<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "Warlock Lord, a question about the Soul Eater, if it contains the souls it said to consume do you think you or Lezard could drain them for your own uses?""

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "I know much about the Skedar, yeesss... they are not what they seem. In fact, they are quite laughable. I must..snicker in amusement. *snicker*"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Core, it would be best to ask Lezard himself. I do not deal in souls as much as he does... Necromancy is not my forte."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "My mistake, I am still building a information database on Magic at this time."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "If you have any texts or computer files I could access about it. I would be grateful."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "...my castle has quite the extensive library. Three thousand books, in fact, all on magic theories, studies of the Nine Spheres, and other such things."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "Would you mind if I sent a resarch team to study them?"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "As long as they damage nothing."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Most of those books are priceless."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser suddenly transmits construction type sounds, and just generally a lot of work in the background "Finally... I'm GETTING somewhere..."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "Understood humm you know it may be possible to copy some with a Nanolathe and thus be uneeded to touch the orginals... Humm repairs on your command ship still under way King Bowser?"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Yes! I isolated why the Doom Ship recieved so much damage from the Big Bertha backfire, just some structural problems, I've gotten them redesigned now, and not only that! With the extra structural support, I can make the Big Bertha twice as powerful! Gwahahaha!"

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "Odd that is the desgination of an long rage support weapon from my universe."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "I am honored Mother Brain."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "<stops his fit of laughing for a moment> So how was Zebes?"

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "Interesting."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "We come closer to T-Veronica Metroid each day, yeesss..."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Uhm... great, I guess."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "Oh if you only knew the power of biogenetic mutations."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "The T-virus, ah yes the bio weapon that mutates a lifeform into state much like a zombie."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "I do not use Biogenetics for obvious reasons however, the Arm is very versed in the feild."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "I'll stick to my black magic enhancements thanks. All that biological mutatey stuff... not me."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "The T-virus is nothing compared to the dreaded G-Virus. And the G-Virus pales in comparason to T-Veronica."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Uh huh, so what does T-Veronica pale in comparison to?"

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "It is a great honor you have bestowed upon me, Mother Brain. I shall not fail you."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "Interesting."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "Well...blugeoning with a knife I suppose, Bowser."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Oh.... <pause> Hey wait...."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "My resarchers have given me an up date on our studies of the Flood. As of this time it is too dangerous for us to control. As with its nature to infect both organic and robotic life..."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "Yes, General Scales, and any ..problems you may have with Andross will be greatly enjoyed and looked on with humor as you two fight, yeesss..."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "A BLUNT KNIFE! That's BRILLIANT!"

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "..."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "The Doom Ship is made of wood, correct?"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Wood and cannons mostly."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "Just checking." Sound of a giant flame thrower heard in the background.

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Oh, I use fireproof wood."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says nothing but Pryo #67 says, "Humm sounds like a decent grade of Flame Thrower."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "Good call."

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "Andross doesn't concern me at the moment, despite his interference with my plans."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "I like you Scales, I have always had faith in reptiles, yeesss... Not those ..monkey creatures."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "I never liked Monkeys <Grumble>StupidSpotlightStealingDonkeyKong<Grumble>"

<Villain-IC> General Scales chuckles, "Oh Andross may have his personal armada, but ship and vehicle combat are all those apes know."

<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Sure doesn't know how to beat Fox.."

<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "He's tried enough."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "From what I seen Andros might want to invest in improving his armor techology. To incrtease his units surivial rate."

Aldi Sea - Elfland

Deep forests cover the land on the southern edge of the Aldi Sea, this country almost completely untouched by humanity. This is the home of the elves, nobel creatures who dwell peacefully in the forests, content to be left alone. All is not peaceful here, as swamps to the west contain the homes of evil creatures, wizards and dark elves threatening the peace of the idyllic elven community. The monsters here, kept in check near the elven city, are more dangerous than around Coneria, ogres and poisonous monsters more common here than elsewhere.


Obvious exits:
<W>est leads to Western Sea - Melmond.
<E>ast leads to Aldi Sea - Crescent Lake.
<N>orth leads to Aldi Sea - Kingdom of Coneria.


The large, jagged-bottom city of Neo-Vane floats serenely up in the sky; while hard to get to, it is hardly impossible, especially for those who can fly. The five sub-towers buzz with magical power.

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "Medics, Scientists and Engineers."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Oh, whatever, I dunno. I'm off to get some more wood for the Doom Ship..."

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "I have a unit that could help with bringing back our dead and restoing lost vechiles and buildings if there are remains to work with."

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says nothing, but there's a reporter in a helicoptor... oh no "This is Arnie Pie with Arnie in the Sky! Well folks, it seems reports of the end of King Bowser and his Doom Ship were indeed false, he's here right now with a rather large contingency of his Koopa Clan outside of Elfland. They seem to be doing a large amount of clear cutting in the surrounding forests, the people of Elfland can't seem to be able to do much against Bowser and his army." How does the same reporter get news items related to Bowser?

Cube arrives from Aldi Sea - Kingdom of Coneria.

Cube has arrived.

Captain N arrives from Aldi Sea - Kingdom of Coneria.

Captain N has arrived.

Duke has arrived.

The Grand forests of Elfland are... not quite so grand anymore. Well, they're not LARGELY cut, but there is quite a bit gone now as it is. Bowser stands at the head of it all, bellowing orders to his troops as always "Move it Axe Bros! Cut those trees!" The two Hammer Bros look up at Bowser "But Boss... we're Hammer Bros..." Bowser /glares/ at them "For now, you're AXE Bros, so quit yer whining and chop that wood!" Not wanting to argue with Bowser anymore, they get back to work. The fallen trees are further chopped up by a couple of Sledge Bros, and the chopped pieces are carried by some various grunts, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, over to several Doom Tanks Bowser has brought to carry the load. Seems he intends to gather quite a bit, enough to oh, say, repair a Doom Ship?

Comming over the various hills and vallies of the great sea of trees is none other than Cube, come to save the day! No, really. The little robot stops at the back end of the operation, still under the cover of the trees, and watches for a moment.

Is that a Warp Zone opening up? Why, yes it is. Hear the sound? Good. That means it's time for you baddies to just get gone. Because here comes.... Duke! Wait, the dog? That's right, Duke. Captain N's dog comes flying out of the Warp Zone and landing with a growl and snarl. How dare somebody mess with trees?! Trees he uses regularly for uh... uh... never mind.

Following closely behind the Mutt is the Captain N. He's already decked out in battle gear and is soooo not in the mood for something like this. That much can be told from the look in his eyes. He lands right on down next to his puppy and his eyes dart right around to survey the scene.

Bowser continues to 'supervise' the tree cutting. "Ahh, elven wood, sturdy, strong, fireproof..." What, you thought he built the Doom Ship from /normal/ wood? After a moment or two, one of the Hammer-Axe Bros spots the newcomers to the countryside "Uhh... boss?" Bowser grunts "Stop with yer stalling! Work!" "But boss..." "You heard me!!!" "...we got company..." "Huh?"

The lumbering turtle turns around, and spots Captain N, Duke, and... whatever Cube is."Oh /great/, another Gamemaster. This is all I need." He snaps his fingers, and some of his troops approaches behind him "I might need some help with this. You guys, help fight, the rest of you, get back to work!!" Bowser, along with a Sledge Bro, a few Koopa Troopas, and Koopa Paratroopas, and two or three Goombas, take a few steps forward. Maybe he can 'talk' N into walking away. He snorts. "Well... Captain N, you certainly haven't butted into my business for awhile..."

"Stay." is mumbled to Duke as Kevin smirks, his eyes not leaving Bowser for a moment. He stands up straight and brushes his vest back at the sides to let his twin light guns show. Fear him. "Today must be your lucky day then, Bowser." The Gamemaster even goes so far as to wink at the Spikey One.

Duke on the other paw is busy being all backup watchy and stuff. Keeping an eye on all the evil things that're hanging out with Bowser right about now. The one's that Kevin's probably gonna' have to fight soon. Neither member of the Dynamic Duo has really noticed Cube yet. So as far as they know... they have like -no- backup.

Cube strafe-steps around the despoilers of the forest, trying to hit them from another angle, and he jumps! Yes, he makes a spining jump at the closest gomba, and if all goes well, he will bounce from one to the next, and so on.

Cube strikes King Bowser with his trivial SpinDrive attack.

Cube strikes King Bowser with his trivial SpinDrive attack.

Cube misses King Bowser with his trivial SpinDrive attack.

King Bowser grins, and kracks his knuckles. Then it's time to fight. "Well, you're not Mario, but you've been a large enough thorn in my side..." But then the commotion from behind by Cube, and he turns for a moment "Blast it all! Keep chopping that wood! The rest of you, go down and take care of... that. I'll handle Captain N..." He orders the Koopas that accompanyed him to greet N to go down and take care of Cube, Bowser takes another step forward. "Now then, let's settle this the old fashioned way..." One of his arms quickly enters his shell, and comes back out with.. a giant hammer, which is then immediatly thrown right at N's face!

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his weak Hammer Toss! attack.

Duke growls and takes off in a run after the Koopa Krew to help out Cube. Either that or go hide behind something. Thus all the barking and such nonsense. He's really not going to be much help anyway, as he's only here for comic relief. Ahem.

Kevin wasn't ready for such a move by the mean ol' Bowser. He was expecting some more witty remark exchanging before the fight actually began so when he's hit in the face with the Hammer, he does the only thing he can do. Roll Wit' It.

Overacting like nobody's business, he takes the hit and drops backwards into a small, tucked roll. When his head comes back around, he's got a huge smirk on his face. His foot slides out to stop him and keep him in a stylish crouched position and his hands are tucked inside his vest. "Watch my back, Gameboy." is said into the headset as he snatches his Zappers right on out and aims them in Bowser's direction. The Gameboy on his side beeps in acknowledgement and starts scanning the area. In case this is a trap or something. There's no words for Bowser, though. Just a couple of Zapper shots.

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Twin Zapper: Dual Shot attack.

You have taken 20 damage.

Cube keeps moving as he stomps a pair of gombas (and getting a total of 300 points in the process) moving over to where Duke is. With the dog at his back, he sprays the oncomming koopas with an odd chemical, one that causes them to be attacked by baby chickens. Wacky, but effective.

Cube misses King Bowser with his trivial ChickShot attack.

Zapper in the face! Arrgh!! Actually it was more like in the bodily area, but you get the picture. Two comical scortch marks are left where the zapper hit him. Bowser grunts "Hmph, you Gamemaster types with your fancy guns and lighty weapons... whatever happened to good old BRUTE STRENGTH??" Bowser leaps up into the air, and slams back down into the ground, causing spikey pillars of earth to shoot up around Captain N.

In the meantime, Bowser's troops manage to evade the Chickensolution, they're not quite so slow are they? The solution instead hits a poor Elven NPC passerbyer, who runs across the horizon being chased by vicious chickens! Chickens are deadly, just ask Link. And thus the attack continues...

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his Crusher attack.

<Villain-IC> Core Commander says, "Dual? Are you avilable for a moment?"

With his hands full, Kevin doesn't have a chance to press any buttons on the Gamepad on his wrist. Instead he goes with the vocal command of, "Up!" But he's a little late. It took him too long to notice what was going on and even though he does take to the skies, it's helped by the shaking earth and those spikey parts damn near put holes in the bottom of his boots.

Kevin just uses the momentum to go forward, into a tucked somersault type move, twirling the Light Guns in his hands, holding them by the barrels, like a couple of small hammers.

"As you wish!" is yelled as Kevin untucks himself and comes down towards Bowser's head with his Zappers held behind his head ready to lay the smackdown!

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his weak Twin Zapper: Light Gun Butt! attack.

You have taken 14 damage.

So that attack of Cube didn't work... except it kept them too busy to counterattack, which is good. Cube follows up that attack with a burst of directed sonic assult. Now the oddest thing about this, is the visual effect. A whole bunch of triangles burst from Cube's form, spining as they proceed. Odd to see a sonic attack, but that's how the videogame physics works.

Cube strikes King Bowser with his trivial NoiseStream attack.

You'd expect to hurt Bowser by striking him in the head? It should be well known just how hard that thing is, you think your puny little Zapper's would damage the likes of that? Well come to think of it, it did hurt a bit, but it's mainly futile! Futile yes! Taking the chance with Captain N up close and personal, Bowser resorts to his all-time favorite, close combat claw melee. He slashes a few times with his deadly digits, and also, somehow his hand sort of rotates on the spot. Don't ask how that works.

And back to the battle with Cube and the Koopa Troop, the grunts seem to be mystified enough by the thought of visual soundwaves, and are easily hit as they are mesmorized by it.

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his Drill Claw attack.

This sucks. Majorly. Kevin is way too close for comfort right about now. Way too close. But all that's taken care of as Bower's claw rips into him fully, sending him sprawling backwards and landing on his back. There's an obvious wince in major pain and when his hands hit the ground, the Zappers pop loose and bounce out of his reach. Dammit.

Luckily, a Gamemaster like Kevin always has a couple tricks up his sleeve. He smirks a bit to show he's not intimidated by the fact that he's losing and he hops up to his feet. "Gameboy? Card me up." His arm is raised and a small mini-launcher type thing appears on his forearm. He winks at Burly McSpikeback and fires off a gray memory card in his direction. A Stun Card. Confused? Check out the website, dammit. I'm too lazy to explain how it works.

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Stun Card! stun attack.

You've been stunned and cannot attack!

Cube is really racking up the points today! And he goes on another stomping spree through the koopas that we'll RP as A, the person he'd hit codewise is stuned, and B, so are the koopas. Thus, he SpinDrives them, hoping to get a one up.

King Bowser is too dang lazy to read the webpage, so let's just say he's stunned now someway or another. Oh woe, oh shame. He's also a tad busy elsewindow, so it's craptacular posing time. He doesn't do much else but be stunned at the moment. So let's see how the Koopa Troop are doing...

Not much better... Cube continues to rack up the points. 200, 500, 700, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000,... doh! That's all of them! Pity, one more and he'd have had a 1-up.

Kevin has time to do a little victory gesture with his hand and smiles. "Score!" He whistles for his puppy as he snatches up the hammer that Bowser laid him out with earlier. "Time to return the favor!" And he sends the hammer twirling in the not-quite-King Koopa's direction.

Upon hearing the whistle, the dog perks up and dives out of his hiding spot, taking off in a quick sprint towards Kevin. Pausing only to grab up the Zappers in his mouth. See? Dogs are useful for something, after all.

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Recyclable Weaponry Mode: Hammertime! attack.

You have taken 21 damage.

Cube finishes off the last off the Koopas attacking him. And he was SO hoping for that one up. He could have used it in a mission to come. Ah well. He starts chacing the Koopas that are still working at the trees.

Smashed in the face with his own hammer, how humiliating. But at least he got it back. Peeling it off his face, he reinsterts it into his shell. "So that mutt of yours isn't totally useless huh? Can it do any more tricks, like say... jumping through hoops?" Bowser's chest swells up as he takes a deep breath, and then (you know it's coming) his trademark fire breath, this time with a neato ring-shape.

Meanwhile, the stomped Koopa Troopers take a few moments to shake off the dizzyness, stupid minions, hard-trained and sturdy, but weak to being jumped on. No wonder Mario's made it so far as a Hero. But it's not over yet, as one more stands in Cube's way to the ones cutting the trees, Boom-Boom. A beefed up Koopa Troop with spikes on his back, he almost looks like he could be a Koopaling himself.

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his Fire Ring Breath attack.

Kevin only has time to tuck one of the Zappers away before the fire gets to close. He snatches up Duke and holds him close to his chest as he takes the majority of the fire damage. Luckily his arms were tucked in enough and all that gets burned is the leather. And a couple of hairs on his neck. He lets go of his mutt and Duke takes off again. To protect the trees!

"Y'know Bowser..." Kevin brings the Zapper back around and aims seemingly at the meanie spikey head. "...I'm gonna' be -really- cliche' and say..." He fires off the shot, but it goes wide (intentionally) and off towards a weakend tree trunk (a small one though, dammit) and slices right through it. And guess where (or who) it's falling towards? "...Timber?"

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his weak Zapper: If A Tree Falls In The Forest And No One's Around To Hear It, Does It Smash A Koopa? attack.

You have taken 11 damage.

Ok, so Cube is in a one on one with a spikebacked demi-koopaling... The spikes rule out jumping on the head... but there is allways Cube's laser that he got (somehow) from Taro. Charge... and... ZAP!

Cube misses King Bowser with his trivial 100VLaser attack.

King Bowser blinks, totally not getting it. "Timber?" He asks, right before the tree clobbers him, sorta. Actually it becomes impaled on his horns. "...ahh yes, timber." He quickly unpales (unimpales?) the tree, and rubs a sore part on his head, again, good thing he has a thick skull. "Well, let's stop playing around..." Oh it's never good when a bad guy says that. His arms, legs, and head retreat into his spiked shell, which thuds to the ground rather forcefully. After a moment it starts spinning in place, and some dirt flies up behind it, almost like it were a car burning out, and then like a car, shoots out towards N at a rather fast and deadly speed...

In the meantime, Boom-Boom quickly dodges to the side, and narrowly escapes the shocking laser attack. It charges at Cube waving it's mighty arms about wildly in the only way it knows how to attack. By... waving it's mighty arms about wildly...

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his Super Spinning Spikey Slamming Shell Shock smash attack.

"Oh shhhh..." *WHAMMO!!* Kevin barely has time to do anything. Actually, he doesn't have time to do anything but get hit. And he does. He gets hit like a mack truck. Kevin goes flying and crashes through... about four tree trunks before landing in a heap of Gamemaster hurtness. The trees fall on top of him and he's crushed to death.


Momentarily after the initial crash and burial, the trunks and stuff begin moving again. Moving just enough to allow the Gamemaster to crawl back to his feet. He's coughing and wincing and stuff in pain. And even as he limps back towards the fight, through the cloud of dust and dirt, he can be seen holding something behind his back. Wonder what it is.

He slips on out of the dust and looks battered and bruised. He's even bleeding some, from his lip and the side of his face. That move -hurt-. He shakes his head slowly, but all the while wearing a devious smirk. So Bowser wants to stop playin' around eh? Cool. "I was -so- hoping you'd say that." is managed to be said before he coughs again from internal pain and possible bleeding.

That arm that's behind his back is brought to the front and up onto his shoulder. Ladies and Goombas, I present to you... The Super Scope. There's a second to aim. And then... fire.

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his The Most Powerful Weapon In Kevin's Arsenal To Date. Enter The Super Scope: Playtime's Over Revenge Blast smash attack.

Cube gets clunked by one of the flailing limbs, and responds with a shot... at the ground? Well, that shot causes a divot to fly at the para-koopaling'

Cube gets clunked by one of the flailing limbs, and responds with a shot... at the ground? Well, that shot causes a divot to fly at the para-koopaling's face.

Cube strikes King Bowser with his trivial ViolentSnap attack.

King Bowser, being the big slow lunk of large that he is, can't get out of the way of the Super Scope's blast in time, and is largely thrown back himelf. He flies through the air with a 'FUUNGAAAH' and hits the ground rather hard. Pieces of earth and rock go flying, and one even heads in Kevin's direction. Yep, Bowser's attack for this round is a stupid flying piece of rock. Go figure.

Boom-Boom gets pelted in the face with dirt and mud, he slow-witted one wipes his face clean, muttering 'Dat reminds me, I need to get Wendy's mud mask formula ready when we get back...' Trying a different avenue of attack, the Boom-Boom sticks his hands into the ground, and pulls out a rather large rock to crush Cube with. Boy, the rocks are flying aren't they?

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his weak This is just an unnecessarily long attack name for a stupid weak attack that doesn't have to be this long since it's really nothing more than a stupid rock flying through the air, but it doesn't matter what it's called in the end, so just say it's a little flying rock attack.

Kevin's not moving as fast as he should be thanks to hurt leg. He manages to try and shove off to the side, but that's not doing anything great, is it? No. Because the rock still manages to lay right into his hurt leg and he lets out a manly mini-scream.

Noticing that Bowser's too far to get another clear shot at, he just raises his Card Launcher arm and fires off a couple of red memory cards in the direction that Bowser flew in. Oh no! Not more Stun Cards!! Of course not. These are those ever popular Boom Cards. Guess what they do upon impact?

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Dual Boom Cards: BOOM!-Shakalaka attack.

You have taken 21 damage.

Cube dodges this rock by rushing to the left, and counters by releasing a burst of plasma right in the Boom-Boom's face. Ok, so it's a crap pose, but the player is getting distracted.

Cube strikes King Bowser with his trivial PlasmaSpark attack.

Rocks, Boom Cards, Boom Boom, lots of repetitivty going about. Thankfully the cards mainly strike Bowser's rear shell, and he's not too terribly damaged. He comically pulls his head out of the crater he made when he landed, and turns to face N once more. He quickly grabs a stray Koopa Troopa that happened to be nearby, and tosses him right AT N. No one ever said being a soldier was easy.

Boom-Boom get hit by Plasma! Plasma bad! He fight back! Rarr! Equally bad pose!

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his Koopa Troopa Hurl Glove attack.

Captain N has been knocked out!

Kevin isn't paying much more attention to anything because he's overconfident and cocky and... oh lord, is that a Koopa Troopa flying in his direction? Yes it is. Kevin tries to get the Super Scope up in time, but... he's already to beat up to do that. The Troopa smacks right into him and he smacks into the ground. Hard. And he's not moving. Guess what? He's dead.

Oh yeah... Ow.

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Well, scratch one foolish goody two shoes. That'll show that Gamemaster not to meddle in my business..."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Hmm?"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Doing something important for a change, Bowser?"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "I was getting some resources to for restoring the Doom Ship in Elfland, when Captain N showed up to bother me. He's not anyore..."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "N? Bra_vo._"

<Villain-IC> Dual says, "Good. Take his jacket. Make it into a flag or something."

<Villain-IC> Tri-Polar Waluigi spittake.

<Villain-IC> Lezard Valeth says, "...Captain N? Impressive!"

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "Congratulations, Bowser."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Ghaaahahaha! I hope this will serve as a reminder to anyone else who questions my strength! And as for his jacket... it's sort of burnt and melted..."

<Villain-IC> Dual says, "I'll get Topo to work on it."

Uhoh, N is going down. That means it's time to pull out the last stops. He aims at Bowser's back, and charges... and fires a burst of energy... that coleses into a swarm of... Goldfish? Yep, one of Cube's most powerfull attack is also one of the sillyest.

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "If I know that boy, the jacket may well repair itself."

Cube strikes King Bowser with his GoldfishShot smash attack.

You have taken 32 damage.

Captain N falls, and Bowser, of course, laughs. "Gaaaahahahaha! Let that be a lesson to you! Stay out of my business and you won't get hurt!" He stomps over to N's fallen form, and grabs his jacket, yoink. "I'll take this as a souvineer... maybe now I'll finally get some respect from those upstart new guys..." Slinging the battlevest over his should, he turns around right in time to see.. a giant goldfish heading towards him. Oh yeah, he forgot about the little robot guy. Shaking off the blast of the .... whatever it was, he glares at him "I would suggest that you worry about getting your comrade some help. But if you so insist on fighting..." He holds his hand out, and snaps a finger. There's a loud stomping sound in the distance, and over the horizon you can see a giant MechaKoopa stomping right TOWARDS Cube. Gotta love those Mario RPG attacks. In the meantime, the wood-gathers have gotten what they need, and begin to head through a warpzone which opened up infront of the tanks, as they and the army head into it. Bowser starts to move for it as well, but he should be open for another moment or two...

King Bowser strikes Cube with his Bowser Crush attack.

Cube well, Cube dosen't want /that/ much of a fight, so now he circles around Bowser to get to N, there activating his main healing power, focusing it on Kevin.

Station arrives from Aldi Sea - Kingdom of Coneria.

Station has arrived.

Cube misses Captain N with his HighSpeedOp healing attack.

Terry arrives from Aldi Sea - Kingdom of Coneria.

Terry has arrived.

Duke emerges from his hiding spot and trots right on over towards Kevin. And Cube. He's whimpering at his owner's fallen form and he falls right onto the vestless body and accidentally intercepts Cube's healing attempt. Oops.

Captain N just lies there. Dead. Or close to it.

Station and any other newcomes, would probably arrive in Elfland just in time to see some of the Koopa Clan, and Bowser (carrying N's Battle Vest over his shoulder) entering a Warp Zone. He who Koops and runs away... well Bowser isn't RUNNING, he won and is now heading home, ha! He got all the wood he needs for the Doom Ship, AND took down Captain N, good day... Hopefully Mother Brain will get off his back now for a little while.

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Well I got... uhm... something, I don't think it's a jacket though, looks more like a vest..."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Whatever, it'll make a good flag for the Doom Ship once it's restored."

Making his way through the Elfland, he notices alot of elves are hiding in their homes. They are scared of what happened, thanks to Bowser's attack. He is able to see Bowser flee from the battle. Growling under his breath, Station says, "You stupid reptile!" He hisses. Then, he gazes outward, and he sees Captain N, Duke, and Cube. Of course, the Captain is out. Station cries, "Kevin!" He starts persuiting the unconscious one.

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