Palace of Power - Dining Room

A long table of shimmering crystal fills this room, the cold and silent dining hall where palace meals are often held. This place looks like it gets very little use, and its more for state functions than casual meals, though the residents have tried, on occasion, to use it for that. Beautiful chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and the floor is covered in a luxurious blue carpet. It's very large, very pretty, and usually quite abandoned.


Obvious exits:
<U>p leads to Palace of Power - Videoland Research and Development.

<N>orth leads to Palace of Power - Audience Chamber.

Station is sitting down within the hallway. He seems to be the only one inside. While most of the guards are on watch, eating a nice chilidog. It has been a long day. Oh well, maybe the next search will commense..

<Hero-IC> Commander, Jim Raynor says, "Station why don't you place guards in the maze as well... god this sounds like some of the rpgs I played a kid..."

<Hero-IC> Station says, "There are guards there."

There is the sound of someone arguing with someone growing louder in the hallway. Or rather, someone arguing with himself, or specifically, Ashton arguing with his dragons. Some of it can be made out now as he reaches the door "...I told you guys already! Now that Expel is taken care of, I'm going with my original plan! There must be SOMEWAY to seperate us without harm somewhere in Videoland." The dragons squawk "No, it's not that I'm in a hurry to be rid of you guys but... well, you know! If there's a way out there, I want to find it!" The dragons squawk some more, sounding a bit irritated "Well... yeah, I know there's some big things going on here now. But I can help out and look for a cure at the same time, right?" He finishes that last sentence as he walks in, and notices Station "Oh, uh, hiya."

<Hero-IC> Dreamcaster yawns.

<Hero-IC> Eugene Chaud says, "My sentiments exactly."

<Hero-IC> Commander, Jim Raynor says, "why are we setting it up like something the villians would do I think we are smarter than that..."

<Hero-IC> Dreamcaster says, "Another boring day..."

<Hero-IC> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "Bored, Dreamcaster?"

<Hero-IC> Dreamcaster says, "Tremendously."

<Hero-IC> Roy says, "Zzz.. Zzz... Zzz...."

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Because unlike them, they will have to go through all of us to get it instead of them having us go through their maze and them waiting on us to get what is needed and then challenge us to a fight."

<Hero-IC> Dreamcaster says, "Eh, what are you talkin about?"

<Hero-IC> Station says, "It was a plan of what to do with the Crystal of Air."

<Hero-IC> Commander, Jim Raynor says, "Want some Spider mines for the maze?"

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Sure."

<Hero-IC> Eugene Chaud says, "Uh...yeah. Like a maze is going to stop them."

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Who said it was just a maze?"

<Hero-IC> Eugene Chaud says, "Now patrols, forcefields, decoys...those are going to be what works."

<Hero-IC> Eugene Chaud says, "Hell, make a bomb that looks like the crystal."

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Besides, it'll be sealed... I could of sworn I mentioned those in the computer..."

<Hero-IC> Dreamcaster says, "Now that's the right idea, Chaud."

Station sighs briefly after finishing the chilidog. Then, the content is pressing along the lips. The Gamemaster gazes up at Ashton, then he is having a smile on his visage. "Hello Ashton, how're you?" He gazes at the dragons. "As well as you two."

<Hero-IC> Eugene Chaud says, "Thanks. Someone holler if they see Bob. He owes me ten bucks from a few weeks back still."

<Hero-IC> Commander, Jim Raynor says, "Good type of mine it has a firend or foe system along with a sensor pack."

<Hero-IC> Station says, "Nice idea of a mine."

Ashton Anchors erms "I'm ok, thanks." The dragons merely nod, since they can't communicate any other way outside of possessing Ashton. Ashton pauses before continuing "I've been back on my homeworld for awhile now, I've only just started to catch up with what's been going on. So what's going to be done with that crystal thing?"

Station blinks a few times, before tilting his head over to meet with Ashton again. Blinkblink. He closes his eyes while thinking. "No clue as of yet. I made a suggestion, we'll probably find out how it will be carried out." He shrugs, then he re-opens his eyes. "We're currently going to search for the other elements when the old man comes back to give us more clues."

Ashton Anchors takes a seat at the table, and scratches his head "Elements huh? There was nothing like that on my world... although..." He pauses, thinking for a moment "On the Energy Nede there was these four fields, Power, Courage, Love, and Knowledge. Though I don't think that would be of any help, they don't sound like the type of thing you'd be after." He gives a brief shrug.

Station shakes his head. "Unfortunately, no." He sights, clamping his hands together. "From the looks of it, the old man gives us the elements and tells us where they are. It seems that the elements will open up a gate into a new world..."

Ashton Anchors pauses for a few moments more, in uncomfortable silence. He's been thinking things over the past few days, trying to decide if he wants to go off on his journey to free himself of his curse, or stay around here and help everyone out. He's been trying for a long time to cure his curse, but he's also only ever been happy when he was fighting alongside others. Which brings him to his decision "Say... were you talking about forming a defense group or something?"

Station blinks a few times. His fingers are tapping together while cupping. He smiles softly at Ashton, "Yes, I was. The Sony Squadron. Our team is primarily defensive."

Ashton Anchors smiles sheepishly "Well, I'd like to help out however I can. I was going to focus on searching Videoland for a cure for my curse, but this is more important. And besides, Gyoro and Ururun DO come in handy, even though they're sometimes a bit of a pain." He chuckles slighty, the dragons on the other hand, didn't take that quite so lightly, and do what they usually do, bite Ashton in the rear. He leaps into the air comically, and plops back down perfectly into his seat "Ow ow.... see?"

At the actions taken by the dragons, Station's eyes pop open in reaction of Ashton's leap into the air. Then, the Gamemaster offers the guy a grin. "Well, I'll be glad to help you search for a cure for your curse while your stay is at Videoland." He glances at Gyoro and Ururun. "Then you two will possibly have a body of your own." He extends his hand out to pat them both on the head.

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Sword sword sword... And another sword! I have variety in things that I like."

<IC Chatter> Black Mage twitches.

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "Say it again."

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "Watch what happens."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Sword swor... BM! Good Buddy!"

Ashton Anchors nods "Thanks..." The dragons also nod, though Ashton refrains from noting that THEY possessed HIM, Ashton's the one that wants to be normal again. Oh well, but that much is already water under the bridge, he can be patient and live with them until that day comes. "So, can I sign up for that Sony Squadron of yours?"

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "I, much like the rest of my comrades in the brain equipped populus, have grown quite tired of your constant tirades about your god damn swords."

<IC Chatter> Wendy O. Koopa says, "Lit 3... come on.. you know you wanna.."

<IC Chatter> Wario says, "I hear-a you, BM."

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "And, since for some GOD FORSAKEN reason, you're my responsibility. I'm taking it upon myself to teach you to not pester the good people of this world with your ignorance."

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "HENCEFORTH"

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "To put it in layman terms."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "I'm not a layman."

<IC Chatter> Tron Bonne can be heard cheering for Black Mage.

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "Fighter no talky, then Fighter get cookie."

<IC Chatter> Goombario says, "Ooh, cookie."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Cookie.... Mmmm!"

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "But if Fighter talky, Fighter's gonna get a meteo spell straight up the tuckus."

<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Why bother with the formalities? Just do it anyways."

Station grins at Ashton and the dragons. He sits back down. "Excellent..." He blinks a few times, "Well, you're in. If you're part of the crew here, you'd likely be capable of fighting..." He grins softly. He ponders a bit, "Now, when Naoya and Chocobo get in, you'll be meeting them as well."

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "Because I'm giving him a chance at rehabilitation, before I perform his last rites."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Cookie! Cookies are gifts from the great sword in the sky... Umm, oh yea!"

<IC Chatter> Tron Bonne says, "Why not do it anyway?"

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "That's it."

<IC Chatter> Wart says, "WHy bother giving him the chance when you know he's gonna screw it up anyways?"

<IC Chatter> Black Mage says, "I'm comin' out the booth."

<IC Chatter> Goombario says, "Hey, Mr., can I have a cookie?"

Ashton Anchors chuckles to himself, fighting? Well he IS an RPG character after all, and it's an RPG that doesn't have a Level cap of 99. The villains were also self-proclaimed Gods, so yeah, he's done his share of hairy battles. "Eh, don't worry, I've faced some pretty rough battles in the past. Why I was the most valuable fighter in our party, yeah..." While Ashton boasts, Gyoro and Ururun just roll their eyes and look away for a moment. While Ashton shouldn't be taken quite so seriously, he's not mistaken about being an experienced fighter at least.


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