<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "Of what significance is this.. 'Dragon' Warrior?"

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "..."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "I despise him, yet he intrigues me."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser growls at the name

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "Feh. He sounds like a chump."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "He is the only man I have ever met immune to the Madness Manifest."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "And do _not_ underestimate him."

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "I have a most interesting opportunity. You see, my hell wave is quite ready at full power. I do not underestimate many opponents, since the last Dragonmaster surfaced."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "He's the chump who tried to force himself on my little girl!! If you're going to fight him, try to leave him alive so I can kill him later!"

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "He is from a dead and defeated land. I have never known one to fight from Alefgard before. He is skilled, foolish, or both."

<Villain-IC> Mewtwo says, "<Both, most likely.>"

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "...Indeed. Perhaps this will be interesting."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "On second thought... go ahead and kill him if you get the chance. The sooner he's gone, the better."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "If you do kill him, Ghaleon, I could use necromancy to trap his soul so that Bowser could torture him for eternity..."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "...I'm starting to like the way you think."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "The height of my necromantic powers, unfortunately."

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "Interesting idea. Though I am more quick to trust someone who has not been insane recently."

<Villain-IC> Mewtwo says, "<Sanity is a poor atribute to judge on around here, since it exsists in small, scarce amounts.>"

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "You have a point."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "...it would be merely the beginning of my penance for my actions. However, Bowser, you would have to be wary. If his soul should escape, it would likely return to his body."

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "Thank you for bringing to my attention that there should not be a body left."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "If his body is gone, his soul will not be trapped."

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "The priests of Alefgard can make a body if the spirit exists."

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "Ah.. I see. Perhaps I should study this world further."

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "They cannot do it for everyone. Only the strong-willed. They also recieve outrageous tithes, or so I am given to understand."

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "hmm.. I am presented with quite an opportunity.. but should I /take/ it..?"

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "An opportunity? For?"

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "A rather nasty attack on Dragon Warrior."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Well then what are you waiting for? Unless you got some reason to lay low or something? Blasting Dragon Warrior will likely get half a dozen goody two shoes on your case."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "I'd come and aid you, but I am very busy regathering my forces..."

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "I, however, would quite enjoy visiting Alefgard if he calls for assistance. I have never been."

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "Any assistance is welcomed, though I haven't done anything but attempt to distract him.. for now."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "Eh, I'm busy. I'm plannin' something....special. Yesssss.....heheheheheheh...."

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "Dare I ask what?"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "I don't think I want to know.... wait, yes I do. What the heck are you up to Frog-face?"

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "If you do need assistance...call. Provided I am not busy, I will come. My Traveller's Gate should work fine there."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "YOu'll see, shellback. You'll see. Hehehehe."

<Villain-IC> Ghaleon says, "Hrm. He has fair magical abilities as well. I choose to strike now. I have no quarrels with assistance, for the time being."

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "You will have it if he calls for help. I see no reason to go just to deal with him."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord says, "Himiko. I vaguely remember you... from earlier."

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "On the other hand, I remember you perfectly. The insane one who appears to be more stable."

<Villain-IC> The Warlock Lord sighs.

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "It is only the truth. I had not met you before that."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "I like pie!"

<InterZone Chatter> Red Mage says, "Oh God."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "I like Kicking things, too!"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "And nunchuks!"

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "..."

<InterZone Chatter> X says, "And this is what I fear in these worlds..."

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "You I didn't miss."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Aww."

<InterZone Chatter> Red Mage cries.

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Wait, who are you?"

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "Master Seargant to you."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Oh, you're in the army!"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Armies are for violent people."

<InterZone Chatter> Jair sighs.

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "They didn't call me Nazi Hunter B for nothing."

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "Well, one of the guys called me that."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt *WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM!* "That jaywalker won't be walking jays for a long time! Maybe he'll learn his lesson by then."

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "Wierd guy... big ass glasses."

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "Called himself an otakin, or something like that."

<InterZone Chatter> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "Ja."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Otaku!"

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "That's it."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "What's it?"

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "Otaku."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "What about it?"

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "The hell does that mean, anyway?"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Uhhh..."

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "Never mind, kid."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt flip flip flip. "Enthusiast!"

<InterZone Chatter> Red Mage facepalms.

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "...I like pie!"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "I like kicking things, too!"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "And nunchuks!"

<InterZone Chatter> Himiko says, "Would somebody shut him up?"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "I'll do it!"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "...Shut who up."

<InterZone Chatter> Himiko says, "You."

<InterZone Chatter> Red Mage growls. "I'mgonnakillim."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "What about me?"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "...I like pie!"

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "Shut up."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Shut who up?"

<InterZone Chatter> Wonder Boy says, "Jair."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Okay!"

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "NOT Jair."

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "Stop breathing, Black Belt."

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "Pays to build a base in a wasteland sometimes. But these plant creatures or whatever they call themselves have proven to be annoying."

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz grunts.

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "The Black Belt guy. Shut _him_ up."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Why?"

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "Because I hate you."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Why?"

<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "He's annoying."

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "Burn them."

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "... Where are you right now, Black Belt?"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Why?"

<InterZone Chatter> Wart says, "Hey...Black Belt...put your ear up right to the radio. I gotta tell you something."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Why?"

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "Beause I want to know where I should mail this pie."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Why?"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "...I like pie!"

<InterZone Chatter> Cube says, "Beep beep. (I like videogames!)"

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "Too easy and its been done. Most of the other tribes on this planet are herbivores anyway."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Beep beep?"

<InterZone Chatter> Wonder Boy says, "I like Ale!"

<InterZone Chatter> Red Mage says, "Shut up."

<InterZone Chatter> Red Mage says, "Shut up ALL OF YOU."

<InterZone Chatter> The Hero Of Spielburg says, "I like shutting up...Erm..."

<InterZone Chatter> Wonder Boy says, "How about NO."

<InterZone Chatter> X sighs audiably.

<InterZone Chatter> Packri Monster says, "My logic circuts just exploded. The hell of it is, I don't *have* logic circuits."

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "Mr. Packri, have you taken your dot-medication for today?"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Jeeze, Red Mage, who spilled milk on your Player's Handbook today?"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Oh. Wait. That was me."

<InterZone Chatter> Packri Monster says, "The usual.... 37 green dots, two red dots."

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "... Weren't you prescribed one red dot daily?"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "...I like pie!"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Weird, deja vu."

<InterZone Chatter> Packri Monster says, "Nope. Two. One in each corner. WAnt me to draw you a map, son?"

<InterZone Chatter> General Scales says, "So you like pie, so what. Why not go, get some and be quiet, your annoying."

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "No, thank you. Um, are you taking an entire maze's worth of dots daily?"

<InterZone Chatter> Packri Monster says, "I just told you. 37 Green dots. That's all you can fit in there."

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "Isn't that the equivalent of an entire bottle of normal pills?"

<InterZone Chatter> Packri Monster says, "Lookie here, son, if anything, I'm not getting enough. SOME folks around here get a full 240 dots a day. TWO HUNDRED FORTY! Why, with that luxury, I could.. be full!"

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "They have come..."

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "I like dots."

<Villain-IC> Mewtwo says, "<And they shall suffer for it, shall they not?>"

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "Hehe, but of course they will."

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "Andross, any ideas what these creatures are? They appear to be plants but they are not."

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "I have been trying to capture one and study it, but not many have come to Venom. Now may be my chance."

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "After that, I can find out what they are."

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "Need any assistance, the SharpClaw army is always ready. While we haven't seen many here but that is probably because of the planets core being made of magical energy."

<Villain-IC> Lezard Valeth hums. "Get me a sample and I can analyze it for magical residue, if you like. I would attend myself, but I am in the middle of important research.

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "Your assistance would be.. appreciated. I'd rather lose as little forces as I can."

<Villain-IC> Lezard Valeth says, "And besides, I have the utmost confidence in your combined forces."

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "I am on my way."

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "So, um... you want more pills?"

<InterZone Chatter> Andross says, "*static* ..enomian For... *static* ...der Att... *static* ...I repea... *static* ...e're un... *static* ...attack!"

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "And this is a bad thing why?"

<InterZone Chatter> Black Belt says, "Um..."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "....oh, screw it. Might as well go. *Mutter mutter wasting my time mutter mutter*"

<InterZone Chatter> Mewtwo has no problem still transmitting. Mainly because he doesn't even use a radio to do it. <Because if they do overrun Venom, and the rest of Lylat... The -rest- of Videoland will be next.>

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Alright, what in Kamek's name is going on?"

<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "*static static* -amble zam- *static* -chumble spuzz. *too garbled to make sense of it*"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Well, heck with it, I'm heading out there myself."

<InterZone Chatter> Station says, "... We will be on our way."

<Villain-IC> Mewtwo doesn't use a radio, just his own powers as always. The interferrence is of little problem to him. <It would appear that our... visitors have evolved into a more swamp-like form of vegetation. Soggy and damp. Much more difficult to burn. Or strategy shall take a bit of... reconsideration, yes...>

<Villain-IC> Fou-Lu hmphs. "Mayhaps this shall lead to something interesting. Or educational...." Click.

Lylat System - Venom

Venom is an offensive planet, even to the eye. Its sulfur-rich atmosphere colors the planet a murky yellow from orbit, and drifts of green gasses cast up from the planet's chemical-rich volcanos cast it in a greenish-brown haze visible even from a distance... the entire planet appears to be caught in a poison cloud. Its first line of defense is its atmosphere, and here, a host of massive sattelites have been constructed, serving as weapons platforms and bases for Andross's considerable fleet. The air is just as thick with Venomian fighters as Meteo is with space rocks, and massive capital ships patrol regularly and in great abundance. Andross has gone to every length to ensure that his orbital defenses are nigh-inpenetrable.

The planet itself is dry and rocky, somewhat inhospitable to all but the hardiest of creatures. Civilization is sparse, with only a few large cities existing on the surface, and even then in somewhat abject misery. Most of Venom's reptillian inhabitents dwell underground, in a vast network of caves that serve as a much more comfortable residence than anything up above could offer... of coure, Andross, too, has built HIS home underground, in a fortress reinforced by the very rock of the planet, making most surface scans useless. Very few know what truly goes on within the halls of Andross's palace, and so long as his orbital forces remain, it is unlikely that will change.

Peculiarly enough, scattered throughout the planet are ruins from an ancient civilization who has long since passed away, or moved on to better worlds. Some say that Corneria's current inhabitents are descended from those that left the ruins here, while others speculate that Venom's previous inhabitants are long dead. Regardless, their legacy of mysterious ruins show a surprising level of technology, with statues seemingly capable of coming alive in order to defend these sacred sites. Andross has realized this, and in many places, these statues have been incorporated in Venom's defenses, their purposes skewed to serve Andross's megalomaniacal ends.

Agent 3D0
General Scales
Wolf O'Donnell
Obvious exits:
<IS> Insystem leads to Lylat System - Sector Z.

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "Just use more fire."

<Villain-IC> Himiko says, "When all else fails use fire."

Akira arrives from Lylat System - Sector Z.

Akira has arrived.

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "What if we freeze them?"

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "They are wet, freezing them might work..."

<Villain-IC> Waluigi says, "Use-a *static* -lectricity!"

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "Yes then it wouldn't take long to just smash them."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Freezing ain't my thing, I breathe fire, not ice."

<Villain-IC> Borgan says, "I hope you have weapons for that. I am certainly not going to freeze half a planet for you."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "Just smash and cut 'em all down. Nothin' fancy, just crush 'em."

Station arrives from Lylat System - Sector Z.

Station has arrived.

Jair arrives from Lylat System - Sector Z.

Jair has arrived.


The Darkest Side of the Lylat System.

And here is where the might of Venom's armada is gathered... ...and they, perhaps, will need every last ounce of it to survive the night.

The skies of Venom are alight with the blazing contrails of dust and debris fragments with burn up in the atmosphere, providing serious interference with technological communication equipment. Here... only Magical and the most powerful Technological Communication Equipment can reach anything beyond the InterZone Communications Channel.

The surface of Venom is another matter. Almost immediately after the firestorm above begun... the ground erupted with Life. On a world where there is naught but gray stone as far as the eye can see, the look of Green on the surface almost changes ones opinion of this place... if it were not so enimical.

The skies of Venom are already filling with the swarming ships... who dive down onto the spreading green... which, as of now, has already covered nearly a fourth of the planet's total mass.

...And the Warp Zone to Venom takes one, however, not near the battle lines... but near the towering spire of rock and great doors which lead to the Underground Fortress of Andross.

...The sky above, in the most beautiful sight many on this planet are ever likely to see ever again... ...seems to be Raining Fire.

SPINNY! No, it's not a report, it's Fou-Lu's own personally-styled Warp Zone, four "cards" forming a the corners of a diamond-shaped portal. He steps out of it, the gate collapsing behind him. "Quite crowded," he notes, almost pleasantly.

<Villain-IC> Mewtwo says, "<Most vegetation is resistant to electrical currents, Waluigi. Thus an electrical attack would be damaging, but not overpowering as fire originally was. Freezing is, in fact, the most likely solution, actually.>"

<Villain-IC> General Scales says, "So would just feeding them to the Earthwalkers."

Red Mage arrives from Lylat System - Sector Z.

Red Mage has arrived.

Within Andross' command chamber, Commander Kyrmt Kerroppi, one of Andross' Top Toads, hops his way to a console. Quickly he works at his controls, suddenly giving a terrified Froak!!

"...Lord Andross? ...My statement was... in error."

Commander Kyrmt turns, looking to Andross, "...A new outbreak just appeared in the Plains before your Fortress. They'll be here in..."



Wolf O'Donnell remains quiet, hands folding in front of his belt, eye closed as he waits for the order from Andross for him to go get involved. There's an awful lot of plants out there.

Akira escapes into a warp zone.

Akira has left.

Doom Ship isn't here yet. Bwah.

<Villain-IC> Alessa says, "Do these plants have seeds?"

Again, like a flash of light...cause it is...X appears near where the warp zone would appear, having logged the entrance as there when recorded at the time of discovery. He rises from the small crater from the android smashing into the ground. Looking about, he sighs, "Saving the Villains...I guess it is a step in the right direction."

General Scales has disconnected.

Waluigi's eyes widen at Kyrmt- what'sisname. "MINUTES-A?!" Waluigi puts his hands on his head in panic! "What'll-a we d-GYAAAghghahghahgahghahga*bzzzzzzzzt!*" Ooops, looks like he still had his electrified gloves on. He spasms a bit and hits thr ground, smoking.

As if another Toad was needed, out from the Warp Zone comes one of the biggest of them all, Wart, carrying...a rather large shield on his back, followed by a lone Phanto, as well as a handful of cobrats. Walking out of the Warp, he makes his way to the base of Andross, sneering all the way. If you could hear him, you'd swear he'd be muttering about 'wasting his time'.

<InterZone Chatter> General Pepper suddenly barks onto the channel, "Thinks are quiet here, Andross. Do you require Assistance? Am I reading you correctly? ...Why are they attacking /you/ after waiting so long..." General Pepper then sighs, "As much as I hate to admit it... ...we have to help Andross. ...if Venom Falls, it will give these... /things/... a direct base from which to launch attacks. Who knows /what/ they might do then."

Andross glances at the frog, and breaths a heavy sigh. The ape wasn't prepared for this at all. His strategy will have to be completely rethought now, and in his mind he formulates a plan for a future battle... but that will have to wait. "All admirals are in command of their respective fleets. You will receive no further orders from me until this battle is over," says the simian. And then he glances at Wolf from the corner of his eye. "Wolf, this room must be defended at any cost. Name your price."

Red Mage rezzes in on the planet's surface, PowerOath drawn already. The Mage looks around, and up at the sky. He shakes his head, and closes his eyes. A spell circle unfolds from underneath the Mage, as he calls on a deep well of transport magic. "Okay, Corey... I know you're out there somewhere..." He smiles. "And here you come..." He waves a hand in a circle, as a Teleportation Circle opens up on the ground.

<InterZone Chatter> Mewtwo says, "<As evident here, they needed time to adapt to Venom's more hostile climate.>"

Akira arrives from Lylat System - Sector Z.

Akira has arrived.

<InterZone Chatter> Alessa says, "Burn them... burn the world if you have to."

Station is appearing from the ground as the teleportation circle opens up. He then gazes at the magician, "Thanks." He smiles warmly towards the mage. He then sighs, looking around the throne room. "....Luckily I'm in the RPG mode.." With that, he holds Luminance in front of him.

<InterZone Chatter> Lezard Valeth says, "Now now, let's not be hasty. Burning worlds is generally frowned upon by the populace."

<InterZone Chatter> Jair says, "I agree. Let's burn."

<InterZone Chatter> Destin Faroda says, "Isn't Venom already a charred wasteland?"

<InterZone Chatter> Lezard Valeth says, "Lady knows I didn't enjoy it."

Before the Entrance to the Fortress of Andross... already the Battle Lines are being drawn. Toads, Reptiles, and other things less savory are already assembling great walls of steel and manning battle emplacements all along a line that is cut between the two arms the Mountain in which Andross' fortress is built in.

As more and more people arrive, even heroes, they are mostly ignored. Moving to battle stations, the Forces of Venom prepare themselves.

And The Dark Skies continue to rain fire...

...and out on the plains... a flowing ride of... Green... steadily approaches, despite overflying vehicles that bathe the approaching force with fire and napalm.

Station is appearing from the ground as the teleportation circle opens up. He then gazes at the magician, "Thanks." He smiles warmly towards the mage. He then sighs, looking around the INFRONT OF THE FORTRESS! "....Luckily I'm in the RPG mode.." With that, he holds Luminance in front of him.

Mewtwo folds his arms, head bowing slightly as eyes close completely. But although it looks like he's going to sleep, that's hardly the case. A psionic message is being sent, back to his lair and his own group of followers, needing to make a slight change in what he intended to bring over to aid in the battle. A slight change in tactics, that is all. Finally he opens eyes again, looking up, and looking to Andross. <My own leigon shall arrive shortly. They are more than eager to test themselves against such a challenging foe... Your fortress shall witness battle and bloodhsed, but it shall not fall...> Mewtwo is already making the changes in his strategy, but just to what is yet to be seen...

<InterZone Chatter> Andross says, "*static* ..re does.. *static* ..t wor... *static* ...reeze the... *static*"

Borgan had faded in with the main bulk of Villains, in Andross' throne room. Hey, he's allowed in. He's a villain too. Despite his first snappish comment, he looks a good deal more concerned now that he's actually getting information. "I disagree. This is a lost cause. We should leave."

As if another Toad was needed, out from the Warp Zone comes one of the biggest of them all, Wart, carrying...a rather large shield on his back, followed by a lone Phanto, as well as a handful of cobrats. Walking out of the Warp, he makes his way to Andross's throne room, sneering all the way. If you could hear him, you'd swear he'd be muttering about 'wasting his time'. "So. What's all the trouble about and what am I supposed to do about it?" THe cobrats look about curiously, wondering about all the reptiles about and whether they can get paid better defecting to Andross's army.

There is a major rippling in the air above Andross' fortress, and suddenly The Doom Ship BAMFS into existence. Bowser steps up on the main deck and laughs mightily "Gwaha! I KNEW it would work! I'll have to remember that one bit of teleportation magic... huh?" And now, the image on the horizon catches his eye. His eyes narrow and he grunts "Now what in blue blazes is all THAT?" He decides to ask the other villains, for the moment the Doom Ship just looms there.

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Alright, so I'm here. What's with the massive amount of GREEN? This IS Venom right?"

<Villain-IC> Mewtwo says, "<That 'green' is the invasion, Bowser>"

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Plants? So it's a big repeat of what happened on that other planet then? Great, well this is Andross' home ain't it? What's he say about all this?"

Station looks around for the area, all of the army are around, preparing for the strike. The sword is still grasped tightly, then he looks a head. "...Red Mage, let us hope we're ready...I have my sword ready.." The emerald sword is gleaming brightly.

<Villain-IC> Lezard Valeth says, "I believe he's said quite a bit on the interzone communication lines. It's just too jammed to grasp what he could be saying."

Red Mage cracks his neck, and streches. The Mage pops kinks out of his neck, and smiles at Corey. "Just like old times, eh bro?" The mage chuckles, and stabs PowerOath in the ground, drawing a bow. "40 Simoleans says I drop more than you do."

X looks to the advancing greenery, "Ick." He starts to warm his buster, switching immediately to that of Flame Mammoth. Nodding, he looks up, "Alia, how fast is it approaching." A voice comes to him, "Incredibly fast. Be careful!" Then he can move again, "Can we work on the Comm system not stopping my actions? It's getting annoying." "You are lucky I don't do it for this battle!"

Black Belt arrives from Lylat System - Sector Z.

Black Belt has arrived.

Commander Kyrmt Kerropi turns and /glares/ a moment at those villains in the Throne Room, "Abandon Venom?! FROAK! We work for the Mother Brain and provide most of the weapons and technology you all use! ...If we fall, the War with the Heroes is near doomed. FROAK!" Commander Keroppi turns, and begins to work at his console. The Communi-toads continue to relay information from all over the planet.

Green. Green... /everywhere/... and steadily growing. The flaming tactics used before and were prepared for... are failing. Many of these new creatures that emergy... walking masses of Peat... are so soaked that they simply brush the flames away and continue attacking.

The Invaders have adapted

However... the Venom Armada is /NOT/ beaten yet.

X has disconnected.

Waluigi suddenly jumps up, and runs screaming through a warp zone, out of Venom as fast as he can. Screw this planet, he's not getting payed enough to fight an invasion of creepy plant monsters.

Waluigi escapes into a warp zone.

Waluigi has left.

X has connected.

Black Belt walks in through the same Warp Zone as the heroes do, blinks, and looks around. "Alright, now where am I? This doesn't look like Bermuda!"

~cracklecrackle~ A tiny sliver of blue electricity appears in the air, quickly spreading to both sides to form a large, crackling circle in the air, from which five writhing bolts of lightning burst from, all meeting each other at the exact center of the circle.

And then Jair steps out of the crackling mass of energy, and it winks out of existence in a tiny shower of blue sparks. Is it needlessly showy? You're damn right it is.

<Villain-IC> "FROOOOAK!!!" ...the voice of Commander Kyrmt Kerropi suddenly comes onto the channel, breaking through the static, "This is Commander Kyrmit Kerropi of the Venom Armada! We request all help you can give us. Warp Zone in to the front of the Fortress. The tide is advancing. Many have adapted to be resistant to /fire/... use of Cold-base weapondry is advised! FROOOOOOO--..." The transmittion suddenly cuts off in a bout of serious static.

Bowser mutters, as the green approaches ever closer. Irritated, he throws his hands up in the air "Well to heck with it! I'm not waiting around for any battle plan! They mentioned using cold on the plants before, so why don't I just give THAT a shot?" Bowser calls down to the troops below deck "Ready the Flurries!" He snickers "Hope Wart don't mine me borrowing some of his troops..."

Down below the Doom Ship Deck, many MANY Flurries are busy, creating huge blocks of ice, each one with a bob-omb in the centre. Those blocks are then loaded into the cannons. The massive ice blocks are fired at the direction of the encroaching green mass. As the near it, the bob-ombs inside the ice blocks explode, SHATTERING the blocks, sending massive amounts of ice shards down on the greenery. Many many more blocks are fired, and the rain of ice doesn't seem to cease.

<Villain-IC> Alessa says, quietly, "I cannot do much yet... but if you look near the entrance, you should be able to find a few bottles... their contents are nutritious, and they may be able to help." Then, lets out a sickly cough.

Akira teleports in using his own psychic brand of teleportation, however, he does teleport in right next to the Hero warp zone. He grunts as he see's this world and all that troubles it. The rain of fire looks pretty, but everything else just looks god darn ugly. He is however, a little unhappy. He wanted to bring a giant mecha of destruction here to help out, and the freaking plumbing system in Toei's shop is broken. If Akira can't wash his hands, the Buriki Daioh can not be used. He just looks around, and starts to glow, readying some sort of psychic attack for when the things get close.

Wart rolls his eyes at the frog commander. "Right, right, whatever. SO it's up to us to 'protect at all costs or else all is lost', right? God, I swear, this all sounds like somethin' that should be happenin' to the goodies. Cobrats, chainlink. Masque shield ready," Wart says dryly and un amused. Quickly, the Cobrats link up, grabbing the tail of the 'brat in front of him with his mouth, until they form almost a flail-like chain of them. And if that's not enough, Wart throws up his shield of Shyguy Masks upward, allowing the Phanto to slip behind it and control it autonomously. "So...when do we get started? I got a plan to get back to."

<InterZone Chatter> "FROOOOAK!!!" ...the voice of Commander Kyrmt Kerropi suddenly comes onto the channel, breaking through the static, "This is Commander Kyrmt Kerropi of the Venom Armada! We request all help you can give us. Warp Zone in to the front of the Fortress. The tide is advancing. Many have adapted to be resistant to /fire/... use of Cold-base weapondry is advised! FROOOOOOO--..." The transmittion suddenly cuts off in a bout of serious static.

The Red Mage draws back the bow, and launches an Ice Arrow at the approaching mob of green. Without seeing who got hit, he launches another. And another. And another.

<Villain-IC> Wolf O'Donnell says, "Well, I'm screwed. I don't have any ice weapons."

Black Belt looks around, and sees Red Mage. "RM! Hi!" He wanders over to the heroes, and looks towards all the green stuff. "What's that? Why are you shooting at that flood of nature?"

<InterZone Chatter> Red Mage says, "*static*ing mounds... Repeat... *static* ...ing on the mounds. It'll ...al them..."

<Villain-IC> Mewtwo says, "<Find a way to improvise, then.>"

<Villain-IC> Borgan says, "Unfortunately I am a bit far from Neo-Vane to fetch you an ice sword."

<Villain-IC> Alessa breathes heavily and rather wetly for a few moments. Then, "Liquid nitrogen. We must have some... somewhere..."

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "They, don't have to be ice-based to hurt, Wolf. Just that ice hurts a lot more."

Station is holding the sword in front of him. His back leans forward, the hand gripping onto the sword still. He swings the sword back, then he looks at Red Mage. A smirk is given towards him, "Oh? You got it..." He chuckles a bit, staring forth as he awaits for the green to attack. Lord of the Rings!! Yarrrggg!!! He holds the sword in front of him, releasing a flood of the flames out to strike against the green forward. "...I'll have to equip my Materia soon!"

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "Dang, should've brought the flurries here. Oh well. I can make do with my bubbles. Heheh."

Borgan glances at Fou-Lu's dogs curiously for a moment before checking the inside pocket of his robes. He left something in here, didn't he? "Oh, I will help you defend it. I just don't think it will amount to much." Where the heck are those orbs?

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser tranmits sounds of the cannons firing <BA-DOOM!> <BA-DOOM!> I got most of yer Flurries froggy, thankfully ONE of us thought ahead.

<Villain-IC> Lezard Valeth says, "Well I would be ever so happy to demonstrate exactly why the very woman who expelled me called me the brightest pupil she ever had, but unfortunately I'm busy. Lenneth appears to be entering the 'mischievous' phase. I'll have to remember to start locking her up when I am occupied."

<Villain-IC> Wart says, "You have MY Flurries. MY Flurries. Oh, we are SO talkin' after this is all said and done, Shellback."

Red Mage growls. "It's going to eat us all you fool. Start using Ice Blitzes on them! And No lightning. Those are Shambling Mounds. It'll heal them!"

<Villain-IC> Alessa says, "I can't.... can't dream enough of it, not now. But you should be able to find it in many places... take as much as you can."

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Quit yer complainin. At least I'm makin good use of them. Besides, you joined MY army, don't forget."

The wall of Green advances upward and onward, slowly moving through they plain of what was once stone that existed before the Fortress of Andross. However... just as swiftly as the rolling grasslands unfurled...

...they halt.

The activity at on the wall that protects the valley before the Armed Fortress of Andross halts as well as everyone pauses to merely stare for a long moment. Then, just as suddenly, they get back to work, knowing, perhaps... that this is only the beginning of the Fight for Venom.

...and now that the grass has stopped its advance... beyond, with the keenest eye... one can begin to see the work of centuries begun and continuing in moments... as saplings slowly sproud from the grass and slowly begin to rise towards the sky in rank upon rank.

...and high above... the dark skies are lit by the storm of debris that falls into and burns away in the atmosphere.

<Villain-IC> Wart growls...

Black Belt blinks. "Ice techniques? Uhhh..." He lifts a hand up to his head, and scratchscratchscratches. "Uh... I dunno any.

Andross glances around at all the villains in the throne room, and glances down at the security moniters. "So, the heroes have come as well." He thinks a moment, and chuckles. "They are our first line of defense. We can let them take most of the beating," continues the ape. Hey, it's a cease-fire, not an alliance. What do you expect?

Mario arrives from Lylat System - Sector Z.

Mario has arrived.

The reason Fou-Lu brought the dogs becomes clear. At a nod from the God-Emperor, they charge to the front lines, growing to a rather large size - each easily twice as tall as he is at the shoulder - and start exhaling a steady stream of frost from their mouths, waving back and forth without any apparent motion of their heads. Fou-Lu nods again, one hand idly flickering.

Black Belt blinks. "Ice techniques? Uhhh..." He lifts a hand up to his head, and scratchscratchscratches. "Uh... I dunno any." He rubs his chin, and hmms. "Uh, lesse, they're on the ground, so..." Looks like he's stumped.

Bowser glares at the horizon, and raises a hand for the firing to stop for a moment. He gazes out at the plant life, starting to shoot up from the greenery. "Geez, they're just plants! And they're not even Pirahna Plants either!" Bowser yells down below again "Ok, stop making the Flurries create Ice blocks, just start loading up the Jumbo Bob-Ombs! I'll blow those plants sky-high!!" He snarls at the plants once more before shouting "FIRE!!!" And the Jumbo Bob-Ombs are launched, one after another, and impact with the plants and explode. With the traditional 'BOMB!' effect.

Station looks ahead to see the grass that has stopped. "........" He then blinks, turning towards Red Mage. "...It stopped...Looks like we'll be ready for it..." He sighs, placing the sword down. He starts to grab his memory card out of nowhere. He shakes it, then has it reveal to be a stock list.. Materia, check, Amon Lance, check.. Ah! Materia! Checking through list. "..Which Materia should I use?" He asks the Red Mage.

Mewtwo grunt a little. It will take a short time for Porygon to build enough power to open a big enough warpzone, and he can't risk doing it himself, needing to conserve his power. He turns, giving a nod to the Charizard he originally brought with. <Go, fight. They may be resistant to flames now, but you are of the sky as well. Guard the gates, but do not engage unless you must. Let the heros weaken them, and suffer in the process first.> "Zarrrr!" A roar and a beat of wings is the only responce the firedragon gives, before speeding out of the chamber and towards the entrance again. Mewtwo chuckles a bit to himself as Andross resorts to similar schemes, amused for the moment. Let them deal with each toehr for a while, yes. Kill two Pidgeottos with one Rock Throw...

Wart simply rolls his eyes, grabbing the end of the Cobra-flail and his Phanto-controlled shield floating protectively in front of him. "At least we get some bruised up goodie goods outta this." Looking out a window in the throne room, he wonders when, or rather if he'll have to get down and dirty here. If so...well, he's ready.

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Andross, this is your shindig. Or your home anyway. Any actual plans to deal with these freaky plants? Or just do whatever we can to blow the holy living crud out of them?"

Red Mage blinks. "Got any Summoning Materia?" He puts the bow away, and redraws PowerOath. "As for me, I think I'm going to hold on my own Summons." He chuckles. "I'm sure a good Terraflare would be helpful if nothing else." The Mage cracks his neck again, looking over at BB. "Just don't use ThunderLance, whatever you do."

X looks to the green land stopping, loading a cartridge of the flame wall, "I hate waiting for this...we should be attacking it while it is stopped!" He aims toward the grass...and greenery......................AND SHRUBBERY!! ~Dramatic tone~

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "I planned on using fire and napalm, but it doesn't work. Just use any weapons you want. It's not like you're gonna make Venom more of a wasteland than it already is."

Akira walks over to Station, watching the halted line of things as he walks. He nods in respect, then says, "Sorry I couldn't bring that extra help I promised, the plumbing's broken at Toei's place." He doesn't explain this, but he does however, walk away. He then goes back to glowing, ready to unleash Icy psychic hell on anything nearby.

As the assaults come from the defenders... the Green... takes it in. Each assault reduces a mass of growing sprouds to dust or freezes them into crystal shards... however.

...Over those who fall, flows more of the green mass that came before. The Grass grows over the mounds of the fallen... ...and even now... some of the saplings and small bushes have detatched themselves from the grass, moving towards the front lines.

Each of them is as hideous a construct as was seen before... and they /KEEP/ /COMING!/ ...and still they continue to grow.

The forces of Venom are not idle themselves, standing on the walls and unleashing weapons fire from laser cannons or missile rockets. Explosive seemingly working just as well as ice or bladed weapon on many of the approaching horde of now small creatures.

Wolf O'Donnell reaches down to his belt, and pulls something off of it. Outside, his Wolfen X lifts off, and takes off towards the plants. The weapons systems warm up, as they let loose with a pair of Nova Bombs, right for the approaching plants. Wolf gets to blow things away without moving.

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "They are plants! They should fall to blades, too. If that helps you any."

Borgan fails to find what he's looking for. Then he looks at the screen again. Looks out. Looks at the screen. "Bother," he says, and disappears again in a beam of white...only to reappear outside the Fortress, near where the Heroes were showing up, staff held crosswise as he prepares one of the more powerful spells. The field he normally keeps around himself for defense is actually visible today, a pale white hemisphere.

<Villain-IC> Alessa says, "Liquid nitrogen... if you can find or steal any. Even after the creatures thaw, they should be dead... dead, or at least weakened."

X then looks to the horrible horrible plants as they continue to build. "That's it." He starts to fire cartridges toward the greenery, starting to set it aflame. And then comes the extra packets for his special weapons...then firing more in this pattern.

<Villain-IC> Borgan says, "I am going to...remove...as many as I can. Do not disturb me."


Commander Kyrmt Kerropi turns, looking to Andross, "Lord! We're recieving heavy casualties on other fronts. The Fleet has made neccesary weapon changes, and are driving them back in several areas, but its only seeming to slow it down! FROAK! ...The army out front is growing rapidly, and we have reports of several of the Big Ones rising up from the underground and heading this way!"

...of course. Big ones.

As in Walking Hills.

<Villain-IC> Andross says, "I don't carry that, usually. I will be needing a shipment of that soon, for a future encounter...."

Bowser rubs his eyes slightly, as the plants don't relent. "Oy... this is something else... If we were in the Koopa Kingdom, I'd just make the ground underneath them cave into the lava below or something." As the Bob-Omb barrage continues, Bowser paces, and finally, calls down to the grunts below again. "Alright, I've had enough. Prepare the BIG BERTHA! And load up..... The Zeeky Bob-Omb!!"

Bowser snickers, as the front of the Doom Ship slowly opens, and one HUGE cannon comes out of it. A few moments later, one GIGANTIC Bob-Omb is fired out of the cannon. It looks like any other Bob-Omb, except it has one insane-looking face. As the Bob-Omb nears it's target, it utters one phrase before it explodes, which echoes all across the forces fighting for Venom....

"...Zeeky Boogy Doog!"


Black Belt scratches his head. "I don't have ThunderLance either..." His eyes light up. "Yeah! That'll work!" He then widens his stance, and holds his hands together in a praying form, closing his eyes and concentrating. He then lifts his arms into the air, and clenches his hands into fists. He then lifts his gaze up to the sky and roars! "EARTH'S ANGER RUNNING THROUGH MY ARMS!" He then pulls his fists downward, and his arms are engulfed in energy! He lifts his hands over his head again, and clasps them together. "EARTH SLASH!" He slams his clasped hands down on the ground, sending a wave of energy shooting out into the opposing field of flowery fiends which tears away a clear path in their ranks like a thresher through a grain field. *WHOOOSH*

Suddenly, a waaaay too large green pipe bursts out of the ground, and with a "blooopblooopblooop" sound, it expells one heck of a confused plumber before disappearing back into the ground whence it came. The individual in question lands roughly, tumbling head over heels for a few feet before coming to a stop on his rear. Removing a familiar red hat for a moment to scratch his head, the slightly obese man raises to his feet and looks around. "Momma mia...this-a doesn't look-a like-a the Pipe Maze!" Mario dashes off in some direction, trying to figure out what's going on.

Red Mage waves Mario over. "Bro! Help us out!" He chuckles and slashes PowerOath in the air. A massive slash of wind flies forward at the plants, followed by another and another as he makes a series of Aero Sword slashes.

Even the servants of the gods tire, and the giant canines return to their master's side. Fou-Lu frowns. "A-Tur. Returnest thou to my castle, and there gatherest mine warriors, armed with blades of ice. Takest care not to damage them too much beforehand." pause "... Zeeky... No, an I doth try to understand it wilt I be driven mad. Go, mine servant."

"As you command, sire." The dog leaps up into the air, and vanishes. The other stays by Fou-Lu's side. "And now, Won-Qu, we will wait. We hath fought the land once before, and won."

Drawing the blade in front of him as if he is in a knight's position, Station's growling s he says, "No time." He just grabs the green materia, placing the ice materia onto Luminance. At first, it has no slot.. But as it meets closer with the materia, the space on the sword starts to open. The Gamemaster draws the blade out, then he starts swinging it around in a dance, before releasing emerald energy beams out.. Then, he starts to let the sword disappear briefly, reverting back to normal. He holds the Guncon in front of him, opening fire at the monsters repeatedly.

Jair merely stands around and watches. Aha.

Mewtwo glances over towards Andross, earhorns perked in complete attention, taking every bit of information for the communications and otherwise and considering it. Even as the plants and grass are destroyed, more seem to replace it in even greater quanities. <Andross.. There has to be a heart to these forces, a central epicenter they are spending from. Unless that point is found and destroyed, they will only keep coming back and regenerating. But if we can find and destroy the heart of their forces, the rest of the invasion will be easy prey.>

A deep rumble emits from the entrance of the fortress, Mewtwo's Charizard taking up sentry with the Venomian guards, glaring balefully out into the legions of green. Wings twich occasionally, eager to aid in the destruction, but not until commanded to. He does spit out an occasionally blast of energy to keep the plants back, stream not of the red flames of fire, but of the indigo flares of Dragonbreath.

The advancing horde of tiny creatures is eaten at by the forces of Good and Evil combined... the strength of Venom added to the power of the Good Guys. The small creatures are annihilated before they reach the wall, but wave upon wave of more slowly advances.




The gigantic blast of the Zeeky Bob-omb explodes in front of the wall, the Venomoid troops ducking even at the first flash of the light. The explosion sends the green /back/ to the edge of the grown grass... as the bare rock before the wall is cleared by the Wrath of Bowser.

And out in the plains... a Jungle has grown. Already it is fully grown, with trees at least 20 feet tall, and dense undergrowth... ...thrown back only the /first/ wave of this onslaught... even as everything stills from the side of the Invasion Force.

Akira yawns as he watches, he isn't one for waiting, or one for long range attacks. Then, suddenly, anybody who is even a little psychic hears these two words, <Ping! Pong!>

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Well that bought a bit of time... I just wish I had another one of those."

<Villain-IC> Mewtwo says, "<Hmmm... blades.. Yes, yes blades shall do nicely, eheheh...>"

Wart grumbles...and fidgits...and mutters...then finally can take it no longer. Waiting for this is just BORING! "Screw it, I'm goin' out there. Masque!" WIth that, he jumps out the window, the shield speeding out and following, catching him as he falls and slowing his momentum enough to lessen the impact. Staring out at the overgrowth before him, he snaps his cobrat-flail, prompting it to spit out a glob of it's usual acidic stuff. "Heheheheheh. Come on. No tree, nor shrubbery will take me alive!"

<Villain-IC> Mewtwo says, "<By the way, excellent shot with that giant bomb, Bowser>"

X looks out to the thing and winces at the light. He looks out as he starts to shoot the Ray of Death at all of the plants as long as the energy bar lasts...then grabs a refill just once and stops.

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Yes... I'll have to remember to make more of them. It was the only one I had loaded on the Doom Ship at the moment, however."

<Villain-IC> Fou-Lu says, "These all be but mere symptoms, not the cause. Where be the leader?"

Of course, as the bomb makes its impact, Station's leaping back to brace himself. Then, he gacks, then he pulls himself back. He looks at the jungle. He opens his eyes, "Red Mage!" Of course, it's too late.. Oh boy.

<Villain-IC> Naked! King Bowser says, "Heck if I know. Can we get a psychic, or some hippie tree-hugger out here to help determine the source of them?"

Staff flickering with black-violet power, Borgan concentrates as he forces his power to work the way /he/ wants it to. He never calls upon the Black Dragon, he simply forces it, and letting this spell actually complete is rather unfamiliar for him. The tendrils of power twist about the staff and his platform, appearing to darken the area around him as he concentrates. Finally, levelling the staff at a point in the sky, he bellows, "I call the power of the Black Dragon! Black Dragon Grief!"

And a hole in the sky opens, the smallest of pebbles arcing up toward it almost instantly by its vacuum pull, larger rocks and stones moving more slowly. While it never takes away the strongest, the spell is remarkably good at clearing areas of lesser creatures...hopefully this time included.

Mario bounces over to Red Mage. "Hello again-a, Red Mage. Whatsa going on-a?" Mario starts to fish around in his pockets for something. "This-a doesn't look-a too good, no?" The plucky lpumber retrieves a large yellow cloth from his back pocket, which he promptly ties around his neck. Is he mad? NO! "Now, all I'm-a gonna need is-a little-a running space." He looks around for room on the walls to get a good running start. Ah, that will do....Mario's starts walking....then jogging...then running.....juuuust a little further now....

Bowser continues to pace on the deck of his warship. He IS pleased with the effect of his Zeeky Bob-Omb, he only wishes he made two. Still, it seems even that mighty efford only helped take out a lot of the small-fry, whatever is causing this is still out there. He signals the cannon operations to continue their barrage of regular Bob-Omb blasts, until he can figure out something better to use, or some other place to target.

Black Belt raises an eyebrow. "Wow, a jungle! When did that get there?" He hmms, then scratches his head, even as RM runs off. "Uh... Hey! Wait for me!" He dashes off after Red Mage, meanwhile trying to come up with an ice technique really quick. "Oh, wait! I've got it!" He screeches to a halt next to a tree, then thrusts an open palm at the tree, sending a blue-glowing gust of Wind Ki-charged, uh, wind at the tree's trunk shaped like a wolf's head, freezing it and the underbrush around it! "Woo! It works! Now it needs a name. Um... Icewolf Wind Attack! Yeah!"

Royal Ariesian Shuttle arrives from Lylat System - Sector Z.

Royal Ariesian Shuttle has arrived.

As the monkey man hears his amphibious subordinate, he grumbles. "They are stronger than I expected." Glancing over to the pit of com-toads, he gives another order. "Find every last copperhead you can, and arm them. Fire them at the Big Ones immediately! They might not kill them, but at least they'll be weakened." Hearing Mewtwo's comment, he turns to the psykitty and considers. "You could be correct. But how would we find such an epicenter?" Of course, it occurs to him. "Could you use your psionic powers to find it?"

And the light-colored canine returns, reappearing by Fou-Lu's side, opposite its darker-furred counterpart. "It is done, sire." Further out, hundreds of Chingols and Kolpums begin to hack away at the unfriendly foliage, Shadowwalks and Frost Strikes flashing, utterly heedless of their own safety. Of course, the damage is hardly one-way, the ninja getting smashed, enveloped, and even eaten, but like most RPG random monsters, there's always more where those came from.

"And now the circle is complete. These rebel forces will soon know our true power." A snotty voice oozes from a shadowy corner of the Throne Room. "Good evening, gentlemen." With his arms folded across his chest and his lips tweaked into a slight sneer, the long absent Gamemaster: Agent 3D0, steps into the light. "Lucky for all of you, I just happened to be passing through this system.. with some of the help." The Gamemaster strides to a window and looks up at the sky.

Score upon score of dusky grey space ships are entering the atmosphere of Venom. Salthi, Dralthi, Krant, Jalthi, and Gratha, the ships of the feline warriors known as Kilrathi. These fighters speed forward to join the forces of Andross against the walking jungle that creeps and shambles across the surface of Venom.

The Agent grins, "Cool, hun?"

The Trees. The horrible, beautiful trees.

Beyond the walls, after the length of a good football field or more... are those trees. Each stand at nearly 20 feet tall, and it it were not for the fact that those beyond the walls know what each of them are... ...it would be serenely beautiful there. A beauty that Venom has not known for thousands of years.

And above... the skies are filled with the eerie firelight of the burning chunks of the thick debris cloud that spread over the world of Venom.

All is silent from the trees for now... save the continued assaults from within the walls, that sheer into the wooded pathways and knock down tree after tree.

However... every time a tree falls... ...two saplings begin to grow from the grass below them... taking what is the work of centuries over the course of fifteen minutes.

And then... in the distance... a deep, reverberating rumble from several throats resounds... and great shapes can be seen beyond... as if great hills slide slowly along the landscape, the trees rising up and falling over the great mounds.

The 'Big Ones' are slowly approaching... ...but that is not the first danger. For now... even as the Black Dragon Grief swallows up a swath of woodlands, the trees... begin to change. Unziping seemingly down the middle in some cases, or unfolding many legs.

Pale, bulbous, glowing eyes open among the branches. Gaping mouths filled with teeth spread wide. And things even more unnamable rise up from the undergrowth... for they /are/ the Undergrowth... twisted into horrific, man-like shapes. Each one drenched and sopping as it moves outward and towards the walls... many tall enough merely to climb over it.

The first attack comes swiftly, and with terrible ferocity... ...as from the treeline... spears come. Great shards of wood propelled at ungodly fast speeds... some even shooting up to stab at the hovering doomship where they impale and begin to leak corrosive sap.

And others fall amongst the First Line of Defense.

Horrors of Nature strikes Mario with his weak Fury of Nature attack.

Horrors of Nature misses Black Belt with his weak Fury of Natue attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Akira with his weak Fury of Natue attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Red Mage with his weak Fury of Natue attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Station with his weak Fury of Natue attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes King Bowser with his weak Fury of Natue attack.

You have taken 7 damage.

Alex Kidd has arrived.

Horrors of Nature strikes X with his weak Fury of Nature attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Wart with his weak Fury of Nature attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Borgan with his weak Fury of Nature attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Fou-Lu with his weak Fury of Nature attack.

<Villain-IC> Agent 3D0 says, "Never worry, never fear.. The Agent is here. Ladies and gentlemen, sit back and relax as we bring you the soothing sounds of ultimate destruction. This invasion is as good as crushed."

<Villain-IC> Captain X says, "I'll believe that when I see it."

King Bowser paces the deck of the Doom Ship, ordering the grunts below to load the Big Bertha gain. He has no more Zeeky Bob-Ombs, but he DOES have quit a few oversized cannon-balls to use. The Big Bertha emerges once more from the front of the Doom Ship as Bowser points at that mass of... whatever that just appeared and assaulted the ship. "Fire! FIRE!!" He roars, as the Big Bertha opens fire yet again, sending a massive, Mithril cannon-ball soaring towards their evil plant-like attacker.

King Bowser strikes Horrors of Nature with his BIG BERTHA!!! (The cannon, not the fish) attack.

Wart cackles as he continues whipping at the undergrowth with the cobrats, the snake teeth snapping as the flail snaps. Of course, the wood spears catches him off guard, flying through his guard and pegging him in the leg. "GAH....ok, now that ain't cool. You know what that means..." Cackling, he points to the trees as they shape and form into the army of flora before him. "MASQUE SHIELD! CODE C.S.!" WIth that, the shield flies out, spinning like mad, and tilting until it's on his side. Then, as it reaches the treeline, it snaps out to the side, trying to cut all along the front line, much to Wart's delight. "YES!! GOOOO!! HAHAHAH!!"

Black Belt stares in dull suprise at the incoming acidic wooden spears. Suddenly, Black Belt bends over backwards, and dodges the flying shards of wood, Matrix-Style! Then, Black Belt stands up straight again, and blinks. A pause.

"...Hey! You're shooting at me!"

Another pause.

"Don't do that!" He lifts his fists, and they glow with blue energy. Suddenly, he thrusts his palms out towards a group of the tree-monsters. "Icewolf Wind Attack!" A huge blast of blue-glowing, freezing air in the shape of a huge wolf head shoots out, howling an unearthly how as it rockets towards the enemy evil Treants!

Wart strikes Horrors of Nature with his Masque - Code C(ircular) S(aw) attack.

<Villain-IC> Dual says, "Oh, God, he escaped from the bathroom."

Andross lets out a heavy sigh, and begins to walk away from the throne room. "If you will excuse me fore a moment, I need to change forms now. It has become apparent to me that my forces need all the help they can get. Kerropi, you are in charge here." Yes, Andross will have to dirty his hands with fighting once again. Well, if you want something done right.

...You have to do it yourself.

Black Belt strikes Horrors of Nature with his Icewolf Wing Attack! attack.

X gahs as he is hit with the spears, them not striking very far in. But then the corrosive sap comes into play. Smoke comes from inside of him as he twitches randomly, circuits broken and rerouted, "DAMNIT!" He finally stops, nearly panting as he looks up to the trees, "That is IT!" He loads the Warlock Lord's weapon in the buster and pointing at the forest trees with his buster, "Get out of here." RAYOFDEATH!

<Villain-IC> Fou-Lu says, "Somehow, we are not reassured."

Fou-Lu pulls the spears out of his arm. "And so it doth begin in earnest. "Guard the castle for our return. This should not take long." "As you wish, sire." The dogs vanish in twin blue flames." Meanwhile, in a pillar of blue light, the emperor grows wings, claws, a tail, his hair turning golden.

Fou-Lu misses Fou-Lu with his Meditation: Astral healing attack.

X strikes Horrors of Nature with his Buster Attack: The Warlock Lord smash attack.

<Villain-IC> Dual says, "I *knew* I shouldn't have left that `push' label on the hand-stop. He must have finally figured it out."

Borgan strikes Horrors of Nature with his Black Dragon Grief smash attack.

The Wolfen X flies around, and charges up it's weapons. The big ones, at that. Wolf's still piloting by remote, for the moment, safely inside of Andross' fortress. Yes. Here they go...The X-93 Rail Cannons. Specially built just for the Wolfen X, and now aimed on the green evil. They fire, sending out those usual blue streams behind them as the metal slugs launch.

Red Mage takes a spear in the arm, but keeps going, flinging himself from branch to branch. He coughs and grins, pulling it out. "It'll take more than that to stop me!" His face turns a rather evil shade of black, and he raises a hand. A line of Fire Spurts race along the forest/jungle, as the Red Mage calls forth the fires of hell to do his bidding.

Wolf O'Donnell strikes Horrors of Nature with his Dual X-93 Rail Cannons smash attack.

Red Mage strikes Horrors of Nature with his Deamon Fire attack.

Addition to Borgan's prior casting of Black Dragon Grief - spears. Ah, spears. Some arc into his shield, smashing to pieces; when they do, though, the corrosive sap drips down and eats away at feet, robes, and platform. He's armoured against things coming from in front and things falling down...but he left his feet open again. Lazy combat shielding.

JUST.....A LITTLE...FUR..THUR........a successful takeoff, despite being tagged by a few stray shards of grass. Mario does a mighty leap...and doesn't come back down! The cape-ed one is off! A quick loop-de-loop to to aim, and he's off, buzzing through the jungle at top speed, arms outstreched into fists. He's disreguarding the branches, just ploughing through them. Oh, and of course, the line that you've /all/ been waiting for.


Okay, so you weren't waiting for it. That's hardly my fault, now is it?

Mario strikes Horrors of Nature with his Flyby attack.

An Warp Gate opens and a Paddlecopter flies out of the warp, and slows down as its pilot, Alex Kidd, stares down at the mess. "...Oh. Hedge Trimming. How nice..." Alex murmurs, as he goes on a attack run...

"Missile Away!"

Jair continues to... well.. stand around. He also hums a little tune. Ahah.

Akira grunts in pain as a large piece of wood suddenly flies into his arm. Akira, however, doesn't care how wounded he is, he'll fight to the bitter end. He quickly takes the wood out and chucks it away. He then disappears, reappearing somewhere close to all the plants. He then unleash's his furious Ice Image attack, causing the temperature to drop a considerable amount, and also causing large snowflake shaped bits of ice to fly around, causing random damage as they go.

Mewtwo merely nods a little. <If it is findable, we will.> We? We who? Who knows. There's not much time to ask him if someone wanted to, as the genetic psychic is absorbed in his own energies, and disappearing. Though that's just to reappear up at the surface, homing in on Charizard's position and reappearing there courtesy of a Teleport. The beast looks to him, but gets a headshake in responce. <I have another task for you my friend. I want you to fly, as high and as far as you can. Find where these monsters are coming from. We must destroy it.> Charizard nods in return, and with a roar takes off into the skies to begin the search.

That done, Mewtwo turns his attention elsewhere. So much to do, so little time. He focuses his attention again, drawing power to help open the other end of the warpzone that starts to appear near him.

Within it, a deep thrumming, almost buzzing sound can be heard. And then the source becomes apparent, as the responce to Mewtwo's call to change plans fly forth from the portal. The sound the beating of many wings, as Scyther and Beedrill speed from the opening, followed by a slower Heracross and Pinsir. The steel armored forms of Scizor and Skarmory, the sharp beak and talons of a vicious Fearow, and at the end the dark clawed form of a Sneasel contrasting the massive brute of a Ursaring all to join the fight. Claws, beaks, wings and talons of steel... Well, Andross did suggest blades.

Alex Kidd strikes Horrors of Nature with his weak Peddlecopter - Attack Run attack.

Mewtwo strikes Horrors of Nature with his weak Somebody Called For Blades? attack.

Akira strikes Horrors of Nature with his Ice Image attack.

With a few taps on his Gamepad, the Original Evil Gamemaster sends a few pertinant commands to his Kilrathian fleet. With the swifter Salthi in the lead, a large clump of Jalthi and Gratha fighters attack the living lawn with missles and shots from their Mass Driver guns. The Agent grins in fierce pleasure at the destruction.

Agent 3D0 strikes Horrors of Nature with his Air to Surface WHOOPASS attack.

And the Battle has begun under a Rain of Fire.

From the skies come the Kilrathi, and their great machines begin their dive. From the Wall and the Fortress, as well as the Doom Ship above... come Legion. The All-mighty Fury of Venom has been unleashed, and, augmented as it is by those Heroes who have chosen to aid in this time of crisis for much of the world... it is considerable.

Explosions, Blasts of Power, An Army of Pokemon, The Black Dragon Grief, and the power of Heroic Magic all combine into a force that bites deep into the Horrors of Nature that have come to prey upon Venom and slay every living creature upon it. Plant-Beasts are felled, some trees, not protected from Flames, ignite in towering infernos. Others are battered down by the force of Cape-wearing Plumbers. And others are send flying apart by explosions that open great holes in the mass.

But the grass underfoot, frozen, blown up, or sered... still grows swiftly over the fallen, taking their nutrients to try and regrow the army even as it is set against.

The warriors of Venom are Unleashed, even as Commander Kyrmt Kerropi issues the order!!

The skies continue to rain beautiful streaks of fire.

...But that isn't the end of this fight. Only the beginning.

The trees counterattack! Flailing limbs. Deadly claws. Flying trees that soar into the sky to impact with oncoming fighters or Doomship with explosions of corrosive goo. Great-multi-legged Plant-Spider monsters and Bush-Bears and Soaring Pine-tree-Bats.

As Venom and the Villains, with their Heroic enemies now turned, for a time, comrades in arms break upon the wave of Green... Nature Strikes Back

Horrors of Nature strikes Alex Kidd with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes X with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes King Bowser with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

You have taken 8 damage.

Horrors of Nature strikes Mario with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature misses Black Belt with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Akira with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature misses Red Mage with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Station with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Wart with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Borgan with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Agent 3D0 with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Fou-Lu with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature strikes Mewtwo with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Horrors of Nature misses Wolf O'Donnell with his weak Nature Strikes Back attack.

Tiny specks in the distance, flying towards the ongoing battle at incredible speeds. Swarms among swarms of Ninjins, and fewer Copperheads, fly towards the raging forest surrounding Venom's capitol. With no ships or fighters to escort them, the missiles are fairly open to attack...

But that doesn't stop the impending weapons of destruction. As specks become dots, which then become easily identifiable objects, the missiles descend upon the forest, some going for the Big Ones in the distance, and others going for the endless swarms near the capitol

And suddenly, the air around the entrance to the fortress begins to shimmer and warp, as a massive disembodied simian head, complete with two hands, fades into existence. "Those who cross me... Will die!"

[OOC] King Bowser urk, I gotta run, it's getting late. Just assume the Doom Ship stayed around providing cover-fire and stuff, until this was either settled, or an order was given to retreat.

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