SimCity - City Park
         A luxurious park full of beautiful trees and peaceful pools, this park was a gift by the Mayor of SimCity to the citizens, a place for them all to relax. As a contrast to the industrial mess on the other side of town, this place is idyllic, birds and llamas frolicking in the glades. There's very little crime here, and the place is generally considered safe, even after dark.
SimCity is such a peaceful place. The only crime known to affect the residents directly is burglary, and even that is rare. Because public theft is unheard of, the park has quite a nice barbecue available for public use. And you'll only need one guess who's hogging it.
Yes, it's Mario, the plumber with a podgy belly the most best damn mustache this side of the Ultimate Warp Zone. He's wearing his 'Kiss-a the Chef' apron while he's bbq-ing...pasta. How the hell he can do that is beyond logic, but so is Mario. You can't be that fat and be able to jump four times your height from a standing start without defying logic just a little bit.
Barbecue? Bah! That's not a barbecue! When the Koopa King heard the people of Sim City were having a barbecue, he felt he had to go school them on the subject.
Besides, those happy-go-lucky, mindless Sims tick him off, and he takes any opprotunity to rain on their parade.
"INCOMING!" Comes a ferocious voice from the sky, as Bowser comes crashing down into the center of the park. He must have ridden his Koptor here, since there's no sign of the Doom Ship in the skies. "You runts want a /BARBECUE/? I'LL show you a BARBECUE!" It doesn't take a genius to figure out what he's talking about. Bowser begins breathing fire every which way, rather chaotic, really.
At this point he hasn't even NOTICED Mario.
Bowser certainly makes himself well known to the area as he crashes down from above, then starts setting fire to everything in sight. Mario doesn't waste a second, not even turning off the barbecue to stop his pasta from burning, nor does he take off his apron, but it's not long enough to catch his feet anyway. Pulling out his hammer from god knows where, he leaps towards Bowser, holding his hammer with his left hand. "Bowser! Why-a do you have-a to ruin everyone's-a fun?" He's lacking a certain Ultra Dousing Device, so there's not much he can do to stop the fires. But, he /can/ stop the source of them.
"G'huh?" Bowser grunts as he hears a certain annoying voice coming from behind him. Grrr... "Mario!" The King of the Koopas spins around to face his eternal foe. "Me ruining fun? Gwahahaha! Look at Mr. Hypocrite! You're the one always ruining MY fun! Well not today!"
Bowser leaps high into the air, taking a deep breath he sends a wave of fire towards the ground below. The park's about to become an inferno if Mario doesn't hurry and do something.
King Bowser misses Mario with his Fire Wave attack!
Mario's brow closes to a frown at the Koopa, before backflipping out of the path of the fire. "You have a crazy way-a of having fun!" he retorts, before he even gets back to his feet. Holding his hammer out, he holds out his other arm and stands on one foot, before spinning around like a top. He starts to move off to the right as he gets faster and faster, but then he suddenly stops, throwing the hammer directly at Bowser, and not in the typical overarm style. Should Bowser still be spewing fire, he could fight himself effectively gagged by mallet, or at least with a loose fang.
Mario strikes King Bowser with his Around and Around-a She Goes weak attack!
King Bowser's fire breathing comes to a quick halt as he suddenly has a face-full of hammer. "SNARFLE?" He gags in surprise, before spitting the non-edible item out. "Bwargh! Way to play dirty, plumber-boy! I suppose you won't mind it if I do too? Not that I've never had to ask before, bwahahaha!"
No, he's never had to ask before. Or rather, it's that he's never bothered. But this time he's at least given Mario fair warning. So that's kind of /like/ consideration. "Try these on for size!" He shouts, taking out some of his OWN hammers and flinging them in Mario's direction. It's not just one or two, either, it's a literal STORM of hammers.
King Bowser strikes Mario with his Stop! Hammer Time! attack!
No sooner has he thrown his hammer, Mario is on the attack, charging towards Bowser. But his offensive is brought to a swift halt as a storm of hammers descends, causing him to make a shaprish retreat. He's almost out of Bowser's throwing range when one of them clonks him on the back of the head, which in turn leads to him falling over and skidding in the ashes of the grass. Rubbing the back of his head, he picks himself up again, turning to face the evil Koopa. "Well how-a else do I stop-a you from-a torching this-a park, Bowser?" Since he's not quite suicidal enough to rush back into the hammers, Mario thrusts his right palm towards Bowser, before just as many fireballs as Bowser's hammers fly out.
Mario strikes King Bowser with his Stop! Fireball Time! attack!
Way to rip off his schtick, Mario! "Ow! Ow ow ow ow! OW!" Bowser roars, jumping to the side to avoid the fireballs, but stopping his own hammer barrage at the same time. "Again with the fireballs. WHEN are you gonna learn that /I'm/ the one that does fire better?"
To show this, Bowser takes a deep breath. A deep deep breath. Mario should know what's coming, but the question is... can he get out of the way. Just as Bowser finishes his big inhalation a bright light can be seen shining on the back of his throat. This is your cue. At that very moment Bowser breathes an enourmous, and fast-moving, fire-ball. Aimed RIGHT for Mario's big noggin.
King Bowser misses Mario with his My Fire Is Mightier attack!
Mario knows what's coming alright, and he knows just what to do. While Bowser is busy with his breathing exercises, Mario charges again for Bowser. Just as the Koopa King fires the snotball from hell, Mario makes his famous *boing* and leaps right over his enemy's head. Now Bowser should be the one to guess what's coming. Mario reaches out with those grubby gloved hands of his for that tail, before trying to grab hold.
Unless the King is just as wised up as his nemesis is, Mario would then start to spin the large hulk that is Bowser around and around and around. But alas, instead of bombs being around here, there are houses and trees and children. So, instead, Mario would use the momentum he's got from spinning to pull the Koopa King over his shoulder and smash him into the ground. They say that when the animal's done a bad thing, you should rub it's nose in it.
Mario misses King Bowser with his I Reject Your Fire And Substitute My Throw attack!
Poor Mario. Bowser is PREPARED for the tail-grab this time. "Gwahaha! NOW I gotcha, you cheeky
Before Mario can begin spinning Bowser around, the Koopa King drops his hands to the ground to get a good bit of traction, then begins... wagging his tail. No, seriously. This isn't a pleasent 'happy to see you' wag, this is a furious 'GET OFFA ME' wag. Hopefully Bowser builds up enough momentum to shake Mario off... and hopefull toss him into something hard and blunt.
King Bowser misses Mario with his Tail Wag attack!
When Bowser's bulk fails to move, Mario prepares for trouble. But, before Bowser can shake him off, the plumbing Hero has already let go. Backflipping away from his arch rival once more, he takes a moment to notice that his apron is all black, probably from when he kissed the floor after being smacked with a hammer. This does not make him a happy plumber. Reaching behind his apron, he pulls out a Super Feather, before surrounding it with his fist and his trademark yellow cape appearing from his back. Running back towards Bowser, he jumps into the air, but not to fly. He's times it so that he's at Bowser's face height when he's right in front of Bowser's face. Why? So he can smite Bowser's snout with the cape.
Mario strikes King Bowser with his One (1) Smiting weak attack!
Smack Smack Smack Smack Smack! The cape does little damage, aside from making his snout fairly sore. Seeing that he no longer needs to be on the ground Bowser stands back up, still smirking. Clearly he must have something up his sleeve. "So you want to play at spinning, eh Mario? Well I can 1-Up you HERE too! Gwahaha!"
Leaping into the air again, Bowser pulls all four of his limbs, and his head, into his shell, which begins spinning rapidly as it descends towards Mario. It's a heavy shell, too, so it falls rather quickly. Move fast Mario!
King Bowser strikes Mario with his Spinning Shell Bomb attack!
As Bowser is aided by gravity back to ground level, Mario has a slight panic as he stumbles while trying to run away. Bad move, because then the huge, heavy shell soon finds itself right on top of Mario. Is this the end of the plumber, death by squish. Far from it. Bowser might here a faint noise as Mario uses another power up, before burrowing out from under the Koopa King. What did he use? Well, none other than a Super Carrot. Yes, that's right, a carrot. Complete with bunny ears sticking out of his cap. Mario takes a moment, to dust himself off, before crouching down, and then bouncing around all over the place, trying to keep Bowser off guard. He'd then suddenly leap right for the Koopa's cranium, and jump on it when he least expects it. Repeatedly.
Mario misses King Bowser with his Ker-Bounce x Lots smash attack!
Bowser moves quick as he lands. He feels Mario move out from underneath him, so he doesn't waste any time coming out of his shell and getting the heck out of the way. His instincts were right, too, as he narrowly dodges Mario's smash. Bowser seems to be on a lucky streak.
"You're off your game, Mario! I don't think I've ever seen you this sloppy. It's sad, really. We all knew you would eventually lose your edge. But I'll always be sharp!" And he decides to illustrate that point in a painful way, by leaping into the air again as if he were ready to body-slam Mario. But as he begins to descend, he flips over, bringing his spikey back downard. This.... could be very painful. "Dig your way outta this one, bunny-man!"
King Bowser misses Mario with his Spiked Shell Slam smash attack!
Although his stomp missed, Mario still had a heck of a lot of momentum left over. "You-a wouldn't be-a so hot if you'd just-a come back from vacation!" he shouts back, before jumping up once more, but this time his ears flap like mad, as he hovers out of the way of Bowser's shell. He's used two power ups in this battle alone, so he's just going to have to deal with looking like the easter bunny. Landing once more, he leaps directly at and over Bowser again, and grabs for something. What did he grab for? The tail? Nope. The ankle. Not as long or as easy to grab, but still just as good for throwing...into the duck pond.
Mario misses King Bowser with his Bower Go Fish attack!
"Wouldn't I?" Bowser scoffs. "Why don't you ask your friend, Runt Link, then? The day I got back from MY vacation I pounded his little green face from one end of MacBeth to the other! The punk shoulda known better than to make fun of my darling daughter. I made him pay for it! Bwahaha!" Remembering this incident, though, gets Bowser a little ticked. Link wasn't the only one, Bowser also needs to remember to beat Samus into the ground as well for HER comments. Buncha unscrupulous misfits.
Mario makes a fatal mistake in grabbing Bowser's leg. He forgot that his legs are FAR stronger than his tail. His limb doesn't budge. Or, not until he WANTS it to, anyway. "Aren't YOU grabby today? Get lost!" He says, before rearing his leg back and booting Mario square in the face.
King Bowser misses Mario with his Boot To Da Head attack!
Seems like Bowser doesn't want to be thrown today. Although Mario was able to bend over backwards to avoid a large and smelly koopa foot in his face, the claws catch the tip of his hat, resulting in his bunny ears vanishing with his well known 'power down' noise. Leaping back again from Bowser, Mario can be seen to be sweating slightly, with a worried look on his face. This doesn't seem to be going well for him right now. Clutching his right hand into a fist, he leaps once more for the Koopa King, but this time not going to jump over him or to pounce on his head. Instead, he opens his fist, revealing a fireball, which he quickly throws at Bowser's head hair.
Mario strikes King Bowser with his Your-a Hair is on Fire weak attack!
Sniff sniff. "Hey, what's burning?" Bowser innocently asks, oblivious for JUST a moment. It doesn't take long for his brain to calculate that his hair is smouldering.
Luckily he finds an innocent civilian to put it out with. ...just kidding. He dunks his head in a puddle, one that miraculously survived all teh fire being thrown around. Standing back up, muddy water dripping down his face, he snarls. "Pulling the fire trick up again, pipsqueak? What did I just get through TELLING you?" Taking another deep breath, this time Bowser settles for a barrage of smaller firebals, as opposed to one big one. Get moving plumber, these things are speedy.
King Bowser misses Mario with his Fire Ball Blast attack!
Mario smiles innocently at Bowser's slight mishap. Then, as he comes under fire from a stream of fireballs, he leaps up, he leaps right, he leaps left, he leaps out of the way of every last one. "You were-a saying that your-a fire is-a better than-a mine?" he jokingly reminds the koopa. Then, he once again charges at Bowser, but not leaping this time. Instead, he leaves that until he's within arms reach of the King, before putting his jumping powers to use as one hell of an uppercut.
Mario strikes King Bowser with his Jump + Punch = This Didn't Happen In A Game attack!
"HUWARRGH!" Bowser roars in frustration. "Stop rubbing it in, you little shrimp!" Mario may have been off his game earlier, but now it seems the tables are turning on the Koopa King. The uppercut he just took to the jaw only adds injury to insult.
Or.. something.
Bowser goes flying back a few feet, landing on his back, but manages to spin over onto his feet. He's not going to let it end this way, not AGAIN. "Don't get full of yourself, Mario! I'm not through yet!" Slamming his fists into the ground, he sends a shockwave towards the overall-clad hero, which erups through the ground in the form of a giant stone spire at Mario's feet. Ouch.
King Bowser strikes Mario with his Crusher attack!
Spikey things aren't healthy. Not at all. Especially if they're big and made of rock. Mario only barely avoids being skewered by the pillar, but it catches on his overalls, dragging him up with it. Now that is one hell of a wedgie. Eventually, the fabric rips, and Mario tumbles down the rock until he lands, rather unceremoniously, on the ground. Pulling himself back up, and now minus a seat in his overalls, he takes out his ultimate weapon...
No, not the Hammer Suit, a /wrench/! You know, one of those that you can tighten or slacken as you need it to. Not taking a run up this time, Mario just leaps right for Bowser, and right over him once more. Grabbing the tail? Nope. The leg? Nope. But what Mario does do is almost pure evil. Taking the wrench, he tightens it on the very tip of Bowser's tail. That is, if the koopa gives him the chance.
Mario misses King Bowser with his 101 Uses For Wrenches #45, Causing Pain attack!
Bowser can't help but laugh as Mario lands without his usual grace. "Gwaha! Take THAT!" He amuses himself with this for a bit, until he sees Mario leaping back at him. And jumping behind him again, how PREDICTABLE.
"STOP GRABBING AT MY TAIL, TAIL-GRABBER!" Honestly, the same old schtick gets old after awhile, even for Bowser. This time there's no grand attempt to shake Mario off. Bowser figures Mario is going for the tail so as soon as Mario lands behind him Bowser quickly spins around, hoping to slap Mario in the face with his spiked appendage.
King Bowser strikes Mario with his Tail Slap attack!
Big muscular scaly tails don't go well with plumber's faces. Thankfully for Mario, he doesn't get the spikes, just a really painful smack. He loses contact with the floor for a moment, before skidding and banging his head on something, which stops the skid. Standing up, he realises what it is he's collided with...the barbecue! Leaping up, he quickly grabs his (very burnt) pasta he was cooking and downs it in one gulp. He then gets a not too pleasant look on his face and looks a bit groggy. Eating bad tasting food that fast isn't pleasant, but it still fills a hole.
Mario restores Mario with his Pasta Power minor healing!
Mario strikes Mario with his Bad Pasta defense-decreasing attack!
Yes! Another hit! The King is on a roll! Gwahaha! "Give it up and go home, squirt! You can't beat me now! You--" Huh, HEY! No stopping the fight for a snack! Not fair!
"Stuffing your face a time like THIS, Mario? You glutton!" But, he can see that Mario has been put-off by something. Whatever it is, Bowser isn't gonna waste this chance. He starts charging towards Mario, full-throttle. "I HAVE YOU NOW!" No fancy attacks. No weapons. No fire. Just Bowser's massive form vs Mario's considerably smaller one. Just pretend Bowser is a football player and Mario's the Waterboy.
Or... the other way around, depending on which movie this is.
King Bowser misses Mario with his Full-on Collision attack!
Despite being a bit dizzy, Mario can still see Bowser lunging at him. Then again, it's not hard to not see
something that big. Mario tries to dive out of the way, but it ends up being more of a stumble-fall. But, the effect is the same, he still gets out of the way, even if it was with less grace. He's still not feeling brilliant, but still he winds up a punch and lets loose on Bowser, who's probably crushed the barbecue or something.
Mario strikes King Bowser with his Ker-Punch weak attack!
Why, yes, Bowser went straight into a barbecue. However any damage he suffered was negated by scarfing down the contents of the grill, so it all balances out! Mm, meaty.
He stands up just in time to see Mario's fist flying for his face, though. And he couldn't duck out of the way in time. That's gonna ruin his streak. Boo. However, Bowser isn't one to pass up taking advantage of a good thing. With Mario's close proximity, that leaves the plumber wide-open for his fire-breath! There's no easy escape this time, Mario, so say hello to Bowser's belly fire!
King Bowser strikes Mario with his Burp. Spicy. attack!
"Mama MIAAAAAA!!" Mario screams as he is very promptly set alight. This should provide Bowser with a good laugh for awhile. Mario starts running around in a panicky circle, the flames spreading from his cap down to his overalls. His 'stache remains uncharged, such is it's mythical power. Before anymore damage is done, Mario makes a beeline for the pond, before diving in with steam rising from his impact point. Climbing out, albeit very soggy, he tries to squeeze as much water as he can out of his charred cap. "Bowser, it's-a time you left!" No-one wrecks the hat. No-one.
But Mario isn't going to get revenge for the hat. Oh no, the hat's going to do that. Grabbing his cap from his head, Mario literally throws it at Bowser like a frisbee. It might not seem like much, considering it's soft and comfy, but caps in the Mushroom Kingdom are crazy little things.
Mario misses King Bowser with his Cap Wars 5: The Caps Strike Back attack!
Bowser DOES get a good laugh from Mario's plight. Though, the general thought of Mario in pain is sure to give him a chuckle. "Gwahahah! That frantic running around ALWAYS cracks me up." That reminds him, he needs more lava hazzards in his castle. Hahaha!
As Mario slogs out of the lake, though, Bowser frowns. "Stay down, darnit! Grah! You're like a cockroach!" Bowser has some oddly quick reflexes, though, as his hand darts up to catch Mario's hat as he flings it at him.
Mario's HAT? "G'huh?" He blinks, looking down at his hand. "Gwahaha!" He laughs, squeezing it tightly, causing some of the remaining water to drop out of it. "I got'yer hat now, Mario!" Bowser snorts, and to REALLY tick Mario off, Bowser places it upon his own oversized head. It barely fits, though, resting more on his hair, than his scalp. "NOW let's see how the tides turn, eh?" He laps into the air, diving at Mario. And just tick Mario off JUST a bit more, he shouts "HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
King Bowser misses Mario with his Copycat Slam Attack attack!

Mario looks on worriedly as Bowser grabs the hat. No the smartest move he's ever done. Because Mushroom Kingdom caps are crazy, Mario suddenly feels a little weak at the knees without his favorite cap, his brown hair clearly exposed to the world. He steps back slightly as the koopa dives at him, but at just the last second, he leaps up. Maybe over Bowser, maybe landing on his head. Either way, he makes a desperate grab for his hat as he flies through the air.
Mario strikes King Bowser with his Hat-Reclamation and Stomping attack!
Tumble Tumble Tumble Thud SPLASH.
Well that put out Bowser's fire. Or... temporarily, anyway. Bowser loses the hat AND lands in the lake. He doesn't stay under for long, though, as he quickly leaps back out, landing at the water's edge. "THAT DOES IT!" He screams, throwing his own version of a hissy fit. "I'll /flatten/ ya!"
Snapping his fingers the Klown Koptor, which was hovoring over head, turns upside down, dropping a few large, heavy, balls onto the park. Bowser's aim isn't that great, though, but he can only HOPE he manages to nail Mario with at least ONE of em.
King Bowser misses Mario with his Goodness gracious Great Balls of... attack!
 Uh-oh, here comes trouble. The Koptor is the stupidest looking thing that defies all logic, but it still exists. As the hail of steel balls comes forth, Mario starts leaping over them, trying to get to Bowser. But, he ends up getting stuck atop one of them, and his frantic running seems to actually make the ball go the other way...towards Bowser
Mario strikes King Bowser with his Circus Trick weak attack!
King Bowser has been knocked out!
Bowser is unable to get out of the way fast enough, as Mario unexpectedly turns his attack against him. "Hey! No fair using one of my own weapons!" This is the last thing he gets to say, though, as Mario collides with the Koopa King, sending him flying into the sky, ala Super Smash Brothers. As he's ascending he collides with his Klown Koptor, and they BOTH go flying away into the stratopshere. Where they land? Who knows. Probably on something jagged. All that can be heard before they fade into the distance is a muted:
"Fungah! Foiled again!"
As the ball collides with Bowser, Mario falls off the top, landing in the lake again. He's burnt, soggy, and bruised. But at least he's still here. He looks over the park, it's not a pretty sight. But then something rumbles: his belly. Hungry? Nope. It's that pasta, come back to haunt him. Without a word, he runs for all he's worth to the toilets...on the far side of the park. A muted cry can be heard within; "Mama mia..." Sounds like they both had a bad day. 

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