Palace of Power - Audience Chamber

The main room of the Palace is small compared to the Grand Hall, a more intimate chamber for the real business of Lana's domain. A simple golden throne rests on a dais at the end of the room, the place where Lana is supposed to rule Videoland, though she seldom sits in it. Doors here lead to all points in the castle, making it a crossroads of sorts in the Palace. A simple spiral staircase leads below, to the Warp Zones.

Princess Lana

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Dreamcaster hrms, "Chocolate pudding pie is my favorite, although it's no big deal. If you put it on a plate in front of me, more likely than not I'm going to eat it." Shaun then idly glances about, "I wonder where the other Gamemasters ran off too. I haven't seen Station in almost a week, I start worrying about that kid when I haven't seen him." Shaun shrugs and turns his attention back to Lana and smirks to himself as he muses to hismelf faintly, "Dinner with the Princess... I definately must be dreaming."

While Dreamcaster talks about dinner plans, one of the new guests at the Palace of Power walks on by the corrider. Ashton looks well rested, like he just woke up. He seems to be humming slightly, and, oh yes, he seems to have a bag packed? (or rather, the bag seems empty, like he's taking it somewhere to GET things) He walks by the two and stops to greet "Oh, hi." He says first to DC, then makes a bit of a nervous/forced bowing motion to Lana "Um Princess."

"Chocolate pudding pie it is!" announces Lana merrily, nodding to the guard, who with a nod in response, moves off and out of the doors, presumably heading for the kitchens to fill in this request. At the mention of absent Gamemasters, her face takes a cast of worry to it, since, as anyone who is familiar with her could contend, she worries at the slightest provocation. ".. Do you think maybe some people should be sent out to find him?" she queries, not sure herself. She does lighten up slightly though, noting with a giggle, "Oh, I assure you, if anything's going to be dreamy, it's going to be that food." She then bows her head to Ashton, offering him a small smile.

Dreamcaster blinks as he hears someone address him and turns to look and smiles, "Oh, hey Ashton, what's with the bag?" Shaun then looks over at Lana and smiles, "I'm sure it will be, I've never had a bad meal here in the palace." He ponders for a moment and shrugs, in concerns of Station and the other Gamemasters, "I'm sure he can take care of himself. Although if he doesn't show up soon I'll go find him myself."

Ashton Anchors stands up firm again, and with the querie on his bag, he scratches the back of his head "Well, I thought I'd make a trip back to my world for a little while. I wasn't really expecting to come here so suddenly when it happened, I really need to get a few supplies.. and .. tie up some loose ends. I also just want to find out if my world as a whole is aware of... this entire place yet or if it's just me." He pauses slightly as food is mentioned again "I.. uh... are you having dinner?"

"Yes, yes of course." utters the princess, brushing away her apprehension. Naturally, he's a Gamemaster. He's perfectly capable. It's just that Lana has reservations about anything and everything, but then again, can one really blame her? "And, I hire only the best cooks, here. Got to feed you Gamemasters well!" she adds, proudly. After all, the palace kitchens are extensive; it's only fitting if there are masterful chiefs to man them. "Indeed, we are. And, the more the merrier. There'll be enough food for all of us, if you'd like to join us."

Dreamcaster nods and smiles, "Sounds like a good idea, Ashton, that way if they don't, they'll at least have a heads up instead of wandering around confused upon discovering it for themselves." Shaun grins and adds after Lana speaks, "Yeah, feel free to join us, Ashton. It'll give us both a chance to get to know you a little better." A wide smile accompanies Shaun's words, see, he's not all bad. He's just got a few... quirks now and then.

He has some quirks? You guys have yet to spend more than 10 minutes with Mr. Anchors here. He stammers slightly before responding, apparently dinner with royalty (even if he only found out a few days ago she even existed) is something new to him "Um.. er.. ok, sure. I could use a bite before heading back. If I wind up at the same location where I left it'll be a bit of a walk to the nearest town anyway."

"It shouldn't take too long for them to whip up that food." utters Lana with a satisfied smile, to cover up the painful emptiness in her stomach that has pronounced itself now that she's thinking of nourishment. "And, you're probably hungry after your day anyway." she adjoins after Shaun says his bit, her smile still never fading. Idly, the gilded scepter she holds is switched from her right hand to her left, clinking against the marble flooring as it is settled down again. "Where do you want to eat?"

Dreamcaster looks over at Lana, inquiring, "Are you asking me? If so, I don't really have a preference. I guess it's up to Ashton or yourself." Boy he's indecisive, isn't he. Shaun shrugs and continues, "It's too bad we don't have a picnic area or something, that would be kinda nice."

Ashton Anchors blinks, not exactly a decisive person either "I, uh.. don't really know the castle well enough to pick a place to eat you know..." He idly sighs oO(If we were back in Expel, I'd recommend that cafe in Cross Kingdom, ah that was such a nice place...) After a moment Ashton has a 'dazed out' look on his face...

Seemingly eager to please and fulfill even the slightest request, in the spirit of a truly altruistic persona, Lana offers, "In that case, maybe we could grab a blanket and eat in front of the palace? Make it sort of like an impromptu picnic?" Unfortunately, the palace doesn't have an official area designated for such events, but upon some quick consideration, the princess adds, "And maybe I'll look into have such a place built, specifically for picnics. After all, it's really a nice thing, to dine outdoors, that is."

Dreamcaster blinks a bit, "Uh, sure, that'd be great, Princess." Shaun rubs the back of his head -again- now as he ponders over the whole sitaution, maybe he oughta make more suggestions, but he'll save those for later. Right now, his primary concern is dinner, as now he's getting to be pretty hungry. "That sound okay to you Ashton?"

Ashton Anchors is still spaced out while Lana is talking, he blinks back a moment after DC speaks to him "Uh.. huh? Oh, sure, that sounds good, whatever it was." He idly ponders again oO(Maybe I'll drop back by that cafe when I go back to Expel, the cakes there were really good...) He blinks and snaps himself out of it this time, no point in becoming a total space case right now, he'll be going home soon enough.

Lana opens her mouth as if to say something, but just then, in bustles in an advocate from the kitchen, a meek, short little man, who waddles quickly to where the trio is standing. "P-p-princess?" he stammers, his voice tentative and barely above a whisper. "Your din-dinner. It's re-ready." The redhead gives an assenting nod, and says, "Splendid. Please have it served just outside the palace, we're to have a picnic. Oh, and if you could, provide us with a blanket, hmm?" The man nods eagerly, moving off quickly to do as instructed. "Well then, shall we proceed?"

Dreamcaster nods, "I don't see why not." Shaun then walks over towards Lana and offers his arm to her, "But a Princess should never go anywhere unless properly escorted, especially to dinner. If you'd allow me the honor of doing so." Shaun offers a brief bow as well along with his words, as to further try to express the fact that he's not up to anything, and actually means what he says.

Ashton Anchors is here too you know. But he'd never make any such move on the Princess anyway, so he doesn't feel left out. For now he opts to follow the two, since in all honesty, he gets lost easily and will likely need them to lead him to the exit without losing his way.

Taking Dreamcasters arm happily, with a fluid, graceful lift of her own arm, she rests it in his, accepting his explanation without questions. "But of course." she confirms with a quick, playful wink, before settling back into her composed, imperial self. "Alright, off we go then." And with that, she proceeds to the precise location where their dinner awaits.

Dreamcaster may very likely burst at this point, his face turning a very deep red now as his arms taken. He was expecting a curteous no, and he certainly wasn't expecting a wink. And then comes that big idiotic smile that just won't go away, you know what kind of smile I'm talking about. Everyone gets it now and then. Well Shaun's got it now, and no matter how hard he tries to regain his composure, it just won't leave. As Lana starst walking he matches steps with her, careful not to drag her down or get ahead of her.

And Ashton is careful to follow and not get left behind. Because you probably wouldn't see him again for awhile if that happened, particularly if he walked by a barrel or two.

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Palace of Power - Main Gates

The main gates of the Palace of Power stand open on most days, allowing all to pass freely within, a bastion of light in a world under seige by shadow. The gates are large, made of gold and silver, and there are always people here, walking calmly through on business, talking amongst each other casually. Colins, brave flying soliders from Angel Land, guard the gates day and night. They try not to let it show, but they do provide an ominous tone to this peaceful place, the fact that this palace needs guards a reminder that Videoland is at war.


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A blanket has been lain down on the ground here already, and upon it rests a picnic basket, provided by the kitchen staff, from which wafts a delectable odor that promises one of the deliciousness within. Around it, in a triangle, have been set up three fine, bone china plates, flanked by sterling silver utensils on either side. "Looks wonderful.." murmurs the princess, approaching the display.

Dreamcaster nods in agreement, "I'll say, I almost feel out of place. This is a lot fancier than the paper plates and plastic cups we had back at the apartment." Shaun grunts a bit at the thought, "Dual was always too cheap to pitch in on some decent eating utensils and china." Shaun shrugs and turns to smile at Lana, making a gesture with his free hand, "After you, mi'lady." He then looks over at Ashton and grins, "Think this will be enough to keep ya goin til ya hit the first town?"

Ashton Anchors hmmms at the setup, and nods at DC "Yeah, this is good." He takes a seat on the blanket "Ah, this reminds me of when I was traveling with Claude and the others, we'd have picnics every now and then when we had the time. Which... really wasn't too often."

Lana, never having really eaten on anything less a day in her life, doesn't see any opulence in the plates or cutlery, and she settles herself down happily upon the smooth blanket without another word, languishing down towards the ground like a fragile snowflake falling from the sky, with grace and languish. "Why thank you, good sir." she responds jovially, adding with insistence, "The meat smells so good." She takes a careful whiff, as she opens the basket to allow a cloud of the enticing fragrance to drift past.

Dreamcaster nods, "It sure does." Shaun then seats himself down on the blanket and grins, "Thank you for dinner, Princess, I appreciate it." He offers Lana a warm smile, before tossing a V at her and winking, "Bon appetite!"

Ashton Anchors nods as he takes his own helping of the food. He places the plate of food down in front of him as he reaches for some untensils "Yeah, it does look pretty good..." Gyoro and Ururun apparently agree by the looks of it, because before Ashton can grab the knife and fork, the twin dragon's heads dart down and have the plate clean in a matter of moments. Ashton is, of course, isn't as happy as Gyoro and Ururun are "Ahh! I was going to eat that! Come on guys, you always do this!!" After a moment of comical waving his arms around, he sheepisly asks if there is any extra brought along.

"Merci!" trills the princess, in her airy, light, pleasant sounding sopranao of a voice, as she, with the utmost delicacy, picks up the plate of meat from within the basket, grasping the large fork which it comes with in one fine-boned hand. Before serving herself, she asks the other two, "How much would you like?" Apparently, it's her intention to serve them herself. Stabbing the utensil into the keenly sliced meat with care, but surprising intent, she casts her eyes about in query. "And will be so good with the gravy. The cook makes the best gravy.. ever."

Dreamcaster grins, "I'll just have a little at first, not quite sure exactly where my apetite is standing right now. It likes to play tricks on me sometimes. Always made me waste money back home when I'd go out to eat, and I certainly don't want to waste any of this food." Shaun looks over at Ashton as his two dragons go hog wild on their meal and chuckles a bit at them, "Poor Ashton, I'm sure there's plenty to go around."

Ashton Anchors still seems to be in a fit of complaining to his dragonly companions. Some of the more comprehensible things that he says sound along the lines of 'this is why I never eat at nice places' and 'you guys don't need to eat, and when you do it doesn't fill me up!' and etc.

Placing a trio slices of meat upon Dreamcaster's plate carefully, the princess then adds a couple to her own, before setting the large platter down, and reaching for the gravy, pouring some across her meal, and then offering the bowl to Shaun. Them it's potato time, and she delves a slender arm into the basket, producing a bowl of young, buttered and tasty looking potatoes. She allows herself a few, once again, handing the bowl over, this time to Ashton. "I can't wait until the pie. Dessert's always been my favorite part of a meal." she admits.

Dreamcaster smiles, "I often skip it to be honest. Gotta watch my figure 'n all." Shaun winks and chuckles at himself and adds, "Although in all honesty, I try to stay away from sweets aside from special occasions, I was hideously fat when I was a kid, so once I started growing up and losing a bit of weight I decided to keep it that way and ever since I've tried to watch what I eat." Shaun shudders a bit at the memories of his childhood, ostrasized by classmates and neighborhood kids, one of him being the one who would end up being his future roommate, and now is one of his most bitter rivals, "But I think this is a more than special enough occasion to indulge myself in some chocolately goodness."

seems to be ignored by his two hosts as he goes into his ranting fit. Just as well anyway, it's what his old companions used to do whenever this happened, until it blew over, and it worked well enough for them. He's used to it. Finally he calms down and gathers a second plate of food. Thankfully Gyoro and Ururun never repeat the same act twice in one meal. In fact they rarely do it period, seems like they only do it to annoy Ashton every now and then. Though in the fury of his arguement, he missed out of nearly all of Lana and DC's conversation, and remains silent for a moment, as he tries to figure out what exactly they're talking about now.

Grinning at Shaun, Lana nods as if one speaking from experience. "Well, yes, me too, I have to watch what I eat." What pretty girl doesn't, though? "But, I can't ever resist at least one slice." Yes, the princess does have a sweet tooth, apparently. "And anyway, how much harm can one little pie, split between the three of us, do?" she asks, always seeing the saccharine positiveness of it all. "But,m before I can get to said pie, I'd better finish off this plate of the main course." And with that, she gingerly uplifts her fork, and with it, begins elegantly consuming her meal. She intervenes here and there with an 'MmmMmm..' or a 'simply delicious'.

Dreamcaster digs in as well, offering Lana a nod in reply to her words. He doesn't quite eat as elegantly as she does, but he's certainly no slob either. He dealt with that enough living with Dual. o O (Friggan meathead jock...) Shaun finishes his meal rather quickly though, as he has always tended to eat quickly since he was a kid, because the sooner he finished dinner back then, the sooner he could get back to playing his video games. Almost the same rule applies here, in a way. However, as he finishes, he remains seated, and waits for the others to get through their meals, no showing one bit of impatience or boredom, he merely sits there, smiling, every now and then casting his gaze towards Lana, that big stupid goofy smile on his face again.

Ashton Anchors hmms, he's never had to think much about what he's had to eat. Probably due to the nature of his world, or what have you. Pr maybe he's just had a high enough metabolism not to have to worry, especially now that he has all that extra body mass attatched to him. He doesn't eat like a slob either, though he has to pause here and then to quickly move his knife or fork up in the way of Gyoro or Ururun's oncoming head, politely telling them (in a threatening way) to back off, you've already eaten. This is hard enough, he's going to have to really fight them if he wants to eat some of that pie.

Lana, eating with careful, practiced languorousness, one that is apparent only after years and years of court protocol and manner-demanding actions, as well as a childhood filled with lessons on etiquette, finishes some time after Dreamcaster, though not too long after, thankfully. She beams back at him, once the meal is completed, but it's no surprise, as it's her tendency to smile at everyone, given any occasion. "This is nice, no? Just picnicking.. And, it's such a lovely day, too. Oh well, pie time!" With that, she obtains the ooey, gooey and decadent chocolate creation, along with a triumvirate of dessert plates, complete with three, minuscule torte forks. These are distributed almost immediately. "Who wants the first slice?"

Dreamcaster grins, "I say we give it to Ashton, in honor of his recent arrival in Videoland." Shaun suggests. He leans back a bit planting his hands behind him as he looks over at Lana returning the smile, "And yes, this is very nice, we should try and make time for this at least once a week. Just so we can relax and enjoy the view."

Ashton Anchors is still sort of in the process of 'wrestling' Gyoro and Ururun from stealing the rest of his food, this action is paused though as DC offers to give him the first slice (he happens to stop in the middle of having Gyoro in a headlock, as strange as that may look) "Oh, uh sure, thanks." He releases the red dragon from his grip, and fires a glance to each of them, which can only be translated as 'Don't even THINK about it.'

As Ashton gets the first slice, Lana then places one upon Shaun's plate, and one on her own, before setting down the now empty pie plate back into the basket. The pie had, after all, been split into a perfect trio of relatively large slices. "I concur. We should. Relaxation hasn't been a word in my vocabulary lately, but as farther used to say, all work and no play is never good. So, taking his quote into consideration, I agree, wholly. And, very well then, this meal is officially to commemorate Ashton's arrival in Videoland."

Dreamcaster smiles and cuts a piece of pie off with his fork and holds it up in front of him and says, "Yes, to Ashton, welcome to Videoland, and hopefully we here at the Palace will be able to help you out with whatever troubles you may come across."

Ashton Anchors blinks "Uh, to me? Gee, you don't have to go that far. I'm just a..." He is interupted as Ururun makes a dart for the pie, though Ashton successfully parries him with his fork "Don't even think about it you guys..." Seems the dragons are persistent, and for the next minute or so Ashton just degenerates into a 'Slayers-esque' food battle, except it's with himself and the two dragons on his back. It is all quite silly. Finally it seems Gyoro and Ururun admit defeat and abandon the sweet chocolate pie to their human host. Ashton breathes a sigh of relief as he comes out of that little spat victorious "Whew, I tell ya, those two never let up whenever something sweet is placed in front of us." Taking a bite of his hard-earned reward his eyes widen "Mmm, this IS good." He eats for a moment before going back to conversation "Um, anyway you don't have to fuss over me, really. I'll be going back to Expel soon to get a few things and see what my world's reaction will be to.. all of this. And when I come back, I'll mainly be looking for a safe way to detatch myself from these guys, somewhere in this world. Though I'll be more than happy to help out with your own battles whenever I can."

"Yes, of course! To you!" exclaims Lana, rather gleefully, eyes sparkling like rare gems behind the extensive, dark lashes that surround them in flourished frame, voice a cheerful madrigal, and less proper but more genuine then usual. She then is reduced to a fit of laughter, watching the antics of the dragons and Ashton, as they snap and quarrel, all for the sake of that pastery. "... Well, by all means, take care fo your own issues first." insists Lana, as she would have it no other way. "But then, any assitance you could lend us would be most invaluable." she adds, sweetly as ever, taking a tentative nibble of her own pie, and nodding in concord. "It really is. See? Isn't it completely worth it?"

Dreamcaster grins as he begins eating his own pie, catching himself let his own sounds of approval come out as he takes it down, "Wow, this is -excellent-. I really have to give the cook some props for this." Shaun then looks over at Ashton and says, "And hey, if you need help with anything in your world, don't be afraid to ask. It's what we Gamemasters are here for, and I think I can speak for all uf is in saying that we'd be more than glad to help out."

Ashton Anchors continues eating most of the pie. "Uh, thanks. But I hope I won't have to ask for your help... Expel has been peaceful for the past year so far..." He hrms oO(But, if the God's Ten Wise Men do return, and Claude is still gone, and the others are split up, we could very well need their help...) He ponders a few things as he finishes up almost all the pie. Except for one last piece which he splits in two, each piece big enough for about a mouthful for Gyoro and Ururun, which he offers to them. He sighs "They'll give me less grief this way later. I have to live with these guys you know." He says with a bit of a chuckle. After a moment, he grabs his bag he was carrying earlier, and stands from his position "Thanks for the picnic. I really should get going now, that is, if time on Expel flows like it does here, then it's best I get started soon so I won't get stuck on the Continent of El in the middle of the night."

".. Props?" Apparently, Lana's not up to date with the newest slang rivetting the real world, which is why she only has the faintest tinge of an idea as to what that phrase could possibly allude to. "Is that like some sort of way of expressing gratitude?" Then, she turns her attentions towards Ashton, nodding deeply. "It's just as Shaun said, if oyu need help from the Gamemasters, or myself, we'd be more then willing to offer it. Never hesitate to ask, as if anything, we're here to help out." She then nods agreebly, adding, "By all means then, proceed. And have a safe journey."

Dreamcaster nods at Lana with a wide understanding smile, "Yeah, pretty much. I apologize for all the slang I use sometimes. Force of habit. Maybe one day we can sit down and I can explain all the weird and crazy things I say sometimes to you." Shaun then turns to Ashton as well and smiles, offering him a wave, "Have a good trip Ashton, and be sure to keep in touch and let us know how things are going. You know where to find us."

Ashton Anchors gives one last wave before heading back into the palace, to use the warp zone. Now then.... if only he can remember how to get back as Station told him... oh well, he'll be fine. ...probably.


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