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Nunchucks Coffee House <NCH>
Waluigi Statue
Engineer's Repair and Engineering
Obvious exits:
<N>orth leads to Dance Dance Club.
<E>ast leads to SimCity Industrial Nightmare.
<W>est leads to Simsville Neighborhood.
<D>oor leads to Insert Coin Bar And Grill.
<U>p leads to Evening Sky.

Elsa von Spielburg arrives from Simsville Neighborhood.
Elsa von Spielburg has arrived.

Elsa von Spielburg comes into the park with a quickened pace, her face flushed with the evening exercise and clutching her diary under one arm as she searches around for signs of Ashton.

Ashton Anchors is equally in a bit of a hurry. Since he doesnt' directly hear anything that is transmitted between the Heroes, Gyoro and Ururun had to quickly inform him that Elsa was going to be here. "Are you guys /sure/ that she'll be around here?" Ururun sighs <Ururun:That's what she said, Ashton, I doubt she'd lead you here for no reason...>

Elsa von Spielburg looks around and finally spots him. A guy with two dragons on his back is hard to miss, after all. "Ashton!" she calls out across the square, then runs towards him with a wide smile.

Ashton Anchors blinks, and notices Elsa approaching. He waves slightly "Hey!" He runs up to meet her. "Um, hi." He says bashfully, not really sure how is right to greet her after last night, so he just tries to be normal.

Elsa von Spielburg isn't quite as casual, and stands on her toes to kiss his cheek in greeting. "Hello! And hi, Gyoro," she reaches up to stroke Gyoro's neck, then Ururun's. "I'm glad you came," she smiles at Ashton.

Ashton Anchors blinks, not really expecting a kiss in greeting. oO(Wow... maybe after last night...) He honestly wasn't expecting such a positive reaction, mostly being due to never having a girlfriend before. Gyoro and Ururun accept the stroking gratefully, of course. Ashton doesn't react much to it this time, may as well let them have their fun, just as long as they don't go as far as they did lastn ight. "So, um, what have you been up to all day?" He asks, honestly curious.

Elsa von Spielburg says, "Ugh, just one mess after another," she rolls her eyes and smiles at him. "Bought a diary, though, that part was nice. How about you?"

Ashton Anchors notices the book in her hand "A diary huh? I've never kept one of them... but I guess travelling around, taking a book like that would have been a bit cumbersome..." And this coming from a guy with nigh-infinite storage space under his cloak? "So, what were these messes then? Anything wrong?"

Elsa von Spielburg says, "Eh...nothing big, but...let's walk," she nods towards the park's sidewalk, moving forward with a slow, even pace. "Well, I ran into Waluigi in the bar...the horrible rat. I came awfully close to slugging him too if not for that stupid 'no fighting' rule. Then I had to give Nei 'the talk,'" she says, her cheeks turning a light rosy pink hue. "DW is upset because of something I said it's been a pretty eventful day, all in all."

Ashton Anchors ums "The... talk?" <Gyoro:Oh you know, THAT talk, when people explain where babies come from without falling back on the stork story...> He suddenly blushes, especially remembering how childlike Nei is "Oh, well... that must have been awkward." He shakesh is head "Heh, I'd have dragged Waluigi down to Fighter Club and pummeled him down there... but I guess people can't fight against their will." He sighs.

Elsa von Spielburg smiles and shakes her head. "Ah well...I'll get him back sooner or later. Yeah, it was pretty awkward, especially with Dragon Warrior and Cody hovering around nearby, sweating buckets and red as cherries."

Ashton Anchors sighs again "Ah, him..." He chuckles slightly. Gyoro and Ururun don't have the highest opinion of the Dragon Warrior, Cody he's never really met. "I'd like to have supported you... but I don't really think I'd be much better myself." THAT topic, isn't his forte.

Elsa von Spielburg chuckles. "It's all right. I think it was easier with just strangers around. I might have clammed up and started stammering if there was someone I knew rather well within earshot."

Ashton Anchors nods "Well... I hope it turned out ok. Nei would be a... tricky one to explain that too." Nei really reminded him of Rena, though Rena wasn't quite as naive as Nei is, it must be the pointy ears. "Well, hopefully we can all avoid talks like that, and, you know, focus on more normal things..."

Elsa von Spielburg says, "Yeah...I feel kind of bad, actually, because I had to leave after explaining only the most basic functions. I didn't get to tell her about when it was appropriate to engage in activities like that...I really should have."

Ashton Anchors pauses in his tracks for a moment "Erm... yeah, that would have been the most important part. Well... let's hope she doesn't experime... er... well, I'm sure she wouldn't do that." Another bead of sweat rolls down his cheek, Gyoro and Ururun just sort of shake their heads slightly. Lucky for Nei, the only two men who would be candiates aren't even human. "So, um... anything else going on, besides the dirty leech and the talk?"

Elsa von Spielburg shakes her head and smiles up at him, casually rubbing her arm. "No, not really. How about you?"

Elsa von Spielburg says, "That sounds like an awfully dubious request to me..."

Ashton Anchors scratches his chin "Not too much. Did my usual morning training routine, and took a bit of a look around Corneria. Not much happening, until you came around."

Elsa von Spielburg says, "Yeah...same here," she smiles at him, then turns her head forward again. "It's a nice end to the day."

Ashton Anchors nods, and is silent for a moment, as they continue their walk. "So... er... about.. last night..." He finally brings up. It's only been on his mind all day. Though Elsa's words from last night come back into his mind 'never apologize'. But despite that, he thinks he should at least let her know it was Gyoro that started the kiss "Um... when I kissed you last night..."

Elsa von Spielburg looks at him quickly. ~Oh no, not the friends talk...~ But she manages to smile anyhow. "Yes? What about it?

No, not the friends talk, something else though. "When I kissed you... it wasn't..." He pauses, though probably not the best word to pause on "It wasn't me, entirely. Right when I kissed you, Gyoro and possessed me to give me a bit of a... shove, so to speak. He let go almost immediatly, and I was really surprised to come out of it like that. But... even though it was him at first... the rest was... real." He clears his throat. "Uh... that's why I apologized afterward..."

Elsa von Spielburg is quiet for a moment. " do you feel now?" she asks, her voice almost timid.

Ashton Anchors is silent for another moment, as if weighing his words incredibly carefully "I... don't really know. I've never felt like this before..." oO(Not even with Precis...) He mentally adds. "And... I think that... well, I'm sort of glad Gyoro gave me that bit of a shove, because I mightn't have done it otherwise. Like I said, I've never been in a relationship before, so I just don't know when and where is right to do what..." He rambles a bit, as if trying to come up with the excuses for his actions "But, I still feel the same... if not more strongly..."

Elsa von Spielburg smiles gently, and tentatively reaches out to take Ashton's hand. "I'm glad he helped you out, then. I was sort of hoping you'd make a move, to be honest. You intrigue me."

Ashton Anchors blinks. 'Intrigue' isn't quite the word he was hoping to hear, but he still has an idea about how she feels. "I'm not usually a move-maker... Even in fights, I tend to attack defensively, it's when Gyoro and Ururun possess me that I become truely offensive. I should have know they'd force me into my first kiss as well..." He just shakes his head with a smile "But, they still haven't really steered my wrong before.

Elsa von Spielburg says, "Ahhhh, I understand," she tips her head back before letting it fall forward again. "Well in any're very attractive when you're bold!"

Ashton Anchors would tap his fingers on something if there were somewhere to tap them, he does that when he's nervous. Bold huh? "So... would you mind if I kissed you again now?" He asks. Not quite what she probably meant by bold, asking permission and all, but it's a step at least. It might take a bit before he can trust his own judgement enough to be bold when the time is right.

Elsa's face lights up, and she shakes her head. "I wouldn't mind at all, Ashton," she squeezes his hand lightly. "Leave me breathless whenever you want."

Ashton Anchors really doesn't waste time, as Elsa barely finishes off 'whenever you want', as he kisses her once more. Probably a bit more awkward than yesterdays, since they're both standing now, and Ashton is taller, and this time, it was under his own accord. Nevertheless, the same emotion throughout the kiss can be felt as before.

Elsa von Spielburg closes her eyes, tipping her head back to meet him. She holds to either side of his arms to keep her balance as she stands on her toes. A heated rush surges through her blood again, with the overall feeling of things just being right.

Elsa von Spielburg smiles up at him, feeling rather dizzy. "Yes...just like that," she smiles up at him, brushing her fingertips over his cheek. "Thank you."

Ashton Anchors smiles again. The two dragonheads chuckle <Gyoro:I think he's getting bolder already.> Ashton doesn't pay much attention to them, as he looks back down at Elsa "Well, sure thing. Feel free to kiss me anytime too, you know. I wouldn't mind either." He looks a bit bashful saying that. Then his expression drops a bit "Er, anyway, there were a few things I needed to go take care of... so I'll probably meet up with you back at the Inn later, or tomorrow?"

Elsa von Spielburg says, "Sure," she nods with a smile, rubbing the back of her neck. "Tomorrow would be really good. And thanks for meeting with me tonight. Um...pleasant dreams, you three."


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