The world of Expel is divided up into three main continents: Cross, Lacour and El. And two smaller land masses, Hoffman Island which is just north of the continent of Lacour, and an unnamed deserted island where the Cave of Trials exist, which is southwest of the continent of Cross.
The continent of Cross is in fact, shaped like a cross. Cross Kingdom exists in the very centre along with Cross Cave, in the southern part exist the mining town of Salva, and the small village of Arlia. The Northern part is home to the newly rebuilt port town of Click, and the Mountain Palace. The Western land of Cross has the village of Mars, and the port town of Herlie. And the Eastern area of Cross holds the Lasgus Mountains, home of the King of the Monster Race, Xine, and an entrance to a peninsula of desert.
The continent of Lacour has the port town of Hilton on it's western seaboard. The city of Lacour is in the centre of the continent as well. In the southern region is the town of Linga, and the Linga Sanctuary. In the northern area is the now abandoned Frontline Fort, which was a bastion of defence against the encroaching demons from the Sorcery Globe.
And the slowly recovering continent of El. This was where the Sorcery Globe landed, and the spawning demons ravaged the land. The city of Eluria was destroyed as it was inhabited by the Gods Ten Wise Men. Just west of the old city, was the old refuge of the survivors, and is slowly being rebuilt to become New Eluria. South of there is the crater where the Sorcery Globe landed, and now a mysterious portal is in it's place, which leads to the rest of Videoland.

Elsa von Spielburg has arrived.

Ashton Anchors paces around the table he should be sitting at, at the cafe section of Cross. He had written a note to Elsa to meet him there, and he's debating what exactly he's going to say. "I dunno how I'm gonna handle this..." He idly whines to his dragon companions <Gyoro:She won't bite your head off, if that's what you're worried about.> <Ururun:Just be honest, we've observed that females prefer that males are honest with them> <Gyoro:But not too honest...> <Ururun:No, of course not...> Ashton groans "You guys aren't helping..." Finally, he plops back into his seat, and taps his fingers, wating.

Elsa von Spielburg pushes open the door, peering around the corner for a bit. Thankfully Ashton isn't difficult to spot under the worst of circumstances, and she smiles brightly upon seeing him. "Hi! Got your note," she holds it up before folding it carefully and putting it away. "How are you?"

Ashton Anchors also smiles once Elsa arrives, despite the fact he's still wrestling with how he's going to handle this. He's just not good at this sort of thing. "Hi. Please, have a seat. Would you like to order something, coffee? A dessert?" He idly coughs, trying to stall a bit.

Elsa von Spielburg shakes her head. "I just ate, but thank you...are you all right?"

Ashton Anchors waves a hand idly "Oh sure, I'm fine." At least that much is the truth. Tapping his fingers idly, he takes out his item bag and reaches inside, oddly enough his arm goes in much deeper than the cloth bag looks like it'll allow "Actually, first of all, I have a gift for you, after all the trouble you went through for my barrel pendent, I finally came up with the perfect idea..." His face cringes comically as he fumbles around inside the bag, trying to find the right item.

Elsa von Spielburg smiles fondly at him. She's really missed Ashton, not having seen him for two weeks straight now. "Please, it wasn't THAT much trouble...I just thought of you when I saw it, so I had to get it for you. That's all," she blushes lightly.

Ashton Anchors grins "Don't worry about that, besides, I felt the same way. I got a swordsmith aquaintence of mine named Gamgee from Lacour to custom make this..." Finally his expression brightens and he retracts his arm from inside the bag, and pulls out... a sword sheath. It seems to be made of a glossy black leather, strong and durable, though light, and 'Elsa' is embroided along the upper edge in gold trim. He hands it across to her "How does it look?"

Elsa von Spielburg forgets to breathe as she reaches out to accept the beautifully crafted sheath, her fingers nearly trembling. "Oh...!" she finally inhales. "Oh, Ashton, it's beautiful...how thoughtful!" She throws her arms around his neck happily, pressing a warm kiss to his cheek. "Thank you so much!"

Ashton Anchors grins, as he returns the hug, and after a moment, sits back again. He still has two more things to bring up, and the next thing may not bring up as nice a reaction. "I'm glad you like it Elsa. Erm, well, I have something else I want to talk to you about..." He coughs nervously.

Elsa von Spielburg smiles as she sits back down. "Sure, whatever you want. What's up?"

He taps his finger on the table idly for a moment, he seems to do that a lot when he's nervous. "Well, I've had a great time since I met you, you're one of the most fantastic people I've ever come across in Videoland. I don't know how you feel about me, but I know I have feelings for you, and... well, it's because of that, I can't let myself act on them any further." He pauses, for just a moment, feeling his stomach sink having finally said that, but he has to continue on, "The business I'm in, we're in, being heroes, you know, it's hard. And it's dangerous at times. Two heroes, if we were to get invovled, it could bring out more harm than good, for the both of us..." Here he does pause, trying to form his words correctly.

Elsa von Spielburg rests her chin on her hand, lips quirked in contemplation. "I'm not quite sure I understand, Ashton... Of course I feel very strongly for you. You know that."

Ashton Anchors hmmms "I guess what I'm saying is, well, from what I've seen, if two heroes get too involved, it can be come dangerous for them while they're still fighting. Some of my companions, who had truly strong feelings for each other, kept it to themselves for most of our journey, despite how they felt. Rena and Claude, Opera and Ernest, they all knew they had something to do first, so their feelings took a backseat. Not having someone I cared about like that at the time, I didn't really understand. But, I think I do now. Above all else, I don't want to see you get hurt, so, I guess, it's best we just stay good friends. At least, as long as there's a war going on." He mentally mutters to himself, he doesn't like how he said that at all, he can only hope she'll keep hearing him out, because he's not quite finished.

Elsa von Spielburg remains still for a moment, her smile fading. "Oh...well, I don't want to twist your arm or anything..." Her gaze drops. So the field has narrowed, but it's not at all comforting. She likes Ashton a great deal. "I guess that's why I've seen so little of you lately."

Ashton Anchors shakes his head "No, that's not why. I admit, I've been thinking a lot about it, but also, I've been looking into somethings." He raises a finger "Like I said, I don't want to see anything happen to you. So, I got more of a gift than just that sheath. I had it customly made to fit a certain sword, one we're going to get, if you're willing."

Elsa von Spielburg manages a faint smile. "Sure...but I'd feel bad if you paid for it. So if you'll allow, then I could accept."

Ashton Anchors shakes his head "It's not a sword you can buy." He reaches into his item bag again, and takes out a rather impressive looking blade "This is called a Laventine. A powerful blade created by the Iselia Queen. Of course, whoever she presents one to is the only person who can use it. So I thought we could go get another one for you to use. It's a good strong blade, though I prefer to use my own twin-bladed Melufa, just because I'm so used to a double-bladed style. What do you think? Getting it would be some good training, and you'll end up with a nice sword in the end. Plus it should be fun, if we're careful. What do you think?"

Elsa von Spielburg considers it, and smiles faintly. "I can't today, I've been feeling a little ill...can we do it another time, perhaps?"

Ashton Anchors nods "Oh certainly. Anytime you feel like it." He sighs internally, he wishes he could have brought that up better, but he feels it's for the best all the same.

Elsa von Spielburg smiles and clasps his shoulder. "Take care." And she accepts the sheath with a nod of her head, then steps through a warphole to quickly escape.

Elsa von Spielburg escapes into a warp zone.
Elsa von Spielburg has left.


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