Palace of Power - Videoland Research and Development

This tower of the Palace, once another set of guest quarters, has been turned into a makeshift laboratory, numerous rooms holding hundreds of experiments, good scientists putting their skills to use making the most unusual devices imaginable. It is here that the scientists who built Kevin's Zapper work, and they continue to invent, making new and better devices to keep the Gamemasters equipped with the most up-to-date equipment possible. Never mind the loud explosions that occasionally rip through the area... it's natural.

Fire Eyes

Obvious exits:
<D>own leads to Palace of Power - Dining Room.

The Labratory is very... Labratory-ish, as always. While the current occupants are busy occupying the room doing whatever it is they were doing up until now, three heads, yes three, peek into the room, one human looking, two dragon, red and blue. "I don't think she's in here either..." The human mutters, and the two dragons grunt and nod in agreement. He steps into the Lab, a rather tall man, in a really bizarre costume, with two dragons sticking out of his back. He looks around as he scratches the back of his head "I wonder where she is..."

One of those people in the room is a young girl, at least judging by the way she looks. And also it looks as though she was just leaving, too. Leaving until she gets faced by a three headed monster of DOOM! Instinctively a hand reachs for a set of pouches at her waist, and then logic takes over. If some sort of monster was in the palace, she'd of already heard about it, right? The appearance of a human only seems to make that seem to make more sense. "Her? Who are you looking for?" she asks helpfully. Now that she's back on her feet, it's back to trying to build a reputation as something besides an odd kid.

Ashton Anchors hmms, as he hears the voice coming from below, and he looks down and sees the rather plain looking girl. There's a slight pause, before he sheepishly replies "Uh... I'm looking for Princess Lana. I just got back to the Castle and need to speak to her." Since he said 'back to the castle', that implies he's been here before, so he's probably harmless, even though he has two dragons sticking out of his back.

The girl shakes her head. "You mean the woman that supposedly runs this palace? I'm beginning to think that she's a myth, or something. I've never even seen her, and she certaintly doesn't have the time to speak with someone like me, apparently. I imagine that she must be rather busy, but that doesn't change the fact I need to speak with her. If she is the leader people say she is, I'd be rather interested in allying my people with her own, for reasons that are my own." Of course it probably has something to do with a threat to burn her home to the ground, one that she doesn't know if she should take serious or not. But she's not the risk taking type. "You may call me 'Fire Eyes'." the girl says. It's obviously not her real name, but not many know that. "And who might I have the pleasure of addressing?"

Ashton Anchors blinks at the girl's formal way of speaking "I need to talk to here for sorta the same reasons..." He thinks, funny, she didn't seem so.. unnapproachable when he was last here, she was always friendly and courteous, he wonders what's happened here while he was back on his world "Oh, I'm Ashton, Ashton Anchors." Fire Eyes huh? Well, since he's come here, he's heard stranger names. The two dragons on his back make a bit of a fuss, and Ashton continues "And these are Gyoro and Ururun." The dragons make a grunt-type sound, and nod.

The girl's real name is much more mundane, almost commonplace in comparison to the one she was given by the people she now leads. "Ashton, hm? And..Gyoro and Ururun? Interesting." Her bespectacled eyes move over the dragon heads. "I suppose.." she says, though somewhat distracted by the odd things "..that perhaps had I spent more time here in the palace, I would of had more of a chance to meet with this 'Lana'. However, I can't just sit around waiting, I have things to do at home as well! And I don't know if there's any particular channels I need to go through to meet her, either. I suppose I'm just hoping to get lucky and bump into her."

<IC Chatter> Ryu Hayabusa says, "Samurai Burger's fall is imminent, but the party has only *huff* begun...HOYAH! *sound of a blade clashing*"

Ashton Anchors is a bit surprised, most people, especially children, start asking countless questions about the dragons, or just stare rudely, but just an 'interesting' and nothing more, it's a welcome change "Well, when I was here I didn't really have any problem finding her around the castle. Maybe she's just been a bit busy lately..." Ashton did hear murmers from the fungusy guards about the recenty goings on, with the Sinistrals, Gameshark, Mother Brain, and the rest, so Lana is probably quite busy dealing with things "I'm sure if you're patient, you'll see her soon."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "o/~Swoirdy swordy sword! Swordy swordy sword!o/~"

Fire Eyes is more then the child she appears to be. She figures if she needs to know about the creatures, then she can ask. The way it is now, they're little more then an interesting oddity. As for Gameshark, it's mostly his fault she's just now recovering from her wounds. She never believed these 'gamemaster' things could have any real power, but she's since learned otherwise. "I do hope you're right. It might be a little while until I am able to return. My home is rather far from here, although I suppose that's what the warps are for." She holds up one wrist, where an odd braclet rests.

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "If a sword is made of pure gold, does that means it's a golden sword, or does that mean it's just a sword made of gold?"

<IC Chatter> Falco Lombardi says, "... shut up. PLEASE. SHUT. UP."

<IC Chatter> Lezard Valeth says, "I believe it would be both."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Both at the same time?"

<IC Chatter> Lezard Valeth says, "Yep. It's possible."

<IC Chatter> Roy says, "*The sound of an explosion can be heard VERY audibly over the radios as a man screams a name of somesuch attack..*"

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Yay! Gotta get a sword made of gold for sure now!"

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Wait, what color is gold?"

<IC Chatter> Lan Hikari says, "*also heard over the radio* "GERONIMO! *SMASH*""

<IC Chatter> Sword Knight says, "Fighter, it's Gold Colored, obviously."

<IC Chatter> Gameshark says, "FOOLISH SAMUARI! Feel the power of the NINJA! Swarm!"

<IC Chatter> Guybrush Threepwood says, "Take that! And that! WAit... no one's here... ACK! *running sounds*"

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Ninjas use swords!"

<IC Chatter> Mortimer McMire says, "Whose taking bets on property damage today?"

Ashton Anchors nods, and has something of his own, which he pulls out of nowhere from the inside of his cloak, a mini barrel, don't ask. "Yeah, my world is.. well, I think I heard it mentioned that it was in the Space Zone, or something. I'm not sure. I just knew of it as one planet at first then..." He thinks back to his adventures, the stuff that happened in his game "...well a lot of stuff happened, I wasn't TOO surprised when I found out about this world though." He sighs, and sticks the barrel under his cloak, yeah it looks impossibe for it to fit under there, but it's RPG logic afterall, he has an entire inventory of items in there. "So, uh, what's your world like?"

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Ninjas use swords!"

<IC Chatter> Mortimer McMire says, "Quiet, idiot."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Now where can I find lots of gold..."

<IC Chatter> Sword Knight says, "Mercenaries get paid in gold."

Fire Eyes frowns. "I'm actually not entirely sure." she admits. "I've only seen a small portion of it. You see, I actually have two 'worlds' to call my own. My real home and my current home. The one I've spent the most time in is much like the past of my actual home, with creatures like dinosaurs and giant bugs. The people there were originally much like cavemen, but under my influence they've become more. They're my family now. As I doubt I will ever see my real one again."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Huh?"

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "You is not making sense! I need gold to turn into a weapon!"

<IC Chatter> Lezard Valeth says, "Erm. I coul be wrong, Odin knows I'm no weaponsmith, but I seem to recall that gold makes exceptionally poor weapons."

<IC Chatter> Sonic the Hedgehog says, "Gold bends too easily."

<IC Chatter> Lezard Valeth says, "Precisely."

<IC Chatter> Naoya Toumou says, "I've seen some reasonably well made gold weaponry... It would require some magic..."

<IC Chatter> Gameshark says, "Gold? Psht.. Good ol' Adamant is the best stuff out there."

<IC Chatter> Cube says, "Beep beep beep beepbeep. (Yet it makes good armor in some worlds.)"

<IC Chatter> Sonic the Hedgehog says, "I'll just stick to my quills and feet, maybe an emerald or two."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Adamant? Where can I find something adamant?"

Dinosaurs and Cavemen? Buh? Seems Ashton's world wasn't advanced enough to discoved such things, though if he was paying attention (which he wasn't) he may have overheard such things while on the Energy Nede. Gyoro and Ururun on the other hand, nod like they understand what she's saying "Hmm, I've also been to two worlds myself, not including this one. Though my homeworld is the planet Expel, I once went to this thing called an 'Energy Nede' with some companions of mine, there, with my help, we manage to defeat the Gods Ten Wise Men who were going to take over the stars!" He flexes and poses in a generic idiotic anime pose, while Gyoro and Ururun look at him with a 'yeah right' look on their faces.

<IC Chatter> Naoya Toumou says, "Adamant... You'll probably find some if you dig for it. However, I don't know where the best place to do so would be."

Fire Eyes is more interested in the person then his weird dragons, though. And it's him that gets the girl's attention. "Well, I didn't leave my own world, my real world, on purpose. It was in part my grandfather's doing. He is, or was, a brilliant man, but his last invention turned against him. I still wonder if it was his fault. I don't think it was. I'm afraid I don't have any interesting stories to share like your own. Fighting off a few random raptors isn't the same as beating someone who intends to conquer the stars. However one does that."

Ashton Anchors blinks again, surprised by her reaction once more. So.... she's actually IMPRESSED by his ridiculous boasting, poses, and isn't giving him and odd look and changing the subject? He's happy, yet cautious. He coughs and un-poses himself "Well... I didn't exactly start it all on purpose either, it's just how it all happened. Besides, from what I've heard, there are a lot of others now in this world who have done, or tried to do, the same things, or worse, that Indalecio and the Wise Men did..." Ashton briefly shudders at the thought of them coming to Videoland and joining up with Mother Brain, it would be a problem indeed. "So your Grandfather is an inventor huh? One of the girls in our party was a bit of a self proclaimed inventor as well, she was really bright."

Fire Eyes isn't so much impressed as she is polite. Not to a fault, but she's got no reason to treat this fellow rudely. "Indeed. I'm quite certain that there are many that intend the world as thier own. I fail to see the appeal of having everything under one's own control. Perhaps because I know what it's like to be a leader. I have a hard enough time with what little I have to manage. Trying to control all of existance..the very idea borders on madness. If everyone saw that, things would be much easier for all of his."

Ashton Anchors nods, and sighs slightly "I agree with ya there. Trying to control so much... from what I've seen, especially from this world, there are a lot of different places out there, each with it's own... personality. It would be impossible to run them all under the same body... but that's what it seems this Mother Brain character is trying to do. That's why Princess Lana and the others have to do what they do... speaking of which, I need to try and find her. Sorry to run out, but I really need to get her this message."

<IC Chatter> Ryu Hayabusa says, "The dishonorable dogs have fallen, and my cooks have begun preparing a celebration feast, come friends and allies, come for the refreshments you well deserve"

Fire Eyes shrugs. "Well, don't stick around on my account. I was considering simply heading home now that I am well. I didn't wish to return home injured. The villagers worry about me so. The dote over me as if I were a child." Funny, she sure looks like one! "And if you do find her, do you think perhaps you could mention me if you've both got the time? I did come here for my health, but it wasn't the only reason I wanted to be here."

Ashton Anchors nods quickly "Yeah, I'll tell her, Fire Eyes right?, was looking for her. I'll see ya around." Probably not likely, but he says that quickly before he leaves.


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