<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser clicks on. "Alright losers! Time for the Koopa King to get another victory under his belt! Where's that squirt Little Mac at?"
<InterZone Chatter> The Hero of Spielburg boredly. "Vacation."
<InterZone Chatter> Little Mac says, "I'm here!"
<InterZone Chatter> The Hero of Spielburg says, "...Woa! Mac! Yo!"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Vaca--- oh, guess not! Well then, pipsqueak, meet me in Monsteropolis! Who wants to come judge?"
<InterZone Chatter> Little Mac says, "All right!"

Mega Zone - Monsteropolis

    A bright future awaits the world of 200X. Cities of futuristic construction, planetary colonies, and peaceful contact with magnanimous aliens all seem possible. It is a world of light and bright color, a place where evil stands out like a sore thumb.

    A giant supercity, Monsteropolis is a peaceful place most of the time, the city running smoothly with the use of robots. Robots, large and small, intelligent and drone-like, all inspired by famed scientist Doctor Light, make the life of the people in this city a thing of ease... most of the time. Every once in a while, the evil scientist Doctor Wily will unleash his Robot Masters upon the peaceful people of Monsteropolis, and the place will become a war zone until the Blue Bomber, Mega Man, charges forth into battle.

Monsteropolis bustles with activity, as it tends to do whenever there's a brief period of relief from Dr. Wily's attacks. Since the mad doctor is busy on Tallon IV, things have been downright mundane around here.

So it's only fitting that Bowser decide to liven things up in the middle of the city by holding his match with Little Mac here. They should thank him for it, after all! They get to witness his stupendous fighting ability, free of charge, and he won't even be using it to blow up the city! What a deal!

Bowser's Klown Koptor descends in the center of a makeshift arena, on the top of a rather high building in the center of the city. Leaping out, Bowser whistles as he looks over the side. "A.. little high, isn't it? Heh... we'd better keep the fight close to the center..."

Little Mac steps onto the roof, wincing as he knows he's in over his head. Still, he's done this before... a big match, and he doesn't want to lose. He gives Doc Louis a worried look, punching his gloves together as he steps up to get ready to fight.

Heitting on the roof of the very tall building, Stahn Aileron hums a cheery tune to himself, hoping to catch a good view of the fight from up here... sadly, it seems that his ideal viewing spot is a little /too/ ideal, as it's picked as the spot for the fight to take place as well. "Uh... hi?" He looks between Bowser, coming from the sky, and Little Mac, stepping up from downstairs. Noticing the distinct lack of anyone else arriving, he hazards, "You guys still need a judge for this?" Can't ask for a better seat than that, and he's far less likely to be used as a stage hazard if he's playing commentator!

Bowser steps away from the edge, and approaches the center. Punching his knuckles together, mimicking Little Mac. "You'll never know what hit ya, runt! King Hippo's told me ALL about ya, and you won't get any belly-button punches in with ME. I don't HAVE one, gwahaha!"

Little Mac frowns. "I'm not gonna back down just because you're big and scaly!" He moves in, feet shifting rapidly as he nears Bowser, trying to land a few quick blows on his midsection to try and open up Bowser's face for some more damaging hits. His eyes dart about rapidly, trying to anticipate Bowser's moves.

Little Mac strikes King Bowser with his Duck and Move! weak attack!
You have taken 8 damage.

Bowser laughs, flexing a bit to show off. "Bah! I'm big, scaly, and MEAN!" Bowser announces, moments before getting hit with a flurry of punches from the much quicker Little Mac.

"Ugh... hey, I wasn't ready!" He complains. Pity there's no such thing as do-overs in this tournament. So he quickly moves into the offensive. "Hrmph, I'll stomp you flat like a Goomba before you get to try that again! Huwargh!" Bowser slams both fists down in front of him, hoping to crush Little Mac under them. They're poorly aimed, and lacking a lot of power, though, mostly because Bowser is really underestimating Little Mac. Not surprising, since he underestimates almost everyone.

King Bowser misses Little Mac with his Double Knuckle weak attack!

Little Mac leaps back quickly as Bowser slams the ground, eyes wide. "Don't underestimate me!" he says, aiming a couple of good punches at Bowser's face, trying to take the advantage now that he's attacked. Mac's pretty quick on his feet... he has to fighting people who are routinely more than twice his size!

Little Mac strikes King Bowser with his Uppercut! Uppercut! attack!
You have taken 15 damage.

Ow, direct hit! Bowser's snout may be solid, but there's a lot of force behind Mac's punch. This causes the Koopa King to staggar back a few steps. Rubbing his sore chin, Bowser growls. "Another speedy little twerp? I fought someone like you in the last round, and you all have the same weakness..."

Bowser quickly pulls a hammer out, presumably from inside his shell, and advances on Little Mac "You're all fast... but you're all FLIMSY!" With am ighty roar, he slams the hammer downward.

King Bowser strikes Little Mac with his Hammer Time! attack!

Random Smash Item: Bumper

Little Mac reels slightly from the hammer strike as it hits him, feeling himself loose his potential for a powerful uppercut. He looks around quickly, trying to find a way to get away from that hammer as he jabs more hits towards Bowser's face, trying to get him to drop the hammer to tend to his visage.

Little Mac strikes King Bowser with his NOT IN THE FACE! weak attack!
You have taken 8 damage.

Making sure to stay on the other side of the rooftop from the combatants, and hopefully out of harm's way, Stahn watches the fight with interest. He's never gotten to see Little Mac fight before, his boxing moves are pretty potent. He's just getting into the fight when a rogue flying robot floats by, and starts hovering around his head. "Hey, get out of here," he says, punching the robot, which surprises the Swordian Master by exploding, as Megaman gumbies are prone to do, a capsule falling out of it and bouncing across the rooftop towards the fighters.

Not the face indeed. Despite the misleading name, it connects with Bowser's face quite well. This throws the Koopa King off balance again, and he rubs his sore snout, trying to re-orient himself.

This is when a Capsule bonks him on the head. "...these things are ALWAYS hitting me like that. I dunno if I should call it lucky, or unlucky..." Oh well. While he's well aware that Capsules contain good and bad things, he's FAR too greedy to let Little Mac get his gloves on it. So he opens the capsule up.

A giant pinball bumper appears in Bowser's hands. "...uh, wow. That's new." Bowser only spends a few moments thinking of how to use it. There's really only ONE thing that comes to mind, and that's the same thing he does with EVERY large, blunt, objects that comes into his possession. He swings it at something. Namely, Little Mac.

King Bowser strikes Little Mac with his Bump off the Bumper attack!

Mac recoils off the bumper, thrown to the edge off the roof and teetering for a long moment, trying to regain his composure. Frowning, he takes a deep breath, then runs towards the Koopa King, aiming to leap over the offending bumper and land a powerful punch right in the midsection of the giant turtle. He's not doing too hot right now... but he's got to keep trying!

Little Mac strikes King Bowser with his Body Blow! attack!
You have taken 12 damage.

The body blow connects strongly, causing Bowser to drop the Bumper, and be knocked backward, landing on his shell. This SEEMS like a bad position for a giant turtle to be in, but don't underestimate Bowser!

"Ok squirt, you got SOME punch in you. But don't get cocky!" Yeah, being cocky is BOWSER'S job!

Bowser's head, tail, and four limbs suddeny disappear inside his shell, which wobbles upright, and starts spinning towards Little Mac! Giant spikey shell = Ow.

King Bowser misses Little Mac with his Spinning Shell Attack attack!

<Fac-EVIL> King Hippo says, "HEY BOWSER!"
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Yo!"
<Fac-EVIL> King Hippo says, "If you lose to that little pipsqueak, I'm gonna...."
<Fac-EVIL> King Hippo says, "You're gonna..."
<Fac-EVIL> King Hippo says, "Uh..."
<Fac-EVIL> King Hippo says, "You're fat!"
<Fac-EVIL> King Hippo says, "If you lose."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Gwahaha! Don't worry Hippo, the squirt doesn't stand a chance!"
<Fac-EVIL> Upton Julius says, "..."
<Fac-EVIL> King Hippo says, "GOOD!  That's what I like to hear!  We'll go get some burritos afterwards.  Or somethin'."
<Fac-EVIL> King Hippo says, "Okay, that's it.  Pep talk's over."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "As long as you're buying. And by buying I mean swiping."
<Fac-EVIL> King Hippo says, "Ha ha ha, just like old times!"
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Old times are awesome. So much better than this new stuff."

Stahn is only half paying attention to the battle at this point, as he finds more robot birds poking at him. "Go on, git'!" he says to them, swatting them away as they try to pluck at his hair. "You're in the way!" A strong backhand causes another one to break, a Pokeball dropping from the wreckage and rolling towards the combatents. Continued struggles with artificial avians result in another capsule heading towards them next round.

Little Mac ducks quickly, dodging the massive flying turtle as he grabs at the Pokeball that just fell to the ground. Looking at the little ball, he realizes that he can't really press the button with gloves on his hands. Looking over at Bowser, he grins. "HEADS UP!" He throws the Pokeball as hard as he can, trying to bean the old villain with it.

Little Mac strikes King Bowser with his Pokeball Go! weak attack!
You have taken 12 damage.

Random Pokeball: Snorlax - Body Slam (GM Area)

Y'know, for a little guy, Mac sure can chuck that pokeball pretty dang hard. Bowser rubs his head where the Pokeball struck him, that'll leave a lump. He's about to start shouting at Little Mac again, but he sees the Pokeball hit the ground, and start to light up. "Oh rotten mushrooms...." He growls, and quickly jumps away from the Pokeball. He foregoes attacking Little Mac for the moment.

Though speaking of rotten mushrooms, the Koopa King pulls a old-looking, moldy mushroom from inside of his shell. It does not look edible at all, but he downs it anyway. Burp. "Mmm, aged food is truly the best."

King Bowser restores King Bowser with his Questionable Foodstuffs minor healing!
You have healed by 25%!

The Pokeball thwacks Bowser in the noggin, and falls to the ground, cracking open as it does so. A beam of light shoots upward, and suddenly... the rooftop is dark, as if the sun has been eclipsed. Waitaminute... the sun HAS been eclipsed. How did that happen? Stahn looks up from his avian struggle, and cries, "HOLY @*#^, SNORLAX!"

And sure enough, the massive, snoozing Pokemon proceeds to fall onto the rooftop with a mighty *thud*, before rolling over and slipping off the side of the building.

Stahn Aileron strikes King Bowser with his Falling Pokemon Warning attack!
You have taken 19 damage.
Stahn Aileron strikes Little Mac with his Beware of Snorlax attack!

Random Smash Item: Proximity Mine

Little Mac gaaaaaahs as the Pokeball opens and reveals a Snorlax, the little Boxer trying his hardest to get out of the way, but to no avail. He's slammed as the Snorlax hits him, flung bodily into the ledge. Groaning, the little boxer gets up, narrowing his eyes as he shoots a gaze at Doc. "I can't beat him..."

Taking a deep breath, he charges, trying to deliver a one-two blow with a gut punch and right hook.

Little Mac misses King Bowser with his One-Two! attack!

Look on the bright side, Mac. Bowser got crushed too. Any damage that was restored from his horrid-looking Mushroom was brought right back upon him thanks to the Snorlax body slam.

On a side note, the impact of that Snorlax couldn't have done good things for the tower's supports. Oh dear.

Just as Bowser stands up, another capsule hits him. On the foot this time. "That's it, I'm SURE these things are hitting me on purpose! Cheeky little capsules..." Bowser goes for opening it, again. He's not letting any potential advantage fall into Little Mac's hands! He has plans to go get burritos with King Hippo once he wins this match! Once the capsule is cracked open, Bowser finds a proximity mine in his hands.

Here's his conundrum. Using a proximity mine effectively means actually using STRATEGY to place it and such. This is not one of Bowser's strong points, not in the heat of battle. So he settles for the next best use of a proximity mine. If you can't trick your enemy into being in proximity of the mine, put the mine in proximity of your enemy! Bowser winds up like a pitcher, and chucks the mine in Little Mac's direction. It'll be in PROXIMITY of him, all right!

King Bowser strikes Little Mac with his Forced Proximity attack!

Little Mac is struck by the proximity mine, which explodes nicely and sends him sailing off the edge of the building, trailing smoke. It's quiet for a moment... he might have fallen...

But no! There he is now, hanging on to a Batonton, swinging with all his might as he tries to get a good launch from it back onto the roof, holding out his feet as he tries to slam into Bowser.

Little Mac strikes King Bowser with his Kickboxing? attack!
You have taken 15 damage.

As Bowser watches Little Mac sail off the edge of the building he throws his hands up in the air. "Woohoo! I KNEW it would be easy, but not THIS easy, gwahahaha!"

While he's so busy gloating, he doesn't see Little Mac re-enter the ring, and he CERTAINLY doesn't see him kick him right in the face. "Fungah!" He roars, face hitting the ground, and skidding back a few feet.

Bowser stands back up again, though. "Grr... won't you just stay down? I've had about enough of you! And when I'm fed up with something, that something burns!" True to his words, Bowser takes a deep breath and belches a huge wave of fire at Little Mac.

King Bowser misses Little Mac with his About Time He Used It attack!

Little Mac leaps, eyes wide with panic as he tries to get out of the way of the fire, tumbling as he rolls to a stop. "That's... that's not even fair!" He pushes himself back to his feet, dashing towards Bowser to try and smash that flame-spouting mouth /up/. "You stay down first!"

Little Mac strikes King Bowser with his UPPERCUT! smash attack!
You have taken 21 damage.

Much like Little Mac did a few minutes ago, King Bowser ALSO goes flying off the tower. However, ALSO like Little Mac, his flight is quickly stopped. In Bowser's case, by his Klown Koptor, which just happened to be floating in the middle of Bowser's projected flight path. Bowser collides with the Koptor, and neatly lands inside.

Slowly the Koptor descends back downward, as Bowser climbs out, a tad dizzy. His gorgeous face has taken much more of a beating so far than he'd like. "A-alright.... you asked for it, you little punk! I didn't wanna use this while I was on the tower top as well, but now it doesn't matter, does it?" Raising one hand outward, Bowser snaps his fingers, causing a shape to appear in the sky. This giant shape forms into a humongous MechaKoopa, which promptly falls onto the battlefiend. It is huge, and hard to avoid, but not IMPOSSIBLE to dodge, if Little Mac is quick enough.

IF he's quick enough.

Either way, the MechaKoopa vanishes shortly after its impact, and Bowser leaps out of the Klown Koptor, and back onto the battlefield.

King Bowser strikes Little Mac with his Bowser Crush smash attack!
Little Mac has been knocked out!

Little Mac blinks. "What the..." His eyes widen as the Mechakoopa falls, and he's not really in any position to get out of the way, scrambling to avoid getting flattened.

He avoids the flattening, but when the Mechakoopa hits, the impact wave catches him, hurling the little boxer off the building and into the distance!

"AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa......" *ping!*

Having narrowly avoided getting hit by the falling Snorlax, Stahn looks dejected as he sits on the rooftop. He's given up struggling at this point, and many of the robo-birds are now perched on top of him, one of them having twirled his hair into a nest. As the MechaKoopa impacts the building, though, the birds are frightened away, and a heavily-jostled Stahn gets a good look at the aftermath. "Mac? Hey, Mac, where'd you go?" He gets to his feet, and hesitates. "Um... I guess Bowser wins, since Mac's left the field." He scratches his head and shrugs.

Aw. By the time Bowser lands Little Mac is already long gone. He wanted to gloat more, too. He looks around cautiously, though, to make sure his opponent won't be coming back again.

Once he's satisfied, Bowser does what he always does when he wins. He laughs. "Gwahahaha! Round 3 is MINE! Just two more to go till the finals! I'll win this yet!"

Laughing some more, Bowser boards the Klown Koptor and flies off. Good thing, too. City Officials have just arrived on scene, and declared the building condemned.

Now what on EARTH could have caused THAT to happen?

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Bwahaha! Another round goes to me! I'm so awesome."
<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Robotnik says, "Congrats once again, Bowser.  You may go all the way."
<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Robotnik says, "Infact at this rate you will."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "You better believe it, Doc. I'm three fights away from the trophy. Heck, I've practically won!"
<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Robotnik says, "That seems so."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "And better yet, King Hippo owes me burritoes!"
<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Robotnik says, "Just make sure he doesn't eat too many."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Bah, he can eat what he wants. I just gotta make sure he's not pointing that thing towards ME."
<Fac-EVIL> Iggy Koopa says, "... this seems like a good time to patrol the borders or something for a few days..."

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