Fortress of Evil - Staff Room

The real center of activity in the Fortress, a long table of dark metal fills this room, lights harsh over it, but dimmed elsewhere. The war against Lana is run from here, evil leaders from countless zones meeting to plan strategy in this place. A holoprojector sits in the middle of the table, and can bring up practically any image needed. The plots hatched here can rock Videoland, and Mother Brain keeps a close eye on her so-called allies... why else would this room be so close to her own chambers?

Mother Brain
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Obvious exits:
<N>orth leads to Fortress of Evil - Mother Brain's Alcove.
<D>own leads to Fortress of Evil - Main Chamber.

Mother Brain is sitting in her jar doing...EVIL THINGS! OH DAMN ITS EVIL! Anyways. Mother Brain looks over a few monitors, watching events unfold. Like the laundry in sector 4. Damn static cling. "Damned static cling..." See? Damnit.

Ahh yes, evil laundry. Bowser doesn't wear clothes, except the shell on his back, and the crown on his head. Of course, there are those times he likes to pose in front of a gigantic mirror with a purple robe, cane, and top hat, but those are his own, personal issues that no one certainly wants to know about. Right now he seems to be muttering to himself, and enteres the Staff Room for some reason. Probably to look something over, most likely. Yeah.

Mother Brain pounds an internal panel with a tentacle. "DAMN YOU SIX OF FIVE! I said less detergent!" One monitor shows Space Pirates being overrun by soap. Mother Brain sighs heavily and turns in her jar to see..Bowser. "Aaah, yeesss... Bowser. What brings you by?"

King Bowser ceases his mutterings, and looks up at ruler of them all. A clawed hand reaches up to briefly scratch his mane of greasey hair "Oh, uh Mother Brain..." comes the raspy, and somewhat unprepared reply "..just, eh, wanting to check up on some of the reports from the Koopa Clan stationed in the outer areas of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yeah." Well, he was really pacing, muttering and trying to think of new ways to get the Princess to love him. But they're pretty much the same thing.

Mother Brain rubs at her sickly rotten looking jawline. "I see, yeesss..." Mother Brain begins to roll away from the monitors and out into the central area more. "So, what have you been up to lately? Pounding any pesky persnickitty plumbers in painfull and perilous places?"

King Bowser blinks for a second, wow, that's a lotta P's. "Well, I did corner Mario awhile ago above Yoshi's Island in the Doom Ship. I wanted to test out a new spell I found while reading Kamek's old journal. The gigantic Goomba would have gotten Mario too if he didn't lure it into the Doom Ship's line of fire. But I'll perfect this new bit of magic, oh yes...." One of his arms vanishes into his shell, to come back out grasping what looks like a really old Magikoopa Wand "Right now I can only use the spell to supersize one thing at a time. But eventually, I could be able to gigantify an entire horde of the Koopa Clan! I'd like to see Mario jump his way out of THAT one!"

Mother Brain blinks her cycloptic eyeball as a large bead of sweat rolls off her jar. "I..see." She hrmms in thought, "Many and numerous are your encounters with Mario. Yeesss... Why have you not tried different methods of attack? You seem to do the same thing over and over. Kidnap Princess Peach Toadstool and then send out a pack of lackies to thwart Mario long enough for him to find you and foil your great plan." Mother Brain stares blankly at the Koopa King. " why is it you have not, you know, actually done something more..oh..diabolical?"

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "...They have me out numbered. Just when I was winning, too."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "What is happening."

King Bowser grunts "Hey, I've done plenty of diabolical things! I turned half the deziens of the Mushroom Kingdom into suspended piles of bricks, had my kids turn the various Lords of the Mushroom Kingdom into whatever they felt like, uh, well most of my plans do involve turning people into somethingorother." Hey, face it, Bowser just isn't one of the truly /evil/ villains out there, he just wants to topple Mario, make Peach love him, and rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Which is why most of his plans involving the Mushroom Kingdom haven't involved anything on a mass-destruction scale.

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "Just trying to take over Lylat as usual, and a few heroes are getting in my way."

<Villain-IC> Lezard Valeth says, "Do you want some assistance?"

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "..Assistance? Yes, that would be appreciated."

Mother Brain sighs hearing this. "Bowser. If you can turn others into stone, why do you not simply just kidnap Princess Peach Toadstool, lure Mario into your lair, and then turn -him- into stone?" e_e;

<Villain-IC> Lezard Valeth says, "Then I shall be there in a few moments."

King Bowser hmms for a minute "Well that doesn't seem fair. Besides, I'll never be satisfied until I finally defeat Mario in a battle, without relying on some stupid loser tactic like that. I've been rivals with that stupid plumber for far too long to accept anything else but total defeat." He shrugs "Besides, those other goody goodies would probably find some way to change him back eventually, and then we'd just be back where we began."

Mother Brain grumbles. "You do not take criticism very well, Bowser. you are frusterated that you cannot win, yet you take no measures to ensure victory, yeesss... If Mario pesters you so much, then you should simply be rid of him the easiest method."

King Bowser shrugs, nope, he doesn't get it "Bah, it's no fun if it's so easy. And it's not rewarding either. I got to where I am today by hard work and toil." And kidnapping, lots of kidnapping. "I'll only be satisfied when Mario is not only defeated, but humiliated! So much so that Peach will FINALLY see which of us is the better one for her!" Ah yes, Bowser's other quirk, love for the woman that will never love him back.

Somewhere, a duck quacks. It breaks the long pause of silence. Mother Brain coughs lightly. "Uh, yes. still have amourous effections towards that girl, do you? Bowser, not to rain on your parade, but..I do not think it will work.."

Stupid duck! I shall smite thee! ... oh wait, wrong character. Bowser responds, almost too quickly "Of course it will. She'll see that herself as well, once that stupid plumber is out of the way." One-track mind much? "I just need to think of different ways of wooing her... I don't really think kidnapping is working so well.... maybe if I burned some letters in the grasslands that said I loved her..." As Peach has said numerous times, Bowser just goes about it in totally the wrong way. And now Bowser gets a glint in his eye, he's about to do something stupid and he has no idea of it, poor slob "Hey, you're a woman right? (I think) What do you think will work?" The worst part is, he's totally serious.

Mother Brain dryly mutters. "woman? I am female, yeesss...however I am not like your..'Peach'. I do not bother with love. That is an emotion for the weak of mind. I, am not weak." Mother Brain snarls a little. "As simple and one track your mind is, Bowser. Your ways do not always fail you. No. You see, simply by kidnapping Princess Toadstool, you cause annoyance. And annoyance is a wonderful qualitiy for a villain to have." She pauses, thinking. "If you really wish to annoy Mario by stealing Peach from her, then do as she says. Get on her good side. Then when she least suspects it..." Mother Brain chuckles some. "You see, a way to her heart is by what she likes. Not what you think she likes. If you really wish to have her and bring her to the darkside, then act accordingly."

King Bowser scratches his greasy hair again "So.... I should kidnap Peach... then send Mario down to the bottom levels of my castle where he'll have to climb up floors of obstacle courses while I wait with Peach on the top for one big showdown!!" Yep, annoyance IS one of his stronger qualities. Things will have to be explained in more lay terms.

Mother Brain rumbles out a mighty, "FOOL!" She rolls her tank machine closer to the giant mutant turtle. "have you not heard what I said?? Find Peach. Listen to her. Do what -she- asks. Not what -you- think you should do. -THAT- is how you can bring her to the evil ways of our legions!"

King Bowser thinks for a minute, hope he doesn't hurt himself "What... she.... wants..." He says very slowly, like those words were in a foriegn language "But she usually just wants me to leave her alone, how can I make her love me if I'm not there to do it?"

Mother Brain is clearly frusterated. Space Pirate Eight of Sixteen can be seen minding it's own buisness and typing things into a monitor. "...Then..then.. Then show up in a tuxedo, give her flowers and ask her out on a dinner date, promise no hijinks and you won't kidnap her this time!" Mother Brain pauses. "DAMN YOU! You made me speak with a contraction!" Steam rises off her jar. Good lord.

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "King Bowser made me speak with a contraction."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "I do not like speaking with contractions."

<Villain-IC> Mother Brain says, "It makes me sound so...normal, yeesss..."

King Bowser seems be slowly absorbing what Mother Brain said, and thus doesn't really notice her fury at speaking 'normally'. "Hmm, yes, brilliant! Being a giant brain must be useful! I'll dress up, take her out. No kidnapping... eh, I'll manage to go without it. And I won't speak in contractions.. and... uh.... wait a minute..." Guess he was paying attention to her, it just got jarbled into his broken train of thought.

Mother Brain screams and nearly tips her tank over. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! BOWSER! JUST GO DO IT!"

King Bowser blinks, finally realizing that, hey, she's mad. "Uh, right, I'll get scheming." He turns around and heads out, mumbling "Maybe I should go talk to Drac, he seems the type to know about that stupid pansy romantic stuff...." And he just sort of continues to mutter until he's out of earshot.

Mother Brain can be heard shooting a few Space Pirates into kibble as Bowser leaves. One in fact goes sailing past Bowser, in flames. Well. That went well. Damn lower I.Q totals!

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