Mushroom Kingdom - Koopa Kingdom

    An arid, dry land, as opposed to the peaceful fields of the Mushroom Kingdom, the Koopa lands are the home of Bowser's army, any semblance of normality wiped away by the armies that routinely train and fight here. Koopas, Goombas, and all of Bowser's other creatures live here, seemingly preferring the wastelands to the much nicer climes of the Mushroom Kingdom beyond. This area is hostile, and few Mushroom People ever set foot near it.
    Bowser's castle sits on the horizon, alone on a big crag of rock, a single bridge leading to it. Bowser's name is set in neon atop the castle... this is not a subtle turtle's home.

The Doom Ship Yards - steepled deep in the Koopa Kingdom, this is where the ships for Bowser's Army is built. There are several of them in dock here at the moment, moored around a castle that looks like it has seen better days. Those in the know will realize that this could be one of the first castles that Bowser built. And today, that castle is facing an infestation, of Heroes!

"...okay, according to the old maps and stuff, if we head up there, there's a gangplank, and we can easily access the Doom Ships from there." Link murmurs, looking to the small team with him. "Ryu, I think we need a distraction. Think you can hit one of them from here and cause some damage?"

Looking fairly confident today, Paula stands beside Link, peering at the area maps. "Hopefully a distraction that won't get us put on the news right away, right? Not like that time with Ganon's fortress..." she trails off, shuddering. "Okay!"
"Our goal's to steal stuff, right? And what we can't steal we should blow up, right? I brought some mines just in case but not much else."

Looking over the map, the blackgarbed Ninja nods once and gives a slightly disbelieving glance at the young Hylian, a 'Is that a real question or rhetorical?' sort of look. "Of course." he answers, squinting his eyes at the closest ship and pondering what among the possible options would be the best pick.

"Just say when." says Ryu as his choice is made, the arrow picked from his quiver and placed upon the bowstring.

Taking out his own silver arrow with a red tip, Link draws back, pulling on the High Explosive arrow that Uncle Ryu gave him a while back. "On three, Uncle Ryu.. 1.. 2..3.."

And the arrow goes flying.

    The Captain is here, but he's not leading this mission for once. He's here as guidance and to make sure none of his heroes get tore up from the floor up. He's quite bored, though, actually with the waiting and the sneaking. He's Platformer. He's more of a N Your Face kinda' Gamemaster, y'know?

    Though, a smile creeps across his lips as he watches the archers prepare to start the attack. He reaches down, snatches his Zapper from its holster and checks the charge on it. With a smile and a wink down to Duke, he's crouched next to him, he whispers, "Game on."

The APFSDS arrow pulled all the way to his ear, the shinobi waits, listening for the young leader's mark as he counts down. The arrow is normally used against tanks and such armored targets which is exactly why Ryu aims at one of the propellers. The twist of his fingers sends the arrow in a spinning motion, tearing through the air similarly to how a drill pierces wood or metal.

It gives him more range, and it's a clan technique.

Tonight the King is out surveying the Koopa Kingdom. He's not looking for heroic intrusions (Heroes, attack HIM? Bwahaha! He hasn't even kidnapped the Princess yet, why would they be after HIM?), he's out to make sure his minions aren't SLACKING OFF! So they can warn him about the heroic intrusions that will never happen, of course!

However his trip is cut short, unexpectedly, when he hears an explosion. His first thought is that it must be a stray Bob-Omb.. but no, Bob-Ombs make a distinctive 'BOMB!' sound. Bowser investigates, flying his Clown Coptor towards the Shipyards, and lo and behold! The audacity! Heroes invading HIS land! And of all the people: Captain N is here too! "Grrrr..." Bowser grabs a transmitter from within his Coptor.

"KOOPA TROOP ASSEMBLE! To the shipyards!"

He knows his troop may not cut it, though, so he also makes ANOTHER call...

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "BWARGH! Heroes! Hereos in MY land!"
<Fac-EVIL> Gades says, "Just how is this ...surprising, Bowser?"
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "I haven't kidnapped anyone yet!"
<Fac-EVIL> Gades says, "Oh. Then, yes, it is quite surprising."
<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "Typical. Go go doctrine of pre-emption."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Some-a you get down here and help out!"
<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "Sure, sure. I'll help."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain LeChuck says, "On the way."
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Hmm....alright."

Some people just can't stand Koopa whining. Gameshark is one of them. I mean, come on. He's the infamous King Koopa, can't he handle a few pansy Heroes? Whatever. A hole is punched in the air, and from the swirling neon vortex, the Cheater descends, looking over the occurances with a mildly bored expression. He lofts through the sky, lazily sailing towards the shipyard to find out who's here, and then engage in the time-honored tradition of punching them in the face until candy, XP, and loot comes out.

Shang Tsung stands on the deck of one of the ships, watching the heroes start their bothersome fires and explosions and what have you against Bowser's armada. Of course, the damn things are made of wood, so of course they'd burn easily. Shang, in his youngest form, leaps off the ship and lands on a rocky outrcropping, making his way towards the group, smiling wickedly.

Flames appear around one of the masts of another ship yet don't start to spread out as a normal fire would. It seems to be alive as it starts to move across the deck before circling around another mast and into the crows nest. It looks like the ship finally catches on fire as the flames grow stronger where they. Anyone actually looking closer would see a skeleton forming quickly followed by the flesh and clothes of the demon pirate LeChuck. The undead brigand smirks as he looks down from his perch before making his way down and towards the group of heroes.

After hearing Kevin's request for specifics on the radio, Paula gives the yard a quick once-over before selecting a doom ship that is nearby a good deal of lumber piles and a crane or two. The cranes don't appear to be operational right now, despite the fact that one of them currently has a lumber load hanging from it. Standard background fare.
"That one, Kevin! Let's go, quick!" she alerts the gamemaster before taking off to the chosen ship.

    Kevin looks to Paula and gives her a quick nod, mainly because she's awesome at the whole ship selection thing.

    "God, I love this part." Kevin says, twirling his Zapper and breaking off into a quick run, from where he was. "Duke! Watch Paula!" he calls out, stepping up onto a rock and launching himself way high into the air. High enough to be considered flying, if there are people around that don't know who he is. But honestly, who doesn't know the greatest champion that Videoland has ever received?! ... No, not Sora. Captain N!

    "All eyes on me, boys!" Kevin yells, twisting in the air. That Zapper is ignited and blue digital blasts are sent flying in the direction of gumbies all down below. If he happens to hit one of the minibosses, that's cool too.

    With the laser light show all shot out, gravity kicks in and Kevin's descent starts. Oh look, he just happens to be gliding downwards toward that ship by the lumber over there. What a coincidence. Totally not a planned or aimed Super Double Jump at all. Nope.

    As for Duke, he's racing along beside Paula, with his protective growl and sneer in place. Rar, b*tches.

After his arrow strikes home, Link grunts. "...darn, was aiming for the main sail." Grabbing his sword, the Hylian looks to his Uncle. "Ready?" he asks, and starts to head in after the Gamemaster and Chosen Girl.

"Keep your eyes open, we'll be hitting resistance any moment now!" he calls out to Ryu as he forms up the second rank as he heads towards the ship Paula picked.
Looking around to see the degree of alertness caused by the explosions, it's easily noticable by Bowser's presence, call to arms and such that the enemies will be pouring in any second now. Ryu seems...unbothered by this, he's not Solid Snake, the Hayabusa Ninja is capable of stealth but he's equally capable of making a path through hundred of enemies.

"Always ready." he says, running after Link takes the lead, but purposely falling behind as a strange chi signature and strange-dressed man (By Mushroom Kingdom standards) caught his eye so to speak. He doesn't investigate with questions or asking for names, Ryu's first reaction is to snapshot fire an arrow: If he was an ally he would have made it clear already. He keeps running, as if taunting the unknown man to follow in a direction other than the one Link and the others took.

Ryu Hayabusa misses Shang Tsung with his weak Snapshot attack.

Shang Tsung reaches out and just grabs the arrow, snapping it in half and tossing it away while he runs for the ninja, his eyes flashing bright green as he stares at the one he now pursues. Perhaps...analyzing. The others can have the elf boy and his girl; this one interests the sorcerer. Since the ninja seems to be still ahead, Shang morphs into another ninja, Yuffie Kisaragi, and quickly gains on Ryu. Shang turns back into himself, and reaches to grab Ryu and give him a good backwards throw to stop him in his tracks.

Stupid heroes and their stupid raids and their stupid tactics! Grr! Bowser's not happy about this! But at least he got some Fortress people to come help. Not that they should need to be asked, they should VOLUNTEER to come help his greatness out! But he'll let it slide this time. He has a Keene to Kream.

Leaping out of his Clown Coptor, Bowser lands with a heavy thud not 6 feet in front of Captain N, and bellows a mighty roar. Smoke drifting out of his mouth, he shouts:


Not giving the chosen one a chance to respond, Bowser takes out a hammer and chucks it at his noggin. It is time for the clash of oldschool vs oldschool.

Shang Tsung strikes Ryu Hayabusa with his weak Throw attack.

King Bowser misses Captain N with his weak Hammer Throw attack.

Speaking of resistance, oh look! Here comes Gameshark, dropping out of the sky with a giggle. "Well well, long time no see, Heroes! I was wondering if you all had forgotten about us!" With a twist in the air, Travis lands on the deck, confronting the Heroes with a mocking bow. "And look! If it isn't the little lovebirds! I'm so surprised that you would be here, considering..." He chuckles, and flips open his Holo-Computer. "But ah well, less said about that, the better, right? Now get out of here before I... Oh, who am I kidding? DIE!" He taps at the holocomp, and a big sign appears in the air...

Gameshark attacks with: Violent Ballad!

A cacaphonic power ballad clashes through the air with teeth-jarring force, attempting to blast a Hero off the ship!
Oh, did I say random? I meant 'blow Young Link the hell up'. That's random, right?

Gameshark strikes Young Link with his Violent Ballad attack.

"What the..."

Shapeshifting is a rare talent, one Ryu lacked the displeasure of dealing with in the past, and the surprise costs him as the increased speed catches him by surprise as well, one thing leading to another as he ends up thrown on his back hard.

This is going to be tricky, how do you stay 1 step ahead of someone who shifts shape? The Ninja has no idea, he'll just have to improvise to his best. Flipping back to his feet, the Hayabusa Ninja moves forward and seems to almost blink behind the man-turned-girl, the only real hint to the nature of the strike being that his sword wasn't drawn a moment ago yet he's holding it in both hands now, the dragon tooth katana gleaming a white light of positive chi.

Ryu Hayabusa strikes Shang Tsung with his Gale Wind attack.

Captain LeChuck watches the others as they start the fight grumbling as he notices the only one left is Paula. He shrugs saying, "By Neptune's navel, what a hand I've been dealt. Well can't get the best pick every time." Not wasting anytime he transforms into a large fireball which crashes infront of the young psychic. Quickly reforming his eyes focus on his current target saying, "Well I haven't seen ye in a long time. But no time for chit-chat, lets get on with it." Jumping back a fireball forms in his hand which he quickly tosses.

Captain LeChuck misses Paula with his Fastball Special attack.

With Ryu peeling off, Link finds himself alone for a moment. That, he wasn't expecting. But that's okay, he'll make his way to the ship! Rounding the corner to cross the gangplank, the Hylian suddenly finds his path blocked by Gameshark of all people. The boy slides to a halt. Oh, dammit!

The first comment that leaps into Link's mind is quickly dragged down and strangled. No telling allowed! The actual retort? It's drained out by..
o/` Evvvvvvvery Rose has it's thorn! Just like every night has it's DaaaAAAaawWWWnnn~! o/`

Link covers his ears, giving a loud yelp before he's blown overboard. Grabbing his hookshot, the Hylian fires it into the mizzenmast, then allows it to yank him forward. "...turn that noise off!"

Young Link strikes Gameshark with his Video (Games) Killed The Radio Star. attack.

"Oh great, Gameshark a-what are you talking abou-LINK LOOK OUT!" Paula waves a hand, frustrated.
Her frustration only grows as LeChuck approaches her. "HEY! Yeah..well...I don't have any time to deal with dumb dead guys like YOU!" she huffs before quite calmly drawing her psi magnet aura forth. The fireball strikes that and is quickly sucked in, turning the normally blue swirling energy red and making Paula look rather demonic for a moment there.
Lifting a hand, she gathers the fire above her, then throws it right back at LeChuck. She doesn't waste any time in continuing to move, this time heading for a lumber pile, likely for cover.

    "Wuh-oh..." Kevin's eyes go wide as he's about to land, but with a giant Koopa in his path and A HAMMER headed at his face, he figures he might need a change of course. That Zapper comes up quickly, with the pull of the trigger, said hammer is *BLIP!*'d right out of the air. Thank goodness for having the best damn aim in Videoland. Or at least thinking he does, right? "Awww. Did widdle Bowsy Wowsy miss me?" Mmmm. Heroic Taunting.

    Kevin's hand then moves to the Power Pad, pressing the Right Arrow and sends his body in a jerk to the right. He tosses the Zapper into his mouth and catches it with his teeth, as he's going to need his hands for this. Both of them latch onto chain of lumber that's hanging from this particular crane. His weight and strength pull the chain back, almost tilting the crane over! As it starts to swing back the other way, Kevin holds on with one hand, drops the Zapper into his free hand, and blasts the chain at the right moment!

    The chain snaps and Kevin and the lumber go flying off in Bowser's direction! "Whup! Here's my stop!" Kevin says with a smile, flipping up and pushing off the end of the logs to backflip towards the DoomShip that they want to get their hands on.

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Just-N TIMBER-Lake? Eat Your Heart Out. attack.
You have taken 23 damage.

Paula strikes Captain LeChuck with her I'll burn you with opposed to witty insults and pigmy marmosets attack.

Dang hookshot! Gameshark was in the middle of a perfectly good laugh at Link's misfortune as the kid blasts past him and sends him smashing into a wall, leaving a typically Gameshark-sized sent. "Ugh. Did you power that thing up?" He peels himself off of the wall, and hops down, tapping some more at the Holo-Computer. "I'm going to make sure this is memorable!"

Another sign appears...
Gameshark attacks with: Stealth Psychosis!

Bowser roars as the lumber comes crashing down on him. "FUNGAH--" THUD. Ow, lumber-rain really hurts. But measly pieces of wood aren't enough to stop the King of the Koopas!

Bursting out of the lumber pile like a bat outta hell, Bowser leaps towards the very same Doom Ship Captain N is headed for, all the while taking a deep breath. And anyone who has faced Bowser should know what THAT means. A giant honking fireball is spewed in Kevin's direction.

Also, you may THINK the Doom Ships are flammable, but when they're piloted by fire-breathing Koopas, and frequently boarded by fireball chucking heroes, Bowser had the rare stroke of sense to coat them with something that makes them fire proof. So that means Bowser gets to hurl fire around with abbadon!

There's a flash of blood from Ryu's strike, and Shang (who as stated is in his normal form now) now has a nice cut on his body. He turns to face the ninja, no smirk on his face. With a battle yell, Shang Tsung jumps and performs a flying kick downwards at Ryu, followed by two high punches upon landing, a mid-kick, and then Shang finishes the combo by putting his arms together and firing a flaming skull point blank in the ninja.

King Bowser misses Captain N with his Fireballed attack.

Shang Tsung misses Ryu Hayabusa with his Kung Fu Fighting attack.

The air swirls around YL, tightening... And there is a loud 'no buzzer' noise as a large 'FAIL' appears in the air before Gameshark.

"What? This sucks."

Gameshark misses Young Link with his trivial Random Attack Failure! attack.

Captain LeChuck's eyes narrow as he's hit but continues standing as he absorbs the damage along with the fireball saying, "Now that is getting annoying." He looks towards the lumber pile and makes his way towards it. Eyes shifting left to right as he thinks for a bit saying to himself, "Hmm, maybe this will be a entertaining after all." He quickly stifles a chuckle as a ghostly image starts to appear in his hands before moving up and over the pile. It slowly takes form as it sneaks near Paula becoming larger before letting out a hiss like that a giant insect or arachnid would make. Which it is as a giant ghostly spider appears next to the girl, all eight eyes focused on possible pray before attempting to swat with one of its legs.

Captain LeChuck strikes Paula with his Arachnophobia! attack.

"..." Link stares as Gameshark starts to summon up an attack. And then, he gets 'Stealth Psychosis', and the boy, who had been bracing for anything, suddenly, just.. he starts to laugh his ass off at failure. He can't help it. It was just that damn funny.

But he should take this fight seriously. Grabbing a Deku Nut, he twists and flings it towards Gameshark, hoping that he put enough arm behind it to make it explode.

Young Link aims less accurately for his next attack!
Young Link weakens his next attack!
Young Link strikes Gameshark with his weak Nuts to Your DAG, Dog. attack.
Young Link misses Gameshark with his trivial Laughing at You~ attack.

The kick is blocked by a high cross-block, the punches weaved, and the fire skull hits dead on...and yet, the impact causes a cloud of smoke, revealing a Doom Ship log of wood in the place of the Ninja.

Where did Ryu decoy-teleport to? Well, where do people usually teleport to? Above? Too easy to guess. Behind? Too cliche. The answer comes from the left side of the strange shifter, in the form of a slice yet without the sword behind it, the very wind turned sharp and dangerous by a single motion.

Ryu Hayabusa strikes Shang Tsung with his Blade of a Thousand Winds attack.

    No, he doesn't. Wanna' know why? Watch.

    Kevin lands on the ship, skidding back a foot or two and looks up, just in time to see Bowser coming towards him. He smirks and holds his Zapper behind his back, using his thumb to switch gears on it. "Come to papa..." he whispers, totally timing his counter attack. When Bowser sucks in that breath, Kevin hits 'im with another of ye ol' tauntages, "Geez, Bowsy! I heard you had the hots for me..." And here comes the fire out of this terrible blunder lizard's mouth. So gross. "... but this is ridiculous!"

    Kevin then takes a step up, towards the flames that are coming towards him. "Here! Have a mint! It's on the house!" THat Zapper comes from behind his back and out comes a shimmering icy beam of coldness. It connects with the fire and crystallizes the flames instantly. Bowser better close his mouth before before his tongue gets caught up in the beam.

    The Zapper is yanked away and Kevin's left hand is on the Power Pad once more. "And now, for my next trick!" He presses B + A, holds Up for 2 seconds, releases and presses B. His body is flung into the air and he proceeds to spin with uncanny speed, twisting and twirling like a tornado, before his outstretched foot smacks into the iced flames and shatters it, hopefully sending the sharp shards back towards the Bowser Beast!

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Chill Factor Tornado Kick Power Counter Combo! attack.
You have taken 19 damage.

Leaping onto the other side of the pile, Paula takes a moment to catch her breath, glancing to the Doom Ship, then to the cranes, then in the direction of Link's laughter. "At least he-" she stops suddenly at the sound of the hiss, her eyes widening slightly. A snake? Didn't sound quite like a snake.
Slowly she turns her head to the side, her own two eyes met with eight. She stares in shock for a long moment before it smacks the side of her head. "..."
"...EEEEEEEEEK!" A faint curse follows, then scrambling, backwards, then more screaming. Widly, she flails her hands around, trying to grab onto one of those wooden beams. Should this succeed, this wooden beam will quickly become her makeshift rolled-up newspaper.

Paula misses Captain LeChuck with her *SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK* attack.

Shang Tsung urghs as the winds cut into his side, drawing more blood. He holds his hand there as he faces Ryu again. This time, Shang raises his hand, and suddenly the very ground starts to ripple like water, in various spots forming a line which Ryu is now in. Suddenly flaming skulls erupt from these ripples in a wave, Shang hoping to catch Ryu in one or two of the fiery projectiles as they scream forth.

Shang Tsung misses Ryu Hayabusa with his Skull Eruption attack.

Gameshark punches his Holo-Computer, trusting to Russian Maintenance to debug whatever made his Random Attack Hack Generator crap out like that. Stuff like that works in Videoland, you know! While he's busy, however, a Deku Nut whacks him in the face and explodes, causing Travis to stagger backwards from the blinding flash (and with a nice burn on his forehead). Blinking the blinding afterimages out of his eyes, the Cheater growls at YL. "Damn it, I'm going to show you what happens when you laugh!" Taptap tap, and here we go again...

Gameshark attacks with: Shotgun Twinkle!

A shotgun appears in the air, and Gameshark levels it and fires at YL. This would be completely badass, if the gun didn't shoot a bunch of rainbow twinklies and sparkles at Young Link. At least they might do something painful. Like burn. Or something.

Gameshark weakens his next attack!
Gameshark strikes Young Link with his weak WTF kind of attack is 'Shotgun Twinkle'? attack.

Bowser grunts at N's tauntings. "Why you litt-ARRGHGGFKKL" And the ice does its work, momentarily freezing Bowser's mouth. Sheesh, that makes twice since he got back from his vacation that a hero decided it to be wise to ice his breath. It doesn't even work all that well, as one attempted roar melts the ice faster than the Sahara. However, it DOES keep the King occupied long enough to fail to get out of the way of N's follow-up attack. The icy shards impale Bowser at various points, triggering another roar of anger from the Bowser Beast.

Well this SUCKS. He hasn't even landed a hit yet, and he's getting pulverized out there. On his own home turf! The audacity of Keene, it just makes Bowser so MAD. That's it, time to take things up to THE NEXT LEVEL. The Koopa King quickly dashes at the Chosen One, and just as he builds up enough speed he dives into his shell, and sends himself rocketing towards N. Bowser's control in this form is suprisingly good, so N had better keep up his fancy moves if he wants to escape harm.

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his Shell Shocked attack.

"...oh snap, shotgun.." Link mutters, staring in horror as he looks at the shotgun that was just leveled at him. As he starts to leap backwards, then suddenly, he ends up.. shot?

Augh, twinkles! What's worse than twinkles? It's the twinkles that stick to you, burn your skin.. and worse of all -- STICK! Link's all sparkly now. Standing up as the light reflects off of him, the boy stares at himself up and down as he twinkles and reflects light. "Gimmie that!" he shouts at Gameshark, grabbing a rock, and flinging it at the random attack generator.

"Stupid generator!"
Young Link attacks with: Necro !!

Popping up on the display is 'Necro !!'. Suddenly a box drops on top of Link, covering him as everything gets dark, the area blacking out.
The box suddenly lifts, and Sparkle Link leaps out. Will Gameshark be surprised, Solid Snake style? Alert! Alert!

Young Link strikes Gameshark with his trivial Necro !! attack.
Young Link lowers Gameshark's nimbleness!

The disturbance is noticed slightly before the explosions, as ground ripples are in no way signs of a Good Thing. Rather than jumping wildly however, the Hayabusa Ninja positions himself where there has been no ripples, waiting for the blast to pass. It's not the first time he's seen such attacks, and likely not the last. They usually came from above however, so it's a slightly different.

Seeing that the man seems pretty focused on close martial arts and ranged evil magic, Ryu decides to fight fire with fire. How? Well, with fire, as he gathers chi energy in his hands and forms a crimson ball of flames.

Ryu Hayabusa misses Shang Tsung with his Flame Dragon Ball (Collect all 7!) attack.

Captain LeChuck raises a hand to his ear as he hears the shriek, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAR! That still has yet to get old." Grinning wildly he makes his way to where his ghostly apparition and Paula are. The ghost-spider shrinks down and runs over to the demon pirate as he says, "Nice scream you have there, too bad its not in the collection of the ones trapped in the caves back home. Make a nice addition as part of a special alarm clock." He snickers again looking to the little arachnid thats now on his shoulder for a second before focusing back on what he's down as a smirk crosses his face while taking a few steps forward.

 A pair of fireballs quickly form in his hands once again as he says, "This is certainly getting to be fun, but I think its time with liven things up. How well are you at dancing?" Not waiting for a reply he quickly aims but instead of launching fireballs a stream of fire launches from one hand. Quickly followed by another in quick succession while aiming towards the psychics feet, "Lets see if you know how to do an Irish Jig."

Gameshark watches the box drop with an arched eyebrow. "Hah! Nyah nyah! You're all sparkly! Maybe they'll finalyl get off my baa-AAAH!" The Cheater blinks and falls back in surprise at the onslaught of OMG ANGRY ELFKID AAAAAAAH! In desperation, Gameshark hits some buttons, and...

Gameshark attacks with: Uber Bolt!

Captain LeChuck strikes Paula with his Dance Irish Style! attack.

Shang Tsung quickly fires another flaming skull at the fireball, causing an explosion when the two collide; Shang takes advantage of this and bursts through the smoke, aiming to perform another downward kick and follow up with two low punches, then an uppercut. "HYA!" The sorcerer is still watching Ryu intently, but why? The ninja will find out soon enough...

High in the sky, there is a crackly of electricity. Power builds, coealscing into a massive sphere of plasma, before exploding downwards in a mighty blast of lightning centered on Young Link. An extremely mighty blast. It might even be an... /uber/ blast!

Gameshark strikes Young Link with his Uber Bolt smash attack.

Shang Tsung strikes Ryu Hayabusa with his Chinese Proverb: Many Men Smoke, But Fu Manchu attack.

    Kevin's in the middle of doing another Power Pad Pressage Combo, but Bowser's just too big. He wasn't expecting the big lug to go into Super Saurian Slide mode and thus the moment he touches back down on the ship, he's smacked into by the Shell of Hell.

    "Urk!" Kevin's practically gutted, before he's sent flying off and smacking his back against the nearest metal crane. He grunts and slides down, landing on the ground and shaking his head. "Okay, ow. I forgot he could do that." Kevin holds his head as he gets up, shoving his Zapper back into its holster. "Gameboy? I'm goin' inside. Gimmie somethin' to stick it to him."

    "You got it, Kevin." Gameboy chimes a couple times and appearing in the Gamemaster's hands are a pair of Escrima Sticks appear in his hands. They're Nintendo Gray, of course, as is most of his weaponry.

    Kevin smiles and looks down at the weapons, giving them a quick twirl. "Ooooh. I like." And with that, Kevin's back in a quick run towards the DoomShip and leaping across the small gap to land on the ship!

    "Play that funky music, white boy." Gameboy utters with all the dry wit he can muster up.

    When Kevin lands, he spins on his heels and smacks the sticks together, testing them against each other. His eyes lock on Bowser, all shell or not, and he speeds off in his direction. His arms become a blur as he swings the sticks inwards and back out again, up and down, left to right and in a fury of circular motions that can only come from Emulation or watching way too many martial arts movies. Either way, he's hoping to put enough of a smack down the Koopa King to put him in at least some pain. If he's lucky, maybe he'll even knock off a couple spikes.

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his weak Drumline: The Series. attack.
You have taken 11 damage.

Oh crap. Link looks up as the lightning forms.. and the Hylian finds out that sparkles are made of metal as he gets fried by the massive bolt that comes down from the heavens and slams into him. The boy gets blown backwards, slamming into the pilot house, and leaves a Link-shaped hole in it. Shaking his head, the Hylian pushes himself to his feet, hair standing up on end.

Storming forward, Link slams his hand against the controls of the RAG, creating an attack as he glares up at the Cheater. "...that sucked. Just so you know."
Young Link attacks with: Confrontation Destruction!

As a matter of fact, Link is staring so hard that the electricity that has been building across his body from the attack that Gameshark unleashed on the Hylian. And with the way that he's staring...

The electricity grows, and suddenly flashes from his bright blue eyes, sending a massive bolt of electricity from him right back towards the Cheater!

Young Link strikes Gameshark with his Confrontation Destruction! smash attack.

Knock off spikes? No, Kevin's not so lucky. But he DOES put the hurt on Bowser enough to get him to come back out of his shell. It doesn't do much to help Bowser's temper, though, as he's still ticked off.

"Couldn't you jerks have waited until I kidnapped the Princess again before you came barging in here? This is MY turf. I mean, what about my freaking PRIVACY?" Bowser's just making up excuses, of course. But seriously? How often did Mario ever pre-emptively raid the Koopa Kingdom? Bowser misses the simple days of villainy, where he could plot and scheme in isolation for as long as he needed to, and never fear any attacks from heroic do-gooders until he actually carried his plans out. Heroes these days, they don't know how it's done!

Taking advantage of his brief close proximity to Captain N, Bowser quickly spins around, hoping to knock his advisary down with his tail. From there, he'll play it by ear.

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his Tail Spin stun attack.

"That's the point, half-pint." Gameshark giggles, and then reaches over to follow-up before the sign flashes... And Gameshark looks at said sign. "Oh... Crap." The lightning strikes, and it is shockingly powerful. You can tell this because you can see his skeleton as he convulses. As soon as the flow of lightning ends, Travis falls against a rail, and twitches a bit. "You little bastard.... Ugh." He reaches over and enters another code. Let's see what happens next!

Gameshark attacks with: Icicle Cosmos!

The world around Young Link suddenly goes dark. He hangs in a black void, without gravity, spinning complacently. The blackness is only interrupted with points of faint light... And a number of icy asteroids swarming in and smashing into each other, shattering and peppering Link's position with innumerableshards of ice, before YL is returned to the deck.

Gameshark misses Young Link with his ICICLE COSMOS!1!1!1 attack.

    Kevin's not good inside. He's a ranged fighter. But since they're fighting on the ship that he's supposed to be stealing... he doesn't want to mess up the product, so to speak. Thus, he's not ready when Bowser's tail comes flinging itself at him. He's caught right in the face and it knocks him right down, smacking his head into the deck of the ship and leaving him dazed for a moment. His sticks slide off in random directions before disappearing and reporting back to Gameboy's Inventory Screen.

    Duke's ears perk up the moment he hears Kevin hit the deck. He growls and leaps up, landing on something or other... probably a box. Barking loudly, he flings himself down and off in Bowser's direction. He opens his jaws ever so side and attempts to latch onto the tail. Not to cause damage really, but more so to try and distract the holy heck out of Bowser, so Kevin can pull himself together.

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his trivial Duke: Distraction Mode Activate! attack.

The explosion serves it's purpose, blinding and leaving Ryu disoriented long enough for the sorcerer to get in melee range, too fast for the Ninja to raise a proper guard or evade entirely.

Flying up and back, the blackgarbed man flips in midair to regain motion control. At this distance, he chooses to throw a sharp knife for his enemy's stomach while dive-kicking for his chest, planning to knock him back out of range.

Range of what? Well, he carries normal knives, but Ryu also carries less than usual weapons.

Ryu Hayabusa strikes Shang Tsung with his Incendiary Shuriken + Knockback Kick attack.

Link attacks the darkness! As soon as he feels himself being transported, the Hylian call out, "Nyaru's Love!" A blue glow snaps into being around him, and Link dives behind his shield as the asteroids slam together and Link is showered with debris -- debris that is deflected and destroyed by the shield and the Nyaru's Love.
Arriving back on the deck, Link shivers. "Cold.. so cold..." As a matter of fact, a single cold hand reaches out as he grabs for the generator, and presses at the button desperatedly, hoping to get something he can use.

Young Link attacks with: Angel Infusion!

Link doesn't get an attack on Gameshark.. instead, suddenly an angel pops up behind Link, dressed up like a nurse. She giggles, and dives into the Hylian, causing him to be healed up, and also cause Link to have wings..
..and sparkles.
And wings.
And sparkles.

Bowser looms over Captain N, a look of satisfaction spread across his snout. "Now then, Keene, I got you RIGHT where I want you---aaiiirrghh!" Bowser flies into the air with a surprised jump, much like a cartoon character would after having his tail bitten, and barely lands on his two feet, shaking and spinning madly to get Duke's chompers to let go.

"You mangey little furball! Get your fangs out of my royal hide!" Bowser does become a bit too distracted for a moment, forgetting about Captain N entirely. But, that's not to say Kevin won't get a light smack while Bowser goes on his rampage, but it's considerably better than what he WOULD have gotten if Bowser had gotten to attack like he meant to.

Young Link strikes Young Link with his Angel Infusion~ <3 healing attack.

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his weak Indirect whap via rampage attack.

Shang Tsung winces as the knife hits his stomach, sticking there and allowing Ryu to make him hit the ground from the kick, after the sorcerer staggers back. Shang reaches and rips out the knife, throwing it away, while he stands. He then gives a strange smile at Ryu, before suddenly his form shifts....and now there are two ninjas facing each other! Shang-Ryu even has the sword. He leaps and comes down with a slash on his adversary!

Shang Tsung doesn't attack, concentrating on dodging!

Gameshark stares as Link gets Angelified. He gapes... And then begins seriously pointlaughing at the sparkly, be-winged Link. He then reaches into his coat, and pulls out a disposable camera. The flash charges, and then flares brightly. "Smile for the camera!" *CLICK* He tucks it away, and the prods his Holo-Computer again to make with the killing.

Shang Tsung weakens his next attack!

Gameshark attacks with: Ebony Contemplation!

Shang Tsung misses Ryu Hayabusa with his Moon Slash attack.

Above the Little Angel-Link, a massive black Buddha seemingly carved out of obsidian falls from the sky towards Young Link, to the sudden chorus of a bunch of Buddhist monks. The Cheater looks unimpressed.

Gameshark misses Young Link with his Ebony Contemplation attack.

    Kevin rolls over and looks up, noticing that his trusty sidemutt has saved his butt again. He smiles and rolls backwards up to his feet. "Thanks boy." he whispers, before he looks around really quick. "Oh yeah. Time for a taste of your own medicine, big guy." With a devious glint in his eye, Kevin reaches down and presses B on his Power Pad. With a quick blur around the ship, he shifts all the Bullet Bill Cannons in the immediate proximity towards the center. Or, more specifically, to where Bowser's hopping around like a madman, trying to get free.

    Kevin then zips over to the control panel and he leans up against the wall there. He whistles loudly. "Yooohooo~ Bowser~" he calls, signaling for Duke to let go and take cover. The mutt does exactly this.

    Kevin then holds up one finger and smiles ever so smugly at Bowser, "Bang." Finger + Fire Button = Bullet Bill Swarm.

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Destiny's Child Mode: Bills, Bills, Bills. attack.
You have taken 21 damage.

Paula ceases swinging the beam around to glower at LeChuck. "...shut up! You...CLOROX! That's right! You bleach your hair so badly astronauts can see your roots from orbit. YEAH!"
Maybe she should have saved that one for Etoile.
Normally, around now she'd totally eat those fireballs again but something's distracting her. This would be winged angle Link. "..." Yes he sure is distracting and Paula's gone real red in the face now. ".....eeeeeYOOOOOW!" She's quickly snapped out of her 'trance' by fire on her feet. Immediately, she begins to jump up and down and run around, which would make for a very amusing scene. That is if her actions weren't threatening to set all the surrounding piles of lumber on fire. Woops.
Things suddenly take an unexpected turn when Paula suddenly takes an unexpected turn and runs at LeChuck, storming up onto a different stack of beams, and leaping off, foot extended in a flying firey kick at LeChuck. "Irish jigs are no match for the FIRES OF JUSTICE! RARRR!"
Pocket can likely be blamed for that last bit.

Paula strikes Captain LeChuck with her BLAZINKEN-er, Paula! Use Flame Kick! attack.

Link's new wings come in handy as he flaps hard, and wings backwards, the Buddah slamming into the deck right wher the Hylian was standing. Leaping up on top of it, the Hylian glares down at Gameshark. "...glad you took a picture, because I'm gonna kick your butt! Oh, and make sure you get a copy for Paula.."
Swooping in towards the Gameshark, the Hylian glares, and starts to punch in a code. "And when I get done, I'm taking a shower for a week in order to get all of these $#@@$~! SPARKLES OFF OF ME, you jerk!"

Young Link attacks with: Zodiac Scissors!

What? The King is being shot at? By his own artillery? "WHY YOU TRATERIOUS AMMUNITION!" Bowser roars, attmepted to bullet-time dodge those Bills, but failing miserably. The Bullet Bills don't look all to happy about being shot at their King, either, but it's not like they can help where their Blasters aim them.
Bowser is cutting the Bullet Bill's benefit package after this.

Still, the King isn't going down so fast, despite being beaten up rather quickly and effectively by Keene. Perhaps he IS losing his touch? Grr, no way! "Prepare yourself, Keene!" And it's a good thing Bowser said that, or else Captain N may not have been aware of the fact Bowser is taking ANOTHER deep breath before exhaling a wave of fire at the Chosen One. Toasty.

King Bowser misses Captain N with his Flame Wave attack.

Ah crud. Dud, just his luck, but then that's the downside with those explosive knives: Sometimes you get a bad one, but at least it's still a knife and the weapon can still injure.

The transformation brings...unpleasant memories to the black ninja, seeing himself, a false himself stirs bad mojo. This does however have a perk: Of all the transformations that could be done, this is by far the one Ryu is most apt at dealing against, he knows himself well and has fought himself to the death, although the evil one did escape.

The katana connects against the shinobi's own blade, and Ryu takes a brief leap back while sheathing the sword. The trick against the doppleganger is weapon alternating, and keeping ahead. The Vigorian Flail is drawn, a pair of short handle scythes attached by a chain which is followed by a jump, dive and a 6 hit blade dance.

Ryu Hayabusa strikes Shang Tsung with his Dragon Slaughter attack.

The Buddah statue that Gameshark tried to drop on Link earlier morphs, forming into 'The Virgin'. The woman, where the pure white robes of the Virgo, comes towards Gameshark, and summons forth a massive pair of scissors, attempting to cut through the Cheater!

Young Link strikes Gameshark with his Zodiac Scissors! attack.
Young Link misses Gameshark with his trivial Ha ha, Gameshark's a Virgo! (So's Link's player..) attack.

Shang Tsung can't react in time to the new weapons, unfortunately. The sharp scythe blades rend his new body, blood hitting the rocky ground as he stumbles back from the assault, breathing hard. Unlike Ryu's eyes, his doppelganger's is blank white, a rather spooky detail. They glow green again, and Shang sheathes his sword...drawing out the bow, with a familiar arrow on it, one Ryu used at the beginning of this. Laughing, Shang shoots the arrow at Ryu...

Shang Tsung doesn't attack, concentrating on dodging!
Shang Tsung lowers his defenses, leaving him open for a powerful attack!
Shang Tsung misses Ryu Hayabusa with his Explosive Arrow attack.

AGH! Why is the white woman trying to cut the Cheater? Only the laws of RPG attack physics know! No one said they were logical! Gameshark is sliced by the Zodiac incarnation, and grunts in pain, heaving with fatigue to go with his blood loss and burns. It's not been a good day. "I'm going to make you pay for that! Why don't you go annoy Pit or something?" Poke poke poke tap!

Gameshark attacks with: Second Flipper!

Captain LeChuck is knocked back absorbing the fire mostly taking damage from the kick as he says, "Who teaches you these cliched insults lass? Your wit is duller then a rusty old cutlass." He attempts to think up of one of his own but finds nothing that would suit his opponent as he returns to his feet saying, "Honestly I enjoy a good verbal jabs between enemies but its like fighting with an unarmed opponent." Shrugging he gets back into the action charging at Paula and attempts to grab her. If successful he starts to spin around and launhes her towards the nearest log pile.

Captain LeChuck strikes Paula with his Have a nice Flight attack.

A large digital clock appears before Gameshark, and he reaches out, poking and altering the display. Time and space distorts around Mini-Angel-link, causing his motions to become stuttery and erratic.

Gameshark misses Young Link with his Second Flipper stun attack.

The arrow screams through the air, but the tip is recognised: Normally deflecting an arrow from the air is childsplay, but deflecting an explosive-tipped arrow is kind of foolish, leaping to the side is much safer.

Rolling on landing, Ryu's scythes are placed on his lower belt again as he keeps on the move, running up a wall before flipping backwards, over the Sorcerer-Ryu and then drawing the scythes again, aiming for a long double-gash on his back.

Ryu Hayabusa misses Shang Tsung with his Hell Drop attack.

    "Oh /please/." Kevin says with his smirk still intact, even as that fire comes bursting at him like that. He rollls to the side, out of the way of the flames. It's good being so small compared to Bowser some times. Makes dodging things easier. He spins back up and onto his feet, twisting around and stepping up onto the railing of the DoomShip. His hand goes into his pocket and draws something out, but its held behind his back, hopefully without Bowser noticing.

    "Seriously, Bowser. I think you may be gettin' a little old for this. I mean, I had a harder time fightin' Wendy last year..." Oh yes, Kevin's just laying on the insults right now. He doesn't press the attack, either. Instead, he closes his eyes, focusing the Gamemaster within so that he time this right. As long as he can get Bowser to charge him, this fight should be over here soon. In a manner of speaking.

    "I mean, if you want me to be still, I will. Come on. Free shot."

With the clock appears, Link leaps skywards, using it as protection, wings opening and closing as he races against the clock, barely making it through the space and time distortions, as he tears through the second flipper.

Getting to the apex of his flight, Link opens his wings, he slams on the breaks, and then dives, closing his wings as he divebombs towards Gameshark, and starts to press buttons. Let's see what he gets this time!

Landing on both of her feet, Paula frowns. "Pocket does! And your MOM is duller than a rusty old cutlass!" Backing up, she prepares herself, though for what LeChuck can't really tell.
He'll never find out what it was either as he grabs and flings her into a pile of logs, which scatters only a few. "Uuugh.." She lies still for a moment.
Though rather suddenly, she just springs upwards, eyes glowing an ominous bright blue color. Though her eyes are not what LeChuck should be focusing on, moreso, it's that large beam of wood floating above her head with her telekinesis that is suddenly sent flying at LeChuck.

Young Link attacks with: Organic Narration!

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his trivial Taunt: Give N To Your Hate. attack.

Captain N doesn't attack, concentrating on dodging!

Paula strikes Captain LeChuck with her What rolls downstairs alone or in pairs and over your neighbor's dog? What's good for a snack what fits on your back? It's LOG! LOG! LOG! smash attack.

Shang Tsung backflips over Ryu once he attempts the strike, enjoying the heightened reflexes this form gives him (although it will shortly phase out). Drawing the windmill shuriken and unfolding it, he hurls the shuriken at Ryu, the intimidating blade cutting through the air like...a windmill.

Shang Tsung doesn't attack, concentrating on dodging!
Shang Tsung lowers his defenses, leaving him open for a powerful attack!
Shang Tsung misses Ryu Hayabusa with his Windmill Shuriken attack.

Kevin's lucky that he just tossed an insult at Bowser that related to Wendy indirectly, and not one that insulted her personally. That's one of Bowser's buttons. Not a huge feat in and of itself, though, since Bowser has a LOT of buttons that are quite easy to push.

"Old? BAH! I can still keep up with all those other newbie villains out there, buncha punks!" Bowser grumps, forgetting that he often DOES ramble on about the good ol' days. But darnit, the good ol' days WERE better in his eyes.

As Kevin taunts him, Bowser wastes no time falling for it, and dashes at the Chosen One in a blind tear. "YOU ASKED FOR IT!" He roars in mid-charge. There's little finesse to this attack, it's just a simple charge 'n collide. For someone as big as Bowser, and little (by comparison) as N it could end up with a world of hurt for the Gamemaster if he doesn't get out of the way real fast.

King Bowser strikes Captain N with his Like a Ton of Bricks smash attack.

Did you know Doom Ships are made of wood? Link knows. So does the RAG! Because the wood suddenly springs forth a massive tree. A tree that tries to entangle the Cheater, as a little fairy flitters to a branch and then to Gameshark's nose, sits down, and opens a book. And then.. she starts to tell him a story!

Once upon a time...

As far away as nowhere and as long ago as nevermore, there lived a woodcutter and his wife. They lived in a comfortable cottage on the edge of a deep dark forest, and together they felt they had everything they could ever want. Well, almost everything - the woodcutter and his wife had five daughters, who were at the same time the treasure and bane of their lives. For the witch who lived on the other side of the woodcutter's kitchen garden had wrought a terrible curse: she decreed that, unless one of these daughters were to be married within the next twelvemonth, the woodcutter's wife should be turned into a toad. The thought of becoming a toad was terribly distressing, so the woodcutter's wife made it her sole purpose in life to find husbands for her daughters. So focused was she on this single task that she forgot several other things.

Young Link strikes Gameshark with his Organic Narration! stun attack.

<InterZone Chatter> Sparkling Angel Young Link says, "Awwww. Rock a bye, baby."

Gameshark sits there, listening to the narration. He has no choice, because RPG Law kicked him in the nads. As he listens, his eyes grow heavy... And he struggles, and he falls asleep where he stands. No, he doesn't snore. A big ZZZ bubble does appear though.

Link takes out his camera. Payback! *click*

50 Chapters later!

The festivities lasted for seven days and seven nights, each more wonderful than the one before. A little mouse managed to steal a crumb of the wedding cake on the seventh night, and it was from him that I learned the whole story.

A fairy has run,

My tale is done.

Link giggles, and then presses in a code and gets..

Many heads have fallen to that blade. Sometimes arms, torsos, and other various body pieces: The windmill shuriken is big and dangerous.
It has however one major flaw: If the weapon is stopped by something not fleshy and solid enough to resist the hit, it's quite harmless. Raising his flails defensively, the black ninja slams the blades against the spinning windmill and holds his ground, forced back by the sheer force of the weapon until it stops completely.

Frowning at the doppleganger, Ryu places the scythes on his belt again as he gathers more chi, electrical sparks and bolts dancing around his body as he performs the necessary hand motions to channel the energy into his hands.

"INAZUMA!" shouts the ninja before jumping in the air and raising his hands to point at both sides, releasing all the lightning to hunt down and zap anything organic.

Young Link attacks with: Risk Fire!

Ryu Hayabusa strikes Shang Tsung with his Art of Inazuma: The ultimate bugzapper attack.

A fire leaps up, borrowed from the battle between Captain LeChuck and Paula. It spreads, engulfing the poor treat, and leaps towards Link as well, will he burned with the Cheater?!

Young Link strikes Gameshark with his Risk Fire! attack.
Young Link misses Young Link with his Risk Fire! attack.

Captain LeChuck's eyes widen as he quickly moves in an attempt to get out of the way before getting smashed under the wood. Grumbling he seems to lay under there for several minutes saying, "Why do I even bother. Little kids could never have a sharp wit. Even Sheepwood could come up with better." Thinking for several minutes he notices something crawl on his face. Upon further inspection its the ghost spider from earlier. Grinning wickedly he disappears from underneath the object but doesn't appear for several minutes.

A large cloud of green smoke starts to form and swirl around Paula, the demon pirates face forming in the smoke for several moments before disappearing. A mass of Voodoo smoke starts to form behind Paula and works on becoming larger and larger taking the shape of a giant arachnid once again. The only difference is LeChuck's face along with the flames that suddenly surround its body. All eight eyes form on Paula as he extends a leg to tap on one of her shoulders. No matter the reaction he launches out a large flaming ball of webbing in a chance to catch his target off guard and burn her with the web.

Captain LeChuck misses Paula with his Welcome to my Web said the Demon Spider to the Paula Fly! smash attack.

<InterZone Chatter> Sparkling Angel Young Link click. *giggle*

Shang Tsung is struck by the lightning and he convulses with it before falling, turning back into the /real/ Shang since the morph times out. Shang lies there, somewhat burnt and dazed, before he gets back up. He dislikes ninjas. "Quan Chi would definitely be interested in you.." he comments. He then rushes Ryu, throwing a large number of punches and kicks, both high and low, in quick combination, ending with an uppercut to send Ryu in the air, then as the ninja comes down, Shang fires three flaming skulls into him.

Shang Tsung misses Ryu Hayabusa with his Not Quite Brutality smash attack.

The wildfire burns Gameshark, giving him a really rude awakening. With a cry of pain, Travis turns, falling to the ground and rolling to try to put it out...
And falls into a hole in the ship. Another sign appears...

Gameshark attacks with: Whispering Volt!

"Hmph. I'm still working on the one-liners, okay? This is usually Ness's thing." Paula folds her arms over her chest. "Besides, isn't it /Threepwood/? Was that supposed to be a witty insult at some guy who isn't even here? Oh, look at ME! I replaced a word with one that sounds similar but has a different meaning OH MY GAWD!" Unfolding her arms, she curls her hand downwards on her right hand, then thumps it against her chest, making a cross-eyed tongue-stuck-out face at LeChuck.
Tapped upon the shoulder, Paula suddenly stiffens before turning around slowly. Immediately, her eyes go wide once more and, once again, Paula emits an ear-splitting shriek of terror. Still screaming, Paula turns, runs, and leaps into the cabin of one of those cranes in the shipyard. The firey webbing slams against the vehicle, catching it on fire as Paula quickly starts to scramble her way across the seat and out the other side.
Moments later, the fire hits the gas tank and the crane explodes, catching Paula (and LeChuck if he isn't lucky) in the blast.

Paula strikes Captain LeChuck with her Boom! Here comes the Boom! Ready or not, here comes the boys from the South! attack.
Paula strikes Paula with her Boom! Here comes the boom! Ready or not, how do you like me now? attack.

    Kevin, by the way, doesn't get out of the way fast enough. Something's wrong with his Power Pad or he just isn't expecting Bowser to come at him with such speed. It's because of one of these facts that Kevin's knocked clear off the DoomShip and off into the air somewhere. He's in the air for quite some time. Enough time to lose consciousness and wake back up at the same time. Which, is good, because he needs to be awake to finish Bowser off.

    When Kevin was smacked into, he was hit hard enough to drop whatever it was that he had behind his back. It clinks once as it hits the deck and slides right between Bowsers legs. It comes to a halt right behind the Shell Shocking one.

    While this goes on, Kevin grunts and catches sight of it with his eyes. He twists in the air, reaching out and grabbing onto a random pole sticking out of another ship being built probably and swings right round it. "Gameboy..." he mutters as his arc comes around, gritted teeth and all. "Load Super Scope."

    "I thought you'd never ask." Gameboy happily chimes with another Item Select sound effect!

    Kevin releases the pole and finds himself soaring back in Bowser's direction. He narrows his eyes, already focusing his aim and counting in his mind. In the next blink of a moment, Kevin's trusty Light Bazooka appears in his hands. He holds it up, peering right through the scope at Bowser's chest, getting a lock. He smiles. "Time to send you packin', Bowser." His finger pulls back on the Super Scope's trigger and it whirrs with Ancient Nintendo Power, the barrel of said POWERFUL WEAPON glowing brightly with the fury of a thousand heroes.

    That item that Kevin dropped is probably quite familiar to those familiar with the Mushroom Kingdom. It's a Red Potion. Right on cue, it *PHOOMS!* loudly and turns into the evil RED DOOR that leads to SOMEWHERE THAT'S NOT HERE!

    Kevin takes that as his own cue, smiling and everything. "See ya' on the other side, Your Pain in the Highness." And with that, his finger releases the trigger of the Super Scope. The resulting explosion of RAW DIGITAL BURNING ENERGY comes with enough force to shove Kevin backwards some. And it's all aimed directly at Bowser's chest.

    Behind the Koopa King, the Red Door swings open...

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Super Scope: Justice Blast (+5 Knockback) smash attack.
You have taken 38 damage.
Captain N strikes King Bowser with his trivial Special Ending: RED DOOR! attack.

With a dull thud, Gameshark is propelled out of the hole, stuck to a Bullet Bill. With a cry, Gameshark falls off of the Bullet Bill towards Angel Link, yelling, "I HATE YOU, MILKMAN LINK!"

As he falls, a short crackle of lightning slithers around Young Link, hissing and whispering as it tenaciously tries to shock the hell out of the Hylian.

Gameshark strikes Young Link with his weak Whispering Volt attack.

Gameshark gets a 'what the HELL?' sort of look from Paula. And a twitch.

"Milkman Link?" Link asks in confusion, just as the soft crackling and volting and lightning wraps around him, and zaps the tar out of him! Link would pay attention to the Cheater.. but that ear-piercing shriek that Paula just let out? That gets Link attention. "Borrowing this!" Grabbing the RAG, Link slams his palm against the buttons, and turns his attention towards LeChuck. "Be right back, Sharky!"

Young Link attacks with: Di- Conjuration!

"My sword would definitly be interested in Quan Chi." is Ryu's answer, the punches deflected and weaved out of, kicks deflected for the most part and the uppercut dodged entirely by ducking. Knees are cool like that, they're also handy for rolling away after all that.

Paula's explosion draws his attention momentarily, but the shinobi cannot allow himself to be too distracted. The katana is drawn again as the blade gleams brighter, the Hayabusa heir dropping into a low pre-dash motion before almost sliding toward the sorcerer due to the speed of his movement, after-images trailing him as he slashes 3 times followed by a rising cut to send him into the air, and should that one connect then he dissapears. Dashing through the air 9 times and teleporting at almost random, the furious ninja would slash at every pass before appearing above and slamming the sorcerer back on the ground. It's like weathering a thunderstorm of pain, which is probably why the technique is named so aptly.

Ryu Hayabusa strikes Shang Tsung with his Storm of the Heavenly Dragon smash attack.

"FUNGAH! FOILED AGAI--" Ker-slam! The red door slams behind Bowser, leaving the area Koopa King-less.

Doot doot doo, doot doo doo doo, doo doot doo doo, doot doo doo doot doo doo....

Apparently Bowser landed in Castlevania, whereupon he crashed into one of the walls, and was treated to a nice slab of Castlevania Wall Potroast. Mmm, meaty. Sadly for N, he should know more than anyone that half the time these doors stay around long enough for for whoever went into them to come back out, and within moments Bowser comes running back through the door.

"Urp. Remind me never to make fun of Drac for that whole wall-meat thing again."

King Bowser strikes King Bowser with his Castlevania Pot Roast healing attack.
You have been healed by 15%.

As Link turns his attention towards the Pirate Captain, the boy splits into two Links, as he summons a second attack. One sweeps by Paula, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, before the circle around, and then sweep across, through, and around the pirate Captain, slicing out with their swords.

Young Link strikes Captain LeChuck with his Di-Conjuration!! attack.

Even more blood flows from the cut wounds Shang sustains like a cheap sakura petal affect in a Japanese anime. He falls to a knee, and then eats dirt when he gets slammed in the back. He doesn't appear to be moving, just bleeding, until he, shaking, picks himself back up. He suddenly turns a lot older, something Ryu will notice, like 20 years older. Without a word, Shang begins to high-tail it, not looking back.

<InterZone Chatter> Two Sparkly Angels Young Link, echoing, "Hey Gameshark, what's worse than one Link?"

Captain LeChuck smirks as he makes his way towards the crane before getting launched into the air by the explosion. He crashes down into one of the decks changing back into his normal form coughing up smoke. Grumbling a bit he slowly gets up looking ready to say something before two Links pop looking around saying, "Ugh just not my day.

 He quickly braces himself but its too late as both blades strike hard forcing him to take several steps back. He looks ready to attack Young Link saying, "I hate angels in stereo." He just shrugs walking past the pair saying, "Go back to Gameshark." When he arrives to Paula he says, "What insult ya sea-urchin? You want to know the truth on Threepwoods name, lass? Well here it is and its not just me but it seems that anyone in the Tri-Island area will occasional say something other then Threepwood and not as an insult. It just seems like someones out there writing a blasted scipt and purposely mispells threepwood replacing it with something else." Thinking for a bit he looks back at Young Link but shrugs knowing Gameshark will get him sooner or later. For now he's got another job to finish up here as he takes aim and launches another pair of large fireballs which break up into several smaller ones that hurtle towards the psychic.

Captain LeChuck misses Paula with his Fireball Barrage attack.

    Kevin lands on the ship, taking a bow and turning around to look off in the direction of his other heroes. Why? Because he's about to help them and stuff like that. Which is definitely a reason to check the Super Scope's charge, so that he can get back into the game. "Alright. Who's next?"

    Of course, when Bowser stomps back out of the door, he turns around and drops his jaw some. "You've /got/ to be kidding me. Your fat butt made it to the other door?" He sighs and shakes his head. "I hate you bosses and your large life meters." He hurls the Super Scope into the air, where it materalizes back into the ether, swirling into Gameboy attached to his hip. "Time to kick it old school."

    Gameboy scrolls the Inventory Screen and comes out with a nice classic ? Box right in front of N. He twirls, punches it, and out comes a feather, which Kevin grabs. *PHOOM!* Super Feather Activates: CAPED CAPTAIN N!

    Golden cape shimmering heroically, Kevin takes to the air, spinning around as he goes up classic Super Mario style, fist and all! He's not up there long, though, as he's curving back down and speeding through the air towards Bowser!

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Super N-ario Brother: Cape Bomb attack.
You have taken 26 damage.

Grr, it's bad enough when Mario pulls that trick on him, but N doing it is much worse. Bowser's ridiculous endurance sees him through, though, as he remains standing. "Bwahaha! I know the counter to this one!" It only took 138 times of Mario doing it for Bowser to catch on, too!
Slamming down on ground targets via cape is incredibly useful, but it leaves the wearer a bit vulnerable to other aerial strikes, since cape-flying lacks in the ability to turn easily. Bowser pulls handfulls of hammers out of his shell, and begins flinging them out at N wildly. N's only saving grace here is that Bowser is going for quantity over quality, and the sheer number of hammers is offset by the fact that they're all pretty poorly aimed.

King Bowser misses Captain N with his Hammer Barrage attack.

Ryu Hayabusa blinks.

Sudden aging is...well, not a very 'positive' shapechange, and the retreating motion leaves the Ninja to believe his opponant is in fact in dire trouble, or running short on power. Either way, that makes one less thing to deal with and while he would want to pursue, it's not the objective.

Taking count of the explosives and incendiary weapons he still has, the Ninja resumes his trek toward the Doom Ships and the battles raging near, going toward those that are not being fought on to explode anything he can find that would be relatively explodable.

<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "I'm making a getaway for some quick souls to consume...I don't want to end up a skeleton."

He's being ignored! Gameshark HATES being ignored! He falls to the ground, landing roughly to look up at the Twin Sparkly Angel Link. What next, a custom theme song? He pulls himself to his feet, and charges after the Hylian. "HEY! Get back here you little..." He grabs onto the Random Attack Generator device, hands slipping and randomly pushing buttons...

Gameshark attacks with: Drill Prinny!

    "Notgoodnotgoonotgoodnotgood!" Kevin says this, sliding for a moment and up to his feet once again. He then proceeds to go into that classic Cape Spin that he's done so many times before while playing these Mario games. Of course, as he spins, that cape flings itself up and connects with the hammers that come close to him and inside his proximity. With the deflection talent right on up, he uses that cape to try and send some of those hammers right back at the Koopa King.

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Hammer Barrage Deflection Counter attack.
You have taken 23 damage.

For a good moment, Paula is starstruck as she stands there blackened by the explosion and post being kissed by an angel.
She quickly forces herself to pay attention to the fight again, once again backing away from LeChuck. "..wait, purposely misspelling Threepwood? Script? Oh jeeze..." Paula makes 'keep it down' motions with her hands. "Shhh! Careful with the fourth wall breaking! What if that hurts the remaining ha-wait."
She draws herself up, looking up at LeChuck, eyes filled with anger, "...your leader's stupid messing around with the sealed zones might have set everything on a path to destruction and chaos! I-amgoingtorantaboutthisanothertime." Preferably when LeChuck isn't trying to set her on fire. Instead of trying to absorb the fire, Paula leaps out of the way, letting the fireball strike a group of barrels instead.
She takes off again, putting a bit of distance between her and LeChuck to buy her some time to set herself up a PSI offense up.

Paula charges up her next attack!

Gameshark is surrounded in green orbs, and he vanishes!

Under Link, there is a low rumbling... And then with an explosion of deck, a massive Driller G vehicle from the Netherworld bursts up into the air under Link, pushing him high into the sky.

But who is driving?
    Prinny is driving!
        This cannot be, Prinny cannot drive!

    The rocket boosters suddenly fail on the Driller G, and it inverts, carrying Link back down towards the surface of the Deck, whereupon the vehicle explodes on impact in a Prinny-borne blast of ridiculous overkill.

Strangely, the deck surface is perfectly fine afterwards.

Gameshark misses Young Link with his DRILL PRINNY! smash attack.

"Gwah?! Hey! How dare you use my own hammers against me! OW!" How humiliating. Getting his own attacks thrown back at him. The rain of hammers nail Bowser on the head a few times, probably knocking the remaining sense he had left out of him. So what does Bowser do now? Why Bowser brings out...

Leaping back up into his Clown Coptor, Bowser hits a few buttons within its rim, causing the mouth to open up, and its tongue to stick out. On the top if the tongue, though, is a gun barrel. "EAT TONGUE BULLETS, N! BWAHAHA!"

Yes, this is something Ludwig must have installed on the Coptor after one of his marathon inventing periods. He tends to get a bit kah-razy near the end of those.

King Bowser misses Captain N with his Tongue Bullets ahoy! attack.

Link is grabbed, pushed high into the sky. When the highest point of the flight is reached, the Hylian finally pulls himself back together, cracking open the drill, and diving away from Gameshark as the drill heads for the deck.

There's the massive explosion tears through the deck.

When it all clears, Link -- a singular entity again -- reaches in from behind the RAG, and presses some button.

Boop, blip, boop, bip!

Young Link attacks with: Dire Shadow!

Captain LeChuck raises an eyebrow as he watches Paula run saying, "Well doesn't she have a temper, oh well." He starts to follow but stops as he reaches into his coat. Anyone knowing Guybrush or Pocket would know that they have pants that can hold anything. Well maybe not everything, but LeChuck doesn't know that. But back to the scene it appears LeChuck has something like it except its his coat which is proven as he pulls out a large handcannon marked with skulls. Taking aim he waits for Paula to get several more feet away as he loads it. The click of a flintlock is heard as he pulls the trigger followed by an explosion and an eerie laugh. Its source is the glowing skull projectile that some may mistake for Murray as it flies out of the weapon on a course towards its target. Exploding whether it makes contact with her or something else.

Captain LeChuck misses Paula with his Meet Murray's cousin, BOB! attack.

Link stands there for a moment, then suddenly pulls back. From within the boy, a shadow seems to explode outwards. Gameshark -- well -- every villain here would recognize the image of the Dark Hero of Time as he lashes out towards Gameshark in his full adult form, blackened Master Sword in his hands as he lashes out in a massive spinslash on the Cheater.

Young Link strikes Gameshark with his Dire Shadow! attack.
Gameshark has been knocked out!

    Kevin swirls out of the way of the bullets that come from that gun and he decides to do a little Item Stacking. Gameboy throws out another one of those boxes in Kevin's path and he punches it. Out pops a Super Mushroom, which is grabbed and Kevin doubles up in size, strength and general POWER!!

    "Sorry, Bowser. Looks like you're about to experience some serious turbulence!" Kevin's voice sounds deeper than it usually is, though, because of his more muscular size. But that's okay, it's only temporary.

    His cape flaps in the wind as he flies right on up towards the Clown Copter. He presses B on his Power Pad to get some more speed and reaches out to grab the tongue that's sticking out of it, as he zooms towards it. He then proceeds to try and pull a Mighty Mouse by zipping in and around and over and back around that Clown Copter to tie Bowser down and in place. "Have a nice flight!" Kevin utters, before starting to spin and hopefully hurl Bowser off to another part of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Captain N strikes King Bowser with his Tongue Tied Tornado Throw! attack.
You have taken 24 damage.
King Bowser has been knocked out!

What? Even Cool Link is against him!? NO! Travis launches into the air to try to evade the deadly spinslash, but the blade catches him cleanly in the chest. He hangs there for a moment in midair, time seemingly poised at the moment of impact... And then with a loud *PWING*, Gameshark is launched hella far, disappearing into the distance with a twinkle.


<InterZone Chatter> Two Sparkly Angels Young Link, not sounding like himself, "Gameshark, fall. Bowser is out. Ryu has returned. LeChuck. Retreat, or fall beneath the combined attacks of the Palace. You have one second to comply."



Bowser is sent flying, shortly after Gameshark, even. Luckily he was sent in the general direction of his Castle, so hopefully he won't land in a Lava pit.


Captain LeChuck looks around noticing the others are gone grumbling as he says, "Well atleast I'm the lucky one, still standing." He looks to the Links but says notihing else as the flames of his beard grow in intensity. Finally putting away the weapon he doesn't reply but disappears in a flash of flame, his face appearing for a few seconds as puff of smoke before he's gone.

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser CRASH, BANG, THUD.

Ryu Hayabusa raises a hand to cover his eyes from the glare of the light, there's just something to appreciate at seeing a Bowser and a Gameshark get sky-pulted at almost the very same time.

But he doesn't keep it that way for too long, he wasn't idle after all, and the doomship he was on should have a few support issues in a matter of seconds, reason more to jump off.

Paula seems to have that 'dodge the attack and make the guy attacking you cause more collateral damage' thing down PAT tonight. Glancing over her shoulder, Paula notes the oncoming skull and leaps into the air just as it strikes the ground beneath her, creating a nice crater.
She disappears in the resulting explosion, dirt and dust obscuring the view in true Dragonb-er, DRAMATIC fashion. When the dust parts, there is nobody there.
LeChuck might take notice of a faint creaking noise above his head, then a snap, as if it were some sort of metal cable breaking. A large shadow appears overhead and-
...a big ol' "bundle" of wooden beams smashes down into the ground where LeChuck stood seconds ago.

<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "*BOOSH!* *GAME!*"

Paula peers down from atop the crane, then snaps her fingers, "Nuts."

<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung whistles.

Even as the shadow is asorbed back into him, Link can feel the anger well up in him. "Captain N, get to the pilot room. Uncle Ryu, start cutting the moorings.. . Captain LeChuck, you have one second to comply before I cut you in half myself."
With Gameshark gone, the RAG disappears, and Link starts to lose his wings and sparkles, heaving out a heavy breath. "...Paula, get a picture if you want one."

<Fac-EVIL> Captain LeChuck says, "Going to get a drink.  Sorry about the damage to the shipyard, though I don't know what else those Heroes are going to do with it."
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Not my problem."

Paula fails from her really high perch upon the crane, then scrambles to get her camera out. "It'll be really crappy from up here though!" She takes one anyways. At least when she looks at the white sparkly smudge on the camera, she'll know that it's really Link.

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser growls. "HUWAARGH!!" Slam! "First Andross's place, now my precious shipyards. When did the heroes decided to be so darn violent? Did I MISS something?"
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Guess they're tired of being our punching bags."
<Fac-EVIL> Mother Brain says, "Lana must be trying to distract us from something..."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain LeChuck says, "Aye something seems to have gotten them on the offense.  Probably the whole Riftripper thing or what the Boss said."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser grumbles "I've half a mind to take my main ship and make swiss cheese out of one of their precious castle walls..."
<Fac-EVIL> Just Killer, Not Lady and Killer |Lady says, "..."

"Maybe Gameshark will give you a copy." Link says to Paula as he sits down, the effects of the RAG completely wearing off. Standing up, shakily, he starts to help Paula load stuff.

<Fac-EVIL> Sylvanas Windrunner says, "I think you ought to, King Bowser."
<Fac-EVIL> Mother Brain says, "Not a bad idea. An areal assult on the Pilotwings Airfield, perhaps."
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "I've yet to repay them for robbing my castle. Hmm."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Yes, anything! They're not going to get away with taking one of my beloved ships!"
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "I should see how our old friends the Shokan are doing."

A black shape dashes on the flank of the ship, cutting the ropes holding it still in port before running on top of the last one to jump on the ship, throwing a shuriken to cut the rope.

"Are you two..." Ryu' sentence doesn't finish. He's staring at Link's wings.


<Fac-EVIL> Mother Brain says, "Very well. Form a crew and see who else can assist on your attack. We can then force the people of Sim City to use E.V.I.L. associated airfields for their traveling needs, netting us an increase in revenue and influence."

"Gameshark did it." Paula says sagely as she climbs down the crane and into the cabin. " how to use this thing. Uh.."
Insert mental image of Paula ramming holes into the doom ship with beams of wood. "...maybe I should just try lifting things telekinetically."

The wings disappear finally, disappearing in the sparkles, with the sparkles, and the shadow. "...don't like that random thing." Link mutters, smiling up at Ryu. For someone that just tangled with a Gamemaster, he looks to be in remarkably good shape.

<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Robotnik says, "Well looks like its not just you tonight Bowser.  The Palace appear to have sent Raynor to raid the base in Sand Ocean."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Grrr, they're so asking for it."

"Well, at least you seem to be alright." And judging by Captain N's voice and words, he sounded fine as well, not surprising much given who it is. Ryu's own scuffle seems to have gone rather well, a few scratches but it was a boss battle that went smoothly. The Ninja knows very little on how to operate a vessel, and thus "One of you two can figure out how to load the ship, I'll stay on top, keep an eye out for trouble.

And without so much of another word, the shinobi begins to run upward to make to the top of the ship.

<InterZone Chatter> Doctor Robotnik says, "Marshall Raynor, it is requested that your forces cease this attack immediately."

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Andross, me, Robotnik... who's next? Ganon? Drac? Wily?"
<Fac-EVIL> Captain LeChuck says, "Anyone could be next."
<Fac-EVIL> Mother Brain says, "Who indeed."
<Fac-EVIL> Core Commander says, "My self."

<InterZone Chatter> Jim Raynor says, "Sorry, my orders prevent that."

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Well no way! I'm getting my ships back in order and hitting them back before they start thinking we're easy targets! Hrrmph! *click*"

Paula gets a fairy from Link, as he grins. "...need to keep up your stength up while you're moving things, hon."

Young Link strikes Paula with his <3 healing attack.

<Fac-EVIL> Core Commander says, "Hit them where it hurts hit them where it hurts most. Destroy what they care for most..."

<InterZone Chatter> Doctor Robotnik says, "What do you hope to gain from attacking a place in the middle of an ocean of quicksand?"

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