The world of Expel is divided up into three main continents: Cross, Lacour and El. And two smaller land masses, Hoffman Island which is just north of the continent of Lacour, and an unnamed deserted island where the Cave of Trials exist, which is southwest of the continent of Cross.
The continent of Cross is in fact, shaped like a cross. Cross Kingdom exists in the very centre along with Cross Cave, in the southern part exist the mining town of Salva, and the small village of Arlia. The Northern part is home to the newly rebuilt port town of Click, and the Mountain Palace. The Western land of Cross has the village of Mars, and the port town of Herlie. And the Eastern area of Cross holds the Lasgus Mountains, home of the King of the Monster Race, Xine, and an entrance to a peninsula of desert.
The continent of Lacour has the port town of Hilton on it's western seaboard. The city of Lacour is in the centre of the continent as well. In the southern region is the town of Linga, and the Linga Sanctuary. In the northern area is the now abandoned Frontline Fort, which was a bastion of defence against the encroaching demons from the Sorcery Globe.
And the slowly recovering continent of El. This was where the Sorcery Globe landed, and the spawning demons ravaged the land. The city of Eluria was destroyed as it was inhabited by the Gods Ten Wise Men. Just west of the old city, was the old refuge of the survivors, and is slowly being rebuilt to become New Eluria. South of there is the crater where the Sorcery Globe landed, and now a mysterious portal is in it's place, which leads to the rest of Videoland.

The Cross Kingdom has seen better days. Just outside it's gates, in the vast (former) greem fields of the Cross country side, there are now a couple of smoking craters, and a few fires. And about 5 people collapsed on the ground. Celine Jules, Dias Flac, Bowman Jean, Noel Chandler, and Chisato Madison, are all KOed. Leaving, naturally, the only other hero Expel has, standing up to the staggaringly powerful force of the leader of the Gods Ten Wise Men, Indalecio. Though the Crest Warrior hasn't been KOed yet, he's certainly been damanged, and he can only hope that Chisato's call for help got off before she was blasted.

Floating calmly, Indalecio is surveying the people who had fallen. "Useless mortals, your deaths are inevitable, drop your swords and be done with it warrior, your past victory was merely chance and this time, the world shall end! See your companions, and join their fate!" The Wise Man leader shouts, sending a mere wave of power toward the crest swordsman before going into a trademarked maniacal laughter.

After a while, Station is dashing his way forward. He has to stop this now. Luckily, he has the Anti-Matter on him, so he'll be able to face off against Indalecio. Oh, don't expect any epic Jedi Fights, for Station has his photon saber no more. He does, however, have Luminance. He finally makes it to the Cross Kingdom, skidding to a halt. He fields himself at the Castle's gates, four of the warriors are on the ground. "No....." His eyes are watering, then Station growls. "Ugh!" He draws the blade out, the trenchcoat now transforming into his RPG form armor.

And now the fun begins. Having fought Indalecio before, Ashton tries to recall how the battle went. And this shockwave, which constitutes his regular attack, is quite familiar. No way to actually dodge it, and it isn't worth taking a chance to block it, so Ashton goes for option #3, outrunning it. The further he goes, the shockwave fades, and once it dissipates he U-turns right back to Indalecio "No can do, see we have a real problem with not giving up, you have that problem too ya know?" He lunges at Indalecio, Laventine Sword in hand, trying to run him through, though it can certainly be noticed Ashton's use of the sword is sloppy, he's used to two-sword style, not just one.

Maya Amano hops off the Dragon Warrior's back and finishes off her burger, "Alright, I feel revitalized now. Let's go see what the commotion is all about." A little green arrow appears above her head with the words 'vit +8' written above it. Breaking into a quick run, she clomps toward the on-going battleground.

Indalecio scoffs as he hovers backward out of reach of the blades, alone the Crest Warrior would be hard pressed to catch him, even more to beat the snot out of him. "Then you will die, you can't stop me little man, allow me to show you why." He says raising both his arms. "EARTHQUAKE!"

And the ground shakes, baby.

The Dragon Warrior watches as Maya runs towards the distant battlefield, and hmms. "Looks like Ashton is in trouble. I think it'd be best if we went a little more quickly." He then breaks into a run, catching up with Maya, who had quite a head start, in only a few seconds, then picking her up and putting her back on his back, holding her up by hooking his arms under her legs. "Sorry, it'll be faster this way," he explains, as he bounds off towards the fight. "You should probably, um, do whatever it is you do to prepare for a big fight." As he nears the fight, he pulls a hand out from under one of Maya's knees, and aims it at Indalecio. Speaking a single word backed by arcane force, he sends a fist-sized ball of flame at the god-being, believing that it'd be best to get the first hit in against a foe of such power.

Of course, Station's starting to feel the earthquake as he draws near. Station's body is tumbling over, and he is trying not to fall off. "Gah!" He nearly fumbles the blade, until he draws the blade down to keep him firm. He presses his index finger against the up/left and circle button. His body gains some sort of rocket-like momentum and he launches into the air. He is zooming his way past the whole wrath of the earth shaking. While soaring, Station's body extends forth, blasting off like a bullet as he tries to gain more momentum in flight.

Then, as the flight stops, Station's starting to come down. He starts spinning around, motion progressingly accelerates to the point where he looks like a tornado. Not only that, but there are emerald green flames erupting from his body. Along the line where the spin covers his body, it slowly starts to reveal himself again, but the blade itself is leaving off a flow of a tail-like energy. Whisping through the atmosphere, it dances and cuts around. Whirrrr.. Each part of him is surrounded by the spiral of emerald green energy, dancing along like small flames.

The body arches back, and he is drawing the blade outward. He descends down at Indalecio. "Ashton! I'm here!" He is swinging the blade downward, then upward at the leader of the Ten Wise Man's chest. Technique: Spiral Blossom.

Maya Amano removes her pistols from her purse, and holds them at the ready. But she doesn't attack just yet, instead chooseing to merely defend for now. She's a more careful fighter than Dragon Warrior apparently. Better to get an idea of what the opposition is capable of first. And it looks like Ashton might have some useful hints about beating it. Let's just hope Dragon Warrior can keep his balance in the face of the earthquake.

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "...seems like I didn't find Fou-Lu, he found me."

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "Le-Fou?"

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "need some backup Ryu?"

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Good luck.... Dealing with Indalecio at the Cross Kingdom."

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "No, this is my fight, he harmed Ryu...I can't let him harm others."

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Ah I take it that this is a Ryu thing?"

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "Possibly"

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "I'm starting to wonder of Ryu is like a family or clan name..."

Ashton Anchors tumbles around as the Earthquake spell... causes the earth to.. well... quake. Ripples in the ground, and cracks showing up everywhere cause him to lose is balance more than once. It's harder on someone as tall as he is, he trips easy. but still manages to keep on his feet. He curses to himself "Darnit, I can't even hope to hit him on my own, he's too fast..." It took a party of 4 to beat him in the game, and Ashton is alone. Or so he thought, boy, how convenient three newcomers decided to come and fill in the RPG good guy ranks. Unfortunatly, only one of them will be any help right now

"Station!" He calls out, since he's the first he notices. Though a split second later The Dragon Warrior's fireball spell is seen, as is The Dragon Warrior and his... friend. But they need to be warned "Stay away from him!! You can't hurt him yet!" oO(Not until they get some Anti matter themselves... wait, I know!) He ponders for a moment, then calls out ot them again "5 of my fallen comrades are around the battlefield! Each of them should be holding onto a black jewel, you need to have one of them to be able to hurt this guy!" Now, if he and Station can keep him occupied... He charges at Indalecio, while signaling for Station to come from the other side "Cross Sl---err..." He forgot, only one sword, not two "..um... Double... Slash! ..yeah." He tries to slash twice at the demi-god, he had better get real good at this sword real quick.

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "It means Dragon, and for some reason all the ones I've met so far have the courage, strength or power comparable to our clan."

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "You obviously haven't met many Ryus. *BLAMBLAMBLAM*"

<Hero-IC> Rika says, "Ryu...are you okay? I know it's your fight but...do you want me to come there?"

Merely gazing at the fireball melting into nothingness before even coming close to making contact, the Wise man chuckles darkly. "Outsiders? It does not matter...all shall die, first this pathetic world, then the others!" As the Gamemaster leaps high, Indalecio watches defiantly as the attack comes, surprised at the fact that actually harmed him. "So...the little bee can sting, perhaps I may have to use a portion of m-UGH!"

Less talking, more killing, as the Wise Man peers sideway to see the Crest Warrior. "You begin to annoy me, Insect, STAR FLARE!"

And nothing happens...or does it? If you look up, there's potentially harmful stuff coming down as the Wise Man leader cackles like the insane psycho he is.

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "He wants to see my power...I hope he won't be dissapointed. I can't stop you if you want to come Rika but don't let yourself be seen, he doesn't look like the kind of guy who would hesitate to attack a bystander just to get an advantage."
<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "I say we blind side em. he is a pompus jerk from what I know"

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "No, don't interfere, please."

<Hero-IC> Rika says, "I'd like to see him try to get an advantage on me. *whirring sound as a plasma claw activates, and then deactivates* Where are you?"

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "Let him have his fight! This young hero have to defend his honor like a Hero! He will succede!"

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "Eastern Hyrule...KyeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEH! <Sound of dragon roaring>"

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "...Woa."

<Hero-IC> Rika says, "I know...but he's very important to me...I'm at least going to be there to watch, even if from the shadows."

The Dragon Warrior blinks at his Firebal spell does nothing, no, even less than that, it doesn't even hit him! He then looks at Ashton as he speaks, and nods. He sets Maya down on the ground near the fight, then rushes over to one of the fallen warriors. Rummaging through his belongings, he quickly finds the black jewel, and removes it from Random KOed Guy's body. "Mind if I borrow this? Thanks. I'll give it back when I'm done." He then spins around to face Indalecio, his eyes filled with anger. "You're not destroying this world, or any other, whoever you are! I'll take you down long before then!" The Dragon Warrior then draws his sword, and charges the Wise Man, dodging left and right to avoid the un-described stuff falling from the sky, then hopefully dashing past the god-being and giving him a slash across his midsection. oO(I hope Ashton was right about this jewel...)Oo

Station lands into the ground after slashing the blade down at the Wise Man's chest. Upon landing, he pivots his feet around to bring him to a spinning recovery. He steps back after the spinning, drawing the blade outward into his grasp. The eyes narrow, darting out to pierce Indalecio. "I won't let you harm anymore people!" He growls, preparing to fight. However, he starts to fall on his knees a bit. Sweat perspires on his head. He is still a bit injured from last night's fight. He shouldn't fight, but he is the only one who can actually face off against the Wise Men. This doesn't look good for the Gamemaster. His face is showing that grimace of pain, which still bears.

Just to make matters worse, that nice beam of power descends before Station and the others. Of course, Station can't move away fast enough in time. Thank goodness he is wearing the Seraphim Armor. As the explosion occurs, Station is sent flying against the collosion from the impact. He lands 10 feet away, now skidding across the ground. The mark on the ground is leaving a heavy trail of dirt meeting the armor, until it stops. Station's body sears with pain.

Seething, Station pulls himself back up, trying to continue the fight. "The fight has just begun." With a growl, Station plants both of his feet against the ground. He draws the right hand forward, turning it over for the emerald sword to face horizontally. What can be seen are flames, which breathe into life. The explosion falls before him, engulfing his body as he allows the blade to ignite the life and fury within him. As the green flames erupt, they start to emit a bright light. He slides his left leg out, the right remaining where it is at. His left hand draws forward, and the right arm pulls back, facing the blade behind him. Focused on Indalecio, he tries to ignore the pain instilled upon him. He starts to sprint towards the demi-god, the background around him becomes a blur in the dramatic sense of using the sword. Then, Station is starting to press his right leg off of the ground. He raises the emerald flame engulfed blade into the air, which is roaring with life. The back arches, but the eyes dart down at Indalecio in focus. Then, he starts coming down at him, drawing the blade down at his head. Whether he strikes or not, the impact of the blade's descension will create a nice explosion of smoke and debris flying around. SaGa Frontier attack: Smash.

Maya Amano moves to Chisato's side, keeping a wary eye on Indalecio and whatever interplanetary object seems to be heading this way. Calling forth Maia, she prepares to cast a healing medirama after whatever sort of huge attack is coming hits. Kneeling, she rummages through the fallen warrior's belongings and locates Chisato's jewel as well. "So how do you equip one of these things exactly?" She tries warrping it up in her neck scarf for a moment or two and then shrugs in a bit of confusion.

Indalecio frowns at the Gamemaster who could hurt him, seeing that the little fireball tossing man took a stone as well, things began to look not so good. He's insane, not stupid. Crossing his arms he prepares to absorb the punishment as he backpedals to force the warriors to keep up, only to open both his arms as if he blooms to fire a shockwave around himself to push them off. "You...begin...to ANNOY ME!" He says, his arms lacerated and robe quite damaged and burnt by the green flame freak. Just be thankful he's still pulling his punches for now, really.

The Shockwave is starting to knock at Station. He is growling as he is knocked back a bit. He tumbles over towards the ground. Muttering to himself, he gets back to his feet. He then draws the blade forward. He draws the blade upward, it starts to release a blinding light, attempting to blind Indalecio.

The Dragon Warrior swings his arms up, and crosses them over his face as the shockwave hits. He staggers back a few steps, then lowers his hands. oO(What power! I've never felt such strength since The Dragonlord.)Oo He then follows Ashton in his attack, using his own multi-strike technique, the Pentagram Slash. His sword slashes out five times with incredible force, intent on cutting a bleeding star pattern into Indalecio's body.

Maya Amano places the jewel gently in her purse, not really feeling a whole lot more powered up. Good thing the burgers she just ate gave her a much needed vitality boost. She's already called Maia Custom forth, so she might as well utilize the Goddess's healing abilities. Sparkling golden healing light surrounds the party as the medirama spell is cast, replenishing a good amount of the damage that was taken, unless the spell fails for some reason of course. Then, pulling out her pistols Maya prepares to fire a combination of pistol shots as a convenient combination attack substitute.

Ashton Anchors grunts as he keeps trying to cut into Indalecio, letting the shockwave pass through him, putting up with the damage he recieves. Gritting his teeth, he calls out "Don't let up! He uses this shockwave to be intimidating, but he's really just trying to keep us all away from him to get some breathing room. He can't cast his big spells if he's interupted, and trust me, the shockwave is NOTHING compared to some of his worse spells." He shudders at the thought of spell Divine Comedy, and if you think that means he does a stand-up routine, think again. As Indalecio floats backward, Ashton continues to chase, slashing the Laventine wildly, trying to keep him from firing off any big spells.

Indalecio does indeed want breathing room, and they seem intent on not providing as a bright light prevents him from seeing the sources of the blows, and the blades strike him once more. Putting all his strength in his flight ability he hovers a little further before yelling aloud. "ENOUGH! SUFFER AND DIE! SOUTHERN CROSS!" He shouts, as five stars literally fall from the sky and come crashing down with meteorish impacts...but since they're made entirely of magical energy, they don't cause craters, handy huh?

The Dragon Warrior gets slammed into by the magical stars' impacts, and is sent rolling across the ground from the attack. He comes back to his feet, his armor battered and his cape scorched. He winces at the pain, but it'll take more than the sky falling on top of him to stop The Dragon Warrior! The Descendant of Loto charges forward once more, leaping into the air towards Indalecio! His blade is brought up close to his body, and he starts to spin in midair, his blade's shortened reach attacking the Wise Man at a different angle with each revolution of his body. Corkscrew Technique, go!

Maya Amano plans to just keep shooting until the chambers of her pistols run out. Or maybe since they are in the land of Expel, they overheat and are rendered inoperable for awhile. Whichever seems more likely to happen in this land. She'll stop if some healing is required since she's still got the Moon Goddess prepared to cast spells. A pity Maia can't shower the enemy with a non-stop barrage of spells as well.

SOLAR FLARE!!! Err... Wrong technique. Anyhow, the blade offers the nice shine of light to brighten one's day, or to brighten Indalecio's eyes. Station is drawing the blade back after the attack occurs. He shifts his left leg back, the right hand is just flicking the blade around. He then starts to shake his head. "No....I will switch." He starts to prepare on switching armor and stuff. Well, that is until the five stars descend from the heavens. How fun. One of those stars strike down upon Station, creating a nice burst of energy to ignite upon the Gamemaster. He releases a loud roar of pain as he is being sent further against the ground. He impacts with the ground as he bounces off at least two times, before spinning like a top, and landing with a loud thud, sliding against the ground once more before stopping. Feet and arms are sprawled out, and he is too much in pain.

After a moment, Station regains some form of consciousness. The eyes are closed briefly, before re-opening softly. He is gazing upward, to notice where Indalecio stands. His armor appears to be scratched up alot, and he has taken some damage. The body around him starts to emit some form of blue tinted energy. That energy glimmers, almost feeling cold, yet refreshing. The Seraphim armor takes its effect... As he is suffering the damage, it builds his body up to take some nice amount of damage. Station is pulling himself together, drawing his hand downward. He kneels down to pick up the blade, wrapping around it tightly as he binds himself with it for dear life. Station stands back up, gazing at all of the unconscious warriors, from Celine to Dias. He offers a frown to them all. They faught hard and their fight will not be in vain. They are given sympathy and empathy for their hardwork. Now, it is time for him, Ashton, Dragon Warrior, and Maya to do their job. His eyes quickly darts at the Demi-God, the eyes glimmer with a green tint as the background around him warps off with a burst.


He then draws the blade into the air, allowing the energy to collect in him. He closes his eyes as he lowers the sword to face sideway, pointing below. The essence of life fills around him; wind emitting a soft breeze to swirl around his body. Everything in Expel is at stake, everyone's life is at stake. For they suffered the plague before, and he won't let anything worse happen again.

"Your prophecy is delusioned, it will end."

With that said, Station draws the blade forward. His body arches as he brings both hands together with the blade. The strand of his hair and the crimson wrappings about his arms and head are starting to lift up. The cape joins them quickly afterwards. Along with the force of the atmosphere curling out, the ground before him pushes outward as the flames from the emerald sword erupt upon him with a roar. The erosion of the flames are awakening upon him. The blade emits a low chime, as he draws his left foot out once again. Now, the blade swings outward, moving behind him. The left hand draws forward, and he is prepared to strike again. Suddenly, the body phases away into nothingness.

The question is, where did Station go? Well, as the body phased out, there are four more images like him forming. This time, they appear to be surrounding Indalecio. The blades point out towards his direction now, and they are all starting to dash over towards his direction.

Rushing over towards the Demi-God, the first form is swinging the blade upward, releasing the flames to follow through the slash in a roar of power. The second form is swinging the blade downward, elegant as a swan's flight. The third form swings the blade outward to the right in an arc. The last form is swinging the blade outward to the left. Each flicker and movement of the blade is fluent and quick. Each form of Station is emitting the change in course of using the blade. The energy from the blade is emitting a spark as everything seems to grow dark. Green lines from the blade's flame are visible, striking everywhe

The energy from the blade is emitting a spark as everything seems to grow dark. Green lines from the blade's flame are visible, striking everywhere along Indalecio's body.

Then, the four images close in together, drawing the blade down towards the ground. Next, they all swing their arms upward with all of their strength. The arm, the blunt, and the blade of the swords are all smashing up against the Wise Man, attempting to smack him into the air. High into the air. Then, they all start darting into the air, their body phasing out of the picture slowly. Appearing back up, they are swinging their blades upward over their heads. The flames start to erupt against the blade's edge, engulfing their bodies and the sword as well. What can he seen in the heavens is a nice green blaze, roaring with life and existance. Then, they slam the energy induced blades down at Indalecio, the pressure would send him smashing into the ground like a comet. Upon the landing, the body would contact with the ground, and a nice spiral of green and crimson flames would erupt from the powerful burst. Not only that, but debris and other sorts of the soil would spread apart, creating a crater. That is, IF it hits..

Those who are lost, can regain themselves. Such a great thing, so fragile, and can easily be broken. The essence can fill it, sprinkling power within them: Life Sprinkler.

Well, just for the sake of moving along... and because I forgot what I did last, this pose will be short and sweet. After being flattened by Southern Cross, Ashton is nailed for about 3000 or so HP, which leaves him about 5000 now. So he's half gone. Gripping the Laventine, he doesn't relent, and fires off another revised Sword Dance in Indalecio's direction. Please don't use Divine Comedy, please don't use Divine Comedy...

<Hero-IC> Jair cries in anguish. "ARGH! I've lost my pants!"

<Hero-IC> X says, "It's days like this when I wonder what shape we are in...."

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "...Whuw?"

<Hero-IC> Arm Commander says, "The Pants of Holding?"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "Yes! The Pants of Holding!"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "Without my pants I can't access my GOODS!"

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "...Freak."

<Hero-IC> Dispatcher Cube says, "What happened to them?"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "They fell off."

<Hero-IC> Arm Commander says, "Do you have any hips?"

<Hero-IC> X says, "Well they don't hold that well, then do they?"

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "For only 999999999.99 caps, we'll sell you a MIRACULOUS invention called a BELT!"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "... Yes. No, no, you misunderstand. See, I was with Rayne, and we were... wait, I mean.. damnit! No! Don't misinterpret that!"

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "Ah, it was Rayne. So, they fell when you tried to flee her savage beatings."

<Hero-IC> Arm Commander facepalms. "Didn'y you learn your lesson last time?"

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "*booming, demonic voice, with fire sounds in the background* WHAT ARE YOU DOING, JAIR."

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "Not exactly-- No! I mean, yes! I mean... SHUT UP!"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "I was saving her from a mob of flesheating zombies, actually."

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "Oh."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "...I've seen her fight."

<Hero-IC> The Dragon Warrior says, "And... they took your pants?"

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "...She saved you, didn't she?"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "It was in the Ghoul Realm. And no. I saved her. Sort of. Technically no one really needed saving."

<Hero-IC> Arm Commander says, "And why were you there?"

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "Blowing off steam. And she showed up."

Holy Mother of Twink, Indalecio is used to taking a serie of blows but this is getting ridiculous as he's clipped in the shoulder by a spinning Dragon Warrior, multislashed by Ashton and let's not even go at that tech Station uses, by golly it's pissing him off to new levels as the furious assault keeps coming...why are they not falling? Why won't they realise this is hopeless and that their battle is vain? Raising both his arms he spat a small bit of blood first as he began casting anew, taking distance first. "There shall be no more games...Divine...COMEDY!" He shouts, as the player loads the animation since he doesn't remember what it looks like...

Alright, it causes the mother of all typhoon storms around Indalecio to strike the entire battlefield and likely tosses the defeated heroes even further away, and then for some reason it explodes in something that looks firey but it's water elemental...hey, I didn't write these techs, but it sure looks cool.

Maya Amano switches Maia Custom off for Artemis. She can't really tell if her shots are really doing any damage or if the jewel is really helping any. But in any case Artemis can heal more damage with her Diarahan than the Medirama, although only for one person. It doesn't look like Ashton or anyone else is about to keel over from the last star fall attack so she saves it for when someone really needs it and switches guns to that of an ice type so that her pistols fires bullets with freezing power attached to them. Maybe that'll help freeze and slow the crazy psycho down as well and make him an easier target for the other's combos.

The Dragon Warrior is torn apart by the typhoon attack, and the watery flames or something, and hits the ground, digging a ten-foot-long trench in the ground as he slides across the dirt. Slowly, he staggers to his feet, and blinks away the blood dripping into his eyes from a wound under his helmet. Breathing heavily, he says, "You... won't win... I won't let you..." Once again, he charges forward, and leaps into the air, curling up into a ball and spinning end over end, hopefully slashing into Indalecio again and again and again. Hey, he ripped off Drizzt Do'Urden with his last attack, why not rip off Sonic the Hedgehog? Though, he actually got this attack from Himura Kenshin. But whatever! He's slicing up the bad guy, again.

Station is being smashed by the force of the animation by the firey water. Yeah, interesting... Station coughs as he lands on the ground. He is starting to mutter as he switches back to normal form. He unholsters his Guncon, firing a few rounds at Indalecio's head... Luminance is gone as well. Yeah.

Ashton Anchors is completely ravaged by Divine Comedy. Him and his big OOC mouth. Ashton's HP now goes from 5000-something to like 40. He's at critical, (hell, he's at critical below 1000) Right now, even Indalecio's shockwave would be enough to KO him. Sticking the sword into the ground to lean on so he can stand under his own power, he merely groans "We're done for..."

In actually, this battle is almost over. It shall soon take a turn, for the better.

For up in orbit, in the twinkling heavens not seen by the eyes of the earthbound warriors, a ship drops out of warp. The Starship Calnus B. On the bridge is Claude Kenni, Rena Landford, Leon Geeste, and Precis Neumann. Unbeknownst to Ashton, the citizens of Expel, or even the Wise Men themselves, the citizens of the Energy Nede have been at work trying to find a way to stop the menance of the Wise Men themselves, behind the scenes. Mayor Narl, of Central City, the capital of the Energy Nede, managed to get in contact with the Starship Calnus B behind Indalecio's back, and now, in a manner of speaking, the cavelry has arrived. The ship does not go unnoticed by the other 9 Wise Men however, and Cyril, the second in command, notifies Indalecio of the new prediciment.

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "ONE TWO THREE FO'!"

<Hero-IC> Jair starts expertly singing 'Sex Machine' by James Brown. Huzzah.

<Hero-IC> X says, "....what the..."


<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "HOO! HA!"

Maya Amano equips Artemis just in time, the Moon Goddess's ability to reflect magic manages to activate even on this world, while not saving the other fighters from taking damage, it prevents Maya from falling victim to the elemental spell and sends a tiny portion of that power right back at Indalecio. A spiritual mirror-like barrier appearing before her for a few crucial seconds. Turning immediately, she heals Ashton back up with the Diarahan spell.

<Hero-IC> Jim Raynor says, "Heh Jair can sing? Not bad..."

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "HIT IT! ~A-DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!~ ~music ends~"

Indalecio suddently gazes up...that report was anything BUT good news. "It must be destroyed!" He says aloud, before turning back to the situation at hand, some of the bullets digging into his robe and getting thru the magic, as the Dragon Warrior jumps again. "Not this time!" He says, moving sideways as he keeps his gaze upward, using a hand to form a magical barrier in front of him. Gathering energy to blast the ship once and for all, this time the Wise Men Will prevail.

The Dragon Warrior is only at 1 hit point, but that doesn't mean he won't get this last attack in! He charges forward, then stubs his toe on a rock! He collapses, and loses conciousness.

Drawing the Guncon out, Station is starting to draw himself out. He would move, but he can't... This isn't good. Station staggers back onto his feet.

Guncon, Fireball mode. The Guncon is forming a fireball, then he releases it at Indalecio.

Ashton Anchors huhs as Indalecio goes on about some tirade. "Now what is he going on about." He looks up in the sky, but all he can see is the usual orbital Energy Nede. The starship is quite harder to make out with the naked eye.

Up on the bridge of the Starship, Leon informs Claude that Mayor Narl of Central City is contacting them. "It is good to see you are doing well, Claude, Rena. Though I am afriad that we will need to part again if all goes well tonight. Has everything been prepared on your side?" Claude nods, and Leon responds "We've aligned the frequencey of our phase cannon to match what you gave us, though I can't imagine how us blasting the Energy Nede could possibly..." Narl interupts before he can speak "Do not worry, we know what we are doing. As long as it is aimed correctly, the blast shall strike the barrier of the Energy Nede, and force us to go back out of phase with the rest of the Universe, like we were for so long. This is our fate, one we decided on centuries ago, and it is what we accept, in order to keep the Ten Wise Men sealed." He turns to the side as someone gives him a report "However, Indalecio is still on the surface it seems, we must wait for him to return to Fienal before we can begin..."

Meanwhile, back on the surface, Ashton gets the feeling he's really missing out on something.

Indalecio curses, he can't concentrate with...oh boy, he feels the loving of his own attack, albeit with less power, and there's that gun that keeps disturbing him thus preventing him to charge up. "You only delay the inevitable...but I shall return to finish what I have started once that starship is destroyed for good." he says, as he turns into a bright light and flashes toward Fienal.

Maya Amano thrusts her arms skyward, calling out to the Moon Goddess in a loud voice. "ARTEMIS!" A crescent moon appears in the sky and rains sparkling moonlight down upon Indalecio, pelting his magickal barrier with interplanetary energy. It's not quite as powerful as it should be however as it's using Expel's moon rather than the Earth moon to rain down energy upon their foe.

Station growls, then he is running after Ashton. He then shifts his head over, "Where is he going?!" He glances back to glare at the fleeing Indalecio.

Ashton Anchors blinks as Station comes to aid him "Wish I knew... but it can't be good..."

Or so you'd think. Back on the bridge with things you don't ICly get to see, Narl informs Claude an the others that Indalecio has finally returned to Fienal "Now that he has returned, carry out the blast as we have planned, if we're right, he shall think that you are trying to attack Fienal, and their counterblast will trigger Nede's shift out of normal space." He looks at Rena "Rena, I wish we Nedians could stay and teach you of your heritage, however after creating the likes of the Ten Wise Men, we must atone for this by sealing them with us." As Narl's face blips off the screen, Rena only squeezes Claude's hand, since he's the closest thing to a father she's ever known. But enough with the emotional drama. As Leon and Precis prepare to fire the phase cannon, Claude and Rena head to the teleportation room, to beam down to the surface to see what damage Indalecio caused on his rampage.

Maya Amano takes the jewel she got from Chisato's belongings out of her purse and holds it out towards Ashton. "Well that was a wonderful battle. I still don't really understand what these jewels are for, but you'd better take them back."

<IC Chatter> Queen Metroid | You're listening to the radio. That funky emergency alert noise comes on. "This is George Randomnpc with the breaking news. A huge creature has apparently crash landed on Kanto Island, home of the Pokemon, and is rampaging around!" (page qm if you're thinking of showing up or have questions.)

Station growls a bit, then he drops to the ground... He is out of energy... and coming to help drained him. He falls unconscious.

Indalecio raised his hands to blast that little space toy out of the sky, not realising their plan as he puts all his strength into the attack on the ship, combining his power and drawing all he can to finally end this. But when he realises that his blast does not cause destruction but instead fuses with the energy beam...all he can say is "No, this cannot be, AAAAAAAARGH!" in a SOTN-esque fashion, before bleeping out of existance, literally.


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