<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "<There is a background noise of heavy winds, probably on the Doom Ship> Hey Plumber! If you're listening, I have a challenge for you!"

<IC Chatter> Fox McCloud says, "Well well, seems someone got that splinter of an airship in the sky again."

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Be silent! I don't have any business with you unless you wear stupid red suspenders and speak in a horrible accent!"

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "Why would you want to have business with someone like that? Are you that afraid of someone who might actually be a challenge coming and defeating you?"

<IC Chatter> Fox McCloud says, "Well I could do the suspenders, but accent? Eh.."

<IC Chatter> Mario says, "What-a do you want-a this time Bowser? Not-a that-a I gotta really ask..."

<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "*yaaaaaawn*"

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "Oh, come now, Bowser, Don't you even want to talk to your old friend Red Mage?"

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Ah, finally you speak up. I challenge you Mario, to see if you are still mighty enough to board my Doom Ship! Though I must warn you, it's much more fortified than you remember."

<IC Chatter> Fox McCloud snorts, "I could drop Mario off if he really wanted.

<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "Oh no... not this again..."

<IC Chatter> Arm Commander says, "What sort of posturing is this?"

<IC Chatter> Dual says, "This? This is a slow day."

<IC Chatter> Arm Commander says, "I know that, GameMaster."

<IC Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "I'll just send a wing of Wariths to blow that flying scrap pile out of the sky. Koopa your just a fool. Go back to your castle before you hurt your self."

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Mario will do it under his own power! Or else I may feel like using the Doom Ship for something else right now instead..."

<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool says, "I assume it's Bowser's latest attempt to win my affection by defeating Mario..."

<IC Chatter> Fox McCloud says, "Go ahead and use it for something else, I'll see to it that it's nothing but ash by the time you're done."

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "No my love, it's my latest attempt to humiliate Mario, so my attempts to woo you will have to wait for awhile."

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "And Mario, you know more than anymore, feel free to tell them what they'd be up against if they decide to go against me."

<IC Chatter> Princess Toadstool groans quietly, then whispers, "Whatever..."

<IC Chatter> Mario says, "Oh for-a the love-a.. Alright ya ol' koopa, were-a are ya?"

Doom Ship> Mushroom Kingdom - Yoshi's Island

Doom Ship>

A small island with large mountains and peaceful forests, this place is the home of the Yoshis, a sentient tribe of multicolored dinosaurs who live in peace and safety here, far from the powerplays of Bowser and his minions. Games and exploration mark the majority of the life of the Yoshi's here, the more adventurous ones exploring the Mushroom Kingdom and Dinosaur Island, or acting as guides for the many tourists from the Mushroom Kingdom. There are few monsters here, and the Yoshis do a good job of keeping the place safe, many of them experienced fighters, honed in the battles against Bowser in Dinosaur Land.

Doom Ship> Obvious exits:
Doom Ship> <S>outh leads to Mushroom Kingdom - Sarasaland.
Doom Ship> <N>orth leads to Mushroom Kingdom - Pirate Island.
Doom Ship> <E>ast leads to Mushroom Kingdom - Dinosaur Land.
Doom Ship> <W>est leads to Mushroom Kingdom - Oceanside.

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Right now, above Yoshi's Island. Pity those poor things can't well defend themselves from a flying Ship."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Gah ha ha ha ha! Mario will never know what hit him this time!"

<IC Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "You want a flying ship Koopa?"

<IC Chatter> Jim Raynor laughs. "I'll give you a flying ship."

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "I'm giving Mario and only Mario the chance to board in one piece, anyone else I see will be blasted out of the sky by Big Bertha!"

Doom Ship> Mario arrives from Mushroom Kingdom - Oceanside.

Doom Ship> Mario has arrived.

<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "No paper for you!"

<IC Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "Who says I was going to try to board it Koopa."

Doom Ship> The Doom Ship for now, merely hovors omniously over Yoshi's Island. The Yoshi's are probably worried, but for now no attack has been made. This Doom Ship is FAR bigger than any Mario has dealt with in the past, it looks as if it was made from all the left over spare parts of the others combined. It's huge. So how does Bowser expect Mario to GET to board? Well look, it's floating right next to a mountain top, time for him to put his jumping skills to the usual test.

Doom Ship> Somewhere on the shores of the island of Yoshis, a green pipe pops up, long enough to make the familiar old warp pipe sounds, and deposit the moustached plumber out before. Odd, how those warp zones take the shape of the worlds they conjure up in. Mario dusts himself off, then peers up at the large ship nearly overshadoing most of the island. "... An-a even bigger ship. Right. This-a guy just-a never learns.." Well, looks like he's got a bit of climbing and ledge leaping to get up there firs though. Let's see what oddball trick the old Koopa King has up his shell this time....

<IC Chatter> Core Commander says, "This world is truely loaded with fools."

Doom Ship> Mario will find, that for a little bit, there are really no obstacles, aside from natural ones, barring his path. Odd. About half way up though, he starts to see the usual. Gumbies of Goombas, Paratroopas, Lakitu Bombers, and the like appear out of nowhere. Of course, these guys are small fry that Mario should be used to dealing with, they're mainly there to slow him down, it seems.

In the meantime, Bowser watches everything from the deck of the Doom Ship. Though the Doom Ship carries an army, he has those that aren't down tormenting Mario, under the deck. If Mario makes it on board, it's going to be one on one. Or so it looks that way.

<IC Chatter> Fox McCloud says, "Yeah, why'd you have to show up and make it worse with you and your troops eh?"

<IC Chatter> Cervantes says, "Indeed... bickering pointlessly while the true goal slips through their fingers..."

<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "But who's the more foolish? The fool? Or the fool who follows the fool?"

<IC Chatter> Core Commander says, "Interesting question."

<IC Chatter> Arm Commander says, "Smart Wisdom, son."

<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "What wisdom? I heard that on the radio once!"

<IC Chatter> A voice that sounds somewhat like Fire Eyes says, "And you said it without knowing what it meant? Kind of ironic, if you think about it."

Doom Ship> Jump, jump, jump.. maybe a wall jump here and there to get up those narrow spots.. Y'know, for a short, fat guy, Mario can sure keep up the pace without tiring out. He's just been doing it that darned long. Goombas get stomped, Koopas kicked, it's really all in a days work... okay, Spineys are still a pain in the butt. Danged spikey things. But nothing a flick of the cape can fix, upturning them long enough to be picked up and chucked at the Lakitu to get 'em out of his hair. Slow down, yes, but they're hardly going to stop him.

Doom Ship> Yes yes, Mario hasn't lost his touch. If Bowser doesn't show him anything new, he'll just plow his way through and kick his spikey butt again. Oh, but Bowser DOES have a plan, oh yes...Mario would reach the final 'area' of the cliff, a large flat plateau, with a single Goomba on guard.

Bowser steps out ot the edge of the deck of the Doom Ship, and bellows, certainly loud enough for Mario to hear. "You know Mario, being back on Yoshi's Island brings back a lot of memories for me. Do you remember Kamek? No, of course you don't, you were only a baby. I bet you also don't remember that we met long before my first attempt to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. I nearly forgot myself, before I found and started to read Kamek's old journal." He smirks, and takes a few steps off to the side, so the Goomba is in his line of sight "Turns out, Kamek predicted that you and your brother would cause trouble for me, that you did, and tried to kidnap the both of you. But those Yoshi's down there found you, and thwarted Kamek's plans. But that's history...." He chortles, and procures a wand from inside his shell, looks like a standard Magikoopa Wand, except bigger "This wand was Kamek's..." He grins "And through reading his journal, I discovered another interesting trick..." Yeah, you should know what's coming. With a flick of the wrist, Bowser aims the wand at the poor ol Goomba, and zaps him with it. Magic Wand, make my monster GROW!! Which is exactly what happens. The normal 2 foot Goomba becomes a 12 foot one. "You can beat the normal sized ones Mario, but let's see you take THIS one out! Bwahaha!"

<IC Chatter> Paperboy says, "I think you're just jealous."

Doom Ship> Mario finally gets up to plateau... only to come to face with a giant Goomba, and Bowser prattling on about something. He scratchs the back of his head, but finally just sort of shrugs it off. The Yoshis have their tales, but no, being wee bambinos the Bros don't really remember it. "A giant Goomba?" Mario takes a glance around, looking for an obnoxious pair of Red and Blue Goombas to go with it, but nope, just the big guy. "Could-a sworn we've-a done this-a one before. Didn't-a work then, either." Giant or not, it's still a Goomba. Mario takes a running start, then jumps once, landing just long enough to go into a double jump and aim to stomp on the oversized fungus.

Doom Ship> <Sproing!> The Jumbo Goomba seems to vibrate a little, but does not squish! It tosses Mario off of it, while Bowser just grins from the deck, as he gives a few orders to some Rocky Wrenches who go back into their holes. He got something else coming. In the meantime, the Jumbo Goomba is obviously unharmed. Like those Yoshi's Island bosses, it'll take more than conventional methods, but also like Yoshi's Island bosses, it probably has a glaring weakness. Though for now it charges, but slow and sloppily. And while it's doing that, a large panel in the side of the Doom Ship opens up, and out pops a large cannon. Again with the cannons, oy... so of course, it fires a large cannon-ball. With the usual <Ba-DOOM> sound. Hmm, a sloppily running around Goomba, and Bowser attempting to hit Mario at the same time with cannon blasts. Obvious, eh?

Doom Ship> Mario is sproinged off again, tumbling to the ground and rolling to his feet. Right, well, that didn't work. As usual, Bowser's idea of 'new' is new twists on an old thing, it would seem. And now we get cannons, too. Always cannons, but one tends to expect that sort of thing when it comes to Doom Ships. "Momma Mia.." Mario quickly turns and runs to the side, charging around the Goomba. Look, he's running away! Not. "Com'n, ya oversided pizza topping. Follow-a me!" More like trying to lure the Giant Goomba into the line of fire from the cannon...

Doom Ship> <Ba-DOOM> <Ba-DOOM> <Ba-DOOM> go the cannon blasts. <Klomp> <Klomp> <Klomp> goes the Goomba. And all the while, Mario is leading it into a trap. And ol' Bowser? He doesn't notice it until the very last minute, when he screams down at the Rocky Wrenches "No you idiots! Stop firing!"

But too late, as one last cannon escapes with the volley soars through the air, and slams right into the side of the Jumbo-Goomba. A loud burst of magic explodes from the mega-mushroom, true to other Yoshi Island boss monsters, and the Goomba shrinks back down to normal size, and is blown into the stratosphere, and dissappears with a standard <ping>

And Bowser, well, is upset, yells at the Rocky Wrenches while stamping his foot on the deck angrily. "You idiots! That Goomba could have won otherwise! That's it, someone else get out there and I'll blast em with magic!"

... ...there doesn't seem to be any volunteers.

Doom Ship> And during the delay in the battle, Mario does more jumping, to get on to the ship. How? Mainly by jumping up, grabbing onto the convenient anchor that's always left hanging out the side in some way, and using that to climb up onto the ship. For all the new tricks he comes up with, you can almost always count on the koopa to leave behind the usual old mistakes too. "Time to-a put a stop to-a this oversized garbage barge. Again." For what how manyeth time, now? Mario's given up on bothering to count those sort of things anymore.

King Bowser fumes and grumbles, he'd have to discuss some things with his army later, mainly the 'safety' of participating in Bowser's magic experiments, or rather, the danger in NOT. But for now, Bowser turns and faces his advisary. He spins the wand in his hand and stuffs if back in his shell for now, he'll make use of that some other day. "So you've made it on board. I have to remember to keep those anchors inside the ship." He takes a few more menacing steps forward, well, menacing for anyone else who isn't Mario, anyway. "And so here we are again, doing the same old song and dance once more. But THIS time, it is I who will win!" Which is what he said a hundred times before, don't act surprised, don't even humor him. "Because this time, I have an ace up my sleeve. A new strategy I've observed from a few of those other villains, and that is..." He snaps his fingers, and behind him a few dozen cannons, flame turrents, and Bullet Bill guns shoot up out of nowhere "Excessive force!! Bwahahaha!" How... unBowserly of him.

Mario rolls his eyes slightly, taking a moment to adjust his hat on straight as Bowser makes the usual boasting. Because it's just something that Bowser always does, regardless. Just like every other villain out there. And as all the guns and cannons come up? Mario just facepalms, oying softly. "They just-a never learn." He lowers his hand from his face again, narrowing eyes slightly at Bowser as he gets ready for the inevitable. "Just-a an over-a-bundance of-a weapons isn't-a gona let you-a win, Bowser. I'd-a say you should-a just give-a up, but why bother when-a we both-a know neither of-a us ever would."

King Bowser grins "Maybe, maybe not. I've done some thinking lately, and I realized I need to change the way I do things, since I have to deal with the rest of Videoland, and loads of other goody goodys wanting to be heros." He hmphs "Simply defeating you now isn't quite enough, you must be humiliated!" And with that, he leaps up into the air, out of the firing range of the cannons, and lands back on another platform. The cannons sound like they're about to fire. So that leaves Mario with three options, jump off the Doom Ship and just leave, stay there or jump somewhere else, and get blasted by those cannons. Or jump to the ledge opposite Bowser, it seems to be out of firing range by the looks of it. It seems to be such a glaring flaw, but then again, Bowser's plans ALWAYS have a glaring flaw, right?

Is that with or without including the fact that the platform is easily within jumping reach. Either that, or trying to lead Mario into an equally obvious trap. Not that that's ever stopped him from following either. Some things just never chance, either way. "Well, if-a that's what-a you want, you're not-a trying very hard, Bowser." Yep, something is definately rotten here.

King Bowser looks like he's having a hard time holding back some evil laugher "Oh AM I?" Down below, the cannons DO fire. They fire little yellow flags with the word 'BANG' written on them. Ok... "Gaaaah hahaha!! It seems I AM doing a good enough job Mario, because you see, the whole point of all that was just to get you to stand /right there/!!" And he snaps his fingers again, and down below, a Hammer Bro pushes a big red button, which causes the very floor board Mario is standing on, to launch upwards. Looks like a typical cartoonish ejector seat, complete with bouncing spring.

King Bowser misses Mario with his trivial Doom Ship Ejector Board attack.

And so the hunch of the experienced hero pays off, it would seem. The trap goes off without a hitch... except for the fact that by the time the platform springs, Mario isn't even on it anymore, having already jumped off towards Bowser's own. Pulling out a plunger as he leaps, and aiming it right for the big spikey's big fat snout. Who's going to be embarassing who, hmm?

Mario strikes King Bowser with his trivial Plunger Stuck On The Snout attack.

Mario is much faster than big ol' Bowser, and the plunger is nailed square-on the snout. There's a few moments where Bowser stumbles around, grunting comically, before he remembers he has fire breath, and a second later the plunger is incinerated. He glares towards Mario, growling loudly, sounding like he's going to attack back. But instead he just throws his arms into the air in frustration "Gaaah!! And I really thought that would work!!" He turns around, and seems to stomp back and forth, is he... pacing? "What is it going to TAKE to beat you? I've been trying for years!" Pace pace pace. "It was bad enough before, when it was just between us! But now I have a slew of other goody two shoes sticking their noses into our fights, and I have to worry about Mother Brain breathing down my neck!" He continues to pace, muttering to himself. Is he.... having a breakdown?

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says in Omnispeak, -{Mmm, Sugar Stoopies... Breakfast of champions. Or hyperactive kids.}-

<IC Chatter> Cerebrate Nargil says, "<<...indood.>>"

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "You speak Omnispeak?"

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "I think he's just reading your mind."

<IC Chatter> Cerebrate Nargil says, "<<Quite.>>"

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "You don't need to learn languages when you have telepathy."

Mario lands on the platform and turns, expect a full counter attack. Bowser never took to having the tides turned on him very well... But nope, not this time. Mario blinks, and scratchs the back of his head. "That's-a your problem working for-a her. I don't-a have it any easier, you know, with-a every -other- villian deciding they-a should-a attack the Kingdom. Just-a you, Wart and Wario use to-a be more than-a enough to keep a busy."

<IC Chatter> Cerebrate Nargil says, "<<Now, if you'll excuse me, I have more trivial matters to attend to.>>"

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "Eh, actually, people think in different languages, so one would suppose that knowledge of the language is necessary. And how the hell can you read my mind from all the way over there?"

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "Still, you can convey exactly what you mean with your thoughts. It's probably really useful when you can't find the right word to describe something."

<IC Chatter> Cerebrate Nargil says, "<<Simple. I am SOOOOOO much more advanced than you, Terran.>>"

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "Advanced, huh?"

<IC Chatter> Arm Commander says, "Hmmm... This must be the TV watching cerebrate, Gorm..."

<IC Chatter> Cerebrate Nargil says, "<<No, but you can feel free to shove your head into an ultralisk's mouth.>>"

<IC Chatter> Arm Commander says, "Pardon. Mayhap this is Zazz?"

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "Bah, I'm the most intelligent being in the universe in the galaxy, you're far from more advanced."

<IC Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "Naw its the smarter one. Nargil."

King Bowser snorts "Oh yeah, right. And just how many times have YOU tasted defeat huh? None! Even against all the others, you manage to protect the Mushroom Kingdom! And that just means I have to work harder to outshine all those others and win Peach's heart." He almost gazes off into the horizon as he says Peach's name, but he snaps himself out of it and gets back to ranting "It's not easy ya know!!" He paces a bit more. So what's his game now? Playing for sympathy? No, it's not like Bowser to want sympathy at all. It could be a breakdown, but how often has that happened? Never. So what's he doing?

<IC Chatter> Roy says, <Eesh. What are you people babbling about now?>

Mario oyes, folding his arms. SOunds like the overgrown lizard is having a bit of a crisis. Not a breakdown, but he's really acting odd. Ranting more than usual to boot. "Every-a consider the fact that-a maybe you're-a a trying -too- hard?"

<IC Chatter> Cerebrate Nargil says, "<<The Ugly sack of flesh that spawned you. Shush.>>"

<IC Chatter> Talon says, "I'm afraid to ask..."

<IC Chatter> Roy blinks, <Come again?>

<IC Chatter> Lilith Aensland says, "I hear senseless arguing! Don't make me beat you all up so you see the error of your ways!"

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "Lilith!"

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "Er, sorry..."

<IC Chatter> Lilith Aensland says, "Besides, what's more advanced them something that's both immortal and adorable? I'd have to say we succubi are pretty high up on the evolutionary..uh..thingy."

<IC Chatter> Jason says, "I'll agree with that."

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "... Tree. Or path. Or whatever you want to call it."

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "Ladder, actually."

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "Oh. Of course."

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "Lilith! Nice to hear you! How is Lady Bunny tonight?"

<IC Chatter> Jair mumbles.

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "Regardless, Lilith has a point."

<IC Chatter> Cube says, "The oddest thing is that I'm one of the smart ones, and am near the bottom of my ladder."

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire doesn't specify a point on what.

<IC Chatter> Lilith Aensland says, "The Mistress of Clan Asta does well! She's becoming something of a tyrant, you know. She won't share her carrots with the other bunnies. Maybe it's because there aren't any, but still..she looks at me mean sometimes!"

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "I'm speechless."

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "Such a rude rabbit..."

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "No carrots?! Give them carrots now! It's a crime to not give rabbits carrots!"

<IC Chatter> Red Mage chuckles. "Indeed."

King Bowser grunts "Too hard? I'm not trying hard enough!! If I was trying too hard, she'd be mine easily!" Seems someone so doesn't get the point "But someday she will love me. Yes... let's see..." He turns around, and starts mumbling to himself "Maybe next time I kidnap her, I'll have her placed in a much better decorated and comfortable room... I'll cater to her every desire, show her how loving I can be! Yes, I'm so brilliant, that's perfect!! Gahahaha!" Well... if anything, the big guy bounces back quickly. Then suddenly he remembers something, he turns his head and eyes Mario "What, you still here?"

<IC Chatter> Lilith Aensland says, "Mistress Asta gets many carrots! I am no criminal!"

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "She means that her rabbit doesn't share carrots because there's no one to chare them with, Dragon Warrior."

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "Ohhh."

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "You should get her other bunnies."

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "Fire-breathing winged scaled bunnies."

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "Er, no..."

<IC Chatter> Lilith Aensland says, "They come like that?"

<IC Chatter> Talon says, "that'd make them Dragons, wouldn't it?"

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "Man, and I thought Hornyhares were bad."

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "I still have to kill you, Jair. Don't make it worse."

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "...What? I didn't name them!"

<IC Chatter> Wart says, "...I won't ask."

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "Why do you have to kill me, again?"

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "They're rabbits. With a horn in the middle of their forehead."

<IC Chatter> Lilith Aensland says, "I think Mimi and Mistress Asta should be friends! Mimi hardly ever gets to see her family after all. Her sisters Momo Meme and Mumu, and of course her mother Mama."

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "And extremely violent."

<IC Chatter> Arm Commander says, "I do beleve it is admirable for a young lady to have a pet. Builds character."

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "I thought you said that Momo was Mimi's mother..."

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "I never had a pet."

<IC Chatter> Lilith Aensland says, "I did? Oopsy! Mama is her mother. That's why she's named Mama!"

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "That would make sense, yes."

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "Well, at least it make- Out of my head, kid."

<IC Chatter> Red Mage coughs. "She drowned in rabbits last time."

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "I'm still wondering what you were trying to accomplish, Red."

<IC Chatter> The Dragon Warrior says, "Eh?"

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "Accomplish with what?"

<IC Chatter> Red Mage chuckles. "She said she wished she had some rabbits.:

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "Right, whatever..."

Mario shakes his head a bit. Nope, Bowser definately isn't going to learn. Probably ever. Other than those occassional moments that he's actually helped out. Very rare occassions. "Well, if-a you're done, then, I'll just-a leave, 'kay?" Still shaking his head a bit, he turns and starts to walk off. Though Bowser's probably not going to let him just wander off, considering.

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "No, no. You do it like this."

<IC Chatter> Jair says, "... Whatever."

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire says, "I take it you overcompensated for the 'some'?"

<IC Chatter> Lilith Aensland says, "Wow! I can like..totally hear the dashes! How'd you do that? It's strange!"

<IC Chatter> Red Mage chuckles.

King Bowser doesn't even respond, seems he's lost in thought. He's in his 'brilliant planning' stages, and he's just mumbling a bunch of "Yes I'll do that" and "That should work" and "If maybe I..." and such. He tromps on down below deck, and bellows to the Fire Bro's to heat up the engine, to head back to the Koopa Kingdom. He's forgot all about Mario, again. The few Hammer Bro guards that were up on deck, just shrug, and head back below, leaving Mario free to leave. Unless he wants to go to the Koopa Kingdom, but why would he want to go THERE if there's no one to rescue?

<IC Chatter> Jair says, ".. Hey, Mortimer. Is it just me, or do you sound older?"

<IC Chatter> Thirteen-year old Mortimer McMire coughs a bit, "Erm, well, I suppose one could say that..."

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