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Group: IC News
Title: Terror in the skies?
<<There's a SimCity reporter out in the field it seems, it looks like this transmission was set up in a hurry>>

This is Sim Jim reporting from the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom. We just recently gotten reports of an unidentified object in the skies, and our camera crews just barely managed to capture footage of the supposed UFO....

<<Cut to a sort of grainy feed, you can tell it was hastily shot, however the image clears a bit, and you can easily make out the form of the infamous Doom Ship in the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom. The camera tries to keep up with it as it is moving rather fast, and it dissappears behind some clouds.>>

As you can see, it seems that the Koopa Clan's dreaded Doom Ship has been restored. It seems for now it posed no threat, though more than likely it flew over the Mushroom Kingdom tonight as a warning. To what extend King Bowser will intend to use the Doom Ship is unknown but we can only..

<<The signal fades here, sharp static, you can tell there is someone interfering. In fact, someone is interfering with black magic, as an omnious message appears in place of the scene>>

--The restoration of the Doom Ship is complete, this is but the first step towards taking over the Mushroom Kingdom by the Koopa Clan. The Kingdom and Princess 'Peach' Toadstool's hand shall both belong to King Bowser. May they be wed on this very ship...--

<<It fades back to a bewildered reporter who tries to say something more, but the transmission abruptly ends.>>
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Group: Villains
Title: Da King returns
<<Bowser's ugly voice suddenly appears in a voice-only report. Da King is back.>>

"Greetings Mother Brain and fellow wrong-doers." He chortles, which is basically the same soundeffect as his laugh in Mario RPG "As most of you have probably seen, or heard of by now, my beloved Doom Ship is once again operational." He clenches his fist now brought into view "In fact it has been made much more powerful than it was before. I personally oversaw it's reconstruction, which is why I haven't been around for awhile. BUT! Now that it is completed, I shall be making good use of it very soon, yes. Bwa ha ha ha!" He ahems "But I have one last test to complete..." A dark chuckle "... and that is to make sure that it is.. plumber-proof." Another fit of laughter starts up as the transmission ends.

<IC Chatter> King Bowser laughs mightily "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
<IC Chatter> Dracula pauses, then speaks with something that few have ever heard from him. Sadness. Terrible sadness. "Yes... once..." Dracula's voice then returns to its normal range as he /growls/. "And you forget, Alucard, that it was these /HUMANS/ who killed your mother in the first place! ...You visited her grave yesterday... the very day to the Letter that she was /BURNED/ at the /STAKE/ by these humans."
<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Oi....er...hi, Boss."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Welcome back, Bowser."
<Villain-IC> Wart says, "Ugh.....Hi, Boss."
<Villain-IC> Dracula growls still... but pauses. "...Bowser... ...Congradulations. Welcome back.

<IC Chatter> The Warlock Lord says, "Just to clarify... you do not list me among these humans, do you old friend?"

<Villain-IC> Amon says, "King Bowser...so you finally show yourself once more to cause mischief and random villainy I assume?"
<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Ah yes, my allies and minions."

<IC Chatter> Dracula says, "...No... nor /anyone/ who follows Mother Brain... ...besides... You are hardly human anymore, Warlock Lord, old friend..."

<Villain-IC> Wart mutters audibly.

<IC Chatter> The Warlock Lord says, "Good to know..."
<IC Chatter> Black Belt says, "And I suppose you say that as a compliment?"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Not quite Sinistral, I shall be taking a bit more ... aggressive tactics in the future."

<IC Chatter> Mario pauses to check the time. "You're-a late, Bowser. Expected you to-a speak up-a sooner."
<IC Chatter> Alucard says, "Yes I did and I still remember that day as if it was yesterday, but still I do not hold humans in comtempt and scower for revenge as you do. There is little to gain by through revenger, hatred only brings more hatred, spawning the evil that you indeed follow. Her words shall forever remain with me and as long as you live, I will be forced to defeat you again."

<Villain-IC> Amon says nothing, but a loud screech sound can be heard over the more common sounds of the Zerglings. "I do so hate teenagers..."
<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "And Dracula, if you ever want to discuss what happened last we met, feel free. G'heh..."
<Villain-IC> Black Wizard Borgan says, "Then don't keep them. They make awful pets."

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Ah, plumber boy. As they say, better late than never. I didn't want to rush the completion of my beloved Doom Ship."

<Villain-IC> Amon says, "The fool attempted to steal the zerg's pie, and now the Carpet of Doom is irrevocably stained forever...this is not my day."

<IC Chatter> Mario says, "This-a is what, the third? Forth? ship you've-a made?"
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "... Just lay off Toad Town Bowser... over the past few months, your /allies/ have done a pretty good number on it already..."

<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "Well, well, I can-a see that-a the top-a bananas are-a crawling out-a the woodwork, today. Hello, Bowser. Hello, boss."

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Wrong Mario, this is the GREATEST Ship I've ever made! You'll see for yourself soon enough."

<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "Speaking of-a Doom Ships..."

<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "I smell a scoop! Front page news about King Bowser crashing his ship into Mother Brain's forehead!"
<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "Maybe this time you ought to lay off the Wooden construction and go for Metal... Like the Highwind!"
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "And my dear Peach, I can assure you I was far too occupied in building this vessal that we shall be married on one day to be bothered. But wait until you see the balcony, you will love it my dear."
<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Oh, not this again."
<IC Chatter> Wart barely restrains a gag.
<IC Chatter> Waluigi broadcasts gagging noises.
<IC Chatter> Amon says, "...what in blazes are these 'pads' I keep being bothered about...can't these blasted teenagers cower in a corner and be quiet?"
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "... Um... yeah."

<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "How much would-a I need to give-a you to get a Doom-a Ship, Bowser?"

<IC Chatter> Mario says, "You-a said that last-a time, too."
<IC Chatter> Mario says, "And the time-a before that."
<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "and the time bofore that."
<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland says, "..I do hope beastiality is a crime in the Mushroom Kingdom."
<IC Chatter> Black Belt says, "What's that?"
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "Just make sure you keep your toadies in check Bowser... I'm kinda sick of having to beat Waluigi off..."
<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Beastiwhatzit?"
<IC Chatter> Waluigi says, "I don't work for Bowser!"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Get? Do you have any idea how much resources these ships need fool? At best you could make a personal flying machine, like my evil Clown Copter, but a ship the size of my Doom Ship? Last I checked, you didn't have an army working for you."

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "And that time that you sent Wendy out to stop Mario... How could you treat your only daughter like a common thug?"
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "But THIS time Mario, I WILL succeed!"
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "... Whatever Waluigi..."

<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "Feh."

<IC Chatter> Dracula growls soflty. "My boy... you will never learn the pain untill they take someone from you that you loved, will you?" Dracula growls softly... "...But enough talk! ...I have other matters to attend to."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "And you outsider, Red Sage or whatever you're called. My dear daughter is no common thug, but every member of the Koopa Clan needs to prove their worth in combat, in whatever way they wish."
<IC Chatter> Cube says, "Beep? (How?) Beep beep? (What will you differently?)"
<IC Chatter> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Bowser, you've not even proved your worth in combat."
<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "Okay... Just so you're not trying to skimp on paying your owwn troops and causing rampant nepotism."
<IC Chatter> Alucard says, "You remember that they did take someone from me, the same person they took from you. Still I have become stronger, much stronger than you will ever be."

<Villain-IC> Dracula says, "...Indeed, Bowser... ...I do wish to discuss that."
<Villain-IC> Dracula says, "But... I only have one question on that subject."

<IC Chatter> Mario stifles snickers to himself about something at the mention of Bowser's kids

<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Hey Waluigi, why don't you just try to make one of the hero chicks into your own personal inflated airship? Since you seem to like large women."

<IC Chatter> Dracula says, "ENOUGH! ...I will deal with you later, boy..."
<IC Chatter> Dracula is then suddenly...gone!

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Please, feel free..."
<Villain-IC> Dracula says, "...Do you love her /that/ much?"

<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "That Dracula has a strange strong love for a boy."
<IC Chatter> Wart mutters under his breath, "first person to call me a thug dies." He tries to keep it as low as possible, though he doesn't do a good job of it.
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "My strength is in my Koopa Clan, and the Koopa Clan's strength is their loyalty to me!"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "You need to ask? You saw with your own eyes what I did to prove that, and someday she WILL see it herself."

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "HA! I knew you didn't pay all those Troopas!"
<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland says, "There's a blue-robed individual with a pointy hat wandering around outside my castle. Does he belong to you, then?"

<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "Feh. You're-a mistaken, Fido. The only reason I send-a my cakes out is-a for personal revenge and-a to be cruel and evil."

<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "Does the blue-robed person have a beak and a weird little wand?"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "And I strongly advise you Vampire, and ANYONE else, not to touch her!"
<Villain-IC> Dracula says, "...Then I forgive you it, Bowser... ...and apologize for taking her. I knew love like that once. ...Good luck."

<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland says, "Yes. And his eyes are all.. squiggly."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "Ugh....whatever you say, boss turtle."
<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Don't call me Fido again, or I'll make you eat your hat."
<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "And then Wario's pants."

<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "Yep. That's one of Bowser's troops. Kamek... or something like that. I can't seem to remember..."
<IC Chatter> Waluigi says, "A Magikoopa?"

<Villain-IC> Black Wizard Borgan says, "Vile."

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "Friggin Magikoopas, you posers!"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Water under the bridge then, so long as it never happens again."

<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland says, "'Magikoopa'? Is that what it's called?"
<IC Chatter> Waluigi says, "Yes. It-a only really has a magic wand, and that's-a it."
<IC Chatter> Waluigi says, "Only the best of-a them can use magic without-a the wands."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "I'd watch what you say Red Mage, for I have learned all of my magic arts from the Magi Koopa Masters."
<IC Chatter> Black Wizard Borgan says, "...I /should/ start offering lessons again."
<IC Chatter> Wart groans and can be heard drumming his fingers in the background.
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "I was personally trained by Kamek, one of the greatest in our history."
<IC Chatter> Red Mage shorts and starts laughing... "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! Oh, jeez, stop it, that hurts!"

<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "Feh. You'd never-a find me."

<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland says, "Hmmm. There's a pack of Hezrou debating if it'll taste good."
<IC Chatter> Mario says, "I lost-a count of-a all the-a different koopas ages a-go."

<Villain-IC> Dracula says, "I shall leave her along as long as I exist, Bowser... Note that you will have to speak to the Sinistrals... who captured her in the first place, likely enough as well."

<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "If you're so good at magic why do you need a big flying ship? Sounds to me like yer a coward mister!"

<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "I wouldn't need to find you. I'd wait until Princess Toadstoll beat your ass into the ground again, and then pick up the peices."
<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "And what connection does Waluigi have with Peach, hmm?"
<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "I tried to get-a some quick cash by kidnapping her. Mario came and-a beat me."
<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "But I got back at-a him! Ha!"
<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "And yes Dracula, I'll need to have a word with them..."

<IC Chatter> Mario says, "Even magic can't-a lift that-a big butt up. I nearly threw-a out my back last time I-a threw him!"
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Let's just say, that though my magic is powerful, I've always had a fondness for sheer brute strength."

<Villain-IC> Dracula says, "...Black Wizard? ...I would be interested in meeting with you later today and simply discuss the Art with Lezard should he make himself known later today."

<IC Chatter> Firebrand says, "I hear that, turtle man."
<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "He sucks. I bet he can't even do a simply rabbit out of the hat trick."
<IC Chatter> Black Wizard Borgan says, "Why would you /want/ to? Rabbits are of no use."
<IC Chatter> Black Wizard Borgan says, "...Very little use."
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "Hey! Rabbits are cute!"
<IC Chatter> Waluigi says, "They taste-a good."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Rabbits? No, but I am quite good at pulling fire from my mouth. Perhaps I'll give you a demonstration sometime."
<IC Chatter> Black Wizard Borgan says, "Yes, that's the use, Waluigi."
<IC Chatter> Waluigi says, "Especially when they're-a still screaming."
<IC Chatter> Black Wizard Borgan says, "Er, no. I require them cooked."
<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Rabbits squish good, at the least, but other than that, they suck."
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "Course... I didn't know about rabbits until I found out about Videoland. We don't have them here."
<IC Chatter> Mario says, "Who-a needs magic for-a that. Get some-a chili peppers"
<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "It's sounds like your blowing fire out your butt."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "That would be no where near as effective plumber, just messy."
<IC Chatter> Dracula mutters some vague curses on 'Italians'.
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "And it would be coming out the wrong end, and that would be just painful."
<IC Chatter> Waluigi says, "Hey."
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "Um. Ew."
<IC Chatter> Wart pffts audibly, but remains quiet and ornrey.
<IC Chatter> Morrigan Aensland cracks a whip, and some poor fool screams in the background. "...Fire from the butt?"
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "So you had better be GRATEFUL that the fire I breathe on you is made by magic."
<IC Chatter> Mario says, "... I-a stand-a corrected"
<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "He should use Preparation H to help him with that problem."

<Villain-IC> Black Wizard Borgan says, "He does not always show up - he lives off in his tower."

<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "Ew! That's gross! Honestly you guys... can we lay off the... immature jokes...?"
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Blame the plumber, he brought up the whole thing with chili peppers."
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "Still, that's just... ew!"
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Which is WHY I use magic."
<IC Chatter> Firebrand says, "I tried the same thing. Some pale person in a white coat told me that peppers just have acid, not actual fire."
<IC Chatter> Wart says, "This coming from someone who lives with a man that specializes in fixing toilets."
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "*peevish tone* Oh shut up Wart!"
<IC Chatter> Mario says, "Momma mia"
<IC Chatter> Red Mage facepalms audibly.
<IC Chatter> King Bowser chortles
<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "So you use magic for your buttfire?"
<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Oh, oh, is that ANGER I heard in your voice, Princess? Never would have expected THAT."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Yes I..... NO! I use magic to BREATHE fire!"
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool goes on to mutter about stuff like how certain people are always making jokes about her purity.
<IC Chatter> Jim Raynor says nothing but Gui says, "Fire? Boy Ridley knows more about fire than you ya over grown lizard."
<IC Chatter> Firebrand says, "AHEM."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Oh you think so? I'll have to show you the error in that sometime soon..."
<IC Chatter> Firebrand says, "*A crackling, followed by a short squeal, indicates that a radio has burst into flames.*"
<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Hrmph. Fire this, Fire that. *mocking blabbing noises*"
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Bah, don't you start froggy, all you can do is breathe bubbles."
<IC Chatter> Wart says, "Right. And may I remind you what bubbles and water DO to fire, hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm?"
<IC Chatter> Firebrand says, "Water can burn too."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Burst and harmlessly evapourate?"
<IC Chatter> Black Wizard Borgan says, "No, water burns. You have to keep it under a lot of force, though."
<IC Chatter> Mario says, "Breath-a fire all-a you want, Bowser. I've-a got ways of-a handling it easily now."
<IC Chatter> Waluigi says, "Fire just makes-a me more dangerous when I ram into you. It still hurts, though."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "And don't you forget Mario, I got more than just firey breath."
<IC Chatter> Waluigi says, "You've got-a magic wands, right?"
<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "*sigh* If you'll all excuse me... I'm going to take a rest now... all this bickering is giving me a headache..."
<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "I think if he breath fires he should do some community service by roasting marshmellows for people. I love marshmellows."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Grr... I HAD magic wands, a long time ago, if you mean the ones from the various regions of the Mushroom Kingdom. Ah those were powerful, but now all I have for my troops are the basic Magikoopa wands. However, my magic is strong enough, I don't need them."
<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "How about I do the community a service and roast you instead?"
<IC Chatter> Black Wizard Borgan says, "Because marshmallows are inherantly superior to a roasted paperboy."
<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "You mean giant Farts and summoning clown ghosts to frighten people?"
<IC Chatter> Afgncaap says, "Indeed."
<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "I dunno, I prefer marshmellows, they're yummy! You know what you should do? You should mix marshmellows with giant candy canes!"

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