The world of Expel is divided up into three main continents: Cross, Lacour and El. And two smaller land masses, Hoffman Island which is just north of the continent of Lacour, and an unnamed deserted island where the Cave of Trials exist, which is southwest of the continent of Cross.

The continent of Cross is in fact, shaped like a cross. Cross Kingdom exists in the very centre along with Cross Cave, in the southern part exist the mining town of Salva, and the small village of Arlia. The Northern part is home to the newly rebuilt port town of Click, and the Mountain Palace. The Western land of Cross has the village of Mars, and the port town of Herlie. And the Eastern area of Cross holds the Lasgus Mountains, home of the King of the Monster Race, Xine, and an entrance to a peninsula of desert.

The continent of Lacour has the port town of Hilton on it's western seaboard. The city of Lacour is in the centre of the continent as well. In the southern region is the town of Linga, and the Linga Sanctuary. In the northern area is the now abandoned Frontline Fort, which was a bastion of defence against the encroaching demons from the Sorcery Globe.

And the slowly recovering continent of El. This was where the Sorcery Globe landed, and the spawning demons ravaged the land. The city of Eluria was destroyed as it was inhabited by the Gods Ten Wise Men. Just west of the old city, was the old refuge of the survivors, and is slowly being rebuilt to become New Eluria. South of there is the crater where the Sorcery Globe landed, and now a mysterious portal is in it's place, which leads to the rest of Videoland.

Captain N

<IC Chatter> Ashton Anchors <Not Ashton, but what sounds like a ye olde towne criere, seems to be picked up mid-speech> ...and tonight, an event like no other in the history of Expel, the three countries of El, Cross and Lacour have banded together to sign a peace treaty with the Palace of Power from this new domain called Videoland. A man named 'Captain N' is the representitive to sign the treaty with the three rulers, along with the man from our world who originally discovered this Videoland, Ashton Anchors. The paper signing will begin soon, after speeches by the rulers, and... <seems to fade out here>

Jim Raynor has arrived.
Jair has arrived.

The three rulers of Expel are still in their speech giving stage. Which of course means Ashton is bored to death, but he's here on official status, sorta, so he needs to look interested. He sighs on the inside though, he doesn't know why he has to be the sort of ambassador here, he's just a fighter who stumbled across this other world. Oh well, it'll end tonight, then Ashton can get back to his original plan, to travel Videoland in search of a cure for his curse. As the old rulers continue on their old ruler speeches, Ashton tilts over to N slightly and whispers "Er, sorry about this, those guys love to give speeches. They'll be especially long this time since it would be the first time all three countries were together on something." He sighs, as the King of Cross seems like he's nearly finished, even Gyoro and Ururun on Ashton's back look bored.

~EeeevwingFLASH!~ Lens flares, special effects, and loud noises accompany the entrance of Jair and General Weeman. Right next to Captain N. And it's.. um.. loud. And fancy. And weird.

Did I mention loud?

Curled up at the local Gamemaster's feet would be the boredest mutt of all.. Duke. His eyes seem to droop more and more as the Kings do they're whole speech thing. And it looks like he's been here way too long. Somebody give this poor doggy a little snack or something.

Captain N, for the most part, seems to be paying as much attention as he can to the speech. Almost finding it fascinating. Either that or he can fake it really well. He leans back in his chair a bit and tilts his head over towards Ashton since he's the one who's talking to him. "Hm? Oh, it's okay. Lana does this kind of thing all the time. The Captain hops up from his seat suddenly at the arrival of some idiot, whipping one of the Zappers off his belt. Quite a bit jumpy nowadays. The moment he notices who it is, he sighs and shakes his head, sitting back down.

The Hyperion casts its massive shadow over the city below hovering there like some sleeping air going shark waiting for its prey. Meanwhile Jim is on the ground with a few other troops heading for Captain N and the others.

<Hero-IC> Guybrush Threepwood shudders audibly. "I sense... something evil. Master Ryu, I take my leave of Ninja Burger. I feel a pressence I have not in a long time..."

Jair's apperance seems to interupt the king's speech, it was right about the time when he was getting to the 'new allies' part... he only pauses for a moment before he recovers and the attention is taken back off Jair. The Hyperion also gets some stares every now and then from the crowd, but it has been there for a bit now, and it was seen before anyway. As the kings finish their speeches, they get ready to sign their part of the document. And as for Ashton.... well... he's fallen asleep by now. Gyoro and Ururun though are still paying attention, thankfully. The King of Cross is the last to sign the treaty, and thus carries it over to where Captain N is seated. Once N puts his signature, whether it's Kevin Keene or Captain N, that would mark the end of this whole treaty scene... or so you'd think. But does anyone else notice a rumbling in the air all of a sudden?

<Hero-IC> Shinobi Warrior Ryu Hayabusa says, "I see...be swift and be silent, if it is indeed an evil force you know what to do. I shall try to...*grunt* no good, I guess I'll let Minja handle things for now"

Duke does. Why? Because he's a dog and he's got that sixth since and all that jazz. The mutt perks up a bit and looks around, feeling something in his bones. With a quick turn, the starts to nudge at Kevin's leg but the Gamemaster is preoccupied.

Kevin's staring at the pen in his hand and looking back and forth from that to the treaty. It takes him a moment or two to actually skim through the fine print and make sure he's not signing away the Palace, before he leans over to put the pen to paper. His attention is diverted by Duke's nudging and he peers down at him. "In a minute, boy. Calm down. I'm almost done." With an apologetic look up towards the King of Cross, Kevin Keene lets the ink appear on the paper, spelling out his name in his own legible scrawl: Captain N.

Jair just kind of.. absently looks into the sky. "Kevin?" Ooh, he didn't call him Captain N.

Jim Raynor is just here for moral support as he watches Captain N go to sign the treaty. While he does not notice anything one of the Marines with him is uneasy and she shifts her her armored form restlessly.

Funny the Hyperion didn't pick up on this, oh well, the radar monitor guy must be taking a break. Anyway, Duke's senses are quite right. Just as Captain N finishes signing the paper, there seems to be a commotion among the crowd, some of the people on the outskirts of the city, see something coming. Eventually one screams "XINE!! It's the ruler of the skies! XINE!" Gyoro and Urunun perk up on this themselves, though their sudden movement cause a now awake Ashton to fall sideways out of his chair with a THUD. He gets up in a moment and mumbles "What's going on?" But a brief glance up in the sky would tell all, as the form of a giant bird grows larger over the city of Cross.

Duke pretty much can't stand being ignored. Especially when all hell's about to break loose and probably kill everyone and everything that's managed to come on down. Duke takes it upon himself to tug on Kevin's pants leg and he doesn't plan on letting go anytime soon. o O (Oh you're gonna' listen to me, Kevin!)

And he does too. Dropping the pen down onto the treaty, Kevin looks down annoyedly at his dog, trying to pull his leg free from his grip. "Duke! Let go!" Then Jair's question pops into the Gamemaster's head and he looks over. "Huh?" Following the Jair's eyes on up into the sky, Kevin's one eyes go wide at the sight of something that isn't exactly on his 'To Do List'. "Houston? We have a problem." is said softly to anyone listening as he gets up to his feet and stares at the giant bird.

Then the sensor tech on the Hyperion wakes up and blinks at the unknown contact on the scanners. "What the heck?" He then radios to the troops on the surface. <Hyperion to Commander Raynor. We got an unknown contact comming in on you.> Raynor says, "We got company...Who are you talking about?" Crystal urks and says to the odd pair od dragons on Ashton's back. "What is comming in at us..."

The Giant Bird lands directly outside the city, and screeches loudly for a moment or two, before a voice is heard from it, deep and threatening, even though it doesn't seem to be talking "Humans..... and the two-headed dragon is here as well?" Ashton, and presumeably the others, head out to the city gates, thankfully the King of Cross orders his soldiers to move the citizens to clear a path for the fighter and his guests from Videoland if they wish to join in this fray. As Ashton begins to head towards the bird's landing site, he calls back "It's Xine! We fought that bird once before but... I have no idea what it would want /now/!" As Ashton reaches the city gates, he stares up at Xine's form, and for the moment, Xine's eyes just narrow.

Jair just stares for a second. "Let's blow it up, N."

Crystal pipes up at the others. "What are we sitting around here for lets go deal with that bird!" She races towards the gates along with her squad of 4 marines and Jim sighs, "Lets go...this almost sounds fun." He says almost amused.

Kevin's leading the way for the rag tag crew of heroes that all have happened to totally like just be there. It's all by pure coincedence really. Really. Jair's remarked is somewhat ignored as he takes off after Ashton. Skidding to a halt, and Duke doing the same right behind him, he wastes no time in whipping his Zappers off his belt and standing at attention. "Something tells me he's not just here to give his blessings." A quick twirl of the Zapper in his right hand and his eyes are focused on the bird. Duke's out in front of the Captain, actually snarling protectively. He doesn't like birds. Duck Hunt Syndrome.

Jair caaalmly strides up next to N, eying the zappers. "You're gonna fight it with THOSE?" He comments, then shakes his head. There's a flurry of movement, and Jair is inexplicably holding a huge-arse plasma gun. Pump-action, baby. *CHA-CHUNK* "No, no. You blow things up with THIS."

Ashton Anchors, oddly enough, sticks his arm out in a sign for them to stop for a second "Hold on a minute guys, we don't know what Xine wants. It's not like him at all to leave his mountain, something must be up." Xine glares for a moment, before speaking again "For the past few months, I have noticed many odd things happening in our world. Then the night when... that vessel..." He gazes upward, at the Hyperion "..arrived here, the idea of another world outside Expel was brought to my attention. And now I see that the human's self-proclaimed leaders of Expel are taking it to themselves to sign a peace treaty with this other world? As if /they/ ruled this planet?" He opens his wings to reveal their total wingspan, while sending a shockwave of air down on the party "I ruled this world before humans arose with their civilization, however I decided to retreat with my race to live the life of a hermit, out of the way of the human world, to keep the peace. And now, another new world is encroaching on Expel, and with it come many threats. I know all about the wars that exist out there, and I would not have Expel be a part to them!" A moment after Xine's thunderous proclamation, Ashton speaks up again "So... what? You'd rather we not ally ourselves with Captain N and the others, and fight off that Mother Brain character by ourselves if she attacks Expel??"

An arm that belongs to the Gamemaster goes out in front of Jair and he shakes his head. "Stand down." he orders, his eyes not leaving the big bird. His other hand twirls and holsters one of his Zappers as he decides to pretty much let Ashton run the show for a bit. Just because the less violence that happens, the better it is. The shockwave of air blows Captain N back a bit and he regains his footing, Duke following suit directly. "Everbody hold your positions! Do not engage!" is tossed to everyone who's planning on unloading everything they have on the big ol' chicken. Look at the Kevin. Taking charge and stuff. If Lana was here she'd probably swoon.

Jim Raynor and his troops skid to a halt rather shocked that it does not want a fight with them. "Woah this is refreshing." He looks at Xine and says in a respectufl tone of voice. "Even if they allie with no one Mother Brain's legions will still attempt to take over this planet." Jim and his troops lower their weapons and look the larger lifeform over.

Jair peers at N. "We really should just blow it up now, you know." He starts flicking switches on the plasma cannon, and it starts whining. Apparently it's charging. He grunts. "Don't worry, I'm not going to blow it up unless you say it's OK."

Xine's eyes narrow again, seems it'll take more than a simple logical arguement to persuade him. "And you'd rather provoke these villains into attacking us by allying with their enemies? Expel was on the brink of destruction once before, as you already know." Ashton speaks up again "Yeah, I know. But I also know, we managed to stop that threat with the help of outsiders! People from the Energy Nede, and Claude, Ernest and Opera, from worlds outside of Expel! We couldn't have saved Expel without their help!" Seems Xine has lost his patience with Ashton, his eyes flare up and Ashton is knocked to the ground by a force of energy "I've had enough of you humans taking up the fight for this world as your own! You claim it's yours to ally with whomever you wish, and put it in danger with small-minded judgements that you've made in order to protect your own kingdoms!" He says that part while looking at the gathered rulers "And you interlopers should have kept to your own world!" His wings open again, sending another shockwave of air down at them "I'll give you all once chance to leave this world, or else."

Rocked backwards by the shockwave and suddenly getting pissed by the sight of Ashton being blasted for no reason. He was just talking. He shakes his head and looks over at Jair. "Okay. Blow it up." is the order given to the Jair as he spins and turns to Jim and his squad. "Get some people back to the Hyperion. If that thing goes airborne we're gonna' need some aerial support." Those orders given, Kevin spins back to his dog and continues, "Duke, check on Ashton." The dog acknowledges with a bark and trots off to make sure that their link to this world isn't dead. Kevin hops up to the front of the small band of heroes and stares up at the Xine. "Sorry Big Bird, we'd love to go but... traffic at his hour is just terrible."

Jim Raynor shrugs, "They will attack this planet if you don't stand with us or if you do. They are bent on taking over every thing and Mother Brain is inno way human." Jim looks up to him and says, "I will not be talked down to by anyone I don't care who you think you are. Do not make threts we will defend our selves." Jim does not like anyone ragging down like they are better than another. After all he had to deal witht he conclave and they have egos that could rival some of Wily's creations.

Jair hands N a pair of sunglasses, donning a pair himself. "You might want these." Then, he cracks his neck. As soon as N puts on the glasses (or after a few seconds if he doesn't), Jair grins and pulls the trigger.

A giant, glowing, green, shiny ball of energy blasts out of the cannon, knocking Jair backwards and temporarily blinding anyone looking at it unless they have some sort of eye protection. Jair recovers and watches the blast fly towards the giant bird, and snickers. "Some people have a license to kill; I have a license to blow #*@^ up!"

And Xine is your generic hard boss character, and isn't going down quite that easily. His wings come up to sheild the rest of him from the energy blasts of Jair, seems he took some damage from it all, but nothing he can't ignore for the moment. "Very well, if that's how you wish it to be...." But before Xine can finish that sentence and begin attacking, a blast of cold breath air is blown right past his head, just enough to stall him. And it's source, is Ashton, or Ururun, specifically. The blue dragon on his back stops breathing it's icy breath, and Ashton looks at the bird, his eyes now glowing blue "Xine... we have had enough of your talking down at humans..." 'Ashton' with his swords out, takes a few steps before the ruler of Expel's demons "You are merely allowing yourself to be overcome with your desire for revenge against the humans from taking leadership of the planet from you, and now you are willing to sacrifice Expel to get that." He chuckles "How pathetic." Xine growls as he takes to the air and dives at Ashton "Be silent and know your place two-headed dragon! I won't sacrifice our race's dignity to let Expel be handed over to the humans!"

Jair stares blankly at the still-standing bird. "No, see, you're supposed to die now." He idly comments towards it.

Jim Raynor just looks at Xine for a moment and says, "Burn it boys!" Then he speaks into his com unit. "Raynor to hyperion lock on to the large Avian lifeform. Its hostile so use the ATS Lasers untill the Yamato gun is charged." The Hyperions laser systems come on line as the ship turns to face the boss monster. Then lasers are on mobile turrets and well they send a salvo of laser beams at the bird.

Jair grumblemutters and starts recharging the cannon. "Ohh, I'll show you, you giant chicken." Meanwhile, General Weeman has dissapeared. Who knows where he got off to.

The fire from all sides rain down on Xine, but unfortunetly for them, he has become airborne. And he isn't called the ruler of the skies for nothing. He easily evades most everything thrown at him, only being nicked by a few stray shots. His target though seems to be Ashton, or more precise, Gyoro and Ururun. The possessed Ashton shouts back to him "This isn't the time to be talking about dignity!!" Gyoro's breathes a wave of fire at Xine to throw him off course and allow Ashton to block him with his swords "The times have changed, especially now! We need the help of these outsiders if we want our world to survive!" Xine flies back up into the air, and causes another wind shockwave with his wings "Don't preach to me!" He roars as the battle ensues. Ashton takes a leap or two back and calls out to Jim "When will that weapon of yours be ready? It probably won't kill Xine, but it'll stun him, and that's all I need."

Jim Raynor and his troops level their gauss rifles at the monster bird and add their own weapons. While the Hyperion keeps up the laser fire at the monster. Deep inside the Hyperion it starts to gather the energy needed fo fire the Yamato gun.

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "I like swords... and sword related excessories and swordy type stuff!"

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "..."

<IC Chatter> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "Hey Fighter!"

<IC Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "You learn to ignore him after a time."

<IC Chatter> Purple Tentacle says, "Hello, my swordsy friend! I also like swords too! And I IS GOT THE SOUFFLE!"

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Yo!"

<IC Chatter> Purple Tentacle laughes maniacally for no apparent reason.

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "...?"

<IC Chatter> Mother Brain says, "And if any of you heroes dare attempt to crash the 1st Annual EVIL Villain Barbeque. All I have to say is one thing." *hic* *BLECH* "SO THERE!""

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "And this loser is the terror of Videoland?"

<IC Chatter> Garam says, "And just where is this so called Barbecue, Big Momma B?"

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Is there gonna be bacon at your burpycute?"

<IC Chatter> Mother Brain says, "Why outside the Fortres of Evil, of course."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Bacon swords!"

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, ".."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "I like swords."

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "...and?"

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Swordy like... swordy thingies, Because they're like swords."

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "Have you ever considered a career as a doorstop? Geez."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "I tried it out once... but it was boring... not enough time for swords!"

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "...figures."

The battle rages on... yadda yadda. Suffice to say, it's a bit of a stalemate with the possessed Ashton keeping Xine at bay. Until, of course, a trump card comes into play.

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "So, anyone interested in a duel at the Fighter Club? I'm feeling forgiving today, so I promise no killings."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "I have a club!? Never! I only have swords! No Clubs! I dont want to wield clubs... axes maybe, and spears... meh! But I LIKE SWOOORDS!!!!"

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "Okay. Anybody who's not stupid?"

<IC Chatter> Sonic the Hedgehog sighs, and the sound of something being set on a table can be heard. Silence, for a while, and then the hedgehog transmits the sound of an electric guitar wailing over the radio, hopefully loud enough to drown certain people's voices out.

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "Okay, that's better."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "That is the worstestest singing me ever had heard!"

<IC Chatter> Hawk says, "There is no singing you idiot."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Sure there is. Listen, 'Swordy swordy sword! Swordy swordy sword! Swordy swordy sword! Swordy swordy sword!'"

The Hyperion turns finally ans faces the massive bird as a build of energy forms infront of the ship. Jim looks up at the Bird and says, "You should not have started this." After he says that the commander speaks into his com unit but a pair of words. "Open fire." Then a massive explosion of energy froms from the Yamato Gun and streaks across the sky towards the bird boss. Looks like everyone in the city will be having KFC tonight.

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "Okay, who is this putz? I want a name."

<IC Chatter> Mewtwo says, "Which putz? There's so many..."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "I ams tthe Fighter, and I like swords."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "Who is you being?"

<IC Chatter> Sonic the Hedgehog doesn't think Fighter has much room to talk, but instead of commenting, he starts playing an actual song on it, still loudly though. It can't be any more annoying than Fighter.

<IC Chatter> Sol Badguy says, "Sol. Come on down to the basement of the Insert Coin and I'll make sure you'll be sick of swords."

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "That is being iimpossible. I can not live without swords! I have more swords than I have Osygen within me!"

<IC Chatter> Fighter says, "I have a sword cushion. I need to make sure my swords get much well deserved rest. Ugh! I broke my sword while hitting my head with it again! I lose more swords that way!"

I feel like chicken tonight!! ... ...well it had to be said. The blast engulfs the demon king, though when it fades, it appears he's not quite dead. He is however, not attacking anymore, being grounded and all. Xine, now lying helpless for a few moments, merely grunts as he tries to muster the strength to get up again. Ashton takes a few steps towards him and waves his arm out again, asking the others to stop for a moment "That'll be enough. Xine is stubborn, but he never fails to admit defeat. Right?" He smirks a bit, as Xine grunts "I don't understand, what drives you to trust humans and outsiders so much two-headed dragon? Is it the same as what caused you to posess that human?" Ashton places on hand on his hip, as he puts his swords away "Something like that. We realized that we couldn't live an isolated life anymore, you may be content to a life as a hermit, but we're not. You say humans took the world from you? I say you gave it to them when you gave up." He looks back at the crowd of civilians who have been watching the battle all along "We should be living side by side, and not in fear of each other, especially now where there is a greater outside threat. You see Xine, the three human kingdoms have put aside their differences now to join forces to help protect Expel from the threats from this Mother Brain, so why can't we join with the humans as well?"

Jim Raynor calls his people off not wanting to kill this hard headed being it seems like they are just a royal pain rather than out to kill everyone.

Xine struggles to his feet, he sure recovers quick. "I.... will not help the humans! But... what you say.. maybe you're not entirely wrong two-headed dragon. You believe that banding together with allies will help defend our world? Fine, make your allies, and only time will tell the fate of this world!" Xine takes to the air "Prove to me, that with the help of these outsiders, we can truely defend Expel!" And just as quickly as Xine approached the horizon, he's gone. Leaving the others, and Ashton, who shakes his head "Stubborn to the end, well, someday you'll get it..." And Ashton, still possessed, turns back to the folks from Videoland, and the crowd gathered from Expel "I apologize for this, I should have seen it coming. Xine is stubborn in his beliefs, but only wishes to defend this world, don't think too ill of him."

Jim Raynor says, "He is just trying to cling to the old ways I guess. He will come around eventually. So is there anything else we need to get done with this treaty?"

Ashton Anchors shakes his head "The treaty was signed, we managed to fend off Xine. I think we're done here. You can leave and go back to the Palace if you wish, we'll stay on our world for a little while longer, to take care of a few things. Ashton will likely want to set out on his journey again now that this has been taken care of. And besides which..." He glances towards a rather irritated looking King of Cross "I believe the good king would like a ... more direct explanation for Xine. So we shall take care of that now. Thanks for your help." He gives a slight nod, before heading back into the city. Well the treaty was signed at least, so, mission accomplished, right?

Mission Successful.

Cue after battle results.


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