The big city... this is truly the thriving center of business in Videoland, thousands of people living, working, and shopping here every day. Towering skyscrapers in dozens of different styles rise into the sky, the streets and air brimming with all kinds of traffic. A neutral ground of sorts in the war, this downtown is a little rough, but the sheer power of Videoland's commerce ensures that most people only see the bright side of it. Virtually anything can be had here, from hundreds of game worlds... for a price.

Topo's Party Boutique <TPB>
Engineer's Repair and Engineering
Obvious exits:
<N>orth leads to Dance Dance Club.
<E>ast leads to SimCity Industrial Nightmare.
<W>est leads to Simsville Neighborhood.
<D>oor leads to Insert Coin Bar And Grill.
<U>p leads to Evening Sky.

Doom Ship> Rika steps out of the hotel she's been using the last few days, streatching a bit, and a quick yawn. Ah...beautiful evening. The numan turns her gaze skywards, looking at clouds and stars, and smiling softly to herself. Tis a good evening indeed. She turns towards the Palace...quite a walk given, but it is her destination, and starts walking along the street...

Doom Ship> Yes, beautiful evening, many many clouds in the sky. Why look! That one looks just like the Doom Ship! ...wait a minute, it IS the Doom Ship! A few civilians notice the massive warship, some panic, stare, take pictures, and the like. The airship begins to loom over Downtown (LOOM!) and eventually comes to a sort of stop, just hovoring there, casting it's massive shadow on the streets below. This could be big-trouble, yes. Or maybe the Koopa's want to do some shopping?
Doom Ship> Rika pauses on the street as a shadow is cast over...yes...she didn't notice it till it stopped directly over her...and slowly cranes head back. Ears lay back, and she blinks. "Oh my...that doesn't look good." sigh. Trouble trouble everywhere. She quickly pats herself where did that communicator Ryu gave her get to.

Doom Ship> No time for communicators! Another shadow looms on the edge of the Doom Ship's bow, or stern.. or... whatever, the front, stupid ship names. A split second later, the figure JUMPS off the edge, and falls like a rock to the streets below. And that figure is none other than Bowser himself. Stepping out of the massive crater he made in the sidewalk, probably not too far from where Rika is, he dusts himself off casually and peers around. "Let's see..." Comes his deep raspy voice, as he gazes around.

No time indeed...all fair since the numan girl doesn't appear to be able to find it either. Instead, Rika's attention is quickly pulled away by the sudden crunch, and the arrival of the Koopa king. She drops back a few steps, eyeing him warily. "Hey you. What do you want?" Oooh...intimidating aint she? Well...she's not /entirely/ sure he's a foe yet, it's really best to find out first, since she tends to be inclined to trust people.

Hello? He's a giant, green, spikey-backed turtle. He's BOWSER for crying out loud. He must not be doing enough evil things lately to get enough attention, but soon, oh yes! Soon you will all be familiar with him and his evil plans! They are so evil! So evil! And they will hurt many people, that are good! He likes it because it's so evil! Ahem. Anyway, getting back to business, Bowser seems to completly ignore Rika for a moment or two, until he finally spots what he came here for. "No time to talk little girl..." He finally responds "I have some... business to attend to." Considering the omnious pause, and his evil grin, it's probably nothing good, right?

Rika doesn't know that...not that he's evil anyhow. She's naive, and she's never seen him before, so hush, not all the hero's look like heros...and some evil looking things can be neutral too. So she doesn't really know least till he gives that evil look, and quick toss off. Eyes narrow a bit. "Excuse me? You don't look like any business you have to attend here is going to be anything should leave."

Oh you just didn't tell him what to do. NOW you have his attention. Slowly turning, he hides his brief flash of anger, and puts on a mock-friendly face. "Excuse me..." He says with a smirk "Do you KNOW who I am, and what you could be getting into?" Up on the deck of the Doom Ship, some Hammer Bros see their King confronting some girl, and ready a few cannons just in case Bowser gives them the signal, but for now Bowser is just talking. "There ARE shops here aren't there?" He motions to a few of them, lined up down the street, but most of the shopkeepers who see Bowser immediatly flip over their Open signs to Closed signs. "And don't I have a right to do some shopping?" He snorts some smoke out of his nostrils "Hmm?"

Rika eyes him. " don't have any right to talk to me like that. Even if I don't know who you are." the numan replies defiantly. "I don't, and I'm sorry. But that doesn't mean you can be rude to me about it. I've been in worse trouble then you." she looks over to the stores, watching them flip signs. "Anyhow. I don't think they want you here. You should leave. I don't want trouble."

King Bowser grins, some more smoke escaping his mouth. You'd think he was a heavy smoker, especially with his raspy voice, though he has no cigarette on him. "If you don't want any trouble then Miss..." His grin widens "Then don't pay any attention to me when I do this..." He abruptly turns around, and heads towards one particular store he eyed earlier. The store clerk frantically flips the store-sign around, but it doesn't stop the Koopa King "Knock Knock!" He shoulds, as he just breaks the door down. There's the sound of some struggling and chaos, and a few moments later, Bowser leaves with a bag in hand. This would all seem very dastardly if the store he robbed wasn't... a bookstore that specializes in selling smarmy romance novels.

Rika eyes him as he leaves, quickly taking claws from waist, and snaps them onto wrists. Right thne, looks like it's going to be a fight after all. She's not going to abide him stealing from a...she sort of trails off her preperation for assault, struck by a look of pure confusion, blink blink. "Um..." riiight. "Put down"

King Bowser actually laughs. Well what do you expect, he IS full of himself. He slings the rather bulky bag over his shoulder. "You REALLY don't know who I am, do you?" He gazes up to the Doom Ship, where some Hammer Bros are giving him flag signals <THE-DOOM-SHIP-IS-ALMOST-OUT-OF-FUEL> "Aw nuts..." He mutters. Now it has to look like he's running like a wussy. "Hmph, well I'll spare you this time, since you don't seem to know who's who in Videoland yet." He grunts. "But /I/ am Bowser, King of the Koopa Clan, keep that in mind the next time you decide to challenge me, since I won't back down." He takes one step forward, stomping into the ground "Now if you'll excuse me..." And with that, he takes a mighty leap into the air, seems Mario isn't the only one from the Mushroom Kingdom with mad jumping skillz. Of course, Bowser is 'assisted' with his black magic. One of the Hammer Bros addresses Bowser as he lands on the deck "Want for me to take her out with da cannon boss?" Bowser just headshakes "Nah, I'm feeling generous today, let's just get back to the castle." And thus, the Doom Ship, takes off over the horizon again.

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