<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Yo! Is that Cheesey Kagura person listenin'?"
<InterZone Chatter> Chizuru Kagura says, "Oh, a call for me? Who may I ask is calling?"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "It's the Koopa that will be savoring victory soon, gwahaha! Are you ready to lose?"
<InterZone Chatter> Chizuru Kagura says, "Oh, not particularly, but I think you're asking about a fight, aren't you?"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Don't get sassy with me, I crush sassy losers in my free time! Hmph. Despite your attitude I'm going to be generous and let you pick the spot."
<InterZone Chatter> Chizuru Kagura says, "Well, let me check my passport."
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Listen up! I need a judge to come watch me win, who's available?"
<InterZone Chatter> Mother Brain says, "You have free time?"
<InterZone Chatter> Chizuru Kagura says, "How does C-Island sound?"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "I'll do it, buddy!"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Is that Jones' place? Fine! I'll try not to cause too much damage!"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "And that happy sounding girl will do. Sorry Mother Brain, I'd love to have you watchin, but some of those goody two shoes might call foul if you're the judge. I ain't in the mood to listen to whining."
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "This won't take long anyway, bwahaha!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Believe in your heart, King Bowser, and even you can stop a merciless killer bent on your destruction!"
<InterZone Chatter> Mother Brain says, "Indeed. Do not fail me. Trophies are nessicary to my schemes."
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "I'd much rather believe in my muscles and killer good looks!"
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "H-hey, you'd better not bust up C-Island, you overgrown chia pet!"
<InterZone Chatter> Chizuru Kagura says, "Don't worry, Mr. Jones; I'm sure he'll be contained easily if he attempts to cause difficulty."
<InterZone Chatter> Presea Combatir says, "Killer good looks? You cause a fear effect so great people die, King Bowser?"
<InterZone Chatter> Rixaes says, "..what's a chia pet?"
<InterZone Chatter> Iggy Koopa says, "... that... actually /happened/, once..."
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "If it's describing me, then it must be something awesome!"
<InterZone Chatter> Young Link says, "Ah, be quiet you overgrown lizard!"
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "Huh. It'd explain the hair..."
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Shaddup runt."
<InterZone Chatter> Rixaes sounds confused, "So a chia pet is an overgrown lizard?"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Anyway, turning this noise off. You'll hear from me again once I win! Ciao. <click>"

South Pacific - C-Island

    The primary island of a vast island chain under the Southern Cross, Coralcola Island is the home of a peaceful tribe of native people, who are allowed to go about their lives, training with island yoyos and living off diets of pig and banana delicacies, undisturbed by the outside world. The sole signs of technology here are the landing pad, a simple concrete structure on the south end of the C-shaped island, and a large laboratory on the inside of the northern curve. This is the home of Doctor Jones, famed scientist and researcher, a friend of the natives. Oddly enough a third group lives on this island: a tribe of children, aliens that resemble humans with long pointed ears, the last survivors of a lost civilzation.

Ah, C-Island. Bowser hasn't come here very often. Reminds him too much of Dinosaur Island, and that place is bad enough. He's also never had THAT much of a reason to torment Jones very much, the other villains do MORE than enough of that. Bowser has his own fish to fry, so C-Island has generally escaped his fury in the past.

Bowser descends towards the island riding his famous Klown Kopter. He actually lands at the proper Helipad, southeast of the village. No need to break local traffic laws. He's evil, not tardy. Disembarking from the Kopter, he looks around for the best spot to have a rumble. The middle of the village would be nice, but those pesky villagers and their lone pig might get in the way. "The sassy girl and the ditzy girl, where'd they plan on doing this? I'm a busy King, after all!"

Chizuru took a floatplane because she has huge amounts of money.

It is marked with Japanese call numbers and is parked in the cove, as Chizuru stands on the beach. She looks out at the beautiful tropical foliage and makes a mental note to come here and go swimming some time soon.

She also glances at her cell phone, which, of course, has a clock on it, every now and then. When the Kopter arrives, she looks up and calls out, "Hello! Queen Bow-wow, wasn't it?" with a cheerful wave.

Fighting in the King of Fighters tournament makes you an asshole, it seems.

Wow, what a jerk!

A bright shiny light falls from the sky--AND LANDS in the water, splashing water everywhere! When one looks to see what has fallen, it is the great mecha, PRINGER X!

"Fight but don't hurt any flowers okay?!!?!" Flonne yells, "This battleship has tri-omega cannon support with detachable rocket arms, so play nice!!"

Queen? Bow-wow? Grr. Bowser really really hates sassy, uppity non-villains. Hell, he also hates sassy uppity VILLAINS, but he can tolerate them more. Mainly because Mother Brain can eye-laser him if he don't. But as for these non-villain losers? If they're sassy, BOWSER SMASH!

"It's KING BowSER!" He corrects, roaring in Chizuru's direction. Stomping towards the middle of what will be their makeshift arena Bowser dismissively waves a hand in Pringer X's direction. "Yeah yeah, no flowers, whatever. If they don't get in my way I won't get in theirs, how's that?" Why that sounds perfectly reasonable! Even if it isn't.

Bowser knucklecracks a bit as he advances on Chizuru "Blah blah, good luck and I hope I don't hurt you TOO bad. ....nah, I don't hope that. Gwahaha!" The Koopa King quickly lumbers forward, and punches downward at Chizuru. His fist will either collide with her, or collide with the ground if she dodges.

King Bowser misses Chizuru Kagura with his Opening Punch weak attack!

Flonne shouts, "Good luck Queen Bow-Wow!" then quieter, "I thought it was King Bowser..."

Chizuru ducks low as she sees that fist coming towards her. Of course, this doesn't put her out of the range of it -

But jumping over it, which she proceeds to do, does! She leaps over the towering King of the Koopas and lands with a small puff of sand.

Hm, she thinks, this sand will get in the way with my shoes. She slips her foot out of the left, tugs the right one loose, and punts it forwards sharply towards Bowser's adorable little tail.

Chizuru Kagura strikes King Bowser with her Cinderella Style weak attack!
You have taken 11 damage.

"Wow!" Flonne chirps, "That is the Cinderella Lost Slipper technique, only perfected by a select few. Such a technique wielded at the start of this match means Chizuru is taking this battle very seriously, possibly because Queen Bow-Wow is really gigantic!"

Grr, tricky little pest! Bowser hates fighting speedy opponents, they're just so hard to smash flat when they keep moving around like that! He grits his teeth as a small jolt of pain hits him, that tail is SENSITIVE! Despite being fundamentally annoyned so soon into the battle, Bowser still takes a moment to turn towards Flonne.

"It's /KING BOWSER/, you flower-headed ditz!"

Focus Bowser, focus. Your opponent isn't the judge. Don't get too worked up. However, you CAN channel that rage towards Chizuru! When Bowser gets irritated, he gets a rumble in his tummy. And when Bowser gets a rumble in his tummy?

Things BURN.

King Bowser misses Chizuru Kagura with his Fire Breath attack!

This is gonna be one weird fight.

"But she called you Queen Bow-Wow!"

The Pringer X booms, "QUEEN BOW-WOW!"

"Now let's not do it, autopilot of the Pringer X." Flonne chides gently. "Apparently Chizuru is well-suited to dealing with indigestion!"

"Oh, are you offended we misheard your name?" Chizuru says with a quirked eyebrow as she pauses to toss her long hair back with one hand. "Well, I, Cheesy Kagura, apologize for the offense, my Queen."

The firebreath is quite telegraphed, and so Chizuru can time it - and she swipes one hand down as if to swat the blast of fiery flame! There is a flash of light -

And now, somehow, fireballs are being sent back at the King?! Chizuru hops back after this, smirking visibly.

Chizuru Kagura strikes King Bowser with her Oh God Not The Reflect Move!! weak attack!
You have taken 11 damage.

Flonne chirps, "Wow, another powerful technique! This is what we in Disgaea call 'counter attacking' except unlike our counters, she doesn't get hurt! It's a secret move, frequently found in fighting and action games, but also some roleplaying games like Final Felony Four!"

A falling capsule bonks King Bowser on the head.

Random Smash Item: Mr. Saturn (+weak)

Hey you can't do that! No fair sending his own fireballs back on him, it's bad enough he has to deal with Mario and Luigi's, but not his own! Burn burn cinge smoulder. Ow. The Koopa King quickly bats at his precious mane of hair, putting it out.

"You are very, VERY annoying! And I--" BONK. Ow again. Bowser quickly looks around for the offeding capsule, then laughs. "Gwahaha! Seems luck is on my side! With the contents of this capsule I will win this fight easily! Too bad for you!" Quickly opening it, Bowser is now left with a strange creature in his claws.

"Z@@M!" It says.

"..." This was not at all what Bowser expected. "Gah! You worthless piece of junk!" He shouts, winding it up, and chucking it at Chizuru. Well that's ONE way to make use of it.

King Bowser strikes Chizuru Kagura with his Z@@@@@@@@@@@@@M B@ING! weak attack!

"Looks like someone needs a SN@C@NE," Flonne muttes sullenly.


Chizuru is sent flying back and sprawls in the sand with the taste, somehow, of peanuts and cheese in her mouth. She pushes herself up, toes wiggling as she gets traction on the sand again. "Hmf!" she says, brushing off the sleeves of her robelike top.

She then makes a sweeping gesture at Bowser and leaps at him! ... wait...

There's still a Chizuru standing there! And the one that goes flying towards him vanishes shortly after impact, whether with the ground or him.

Chizuru Kagura misses King Bowser with her Magic-Origin Gemini Man powers HOOO attack!

Bowser hasn't wasted any time after flinging the Mr. Saturn. As the faux Chizuru leaps at him Bowser is already charging forward. So either the illusion missions, or his power of IGNORING it prevailed! Gwahaha!

Bowser's not charging forward empty handed, though. Oh no. He seems to have removed two giant hammers from inside of his shell, and he intends to make good use of em! He even slams the ground in front of him before reaching Chizuru, just to shake things up, before throttling them in her direction.

"I.." Slam "Hate..." Slam "Annoying..." Slam "Sassy..." "Goody..." Slam "Two-shoes..." Slam "And/or..." Slam "Neutrals!" Slam

King Bowser misses Chizuru Kagura with his Stop! Hammer time! attack!

Flonne says, "Wow! Bow-Wow called her a -neutral-. You aren't gonna take that, are you Chizuru!?"

The Pringer X mutters something about how enemies are more trustworthy than neutrals.

"You're right!" Chizuru says, with a bright smile. "I'll be sure to fix that, as soon as -"

She leaps up in the air as he comes closer, slamming those meaty mitts into the ground. As he goes for the grab, Chizuru does that most irritating of fighting techniques, and abuses priority: as his larger, slightly slower muscles contract, she aims a two-legged bare-foot kick at the side of his face, before letting herself land on the sand and roll to the side, perhaps to avoid immediate counter stomp.

She also curses sand in Japanese, in passing.

Chizuru Kagura misses King Bowser with her reapo no kikku desu~ weak attack!

Random Pokeball: Scizor - Fury Cutter

A pokeball falls from the sky and bonks King Bowser on the head again. IS THIS A BLESSING OR A CURSE?!

In a rare display of agility, the burly King Bowser manages to jump back a few steps as Chizuru launches her kick attack. Once he realized that his hammers weren't striking his opponent, he decided it might be best to get out of melee range. Very rarely is he so light on his feet.

Another capsule rolls near him, and despite the dud contents of the last one he's not someone who can pass up an advantage. Even if it IS a Pokemon. "This better be good!" He says opening the capsule, and pointing at Chizuru.

"Alright Whateveryouare-mon, give her everything you got!"

"Scizor!" The pokemon reminds his cruel master as he appears out of his pokeball. His speed is tremendous, it may even be too much for Chizuru as he crashes towards Bowser's opponent and attempts to tackle him right up into the air, "SCIZOR!" The pokemon screams. He makes Bowser look like a sloooowpoke.

Flonne strikes Flonne with her Scizor is a Speedycat accuracy-increasing attack!
Flonne strikes Chizuru Kagura with her Let's do the Polkamon! attack!

Oh no - Scizor sure is speeeedy!

Chizuru raises one arm in a blocking stance, which gets her cut. She leaps out of the way of disembowelment or Guillotining - an immediate defeat, for some reason! - but ends up falling onto the sand, leaving a bit of blood behind. She pushes herself back up, breathing a bit heavily.

She tosses her hair back. (Sand falls out of it.) "Hmf," she says, with a faint smile. "I suppose you're a master, 'my Queen'."

After this she dashes forwards and actually -past- Bowser - but once nearby, she twists and reaches with an artful twirl of both arms that will, ideally, send the titanic turtle tumbling to the turf! How does this work? This is not clear; tai chi, it seems, is involved.

Chizuru Kagura strikes King Bowser with her Unrevived Moon Something-or-other attack!
You have taken 17 damage.

Random Smash Item: Lip's Stick

A capsule, ONCE AGAIN, lands on Bowser's head. Maybe it's just because he's bigger or something.
Bowser hates Pokemon, though he hates them a bit less when they help him out. Perhaps the next time he visits Kanto he WON'T kick the first one he sees.

Bowser ALSO hates all those fancy martial arts and stuff. People should win with their speed, it should be strength only, darnit! If that were the case he'd rule over ALL! Chizuru gets the better of him, and throws him to the ground, despite his massive size compared to hers. He lands right next to another capsule, though, so perhaps Bowser just has unbelievable luck tonight.

"Third time's the charm!" He says, opening the capsule and taking out... a stick. A STUPID stick, on top of that. "My Koopa luck is failing me tonight." He sighs. May as well make the worst of a bad thing! He charges at Chizuru, fully intent on bonking her on the noggin!

King Bowser misses Chizuru Kagura with his Lip's Stick attack!

Chizuru dodges by running forwards and ducking low as the stick goes whoosh! She rolls to the side after this, to get onto the side of Bowser that is not reaching forward with a big yet adorable stick.

She then hops up - she needs some range to get this off properly, after all - and administers a quick flurry of open-handed strikes towards Bowser's head. This resembles a slapping; in practice, it is, even if it has some martial technique behind it.

Chizuru Kagura misses King Bowser with her Jamming the A Button weak attack!

Bowser tosses the Lip's Stick aside, annoyed he was unable to hit with it. "Worthless piece-of junk!" He grumbles, turns around to face Chizuru. And... turns around again, and again. Apparently he got on a bit of a 'chasing his tail' routine, thinking Chizuru was always RIGHT behind him. This takes him out of range of her hundred-hand-slap knock-off, anyway. Despite it looking silly.

When he has finally located her again, he growls. "Alright ninja girl, let's see how well you can dodge an attack when you can't tell where it's coming from, gwahaha!" Bowser then slams his two hands on the ground, which causes a bit of a rumble. It also causes numerous stone spires to shoot out from the ground, all around Chizuru. Will one hit her? Will one not hit her? Maybe if she tries to run she'll get nailed instead? Ahaha! Bowser loves this trick. It's total mayhem!
King Bowser strikes Chizuru Kagura with his Crusher smash attack!
Oh, crap.

Chizuru raises both arms to cross in front of her head even as the ground erupts. She's hit in the legs, for the most part, and is left staggering for a moment. She takes a deep breath, and lets out a slightly shaky laugh.

"I'm hardly a ninja," she says, before holding one arm in front of her and closing her eyes briefly. There is a flash of light, and then she starts to dance forwards with her arms spiralling in a series of sharp, quick strikes... which, really, are not that effective.

What is effective is that Chizuru herself is actually within this illusion and is aiming a series of sharp kicks, first down at Bowser's tottering, stumpy legs, followed by a knee up towards his midsection!

Chizuru Kagura strikes King Bowser with her Reversed 1st Revival (DM) smash attack!
You have taken 21 damage.

"...not a ninja? Huh..."

Japanese-sounding name + Quick reflexes = Ninja, in Bowser's book.

He doesn't have time to ponder this, though, as Chizuru recovers a lot faster than he was intending her to, and launches an attack of her own. The kick incapcitates Bowser briefly, as the follow-up sends him back a few feet, with a sharp pain in his gut.

"Fungah... I hate speedies..." He grumbles, getting back to his feet. Since there's now a bit of distance between them, Bowser decides to make use of the pain in his stomach to produce more delicious fire breath. This is why body-blows to Bowser aren't the best things to use.

King Bowser misses Chizuru Kagura with his Fire Breath x2 attack!

Flonne flutters forward to roast some marshmallows from King Bowser's firebreath before fluttering back to the Pringer X, smacking her lips.

There are many annoying things about those who are speedy.

One is when they have many and varied tricky moves, as opposed to a simple, healthy, straightforward kicking and leaping around style.

Chizuru does that strange-looking downward slice again; there is another flash of light, and the fire GOES BACK THE WAY IT CAME, if at some reduction in impulse.

After this, Chizuru steps back a few paces. She is aware, after all, that she is small.

Chizuru Kagura strikes King Bowser with her *pwing* again weak attack!
You have taken 7 damage.

Random Smash Item: Poison Mushroom (+debuff/end)

A capsule falls from the sky, bonks King Bowser on the head, and then rolls over to Chizuru's feet. Surely, there is no poisoned mushroom inside.

More of his precious fire being reflected back to him! No fair! Playing dirty is HIS schtick! He's so mad right now he doesn't even notice the capsule landing on his head. Thick skull, after all.

"Grr... I'm the fire master around here!" He grumps. "Reflecting it back at me is cheap! But let's see you reflect this!" Surely Chizuru can't easly reflect Bowser... charging at her with his shoulder down? Yes, this is a simple ram. Lucky for Bowser, his size essentially means he'll suffer no ill effects. He's like a runaway boulder when he gets going.

King Bowser strikes Chizuru Kagura with his Runaway Train attack!


Chizuru staggers after that ramming, and reaches for the capsule so near her feet, stumbling to one knee.

She opens it...

*pyew pyew pyew*

"Oh -balls,-" Chizuru says, in a much higher register, in disgust. She then proceeds to hasten forwards, to take advantage of her diminutive side to try and get under Bowser's radar and grab for the greatest weakness of any turtle --

The tail!

Once she gets to it, she tries to get the enormous tip in a half-nelson. She may be hoping it is sensitive.

Flonne strikes Chizuru Kagura with her mushroom! endurance-decreasing attack!

Bowser can't help but laugh when he sees what has befallen Chizuru. But he stops laughing when he realizes he can't easily see her anymore. Then he feels the grab at his tail. "Oh crud." He sighs, before being swung around and around and around and etc.

"I.." Swing "Hate..." Swing "Stupid..." Swing "Tail..." Swing "Grabbers!" Swing

Chizuru concludes with a toss upwards. She feels like a child again! And faintly nauseous. Phew!

A ball lands near her feet. She picks it up, pushes the button, and tosses it to the ground where Bowser is certain to land in a few moments, quickly scuttling out of the way. "Hmf!"

The Pokemon emerges with a gasp. "Weeeezing," it groans, before releasing a noxious flatus into the surrounding area, just to welcome Bowser back to Earth!

Flonne strikes King Bowser with her Chizuru wants to be the very best that no one ever was weak attack!
You have taken 11 damage.
Flonne strikes King Bowser with her Each pokemon to understand, to train them is her cause! endurance-decreasing attack!

"GWAAAAAARGH! GEROOOONIIIIMOOOO!" Bowser roars as he lands, rather painfully, in the center of the Wheezing cloud. Ack, that stuff is vile, and he's freaking /BOWSER/.

The Koopa King quickly runs out of the cloud, coughing a bit, and waving at the air in front of him. "Gaaah! When I find you, pipsqueak, I'll wring your scrawny neck! Where'd you scurry off to?"

While Bowser is in the middle of threatening Chizuru, and searching for her, he runs around randomly. As such, she is prone to being kicked or stomped rather violently if she's not careful.

King Bowser strikes Chizuru Kagura with his Blind Koopa Rage attack!

"*squeak*" Chizuru finds herself trod upon -

Which leads to her resuming her normal size. She is shaking a little now, but being near the end of one's rope - or life bar - brings about a mysterious fervor. She takes a deep breath and lets it out before dashing forwards again. Her fingertips glitter as she slices one hand down, aiming an emphatic, powerful slap to Bowser. Not so remarkable.

However, should all go according to plan, it will seal away his unusual abilities, leaving him unable to execute complex maneuvers for a short time! That is probably what that flash of light on her fingertips was about.

Chizuru Kagura strikes King Bowser with her SDM Ancient Seal attack!
You have taken 15 damage.

Flonne sips on a juice box. No weapons yet! There's still one more round before the next capsule too! Can Chizuru--or Bowser?!--survive!?
Slap! Oh... she SLAPPED him? Only Princess Toadstool has THAT honor! Which she exercises regularly, I might add.

Bowser blinks in surprise, placing a clawed hand up to the side of his snout. "I.. wha... uh..." Fume fume. "Grr..... alright lady, you've asked for it. Let's see you reflect my firebreath in such short range!" Deeeeeeeep breath...



Hack, cough, sputter. Zilch. "G'huh?" He blinks in shock. His fire breath doesn't work? But... but... he's KING BOWSER! His fire breath can't not work! Chizuru may have succeeded in briefly removing one of his tactical advantages, but boy did she ever tick him off. "GRAH! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" He roars, thrusting his fist forward to strike her. The attack is sloppy, though. But man, is he ever ticked. He's sensitive about his image, after all.

King Bowser misses Chizuru Kagura with his Image Breaker weak attack!

"I've just sealed your power, that's all," Chizuru says, ducking down low as Bowser aims a meaty punch towards her. She lets out a merry laugh and flips her hair with one hand as she straightens up, taking advantage of the third dimension to circle towards the Koopa King's side.

"Why?" she asks, with a mock-sympathetic look. "Is it your first time?" After this, she twists around, aiming a scything series of open-hand strikes at his less-well-defended side! Those shells have to connect somewhere, after all.

Chizuru Kagura strikes King Bowser with her Dance Like You Want To Spin attack!
You have taken 12 damage.

Suddenly, a capsule bonks King Bowser on the head again! They must be magnetically attracted to his skull!

Flonne hides her hands behind her back.

First time? FIRST TIME? Grrrrrrrrrrr, fume fume fume.

"I'm gonna flatten you... uh.. FLAT! Bwargh!" That last 'bwargh' wasn't him shouting, it was his grunt as yet another capsule strieks him on the head. He needs to get back at that flower-head girl sometime.

Still, Bowser is stubborn, and not one to waste a potential good thing. So he opens the capsule up. Ding, thematically approriate!

"I may have lost some of my awesome powers, but I can still use THIS really good! I am the Koopa King, after all!" He shouts, before chucking the red shell at Chizuru. C'mon, don't be a traitor now, Red shell. Who's your King?

King Bowser misses Chizuru Kagura with his Red shell weak attack!

Chizuru leaps up and lands briefly on the shell.


She then leaps forwards again, aiming a pair of quick scissoring kicks at the great King. She looks like she's shaking, a little, but she also seems to be smiling. "I can see how you move in the mirror!" she says, which may, of course, make no sense.

Chizuru Kagura misses King Bowser with her Jumping D weak attack!

Suddenly--The Red Shell spins around--and spirals straight back for Chizuru Kagura! Watch out! It's got homing!

Flonne strikes Chizuru Kagura with her IT HOMES IN ON YOU weak attack!

"You freaking traitor!" Bowser roars at the empty shell! No, that's not at all unreasonable for him.

In Bowser's rage he chases after the shell, causing him to narrowly avoid Chizuru's kicks.

And then the shell turns around on him. "Bwargh! Nice shell! I didn't mean the traitor bit!" Which is good that he didn't, since the shell kept going on to hit Chizuru. "G'huh? Hah! Yeah, that's right! I'm your King, so you listen to ME!"

Taking out another hammer, Bowser wastes no time in charging at Chizuru. "I've had about enough of this fight, so stop being annoying and lose!"

Hammer Time Redux!

King Bowser strikes Chizuru Kagura with his MC Bowser attack!
Chizuru Kagura has been knocked out!

Fewwwwwwww -

After that smack from the Hammer, Chizuru has gone flying. She lands in the ocean with a distinct 'splash' and bobs to the surface a moment later.

"Ugh," she comments, however distantly.

<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Gwahahahaha!"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Even the Cheesey ninja girl is no match for my awesomeness! I love being me."

"GAME! Queen Bow-Wow wins!" Flonne hops up and down and applauds

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Queen Bow-Wow wins!"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser gghk "That's KING. BOWSER."
<InterZone Chatter> B.J. Blazkowicz says, "I've always said you're not in Videoland proper until you hear Bowser laugh for no damn reason. Good to be back."
<InterZone Chatter> Computer Gal Yoko Suzuki says, "Queen... Bow-Wow?" The sound of snorting and chortling can be heard, and then "HOO HOO HOO HOO!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONES!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "What is it Laharl? What about your jones?"
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones sputtercough, "What, what'd I do?! I swear, officer, it was the one armed Moblin!"
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "I mean...hey."
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "--sorry, force of habit. FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNE!"

"IT'S KING BOWSER!" The Koopa King roars, but decides not to go after Flonne. It wouldn't be fair to the poor girl... and has nothing to do with how beat up he is. Nope.

Another victory under his belt, Bowser hobbles back to his Klown Kopter, and prepares to fly back to the Castle to rest up.

Who will his NEXT opponent be?

<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones tch, "Confusing me for your girlfriend, real smooth."
<InterZone Chatter> Overlord Zetta says, "He's not too bright. Inexperienced and everything."

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Well, that's two matches under my belt and another sassy good-for-nothing beaten down. Bwahaha. Time to rest up!"

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "Flowerhead, did you sign me up to help judge this Tournament?!"

<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "Congratulations."

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Yep!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "I'm stuck here watching a fat guy and a bouncy ninja jiggle their way across the battlefield and it's DISGUSTING!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Think of it as training your eyes, overcome your weaknesses!"
<InterZone Chatter> Overlord Zetta says, "AHAHAHAHH! This is why you need to keep track of your minions."
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "And Flonne isn't my girlfriend, Jones."
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "There're laws against-man, when did Flonne learn how to play Laharl?-noise polution, y'know."
<InterZone Chatter> Overlord Zetta says, "And you're breaking all of them."
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "Oh yeah? Well... well... from now on, there's laws against YOU pollution!"
<InterZone Chatter> Rixaes says, "..Jones, do you have a girlfriend? You seem to be really into assigning them to people."

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