King doesn't look too pleased.

"No no! I'm fine really just g...Eeeeeeh!?" The Hero blinks, disbeliving the illusion! Did that cute, young looking and pointed haired young woman just LIFTED his Heroic self from the shoulder like if he was nothing? She sure did, and the surprise is sure present on the generic one's face. But befor he can add anything in his surprise, the..very...very..large starship comes into view, wich also add an new level of surprise(And maby a bit afraid, at the same time) and stand there, gazing at the Redneck marines sliding down the rope...Okay, ANOTER thing to add to the list...

Beat continues skating along... and he's trying to tun a radio station in. Yea, like anyone broadcasts anything here. Upon seeing the spaceship, he stumbles for a moment, but he's seen that huge thing before, but it still impressive to him.

Jair scratches his head and turns around, peering at the King of Cross. Then he bows. "I am Jair, the High King. This is my..partner..Grit." He says, gesturing to the trenchcoated one beside him. "We come, in peace, from Videoland. You have nothing to fear..despite the friggin' huge thing in the sky. That's..uh..well, I don't know what that is, but if it gets hostile I'll blow it up. Or something."

Jim Raynor has arrived.

Nei smiles happily. "There! The Hero's all ready for action again." She blinks as the one she's talking to looks somewhere else. Following his gaze, she sees... a space ship? "Well, what do you know? I didn't know they had those over here. Wait, it looks familiar... Hey, isn't that mister Raynor's ship? I didn't know it'd been fixed." Sure, she came here to prove... something or other, but there's just so many distractions!

Donkey Kong's rocket crashes, it explodes, and DK and everyone dies, the end!

NOT! It does land, but not crash. This time, DK installed a parachute. Well, actually, it's a parrot-chute it's just a purple Squacks. That bird comes in handy today. As it lands, DK jumpsout, holding his seemingly unlimited supply of bananas! He eats one. *munch* *munch* "Whoah, look. I'm at... that place again!" He says aloud to himself, but forgets the name of the place of course.

The Hyperion lands on Lana and the mission failed message appears.

Jim Raynor looks at Jair and says, "No we are not hostile. If we were we would have come in shooting." Then he grins as he see Nei. "hey Nei, what do you think of the Hyperion now that she is up and running?" He looks over at King and gives the ruler a bow. "Greetings I'm Captain Raynor from the planet Mar Sara."

Grit still just looks around, and stuff. Because Kings are usually stiff and easily exciteable, and Grit tends irritate authority figures. I wonder why...

Once they are allowed admittance by the gatekeepers, Lana offers them an assenting nod, before directing the rest of her entourage within, towards the crowds, where she has spotted Ashton. Tossing on her most majestic demeanor, straightening her back to gain poise and height, she nods to the obvious monarch beside the man and inquires, her voice a commanding and articulate, yet conspicuously kind sound, "Good day. I am Princess Lana of Videoland. What seems to be the problem?"

Beat trods along behind the Princesse's guards, before he enters the town. After that, he looks around, pondering what the heck is going on. He looks around. "Not the high tech place, I see." He skates forward... or tries to, at least. It's hard to skate on anything other then concrete.

The King is a bit... flabberghasted (yay funny arbitrary words) It's kind of hard to ignore the evidence, seems his attempt to publically prove Ashton wrong so he'd stop with trying to prove to everyone about Videoland, has backfired. The proof is here now, undenyable. He gives Ashton and the dragons a hard look "Mr. Anchors, I trust you'll be explaining all this...." He raises an eyebrow at Princess Lana, oO(A Princess? Her wardrobe seems similar to one of the girls that traveled with Rena and the others) The King muses oO(And that girl who landed on that one man, her pointed ears remind me of Rena...) He again turns to Ashton "Alright Mr. Anchors, we'll hear your story out, no matter how bizarre. Just... please ask your 'friends' not to disturb the city?" He says with a weary voice, and turns to Lana "And you miss, I'd much like to speak to you, but another evening. It is late, and I..." He glaces up at the Battlecruiser "..believe I've seen and heard enough for one day." Now he addresses the crowd of outsiders as a whole "If you wish you may all stay at the Inn in Cross for the night, the royal house will pay for the lodgings." He turns to Ashton once more "And you Mr. Anchors, we'll speak to tomorrow. If this tale of 'Videoland' is true, you'll have a lot of explaining to do." Ashton-Gyoro gives a nod, quite relieved that the King gave up on trying to arrest him, for now.

Nei smiles and waves at Jim when he addresses her. "Hi there, mister Raynor! It looks great! I hope you'll let me fly in it sometime!" Then she looks over to the large gathering of people. "...uh... oh yeah... ...hi?" She waves at the crowd in general doubtfully, quite uncomfortable about being stared at by so many people. Even though most of them aren't even looking at her, but at this royal meeting.

Nodding in a queenly manner, Lana insists, "Sire, we mean no harm by our coming here, however, we did wish to prove to you our existence on behalf of your Mr. Anchors. Summon me whenever you have the chance to speak so that I may fully answer the questions I'm sure you have. Until then, I promise niether myself or my guards will do anything to disturb your lands." With that, she gives a reassuring smile to the king, turning it then to Ashton.

Beat is actually tired, himself. It was a long day trying to protect his turf from those Love Shockers... He yawns, as if to prove the point. Hopefully, the beds here are more comfy then the ones at GG HQ. "Kickin!" He's not one to pass up something free. "And when I wake up, I will have to teach you guys something about the lines from Tokyo!" He plucks a paint can from his belt, grinning as he shakes it up. "I'm sure this place would look better with some soul from the streets!"

Donkey Kong looks around, while chowing down on bananas. (What a pig!) He scratches his head out of confusion, as Squacks lifts him up to get in closer. He hopes he can understand this all better sooner or later, but for now, DK is clueless, poor, poor monkey!

The Hero Of Spielburg snaps out of his heroic glance, blinking at the royal meeting. He nods at Rayor. "Hey, if it not Jim Raynor!...That's...uh, big thing in the sky yours?" Obvious question, seeing he just came out of it....But asking the obvious is part of his job!

Jair turns and peers at Grit. "Wanna stay here tonight?"

Grit scritches his head. "Well, I reckon we can. I ain't got nothing else to do."

Ashton-Gyoro turns to Lana and gives a nod in thanks "Thank you for coming Princess, hopefully the King will be more receptive to Ashton's story tomorrow. As he said you're free to stay at the Inn here tonight if you're not going back to the Palace? Speaking of which, Ashton needs to get some rest himself. Good evening." He says simply, and then the red color on his eyes fade back to their natural green color. Ashton, un-possessed, blinks in surprise "Uh? Where am I? What was I just doing...?" He glances up at the sky, at the huge battlecruier that wasn't there before he was possessed, and it invokes the usual reaction out of him "GYAAAAA!!" He screams, trips up in his feet, and falls over. And that's how this crazy evening ended. Those who wish to can stay at the Inn, or they can return to Videoland through the same means they arrived. Tomorrow Ashton will speak to the king about this whole mess, but for now, sleep...

Jim Raynor nods to Nei. "Sure if you want to have a ride on the hyperion there is room." Then he nods to the King. "Thank you that is most kind." Yes Jim is remebering his manners to day. To the hero of Spielburg. "Yes thats my ship the Hyperion, we just finished repairs to it two days ago."

Beat says a few things on the radio, and then heads toward the inn.


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