<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord yawn.

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "What, are you BORED?"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "When one has lived for as long as I have... boredom is a common occurence."

<Villain-IC> Gades says, "*K-SPLORT!*Blasted Jellies!"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "...right whatever. Well go torment some goody goodies or something, I dunno."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Bowser... did you not read my recent report?"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Huh? Oh right, the alliance thing."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Well hurry and get that stupid vortex gone then, sheesh, what do you want from me?"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "As of now, I am our _representative_ to the heroes. It would not be good...hmm...PR to go about crushing things..."

<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "I'll go crush some stuff."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Why don't you go help Gades, sounds like he's making Jello."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Ah, Wolf. I've needed to talk to you."

<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "So I gathered."

<Villain-IC> Gades says, "*K-SPLORT!* Making? What are you talking about Warlock?"

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "...Ewwww, do I even wanna know what that was?"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Wolf, when is a convenient...hmm...time for you? And do not say none. There _will_ be a meeting."

<Villain-IC> Gades says, "The sound of a Red Jelly exploding by contact of the Spiritual Force, my dear."

<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Whatever. Right now works."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Where shall we meet, then?"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Ah..."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Final Destination."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Only there can you truly appreciate the importance of what is happening."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Bah, nature shmature. It's a swirling portal of death, big deal. Not like we all haven't dealt with at least one in our careers."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "You do not appreciate the scope, Bowser. This "portal of death" threatens to consume _all_ of Videoland."

<Villain-IC> Wart yaaaaaaawns. "What are you all babbling about now?"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Then put a cork in it with those element things."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "That is my _plan._"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Do you not listen, Bowser?"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Well DO it. Sheesh."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Though I'd like to be present, so I can personally crush that backwards talking old man myself. Riddles give me a headache."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord sighs. "How he became so important in his land, I have no idea..."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "Oh, this again..."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "At least you, Wart, show _some_ intelligence."

<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Like that'll happen."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Bah, just get that thing gone. Alliances with the good guys are never good, believe me, I know."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "That, I do. The whole allience things still stinks in my opinion though. I'll do it. But that don't mean I have to like it. And don't blame me if it all blows up in our faces."

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "Correction."

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "If it blows up in anyone's face, I vote it be Warlock's."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "If this fails..."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "I take full responsibility."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Good. And Warlock..."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "Hrmph. How....what's that word? Noble of you."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "I take the stupid jokes with a false front, I get called an idiot many times, for some reason. But, if you ever would like a demonstration of why I'm 'so important in my land' I'll be more than happy to give it to you."

<Villain-IC> Dual says, "'e's talking about the Old Man, not you, Big Green."

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "Arn't you that big scary lizard? Y'know, I have some cream that'll make that scaley skin nice and smoothe..."

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "Just because we're evil doesn't mean we can't look our best!"

<Villain-IC> Smithy says, "It appears that your still only using half your brain, lizard"

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "Oh, Dual? I've come up with outfit designs like you wanted, if you'd like to discuss 'em."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Huh? Smithy? You still around gramps?"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Hmmm..."

<Villain-IC> Smithy says, "Gramps? I'm not that old you idiot."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Then what's with the beard? Don't tell me you WANT to look like that you senile old fool."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "...what is wrong with beards, Bowser?"

<Villain-IC> Dual says, "Oh? Well then, that'd be nice, Topo."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "It's not beards, its huge long grey ones that make you look ancient."

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "Beards, beards... Ah, with the right style, a beard can be a very prominant fashion statement!"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Ah, like my brother's. I could never have a long beard, it would get in the way of my alchemy... bears should be kept chiseled carefully."

<Villain-IC> Smithy says, "BAH! I prefer how I look, a long beard is more distinguished. Besides have you looked at me more closely, I'm part machine so I have no need for whatever products your selling."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "So, what, does your brother live in the same old folks home as Smithy?"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "I have no idea where he is at this time. Probably hiding somewhere in Kal Torlin..."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "So Smithy abanded his giant sword and moved into an old folks home called Kal Torlin?"

<Villain-IC> Wart can be heard munching popcorn in the background, chuckling in the background. Apparently, he's enjoying the conversation.

<Villain-IC> Smithy says, "I am not in an old folks home, I recently moved into one of your old fortresses, Bowser."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Oh you've what now? Is that so? <knucklecrack> Well, I'm not going to need any plumbers help to throw you out of THAT one, now that my Doom Ship is completed."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "...this is more of what I was speaking of earlier..."

<Villain-IC> Smithy says, "The Blade will destroy your Doom Ship easily."

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "You weren't talking about old folks homes eariler. You were talking about corking that swirling vortext of death."

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "I came up with somethin' that'll always be in style, but is functional, too! I went with leather hiking boots, polished. Only Mountain Snow will do. No other brand is good enough! Above that, Black Leeviez to drive the ladies wild! An a black dress shirt. I suggest the Surreal Gentleman brand. And over it all, a black leather Liberty Fog greatcoat, unbuttoned. Don't forget your Rei-Bands sunglasses! I'm sure you'd be able to piece it together, or you can come by my shop sometime and grab the whole set at once."

<Villain-IC> Wart just continues chuckling, a bit louder than before, inbetween sounds of popcorn chewing.

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "I have it in Black and Tan. For the times when looking absolutely scary isn't required!"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "And would someone shut that thing up?"

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "THING!? I'll have you know I'm the best dancer in Videoland, and TONS cuter then that princess you keep kidnapping!"

<Villain-IC> King Bowser says, "Honestly, what's the big deal about cloths? I perfer the natural look!"

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "....EWWWWW!"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "What?"

<Villain-IC> Wart goes from light chuckle to rolling laughter. "BWAAAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord sigh.

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "Deeeeee-SCUSTING!"

<Villain-IC> Smithy says, "Wart put a cork in it before I find you and pound you as flat as a pancake."

<Villain-IC> Dual waits for the screams to die down before saying "I'll send somebody over to pick it up."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "...right. At any rate, Smithy if you want a fight you've got it old man! You're not taking ANOTHER castle from me! Go stick that sword in a mountain or something, sheesh."

<Villain-IC> Gades says, "*KABLAAAAAAM!* What is all this about?"

<Villain-IC> Topo composes herself, "Alrighty! It's a full set, so it wont be cheap, but I give a 30% discount towards fellow villains!"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "...do you... have anything in designer robes? I find myself leaving the castle far more than I had ever planned lately..."

<Villain-IC> Dual says, "You take gold?"

<Villain-IC> Smithy says, "Anytime lizard, except you won't find me so easy to get rid of."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "The only article I ever have worn is a crown."

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "....Hang on, lemme check. The only robes I know I have for sure are bathrobes... *ching* Gold is good!"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "We'll see about that beardy. Gah ha ha ha ha!"

<Villain-IC> Dual says, "Right then. I'll send over a courier."

<Villain-IC> Wart finally restrains his laughter to a low chuckle, the sound of a tear being wiped and thrown away. "Heheheheh....well, this should be interesting. The Tin Man and The Turtle going at it?"

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "Sorry, Warlock. Unless you wanna terrycloth bath robe, I don't have anything."

<Villain-IC> Smithy says, "But first things first, have some business to finish with that idiotic lacky of yours."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Put a sock in it Frog, unless you want to come too---<sound of a slight explosion in the background> Gahh! Darnit Rocky Wrench, I TOLD you not to overload the engine with so much pressure!! <sounds like the Doom Ship is going nowhere tonight>"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord sighs, and can be heard asiding, "Arafan, have some herbal tea ready for when I return... this has been a hectic day."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "Hrm? You better not be talkin' about me, Rusty Claus. *snicker*"

<Villain-IC> Topo says, "If you're still interested, I have 'em in pink and baby blue!"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Uhhmm... Smithy! I'll boot you out of that castle... uhh.. tomorrow! Yes!"

<Villain-IC> Dual cackles. "Rusty Claus!"

<Villain-IC> Smithy says, "So hard to find good help these days, Bowser? Proves that I have more competent help. WHILE THATS SMITHY, YOU OVERGROWN TOAD! *a steam whistle can be head in the background*"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser would comment, but there's another explosion in the background "Err.... I-Got-Some-Things-To-Take-Care-Of-Here-Smithy-I'll-Settle-Things-With-You-Later-You-Too-Frog-Boy-GAAAH!! <click>

<Villain-IC> Wart whistles innocently as Smithy whistles angrily.

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord throatclears. "Ah, no thank you, Topo. I'll find a tailor."

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