<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser growls "That does it, I need to relieve some tension. Any particular insolent zone lately that could stand a good bombing from the Doom Ship?"

<Villain-IC> Dual is heard thumbing through a book. "Eh, hit Mobius again."

<Villain-IC> Tri-Polar Waluigi's radio starts playing gameshow music. "It's-a that time again! Time-a to spin 'The Wheel of Immorality'!"

<Villain-IC> Tri-Polar Waluigi spins the wheel, making a series of clicking noises, and he says, in a monotone voice, "Wheel of Immorality, turn turn turn, tell us the city that we should burn..."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Shut up Waluigi. Mobius eh? Any particular reason?"

<Villain-IC> Dual says, "They're due according to the book."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Fair enough. Anyone want to come with?"

<Villain-IC> Tri-Polar Waluigi's wheel slowly clicks to a stop. "Huh? Well, what do-a you know, Mobius.

<IC Chatter> Ridley comes back, now, and just growls.

<Villain-IC> Tri-Polar Waluigi says, "Well, I guess I'm-a coming."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "I'd stay out of my way, since /you're/ one of the things I want to relieve tension from.."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Can't promise that one of my cannons won't /accidentaly/ hit you..."

Mobius - Station Square

A giant city, and the heart of Mobius, Station Square is a popular gathering place for the people of this area, a location of commerce and conversation where everyone gets along in a relatively peaceful manner. It is also the transportation center for the zone, and trains, boats, planes, and cars leave here for other parts of Mobius or the Action Zone beyond. Tall buildings line the streets here, and there are even a few good hotels to be found. All in all, it's a peaceful place, and even Dr. Robotnik leaves it alone... most of the time.


Obvious exits:
<E>ast leads to Mobius - Mission Street.
<D>ocks leads to Action Zone - Wide Ocean.

Doom Ship> King Bowser drops you.

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says nothing, but a news reporter comes into play. "This is Arnie Pie with Arnie in the Sky! We've gotten some strange reports of sightings over the Mobius area. We're over the scene now, and it seems the the Doom Ship is causing random destruction. This doesn't seem like typical behaviour from the Koopa Clan, but nevertheless it is being done. What could King Bowser be thinking folks?"

<IC Chatter> Red Mage sighs.

<Villain-IC> Boss Imp says, "Heh, more destruction huh? Suits me just fine...then I can head out and start collecting building materials."

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "I didn't think he'd take me seriously..."

Doom Ship> Station arrives from Action Zone - Wide Ocean.

Doom Ship> Station has arrived.

Doom Ship> Cody arrives from Action Zone - Wide Ocean.

Doom Ship> Cody has arrived.

Doom Ship> TCS - Morningstar arrives from Action Zone - Wide Ocean.

Doom Ship> TCS - Morningstar has arrived.

<IC Chatter> Ridley chuckles. "Careful what you wish for."

<IC Chatter> Red Mage bah. "The Heros will lay the smackdown on him."

<IC Chatter> Ridley says, "I'd wager he expects it."

Doom Ship> Doom Ship Looms.... LOOOOOOOOM! Well, it's doing more than looming, it's sorta firing in random directions, not really any method to it. Seems Bowser doesn't care what he hits or what is destroyed. Pacing up on the deck, he mutters to himself. Seems he just needs to relieve some tension... pity there are no moving targets for him to focus on. He calls out to some of the Hammer Bros down below. "Keep the Cannon's going. And ready Big Bertha... in case some of those goody-two-shoes decide to show..."

<IC Chatter> Boss Imp says, "I knew the king couldn't lay low too long without causing some trouble, good timing though I must say. Now I can get my errands done."

<IC Chatter> King Bowser says, "Trouble schmrouble, I just wanted to relieve some stress...."

<IC Chatter> Station says, "Time for me to relieve some stress as well.."

<IC Chatter> Boss Imp says, "That's good, though I usually relieve stress with a screwdriver and a harvey wallbanger."

Doom Ship> Station is starting to run his way through the streets of Mobius. The Gamemaster is keeping the coat on, trying to keep it from flying off. He stops as he gazes upward. The Doom Ship is looming alright.. Station decides that it is now time to handle this ship. Whipping out the Guncon, then he starts to shoot at it. Vain attempt, but he's making an attempt.

<IC Chatter> Red Mage says, "What does an invisible Rabbite have to do with anything?""

Doom Ship> TCS - Morningstar starts flying overhead, and starts casting a shadow over the doom ship itself. Carlie giggles to herself whle shaking up the mast using her tractor beam on a low setting, causing the deck to shudder a bit, "Knock knock!" The little girl says over the com speaker.

Doom Ship> Waluigi isn't there! No, not Waluigi. Instead, there's a strange criminal robbing the bank! Why, it's Tri-Polar! The Neopolitan Man and scourge of Gotha- I mean, the Mushroom Kingdom. With him are half a dozen burly guys wearing similar outfits as him, with the addition of a Vega-esque mask colored like Tri-Polar's face. These six thugs are the ones loading cash into the back of an ice cream truck, while Tri-Polar takes potshots at the police, who are mostly busy trying to stop Bowser.

<IC Chatter> Boss Imp says, "You have no taste....any real bartender would know that was!!"

Doom Ship> Cody merely gets spit out of a Lamp Post Portal, the starry-bordered hole shrinking back as Cody falls out. "OOFF!!....I hate these things sometimes." Dusting himself off, he looks upward...and drops his jaw at the Doom Ship. "....ok, that ain't no bomber plane that I've ever seen before."

<IC Chatter> Cody says, "Eh, just gimmie a beer or a straight shot of bourbon over that stuff."

<IC Chatter> Boss Imp says, "Bourbon I can do, just as long as its a decent brand like Kesler."

Doom Ship> Doom Ship floats there, firing on stuff. Stations initial blasts don't do much damage, but they DO get Bowser's attention. "It's one of those blasted Goody-Two-Shoes... I thought it wouldn't take long." Then Carlie's ship comes into play. He grumbles, two battles to fight... He calls back over his shoulder "Hammer Bros! Boom-Boom! Sledge Bro! Get up here! You'll handle firing on..." He points at the Morningstar "..that ship! I'll head down and take care of the Gamemaster." He motions rolling up a sleeve, even though he doesn't have one, then LEAPS off the deck of the Doom Ship, and with amazing accuracy, lands in a huge crater a few feet away from Station. "Knock knock..."

TCS - Morningstar banks over towards one side, noticing the cannons and hammers trained on the flank of the ship. Carlie starts adjusting the power level on her tractor beam...merely playing with them and diverting their attention for now...and shots fired will probably be misdirection by the weapon.

The Gamemaster finally pulls himself into a stop, frowning at the very sight of what is going on. The azure eyes are skimming around. What he manages to survey is alot of destruction. Each speck of the bombs are causing terror towards Mobius. "Not again... We will need a post established once we get through with this.." Growing irritated, the brows starts to narrow. Fustrated? Yes. Stressed? Yes. He clenches his fist tightly, growling under his breath. Then, his eyes are widening as there is someone coming from the sky. With a loud thud from Bowser's landing, it sends Station sprawling back briefly. The arms swing around in a vain attempt to get himself coordinated. Then he regains himself, pulling his posture back to a relaxed state.

After the arrival of Bowser, Station's eyes dart towards his direction. His right side is facing the turtle. Sigh. "Thank you, I needed this.." He starts to wind the right hand out, then he brings it back to the left side. While twisting back, the index finger is rolling the Guncon along the tip, twirling it to get warmed up. Then, he sweeps his left leg out, then he springs off of his right leg, leaping into the air. The leverage gives him the momentum to spin around. As he is starting to land,he starts to repeatedly pull the trigger.

As the trigger is pulled, there is a low whirr of light blue energy emitting. The blue energy grows brighter, then it starts to fire towards Bowser. *PSSHRM* A single bolt of energy is rocketing through the atmosphere.

Station strikes King Bowser with his weak Single Shot attack.

You have taken 13 damage.

Well, nobody's trying to stop Tri-Polar from robbing the bank, so he continues firing at police cruisers, blasting them apart, and laughing like a maniac, while his flunkies empty the vault.

King Bowser dusts himself off, and chortles "Foolish Gamemaster! I didn't do this for---<Gaah!>" Station seemed to just fire on him anyway. Shaking off the stun from the blast, he growls "Grrr.... stupid heros, don't you know how important ranting is?!? You could have at least waited until I finished!" Charging forwarded, Bowser leaps slightly into the air, and spins around, trying to whap Station across the head good with his leathery tail. Ignore HIM will he?

In the meantime, the Hammer Bros, Boom-Boom and the Sledge Bro keep trying to fire on the Morningstar. <HammerBros>"Quick! Get the Rockey Wrenches out to provide cover fire!" "Yeah!" <Boom-Boom>Forget it! They're too weak for something like that, keep the main guns going! Get out some Bullet-Bills! <Sledge> Duuuuuuh.... What about da Big Bertha? <Boom-Boom>"That's still being prepped, it'll be another bit. Keep up the normal fire in the meantime! And try to fight off that tracking pully thingy..." And so the battle of the Airships goes on...

King Bowser misses Station with his weak Tail Spin attack.

Cody shakes his head as the shock from seeing the Doom Ship fade. Looking about, he sees a group of thugs robbing one of the banks. A group of...funkily dressed thugs straight out of a comic book. Groaning, he facepalms. "The more things change, the more they stay the same..." He turns toward the accompanying Gamemaster. "You can handle whoever it...wait, what am I saying, 'course he can handle it..." Rolling his eyes at himself, he simply dashes toward Waluigi/Tri-polar's thugs and slides in, hoping to knock a few of them down like the go-ahead runner slamming into the catcher.

Cody strikes Waluigi with his trivial Is He Safe? attack.

Tri-Polar spins around as he hears his lackeys crying out and hitting the pavement, and narrows his eyes. His lip twists into a sneer, and he laughs. "AHAHAHAHA! What's with you, kid? You want a death wish?" He doesn't wait for an answer, as he aims a gun at Cody's head, and fires a bright purple beam of energy at the manacled fighter.

Waluigi misses Cody with his Zappo! attack.

Knuckles the Echidna arrives from Mobius - Mission Street.

Knuckles the Echidna has arrived.

TCS - Morningstar notices the amount of guns firing on her continues to grow as she can't stop all of those bullets from knocking into the side of the ship so she changing position and moves towards the rear of the doomship and fires a missile towards one of the thrusters, "There's just too many bullets to dodge here! Wait! I know! I'll try that trick Mr. Fox uses!" And she veers hard to the left and tries to preform a barrel roll...but instead she nearly ends up crashing into the ground before turning the ship straight and level again, "Uggghh...that made Carlie dizzy. Maybe I shouldn't try that again."

After the gunshot, Station is withdrawing the Gun into the holster. With a quick fwip, it rests readily. Meanwhile, the Gamemaster is getting himself into stance. Both arms extend out, the fists balled together in ready of a fight. As King Bowser is leaping towards him with the tail whip, Station is starting to use his leverage. Stepping the right leg into the ground, he pushes himself into the air. Tilting his back over, he is performing a somersault in order to get away. The body fumbles to him being over head. He extends his hands to the ground for balance, the fingers balance himself to the ground. With the momentum built and his body positioned, he launches himself back to a few feet from Bowser.

Landing to the ground, Station is starting to run towards the Koopa. "Shut up and fight." His eyes are starting to narrow, then he brings his guard up. He launches himelf a few feet from the ground, then he begins spinning his body. The right leg extends out, attempting to smack against Koopa's face.

Station strikes King Bowser with his Spinning Kick attack.

You have taken 21 damage.

Cody goes eyes-wide as he sees the gun leveled at him. Luckily, being chased by Edi. E really helps your ability to dodge gunshots. Quickly, he leans back and to the side, on one foot, arms splayed outward to help keep his balance. He just barely avoids getting an impromptu haircut thanks to 'Tri-Polar'. Quickly getting back on two feet, he glares at the 3-colored criminal. "Ok...there are two things that get on my nerves. One is people shooting at me. Another is freaks that dress up like comic villain-wannabes. You my friend, are both. Guess what that means?" Not waiting for an answer, Cody quickly snaps out a roundhouse toward Waluigi's hands, hoping to kick the gun away from the criminal.

Cody misses Waluigi with his weak Put The Gun Down, Foo'! attack.

King Bowser blinks at Station's aggressive attitude. "Uh... taking this a bit seriously aren't we?" He says... about a second before Station's foot goes slamming into his face. Staggaring back a bit, he growls again, ok, now you've done it. "HOW DARE YOU STRIKE MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!! Fine, you want a real fight, you got it chump!!" He takes a deeeeeeep breath, one of those cartoonish ones where his chest cavity impossibly balloons up for a moment, before he exhales an enormous wave of fire in Station's direction.

Waluigi pulls the gun back just before the kick hits it, and laughs. "Oops! Too slow! Wanna try again?" He thrusts the gun forward again, then pulls it back. He repeats this over and over, each time thrusting the gun forward in a different place. "Come on, kick the gun and win $20!" He then suddenly swings his other hand, balled into a fist, forward, sending it flying towards Cody's face.

Meanwhile (again) up in the air-battle, Bowser's minions seem a bit pleased with themselves, especially when Carlie takes a nose-dive. <Hammer Bros>"Haha! We did it!" "We did it!" "Yeah!" <Boom-Boom> Get the lower cannons aimed towards her, we need to make sure she's down! <Sledge>"Duuuur... too late" Slow-witted, but accurate, is Sledge's reply, as Carlie veers back up. And this the firing continues.

Waluigi strikes Cody with his Distract And Attack attack.

King Bowser strikes Station with his Firey Firey Breath attack.

TCS - Morningstar is having to move around a lot to avoid the cannons, so she decides to take out certain parts of the ship first, starting with that ugly mast as a particle gun shot rips out from the barrel on the front of the starfighter, right towards the base of it, that'll really start to distract them for a moment whie she looks for another decent target on the doomship.

Cody growls as Waluigi patronizes him, eyes following the gun. "Oh, get off it, and stop playin' aro*WHAM!!* GHGHHHHhhh....ok, whatever your name is, you asked for it." Quickly, Cody rears back his right hand for a mighty hook toward Tri-Polar's head. However, half way, he ends up switching over to his left hand and using THAT hand to hook at the criminal.

Cody misses Waluigi with his The Ol' Okie Doke attack.

Tri-Polar is too smart to fall for his own trick! Ha! The Neopolitan Man bend over backwards, putting his hands against the ground, then lifting his feet up off the ground to try and grab Cody's arm between them. "The name's Tri-Polar, punk!" Then, if his grabbing attempt succeeded, he swings Cody over him and throws him to the ground.

Waluigi misses Cody with his Ripping Off Spiderman attack.

Cody sees 'Tri-Polar' bend back and steps back himself as the legs come up. "Ok, that's just a stupid name right there. Then again, considering you're dressed up like that..." Saying nothing else, he simply rears a hand back and tries to give Wal/Tri a punch to his stomach before he can flip all the way back. Might as well use the opening for something, right?

Cody strikes Waluigi with his Breaking The Bridge attack.

Waluigi has been knocked out!

After the foot makes an impact towards Bowser's face, the Gamemaster allows his body to bounce back, allowing him to land on the ground. *Thuck* He starts to prepare himself for the next attack. However, he was way too late. When he landed to the ground, the flames were the first thing to greet him. The erosion of the flames are meeting with him, he starts to growl under his breath, before screaming. The burning...sensation....scarring....Pain! ARRRGGHHH!!! Slowly, the flames begin to subside, revealing for the jacket to be full of scorch marks. Luckily for it doesn't burn away. He starts to growl, before drawing his arms out. Slowly, the arms are flowing in a wave. Subtle, it meets through the moist air. Then, he draws it toward his waist. A hilt is forming in his grasp. Then, he flicks upon the switch with the thumb, ignitiing a long, green beam of light. The beam of light is pulsing with life, *Pssshrmmm* ..Lightsaber time.

Flicking the blade around, he is twisting his wrists to get a nice warm up, before he grins at Bowser. "Not bad, but eat this!" He runs towards Bowser, then he leaps into the air. The arm swings out towards his chest level.

Station strikes King Bowser with his Lightsaber: Feel Jedi Power!! attack.

You have taken 18 damage.

Tri-Polar gets punched in the stomach! "Oof-a!" He falls to the ground, and groans. "God dammit, you jackass..." His brown eye twitches, and his face twists into an expression of rage. "You @$#(#@(#$(()#*&$# &$#*&)@ *&#@*(&*#$)*$#&@*)!!!!" He jumps to his feet and roars, charging Cody then trying to grab him, hoist him sideways onto his shoulders, then slam him headfirst into the ground, screaming profanity all the while.

Waluigi misses Cody with his Wrestling-type Move attack.

King Bowser tries to jump back, escaping the brunt of the blow, but the light sword does leave a bit of a scar on his frontal chestplate. Bowser winces, again proving that his shell is not just a decoration. Taking a few steps back, his arms tuck inside his shell "Let's see you dodge this!" His head and legs follow, and the massive spiked shell thuds to the ground, and begins spinning in place. After a moment, it rockets towards Station, ricocheting off the buildings and walls to make an unpredictable pattern of movement.

Meanwhile (...and again) up in the big blue skies, the air battle continues. Carlie's blast tears into the mast, but doesn't do too much damage, even though it's only wood. Must be those weird videogame physics. Boom Boom calls down to the Fryguy manning the Engine Room <Boom-Boom>How much longer till Big Bertha is ready to fire? <FryGuy>"It'll be another few minuts yet boss" Perfect. Boom-Boom continues to aim the cannons and Bullet-Bills at the attacking ship, and also manning the Flame Turrents when she flies in close enough.

King Bowser strikes Station with his Spikey Koopa Shell Rebound attack.

Cody chuckles as he sees Tri-Polar charge him. "I don't think so. That one big russian guy couldn't grab me, and I doubt you could either." He doesn't mention Rainbow Mika, but then again, being grabbed with her legs was kinda fun, until she flipped him over. But enough flashbacks. As Wal charges, Cody sidesteps and brings his hands apart, making the chain of his cuffs taut. Just as Wal comes by, he tries to swing around behind the criminal and catch his neck with the chain, dragging him down to the ground.

Cody misses Waluigi with his Chain Link Choke Slam attack.

TCS - Morningstar starts flying up higher, opting to get a lock on the thrusters again using a torpedo. Carlie is also finding it strange that the mast withstood the blast from a particle cannon. Those things take out ships on Corneria with one or two hits...and they're made of metal! Well...time to get tough, she waits till the torpedo has a image lock on the thrusters before releasing it off towards the doom ship.

After the laser energy meeting with the body of Bowser, Station starts to withdraw from his position. He twists his body back into play, then he begins to prepare himself for whatever Bowser is doing. Station is now ready for Bowser's attack. Pedict...predict...Right about... NOW! Station is starting to pull the index finger to the up button, until his body is suddenly unable to move. Twitch... The sword... he can't move.. Why can't he move?

Appearing above his head, and through is radio is Alia. She has a serious look on her face. "Station! You are fighting Bowser, the King of the Koopas and part of Mother Brain's forces.

Station growls, "Know that..."

"Watch out for his spiked shell. His spikes will cause great harm to you. Being that you're a Gamemaster, you will bleed. His size and velocity will crush you if you aren't fast enough.." Alia states.

As Station's witnessing Bowser coming towards him. "ALIA!!!!"

"And whatever you do, do not run into his breath attack."

"ALIA!!!" *WHAM!* Station is smacked with the incoming Bowser. The spikes are sinking into his skin, blood now being released from the captive skin. Not only that, but he is sent flying from the ground, he is now meeting towards the nearby building. *WHAM* Chunks of the building pieces come off, and the dent that was created by the impact and him has a nice mess to the wall. Station is growling under his breath. "I...hate you..." He then sighs to himself, "You and I will need to talk, X." He starts to grumble towards Bowser, then he staggers onto his feet. Bleeding from stomach to arms, he gives a determined look. He will deal with this. Swinging the right arm out, Station starts twirling the blade in his grasp. The muscles contract, tightening to ignore the pain he is currently in. He then starts to extend his hand towards Bowser. "HA!"

....Nothing happens.

Station blinks a few times, then he sighs. "....I forgot that I don't have the Force..." He mutters. "Screw it." He decides to pull his left hand towards the holster, whipping out the Guncon once again. Drawing it towards Bowser's direction, he starts to pull the trigger. This time, he is holding it in. To add to it, he brings the right palm to the switch to the right of the gun. Whirring with power, the Guncon starts to form a beam of yellow energy. The meter bar starts running through it, then it beeps as it reaches mid-level. He starts to pull the trigger fully.

A long red laser beam is fired from the barrel, flying towards Bowser.

Station strikes King Bowser with his Mid Level: Laser Beam attack.

You have taken 25 damage.

Tri-Polar ducks under Cody's handcuff chains, and turns around to face Cody again. His head twitches back, and he smiles all friendly-like. "Look, my stripe-garbed friend, I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement. How about this? I'll cut you in for ten percent!" He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a big stack of bills, and holds it up between his fingers. "Here, how about a down payment?" He then squeezes his fingers together, sending a flurry of bills into Cody's face.

Waluigi strikes Cody with his Lots of Money stun attack.

Cody gehs as he misses, stumbling as the loss in momentum doesn't happen. Regaining his balance, he stomps over toward Waluigi. As the offer comes, Cody smirks a bit. "Come on. Money? You think I'm that freakin' petty, you fool? Now come'ere and..." Then the flying bucks fly into his face, causing Cody to stumble back and swing his arms outward, trying to brush them out of the way.

Knuckles the Echidna has disconnected.

King Bowser grumbles as he's struck again. He just can't dodge those flashy light weapons to well. Whatever happened to good ol jumping, stomping, and fireball throwing? Though is shell absorbs most of the blast, he still comes out of it, a bit dizzy. Ok... time for some bigger guns. He glances upward at the Doom Ship, and motions a thumbs down, towards Station. At that moment, a trap door on the bottom of the ship slides open, and after a moment, a storm of Bob-Ombs fall out of it, towards Station. And then... they begin Singing? The singing continues as the explosions... uh... explode with a 'bomb' sound effect (Bomb, not Boom, Mario 2 here...).

Oooooooooooooooooh! Zeeky Boogy Doog! Zeeky Boogy Doog! Zeeky Boogy Doog! <BOMB!> Zeeky Boogy Doog! Zeeky Boogy Doog! <BOMB!> Zeeky Boogy Doog! <BOMB!> Zeeky Boogy Doog! Zeeky Boogy Doog! <BOMB!> Zeeky Boogy Doog! <BOMB!> <BOMB!> Zeeky Boogy Doog! Zeeky Boogy Doog! Zeeky Boogy Doog! <BOMB!> <BOMB!> <BOMB!> <BOMB!> Zeeky Boogy Doog! Zeeky Boogy Doog! <BOMB!> <BOMB!> Zeeky Boogy Doog! <BOMB!><BOMB!><BOMB!><BOMB!><BOMB!><BOMB!><BOMB!>

And meanwhile... yeah, you get the picture. The cannons still fire at the Morningstar, slowly the hatch revealing Big Bertha opens on the front, not ready to fire yet, but that giant cannon sure looks omnious, not something you want to be hit by.

King Bowser misses Station with his Zeeky Bob-Omb Storm attack.

TCS - Morningstar launches yet another torpedo towards the doom ship, noticing they're not really having as much of a powerful effect as Carlie thought they would...this things are supposed to take out capital ships for pete's sake! Then Carlie notices the big cannong suddenly ready to aim towards her starfighter, "Uh-on....Carlie figures its time to fight fire with fire."

Tri-Polar's head twitches to the left, and a cocky smirk splitting his face. "How rude, turning down our generousity! I need to teach you some manners!" He raises his fist up to strike Cody down, but his shattered mind comes up with something that would be a lot more fun. "Oooh, yesss, I like that idea." He grabs an ice cream bar out of his pocket, then dashes around behind Cody. "And now evil will grab the elastic waistband of good!" He then grabs Cody's underwear, pulls it open, drops the ice cream into Cody's undies, and pulls the waistband up over Cody's head. "NUCLEAR WINTER WEDGIE!"

Waluigi strikes Cody with his weak Nuclear Winter Wedgie! attack.

Cody blinks as he feels the back of his prison suit bunch up, then suddenly get pulled up over his head somehow, with cold running all the way down his back. "GAAAHH!!! YOU LITTLE..." Pulling down his jumpsuit as it starts jamming itself into his uncomfortable spots, he turns around toward Wal and glares. "Ok...that's it..." Quickly, he dashes forth, throwing two quick right jabs toward Wal's head, then uppercutting witht he left, the speed of his punch creating a tornado of wind, dust, grass, and stone. Lets hope for his sake he can strike Tri-Polar this time, and prevent further humiliation.

Cody strikes Waluigi with his Criminal Upper Combo Attack attack.

Waluigi has been knocked out!

Tri-Polar spins right round. Like a record, baby. Okay, enough of that. He spins so fast that he's sent flying through the air, rocketing away into the sky, while screaming, "NEXT TIME, GADGET! NEXT TIIIIIIIIIIME..." *sparkle* *ping!*

Cody blinks as he sees Tri-Polar fly off at the creation of his tornado. Looking at his fist...then the settling air...then Wal....he stares. "Yeesh...he musta been light. Usually, they only get knocked back a bit and get right up." Well, after he recovers from that slight shock, he shrugs and walks over toward where Station and Bowser were, intent on...well, just watching, seeing as Station's probably capable enough himself.

<Villain-IC> Tri-Polar Waluigi says, "Son of a..."

<Villain-IC> Ridley says, "What?"

<Villain-IC> Boss Imp says, "What's going on now?"

<Villain-IC> Tri-Polar Waluigi says, "Stupid guy in handcuffs and a prisoner get up got a lucky shot in. I'm airborne."

<Villain-IC> Boss Imp says, "That's just great....I'm still stealing resources for my big project."

<Villain-IC> Ridley says, "... Airborn? How high did you go?"

<Villain-IC> Tri-Polar Waluigi says, "Pretty high, though I'm about to-" *THUD* "...Land."

After the cheap move of blasting Bowser in the stomach, Station is now flicking the lightsaber into dis-ignition. He growls as he starts to wind himself back to normal. Holstering the Guncon, Station begins to perform various backflips and somersaults to get away from the bombs. Bomb one... The explosion gives him leverage, to move quicker. Of course, by the time the last bomb explodes, the impact sends him sailing to the ground. However, he recovers by having his hand land to the ground, then he bounces himself up.

Landing to the ground, the Gamemaster drops his weight down to meet near the ground. Then, he draws his right hand into the air, winding it around in a circle. He tightens his fist slowly, trying to concentrate his energy. He murmurs a few words to himself, then he draws his hands to the ground. Before him is forming a thin sheet of a platform. Then, the ground begins to meet and sink into it, solidifying into a nice platform for the DDR Dance Club. Station begins to leap onto the device, both feet meeting to the middle. The eyes are staring towards the lizard, and he starts to press his index finger towards a red button. "...Choose what random song is needed.....Please let it be good... I need your help..." He lowers his head, then he awaits the song to be played.

The space between him and Bowser are now fading. For they both were in Mobius, the land where the anthromorphic animals live amongst the world as if they were humans themselves. Facing destruction, getting beaten so many times.. Now they will be in rest from the torment that Bowser has placed them in, just for a moment. Where are they at? Nothing but pure darkness... No light, no breath, no sound. Of course, the sound is starting to break into echos, then breathing... And next: Music.

The music starts of with a few bass thumps, then it starts to pick up. The beat of the music fews like rapid thumps. Station is now starting to dance unto the beat of the music. The feet move against the directional pad, pressing and illuminating the path around him. Thump, thump. Graceful like a cat, the arms start extending into the air. The body sways along the beat of the music. There are a few angelic voices of the nuns or those singing 'Gospel' releasing a 'Wah' in chanting. Blending with the music, it becomes alluring, up beat, and strong. Nevertheless, Station allows it to enter with his heart. The Heart of the Dancer, the will of the Warrior, the Spirit of the Music lives. It seeps into him, and it begins to unlock something in him. Never able to use this song before, it releases a nice feeling.

The song takes a new beat to it, slowly becoming dramatic. Right at the moment, the blackness starts to fade away, becoming as white as snow, then it brightens to match with the heaven's light. Blending in, the blood of Station slowly disappears, and every bit of his clothing becomes white. The platform that he was once dancing on slowly fades way from view. Then, it is as if he is levitating off of the ground slowly. THe body arches back, and the arms meet downward with the back of his leg. As if something is lifting him up, he is closing his eyes. A tear starts to escape from Station's eye, dripping and forming into a crystal. The lips part, gasping softly as the enriching essence fills him. In the background, it sounds like a life reporter is beeping stably. Once as it climaxes, it starts to grow faster.

Feathers are starting to descend from the sky, swirling around him as if it was a breeze. Then, out of Station's body, there is something escaping. It is another form of him, except covered with a fully white robe. The robe is as pure as the golden heart. The skin, smooth as rich, creamy milk. THe youthful angel escapes from Station's body, the blond hair is let loose, dangling all over the head. Though it is free, it is gleaming of beauty. The angelic being of Station is wearing a pair of golden sandles. What can be seen are white wings sprouting off majestically. They spread in triumph, taking a deeper spread along the way as taking a deeper spread along the way as they flap quite a bit. Then, the Angelic form of Station starts to leave the body, now taking into the air about forty feet above the vessel of Station. Where the Angel stands, there are white clouds forming, and the sun is not tainted with any crimson color, but cleansed to gleam with gold. The Angel starts to draw his hands into the air, channeling the divine energy laid upon him to strike those below him. First, for the vessel of Station, that is now resuming to dance, there is a breaking of brighter light shining onto him from the heavens. The brighter light features sparkles to surround him, each pouring down its grace of mending energy. It starts to meet with his body, slowly mending the wounds that he has together. Though the blood is not visible, it becomes visible again for a brief moment before melding with the skin. After the melding, the light begins to disappear.

As for Bowser, there is a beam of light descending towards him. However, around him, there is darkness looming over towards him. The breaking of the dark deeds will overturn to wrath from Heaven. The skies are tainted towards his direction. A boom of rage from the clouds befalls near the turtle, and power is crackling with fury. The darkness and the light blends in, shining upon Bowser. Then, a thick erosion of lightning starts descending from the heavens to smite him where he stands. *ROAR*! Roar of a lion, strike of the Gods, the Wrath is on Bowser. Circling around his direction, the force of the lightning spreads til it reaches three feet thick.

In the music, the life reporter beeps madly as the vessel of Station keeps dancing... Then it beeeeeppps... Meanwhile, the music itself continues. The Gamemaster dances around some more, feeling the rhythm of the music flow still. The Angelic form of Station starts to disappear into bits. The volume of the beat from the bass thickens and becomes silent the next moment as the blackness and whiteness. Bright flashes.. Then, there is a masculine voice that says, 'Huh!'. before Station himself finishes the dance off with a spin. Sight and mind are clear, cleansed from the rage that befallen on him before. This is the end of.... Healing Vision -Angelic Mix-.

Station strikes Station with his Healing Vision -Angelic Mix- healing attack.

Station strikes King Bowser with his Healing Vision -Angelic Mix- (Wrath) smash attack.

You have taken 22 damage.

<Villain-IC> Ridley says, "Bet that hurt."

[OOC] Station says, "Hee. ^_^"

[OOC] King Bowser says, "That does it, I'm making a crummy pose and using a smash attack! :)"

[OOC] King Bowser says, "Smash ok?"

[OOC] Station says, "Yeah."

I'm not even going to begin to read all of that. O_o. Suffice it to say, Bowser gets clobbered pretty hard by that... whatever it was. Getting back to his feet, he charges at Station and.... attacks him! Ha! Oh, and the Doom Ship fires more on the Morningstar and stuff. Yeah. Horrible short pose for the sake of moving things along.

King Bowser strikes Station with his Some Super Duper smash attack.

Cody blinks and stares at the display of Station's dancing, which results in healing for Station and pain for Bowser. "Yeesh...if I knew dancing could do that..."

Station is smashed by the attack by Bowser. Station is sent flying off of the DDR machine... And it disappears. Station whips out the Guncon, then opens fire at Bowser.

Station strikes King Bowser with his weak Energy bolt attack.

You have taken 8 damage.

TCS - Morningstar decides the only way to prevent that giant cannon from firing upon her is to use a distraction....she's got chaffe pods. But she feels that won't work...so she tries something that is native to this world to try and prevent the big bertha cannon from firing upon her....then she notices a sign post near a wide chasm down on the ground. One that looks like a warning sign with a picture of a chain chomp on it, "Maybe there's something along here big enough to stop a giant cannon shot." She muses.

Ok, enough of the crummy half-asleep poses. Absorbing the 'shot', Bowser, a bit beaten up from everything, snarls again. "Not bad, but let's see you handle this!" He extends his hand forward, and simply snaps his finger. Off in the distance, you can hear a faint, but rapid, stomping sound. It gets louder, and closer, and finally you can see it, tearing through Station Square, pounding flat anything in it's way. It's a giant Mechakoopa! Bowser's 'ultimate' attack from Mario RPG! And it's stomping right towards Station!

Meanwhile (yeah) the Big Bertha STILL isn't ready to fire, frickin slow thing. More firing and stuff, need to move things along, no big fire yet.

King Bowser misses Station with his Bowser Crush attack.

SIgh, fun. The Gamemaster leaps to the side, trying not to get hit by the attack. Luckily, it misses him. Station runs over towards Bowser, drawing his fist back. Then, he drives forward with an elbow to Bowser's face.

Station strikes King Bowser with his Elbow Smash attack.

You have taken 20 damage.

Cody just watches, not really sure what to do. "Yeesh...seeing a normal guy like that take on some Godzilla-lookin' thing seems almost wrong. Not that I'm complaining."

TCS - Morningstar is lucky enough to come across several chain chomps the size of banzai bills. And flying down low she tries to catch the attention of some, hoping they'll launch themselves up high enough to take a bite out of the doomship. Carlie never knew if the pretty lights and colors along the front panel of the ship mean anything, but if she bothered to read them she'd find out her shields aren't going to hold on much longer through the assault.

King Bowser has had enough. Mario is one thing, but he's not about to be beaten by a non-plumber! "That's it! No one touches the face!!" He bellows, smoke pouring out of his nostrils. Tired of this battle, Bowser leaps back up on the deck of the Doom Ship (hey, Mario isn't the only one from the Mushoom Kingdom with mad jumping skillz) Roaring at the Fry Guy below, he points at Station "I don't care how you do it, just fire the Big Bertha at him!!"

When Bowser gives an order, his minions listen, no matter how insane. Somehow, the Doom Ship tilts so that the Big Bertha faces Station. Bowser chortles "Fire!!"

At that exact moment... one of the Chain Chomps Carlie teases, charges and leaps... and deposits itself... right into the barrel of the Big Bertha, right as Bowser gives the order to fire! Internal pressure not having a way to vent itself, Big Bertha instead fires backwards, tearing through half the ship. Becoming engulfed in a giant mass of smoke, it fades from sight, and above the sound of cracking wood, you can hear...


The smoke clears, and the Doom Ship is gone. Vapourized? Or just teleported away with Bowser's notable skill in Black Magic? Who knows for sure, but at least this crisis is over.

Station lands to the ground, then he glares at Bowser. He is too tired now, he has to do something. He gazes up at the Big Bertha planning to strike him. His eyes open, but thanks to Carlie's ship, he is saved. "Whew.....thanks Carlie.." He groans, then he lands on the ground.


<IC Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "..."

<IC Chatter> Ridley says, "... Say what?"

<IC Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "Fungah I think."

<IC Chatter> Fire Eyes says, "....I'm so very glad that I heard that. It really made my day. Really."

TCS - Morningstar veers out of the way, though in the process it gets pummeled with sharpnel from the exploding airship, the shields are breeched and the ship is sparking with damage along with smoke comming out of areas along it....it seems to have taken a bit of a beating.

Cody just....claps as Station ends up driving off Bowser, though partly due to Bowser's own mistakes. "Dang...not bad....not bad." He looks about the area and sighs. "Hrm...guess that's it? No more thugs to beat down and throw into the gutter?"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser coughs, like he was surrounded by Smoke "I'm going to get that Station guy...."

<Villain-IC> Ridley says, "Fungah, Bowser? Your deathcry or something?"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Gimme a break, I had to summon up a lot of Black Magic all of a sudden, it just came out. I was lucky to save the Doom Ship..."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "One of the ships the Doom Ship was fighting lured a giant Chain Chomp into the barrel of the Big Bertha just as it fired, blasted thing.."

<Villain-IC> Ridley says, "But you lived, correct?"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Naturally! It takes more than being in the middle of a giant explosion to take me out! The Doom Ship will need some repairs, but it'll be back in the skies soon enough..."

King Bowser escapes into a warp zone.

<Villain-IC> Boss Imp says, "A chain chomp was lured right into the barrel of your main cannon...and the cannon detonated. Well, I must say you had to have been fighting a very clever captain for them to have pulled off that manuver."

<Villain-IC> Ridley chuckles.

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "I don't know who it was... but I assure you if I find out, I'll make them regret it."

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