Palace of Power - Warp Zone Room

This room, the center of warp activity in Videoland, is a series of long hallways, warp zones sitting like multicolored pools of light against the walls, each one labeled, destinations certain for those who step into them. From here, you can go almost anywhere in Videoland, your imagination the only real limit to your destination.

Ryu Bateson
Obvious exits:
<W11> Warp Eleven leads to Transylvania - Jova Village.
<W10> Warp Ten leads to Mushroom Kingdom - Mushroom Castle.
<W9> Warp Nine leads to Hyrule - Hyrule Castle.
<W8> Warp Eight leads to DenCity - AC/DC Town.
<W7> Warp Seven leads to Lylat System - Corneria.
<W6> Warp Six leads to Kongo Island - Kong Village.
<W5> Warp Five leads to Adventure Zone - Dark Forest.
<W4> Warp Four leads to Action Zone - Rolling Plains.
<W3> Warp Three leads to Terra Zone - Little States (Back East).
<W2> Warp Two leads to Space Zone - Core Worlds.
<W1> Warp One leads to Puzzle Zone - Labyrinth.
<E>ast leads to Palace of Power - Waiting Room.

<Hero-IC> Street Fighter Ryu speaks in a rather emotionless tone, as if in a state of shock. "Chosen One, are you there?"

<Hero-IC> Guybrush Threepwood says, "We have a Chosen One?"

<Hero-IC> Afgncaap says, "Er ... chosen one?"

<Hero-IC> Naoya Toumou says, "Captain N."

<Hero-IC> Captain N says, "Kevin here. What's the sitch?"

<Hero-IC> Guybrush Threepwood says, "Oh."

<Hero-IC> Street Fighter Ryu says, "I was refering to Captain N... I currently have a ghost woman clinging to me claiming that all she wants is a 'little loving'. Could you do the right thing and shoot me... please?"

<Hero-IC> Captain N chuckles. "Is that a call for assistance or are you just making conversation?" :)

One of the Warp Zones opens up, and out walks a newcomer to the Palace of Power, a man in a brown jacket with pointy ears... seems to always have his eyes closed. He's also carrying a jar with a Hyrulian Fairy inside, how odd. He takes a glance or two around "Oh dear... I wonder if this is the right place..."

Ryu Bateson peers up from his seating spot and the blade he was sharpening...what the heck is he doing here? Waiting? Passing time or resting? Only he knows. "Oh, hello." He says in greeting. "Haven't seen you around...what are you looking for?"

Noel Chandler glances over in Ryu's direction, sort of strange looking when his eyes are closed. Actually, if you can see his face clearly enough, you can tell they're just mere slits, only barely open, but open. He takes a few steps forward, being tremendously careful with the jar "Oh, hello. I don't think you're who I'm looking for... a man named Station or a Princess Zelda... but I guess if you're here, you're trustworthy, from what I was told anyway." He ahems "I'm Noel Chandler, I'm here on behalf of Ashton Anchors, do you know him?"

Ryu Bateson ponders for a moment..."Tall guy, wierd cape, two swords, likes barrels and has two dragons attached?" he says, unsure if the name and memory matches. "Nope, don't know him. I know the Princess usually hangs in that Hyrule region...since she's the princess of it. As for Station I'd have to ask on the radio since he tends to come and go lately." Way of saying the obvious, he has. Nevertheless he stands up and offers a hand for a shake. "Ryu Bateson."

Naoya Toumou steps into the Warp Zone Room, glancing about in the hub of Hero transportation in Videoland. Ryu recieves a friendly nod, but Noel gets a querying look. "On behalf of Ashton?" He nods absently... Looks like Ryu had this covered. "Greetings... I am Naoya Toumou... It looks like Ryu will be checking for you on the meeting issue."

Noel Chandler doesn't extend his own hand, he has both of his hands carefully holding the jar. Yeah he COULD hold it in one, but Noel's the real careful type with small creatures. Though he chuckles slightly "Yes, that's him." He turns his head and nods to Naoya "Anyway, I have a bit of a message to tell... but first I need to get this little one back to it's homeland... Hyrule was it? Yes, Ashton stressed how important it was to do this, he promised this 'Princess Zelda' he'd bring her back immediatly. Unfortunatly right now he is... indisposed. As is... much of Expel..." He sighs slightly, something ain't right.

"I am?" Ryu first says at Naoya's comment, then stating again with more assurance "I am!" as if some important task was thrust upon him. "Wait, what meeting?" The woes of being the clueless guy...albeit his attention is caught by the jar's content as he waves a finger in front of it. "What is it anyway?"

Naoya Toumou nods, peering at the jar. "It appears to be a Fairy from Hyrule... I understand what's going on now... We can get the Fairy back now, but it'll take Ryu some time to alert either of them... Did you want an escort? I can guide you."

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "Mr. Station?"

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Yes?"

<Hero-IC> Ryu Bateson says, "There's someone here in the warp room that needs to see you...something about a fairy and expel"

Noel Chandler nods "Yes, it is a Hyrulian Fairy, that's what Ashton called it. Anyway, Ashton insisted that I get this back to this Hyrule place immediatly, and then I have more information to give." He nods to Naoya "Yes, that would be quite appreciated Mr.Naoya."

<Hero-IC> Alex Kidd says, "..."

<Hero-IC> Jair says, "Zzzz..."

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Huh? Very well."

Ryu Bateson looks at it for a moment longer, pretty...and it was the first time he sees one to boot. "Yeah, it's probably longing for freedom...Station should be here any moment, called him on the radio." He says, bending down to pick his sword. "If you need an escort, I'm available."

Station has arrived.

Station is appearing through the Warp Zone... Fun.

Well for the sake of moving things along, mainly because Naoya seems to be idling. They both head into the Hyrule warp, and a few minutes later, they return sans-Fairy Jar. Whee. Noel then takes another glance around with those eerily-closed eyes, he won't recognize Station, but Station (being the PSX GM) should at least recognize Noel as being from the same world as Ashton.

Ryu Bateson is sadly not getting any action tonight, since he thought the warp sent into a wild unknown land, not a comfy castle. "Well, that was...easy enough, and I was expecting to get some practice." He says, patting his sheathed blade. "Say, are you an elf?" bluntly he asks, murder he did not write, puns he will stop.

Station gazes outward, then he notices Noel. "Wait a second..." He blinks a few times, approaching him. "Noel?" Yes, it's a short pose. Screw you.

Naoya Toumou is standing beside Noel, silently watching the interaction.

Noel Chandler smiles slightly, as he's approached by the man of roughtly the description Ashton gave him. "Ah yes, are you Station? I'm Noel Chandler." He briefly glances at Ryu, and shakes his head slightly. "I have some rather important news with what's happening with Ashton, and all of Expel itself, actually..."

Station gazes at the individual for a moment, then he nods. "Yes...." He then blinks a few times. An eyebrow raises softly. "Eh? What is happening?"

Ryu Bateson isn't going to get an answer today it seems, so he decides to sit back and listen to what the problem may be...after all, being silent is what he does best. Still, the pointy ears seem odd to him and he's never seen them except on those people in Elfland, or whatever that place near Coneria was.

That gets quite a bit more of Naoya's attention... He watches Noel silently. The message could be quite important...

Noel Chandler sighs for a moment, this is going to take some explaining. "Well, let me see... I believe he told you about how he was setting out to find a cure for a close friend of his on Expel, yes? He had attained a fairy from this place called 'Hyrule' and finally returned. However... things looked pretty bleak then..." Noel slowly folds his arms "He was met by myself, and another friend of ours, Bowman Jean (yet another SO2 PC, woo), apparently... the illness Ashton's friend Elenour was suffering from wasn't an isolated case... it was starting to spread, first around the town of Herlie, and now it's all over the Cross Continent. Apparently, Elenour only displayed signs at first because of her own fragile constitution..." He pauses, to see reactions.

Station frowns softly, then he shakes his head. "Errggnnnn..." He lowers his head. ".....Damnit, this is not good." He lifts his head up. "Is there anything we can do?"

And now, a peak at Ryu's thoughts.

Plague -> people go dead -> evil causes plague -> kill evil -> plague goes away.

Ignorance is bliss, isn't it?

Naoya Toumou nods... "Grave news indeed..." Yeah, he's shortposing. Give him a break.

Noel Chandler nods slightly before continuing "The Fairy Ashton retrieved fron Hyrule was, as I would have thought, unable to do anything, the sickness is just too strong. However, it seems to only target Expellians, I am unaffected, as is another comrade of ours, Chisato Madison. Animals, plants, birds, even monsters, they're all unaffected, it's only Expellians. Ashton, though probably due to his somewhat stronger constitution due to being merged with two other lifeforms, had lasted for awhile longer than most others, but he also succumbed to it shortly after returning. Bowman Jean had been working on keeping it isolated to the Cross continent, but he also started to become ill, though he was helping people as long as he could stand under his own power."

He sighs "The situation, is quite dark, but this isn't the worst of it. Chisato had been monitoring the Energy Nede in orbit around Expel for quite some time, and discovered something she had missed from several months ago. Shortly after Ashton had discovered the portal to this world, a projectile, very small, was somehow launched from inside the Energy Nede... specifically, from Fienal..."

The eyes open widely, and the body shifts back a bit. The background before Station turns back, and his color becomes monochromatic, all in white. Behind him is like an anime style bolt striking horizontally through him. "WHAT!?"

Ryu Bateson barely understood a third of what is said, so he smiles, nods idioticly and pretends everything's fine and dandy because this made no sense to him. This new guy lost him at Expellians.

Noel Chandler nods slowly. "Let me start a few months prior... about a few weeks BEFORE Ashton discovered the portal to Expel, the Energy Nede, which we thought was destroyed, had appeared in orbit around Expel, overnight. With Chisato's equipment we had determined that the energy barrier around the Energy Nede was still intact, and impossible to get any sort of signal through, with the primitive equipment we had available to us. Even moreso, there appeared to be a second barrier around Fienal. We were worried for awhile, but eventually, without anymore movement from the Energy Nede, we left it be. The this Videoland world appeared, the projectile... and now, the illness." He shakes his head "We can't get in contact with the people on Nede, so we can't confirm ANYTHING. But... I'd almost think that the Ten Wise Men are still alive, though... not making any moves for the moment, except for this. I can see them taking such measures to... exterminate the people who thwarted them before. They've proven in the past that they don't care about taking out entire worlds to meet even their smallest goals." He eyes Station, his eyelids opening up ever so slightly, in an almost Xellos-esque way "We don't know if they even are aware of the existance of this Videoland world or not. But Ashton was quite adament about making sure they don't find out. For now, we need to keep any outside interferance from this world away from Expel, at least until we can see what we are dealing with."

Naoya Toumou arches an eyebrow. "I am unfamiliar with your world... But a targeted plague would be pretty bad news... So you wish us to quarantine your planet?"

Station urms, then he gives a frown. "I see......" He then nods towards Noel, "So there is nothing that we can do to stop this as of now?"

Noel Chandler nods gravely. "Unfortunatly... for the moment. However, if you are willing to transport medical supplies via these... warp zones, that would be enough assistance. This... plague hasn't gotten as bad in anyone yet as it has in Elenour's case, and it is still isolated to the Cross Continent. Chisato and myself are working on some way to communicate with the people of the Energy Nede." He mutters under his breath "If only Precis and Leon were here..." He coughs "That is... about all. The plague does seem engineered to only target Expellians, but even so, I wouldn't risk exposing your people to it. If the Ten Wise Men do not know of the rest of Videoland, it might have an unknown adverse affect on some of them." He unfolds his arms, eyes returning to the near-closed state of slittyness "We'll be keeping in contact as much as we can. We'll let you know if anything happens that gets out of hand."

Peek at Ryu's mind again.

oO(Man, I could sure go for that cherry pie right now...)Oo

Thank you, come again.

Station nods towards Noel, then he offers a faint smile. "I thank you for your help, it's greatly appreciated." He nods, sighing as he says, "We will try to deliver some medical supplies...." He nods to himself.

Noel Chandler nods "Thank you." He does an odd thing, bowing slightly. "Well I must get back, Ashton was quite worried, in fact, that he wouldn't be able to return that Fairy to Hyrule, like he promosied this Princess Zelda. I'll update him on what you have told us. And as soon as we do learn anything, we'll let you know."

Ryu Bateson stays silent still, waiting for the pointy eared guy to leave before asking any questions, because questions he had plenty.

Station nods towards Noel, then he smiles softly. "I bid you farewell." He gives a slight bow, before closing his eyes in contemplation. So many problems. Time to organize on handling the situation. Idling is NOT an option.

Noel Chandler is then gone through the portal which he came. Gone, poof. Leaving only a feeling of worry for Ashton and the planet Expel.

Ryu Bateson raises a gaze to the Gamemaster. "So...we're just going to send supplies and whatever we can spare till they figure out how to stop the problem at the source or what?" He asks, a bit puzzled by this whole mess.

Station nods towards Ryu, then he says, "Yes. We will be shipping supplies to them. It is the best that we can do for them."

Naoya Toumou looks to the others. "Between that and the assault on the Core Commander, it appears we are going to be quite busy..."

<Hero-IC> HR1205 says, "*beeeep* Status Update requested."

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "Uh, what?"

Ryu Bateson tapped the butt of his scabbard on the floor twice. "Can't wait to teach that irrespectful guy a lesson, him and his tincan army give me the creeps."


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