Super Smash Zone

    One of several areas on this side of Videoland devoted to pure combat, the Super Smash Zone is a series of stark platforms floating over a blasted plain. Fights here are never to the death... opponents here battle for knockout and ring out victories, well-moderated by the weapons that occasionally fall from the sky here, littering the ground. Practically anything is possible, from healing energy to high explosives, though they soon fade back into the surreal nothingness from which they came. Bizarre polygon and wireframe dopplegangers also haunt this plane, duplicating and challenging both heroes and villians. High above, a single platform hovers above the rest, forming a bizarre lynchpin for the entire place... though few who have ventured so high have returned to tell the tale.

    Over the Super Smash Zone, a fight is about to begin. A fight of the behemoths. A fight between good and evil. Not that there alignment does any difference as they are fighting in a tournament where your free from moral and laws.

    Luigi Mario can be seen moving over the plain ground of the Super Smash Zone. Luigi never like to be here, both because of it's not-so-friendly looks and it's purpose. He shakes his head though, to shake out his anxiety, and moves over to a good spot to wait for Bowser to show. He knew what he put himself in when he wrote himself up for it. Still, he thinks it over as he stands there. He's just about to fight Bowser in the tournament he wrote himself up for. What are the chances? Bowser could have fought anybody. Is this some kind of joke? Then he goes over to another though. He's about to fight Bowser. How many time have he fought him? Several times, yes, but how many have he fought alone? Once maybe? When he thinks about this he shrugs. He better be ready when Bowser shows up though, you never know what tricks he pulls of so Luigi shakes himself again and looks over the area once again.
Hawke stands on the sidelines, in judge mode. He's just here to observe and hand down rulings if required.

Bowser's Klown Koptor descends onto the battlefield, and the Koopa King leaps out, landing not 10 feet away from younger Mario Brother. Bowser, of course, laughs. "Gwahaha!" He bellows. "I still can't believe they got me fighting this shrimp. I guess Mario was too intimidated to sign up for the tournament knowing /I/ was in it, so he made his scaredy cat brother do it instead!" He chuckles, mock-wiping a tear from his eye. "This is too rich."

Bowser stomps forward with one foot. "This ain't gonna end well for ya, green 'stache! Prepare to be schooled!" He roars, before dashing forward. He's opening with a basic physical attack. Punch to the face. No tricks, if Luigi was expecting any. At least... not yet. He'll save the fancy stuff for later! Mwaha! In the meantime, Luigi, meet Bowser's fist. I'm sure you're already aquainted!

King Bowser misses Luigi with his Opening Punch weak attack!

    Luigi frowns. "Don't-a you insult Mario. He--" Luigi's voice trails of as Bowser lunges forward. Having had enough time to see Bowser when he came Luigi is able to take a quick jump backwards from him though and lands some feet backwards. Luigi then open his mouth to talk but stops himself. "I-a forgot what I-a was going-a to say." So he instead shots out with his legs into the ground which sends him forward towards Bowser. Luigi streathes out a leg and tries to kick Bowser. It's a simple kick not really aimed at all.

Luigi strikes King Bowser with his Generic Kick Type 2.4 weak attack!
You have taken 10 damage.

    Aimed well enough, it seems! Bowser gets nailed full on the snout and staggars back a step or two. "Grr, that was a dirty shot, green 'stache!" Says the master of dirty tricks. Bowser rubs his snout and grumbles. "I'M the only dirty trickster around here, and don't you forget it!"

The Koopa King isn't all that good with kicks, not his style. He DOES have another appendage he can use in battle though. He charges Luigi again, makes a small hop, and when he lands he twists his body around, spinning on the spot, and hopefully whaps Luigi with his tail hard enough to make the plumber hurt.

King Bowser strikes Luigi with his Tail Spin attack!

    After hitting Bowser, Luigi lands on the ground and takes some quick steps backwards. "You-a deserved it Bowser!" As Bowser once again charges Luigi gets ready to jump to the side since he thinks Bowser is doing a plain normal tackle. Bad move. When he jumps to dodge Bowser spins so that the tail smashes right into Luigi's stomach. The attack throws Luigi backwards and he glides over the ground a short stretch. Luigi rubs his stomach carefully. "Ouch-a... That-a was cheap!"

    Luigi is quick to get to his feet again and stands up so he's ready for any kind of attacks. He doesn't wait though as he crouches down and fires himself up into the air. A good ol' stomping should do for this round.

Luigi strikes King Bowser with his Good Ol' Stomping attack!
You have taken 17 damage.

   Ah stomps. Bowser has a hard head, but not quite hard enough to fully resist Luigi's boot. The plumber's heel dents Bowser's skull as the Koopa King wobbles a bit, nearly losing his balance. "Rrrrgh. Quick little runt, I'll give you that. But it's gonna take much more than that!" Bowser jumps backward a bit, just to put some distance between himself and Luigi. This attack is best used with some ground between him and his foe.

    Bowser takes a deep breath, and Luigi should know what's coming. "Prepare to fry, greenie!" He manages to shout before exhaling a wave of fire in Luigi's direction. One of Bowser's signature attacks, only approriate it follow a stomp.

King Bowser strikes Luigi with his Fire Breath attack!

    Fire, aye? Well that's not good for our green friend now is it? As he's not able to get enough balance to dodge it after his last attack (it was a mighty fine jump and you know it), he's scorched. Scorched good! When the fire subsides left in it is a fully black person. You could maybe even mistake him for Mr. Game And Watch.

    Luigi coughs up a cloud of smoke as he stands there and blinks once or twice. Then Luigi spots a capsule to the side. Where did that come from? Luigi doesn't think about it for long though as he runs over to the capsule and throws himself over it. Capsule usually have good stuff in them, right? When he is finally able to get it in his hand he rips it open and holds the item inside up in amazement, whatever it is.

Random Smash Item: Fan

    And the item is a fan. Big evil fan, yes, but still a fan. Luigi examines it. White. Oh well, you take what you get. Luigi uses a hand to push himself up again and looks at Bowser. He then grabs the fan in a two hand grip. He must look totally ridiculous. He raises it high above his head and runs at Bowser shouting a warcry as he runs and starts to flap it at Bowser repeatedly when he is close enough. Yaup, totally ridiculous.

Luigi strikes King Bowser with his Fan Combo attack!
You have taken 17 damage.

    Bowser is too busy laughing at the scorched Luigi to notice him go for a capsule. Setting the bros on fire always cracks him up. Perhaps a bit too much. This is why his castle is full of lava traps, despite being quite weak to them himself.

    By the time he's finished laughing he has noticed Luigi getting his hands on the item. "G'huh? Is that all? A rinky-dink little fan? Gwahaha! It suits you, greenie! Why don't you find a little pink dress to go with---" His ranting is stopped short as Luigi goes ballistic with the fan. That... hurts a LOT more than a fan should hurt. Must be due to the nature of the tournament. Yeah, that's it.

    "Grrrrrr.... no fair! I should be getting all the cool items! Well, I still have THESE!" Bowser pulls a small Bob-Omb out of his shell. "Gwaha, catch!" Flinging it at Luigi, it explodes before it even reaches him. This was not a Bob-Omb designed to be damaging, just disorienting. The flash is QUITE bright.

King Bowser strikes Luigi with his Flash Bob-Omb stun attack!

    Luigi gets quite amazed at the damage he does. A fan is better then one would think. He's also a little confused to hear Bowser first say that it's girly and then to hear him shout out that it's a cool item. That's why Luigi is a little to slow when Bowser suddenly throws a Bob-Omb at him. He shrieks as it flies and tries to fling it away with the fan. To bad it's a Flash Bob-Omb then. When it lights up Luigi takes a hand and starts to rub his eyes. So bright...

    Bowser IS the master at contradictions. It was totally a tactic, too, not just him being random. Nope. Not at all.

    Bowser laughs evilly as Luigi is stunned. "Mwahaha! You fell for it! Not suprising, I AM an evil genius! I scare myself sometimes. Head's up Greenie!" This is Bowser being trickey again. Despite being half blind, Luigi can still move. So Bowser tricks him into thinking the attack is coming form the air, when in fact it's coming from the ground. Bowser stomps at the ground, kicking up a few small rocks in Luigi's direction. So dirty...

King Bowser strikes Luigi with his Rock Spray weak attack!

    Luigi doesn't think to much at all to be honest. He's flailing around with the fan in hand trying to deflect anything coming. To bad you can't deflect a spray of something. In this case rock. Probably mud to. The attack sprays all over him and blind him for maybe a second more as he had just regained his vision as some sand and rock hit his eye. He wipes it of and looks at Bowser. "You're-a no genius, Bowser. You just use-a other people's machines and-a constructions to make-a everybody's life miserable."

    Luigi wipes a little dust from his overall (which will definitly need to be washed when this is over) and raises the hand with the fan in. He then does two quick jumps to the side and just throws the fan at Bowser. The fan should be feared, but it's enough for today.

Luigi strikes King Bowser with his Fan Throw weak attack!
You have taken 9 damage.

    "Hey!" Bowser roars. "I have every right to use Ludwig's inventions, because I'm his father, and the boss, and I say so! So THERE!" Hmph! Besides, Bowser generally comes up with the blueprints for most of Ludwig's designs. ...sort of. Ok, they're more scribbles and vague ideas, not blueprints, but it's close enough!

    After being swatted in the snout once more by the fan, Bowser rumbles, a bit annoyed. "A lot of little tricks aren't going to save you, green man! And your brother isn't here to bail you out either! So you should either just give up, or prepare for some more pain!" Leaping into the air, Bowser begins chucking a number of hammers down at Luigi. Who knows where he gets them all? There's enough to make dodging them pretty tricky.

King Bowser misses Luigi with his Hammer Time! attack!

    Dodging a pair of hammers is no problem for Luigi, the green ||1nj4! He looks horrified though as all the hammers starts to rain down upon him and he runs quickly to the side to dodge the first volley. And then again to the other side. And again, all the time going "AAAAAAHH!" or similarly. In the end though, he's able to dodge them all. When he notices that there are no more hammers he sticks his tongue at Bowser. And then Luigi trips over something. He flies onwards and slides face down in the ground whilst bouncing uncontrollably. When he finally stops the object rolls into view. It's a pokeball. What luck in the unluck! Wait, is that a word? Does that sentence even work grammatically? Anyways, Luigi grabs the pokeball and stands up again. He presses the button on the pokeball and looks at what emerges.

Random Pokeball: Snorlax - Body Slam (GM Area)

There's a flash of white light.. and then.. a massive form comes out of the Pokeball. Black and yellow. "SNORLAX!" the giant pokemon calls out, sitting on the ground, then tries to stand up. Falls. Stands up, falls. Stands up, falls. The standing up and falling, the ground shakes and quake as the Pokemon crushes the area around him.

Hawke strikes King Bowser with his Body! weak attack!
You have taken 12 damage.
Hawke misses Luigi with his Slam! weak attack!

    When Snorlax comes out Luigi looks at him but is soon shaken as the ground starts shaking from the fatso's of the pokemon. Luigi stays up though and when he sees that Bowser is shaken and disturbed Luigi jumps forward and tries to stomp his head again. Stomping always works.

Luigi strikes King Bowser with his Stomp weak attack!
You have taken 10 damage.

    "Curses!" Bowser exclaims as Luigi dodges all of his hammers. That move usually works so well, too. As he lands, he's a moment too late to stop Luigi from diving for the Pokeball. Pokemon. Bowser can't stand Pokemon. Little cute and cuddly creates that don't look at ALL threatening yet are among the fiercest monsters in Videoland. Who would buy THAT?


    The Snorlax does a number on the Koopa King, sending him to his royal rear. To add insult to injury, he's unable to stand himself up in time, and Luigi gets a clear shot. Grr..... this is not looking well for him. He can't lose to a SECOND FIDDLE! Especially not after all of his boasting at the START!

    It is then Bowser sees another capsule lying on the ground. Behind Luigi. Hopefully the plumber hasn't noticed it. Either way Bowser scrambles for it, diving towards it. Gwahaha!

Random Smash Item: Delicious Food (+food)
[OOC] Hawke says, "Level..."
[OOC] Hawke says, "Heads, +restore, tails, +recover."
Hawke flips a coin and gets tails.

    Opening the Capsule, Bowser is greeted with... DELICIOUS FOOD! "Oh, good, I was getting a bit hungry." He's a bit disappointed. He was hoping for something large and blunt to throw at Luigi, but this should give him his energy back. Mmmm, a nice, large, garlic steak.

Hawke restores King Bowser with his Steak! major healing!
You have healed by 51%!

    Luigi looks at Bowser as he sits in front of him. And then Bowser tries to get something. Something behind Luigi. And as Bowser dives for it he pushes Luigi to the side. It doesn't do anything to Luigi but it's a little odd really. Then he listens to Bowser as he talks to himself and as Bowser devours the steak who seems to have appeared out of nowhere. "You-a should really try and not-a talk to yourself-a. It's-a bad habit."

    This will hopefully make Bowser look at him which he'll use for his next attack. Directly after having said his sentence he runs forward real close and personal. If Bowser is looking in his direction also this will mean he'll get a uppercut right in his head. And it's even a flaming fire punch of DOOM!

Luigi misses King Bowser with his Fire Jump Punch smash attack!

    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Boy, I DO love garlic steak. Gwahah! I can feel a strength burning in my belly. It's go-time, greenie!" Bowser shouts at Luigi. The steak seems to have restored a LOT of Bowser's vitality, as the Koopa King ducks to the side, narrowly dodging Luigi's attakc. "Bwahaha, my turn!"

    Bowser quickly ducks inside his shell and flies up to try and smack Luigi into the air. If it connects, the shell quickly flies up past Luigi to strike him again to send him down into the ground. The shell then lands some distance away, and Bowser pops out. A bit dizzy. "Whoa... swirly..." The world spins around Bowser, he needs to spend a moment or two to tell it to stop.

King Bowser strikes Luigi with his Spining Shell Combo smash attack!

    Luigi misses his attack. Bugger. And then he's thrown up and then down into the ground. That gotta hurt. It sure did to as Luigi lies on the ground for a moment, not moving. But then he pushes himself up to his legs. He holds out a hand and runs at Bowser with his hand outstretched. In his palm a small orb of electricity starts to gather as Luigi utilizes his Thunderhand. He's not entirely concentrated though as he's not only damaged but also running. It would probably hurt a lot more it it was fully loaded but what can you do. He's a little berserk at the moment but he'll snap out of it in a moment.

Luigi strikes King Bowser with his Lightbolt weak attack!
You have taken 10 damage.

     Bowser recovers from his dizzyness a second too late, as Luigi has already struck him with his electric assault. "GAAAAAAARRRRGGGZZZZZT!!" Shocking! Bowser roars, his body jolting with the pain of the strike. "Grrr..... I've had just about enough of this, greenie! I think it's time for you to take a nice long nap!" No fancy moves this time, Bowser just winds back and punches Luigi as hard as he can while he's still in melee range.
King Bowser strikes Luigi with his Short-range Jab attack!

    That punch sure found it's goal. The punch snaps Luigi out of his berserker rage and takes him down to the earth again. The punch also sends him a good 5 meters away from Bowser. Luigi rubs the part Bowser hit (the side of the torso) and stands up again. He doesn't attack though but does take out a healing mushroom out of his overall and swallows it down. Energy immediately runs through him and he gets ready to continue.

Luigi restores Luigi with his Healing Mushroom minor healing!

    Yes! Things are coming up Bowser! However, Bowser quickly frowns as he sees Luigi STILL isn't staying down. He shouldn't be nearly this endurant. Not if he's as big a wuss as Bowser has been saying he is! He'll just have to hit him HARDER....

    Oh look. Capsule. While Luigi is busy healing himself Bowser dives for it. "Finders keepers, green 'stache! Bwahaha!" Not quite the correct phrase to use there. Something like 'early bird gets the worm' might have been better.

Random Smash Item: Red Koopa Shell (GM +weaks a random opponent next round)

    How appropriate! "This must be a sign! Face it, pimpsqueak, you should have gave up while you had the chance! So eat Koopa Shell!"

Hawke strikes Luigi with his Red Shell! weak attack!

    That shroom sure was tasty. Now to Bowser. Seems as he found something again. And what might it be? Luigi don't need to try and figure that out for long as it soon flies right at him. And hits. And hits. And hits. Those red shells sure are annoying, spinning around and hitting you over and over again. In the end he succeeds to jump on it (which we all know makes them stop there rampage) and bouncing of it he tries to land yet another stomping on Bowser purty face.

Luigi strikes King Bowser with his Stomping you all Night Long! attack!
You have taken 13 damage.

    Fungah! Stomped again! He's getting a bit sick of being jumped on. Taking a few steps back, Bowser spots another item in the corner of his eye. Thinking it's another capsule, he dives for it. Unfortunately, he sees it's just a pokeball. "...nah. I hate those little freaks." Bowser grumps, and instead opts to chuck the ball at the back of Luigi's head.

King Bowser misses Luigi with his Pokeball Throw weak attack!

Random Pokeball: Moltres - Sky Attack (GM Area)

The Pokeball bounces away from Bowser, smacks against the ground, and pops open. The white light shoots upwards, and suddenly, one of the Legendary Pokemon makes it's apperance.


As it wings over and takes flight, it starts to roll and spin rapidly, before suddenly catching a fire and spiking across the area at both Bowser and Luigi.

Hawke strikes King Bowser with his Moltres - Sky Attack smash attack!
You have taken 32 damage.
Hawke strikes Luigi with his Moltres - Sky Attack smash attack!
Luigi has been knocked out!

<InterZone Chatter> Hawke | Moltres announces, "MOLTRES!"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "....okay, maybe those little freaks aren't so useless."
<InterZone Chatter> Hawke says, "GAME!, King Bowser defeats Luigi for the first round victory."
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser Gwahahahaha!
<InterZone Chatter> Captain N coughsluckyshotcoughs.
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Can it, N! And you better beat Station, cause I want a shot at beating you down personally!"
<InterZone Chatter> Agent 3D0 says, "Good job, Bowser."
<InterZone Chatter> Captain N says, "Can what?  That wasn't me!"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Bah, I know that snarky cough anywhere."
<InterZone Chatter> Alpha Pikachu says, "Pi pikachu!  <I call shenanigans!>"
<InterZone Chatter> Vile says, "I call a pokemon barbecue."
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Bah, I won fair and square, for once, so get off my back. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm headin back home."

    Luigi is fourtuanly looking straight ahead and can therefore not be chucked with the pokeball to the back of his head. It actually misses even with him not trying to move away. The pokemon inside it on the other hand might hit him. Which isn't good for Luigi. And since it's Moltres, and Luigi isn't in a Hammer Bros. Suit, Luigi's rightfully burninated. He falls down and stays down. His overall is totally trashed. Whose gonna pay for this? Hopefully somebody will bet Luigi before Bowser gets any ideas.

<InterZone Chatter> Alpha Pikachu says, "Pika!  Pikachu pi pika!  Pikachu!  <Moltres!  You attacked the wrong person!  Aim better with your Sky Attack next time!>"

    Bowser climbs back into his Klown Koptor, seeing that he has won. Back home for him to bask in his victory.

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