Super Smash Zone

    One of several areas on this side of Videoland devoted to pure combat, the Super Smash Zone is a series of stark platforms floating over a blasted plain. Fights here are never to the death... opponents here battle for knockout and ring out victories, well-moderated by the weapons that occasionally fall from the sky here, littering the ground. Practically anything is possible, from healing energy to high explosives, though they soon fade back into the surreal nothingness from which they came. Bizarre polygon and wireframe dopplegangers also haunt this plane, duplicating and challenging both heroes and villians. High above, a single platform hovers above the rest, forming a bizarre lynchpin for the entire place... though few who have ventured so high have returned to tell the tale.

A platform rocks as a man sits down on it, jumping onto the ground. Cress looks around for a moment, looking side to side and regarding those that have already arrived. He looks at Paula and gives the girl a nod, before he reaches down to his side. Hopefully, he won't have to beat up on a little kid by the time this is over. That would make him feel plain bad. He draws his sword with a simple motion, and rests it against the ground, before he starts taking note of the others. Dr. Wily is to be expected, even if he is using a robot (which was also expected).

Paula eyes Doc Robot. "...he sent you instead? Is that even legal?" She brightens, noticing Cress, and waves to him.

Over the Smash Zone, Fox is waiting to enter the fight from his Arwing. He's not going to hit the ground until the fighting starts. That's what the parachute is for.
After getting himself thoroughly lost in the Industrial Nightmare, Ian Recker has...finally found the Super Smash Zone, in large part thanks to the help of a generous Sim. "Hey, thanks--I owe you one," the pilot remarks as he reaches the border of the zone, looking over the blasted wasteland with a bemused expression.

"(heart.gif)," the Sim replies, giving a Ian a goggly once-over.

"...Right. Same to you, buddy." With that he's off before he can get dragged off to make horrible Sim!babies, taking a running jump at the nearest platform and flicking out the Girl Wings at the last second for a bit of an extra boost. Once he's made it to his chosen perch, he takes a seat on it, looking at the competitors around him. Wow, he knows--none of these people. So he'll just be checking his gun instead.

Doc Robot looks over at Paula. He looks tired. "The Doctor did not sign up. He entered one of his creations. This one." He pats the metal thing, at the moment unrecognizable.

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Alright losers! Let the most awesome one win! And as long as it's me, or if necessary one of you, then it that's grand! Gwahaha!"

Arriving at the Super Smash Zone, Hawke folds his arms over his chest as he stakes out a start point. Glancing over at the Doc Robot, the Black Hole commander nods to it, then returns his attention to the upcoming battlefield, mapping it and his opponettes.

Ms. Rosenqueen is on time as always, in her usual dress; she examines the battlefield and its residents carefully, saying as little as possible. It would probably be a good idea to avoid provoking anyone /before/ the fight begins. She gives a brief nod to Cress and to Mr. Recker, as if to say, 'Please do not hit me when the time comes.'

<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "That's an idea. Shall we...leave each other alone for the moment?"
<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "An agreeable idea."

"Hey there, Cress, Paula right?" A voice murmurs softly but in a well-enunciated manner behind Paula and Cress. Yikes! When'd he get there! He must have been moving pretty quietly, or hiding well. In either case the young man nearby is in fact Slayn Wilder!

"Don't believe we've met, I'm Slayn." He continues with a smile.

While it's unlikely Cress can see it, Paula might be able to see bits of Dark Fairy fluttering around Slayn's head, <Hello hello!> Raimy chirps.

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Sure. I'm all for smashing the goody-two-shoes first, before focusing on the ones that /matter/."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "We do want someone from the Fortress to win."

Shang Tsung appears via teleport, surrounded by a green glow. He stands on one of the platforms, spotting first Paula, then Cress. The sorcerer smirks, although inside he's practically ecstatic at the thought of all these powerful, vibrant /souls/ in one area. All for his to take a peek at. He laughs. An ornate chair materializes, and Shang sits down, content to rest and watch the others until it's time to begin.

....did it just get a little dark in here?

The shadows in the arena begin to thicken and coalesce into a long ovoid form, and the alien invader known as Zoda steps forward, green armour clanking as his form towers over most of the others present. Zoda folds his arms over the burning shadows of his chest and waits. The alien invader does not care for this competition, nor the meaningless fools who have entered it. He is here for one reason only.

There are people on his list who have entered.

And they will fall.

It isn't hard to find the Super Smash Zone, if one has been there enough times. The Dark Gamemaster Commander materializes on a floating platform, stepping off and simply crossing his arms as he adjusts his jacket. He doesn't greet the other combatants, nor does he pre-match mock them. The others don't matter to him, or rather, will not matter until the match starts.

Hawke does get a nod and a wave, though.

Said Captain X.

Oh, well, there's Etoile. Recker knows her. He looks up from his gun-checking long enough to wave at her. He seems to have gotten the message.

<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Wily says, "My rrrobot will not attack you until you attack it... or I tell it othervise."
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Sssssssssspeak of the devil isssss a human expressssssion appropriate to thisssss sssssetting."
<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "Hmm hmm. Well, I suppose we'll see."

Cress gives a quick nod to Etoile, returning the understanding. When she looks at Ian, the swordsman looks at him to size him up. He takes three things into mind:

1) He looks tough. Krill armor is like that.
2) He looks handsome, but may be a nice guy - he did thank someone.
3) If he tries to hit on Etoile, he will have to tear Recker's face off.

He looks back at Slayn, then. He gives him a pilot smile and nod. "Cress Albane," he says, by way of introduction. "Pleasure to meet you."

<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Wily says, "Hmm... speak of the devil..."

Doc Robot walks over to the judge, pointing at the metal object and chatting with him for a moment or two.

Judge General nods.

Doctor Wily nods in return, and walks off to the stands.

King Bowser drives into the arena on the Tyrant, does a few wide donuts, and crashes into a set of empty bleachers off to the left. He then leaps out of the dustcloud, and lands near the middle of the arena.

"Gwahaha! I guess I need to get the wheels adjusted on that thing! Glad this is a fighting match. I'm the biggest, baddest brute around! I'm sure to win!" Stomping his foot on the ground for elaboration, Bowser laughs, some flames escaping from his mouth. "All of you losers had better just quit!"

Obviously, someone never told Bowser the strategy of being discreet.

Paula eyes the metal thing warily. "...I see." Mentally, she makes a note to avoid Wily. This shouldn't be that much of a problem, there's really only one person she's planning on seeking out personally should she get the opportunity. "..huh?"
She looks over at Slayn and grins, "That's me." Then she squints at Raimy, recognizing it as a fairy (she hangs around Link so this isn't hard to do).
Out of the corner of her eye, she notices the aformentioned target and tenses. ""

Maya has also prepared herself for the brawl. This is going to be interesting that's for sure she's perched up on one of the platforms waiting and watching. The brawl hasn't started yet, but Wily's here? Well Doc Robot is in the match at least. That gets her attention and then several others she knows arrives. This is going to be one heck of a furball she thinks. Maya checks a few added weapons she brought for the melee.

Borgan stays right where he started, finishing his sandwich.

Eventually the sandwich is gone, and Borgan gets up from his seat, returning to his platform. He glides out toward what will soon be the fighting area, taking up more than his share of space off at one side. He flies. He can ignore the big drop.

Hawke nods to Captain X in return, finally deciding on which way he wants to go to start.

Miang enters alone, without fanfare; she steps towards one of the platforms lifting its way up towards the battle itself. She has brought a popsicle with her, which is mostly gone; it is, after all, very hot in much of Videoland at the moment.

Jak idly checks his equipment as he makes his way into the area saying to himself, "Good thing I left Dax behind. No need for him to get squashed in this place. He's probably already sitting infrong of the TV to watch." He notices Maya and looks around for the quickest way up. He changes into his light form and flies up to where the junker is. A frin crossing his face as he looks across the battlefield.

Fashionably on-time, Stahn rides into the area atop his blue dragon, Gourmet. He's grown rather fond of this particular method of transportation. As the beast nears the floating platforms, Stahn leaps off of its back, motioning for the creature to fly away. "It's been a long time since I've been in a tournament," he says cheerfully as he turns towards the others. Scanning the group, he makes his way towards the most familiar faces; Cress and Etoile.

"Ian Recker," the pilot says from where he's sitting, finishing with the gun and putting it away. "So are we really just kicking the bejeezus out of each other until one guy's left?" Next on the "check the weapon" list is the Krill puck, but that amounts to pulling one of them out, looking at it (it blinks), and putting it back.

Doctor Wily's robot sits there, an inactive lump of metal. It doesn't even really look like anything.

A little bit early, Nanami wanders into the brawl area, stretching her hands over her head. She doesn't really expect to win this one, but she can at least try to put up a good effort, and maybe she can find a couple people to work with for a while. It would help if she hadn't worked with nothing but backstabbers for the last couple years, though, right Etoile and Harlie?

Slayn blinks at something on the radio. Perhaps Ness's honor system surprised him. Slayn is someone who understands the worth of backup and allies. Including in 'colliseum' matches. "Sounds like it'll be a chaotic match." His eyes slant a little towards Ian Recker. He -does- look tough. "Entirely unpredictable."

<That's why I love it~> Raimy chirps.

"Try not to enjoy yourself too much, Raimy. And be careful." Slayn notes to his comrade.

<I am wrecker looks about right...> Raimy murmurs.

"Ian," Slayn whispers back.

Doc Robot sighs. Wily had better know what he's doing.

Paula unloads her frying pan and takes a seat on the platform, shutting her eyes. She appears to be meditating or focusing or something before the match starts.

<InterZone Chatter> Judge General says, "HEAR YE ALL, GOOD PEOPLES!"
<InterZone Chatter> Judge General says, "THE BRAWL BEGINNETH IN TEN MINUTES TIME!"

Up above the battlefield in the Arwing, Fox is loading his backpack with as many weapons as they can hold. Also, a small parachute to slow his descent just enough to get him down in one piece.

"That sums it up," Cress replies, looking at Ian. He nods his head once to the man in the Krill armor. He lets his sword rest against his hip, before he reaches his arms up and stretches once - forcing back a yawn. He then relaxes a little and shakes his head again, before looking at the approaching Stahn. He gives him a nod.

<InterZone Chatter> Raine Sage says, "..."Beginneth"?"
<InterZone Chatter> Judge General's Chocobo WAARKS!
<InterZone Chatter> Doctor Robotnik says, "Don't you know old english when you hear it."

"Great. It's been a while." Lessee. Ian's already verified that the wings are working, and it's not like the boots /can't/... So he's got nothing to do. Except make idle conversation. Oh, dread. "You a friend of Etoile's?" he asks of Cless.

Miang slides the remainder of the popsicle into her mouth, trapping it, it seems, with her lips and drawing the stick out carefully. She then aims for a platform near the top, stepping carefully off and enjoying the breeze, swallowing the mouthful of slush as she looks down and towards the assembled.

A good croud, she thinks.

<InterZone Chatter> Roll Light says, "That wasn't old english.  Old english sounds like this: Hwæt! We Gardena in geardagum, þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon, hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon."

Meis Triumph makes his way toward the site of the big battle, just hopping from one platform. This is going to be one heck of a fight, but Meis is planning to give it his best shot. After all, he needs to make a descent showing or he will lose yet another chance to get some respect and perhaps even a bit of love from the ladies. Who knows what will happen in this fight, but hey, that's half the fun.

<InterZone Chatter> Core Commander says, "ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?!"
<InterZone Chatter> Doctor Robotnik says, "There are many forms in different zones, Roll.  Just like a Light bot."
<InterZone Chatter> Raine Sage says, "No.  There's no such language as home."

<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "Pick and choose your targets, ladies and gentlemen!"

<InterZone Chatter> Raine Sage says, "...Also, Power Pack members in this foolish act, if you lose any teeth or fingers, try to bring them back with you."

"Mm-hmm," Cress replies, giving another quick nod towards Ian. His eyes follow as Miang comes onto a battlefield from up above. He looks back at Recker after a moment. "Cress Albane," he replies. "I'm in the same Palace, uh, force that she is, too. The Scions." The blond-haired man brushes a few locks of her back. "Your name's... Ian Recker, right?"

<Fac-EVIL> Eggplant Wizard says, "Remember, backstabbing is best saved to when your allies LEAST expect it!"

<InterZone Chatter> Raine Sage says, "I can't reattach them if they're not there."
<InterZone Chatter> Roll Light says, "...well, uh.  That was in most Earth zones.  What the man was using was Shakespearian english."

<Fac-EVIL> Core Commander says, "Good hunting."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Gah, plumber-boy isn't here!"

<InterZone Chatter> Paula says, "..I'm not losing any teeth or fing-..I think I'm the only Power Pack person here."

In a burst of smoke, sulfur, and demonic lighting, something this way...
...coughs and sputters onto the battlefield. "Stupid... sulfur..." Laharl hacks and coughs several times.

<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "Imagine some other Palacite in the overalls, then."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "He mustn't have entered the tournament at all! Scared of me, I bet."

<InterZone Chatter> Raine Sage says, "Really?  I'm a little surprised and delighted."

Stahn waves back to Cress' nod, and stands off to the side of him and Etoile... and the curious guy who looks like he's been eaten by a bug. The Swordian master raises an eyebrow, but says nothing. The others are in the middle of a conversation, after all, it'd be rude to interrupt.

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Hrumph, that'll have to do."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "I bet there was a pasta buffet special or something. Anyway, I will say this. I want someone from the Fortress to win."
<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "I believe we all do."
<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "As I have already suggested."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "I want ME to win!"
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "Obviously, /I/ want to win, but that's to be expected."

Shang Tsung hmms as others come in, stroking his beard. So far he can't really see which are good fighting souls to pick from, but he won't /really/ be looking until the fighting actually begins. The little girl and the pan? Feh...but maybe that one of those two swordsmen..

<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Of course."

Maya picks up a water bottle by her and drinks it, this will be her last chance for such things before the battle. When that is finish she starts to radio a few friends who are here.

"That's what people call me," Recker remarks, a little distracted. By Miang, natch; he may already have two competitors for his affections, but that doesn't keep him from enjoying the scenery. "The Scions. She told me a little bit about you guys--the Palace, anyway. Sounds like a pretty good deal, from what I heard."

"It is," Cress answers. "You get to save the world, fight the bad guys, and get a /really cool/ treehouse to live in." Sometimes, he can be proud of just that: he lives in a freaking treehjouse! The young man scratches the back of his head. "Maybe you can come by and check it out sometime, huh?"

Borgan just stands there. He looks both bored and impatient, neither of which is particularly unexpected, as he leans on his large staff. The banner flutters.
He checks his watch.

"Do you intend on joining?" Slayn asks, not sure if this guy is a Palace member or not. Regardless, he has been considering it himself for a while so he feels it's a pertinent question for himself.

Xavier stands, and waits. Occasionally, he glances around at the various cliques, but it seems he isn't feeling very social today.

Stahn Aileron takes the opportunity to cut in. "You guys live in a treehouse? Dude, I want a treehouse!"

Dropping in from out of nowhere on a grappling hook is none other than Agent 17 himself, entering in his usual manner. He dusts himself off before taking a look around at the huge crowd that's gathered for this huge brawl, and grins. "This should be fun!"

Phoebe steps onto the battlefield. She unstraps her bow from her shoulder and looks around to examine the competitors in this match.
...That was basically it, really, Phoebe's unsure of how things will go today, but she can only wait and see for the time being.

<InterZone Chatter> Judge General says, "Last call!"
<InterZone Chatter> Judge General clicks off.

Miang looks downwards, and perhaps she sees Ian looking. She smiles, thinly, and then turns to flick the plastic stick for her refreshing iced trip well clear of the match and the assembled.

She doesn't manage to make it sparkle.

The HERO OF SPIELBURG drops from the sky!
 No, really, he does. From a Platform. It's traditions, damnit. Right next to Stahn, to boot! "Yo." He says, in a voice trying to immitate the youngun' of the Terra zones, and fails quite miserably.

Etna wanders on a short distance behind Laharl, wearing a gas mask and carrying a conspicuous tank full of sulfur, which she is spraying around with reckless abandon. "Huh?" she says, looking over at Laharl. "...oh."

A...treehouse? That...sounds kind of neat, actually. Ian smirks a little. "I've been thinking about it," he says to Slayn. "But I've got--uh--prior arrangements. High muckety-mucks wanting to keep an eye on their pilots, and all that."

Stahn jumps as Hero drops down next to him. "Gah!? Dammit, Hero, don't DO that!" He turns towards the nameless one with a serious look on his face. "Jeez, you almost gave me a heart attack..."

Judge General shouts! Hwæt! All ye pay heed to the rules and prepare!

Everything lifts into the air, leaving everyone on a floating platform suspended in mid-air. It's a big platform, with little platforms floating above it, but it is a /long/ way down.

Gameshark arrives, dropping in next to Captain X. "Sup Xavier. Ready to own the hell out of people?" He gives his equipment a lookover, and knucklepops.

Gao loves nothing more than a good spirited chance to bash heads. With this being the biggest brawl of 'em all, there was no way she was going to miss out on the fun. She's been camped here since last night, though mostly unnoticeable as she's spent most of the day napping off all the ale she drank overnight. The noisy arrival of everyone else is her alarm clock, and the dogwoman goes from sleep to bright eyed and (literally) bushy tailed in 0.5 seconds. "ALRIGHT! It's party time!"

"Really? Yeah, that can do it--" Cress pauses, as they begin lifting up. He blinks once and nods his head. "Well, looks like this is it. We can talk more about it later." He puts his game face on, then, lifting his sword up, and clanks it down onto the ground. It rings slightly, as he looks up and watches the Judge General. Things are about to begin, after all.

 Alas, area attacks aren't allowed in the Brawl. Otherwise, it'd be scatterbomb time all over the field. With the fight about to begin, Fox sets the Arwing to auto-pilot and bails out, using a touch of parachute power to make a soft landing. Said 'chute is summarily ditched.

      "Don't do what, the 'yo', or dropping from the sky thing?" The Hero of Spielburg says as lift up from the sky again. Awe man! He just /came/ down a minute ago!

"Finally," Borgan says, sounding relieved. He stays put when the platform lifts up, but looks down over the side just to judge height. That is, in fact, quite a ways.

The breeze ruffles Miang's skirt, such as it is; she may have designed it to ruffle easily.

She sweeps her bangs back with one hand, takes a deep breath, and lets it out, while giving Gao an idle wave in passing.

After shaking his fist at Etna (ANGRILY, no less), Laharl turns to the coming fight at hand. He draws an axe, hefting it to test the weight. And then he bellows his demonic challenge.


Heyo, ground rising beneath his feet. Stahn stumbles a little as the earth moves, but quickly regains his balance. "Guess it's time. Good luck, guys, I'll try not to beat you too badly." He flashes a smile and a thumbs up to Cress and Etoile.


"All right!" Etoile shouts, nodding as Judge General says to prepare, snapping out of her weapons-check trance briefly. She draws two pistols and, with a brief pull in her dress, gets Chillbane ready for quick-draw action; she seems a little shocked by the platform raising itself, but keeps her balance. She gives Stahn and Cress a brief thumbs-up back.

Laharl pauses to consider this.

"Etna, confirm or deny that statement."

Stahn Aileron responds to Hero, "Both."

Maya has read the rules and knows what can and can not be done. She grins sightly as she gets ready to spring into action. She gets her rifle ready, it's show time. The breeze ruffles Maya's hair a bit as she looks out to the battle zone. It's time to brawl, she hopes though her friends place well. She's ready to leap into the brawl.

Agent 17 gives a nod to the Judge General as he makes sure he understands all of the rules, before making sure his gun is loaded. Then he tosses his jacket off and it disappears somehow. Magic? Who knows. Either way, it's easier to fight with less restrictive clothing on, right?

Etna sticks her tongue at at Laharl, but she has a gas mask on, so it's hard to tell. Then she takes the gas mask off, and chucks the gas canister...somewhere.

"What?" She blinks at Laharl owlishly. "Oh. ...well, if there can be only one, then OBVIOUSLY you'll win, Prince!<3 unless i do, that is..."

Nanami is considering asking Laharl to team up with her... When, naturally enough, he yells out that challenge. He'd probably plant that axe in her at the first chance, she decides, pulling out the three-piece staff for the first part of the battle.

Ian Recker could be more bothered by the platforms suddenly going from "hover" to "way the fug up there". "Sure. I'll look you up." That said, the pilot gets to his feet, leaning out over the edge and restraining the urge to throw something over the side. Not very well, though, because a moment later a penny is sent careering toward the ground below.

"Good luck, break a leg, don't die, yeah?" he bids to the nearby competitors, before pulling out his pistol and actually grinning.

The large object that Doc Robot left behind stirs.

Suddenly, its casing sloughs off in a mass of viscous yellow go, and a single spherical object floats into the air, electricity sparkling around it.
Throwing a quick salute to Miang, and one last check on frequencies, the Black Hole commander sets and prepares to go.

Shang Tsung's chair dissapears, and he stands, already taking a stance: legs spread, left arm raised higher than the other, the right arm close to the chest. Both arms are held in a way that resembles a snake that is just about to strike. He moves in a slightly rhythmic fashion to avoid muscle cramping until the fighting starts.

Zoda is cool.

Captain X is aqui.

Borgan is cooler than Zoda. Look at his robes blow dramatically.

<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "All right, EVIL people. I expect ONE of us to win here. Have fun, andp lay dirty."

The spherical object opens... it's an eye.

And suddenly the YELLOW goo starts to coalesce, rising and forming around the eye.

Slayn Wilder quips at Ian, "I'll try to avoid both."

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda rumbles laughter.

Mike Jones steps out of the men's room, fixing his jacket a little. "Man, was that a line, or was that a line?"

Compelled by base instinct, Mike flicks an empty Fun sized box of Junior Mints at Zoda's head.

Paula still hasn't un-meditated yet but she's still here.

<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Wily says, "MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Laharl is not cool.


Ian Recker's Krill cape thing billows all by itself. BEAT THAT.

<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "Yep, been over that, will be annoyed if a Palacite wins, etc. etc. Go out and kick ass."

Gameshark calls back, "YOU SAID NONE!"

<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "Like me."

Miang Hawwa closes her eyes and mutters something cryptic to herself.

<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "Palacites and Neterworlders first."

Meis Triumph merely nods to the Judge, pulling out his sword, twirling it once or twice. He drops it due to that, but picks it up as he is ready to fight. He puts it over his head head as he holds it with two hands in a rather intense force about him. He waits for the go ahead to attack, trying to be as forced as he can.
 As for looking cool, he has goggles on his head. He doesn't even try for that at this point.

<Fac-EVIL> Core Commander says, "Or even worse a sassy neutral, wins."

Laharl shouts back, "I'LL STILL WIN, I'M THAT GOOD!"

"Oh." Hero replies to the long haired swordman, double taking at him, grinning wide. "And we'll see about 'not beating us too hard', Aileron!"

Gameshark says, "YOU MEAN THAT BAD!"

Stahn Aileron is wearing a pink cape. Clearly, his coolness is off the charts.

Gao belches. You want cool, go look for Crowdia.


"..." Ian looks over at Slayn, then reaches up to scratch the back of his neck. "...Yeah, I suppose 'break a leg' probably doesn't work here, huh. But if you wanna, be my guest; less people to get in the way."

Jak's eyes shift left to right as he loosens the straps on his weapons. Nodding to the Judge he doesn't pull out any weapons yet saying, "Everyone is already acting cazy." He nods towards Maya saying, "Time to get this show on the road."

Mike Jones blinks once, twice, and three times at the emerging Yellow Devil. Oi, someone got creative.

Still a little shocked, Mike asides to Zoda, "Is that, um, legal?" a pause. "And do you have a spare extension cord?"

Judge General stands on his own floating platform. "ALL YE BE READY?"

Zoda grins. "Yessssss."

Hawke says, "Roger."

Yellow Devil says, "ROAAAAR!"

Paula mutters, "Ready."

Maya grins to Jak, "That it is Jak." She looks out at the various people here. "I'm suprised none of the Palace's gamemasters came...oh's the Yellow Devil." Why did it have to be the Yellow Devil? Of all of wily's creation. "I am ready!"

Laharl lets out a demonic howl.

King Bowser slams a fist into his palm. "Ready to roll!"

Ian Recker raises his free hand, fist closed. "Let's go!"

<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Wily says, "GO, MY DEVIL!  DESTROY THEM!"

Gameshark brings out his sword, and salutes Judge General Gladiator style. "WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO SMASH, SALUTE YOU!"

Miang flips her hair with one hand. "Ready!" she calls out.

Gao returns Miang's wave with a smile, a wink, and a thumbs-up before shouting up above, "OH HECK YEAH!"

"Ready as we'll ever be!" Cress shouts, raising his sword up into the air be.

Fox McCloud does the battle taunt. "C'mon!"

Etna pulls out her spear, drops into fighting stance, and smirks. "Y'all gonna /die/."

Captain X just gives a little salute.

"Ready!" Etoile yells, twirling her pistols and raising one as if to say, 'Lay on!'

Shang Tsung says, just because he enjoys doing so, "You're souls are MINE!"

Slayn Wilder bobs his head, "Ready, sir."

<Wooh Wooh!> Raimy yells. Well, it's more like a loud chirp. Assuming you can even hear her.

Stahn Aileron raises Dymlos into the air. "Let's kick some @#*!"

The Hero of Spielburg draws out his sword in a dramatic motion and level it upward! "LET'S DO THIS!"

Nanami waves a little bit, seeming to consider just how to avoid getting crushed in a hurry.

Borgan raises his staff about an inch off his platform. He is, now, smirking. "This will be an entertaining test."


Jak draws the morph-gun, "LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!"

"SHUT UP, JONES!" Cress shouts.

Zoda looks around.
"Now you now why I hate him."


Ian Recker throws a penny at Mike, while he's at it. "LIKE THE MAN SAID!"

"SHUT UP, JONES!" Hero adds.

Agent 17 cracks his knuckles. "Let the mission begin!"


Maya says, "Not now JONES!"

Judge General blows a whistle, which is air siren loud. "COMMENCE THE BATTLE, WORTHY FIGHTERS!"

At the signal that the brawl has begun, Paula calmly stands and opens her eyes. She looks completely calm but that changes in seconds as she turns to glare in seething hatred at her target: Captain X. "XAVIER COLE!" Paula bellows as she suddenly springs into action, moving and jumping at an intensity fueled by telekinesis and the burning desire to distribute beatdowns. The frying pan is gripped tightly in both hands, glowing a faint red, indicating the traces of a PSI offense up.  
"THIS!" The frying pan is swung mightily with all of Paula's strength at Captain X's face. "IS FOR FOURSIDE!"

Paula strikes Captain X with her When midgets attack, revenge of the Chosen Four! attack!

Zoda uncoils from his relaxed pose struck in the head by a box of mints. The Prime Invader glares at Jones...but Jones is not why Zoda is here. The alien steps off to one side and dissolves into shadow. it is time. Zoda can pick apart the Palace heroes at any old time. But provides a golden opportunity for him to strike at the children of Mother Brain, in a field where they cannot call upon the majority of their personal power. Within the arena, personal strength is everything. And Zoda is strength.

Shadow begins to boil out behind Mother Brain's favoured son, the Dark Gamemaster known as Captain X, as Zoda coalesces in green armour and shadow, laughter rumbling.

"You are firssssst, ssssstrongesssst in all of Videoland sssssave Zoda. It isssss fitting, then, that you sssshould be the first to fall."
Zoda raises one massive fist over Xavier, his red eyes gleaming as he glares at Gameshark. "Do not interfere, Crosssss. Our time sssssshall co---"

He blinks as Paula strikes Captain X right out of the gate. Zoda shrugs, turns, and tries to punch Gameshark instead. It's all good.

As the alert goes off to start the battle, Hawke's already on the move and the offensive. He knows that this battle will get brutal quick. Leaping from the ground to the platform, reaching into the overcoat, he withdraws his pair of Desert Eagles, looking around for an applicable target.

Finally, he settles on one, with the Spirit Blacksmith ambling around. He hasn't been seen much outside the Palace, but Hawke knows of his profile from reading up on such things at Captain X's discretion.

The Black Hole commander swings both of his pistols up and opens fire, .44 calibre shells being spent quickly as their leads race for Meis, and the casings drop to the ground with a tinkling noise.

Shang Tsung quickly opens up by moving both arms and putting them together, firing two bright flaming skull at the nearest person. That person just happens to be Cress. He then backflips to get some distance.

Zoda misses Gameshark with his ZODA SMAAAAAA....wait, little girl. ........ZODA SMAAAAAASH attack!

For a moment, Bowser is not sure who to fight. For all his boasting, he's now left with an 'Umm, now what?' feeling. But it passes quickly, as he sees his first hero. Which just happens to be Hero.

Bowser charges directly at the Hero of Speilburg. There's not even much finesse to his attack, for now. Just a stomping charge. "Fungah! Outta my way, losers!"

Hawke strikes Meis Triumph with his Guns! attack!

Shang Tsung strikes Cress Albane with his Twin Flaming Skulls attack!

King Bowser misses The Hero of Spielburg with his Charge Charge Crunch attack!

Aaaaand they're off. Ian looks left, looks right, then runs for the edge of the platform he's on, sighting on the nearest target--which happens to be Hero. "Here goes nothin'," he mutters to himself, then opens fire on the hapless sputchpuppet.

Ian Recker misses The Hero of Spielburg with his Oh nos! Unintentional double-teaming! attack!

Miang is surrounded by a brief, wispy effusion of indigo light that erupts out from her body in a harmless wave, leaving only a faint effect like heat distortion. She takes a deep breath and lets it out - five percent is a little much... there, four point four. How appropriate.

She dashes forwards with the springy energy of a ballerina in low gravity and does a spinning backflip off the side of the platform. She twists herself around and descends, leading with both hands, towards Mike Jones, aiming to knock him down and cushion her blow on his body at the same time.

Miang Hawwa strikes Mike Jones with her Surrendering the High Ground attack!

Upon hearing the cue, Captain X does not hesitate a moment further. He dashes into the center of the arena, pulling out the strongest Gamemaster gun in Videoland, only to...

Take a psych-powered frying pan to the face from a crazed little girl in a pink dress. Not a spectacular beginning! But alas, if he can pick out the weaker ones first, all the better.

The Dark Gamemaster wipes blood away from his nose and mouth, forming a malicious grin as he glares down at Paula. "For Fourside? What, you didn't appreciate that little gesture? Well, I'll have to do better next time!" He spins his MadCatz blaster, aiming to hit the girl at close range.

Twirling his axe around in the air, Laharl cackles madly. "Time to let off a little steam... hahahaha... I needed this." Scarf flailing semi-dramatically behind him, Laharl leaps up into the air while his Mana power builds. Focusing it into the head of the axe, the young Overlord-In-Exile slams himself at Captain X.
                "FOR THE NETHERWORLD!"

Captain X misses Paula with his REVENGES attack!

Laharl misses Captain X with his Graviton Bomb attack!

Yellow Devil growls, starting down the platforms. The devil is /huge/. HUGE. But it has no trouble moving, leaving sticky footprints as it moves towards the first victim it sees, the indomitable Ian Recker. The Devil roars as it reaches for Recker with a gelatinous fist. "WAAAAARRRRRRRRUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!"

"Let's go! HyaaaaaaaAAAAH!" Cress shouts, as he goes rushing forward. his eyes fall on Gao. Unfortunately, though, he finds something else coming for him - a pair of flaming skulls. He grunts and is thrown to the ground, rolling around once, before he comes up. He turns, spying the sorceror. His eyes narrow, before he jumps up - and goes right over Shang's head. Instead, he comes down for Gao. His sword swings down, in a hard chop aimed for the dog-woman.

Cress Albane strikes Gao with his Sword Chop! attack!

Ms. Rosenqueen is quick to move, quite unfamiliar with the sort of 'mass combat' this seems to be but adaptable enough to just go with the flow. Scanning the battlefield, she immediately spots someone from her own zone -- Gao. The dogwoman's poor behavior during the first attempt at the melee is still relatively fresh in her memory, and Etoile snaps off two shots from so far away -- and moving farther away still -- that Gao may well think they come from out of nowhere.

Yellow Devil strikes Ian Recker with his There's always room for Jell-O! attack!

Etoile Rosenqueen strikes Gao with her Hey, Dingus, Say 'Excuse Me' When You Burp! attack!

"BY MY HONOR!" The Paladin of Spielburg let out as he jump off the white, transparent platform and rush headlong into the fray! His sword's aura of blue flames erupts to life, he's heading toward a target completly random! Which happens to be...the Yellow Devil. But there seems to be obstacles in his way! First he /dive/ out of the way of Bowser's mad charge, then bounce and roll out of harm of Ian's fire. He then jump and /DIVE/ the holy blade of his right into the Yellow Devil's eye!

The Hero of Spielburg misses Yellow Devil with his Soulforge Dive attack!

And with that, they're off! Stahn immediatly leaps into the air, becoming engulfed in flame as he rockets up towards a higher platform. Looking at the other combatants, he commences throwing fireballs, starting with the biggest target. Let's see you dance your way out of this one, Borgan!

Stahn Aileron strikes Borgan with his Sniping: the most annoying trick in the book attack!

Maya looks to Jack one last time before she looks down at the massive battle zone before them all. Even as Zoda goes after Gameshark. There goes Paula after Captain X, and so many others getting into the battle of doom. Maya now says to Jak "See ya in the meele." She then leaps away before Jak has a chance to attack her, dropping down towards the battle zone. She now brings up her rifle as she hits the ground and choses to give some added havoc to the Yellow Devil. She raises her rifle and opens fire sending a stream of bullets, maybe she'll get lucky and score a hit? Or maybe not.

Maya strikes Yellow Devil with her To quote David and James. Shoot the Core. attack!

Jak's goggles are already over his eyes as he quickly makes his move. Eyes focused on one of the largest targets in the arena which happens to be the Yellow Devil. Not wasing any time he morphs his gun immediately into the Peace Maker and starts charging it up. Taking a deep breath he takes aim saying, "Time to see how much is going to take that machine down." Not waiting for a full charge he quickly unleashes one then two balls of electrical energy towards the Devil.

Gameshark looks unimpressed as Zoda goes straight for Gamemaster Aggro. "Oh. I am So Scared." He eyerolls, and catches the Prime Invader's fist, falling back only a step as he absorbs the incoming strike. "Something you need to learn, Zoda, is that there's ALWAYS someone stronger." Pivoting, the Cheater brings up his sword and uses it as a pivot point, launching Zoda towards Jones. "Now how about you go play with your buddy?" It probably won't hurt Zoda, but Jones might not appreciate the sentiment.

Gameshark misses Mike Jones with his Here, YOU Take Him! attack!

Borgan bursts into action as only Borgan can: he stays put, but his face spreads into an unwholesome smile as he looks around. Target, target...

Oh, there's Laharl. Borgan glides that direction, very slowly, fist clenched. Arcs of energy dance around it, violet and black; he points one fat finger at the 'Overlord' as he does so. A tiny ball of violet electricity detaches from his hand, drifting slowly and almost gently toward Laharl, sparks flying off it. When one of the sparks gets too close to Laharl, the entire ball discharges at once in a blast of black lightning.

About this time, one of the fireballs hits Borgan - and splashes off the barely visible shield surrounding him. It hit. He doesn't seem to have been affected very much.

Jak strikes Yellow Devil with his Meet the Peacemaker! attack!

Borgan misses Laharl with his Black Spark attack!

 Whee! Frying pans! Flaming skulls! So where is Fox for all this?

      Way the hell out of the way, where he won't be clocked upside the head by large blunt objects. He's got a sniper rifle, and they're most useful when you have a quiet place to aim and shoot from. Let Vendettas 'r Us put themselves out of business. There's a big Yellow eye thingy that needs poking.

Fox McCloud strikes Yellow Devil with his Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk attack!

Slayn takes a moment to close his eyes and collect himself. "Let's do this, Raimy."

And then Slayn's body seems to split in too, both bodies going a little hazy.

Meis Triumph hears the go ahead and just charges with his sword out in order to lay into the fray. He is sort of unsure of who exactly to attack right now, and that costs him dearly as he gets smacked into by the guns of Hawke. The young blacksmith winces in pain as he gets lit up by Hawke's powerful attacks, the Spirit Blacksmith just getting blooded in the first few seconds of combat, that's always fun. Merely fighting off the pain for right now, the Spirit Blacksmith goes right for the man, trying to give him a couple of slashes. Meis might not be much of a fighter, but he is giving this battle his best shot.

Yay! Smashy time! Smashy time! Gao cracks her knuckles, and after a brief radio check, sets her sights on the volunteer to be Victory Garden's first target of the night: Mike Jones. "Alright you little twerp," the dogwoman shouts as she forgoes all of Miang's gymkata and double-dashes right into JOOOOOOOOONES's face. "This is what you get for usin' big words- OW!"

Alright, plan revised: After getting shot at and hacked at, Gao will instead lose her balance, trip, and stumble into Mike instead!

Meis Triumph misses Hawke with his ATTACK attack!

Slayn Wilder strikes Slayn Wilder with his Doppleganger! defense-increasing attack!

Gao misses Mike Jones with her I Meant To Do That! attack!

"PHILISTINES, ALL OF YOU!" Mike defends via megaphone, ducking the hurled things. Except the penny. He pockets the penny. Smirking saucily, the hero of the Startropics...sees that his preferred target is, in fact, busy. Hrm. Oh, hey, King Bowser is jumping Hero. Mike moves to hop-and is tackled by everyone's favorite overly cryptic jerk, Miang. Falling to the ground with a reasonably attractive woman on top of you may not be the worst way to spend a Thursday evening, but Mike's read his boy scout manual.

Also, he really, really hates cryptic villains. So, he points the megaphone Maingwards, and yells. "NO! WE DON'T WANT TO SEE ANYTHING /STRANGE/ AND /MYSTICAL/ JEEPERS! ITS CREEPY! WE WERE ALL HAVING A NICE TIME AT THE DANCE UNTILL /YOU/ SHOWED UP-"
Mike pauses, and says normaly, "Roll over, babe.", sit-hopping to the side so Zoda and Gao can both miss him. PERHAPS THEY WILL BUMP INTO EACHOTHER. Then, he continues, "WITH YOUR WATCHES AND YOUR BEEVERS AND OOOOOOH YOU MAKE ME SO ANGRY! GO! JUST...JUST GOOOO!"

Mike Jones strikes Miang Hawwa with his Super Teen Extraordinare stun attack!

Etna laughs giddily at the sound of the siren! "Awwww yeah!" she declares, then suddenly...slides Longinus across her back and pulls out a morningstar on a chain, which she wings at Captain X's head. "FOR THE NETHERWORLD!" she echoes.

Feeling a little bit worried about the sheer volume of people around her, Nanami hangs back for a few seconds, waiting for an opening, and as Hawke and Meis go at it, Nanami decides to try and take advantage of the situation, pulling her Peacemaker pistol out and cracking a shot off at Meis' back. Well, it's only fair, right? He's probably done something recent to deserve it.

Etna strikes Captain X with her Good Vassals Don't Betray Their Boss Until After He's Tanked All The Aggro attack!

Nanami strikes Meis Triumph with her Strike from the shadows! Or while your opponent has a huge guy in their grill. attack!

So many targets, so little time. Quite a challenge for Agent 17, but that's just the way he likes things. If everything were easy, he wouldn't have fun with things, and then they'd be dull. So it's good that there's a challenge presented here. The current challenge? Trying to figure out who to target...

And then he gets an idea as he spots Shang Tsung. He's heard a lot about this guy, and frankly, Agent 17 really doesn't believe he's all that, even after seeing him fire off those flaming skulls. He quickly jumps at Shang Tsung, while letting out a martial arts type yell as he aims a flying kick at him!

Agent 17 misses Shang Tsung with his Agent 17 was Kung-Fu Fighting, his kicks were faster than lightning attack!

Phoebe watches at the firepower and bladed weaponry go off. She ducks to avoid stray blasts of fire, and tries to move to the side of the arena in order to avoid being the target. She's glad she hasn't spoken yet, it seems to have paid off as she can tell she hasn't been a target yet.

Putting an arrow into her bow, Phoebe looks left, and looks right, before she raises the bow to her eye and sees what she can do to make sure this shot actually hits.

Phoebe strikes Phoebe with her Slow and Steady win races. Do they win fights? accuracy-increasing attack!

    Arthas is here. Doesn't matter when he got here. He has been standing on the sidelines watching everyone else go crazy on each other, but now he draws Frostmourne and stalks in the direction of a certain blue-haired girl that was instrumental in the ruination of one of his plans, and has just generally been a pain.

    Arthas waits until Maya's back is turned and then swings at her head, without even shouting threats or anything else villainous!

Arthas Menethil strikes Maya with his Head Slash attack!

Judge General watches dispassionately, his chocobo pecking at the ground idly. He has no stake in this... he was paid to be here.

Two capsules tumble down from the sky, opening above Meis Triumph & Slayn Wilder.

Random Smash Item: Super Mushroom (+buff/end)
Random Smash Item: Poison Mushroom (+debuff/end)

Zoda is sent sailing off toward Jones by Gameshark, snarling as he slides backward, armour grinding along the surface of the arena as he slowly rises to his feet, hearing the soft *clong* of some small, squishy being bouncing off his form. He ignores it. After all, it is only right that weaklings fail against Zoda's power. Jones gets a glare.....but Zoda does not pursue Mike for one very simple reason.

Sometimes Mike beats him.

And he doesn't want to be beat.

So instead Zoda begins charging (very very slowly) across the battlefield, his footsteps shaking the ground as he closes in on Captain X and the group surrounding him. Zoda reaches down with one enormous hand, trying to envelop the entirety of Etna's skull in his fist. "DO NOT INTERFERE!" Zoda roars. "OR FEEL THE WRATH OF ZODA!"

He squeezes. He's a jerk like that. He also sees that other people get items. This is unknown to Zoda.

Shang Tsung stares right at Cress even as he jumps over him, continuing to watch him attack Gao. The sorcerer's eyes glow green. Then, he sees Agent 17 come at him with a laughable attempt at martial arts. He raises a fist and blocks the kick. He smiles at Agent, before running towards a different target: Stahn Aileron. Now, Shang summons his straight sword, and with his own martial arts scream of "HYAAAA!", swipes at Stahn twice horizontally, following with a broad upwards sword sweep, and finishing with a stab aimed low at his legs. Shang realizes he'll need to find an ally soon, at least temporarily. He doesn't want to get knocked out before looking 'into' all these fighters, so to speak.

With Meis charging in with the swords, Hawke steps in, twisting into the attack and using his pistols to defend the attack. Yes, the pistols are big enough to be used as bracers, which they are in this case. As they collide with the sword, the Black Hole commander grunts, holding him in place for Nanami to shoot. That was helpful.
Kicking forward, Hawke attempts to punt Meis from the platform, sending him down towards the ground. And if he's fortunate, the Spirit Blacksmith will come face to.. something.. on the lovely Etoile Rosenqueen.

Hawke misses Etoile Rosenqueen with his Doing my part to get Meis some (p)lay.. attack!

"Cripes!" Any further shots Ian intended to level against those around him are interrupted by JELL-O TIME in the bad, horrible, wrong way. He goes down in a visually jarring smear of purple, green, and yellow, sliding toward the edge of his platform on his back. "--oh, gross!" This, on putting a hand against his chest and coming away with what looks like neon snot. That just won't do. He peels himself off the platform, shaking to get rid of as much of the junk as he can, before eyeing the ugly that knocked him over.

Change in tactics time! And, hey, his original target kinda-sorta helped him out there, so he may as well return the favor. Away goes the gun, out comes the Krill puck, which Ian forthwith launches at the Bright Yellow Snot Beast with all the flare of a World-Cup champion!

Okay maybe not that much flare.

Ian Recker misses Yellow Devil with his GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAL attack!

Shang Tsung misses Stahn Aileron with his Flowing Blade attack!

Continuing his ranged assault, Stahn stays tucked safely out of the way, raining fireballs down upon the battlefield. Who knows, maybe everyone will mistake him for a stage hazard or something... though Fox's sniping might draw more attention up here than he wants. Still, the Swordian master continues aiming at the really big targets, being easier to hit from this high up. And speaking of big targets, that shell of Bowser's is looking an awful lot like a bull's eye from up here. Bombs away!
Stahn Aileron misses King Bowser with his You're weak vs. lava, aren't you? attack!

Zoda misses Etna with his I Am Crushing Your Head! (crushcrush) attack!

Well, Miang has many reasons to be popular. Being hit by her is probably still not fun, since these reasons are not Zack Island-level.

Her ears ring from the megaphonic assault, and as she presses herself up to her feet with a pained expression, she ripostes, "What is it that you're protesting, exactly?" with an arched eyebrow. Even with balance temporarily shot, she can still make an insinuation!

Xavier deftly ducks away from Laharl, though he takes a hard hit from Etna's morningstar. "Oh," he sneers, "I seem to be drawing aggro from the midgets lately! Weirdest thing." His tone is almost maddeningly casual as he leaps back, grinning at both Laharl and Etna.

"Your precious Netherworld is a waste. Accept it! I assure you, I won't stand to see anyone from your unimportant zone win this challenge."

He reaches to his belt, the Controller-S forming into a sword-shape as he dashes and slices at Etna, singing quietly to himself. "Short people reason...Short people reason..."

Captain X misses Etna with his SHORT PEOPLE GOT NO REASON TO LIVE attack!

Slayn Wilder strikes Slayn Wilder with his THE POISONED DONUT endurance-decreasing attack!

Paula returns that glare, looking as serious as a little girl possibly can. "There won't be a next time, you big /jerk/!" she retorts, though there is a hint of uncertainty in this declaration. The future actions of Captain X were always hidden from Paula, which bothered her a lot. Unfortunately for Xavier, Paula seems quick on the response, her PSI magnet enveloping her body and absorbing Xavier's blast.
She notes Etna joining the fray and offers a weak smile but nothing else. She isn't the type to tell her to go away 'cause it's "her fight" because then Etna might start stabbing her. "..and this is for Ness." She pauses, then twitches at Xavier's song.
Just for that, Captain X gets panned in the kneecaps.

Paula strikes Captain X with her Short people got every reason to break your knees, yo. weak attack!

Gameshark leaps high into the air to survey the chaos and death. Captain X seems to be getting an assload of aggro, and the Cheater can't allow that. Diving downwards, Travis sweeps towards Paula, bringing the sword around for a nice flat-side whack.

Gameshark strikes Paula with his This Should Be Familiar Somehow attack!

Oh god, so much for maiming the yellow devil! The Paladin lands on the ground besides the monstruousity! Too bad. Oh well! Ther eis /plenty/ of other targets abount here! Including one that is fighting currently a poor little pink midget..which seems to be doing just fine without help, actualy. But, there is /another/ Gamemaster nearby that just asks for a beating.

      Thus, with a leap then a charge, the Hero of Spielburg swing his holy blade toward Gameshark. "HELLO, TRAVIS!" He shouts, heartily!

The Hero of Spielburg strikes Gameshark with his HI, THERE! attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Zoda requiressss an explanation!"
<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "Of what?"
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "What are the sssstrange itemssss hovering over the Palace foolssss?"
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Capsules."
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Elaborate."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "They happen during these tournaments."

Well, that didn't work out. Bowser seems irritated as Hero cleverly dodges him, but he's NOT daunted! It takes more than that to get a Koopa down!
He gets his sights locked on Fox McCloud next, and charges at the pilot. In his hurry, he manages to avoid Stahn's assault, he barely even notices it, in fact. Bowser can be incredibly single-minded. As he approaches Fox, he takes out a giant hammer, and prepares to whack him hard with it. "FORE!"

Wrong game, Bowser.

Yellow Devil sidesteps Hero, geting the hell out of the way from that big stabby sword. However, it can't avoid getting peppered by blasts from Maya, Fox, and Jak, roaring as the shots sink into it. As Ian strikes at it, the entire thing explodes into thousands of chunks, surging towards Maya with malice and hate. Ian's shot, predictably, hits nothing but air.

King Bowser strikes Fox McCloud with his FORE attack!

Cress goes rushing in closer to Gao, armored footfalls echoing over the platform as the din of battle rages around them. He moves in closer on the dog-woman, throwing out his left foot in front of him. His hand wraps around the second hilt of the blade, to give him increased leverage as he swings the blade around in one hard arc. This sends the sword wheeling around in one, hard chop that goes for the woman's side.

He shoots a quick glance at Etoile and another at Recker, to see how they're doing. Unfortunately, Stahn is behind him, so he can't really get a glimpse at how he is doing at the moment.

He gets his eyes back to his opponent, though, as the blade finishes its swing and slams into the ground with a cleaving motion. He takes a deep breath, then begins to raise the sword back into a defensive posture.

<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "In Smash fights, items drop into the fight. They can be used to either help or harm."

Well, Agent 17 truly underestimated Shang Tsung, and he missed with his attempt to strike him. At least he's still distracted with Stahn Aileron, but that's not the point right now. He ponders to himself quickly whether he should stick with Tsung or find a more formidable target.

After a moment, he decides to go after Gameshark instead, remembering how he has a thing against those who like to cheat. With a quick draw of his gun, he levels it and fires off a couple of shots at the cheater!

Yellow Devil misses Maya with his FORE! smash attack!

Cress Albane strikes Gao with his Wheel Slash attack!

Agent 17 misses Gameshark with his Gunshot attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Ah. Zoda comprehendsss. Zoda requiressss one of thessse itemsssss."
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "I'm sure you do."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "They fall where they fall."
<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "If you're lucky, one will fall near you."
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Also, there are pokeballs."
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Who conterolsssss the disssstribution?"
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "Partially the judges, partially gravity."

Borgan rotates his platform until he can look up at Stahn, beady eyes narrowed. "Down, boy!" he rumbles, loud enough to carry up there, and makes a sharp gesture downward with his staff.

Winds suddenly start to spring up around Stahn in a sphere, whirling and cutting away with bladed breezes. Lightning starts to spring up in the whirlwind too, arcing from side to side and possibly even through Stahn. "Never enter a magician's duel with the Black Dragon Wizard. You'll regret it!"

Borgan strikes Stahn Aileron with his Force Wind attack!

Ms. Rosenqueen moves away from the falling Meis, glaring up toward Hawke for a brief moment; she does not attack Hawke, however, as tempting as it is. After all, in a weird sort of way, she feels sorry for him. Instead, she spins her pistols around twice, and eventually finds a better target in the form of... King Bowser. She snaps off two quick shots at the big, spiky guy, remembering briefly her altercations with him while she was in the Fortress.
Etoile Rosenqueen misses King Bowser with her Bang Bang <3 attack!

Backflipping away from the bursting black spark, Laharl lands on his feet, snarling a warning at Borgan before turning back to Captain X. Laharl understands something. There are a lot of people that don't like him here. He figures that he'll team up with the ones that hate him a little less for the time being. Now, if only he can backstab them before Etna backstabs him.... hmmmmmmmm. "HEY, TRAVIS! THINK SLOW!" And without waiting for Gameshark to ponder out the meaning of his incorrect statement, Laharl swings his massive axe at the Gamemaster's chest to take the heat off of Paula for a few moments.

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "The judge.....thissss would be the armoured being on the avian mount?"
<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "YEs."

Laharl strikes Gameshark with his I'd AXE you a question but I don't think you'd answer attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Zoda comprehendssss. Zoda will asssisssst the children of Mother Brain in wiping the field of thesssse.....gnatsssss."

Meis Triumph blinks as he gets shot from behind by Nanami. He winces in pain, but there is little he can do when he is getting assualt by both sides by people with guns. "I haven't even DONE anything recently," the Spirit Blacksmith remarks, a result of trying to figure out if this is earned or not. Either way, he knows that is the way the game works, so he just tries to figure out what to do, holding up his sword to defend himself. As he does though, something just falls from the sky right on him. He grows. He's now... MIGHTY MEIS. The Spirit Blacksmith just blinks and merely tries to jump to see how high he jumps with his larger size. Apparently, it is a bit more than he thought. "Wooooooooooah!" Of course, as luck would have it... he lands where Hawke is. The man has a lot of time to move, so hopefully he'll use it.

Mike Jones cheerfuly calls out towards the like six people who missed. "Ah ha ha, the little girl hit first. You should be proud! Write home to your loved ones!" This would've been wittier if the pose was earlier, but what can you do. He idly flips the bird at Zoda's retreating form, twists out of Miang's spider-woman grip with some classic 1980s breakdance fighting, and hops to his feet.

"Y'know, Miang, usualy I'd do some crazy acrobatics, some flips, some jumping, maybe even a little groove thang mid attack. It keeps me in shape, and it makes the whole experience more fun!" Mike then takes out a baseball bat, smiles, and swings. "'re just not worth the energy, lady."
This particular version of the sniper rifle comes with a fast reloading cartridge of high-powered blaster shots, an extendable bipod for shooting at a prone position, and a cushioned shock pad. Just for those pleasant afternoons camping in the New England countryside. It's a good thing.
 Unfortunately, Fox's Martha Stewart moment is interrupted by Bowser charging at him with a large mallet. He pulls up the rifle to try and block it, and winds up breaking the long weapon. "Hey! These are expensive!" Well, at least he now has a blunt object to crack Bowser upside the head with. He does so.
Naturally, the irony is that despite Slayn's hard work to protect his body from an assault from evildoers, the poisoned mushroom hits his leg and Slayn goes BWOOP BWOOP BWOOP.

Slayn is now Raimy sized. He looks over his body dubiously for a few moments before looking over to Raimy.

"Hey," He tells his comrade, "I can see you a lot more clearly when I'm short."

<R..really?> Raimy burbles.

"Yup." Slayn notes, "Can you carry me?"

"I think I can!" Raimy trills, floating over to Slayn and picking him up of all things! Yikes! Dragged into the air by Raimy, Slayn seems to be turning his poor luck into a strategy. He is a pretty good tactician after all.

Slayn is carried oooover Captain X's body--and is dropped! Slayn goes falling for the Gamemaster Commander and summons out his Ring Weapon--a large sword, though it's kind of like a toothpick now. He slices down at Captain X's shoulder before leaping away, aiming to get 'picked up' by Raimy again. It kind of looks like he's flying to those that can't see Raimy, but that's obviously not true!

Mike Jones strikes Miang Hawwa with his WOOSH attack!

Fox McCloud strikes King Bowser with his It's a good thing. attack!

You have taken 20 damage.

Meis Triumph strikes Meis Triumph with his Super Meis endurance-increasing attack!

Slayn Wilder misses Captain X with his Slayn is a miracle worker. Turning Debuffs into FUNK! attack!

Meis Triumph strikes Hawke with his Do the Mario! attack!

Maya has been able to avoid agro for some time untill Arthas just up and sucker punches her so to speak. She snaps forward from the force of the impact and goes sprawling. She looks around as she recovers from the hit. Then she sees Paula "GO PAULA!" is all she ways to that before she turns her attention back to the battle at hand. Does she go after Arthas? No Oh snap she's got Devil Agro! Who cares about going for another target she attemps to get clear of the attack and manges to leap clear. Now that was too close for comfort there. She moves to get away from the Devil. Now clear of that she mutters for a moment. Paulas battle does get her attention all right, what the heck she'll join in there for a moment. Her rifle hisses open and then several seeker missiles launche seeking out the Dark Gamemaster. After the shot is fired she's moving off to seek another foe.

Maya strikes Captain X with her Seeker attack!

Wow, nobody likes Etna today. The thump thump thump of Zoda arriving causes her to turn, and wow that is a big, big hand. There is only one possible answer to this! She takes about four steps to the left, escaping Zoda's crushing grasp. Then she drops the morning star - it'd only slow her down for this one, and LUNGES up at Zoda, crescent somersault kicking him up into midair a few times before suddenly punching him back at the ground. Hopefully. He's kind of big. The airtime also enables her to slide past Captain X's thrust. "I'll interfere in whatever I damn well please!" she snaps.

Shot at, hacked at, nearly collided into, and hacked at again! And yet, Gao rises! "ARGH! YOU!" A vein pops on her forehead as an accusing finger is pointed straight at Cress! "You're interrupting my beating the big words out of that loudmouth! And you're the bozo that Marjoly fell for that nearly blew up our castle!" Ooh, now you did it Cress, you've aggroed the brawny midboss. For penance, find a way to dodge this incoming hail of fists. "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH ROOFERS IN THE MARL KINGDOM COST!?"

Etna strikes Zoda with her Disgaea Fist Techniques Are Ridiculous attack!

Gao misses Cress Albane with her Punch, Kick... Nah, Let's Go With Punch, Punch attack!

Jak doesn't wait to see the Devil's reaction as he catches sight of a death knight attacking his ally. He thinks about quickly firing off a shot or two but holds back for the moment. Grumbling a bit he continues to move keeping sight of the devil since its large enough. For now he does his best to avoid anything that comes his way. As he moves through the battlefield he waits until he gets a clear shot of a familiar Dark GM as he switches to the blaster rifle. Firing off several shots from his gun towards Gameshark, not caring if he recognizes the ammo or not.

Phoebe stops to consider her options, looking over (and therefore aiming at) good targets. Going from the fat man to the Dark Gamemasters to the Yellow Devil, she finally decides on the latter and aims for the Yellow Devil's eye. Thwip.

Once she shoots, she begins to move around in a loose arc, in order to discourage extra firepower from coming her way.

Well, things just don't seem to be going that well so far, at least, though Nanami enjoys watching everyone attack the Gamemasters. She'd join in, but the people attacking the gamemasters seem to be getting smacked around in return, and Meis... Got something wierd. And so Nanami's going to stay back, still, this time aiming for her own future one on one opponent, who's firing missiles in the other direction just now. Doesn't seem like a bad idea, really, but...

Jak misses Gameshark with his Fire at Will, No not WILL, GAMESHARK! attack!

Nanami strikes Maya with her Click, click, OW. attack!

Phoebe strikes Yellow Devil with her Stopping the Eye of the Storm attack!

    Arthas could go after someone else, but he doesn't feel like it. He doesn't recognize any others present as having been a greivance to him in the past--Oh, wait. There's Paula. Huh. Lifting his sword, he aims at the psychic girl and fires a stream of black and green energy with skulls inside of it at his target.

    He'll get back to Maya in a moment. He just wants to at least attack Paula before she goes down.
Arthas Menethil strikes Paula with his Death Coil attack!

Judge General continues to watch. He pauses for a moment, then looks up as two more items fall. This time, the victims... er... recipients, are Jak & Laharl!

Jak gets...

Random Smash Item: Super Mushroom (+buff/end)

Laharl gets...

Random Smash Item: Bunny Hood (Free weak attack next round on top of normal attack)

<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Laharl put the hood on!!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Laharl put the hood on!!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "What?"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "No!"
<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "PUT THE HOOD ON"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "PUT THE HOOD ON"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "NO!"
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "Muwah-ha-ha-ha GUESS WHO HAS A CAMERA OVERLORD!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "PUT THE HOOD ON! Ness demands pictures!"

While Paula doesn't mind other people attacking Captain X, she does mind other people attacking her. She yelps as that giagantic sword smacks her across the platform, a feeling that she certainly does remember. With a groan, she picks herself back up and shakes a fist at Gameshark, "Go away, Travis, this is personal!"
Then Arthas nails her in the back with a Death Coil and no large amount of deja-vu is lost on that too. She groans again, then growls, slowly turning to glare at the death knight, hands twitching. The red aura that had been faintly clinging to the girl from the PSI offense up suddenly intensifies...then just as suddenly, vanishes completely.
The air around Arthas quite rapidly heats..and heats and heats and heats until it suddenly combusts with frightening intensity. Accompanying this is Paula's furious telepathic voice. ((SAME GOES FOR YOU...YOU...SLAVE TO ROTTING CORPSES!))

<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Put it on and hit Mike Jones with your bunny powers!"

Paula strikes Arthas Menethil with her Burn, baby! smash attack!

Zoda rumbles in confusion as Etna slips out of the crushing grasp of his mighty fist, blinking at his hand, which opens and closes. "Curioussss," he hisses before being punched and somersault-kicked up into the air, then back down. The Prime Invader grumbles and rises to his feet, hissing dark shadow out of his mouth.
"Inssssectssss," Zoda hisses. "Annoyancccesss....GNATSSSS!" The massive alien's form begins to burn as orange fire flows along it. "INTERLOPERSSSS ALL!" Zoda surveys the field, and sees others get more items. He snarls.

"/YOU!/" Zoda roars as he levels a finger at the Judge General. "Zoda requiresssss a powerful item, ssssssuch assss you gave the othersssss. You will provide it. But for now...." Zoda turns toward Slayn, his foot rising up to try and boot the young man away. "Thissss....." Zoda hisses, reaching for the hilt of Slayn's huge broadsword Ring Weapon, "....will be fitting armament for the interim."

The Cheater finds himself assaulted by several people. Well, that's no fun. He bobs and weaves, the gunfire spritzing past him. He is not, however, so lucky with Laharl and Hero both laying into him. The Cheater is sizzles and chopped, and he reels back, taking evasive action as he types into his Holo-Computer. What's the Cheater up to this time?

Captain X suddenly surges with a crackling aura of violet energy, the lightning not harming him, but instead reinvigorating him and closing wounds. Looks like the Cheater is going for the support.

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "No! It's stupid!"

Yellow Devil recoils backwards as the arrow strikes at its eye, hitting it as it recoalesces. The Devil staggers, shaking its head as its eye vanishes inside of its body, the arrow popping out of the goo on its own. The Devil growls, then all the goo disperses, leaving only the eye. A moment later...
...and a wave of goo surges from the ground, trying to bowl Phoebe over as the Devil's Eye twitches with electricity.

Yellow Devil strikes Phoebe with his SURFIN' TALLON IV! attack!

Keeping his eyes focused on the battle below, Stahn smirks as Borgan begins casting. This'll be easy enough to deflect... but something catches the corner of his eye, and the Swordian master glances around to see Shang Tsung approaching with his sword drawn. "Ack!" Stahn cries as he leaps to the side to avoid the strike... and off the platform he was perched on. Oops. Needless to say, he no longer has anything to hide behind as Borgan's whirlwind spins around him, cutting at his armor and sending arcs of electricity dancing across him. With a cry of pain, he falls to the ground... and right on top of Gao, if she's not looking out for falling blockheads.

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "It's not stupid, it's cute!"

Stahn Aileron strikes Gao with his y helo thar attack!

After Meis falls, Hawke was scanning around for a fresh target, seeing that Captain X is under siege. Clipped by the boot of Meis, Hawke is knocked off of the platform.

He hits the ground, rolling forward. As he comes to his feet, part of him considers firing at the Blacksmith. But with everyone piling on his Videoland Boss, Hawke checks one thing before he moves forward, opening fire on the shruken Slayn.

Gameshark restores Captain X with his Not So Fast, Dogpile! minor healing!

Zoda misses Slayn Wilder with his What's Mine Is Mine, What's Yours Is Also Mine weak attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "BUNNY POWERS, MISTER."
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, ""

He shoots! He scores! And by that, we mean Ian totally missed his target. The pilot snaps, watching the Devil break apart and reform only to go after somebody else. ...well, he's not upset enough about his clothes to pursue that vendetta yet. (Besides, the parasite is self-cleaning.) Turning in place, Ian sweeps his surroundings, looking for his nominal allies. They seem to be doing okay--but wait, what is this?! Some grown man attacking a little girl?! In fact, a BUNCH of them attacking a little girl?!

"Hey! You! Ugly!" A hand holding a gun is levelled at Arthas as Ian bounds over toward the edge of the platform. "Leave her alone!" Okay, maybe a free-for-all melee is not the time or place to be a Boy Scout, but she's--she's a little girl! And so Ian opens fire on the Death Knight forthwith.

Ian Recker strikes Arthas Menethil with his And I got my shooting merit badge for this! attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "It gives you super powers?"

Hawke strikes Slayn Wilder with his Blast You! attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "Buffs are automatic in the brawl anyway. It'll wear you if you don't. Read the rules, shirtless!"

The bat hits Miang in the side of the head with sufficent force to knock teeth loose.

Instead, there is a peculiar hum, and she straightens up, with a bruise on her cheek. "Mm," she says, rubbing the spot. "For someone with such a low opinion of me, you certainly have a great deal to say!"

Her leg then blurs, perhaps even with speed lines, as it is slung up towards Mike Jones' lower body. Obviously, she is aiming for the most potentially painful location, but her leg is going fast enough to hurt any shins, thighs, arms, or other assorted pieces of scenery that Mike Jones should use for interception.
Jumping may or may not be useless.

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "Super powe--NO! It isn't worth it!"

Miang Hawwa strikes Mike Jones with her Special Gebler Technique: Cheap Shot attack!

<InterZone Chatter> The Hero of Spielburg says, "Too laaaaate."
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "Also, Klein, protip: eat a steak or two if you wanna look like a grownup."

Captain X was incorrect. He has not aggroed short people. He has, apparently, aggroed EVERYONE.

Blame Fourside. Or Smooze. Or a very dangerous personality. Or his position as Mother Brain's lieutenant. Or being an arse.

In order, he is panned in the kneecaps by Paula, avoids having a tiny Slayn stab him with a cocktail sword from above by holding up his hand, and gets hit in the side from Maya's seeker missiles. When the dust clears, he stands very still for a moment, for he is very, very /angry./

"Excuse me." He needs to take some anger out, and take some anger out, he will. And as everyone knows, Mike Jones exists for just such a purpose! As his wounds close, thanks to Gameshark's healing, he gives a thumbs-up to Travis before running up to poor Jones and sticking something onto his shirt.

It glows. It's sticky! It's a favored Plasma Grenade. It will explode in a big purple ow.

"No clue," Cress answers smoothly. As the punches come raining in for the swordsman, he takes a step backward, letting one of the punches shoot just by him. His eyes narrow, as he follows the brawny woman's movements. "And don't blame /me/ for your boss' sick fixations on blonde guys!" he snaps back, then sounding a good deal more angry. He slides back around her, then lashes upward with his blade.

As he does, he tries to strike Gao with the sword hard and throw her up into the air - a mighty uppercut slash, showing just how much strength the swordsman has.
Cress Albane strikes Gao with his Uppercut Slash attack!

Captain X strikes Mike Jones with his Ur Loud smash attack!

Well, it appears that both Shang Tsung and Gameshark are both rather worthy opponents, meaning that this brawl may be more challenging than Agent 17 thought it would be. But no good agent ever gives up over anything, and if you think this is something worth giving up, THINK AGAIN!
Agent 17 waits for Gameshark to finish with whatever it is he's doing, and then he rushes towards the cheater before leaping into the air and attempting to deliver a flying kick, like the one he attempted to use on Shang Tsung, except this time hopefully with a bit more accuracy!

Agent 17 misses Gameshark with his <insert Kung-Fu Fighting joke here> attack!

It may be Fox's attack that connects, but Bowser notices Etoile's failed attack more. Hey, it's the traitor! No one likes traitors! He might even get some brownie points for beating her up, gwahaha!

Bowser turns away from Fox for now, and starts charging towards Etoile. "If you had stayed with the Fortress I wouldn't have to bother with you right now! Tough luck, sister!" Bowser roars, as he spits a few large fireballs in her direction. Mwahaha, what fun this tournament is! So chaotic.

King Bowser strikes Etoile Rosenqueen with his Fireball'd attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Bunny bunny hop hop!~<3<3<3"

Borgan ignores Stahn once he's no longer a visible threat - that is, he fell somewhere where he can't see him.

Instead, he looks around, popping his knuckles as he decides on a new target. There is one person here whose voice he just can't stand...spotting Etna, Borgan opens his hand wide before closing it, miming a left-handed javelin toss despite the fact that he did not, in fact, have a javelin in that hand - or anything at all!
Despite technically being unarmed, Borgan just threw a giant ice spike at Etna. Sometimes it's good to be the wizard.

Shang Tsung tsks as Stahn goes out of his reach, but at least Borgan nails him. Who the heck now? He sees Fox. Ah-ha-ha! The winner of Hades' famous tournament when the HEartless were around! Yes...Shang leaps across the platforms towards him and Bowser. He no longer has his sword. Instead, he tries to surprise Fox with his /own/ flying kick, immediately going into his Snake stance before Fox completely recovers, and throwing out a gut punch. "So! Show me some of those moves you defeated Sephiroth with!" he sneers at the Fox.

Borgan strikes Etna with his Ice Lance attack!

      "HEY! Cress!" The Hero of Spielburg calls out over the chaos, as an attempt to get the fellow swordman's attention, but likely was missed in the whole noise and carnage going on around. Oh well. That's too bad. Maybe he should switch targets while he still can--WOA! Fireball!
 Barely ducking as it comes Etoile way, the Hero stares at King Bowser's direction, twirling his blade and charging at the turtle dragon! "KEEEEEEEEYAAAH!" He screams, leaping high and dropping his blade donward at the Koopa's thick skull!

Shang Tsung strikes Fox McCloud with his Flying Kick to Gut Punch attack!

The Hero of Spielburg strikes King Bowser with his Thick Skull Slice! attack!

You have taken 20 damage.

Ms. Rosenqueen screams as she takes Bowser's fireball dead on in the chest; that /hurt/, really, and she doesn't particularly want to deal with that much pain. For now, she leaves Bowser alone and switches targets. She scans the area briefly, and after some thought, decides to give Miang a good pistol-sniping in the butt again. After all, it worked very well during the melee, so who's to say it won't again?

Etoile Rosenqueen misses Miang Hawwa with her Obligatory Rear Joke attack!

Mike Jones is about to hit Miang again, because he really doesn't like Miang. She reminds him of Albedo, and Albedo reminds him of Zoda, and Mike is glad that Zoda has a frillion clones because that means he can /keep killing him over and over and over/, which explains their relationship fairly well.
Then, he has a grenade stuck to his shirt. "Dude, okay, I was even telling them to back off. Argh, you sack of harbl." PLASMA! Plus Miang kick, but the PLASMA takes priority. Miang hears a satisfying crunch of a shin getting splintered, though. Mike is thrown back into the ground, groaning, and shakes a fist at Captain X. "Next round, you!" But first...

Adorabals Bunny Hood Laharl. He's pretty sure the hood has some terrible magical power, but Mike doesn't /care/. He has no shirt because of plasma and his hair is on fire, he needs this man! "Laharl! Think fast!" Mike hurls a horsehide at the Prince, pulling an instant camera out of his pocket to take a quick picture of Laharl before the baseball would make contact. "And say cheese!"

Mike Jones misses Laharl with his Fwing Click Smack attack!

Maya watches as Paula gets smacked by Arthas, that ain't nice at all. The Paula goes explodies an she wants to keep away from her for now. That's when Nanami turns up, she looks to her for a moment. She then puts some distance between her and Nanami. Still no big attacks just yet, nope. Hopefully she's lose nanami in the melee for now. She's heard Mike's sage advise and isn't going after X again. So who to go after, humm looks like Shang's going all out on Fox. She raises her rifle again takes aim at him, then changes targets from Shang to Miang. Why not give Mike a hand? The grenade launcher on the rifle then belches a grenae at Miang. It sails through the air and if it hits? KABOOM!

Maya strikes Miang Hawwa with her Grenade! attack!

Ring Weapons only work for the wielder! Zoda goes for it, but Raimy pulls Slayn way at the last moment--foiling Zoda! Anyway, he probably doesn't want it as a toothpick anyway. "Whew, that was a close one," Slayn murmurs.

"Slayn, watch out!" Raimy chirps and a laser bolt knocks him, while small, onto the ground in a smoldering heap, the burns seem to have done quite a number on him--but it also seems to have knocked him back to normal size!

Groaning, Slayn rubs at his head, shaking at it lightly before letting out a breath. "Alright." He murmurs, looking about--he didn't see who hit him, but he does know King Bowser is one of the top contendors of the Smash Bros Singles.

Slayn raises his blade over his head and charges for the Dinosaur, aiming to help The Hero out! The guy's practically a saint after all. One quick slash for the King's back.

As Stahn slams into her and knocks her right into Cless's mighty uppercut, Gao comes to a realization: There's waaaaaaaaaaaay too many darn people here. "Everybody's gettin' in my way! ARGH!" With an angry growl of her own, she hefts the first swordsman bodily over her head and chucks him at the -second- swordsman with the force of a really large artillery cannon! "I'm not goin' down without gettin' a hit in somewhere! KAAAAANJOOOOOOU!!!"

Yes, it's a powerful strike, but don't worry about Stahn. He's going in head-first, after all.

Slayn Wilder misses King Bowser with his Hero Slice! attack!

Gao strikes Cress Albane with her You On The Other Hand, Aren't So Lucky smash attack!

Fox McCloud does tend to go through weapons pretty quickly, but at the rate this is going, he'd better as the Judge for a cash prize to recoup his costs.
 And now Shang Tsung is tempting fate by mentioning the name of you-know-you. Quiet you, there are enough bishy guys in black in Videoland already. The flying kick come out of nowhere and knocks Fox back a couple of steps. So, he wants to go hand-to-hand? Well, Fox doesn't need fancy flipping flying kicks. He just uses a time-honored classic called...

    Arthas didn't really expect not to be attacked back, but the flames that explode around him are a bit more intense than the retaliation he expected. And then he gets shot by some goofy-looking punk! For no reason! No, in Arthas's mind attacking a little girl isn't a 'reason' for him to be attacked.

    Turning his attention away, even as smoke streams from his singed clothes, he charges at Ian and swings the 6 foot long sword one-handed, trailing icy mist through the air as the freezing blade heads at Ian's side.

Fox McCloud strikes Shang Tsung with his The Facepuncher! attack!

Arthas Menethil strikes Ian Recker with his Icy Slash attack!

Really, this amount of chaos IS exciting, and Nanami's quite enjoying it. Probably time to get a little more involved than she had been, though, and so Nanami starts in with the first magical attack, not too concerned about Maya escaping into the chaos. That's fine, really, as she doesn't want to get into a personal match in the middle of all this! She lifts her hand, a trio of flaming arrows launching out and heading for Arthas, who once assaulted her in the middle of a grocery store. It's score-settlin' time!

Nanami strikes Arthas Menethil with her Fire is the devil's friend, right? It wants to be your friend, too! attack!

"I DENY THE BUNNY HOOD!" Screams Laharl, as the cutesy-wutesy object lands on his head. "Wha--HEYGETTHISTHINGOFFOFME!" Shouts Laharl in indignation. He forgets about/ignores the fight as he tugs at the hood's ears, trying to pull it off to no avail. He manages only to fall on his bum. Cutely.

Laharl takes a deep breath.

The Prince is a blur of motion as he swats Mike's pitious attack away. With inhuman (and indemonic?) speed, Laharl closes the gap between him and Jones, leveling a series of punches at the teenager, trying to knock him around the arena. And then since he's JUST THAT FAST, Laharl goes for the combo, trying to punch Mike Jones around the planet with a single blow. Disgaea fist skills are really redonkulous.

Laharl strikes Mike Jones with his King Of Beasts weak attack!

Meis Triumph narrowly avoids getting launch at by Hawke, the large boy taking to the air to avoid the kick. He is about to do something ELSE to him, but well, Hawke is gone by the time he comes back down. "...Darn it." Meis looks around, just trying to figure out who to attack... When he sees a perfect chance. Now actually larger than his target, he comes charging right for Bowser, trying to take advantage of the Super Mushroom before it wears off. "RRRRAAAAARG, fear like the little Japanese people fear that green lizard thing!!!"

Meis Triumph misses King Bowser with his Attack of the (Teen) Titan attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Awwww..."
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "So kyoooot!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl screams bloody murder.
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Flonne?"
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones click click click.
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Can I have copies?"
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "The black eye is so worth it."
<InterZone Chatter> The Hero of Spielburg says, "Mike! You'll give me a copy of theses photos when this is done, if you can!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "You mean the tape of the Brawl match that I'm making so I can watch it over and over again? Sure!"

Phoebe's okay, really. That thing can't move fast enough to hit her, she's pretty certain. Right?

Phoebe gets a surprise as the electric goo washes over her. What comes out from the goo is the girl on the floor with her hair going everywhere. It takes her a moment to get back up. Trying to put as much space between her and the Devil as possible, Phoebe runs further into the chaos that reigns, looking back and forth in an attempt to look for a) allies, and b) things to hit.

Her hands begin to glow red, and she looks one last time before she decides on Laharl. Yeah, he's a cute bunny. So cute, in fact, that it must burn.

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "But... Hmm... the Netherworld Reclaiment Project does need funds..."

Phoebe strikes Laharl with her Fireball Go! attack!

Etna lands! Raises her arms overhead! Ten point finish! "That's right, back off!" she jeers at Zoda, bouncing up and down. She runs back over and retrieves her morning star, getting it spinning again in preparation for another good whack on someone! "C'mon!" she barks. "I'll show you how we do it Netherworld style!" spin spin spin THAT IS LAHARL IN A BUNNY HOOD "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA" Etna very nearly hits HERSELF with the star as she doubles over laughing at her Overlord in torment, but then she gets a faceful of ice javelins, and spins, no longer giggling. "You like ice? Well then HOW ABOUT A LITTLE FIRE, SCARECROW!"

And then she slams the morningstar into the ground and spins and spins and somehow manages to actually throw the entire arena into the sun. Oddly, Borgan is the only one who is likely to notice.

Etna strikes Borgan with her I'm Not Even Kidding, She Can Do This attack!

Jak quickly moves to find cover after that last shot. Holstering his gun his eyes shift left to right as he focuses on coming up with a plan of action. He doesn't have to wait long as he notices the Mushroom coming down and catches it allowing the effects to take place. Once thats down he quickly moves once again this time drawing out a pair of pistols from his belt. The goggles are no longer over his eyes as he decides to remain with his regular target and fires several shots towards the devils eye.

Jak strikes Jak with his Super Mushroom endurance-increasing attack!
Jak misses Yellow Devil with his Blaster Barrage attack!

Judge General hmms, and watches two more capsules fall. Captain X & King Bowser are the lucky winners this time!

Captain X gets...
Random Smash Item: Maxim Tomato (+maxim)

King Bowser gets...
Random Smash Item: Delicious Food (+food)

Satisfied, Paula turns away and scans the battle quickly, trying to relocate her target. She, on the other hand, takes note of Zoda and, like many kids in the Power Pack, is totally distracted by the opportunity to enact her revenge upon him..but how? An idea quickly crosses her mind moments later as she reaches down the front of her shirt and pulls out a necklace with her piece of empathite tied to it. She grips the stone in her hands and channels her telepathy into the alien. Yes, a stupid thing to do, but this time, Paula's mental defenses are prepared.
What she shoves in her mind is something horrible, something sadistic, something summoned from a horrifying dimension from who knows where. It is...a song.
((It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake if the way is hazy]

You gotta do the cooking by the book you know you can't be lazy!

Never use a messy recipe the cake would end up crazy


We gotta have it made you know that I love cake! Finally it's time to make a cake!))

Paula strikes Zoda with her Ultimate suffering endurance-decreasing attack!

The Hero of Spielburg does manage to get Cress' attention with the shout. He turns his head briefly, looking towards him, and calls out, "Yeah, I'm here!" he answers, before looking back towards Gao. "What is it?"

Unfortunately, he finds another annoying problem: Stahn, being thrown at him. He gets bowled over by his fellow warrior, knocked hard into the ground. He rolls a few times, before he leaps back up. "I got her, Stahn!" he shouts, diving forward. He lifts the two-hilted blade up over his head with both and leaps - jumping and coming down with one, hard slash. However, as he lands, Gao may here an audible click.

She will most certainly notice the fact that, as Cress' left hand leaves the sword, it pulls away a cylindrical hilt. As soon as it moves the right distance away, there is another, far more noticeable sound.


Count Dooku's red lightsaber is only visible for a moment before it spins around in one hand, little more than a red blur, and slashes up in a wide arc to clip Gao with a second blow.

Cress Albane strikes Gao with his Lightsaber Dual-Wielding Action! smash attack!
Gao has been knocked out!

Click. Click. Click. "Awww, you do like Klein after all! So cuuuuute!" And then kharma hits when Mike is literarly punched across the stadium, slaming against the wall. Ow damnit ow damn-"Is that a-" Mike reacts by instinct, hopping in to the air and leaping sideways, just missing the savage uppercut type thing. He doesn't want to /know/ where that punch would've taken them, seeing as the Neatherworlders need to blow up the fricking planet to match one of Gameshark's nastier shots. Darn showoffy magic...

And then someone sets Laharl on fire. Mike smirks, feeling vindicated. "Y'know man, you should tell her. Now! I've never seen you look hotter-sieze the day!" Jones quick-hops away from the angry little boy, hurling a couple of horsehides at Captain X while shouting, "HARBL HARBL ITS CAPTAIN HARBL" because he's hurt on the /inside/ from that grenade.

No, really, Mike's pretty sure he can feel the internal bleeding.

Mike Jones strikes Captain X with his HARBLE attack!

Miang, after administering her kick to Mike Jones, twists around with a strange wake of glitter. There is a brief flash of that indigo light, just below the threshold of clear perception, as she sees that bullet coming and leaps to the side, letting it expend its power off into the distant sky.

The grenade hits, and shrapnel cuts into her legs; she uses that force to leap upwards, tucking her legs up under her body as she ascends. She grabs the edge of a platform in passing, hoisting herself up to a full vertical stance, and then swinging back down and forwards, leading with her boots towards that grenadier - both bootheels, fortunately, merely hard as they descend towards Maya's head!

The Devil's sludge pulls up around Yellow Devil as Jak fires at it, the shots impacting harmlessly with the goo. Striding forward in humanoid form once more, Yellow Devil roars as it quakes the field, heading for Jak with two mighty fists. But it doesn't seem to be aiming to grab him. Oh no. The Devil is just going to run him down and smash him flat beneath his mighty feet!

Shang Tsung is punched! In the face! Blood flies out of his mouth, and he spits more out. Wiping his lip, he grins darkly at Fox, looking directly into the pilot's eyes...the sorcerer's own eyes glow bright green, just like with Cress. He leaps suddenly, launching two kicks to Fox's face, before slamming him into the ground with a third kick. All through this his body stands straight, as if the wind just carried him up.

Miang Hawwa strikes Maya with her This Might Hurt More If I'd Worn Spikes attack!

Yellow Devil misses Jak with his TRAMPLE weak attack!

Shang Tsung strikes Fox McCloud with his This Is Called A Throw In My Game attack!

Zoda begins to grow very angry as he misses stealing Slayn's sword. He knew he should have activated a different clone.

Time and the tide of battle carry the man's massive sword away from the overlord, however, and so he moves back toward the Gamemasters. Somewhere in the melee that seems to have enveloped them, there has to be someone he can crush, destroy or otherwise....

....why hello there, small blonde girl in a pink dress.

This didn't work with Etna, possibly because her head is so freaking tiny that she managed to slip out of his grip. Paula, however, is a different story. The mental assault begins to degrade some of his mental control over his form, and Zoda roars his defience. "FOOL!" he shrieks. "You know not what you tamper with! Now DIE!" Zoda reaches down for her hair, tries to tighten his grip, and then whirls and tries to smash her into the ground as hard as he can.

Which, incidentally, is pretty damn hard.

Zoda strikes Paula with his No, THIS Is Ultimate Suffering attack!

When the Cheater goes evasive, he means evasive. Agent 17's kick sails over the Cheater's head as he glows and rolls pase. "Hah! Your kung-fu is weak, Generic Man!" He tumbles away, and brings up his Justifier, firing randomly into the crowd.

And by 'randomly' I mean 'at Maya's back'.

Gameshark misses Maya with his Justifier Level 2: A Justified Response attack!



The capsule finds its target on Bowser's head. It splits open on the spot, and a piece of DELICIOUS FOOD falls in Bowser's hands. The Koopa King is annoyed that these capsules CONTINUE to hit him on the HEAD, but he was granted a tasty treat, so he can let it slide this time.

"Hey cool. Jerky. Spicy too. Just the thing I need to get my flames going. Gwahaha!" Down the hatch! If the jerky isn't barbecued, it's gonna be by the time he's done eating it!

For Borgan's next trick, he visits the SUN.

The Sun is not a fun place to visit.

He lands with a loud /thud/ as the point of the platform drives itself into the battlefield itself; Borgan has to use his staff to push the point back off with a pop. He waves his staff in the air, making a spinning motion; far above, a sparkle glimmers. The glimmer grows, turning from a red point to a meteor visibly trailing flame to, right about now, a beach ball-sized projectile smashing straight down.

It is aimed at Jak, because Borgan can't be bothered to steer a meteor.

Borgan misses Jak with his Comet Break attack!

As Hawke prowls the battlefield, he finds himself having to dodge attacks here and there as he moves along the field of battle. As he judges the action, he turns on Stahn. Gesturing out, a Black Wave of energy wraps around the Palacite, attempting to draw energy from him, and then carry back to the Black Hole commander for use.

And from the looks of it, first blood went to the Palace. That's not too terribly good.

King Bowser restores King Bowser with random delicious food.
You have been healed by 5%.

Hawke strikes Stahn Aileron with his Black Wave! drain attack!

Oh, awesome! It's a triple team against the huge KING BOWSER! Best take advantage of it! "ALRIGHT BOYS!" The Paladin says, backing away from the Koopa and spinning his blade once to showoff the neat trail of light that follows after the blade, "Let's take 'm down!"
      But...wait. Is that...Jerky? JERKY!? OH NO! NOT JERKY! This will revitalise the giant turtle dragon! Gasping visibly, the Paladin does not intent in allowing Bowser to have a delicious, trouble-less dinner! It's time for another smacking!

"...Harbl? Harbl?! Jones, what the fu-" Captain X is kept from violating rating as he's smacked with horsehides by a certain crazed young man with a yoyo. The glare returns to the psychic Jones, and he reaches for his pistol again.

Maybe it's merciful that a capsule appears above him, and the all-powerful M-marked tomato (...tomato? Why tomato? Is it the lycopene?) falls in front of him. As soon as it's touched, its power surges through Captain X, and he pauses to let it flow. "I'll be right with you, Jones, Paula," he promises.

The Hero of Spielburg strikes King Bowser with his DO NOT HAVE A NICE DINNER! attack!
You have taken 21 damage.

Captain X restores Captain X with a Maxim Tomato.

Etna successfully beats up Borgan! She doesn't even wait to see what happens when he gets back from outer space, because she's too busy sprinting at Phoebe, who has apparently set Laharl on fire. "Bad! No setting the bunny on fire before pictures are taken, are you crazy!?" she barks, and in true Netherworld problem solving, then sends the morningstar at the girl's face.

Etna strikes Phoebe with her You Need Some Iron Spikes In Your Diet attack!

Shooting people usually ends in them coming after you, so Ian was sort of expecting Arthas to come running after him. Which mean he is being charged by a crazy bastard with a sword. Or maybe that's a crazy with a bastard sword. Whatever. He backpedals a few steps, then realizes with mildly sickening dread he's not going to make it out of the way, then bracAUGH THAT HURTS ow. Good thing he braced, though he's sent reeling off to one side in a spray of...purply-yellow stuff from his armor. He presses a hand against his side, spinning away from the blow and landing on one knee.

"/Cripes/. You people play for keeps around here!" His ribs. His--parasite! He drags himself upright, backing off a couple of steps. He puts his gun away, pulling out not one but TWO Krill pucks and kicking them at Arthas in quick succession. EAT EXPLODING DEATH!

Ian Recker strikes Arthas Menethil with his Sharing the love <3 smash attack!

Well, so much for THAT assist. Stahn is too dazed from his fall to resist as Gao lifts the swordsman up and hurls him at Cress. At least he didn't feel that nearly as much as Albane did. Stumbling to his feet, he glances at Cress, gives the doggirl an incredulous look, and runs /thattaway/ with a call of, "She's all yours!" Cress can keep the man of a woman that is Gao. But that leaves Stahn without a target, and no perch to snipe from, either. Until he can get his bearings, he just dashes across the field with his shield held out, pushing aside anyone in his way. Then Hawke decides to start pulling Stahn's energy away from the Swordian master, a wave of exhaustion sweeping over him for just a second. That second is more than enough, however, and causes Stahn to lose his balance, and fall headlong towards... Gameshark.

Stahn Aileron strikes Gameshark with his I'm just running into everyone today. weak attack!

There is a law that states that the effectiveness of ninjas is equal to the reciprocal of the number of ninjas present. And since Shang Tsung is the only ninja around, he's pretty effective. So Fox has to cover up against this non-sensical and so-called throw. Wasupwitdat?
 Y'know, were Fox is from, the only things you throw are grenades. Hey, that sounds like fun. He jumps out of explosive range and leaves a sensor grenade behind him, right under Shang Tsung.

Gao stands triumphantly! Finally, she was able to hit someone! Of course she had to use someone else as a blunt object, but still! "Now, for my next goal, not to be the first one out-"

Have you ever seen a lightsaber used as a baseball bat? You just did right now, as Cress's strike knocks Gao right out of the arena! "Thiiiiiiiiiis suuuuuuuuuuuckssssss....." *ping*

Fox McCloud strikes Shang Tsung with his Someone set you up the bomb attack!

Well, things seem to be going okay so far, Nanami deciding to continue her aggression from range, lifting her hand up again and aiming a second spray of fire at Arthas, who has someone considerably closer to him to worry about and hopefully won't hurt her in return, right? Right. Fire away.

Nanami strikes Arthas Menethil with her Firing away attack!
Arthas Menethil has been knocked out!

Again considering her options, not wanting to attack Bowser once again, she glances around -- and then goes for Hawke, wanting to give him a little payback for the earlier attempt at kicking Meis into her. Spinning both pistols around, she watches him go for the drain -- and then, the second Hawke finishes, she opens vigorous fire, sending four rounds the way of the Black Hole commander.

Etoile Rosenqueen strikes Hawke with her I Disapprove Of Any And All Things That Send Meis Closer To Me attack!

Slayn watches Bowser ... uh ... eat food. He shakes his head lightly and raises his blade again, glancing over at The Hero of Spielburg, as he moves into strike, Slayn makes another move, this time slicing at King Bowser's side! His back, it seems, is spiky and relatively invulnerable. Not one of his smarter moves, Slayn reflects, but he'll make up for it now.

Raimy meanwhile flutters onto Slayn's shoulder, "Wow, he's really big..." She whispers.

Laharl acts an a non-standard way to being lit on fire. He stands there and burns.

Then he starts shaking.

Then he explodes in a fury of flames which, incidentally, overwrite the previous flame debuff. Laharl searches through his Bag. Let's see...

Cosmic Sword
Legendary Spear
Bahamut's Talon
Kaiser Knuckle
Magical Girl Wa--huh? Damnit, Flonne.
Ion Mk9 Samurai. YES.

Laharl equips the gun and fires waves of bullets in Pheobe's direction.

Laharl misses Phoebe with his Throwing Lead attack!

Jak's eyes narrow as he quickly moves until he shrinks back down from the effects of the mushroom barely avoiding the Devil's attack saying, "Ok thats what they meant by the crazy items in this tournament." Looking up he notices the Meteor and quickly moves from where he is as it comes crashing down. He's half tempted to take a few shots at Borgan but doesn't as he pulls out a large grenade from his face. Anyone looking at it would notices that it looks a bit like a skull up close. Jak looks towards the Devil then to Borgan before finally deciding to take a shot at the large man as he pulls out the morphgunas it switches to the grenade launcher. Shoving in the projectile he sends a surge of dark eco energy into the weapon. He then takes aim and fires launching it to a position above Borgan before it splits apart into several smaller grenades which seem to focus on his large target as they fall down from the sky.

Slayn Wilder misses King Bowser with his Not a Fireflower attack!

Jak strikes Borgan with his Skullsplitter Grenade smash attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Use the magical girl wand, Laharl! It's full of powerful love!"

Well, cheaters do prosper it seems, and Agent 17 is going to let that be for now as he goes after another target instead. Then he spots Etoile Rosenqueen, and while he really has nothing against her per se, she's just the nearest target. "Nothing personal, miss, just doing my job!" He shouts as he rushes towards the heiress before leaping into the air slightly and attempting to deliver a roundhouse kick at her stomach.
Agent 17 strikes Etoile Rosenqueen with his can you stomach this? attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Er, if you don't want to that badly..."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Flonne? I think this calls for a song."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "To encourage Laharl not to hide his love away."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "D'you guys have the Beatles in the Netherworld?"

Meis Triumph blinks as his ram attempted failed on Bowser, proving that the large lizard is much more ninja than he thought. The Spirit Blacksmith tries to figure out his next target, still rather big and jumping around to avoid getting hit by all the stuff that get thrown around. Of course, Super Meis tries to attack one of the Dark Gamemasters. "Heads up, Captain X!" the oversized Triumph offers as he tries to stomp on yet another baddie. Being big is odd, that's for sure.

Meis Triumph strikes Captain X with his Tatics from Mario, Take 2 attack!


Phoebe goes flying towards the edge of the arena. Sliding to a stop, Phoebe takes another moment to get up and look around. Thankfully, the flight gave Phoebe more agility, and thus Laharl's bullets fly into whatever void this place is in.

Taking one last look at Etna and company, she ponders seeking aid. Of course, yelling it will just draw more fire. Instead, she just puts another arrow into her bow, and takes aim again. Hey, it works, doesn't it?

Phoebe strikes Phoebe with her The Sense of Sight Rocks accuracy-increasing attack!

Maya thinks this battle is getting pretty crazy here. First comes Miang's attack which she's unable to avoid. She's kicked off her feet and sent flying. However this is a good thing for Maya as she evades Gameshark's attack. She gets back up a bit slowly. As for the blast? Well it's still going? Prehaps something might happen with it later? Who knows. She's back on her feet now and who to go after. She does't go after any gamemasters. She spys Bowser Koopa. She reaces towards him leaps up in the air attempting to pull a tribute to one of the Palace's most known heros. The humble plumber known as Mario, and away though the air she goes. Will she land on target?

Maya strikes King Bowser with her Do the Mario! attack!
You have taken 15 damage.

<InterZone Chatter> Gameshark says, "Man, Heroes. Get some new moves."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Like attacking Fortress fortifications while the Dark Gamemasters are in the Brawl?"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "Yer all a bunch of posers!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "We have the Beat Alls..."
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "Hey, Gameshark, why do your bolts of elemental chaos look like lime green fireballs?"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Oh! THey're almost the same thing."
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "I mean...seriously."

Judge General watches dispassionately as Arthas is taken down without much pomp and circumstance, waving a hand and teleporting him off the field and into the stands.

That cleared, he looks up, and two more items fall down... one for Phoebe and one for The Hero of Spielburg!

Phoebe gets... a Pokéball!

The Hero of Spielburg gets...
Random Smash Item: Pokeball (+pokeball)

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "What should we sing, Ness? We have to do it together, they're a group band!"

As he asorbs the energy in, Hawke suddenly finds himself under attack from the girl that lead the assault on his base. The bullets tear into his overcoat, driving him backwards as they do so.

Growling, the Black Hole commander reaches into his overcoat and whips out a grenade launcher. You should recognize this, Etoile, you gave it to Hawke back when you were a member of the winning side!

The grenade launcher fires at stupid close, but it's not at Etoile he fires -- but instead, the grenade whistles across the field towards Agent 17.

Hawke strikes Agent 17 with his GRENADE! smash attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "I was thinking 'You've got to hide your love away.'"

"Zoda, I know exactly what I'm dealing with. You showed me, don't you remember?" Paula says quiet calmly even as Zoda picks her up by the hair (why is it always the hair?!) and slams her into the ground. "...ow." She quickly gets the heck away from Zoda, deciding to go refocus on her true task at hand: Captain X.
However, something else distracts her, namely Gameshark trying to laser Maya in the back. Springing into action, Paula leaps between Maya and the blast. Of course, this isn't all about self sacrifice: she has her PSI magnet going as she does so.

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "It fits pretty well."
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "Flonne... take a memo."

Once the healing power has run its course, Captain X is back on the prowl. It seems that runt Paula is trying foolishly to duel Zoda, so let her. Jones is very very tempting, as he always is whenever he's being, well, Jones. But instead...

Well, instead, Xavier gets stomp-squished from above by an oversized teenager. Ow, and ow.

He picks himself up off of the ground, glaring up at Meis, and then grins. "Oh, Spirit Blacksmith! How's it going up there?!" And he leaps up, attacking with a harsh kick to...

Well, the stomach. There are limits even to the cruelty of Xavier Cole.

Paula restores Paula with her When you help others, you're also helping yourself~ o/` minor healing!

Captain X strikes Meis Triumph with his And delivered a kick that would shatter bones, into the...midsection of Indiana Jones. attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "At the earliest possible opportunity, you're to throw mud at Ness's house. That's an order."

Borgan's shield comes up. The main grenade bounces off!

The smaller grenades do not, and end up inside Borgan's shield, on that platform of his. He looks startled again, and brings up the shield, just in time for them to explode.

The area inside the shield is, very briefly, a hemispherical dome of smoke and shrapnel. When the shield releases, Borgan stands there, looking cut up and angry. He rises up on his platform, higher and higher, digging something small from an inside pocket of his robe.

They are wrapped Twinkies. Borgan wiggles his fingers as he chooses one to eat, opens it up, and devours it in one bite. The second follows shortly thereafter.

Borgan restores Borgan with his Twinkies Are Delicious minor healing!

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Can it be after we sing?"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "NO!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "NO SINGING!"
<InterZone Chatter> Just Killer, not Lady and Killer says, "Yes sir! I'll do it while singing!"
<InterZone Chatter> Just Killer, not Lady and Killer says, "ooc: oop"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Yes sir! I'll do it while singing!"

Yellow Devil growls... looking around, it decides that Jak hasn't taken nearly enough punishment yet, and launches itself towards him.
The jell-o matrix parts in mid-air, and the Yellow Devil attempts to fully ENGULF Jak!

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "NO SINGING! DON'T SING!"

Yellow Devil strikes Jak with his SWALLOW WHOLE stun attack!

Gameshark was left alone. This is a good thing. The Cheater keeps up the evasive work, taptaptapping at his Holo-Computer. The same energy that reinvigorated CapX also reinvigorates the Cheater. He stays on the fringes of the fight, letting other people kill each other.

Miang continues forwards, almost floating along the platform. She leaps easily up to an adjacent one and then smiles brightly as she hears Agent 17 say, "It's just my job."

She says, coming more or less from behind him, "I agree completely!" Before slamming one fist forwards towards his kidneys and doing a cartwheel past him, moving ever onwards. If you don't stay in one place, you're harder to target!

Bowser gets hit from several sources, to the point where the already minor boost he got from the Jerky is moot. Bah. It wasn't that good anyway! Now he's ticked. And he decides to turn his anger to one of his initial targets.

"Hey Hero! Get a name, nameless!" Ho ho ho, he's so witty. Bowser has already had a bit of a fire burning in his belly since the battle started, but after the jerky, it's REALLY roaring now! So Bowser launches one of his biggest fireballs yet at the nameless Hero.

Perhaps Bowser could start calling him Scortchy, the Smouldering one.

Miang Hawwa misses Agent 17 with her BLAPPO attack!

King Bowser strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Great Balls of Fire attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Ness hmmm hmmm hmm hmmm!

Unfortunately, Agent 17 forgot to keep tabs on the other targets, and Agent 17 is sent flying across the arena from the blast. He manages to keep his footing, but he's hurt quite a bit. Bleeding from someplace as well as feeling like one of his arms is sprained, he takes a bit longer than normal to get back up.
But does that mean he's giving up? Of course not! He manages to avoid being hit by Miang, and then he casts a look at Hawke and grins as he holsters his hand gun and then reaches behind him to pull out a pair of... machine guns? Is Agent 17 attempting to act like Lara Croft on this guy? Well, that's apparently what it looks like!

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne hmmm hmmm hmm hmmm! "Here I stand with your head in my hands," the Beat Alls are only -mostly- like the Beatles after all.

Agent 17 strikes Hawke with his John Woo he ain't smash attack!

"That takes care of that," Cress remarks as Gao goes flying off into the distance. He swings his long sword around, then places it in the sheath. The lightsaber will prove more effective for the time being. The swordsman keeps the red blade of energy out. However, he doesn't move forward just yet - instead, he takes a wrapped Apple Gel out.

On it is a little note: "Cress: <3, Mint." He grins goofily, and then wolfs it down. He has more fighting to do, yet!

Cress Albane restores Cress Albane with his <3 minor healing!

Gameshark was left alone, unless you count Stahn falling at him headfirst. He is thrown back from the hit, grunting in pain. "Damn, Stahn, you have a ridiculously hard head. Now get away from me, kid, you bother me." The Cheater keeps up the evasive work, leaping away from Stahn and taptaptapping at his Holo-Computer. The same energy that reinvigorated CapX also reinvigorates the Cheater. He stays on the fringes of the fight, letting other people kill each other.

Gameshark restores Gameshark with his Medic! minor healing!

Maya is getting smacked up a bit, Miang kicks hard even without really spiked heels. She now choses to back off from the brawl for a moment. She pulls out a hunk of Uncle's bread. Oddly the stuff tends to heal a bit, she doesn't question it. Shejust has her mid fight snack before she'll get back into the battle.

      The Hero of Spielburg hops away from the large Koopa. The poor thing, he's being...triple teamed, now. Maybe he should let the two other kids handle hi--
 *POK!* "Ow!" The Paladin says, looking upward to see just what fell on his head...And peer down. A red...and white ball. A pokeball? Ooooh! What luck! What luuuuck! Time to take good advantage of this! He looks around for a second to find one target...and get hit by a fireball. A large one. Ouch!
 The Paladin is flung to the ground from where he quickly get back to his feets, all burnt! "Okay. That's it. POKEBALL, GO!" He shouts, flinging the little device at the lord of all Koopa.

Maya restores Maya with her Union break? minor healing!

Random Pokeball: Porygon2 - Tackle

Jak quickly moves as he notices the Devil coming after him. Moving left to right he thinks he might just get out until he's surrounded saying, "Oh sh&*!" He doesn't say anything else as he's engulfed in the devil. Grumbling as he does his best to try and break free.

Shang Tsung is not, in fact, a ninja. If he were he might somehow avoid the bomb, but it isn't so, and it explodes right in front of him. He's flung away from Fox, but manages to grab onto another platform. Okay, he thinks he'll move on. The mildly burnt Shang Tsung platform-hops for another victim. Hey, there's Borgan in front of him. A fellow sorcerer, but Shang is feeling sneaky now. He morphs into a blue-clad ninja with cold vapor curling off him. He dashes forwards with ice forming under his feet to dash punch Borgan. "Pardon me in advance, Borgan. By the way, how is the school?" he asks rather cheerfully.

Shang Tsung strikes Borgan with his Twinkie House attack!

Slayn doesn't heal himself. He is noticing he's having like a nil effect with his blade at the moment. He has seen Pokemon do pretty kooky stuff, like win the entire match for people, so he goes back on the defensive, using Dash this time to double his speed!

He 'walks' a few steps away from Bowser, but really it's fast enough to be a jog despite all appearances.
Zoda is annoyed.

Paula slips out of his grip, and he tightens his fists, the Argonian Cubes poruing power into his form. "YOU!" he bellows, shaking a fist at the udge to draw his attention. "YOU WILL GIVE ZODA A POWERFUL ITEM /NOW/! He wissshesss to sssstudy them. You will comply."

Seriously, some people are just jerks.

Zoda surveys the area, looking around for unoccupied combatants. Cross is healing himself, as is the small girl. As is....

Zoda's eyes light upon the blond-haired lightsaber-wielding swordsman, and he fades into the blackness, reappearing behind Cress, his right hand reaching for the man's throat. "Pardon Zoda for interrupting your repasssst," he hisses. "But you will be he next to fall." The Cubes begin to whine and charge as Zoda attempts to drain Cress's life energy from the contact, his eyes burning bright red as he does.

<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "Do you not understand the concept of 'attack the Palace first'? Is it beyond your comprehension?"

Slayn Wilder strikes Slayn Wilder with his Speed is not just a drug defense-increasing attack!

Looks like there's not going to be any return fire from that quarter. Recker's expression splits into a smug grin. "Nice shooting!" he yells to Nanami, declining to go after her--instead, there's that snotbeast thing that needs dealing with, over there. And it--did it just swallow a guy? Gross! While Recker's not the sort to dive into a fray screaming to save somebody from a fate worse than death, that's...

He wouldn't want to go that way. With a crazy yell, the pilot takes off running for the edge of the platform and leaps, flipping in midair and landing next to the Yellow Devil--probably with enough force to tilt the platform. "Whoa-a!"

Ian Recker strikes Yellow Devil with his Krill boots: More than just snappy. stun attack!

Zoda strikes Cress Albane with his Your HPs Or Your....Uh, HPs, Actually drain attack

Phoebe releases the hold on her arrows when she hears something plop on the ground in front of her. Looking down, she picks up the red and white colored object. "Hmm..." Ah, yes. The Pokeball. She has never seen one of these "Pokeman" actually hit their targets.

Although, to be fair, she has heard of good results. She looks. Yes, she could take on the Dark Gamemasters. But she has heard of random things the Gameshark can do, and she's not all that interested in being turned into things like a frog, a midget, or Rueben.

Instead, she chucks it in the direction of Etna. Because, quite frankly, morning stars hurt.

People keep angering Laharl. This gives Laharl great strength. It also makes him pretty dumb, sometimes. The Demon Overlord howls (it's a high pitched howl), then he hunts around for his next target. The poor unfortunate that finds herself on the other end of Laharl's sights is Maya. The demon rushes forwards, trying to grab the blue haired woman and throw her up in the air. Should this work, four Laharl's leap up after her, each shooting repeatedly to bounce her higher into the air. Then all four charge their guns and fire a large burst. Only one Laharl lands on the ground again.

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Turn my face to the wall!~"

Laharl misses Maya with his I can't remember the name of the move, but it sure is flashy! attack!

Random Pokeball: Snorlax - Body Slam (GM Area)

<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "It isn't, no. Ah ha ha ha."

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "If she's gone I can't go ooon~"

Seriously, Stahn, watch where you're going. The Swordian master stumbles, and quickly regains his balance after (surprisingly) not being punched by Gameshark. "Okay, enough goofing off," he declares as he looks at the melee around him. "Ranged magic isn't my style anyway, I get right into the thick of things!" Leaping into the air again, Stahn is engulfed in fire once more, except this time, he arcs towards the ground, the magical flames forming into the shape of a phoenix as he hurdles towards the backside of the Yellow Devil, its immense form too good a target to pass up. Especially as it goes about eating his friends.

Ms. Rosenqueen takes a roundhouse kick in the gut from Agent 17, followed by some yelling at him over the radio; she staggers away a little, keeping an eye on as much of the fight as she can at the moment. She gives consideration to attacking, but at the moment feels the need more to eat than anything else. She's just starting to hurt, so why not take a little time out and eat a delicious bar of chocolate. It helps her avoid being too fearful as the Pokeball comes into play.

Etoile Rosenqueen restores Etoile Rosenqueen with her Delicious Candy Before Horrors minor healing!

Stahn Aileron strikes Yellow Devil with his Divebomb attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Feeling two-foot smaaaaaaall~~~"

    The Pokéball thrown by the Unknown Hero opens, and a smoothly-rounded digital creature pops out.


    The Porygon slams at Bowser, tackling with all its considerable artificial might as it sparkles with energy.

<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "Then perhaps you might actually /try it/."

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Everywhere people stare~ *mud gathering noises*"
<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Rii?"

Judge General misses King Bowser with his THIS IS FOR THE DIGI-DESTINED! attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "Has anyone from the Palace actually been fallen?"

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Each and every daaay~~ *squeaking of the hose*"

Nanami pumps a fist into the air as Arthas gets knocked out by her attack, leaving her rather cheerful about not being the first out, at least. Or even not doing anything. She didn't even notice Gao go, but she does scan the field of fire for more targets who are busy with each other, since Ian has gratefully decided not to strike at her. Instead, she'll go after what appears to be the most attacked person on the field, Bowser, taking a shot with the pistol again at the big.. turtle thingy's head.

<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "Not to my knowledge. Of course, if Shang Tsung would actually attempt to fight one instead of harassing me..."

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "I can hear them scream at me and then I hear them saaaay! *splotch splotch splotch*"

Nanami strikes King Bowser with her Snipey snipey attack!
You have taken 14 damage.

<InterZone Chatter> Ness *hosing*. "LaHARLyou've got to HIDE your love away!"

<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Oh, don't be a stick in the mud. I've tenderized Fox rather well if anyone wants him."
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "I've already got what I wanted out of that fellow.."

Mike Jones blinks, as he sees two Pokeballs fall from the heavens. Mike ponders this, saying, "A harbl is a word that distracts dumb people while I hit them with baseballs." at Captain X, mostly out of habit. Okay, two, two, two, where to gooo...

"Borganchu! I choose you!" Mike yells, leaping at the fatty fat fatmiser the wonderful wizard of fat. Only he's flying, and if Mike had come from a setting where he could reference Dune, there'd be a lot of levitating daiper jokes right about now. Instead, Mike just /jumps/, aiming to land on Borgan's back and use the big guy as a way to avoid any pocket monster carnage.

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Laharl you've got to hide your love away! *dribble*"

Mike Jones strikes Borgan with his Hey, you look like a load bearing boss. Stand there. weak attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "And how can I even try? I can never win!~~"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "...kill"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne sings, "Hearing them," splotch, "Seeing--er, sorry, Seeing them, hearing them!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "In the....ugh, these are new shoes!" *hosing* " the state he's iiiiiin~~"

Mike Jones blinks, pushing his foot a little. "Its like...its like..." A serene, almost child-like smile quirks up on Mike's face, "Surfing on a marshmello cloud!" He's mellow.

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "How could she say to me 'LOVE WILL FIND A WAY'!?"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Gaaaather round, aaaall you clowns, let meeee here you saaaaaay!!!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "COme on, all the ladies!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne shouts, "Hey!", as do like fifteen different demons in the Deep Dungeon, "You've got to hide your love away!", BIG MUD CHUCKING!

Meis Triumph grins as he hits the powerful Captain X, but soon finds that he gets a powerful kick in the tummy. "WAS doing swell, thanks, Captain..." With that, Meis is soon turned into normal Meis. He rubs his tummy as he just hears the larger attacks coming. "Time to run," Meis offers as he just books it away from the Pokemon as best he can, hoping to get on the other side of the arena. As he does, he holds his sword out and says, "HEAL!" and sure enough, green sparkles appear about him as his wounds close up just a bit. Hopefully enough to keep him going for awhile.

Meis Triumph restores Meis Triumph with his Heal minor healing!

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "HEYyou've got to hiiiiide your love awaaaaay! And now the FLUTE SOLO!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness starts blowing across the hose nozzle, making vaguely musical noises.

Out of the fight for a moment, Fox takes some time to check out the battlefield and watch some of the pokemon starting to fly. That's not a good sign. Better do something quick before something terrible happens.
 Well, unfortunately Fox can't use his |> ) ) ) ability to call up some supplies from ROB. But he did pack a few first aid kits before diving in. He uses one now.

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Wow! That's incredible! I didn't know you were a musician!"
<InterZone Chatter> Solar Boy Django says, "...Did Ness go crazy again?"

Fox McCloud restores Fox McCloud with his First aid minor healing!

Here comes Laharl she's got the demon's attention. She evades the grab and casts a cloak spell on herself vanishing into thin air for all apperances. She now says "Hummm Laharl? Don't you."

<InterZone Chatter> Raine Sage says, "...I don't think he ever wasn't."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "I didn't know I was either! But when inspired by the forces of love and justice, every note is a right one!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Laugh the laugh of love with me, Flonne!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "HA HA HA HA HA!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne's eyes make shiny noises, "Alright! HA HA HA HA HA!"
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "You forgot a part."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Okay. Now I have to finish cleaning my wind---I did NOT!"
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "Just as a true to your heart love letter has a salutation, a true to your heart lover's laugh must have a preceding laughter-noise! Observe!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness pulls out a notepad.
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones leg adjustment noises, as if he's doing this while riding some kind of marshmellow bison. "DAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne scribbles notes.
<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "I've got a bad feeling about this!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Oooooooooooooooh."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness scribble, scribble.
<InterZone Chatter> Mike Jones says, "Its subtle, but subtly is a way of showing you care, see."

Etna, amidst the chaos, confusion, mayhem and destruction, spies a target. A flash of blue! So, why not? She spins her morning star again, and then....drops it, pulls Longinus off her back, leaps into the sky, and then descends upon Maya in glory with great fury and a whole lot of stab.

Etna strikes Maya with her Surprise Spearings From Space attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "I got it. Okay, let me try again."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Hang on."

    Phoebe's Pokéball opens... and something /big/ comes out. It's already large when it leaves the ball, this sleepy-looking bear Pokémon, and as it sails up into the air, it mumbles a single word in its sleep.


    A shadow grows over the whole of the Battlefield, as the Snorlax grows to jaw-droppingly large proportions in the air, slamming down at the battlefield as the "...aaaaxxxx..." of its name echoes in the suddenly quiet air.

    It could hit /everyone/...

<InterZone Chatter> Ness drips some hose water in his eyes to make them shiny.
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "I'm gripping the edge of my seat with excitement!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl AUGH.

Judge General strikes Meis Triumph with his Look for the bare necessities smash attack!
Judge General strikes Slayn Wilder with his The simple bare necessities smash attack!
Judge General strikes Jak with his Forget about your worries and your strife smash attack!
Judge General strikes Laharl with his I mean the bare necessities smash attack!
Judge General misses Captain X with his Old Mother Nature's recipes smash attack!
Judge General strikes King Bowser with his That brings the bare necessities of life smash attack!
You have taken 27 damage.
Judge General strikes Phoebe with his Wherever I wander, wherever I roam smash attack!
Judge General strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his I couldn't be fonder of my big home smash attack!
Judge General strikes Ian Recker with his The bees are buzzin' in the tree smash attack!
Judge General strikes Etna with his To make some honey just for me smash attack!
Judge General strikes Mike Jones with his When you look under the rocks and plants smash attack!
Judge General strikes Zoda with his And take a glance at the fancy ants smash attack!
Judge General strikes Maya with his Then maybe try a few smash attack!
Judge General strikes Etoile Rosenqueen with his The bare necessities of life will come to you smash attack!
Judge General strikes Hawke with his They'll come to you! smash attack!
Judge General misses Paula with his Look for the bare necessities smash attack!
Judge General strikes Yellow Devil with his The simple bare necessities smash attack!
Judge General misses Fox McCloud with his Forget about your worries and your strife smash attack!
Judge General strikes Cress Albane with his I mean the bare necessities smash attack!
Judge General misses Gameshark with his That's why a bear can rest at ease smash attack!
Judge General strikes Shang Tsung with his With just the bare necessities of life smash attack!
Judge General strikes Borgan with his Now when you pick a pawpaw or a prickly pear smash attack!
Borgan has been knocked out!
Judge General strikes Stahn Aileron with his And you prick a raw paw next time beware smash attack!
Judge General strikes Miang Hawwa with his Don't pick the prickly pear by the paw when you pick a pear smash attack!
Judge General strikes Agent 17 with his Try to use the claw but you don't need to use the claw smash attack!
Judge General strikes Nanami with his When you pick a pear of the big pawpaw Have I given you a clue? smash attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Captain X says, "-OH GOD."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "DAH /HA!/ HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!""
<InterZone Chatter> Gameshark says, "INCOMING"
<InterZone Chatter> Kary says, "Mwa ha ha ha! YESSSS!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl's radio makes a 'splut' sound.
<InterZone Chatter> Ness gasps.
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Flonne!"
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser crunch.
<InterZone Chatter> 1-877-STARFOX Fox McCloud says, "Whoa!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Laharl EXPLODED INTO A SHOWER OF LOVE!"
<InterZone Chatter> Etna says, "oh now that's just ENTIRELY too much"
<InterZone Chatter> Etna smush
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Damn, we are /GOOD/."
<InterZone Chatter> Stahn Aileron says, "...@*#^!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "AadfjkahdfahdfASDFJAKIDSJFLKADJFALDKGJDLGJAGAGA"
<InterZone Chatter> Etna warbles, "Prinnies!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "ETNA. FLONNE'S BEING INCOMPETANT."
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Um, actually he just got hugged to death by a giant cat..."
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "GO KILL NESS."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Ew, cats."
<InterZone Chatter> Etna says, "weight watchers for every Snorlax!"
<InterZone Chatter> Etna says, "Go!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "RIGHT NOW."
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "NOW NOW NOW"
<InterZone Chatter> Etna says, "what do you want me to do about it, I need a bellows over here!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "What'd I do? I'm just watering the begonias."

Judge General blinks. That was unexpected. But it's time for more items! The lucky recipients this time? Ian Recker & Etna!

<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "I"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "...drat, I'm running out of minio---ha ha!"
<InterZone Chatter> The Hero of Spielburg says, "He's been Snorlax-ed, Ness."
<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "HATE"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "ARCHE!"

Ian Recker gets...
Random Smash Item: Warp Star (+smash)

<InterZone Chatter> King Bowser says, "POKEMON"

Slammed into by the bullets, Hawke falls backwards, just to get nailed totally by the slam of the Snorlax. He was going to fight on, but for the moment, he reaches into his pocket, yanks out a chocolate bar from Marl and unwraps it.

With this done, he shoves it in his mouth, and chews quickly to get the healing going.

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "GO KILL NESS!"

Etna gets...
Random Smash Item: Green Koopa Shell

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Arche, did Laharl just call you a MINION?"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "... ... ... ...Arche?"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "I am insulted on your behalf!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarche?"

Yellow Devil is struck, and struck hard, by both Stahn and the Snorlax! It feels itself losing its grip on its gooey prisoner, and tries to EXPEL him before he can do too much damage, firing Jak out of one hand and trying to spike him into the ground. The devil is very wobbly now, and electricty plays over its surface, especially where Stahn managed to hit it.


Hawke restores Hawke with his Chocolate Bar! minor healing!

Miang's head lifts upwards as she sees the thing descend.

There is a sudden flare of light as she dashes backwards - almost enough.

It hits her legs. She falls down onto her back on a platform below herself, and straightens up with a gritted expression. After this, she reaches into her bodice and tugs out a small plastic-wrapped syringe, which is promptly unwrapped and jabbed into her mostly-bare thigh. It hisses, and she relaxes visibly. She straightens upwards after this, the pain fading away as her eyes slowly widen.

Yellow Devil strikes Jak with his Super Spike Jak Ball smash attack!
Bowser just bear-ly (badum pssh) dodges Hero's Pokemon. But just as he is about ready to attack him again, Nanami snipes him from behind! "Grwagh! Foul! I'll deal with you LATER, whoever you are! But first I gotta---"


By the time the Snorlax is gone, a very beaten up Bowser slowly stands again. "Ugh.... I freaking hate those little pocket monsters... grr..." Bowser shakes his head. Whoa, head rush. Dizzy. Not good. Bowser decides now would be a good time to use that twinkie he stole from Borgan's personal collection.

Nyah nyah Borgan.

King Bowser restores King Bowser with his TWINKIE (HAH!) minor healing!
You have healed by 24%!

Miang Hawwa restores Miang Hawwa with her Remember, Kids: Drugs Are Bad, Unless You Want To Be Cool minor healing!
Slowly looking towards the pokeball, Paula's eyes widen and she immediately starts running. Yes, she is taking full advantage of her psychicness and uses it to get the hell out of the way of the massive Snorlax, moving all the way to the edge of the platform, which enables her to barely avoid being squashed.
Paula mutters, " where was I..oh yeah, revenge in the name of Ness, Fourside, and the Chosen Four." Unlike last time, however, she doesn't rush up to Captain X and nail him, instead preferring to stay where she is-hopefully out of the way and unnoticed-as she extends a hand towards the gamemaster.
An unseen force suddenly builds directly behind Captain X, which delivers a nice swift kick to his butt.

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "Crap, now I /AM/ ou of minions."
<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "I was in the bathroom!"
<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Can I just TP his house instead?"

Paula misses Captain X with her It's a nice butt too but Paula's too young and not Ness enough to make a comment about that. attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "Uh... Ness, just... punch yourself in a face a few times until I can send someone to deal with yo--AH! Arche. No. I want murder!"

In order:

Borgan finishes his Twinkies, and throws the wrapper away in blatant defiance of local litter laws.

Borgan is smacked in the face by Shang Tsung, eliciting a waving of staff. "What do you think you're doing! Are you unable to comprehend simple directions?"

Borgan is grabbed onto by Mike from behind. The weight on his robe is a giveaway...and with the extra person, the platform wobbles menacingly. "What do YOU think you're doing! I can't steer with you on it - "

Borgan is interrupted by a Snorlax hitting him in, more or less, the face. He, and the platform, bounce out. Mike is safe! Borgan is not, and keeps flying, with the platform attempting to pace him underneath. That's certainly quite some distance.


<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Beware, I have a hose and you have clothing made of clingy fabrics."

Shang Tsung is about to issue an apology to Borgan when the Snorlax comes down and flattens him. The immense force pushes him down and then causes him to fly into the air, before hitting the ground again. Shang slowly rises, shaken and in his normal form, quite hurt from that attack. "Gah...he goes." He sees Mike right in front of him. "Still up for kombat, Mr. Jones, with a k, no doubt?" Shang spreads both arms out, shooting a fireball from each. They go in a circle and come right into Mike from all sides.

Shang Tsung strikes Mike Jones with his 3D Fireball! attack!

Nanami's having a good enough time, enjoying her fight and all, and then... OWOW. She'll join the parade of people healing themselves, though at least she's more creative than the food eaters, lifting her right hand and having the trace of the water rune on it appear over her head. Mm, healing sparklies...

<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Murder, huh."
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "Muuuuuuuuuurder!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "... ... ..."
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "... ... ..."
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "... ... ..."

With Meis suitably in pain, Xavier looks around for his next target, spotting...a dark shadow?
He glances up.


The Controller S is whipped out, and it stretches its form into a long, flat shield that the Gamemaster holdes over himself as he crouches down, moving towards just the right spot. Moving...moving...moving...

Luckily for Captain X, the big fat Snorlax lands exactly three inches away from where he was. If anyone ever wanted to see Xavier Cole looking white as a ghost, for 2.4 seconds, they'll see it.

But he survived! He survived where others did not, and as the dust clears, he stands to his feet and surveys the area. "Haha...-oh, hold it." He leaps to the side, avoiding Paula's buttkicking PSI attack, and waves a scolding finger. "That's not proper behavior for a girl your age, Paula!"

MadCatz lowered, aimed, fired right for poor pink dress girl. "Honestly, what kind of upbringing do you have?"

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "... ... ...please?"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness whistles.

Captain X strikes Paula with his PYEW PYEW PYEW attack!

"Nngh!" Cress' eyes widen as he gets grasped by Zoda, around the neck. He kicks a couple of times, but before he can simply escape from the grasp of the alien, the Snorlax intervenes. When it strikes him, he goes rolling backward and away from Zoda. The young man spits, coughing some blood up, before he looks up and regards the alien for a moment. "I remember you. Don't think I've forgotten what happened before - or that I'll let you get away with it."

Dooku's lightsaber spins in a circle again, before Cress goes rushing in. He brings the blade up in a furious, upward slash along Zoda's chest, before he twists his wrist around quickly. The blade of red light then comes in for a second swing aimed at cutting off one of Zoda's arms at the elbow. "Haaaaah!"

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Never thought I'd hear that."

Cress Albane misses Zoda with his Lightsaber Antics attack!

Oh crap, Snorlax. Stahn has seen the kind of carnage such a creature can do, having judged in a fight when one was called down. As he blasts through the Yellow Demon, he notices a familiar shadow engulfing the area, and looks up. "...@*#^!" He raises his shield above his head, a fat lot of good that'll do him. With a sicking crunch, he's slammed into the ground by the wave of blubber.

...and he gets up! Wobbling up to his feet, Stahn shakes his head, and stumbles, but stays standing. He tries to move out of the fray, and catch his breath... a little magic wouldn't hurt, either, and Dymlos' core crystal glows white as he recovers himself.

Well, that wasn't very nice, being the victim of a huge attack by Snorlax. Then again, after what he did to Hawke, it's only fair to Agent 17 possibly. He notices that Borgan is now out of action, which means one less target, but also one less hostility to deal with. It's at that moment that he reaches into his pocket to produce a Front Line bar. Sure it looks like a candy bar, but it gives you a small boost of energy, useful in desparate situations like this. Unwrapping it, he quickly munches on the bar.

Nanami restores Nanami with her Healing Vision... minor healing!

There is no way to avoid the Snorlax when beneath it.

However, the Cheater is not obligates to be under the Snorlax. The Cheater vanishes in a swirl of neon green fog, reappearing after the Snorlax bounces off the platforms. He reappears beside where he saw Maya last, and grins... Before bringing his sword up and swinging it like a bat once again towards the Junker. "Here, have some dying."

Stahn Aileron restores Stahn Aileron with his Heal Rush Kekekeke minor healing!

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "SHUT UP, NESS, OR I'LL HAVE YOU ASSASSINATED!"

Slayn, well, has been doing horribly. Really horribly. His tactics which really weren't all that bad have failed every time he tried to use them.

On the other hand, he hasn't shown off his trump card yet, so he still has a shot at this.

Slayn adjusts the gems of his Ring Weapon--and advances on Hawke!--Slicing at his body with his blade, recognizing that his pistols seem kind of familiar. Pistols that blasted him out of the sky before and nearly hurt Raimy!

Of course, if he manages to connect, he doesn't only slice Hawke--but more!

Gameshark strikes Maya with his Slashy Slashy attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Maybe I'll give him a swirlie for you."

Slayn Wilder misses Hawke with his Vampire Gem! drain attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Do you have swirlies in the Underworld? They're an invention from River City!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "We do."

Ms. Rosenqueen gets sat on most mightily by Snorlax's huge butt; it is very agonizing, but she manages to stay hugging the ground and avoid dying as a result. She sees Mike Jones under fire from Shang Tsung, and does what she perceives to be exactly the right thing in this instance. She dashes toward Shang Tsung at full speed, spinning her guns around; it is not with her guns, however, that she attacks. Rather, she draws Chillbane, briefly putting her guns away, and swings the axe full-bore for Shang Tsung's back.

Etoile Rosenqueen strikes Shang Tsung with her Your Job Has Been Cut attack!

Agent 17 restores Agent 17 with his Front Line Bar, now available in several great flavors at your local store minor healing!

Phoebe watches as the Snorlax goes up, and up, and up. And then comes down.

It lands on her too.

She takes yet another moment to recover, being flung across the stage due to some weird Smash Bros force. She climbs up, and looks around. Well, nuts. Phoebe's hands glow green and when the spell goes off, the typical Final Fantasy green sparkles circle around her. Ah, healing. Got to love it.

<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "I'll accept that."

Phoebe restores Phoebe with her Heal the Swarm! minor healing!

Jak continues to struggle until he along with the Devil is squashed by the Snorlax. Which is still painful even when inside a monster made of jelly. He's out of it until he is launched out and slammed into a crater by the devil. Slowly getting up he prepares to fires back but doesn't as he catches something on the radio. Quickly making his way across the field he finds where Maya is saying, "Maya, catch this." He throws a box over to Maya before continuing on speeding by to avoid any attacks. If successful as soon as Maya opens the box green energy is absorbed by the skin and helps to heal her.

<InterZone Chatter> Agent 17 says, "Man, I love these Front Line bars.  Originally used by the Blue Army when they took on the Brown Army, they have nutrients that help heal some minor wounds and also provide a boost of energy..."

Jak restores Maya with his Eco Med Pack minor healing!

 He always get hit by the damn thing. And by 'He' I mean Hero. He flies out of the platform, but still having life into him, double jumps back into the fray and swinging Soulforge about ineffectualy until he land. Whew. Ground. Gooooood ground. He peers ahead toward the fight where...everyone seems to be healing themselves. Odd. People can't take a little multi-ton pokemon in the face without going for heals! Tsk. Tsk.
 No matter. The Paladin reach for an dagger that he tosses randomly in Gameshark's general direction. General direction only.

The Hero of Spielburg misses Gameshark with his We are The Few To Not Heal! weak attack!

Zoda is not amused in the least.

The life energy he drains from Cress is certainly helpful....particularly given what happens next, which is that the giant shadow overhead draws his attention.

Zoda looks up.

He could try and warp out....but continuing to drain energy means that Cress is guaranteed to eat giant Pokeass as well. he opts to continue his assault.

This, as it turns out, is a bad idea.

Zoda slowly gets to his feet, obviously separated from Cress by Snorlax's assault. "Zoda issss glad to ssssee he hassss made an impressssion," he hisses, driving his fist down into the arena. "You failed then. You ssshall fail again. For you are weak. And Zoda..."

The alien begins to ruise upward, the floor underneath Cress's feet buckling and heaving as Zoda tears a large section out of the ground and hurls it upward....then raises a hand toward the flying chunk of steel, fire dancing along his fignertips. "And Zoda issss sssstrong."

And this, ladies and gents, is when Zoda demonstrates the power of the Shotokan Spam school of fighting.

Maya thinks this battle is getting pretty crazy here. First comes Miang's attack which she's unable to avoid. She's kicked off her feet and sent flying. However this is a good thing for Maya as she evades Gameshark's attack. She gets back up a bit slowly. As for the blast? Well it's still going? Prehaps something might happen with it later? Who knows. She's back on her feet now and who to go after. She does't go after any gamemasters. Then she gets speared by Etna, no this isn't good at all. Then holy mother of the fates! It's a Snorlax oh my this isn't goodd as she's ker crunched here by the snorlax. It's likely a good thing she munched on that bread. Then Gameshark shows up and smacks the unholy hades out of her, she's not going to last long. She doesn't hang around Shark for long though no she's in search of other prey like Enta. The then casts a summon spell, a rift opens and a massively armed warrior appears before her who then launches a shockwave of holy energy at the demoness. Maya knows she's not going to last long but oh well. Then comes an unexpected help from Jak. She catches the box and uses it even as the summon fades, the healing energy may keep her in the fight just a moment or two longer.

Maya misses Etna with her Marduk summon smash attack!


Sadly, fancy Krill technology has not equipped Ian Recker to deal with giant--flying--bears. He's about to stride over and kick the Yellow Devil in the eye when a shadow falls over the platform. A shadow that is followed by...a really...really big bear. "Oh cr--" SMASH.

Ian picks himself up several seconds later, seeing stars. He shakes his head rapidly, and the stars don't all go away. "...huh?" is the intelligent response as the Warp Star drifts down to meet Recker. And by "meet" we mean "take on a fantastical flying journey across the platform". Fortunately, he's used to ships--or, er--Warp Stars--hitting him with an abrupt bout of PILOT PLZ and so adjusts pretty quickly to the thing.

In fact, he might even be grinning like an idiot as the Star soars out of sight...then soars back into sight on a crash course with Shang Tsung. "WHOO HOO HOO! HEY ETOILE, WATCH THIS!"

Showing off for the ladies. Oh Ian.

Ian Recker misses Shang Tsung with his Warp Star ftw! smash attack!

Laharl loads more bullets into his gun. He's had it with this 'missing' crap. He tosses the gun away, wasting the reloading effort. New weapon time. Laharl pulls out a spea--


Laharl wobbles away from the pokemon unsteadily. He draws out the wand in his dizziness. He then rushes at Etoile in a somewhat drunken stupor. Laharl twirls around, a ribbon eminating from the top of the staff and spinning around. To top this off, he ends the spinning with a heart-shaped beam of pain. He won't be living today down for a good long while.

Laharl misses Etoile Rosenqueen with his Wand Attacks: Good for Witches, Bad For Most Everyone Else attack!

Fireballs are falling, sword-wielding crazies are falling, large flabby pokemon are falling... There isn't much room to hide from all of this mess, but that's what Fox manages to do. He is saved from being Snorlax'd.
 Once the pokemon clear the field, Fox checks his backpack for more weapons. Now armed with a blaster, he jumps down from some of the higher platforms in the battlefield, charging it up on the way. Better clear out those pesky Gamemasters before they start causing too much trouble. He fires the blaster at Travis.

...and Ian totally misses, which means Cress won't need to tear his face off. "Hey wh--ow ow OW ow ow!" That's the sound of a Warp Star evaporating under its hapless pilot, sending him tumbling across the platform--unhurt, except for his PRIDE.

Fox McCloud strikes Gameshark with his Schzap! attack!

Meis Triumph gets slammed by the massive pokemon like most of the people, being pushed viloently toward the edge of the arena. He digs his sword into the ground to slow down his trip toward the edge, pulling it out and charging once more into the fray. He isn't the first one knocked out, or even the second. He's doing a LOT better than he thought he would. Of course, he sees that there are a lot of EVIL about, so he finds a target and tries to stab them. Lucky person this time? Shang Tsung. After all, he looks all busy attacking Mike and SOMEONE has to watch that boy's back.

Meis Triumph strikes Shang Tsung with his When In Doubt, >ATTACK attack!

Etna laughs like a fool as she drives her spear through Maya, but then she goes SKOOSH. Snorlax hurts. Etna takes a few seconds to get up.

Those were totally not Stealth Camo Prinnies reinflating her with a bellows. You imagined that. For Serious.

Marduk's assault washes right over her head. Finally back on her feet, Etna sticks Longinus back across her back, then reaches out her hand to catch - a descending capsule, which she cracks open to reveal a turtle shell. She looks at it. Looks at Maya. Grins like a maniac. "What the hell, let's get crazy." And then she darts forward, throwing the shell ahead of her to whack Maya...and then Etna herself follows up with a crescent kick tot he kidneys that will send the Oasis denizen right into the path of the shell, where she will probably get dragged back and forth across the arena a few times.

Etna strikes Maya with her Highly Improbable Netherworld Kung Fu With a Turtle Shell smash attack!

"ZEE HINDENBORGAN, SHE IS GOINK DOWN!" Mike shouts-he's /smashed/ by the Snorlax, but coushined by the horrible fleshly padding of his enemy. He wishes he could've gotten a picture, Lemeth would've loved it. As Borgan goes *ding*, Mike leaps off...

And into FIRE. "Argh burning like burning!" Mike Jones yelps, running around in a circle and amazed that he hasn't collapsed yet. Then, he thinks. He is on fire, almost out, and has little to lose. How to take advantage of this situation with all the FIRE...hrm...

"ZODA! YOU SUCK SO MUCH!" Mike shouts, completly ignoring the possibly fire-weak Yellow Devil for a chance to charge into his rival with two flaming torches and a flaming torso ready to bring the pain! "ARGH I AM MAKING A STATEMENT ABOUT VIOLENCE IN SOUTHEAST SARASALAND!"

Mike Jones strikes Zoda with his Buddah, he ain't. smash attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Lemina Ausa cheers!
<InterZone Chatter> Lemina Ausa says, "I didn't think anyone could be fatter then Borgan!"

Judge General continues to watch. Who gets the toys this time? Why, if it isn't Mike Jones & Zoda! Fated enemies...

Mike Jones gets...
Random Smash Item: Metal Box (Enemy can only weak attack next round)

Zoda gets...
Random Smash Item: Metal Box (Enemy can only weak attack next round)

Gameshark keeps running, the Hero's dagger swishing just past him as he kicks it up a gear. Fox, however, gets a good shot in on the Cheater. His coat bursts into fire momentarily from the circular strike point, burning into him with energy weapon fury. He shouts in pain, and keeps running past Fox...

And towards Jak, sword raised as he chops at the Dark Eco-Warrior on his way through the chaotic horde. "You're looking like you need to take a trip! Here, let me help you out!"

Gameshark strikes Jak with his And Some Slashy For You Too attack!

Feeling a bit better after that spell, Stahn turns and runs straight back into the fray. He raises Dymlos, and casts a quick spell, the core crystal shimmering white again. Moments later, a large, squeaky mallet appears in midair. The Swordian master throws his shield skyward, and leaps into the air, somersaulting across the battlefield and grabbing the mallet with his now free hand. Straightening out as he descends, Stahn raises the comical-looking weapon above his head, and falls towards Hawke. The Black Hole officer won't know what hit him... well, aside from the battlecry of, "Hammer Blow!" that Stahn lets loose.

Stahn Aileron misses Hawke with his Piko Tempest attack!

Yellow Devil wasn't even attacked this round! It blinks its one eye, then simply falls apart, decoalescing into about a dozen globs of yellow goo. The balls wobble in mid-air, then go screaming for Jak. That'll teach the pointy-eared fighter to ignore one of the creations of Doctor Albert W. Wily, SUPER-GENIUS!

He even has that printed on his business cards.

Anyway... giant balls of wobbly death, shooting right at Jak!

Yellow Devil misses Jak with his Crotch Soccer! Also, Head, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Foot, Right Foot, Chest, Back, and Butt Soccer! attack!

Zoda frowns. It is one of the curses of being an old platformer boss that you have difficulty understanding why 'more fireballs' does not end up killing the hero. He is about to remedy the situation with Cress by way of 'even more fireballs' when one Michael Jones barrels into him from the side, fire and torches tearing into his form. Zoda snarls, stumbling backward and glaring toward the Judge General, catching and crushing the capsule beneath his grip.

Energy blasts outward as a protective metal sheath forms around the shadow of the alien Overlord, and he roars, laughing in his victory. "Now you PERISH!" Zoda shrieks, raining punch after punch down at Mike Jones.

....who is also metal.


Zoda misses Mike Jones with his This Is A Ridiculous Number Of Punches weak attack!

Etoile's form cuts the air for a brief moment, avoiding Laharl's attack; she makes a note to sass the young man about its embarassing nature later. She has bigger fish to fry than the Netherworld boy; she still has a vague desire to get all up in Miang's grill. She puts Chillbane away and starts running full-bore away from Shang Tsung, putting Chillbane away; this time she pulls out a traditional one-handed sword, which -- after some examination -- appears to have... meat-bones running up and down the metal somehow?

She dashes toward Ms. Hawwa, cutting a swift path through the battlefield; she doesn't attack anyone en route, mostly because she doesn't think to. When she finally arrives near Miang, all she says is a swift little "Hello, Miang," before slashing at Miang several times, while the strengthening effect of the Dietician specialists on the blade takes hold.

Etoile Rosenqueen strikes Miang Hawwa with her I Am Getting PUMPED UP drain attack!

Cress nearly falls over on himself, when the chunk of ground is torn up underneath his feet. He takes a deep, heavy breath and leaps once, landing as the rumbling stops. He comes up into a crouch and watches, as the massive piece of rock is raised high into the air. His eyes narrow, and he watches as Zoda's hand lights up with flame. He stands, slowly.

"I never bought that philosophy," he answers, sticking one leg backward and extending one hand out towards Zoda, while holding his lightsaber pointed in front of him like he saw Obi-wan do, once. "Strength helps, but it isn't everything. I operate on different principles: finesse and hot-blooded courage."

As the chunks of rock and fire come at him, he moves forward to meet them head on. His lightsaber flashes, spinning out rapidly in intricate patterns. Chunks of stone and steel are sliced in two, and flames met and held at bay by the energy blade. They come raining down behind him, and as one of the last comes in, Cress jumps.

He lands on the rock, bouncing off it, and then slices through one last chunk. Its pieces part and fall to the side, and he goes over Zoda and Mike's heads - and with Mike in the fight, he can leave that be for a moment. He slams into the ground near Shang Tsung, who attacked him early on. "Remember me?" he snaps, before he slashes forward with the lightsaber. It makes the trade mark fzzz sound, as he slashes at the sorceror's side.

Maya doesn't fall but oh man in kind she gets smacked to hades and backk first she's kicked in the kidneys, then she's sent flying into the patch of the shell and is dragged all over the arena. Infact she's bounding around and may end up hitting Laharl as Maya goes flying right towards the young Overlord! Etna may have doomed her lord and master! Maya's just almost hoping this will be over soon. Incomming Junker Laharl, do you have the Moxie to surive?

Shang Tsung ARGHS! The axe embeds in his back, and he is reminded of the /real/ Sub-Zero. Tearing himself off the axe despite the immense pain that comes with it, he turns and sees not Sub-Zero but the rich girl that used to truck with the Fortress. She's running away, though. Hmmph. He backflips to avoid the exploding star, and then gets stabbed in the side by Meis. He snarls, reaching out with a hand...and attempting to rip a bit of soul or 'lifeforce' out of Meis, which looks like green fog, strangely, and into Shang himself. Ah, refreshing.

Whew. Well that twinky helped a bit, but Bowser is still pretty beaten up. But, he's not gonna let THAT stop him! Gwahaha!

Bowser turns back to Hero, and charges at him once more. "You're going down, prepare to be schooled!" Bowser roars, as he ducks inside his shell, and tries to slam into Hero with all of his spikey might. (poses get shorter as the night goes on, bwah)

Maya strikes Laharl with her Incomming Junker C.C smash attack!

Shang Tsung strikes Meis Triumph with his Soul Drain drain attack!

King Bowser strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Shell Slam attack!

Cress Albane strikes Shang Tsung with his NO ONE EXPECTS THE JEDI INQUISITION! attack!

Drive does less than expected to Miang, but boy, does it feel good. She leaps upwards again, spreading her arms as she lands on another platform. That was a very large leap.

She sees Cress's weapon floating around. Hm, she thinks: If I aim wrong, I am liable to lose a limb.

Acceptable. She dashes forwards - past Etoile, whom she kisses the air at, as she is occupied and already moving forwards at some speed - and leaps off the edge of her platform, doing another tumble in midair to aim to land with her thighs straddling Cress's head.

After this, of course, she twists, sharply, before falling backwards off of him and onto the platform, pressing herself up with a sinuous motion of the hips and back.

"You don't deserve my manners!" Paula shouts back at Captain X after crying out in pain as the blaster nails her in the stomach. "Jerk!" she adds. Her frying pan is gripped hard as she charges Captain X once more, this time an electrified current creeping over the weapon. Instead of jumping on him like last time, she suddenly stops and spins, flinging her frying pan at Captain X. Normally this'd be sort of reckless throw but unfortunately for Xavier, the electrified weapon seems to home in on him.

Paula strikes Captain X with her Relentless attack!

Miang Hawwa misses Cress Albane with her Xenia Onatopp Style smash attack!

As Hawke finishes downing the chocolate, he finds himself having to backpedal away from the slash from Slayn. The Black Hole commander looks to be going after him for a moment, then there's another attack, this one being hammers. This causes Hawke to have to dash backwards from that one.

An after-effect of this is that Hawke also has to change his field of fire from the boy and his fairy to the new hero.

The pistol yanks upwards, firing off a pair of blasts towards Stahn as he does so, even as he drops the magazine from his other pistol, preparing to change them out if need be.

Hawke misses Stahn Aileron with his Filling you full of holes! attack!

Ow! Damnit! Stupid Bowser not minding his buisness anymore! That, he'll have to fix something. The Spikey might makes the Paladin /fly/ away, landing loudly on the ground before he gather himself, gripping his sword with both hands. "Oh, /sure/, why NOT?" The Hero screams at the Koopa as he charges, slamming down his blade at the koopa!

The Hero of Spielburg strikes King Bowser with his Soulforge Slash attack!
You have taken 18 damage.

Slayn has failed to hit anybody the entire battle. Maybe it's Phoebe with the right idea, aiming at people and such rather than fighting defensively, exactly.

Sighing lightly at his failure, Slayn braces with his blade again and takes in a deep breath...

<Don't despair, Slayn!> Raimy chirps, <Be prepared! You can do it, just give it your best shot!> She does a small dance on his shoulder.

Slayn stares...and then bursts out laughing for a few moments, apparently thinking this is A-Grade Material. "Alright, alright," He manages with a smile, "I won't lose heart." He holds the blade across his body for a few moments, taking in a deep breath...before he walks up to Hawk and lets the darn thing fall for his arm.

Slayn Wilder strikes Hawke with his Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimber! attack!

Xavier has not bothered to heal the damage from the Snorlax because unlike some Slowie-Slowies, he can /dodge./

AGAIN WITH THE FRYING PAN AND ALSO ELECTRIFIED OW. Once his face stops being numb, he smirks down at Paula, and pulls out the...sniper rifle? For such close range, why? "Little girls shouldn't be fighting in brawl melee fights. You need to /learn/ this, Paula."

He dashes forward, and swings the long, heavy sniper rifle in a sort of heavy pistol-whip at Paula.

Captain X misses Paula with his Merciless! attack!

Jak looks towards the Yellow Devil preparing to head back until Shark catches him offguard with the blade. Grumbling he straightens himself up just in time to avoid the multi attack from the Devil saying, "I'll get back to you later." Right now he doesn't seem happy, well less then he usually is on some days. Quickly turning around his eyes have turned dark onyx as he charges forward. A familiar change coming over him as he lets the beast take up the chase. Dark Jak quickly jumps left then right as he focuses a bit and actually grows larger yet smaller then he would from a super mushroom. Eyes narrowed to slits he lets out a roar as he leaps into the air before speeding back down towards the ground. His fists aimed straight towards the ground as he slams down and releases a wave of energy towards Gameshark.
The bar gives Agent 17 that boost he needs to get back into the fight, and as soon as he's finished eating, he tosses the wrapper away and then looks around, trying to find a suitable target to take on. Then he notices Captain X trying to whip Paula with his sniper rifle, which gets a big thumbs down from Agent 17.

"I'll teach you to pick on little girls like that," Agent 17 says without cracking a smile as he draws his hand gun and fires off a few shots at the evil gamemaster.

Phoebe looks up and at the spot where the Fat One disappears. Well, now she can sleep easier at night.

Phoebe's hands glow blue this time, as she shuffles around in circles slowly to try and keep aggro off her. She looks about a bit before focusing on Laharl again. Yes, the demon she set on fire. But guess what? As fire is red, the reverse comes out as Phoebe creates a gush of water at the Overlord. But that's not all, no.

There may also be a snowman falling down from the skies on top of Laharl.

Jak misses Gameshark with his Dark Bomb Wave smash attack!

Agent 17 strikes Captain X with his gunshot (what else?) attack!

The pretty, pretty dancing of Laharl which hasn't harmed anyone (except almost Etoile) is interupted by a sudden flurry of violence. Snapped back into sense, Laharl's life flashes before his eyes.

His own birth.
His fifty third birthday.
Laharl getting sick.
The death of the Queen.
The fight against Overlor--

"HEY! These aren't /my/ freaking memories! DAMNIT, DAD, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE, YOU OLD COOT!" Laharl shakes a fist at the heavens. He then picks up a rock and hurls it at the Junker's head, he doesn't like her anymore.

Laharl strikes Maya with his >Throw Rock smash attack!
Maya has been knocked out!

Cue the Gregorian Choir, baby, its rival fight time! Mike, having doused himself on his arch-nemisis's hide, gives the Prime Invader a quick Vir Cotto wave before hopping off of the monster up into the air in order to leap-snatch one of the capsules.

"....woah." Mike Neo's, looking at his awesome new body. "I'm /totaly/ metal, dude! Party on, Zoda!" Mike's mettalic eyes widen as a steel-shelled Prime Invader lunges towards him. "Uh oh."

Mike reacts on pure instinct, swinging his fists back at Zoda in a desperate attempt to counter! Mike Jones is the fastest yo-yo in Videoland, and a lot of that is forearm strength and, for once, it seems as though Itchy and Scratchy are on equal footing, as Mike blocks the positivly ridiculous number of punches aimed at him with an equaly ridiculous number of blocks and counter twists!

"Inconcieveable!" A short Scicilian man in the audience says, standing up to point at the steel-clad stalemate.

"Thanks!" Mike replies, feeling that Zoda is done for a second. And Mike, being Mike, gives in to the urge to try and top his rival and archnemesis, leaping up at the monster with a savage grin. "Yeah, I sure am perished, Zoda. Good job! We're out of gold stars..." Mike swings the back of his hand in an attempted alien pimp slap! "But /silver/'s just as /good/!"

Phoebe strikes Laharl with her Blizzard: Raining Snowmen! attack!

Mike Jones strikes Zoda with his Wuss Slap weak attack!

Fox McCloud has decided that he's had about enough of the forces from the Netherworld. Right after that weird obnoxious book thing landed in the middle of Corneria City and tried to shoot up the place. Someone needs to shut them up before they pollute the radio waves any further.
 Fox lies in wait behind Etna, since she seems to be the one who is more or less in charge. Also, she flies things into the sun, and Fox disapproves of that on general principle. There will be no bizarre anime-esque cutscenes today! Only Fox's boot catching Etna in the jaw as soon as she turns around.

<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Goooooo Laharl! And good game Maya etc."

Well, now that Nanami's feeling a little bit better, she'll just have to get in on the killing people action, scanning around for targets. Well, King Bowser still seems to be the biggest, baddest target who's getting wailed on by enough people to make taking the chance of frying him worthwhile. "Here, here!" Lifting the water rune again, shards of ice fly out at the King. Maybe he'll start strutting and singing soon enough... Love me Tender would be nice, right?

Nanami misses King Bowser with her Icey goodness attack!

Fox McCloud strikes Etna with his Sweet Chin Music attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "You shouldn't say etc. It sounds weird. It's et cetera spelled out."
<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Oh like you get to talk about people saying weird things."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Huh?"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Of course I do!"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Are you casting aspersions on my credibility?"

Meis Triumph gets some of his soul stolen, causing him to get rather irrate with the Kombatant. He is about to respond to his attack when hears Laharl has taken out his team member. Looking to Laharl after the wake of his attack, Meis narrows his eyes. "...You shouldn't laugh at my friends." Meis' tone is cold as he races toward Laharl to give him something that he might need more often than some thing Meis does himself.

Meis Triumph strikes Laharl with his A Swift Kick to the Behind attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein whistles.
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "OW!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "HE KICKED ME!"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "HE KICKED ME RIGHT IN THE BUTT!"
<InterZone Chatter> Faris ..snickers.
<InterZone Chatter> Arche Klein says, "Yup... he sure did."
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Kick him back!"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "In the face!"
<InterZone Chatter> Maya says, "Thanks...Arche. Well all is fair in love, war and Smash Brothers."
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "...I mean, um."
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Maybe he needs a hug?"
<InterZone Chatter> Laharl says, "IN THE FACE IT IS!"
<InterZone Chatter> Meis Triumph says, "...That doesn't sound very loving, Flo-And I don't want a hug from him. It would likely be one where he tries to crush my bones, steal my wallet, or both."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness sighs. "I could use a hug."
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "I can hug you, Ness!"

Mike Jones also says in an agressive barking tone, "Tetsuo! Khan! Char! Stimpy! Kazuma! Dr. Claw! Felix!", though Mike does not know why. He merely obeys the will of the cosmos.

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Let me get my hugging boffer arms."
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne strapclick, strapclick.
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, " have hugging boffer arms?"
<InterZone Chatter> Just Killer, not Lady and Killer says, "Yeah, doesn't everybody?"
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Yeah, doesn't everybody?"


<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, ", but I want some now."

Zoda says, "That issss my emeny, boy. Zoda hasss priority."


<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Here, I'll get you the <3day catalogue."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "Cool!"

Laharl mumbles out a "Sorry." but it isn't very convincing.

Etna is in the middle of her victory boogie at successfully sending Maya flying, when she has the gall to hit Laharl! Wench! And then Fox kicks her in the jaw and sends her bouncing across the field, because Disgaea people are fluffy and light except when they aren't. Bounce. Bounce. Oh, hey, THERE'S Phoebe. Etna reaches back and pulls out Longinus again, and procedes to stop her bouncing by slapping her feet into the ground hard, and then with a thunderous demonic roar, she stabs Phoebe a couple times.

Etna strikes Phoebe with her Vassal Stabbies attack!

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne THUD, ground cracking noises.
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "MMmrfghle."
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Er, sorry! *creeak*"
<InterZone Chatter> Ness sucks in a breath.
<InterZone Chatter> Ness That's some powerful....hugging.
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "It's full of love, that's why it doesn't fit inside the airport bins."
<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "I see. Can you put me down, please? I think I'm hugged out. And I need to set my ribs."

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Thissss issss....abssssurd!"

<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Sure thing, Ness~ *drop*"

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Zoda alsssso received an armour coating....but it issss JONESSSSS who issss sssstriking and caussssing damage!"
<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "Yes, many things are absurd."

<InterZone Chatter> Ness breathes some more.
<InterZone Chatter> Flonne says, "Are you okay there?"

Well, that could have gone better. Ian goes wobbling to his feet again, glancing around him for any possible attackers... Mmm, nope, nope, looks like nothing over there, and that's Etoile, and--what's that? Ian perks up at the sight of a familiar floaty green box thing not more than a couple feet away from him. There must have been one of those inexplicable snake statues on this level! He slinks over toward the health kit, snatching it up and applying it to his wounds. ...Well, mostly the parasite's wounds.

<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser, unintelligible, "Rawrfhghawerlghbele!"

<InterZone Chatter> Ness says, "I'll be fine."

Ian Recker restores Ian Recker with his Ohhhhh, random inexplicable snake statue. <3 minor healing!

Judge General pets his chocobo. Who gets prizes this time? Well, it's Etoile Rosenqueen and Hawke!

Etoile gets...
Random Smash Item: Super Scope

Hawke gets... a Pokéball!

Zoda rains punches down on Mike Jones like....rain. Like LOTS of rain. Yet it does not do jack, and Zoda is not amused, for his blows are glancing off his eternal enemy like so much.....uh, rain. You get the picture.

To add to the indignity, Mike's punches are actually causing damage!

Zoda straightens and roars as the assault continues, and Mike may sense something building inside his rival. Cracks begin to form along Zoda's metal skin, splitting from underneath the armour and emitting a glorious shining light as the Cubes blast their power through.


Energy explodes outward as Zoda completes the transformation, becoming the enormous blue crab-handed Minotaur known as Zoda-Z. He glares down at Mike, eyes lighting up red.....but then he turns instead toward the Judge General. First other people got the better items, and now the one Zoda /did/ get was worse than the one ones did. This.....will not be tolerated.

"YOU!" Zoda booms, teleporting in a cloud of dark energy to reappear in front of the black-armoured Judge. "Your itemssss are faulty. Zoda sssstruck at Jonessss without caussssing harm, yet Jonessss harmed Zoda. Give Zoda insssstead one of the gigantic beastsssss with enormoussss buttocksssss."

Zoda's eyes glow red. he is not familiar with the piddlign rules of a little backwater like Ivalice, or why they gave this man armour and a chocobo. Rules are made to be broken if you have the power. "You will comply NOW!" he shouts, whipping his right hand around in a tremendous punch at the Judge's chest.

Zoda strikes Judge General with his PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH smash attack!

Shang Tsung is sliced neatly with the lightsaber, making a large burn mark in his back since he was currently enjoying a taste of Meis' spirit. The shapeshifter suddenly burns with a fiery green aura, and turning around, his eyes are once again aglow. He looks into Cress' own soul this time. "I remember you very well," he says rather softly. It's not a nice soft, either. He suddenly morphs into a huge Shotokan, a four-armed ogre of Outworld. This one, named Kintaro, whom Shang has encountered before, has tiger markings. Roaring loudly, Shang-Kintaro begins rapidly beating at Cress with all four meaty fists, aiming to turn him into paste.

Shang Tsung strikes Cress Albane with his PUNCHPUNCHPUNCHPUNCH Not Fatality smash attack!

The magical hammer disappears from Stahn's hands as he strikes air, leaving him open to Hawke's counter-attack... or not. Remember how he threw his shield into the air to grab the hammer in the first place? It comes back down about now, and with a deft motion, Stahn catches it and holds it in front of him, blocking the bullet rain. The Swordian master counter-counterattacks, dashing forward with his shield held out, the shadow of an immense lion leaping out of the defensive item and directly towards the Black Hole CO. And while the phantom animal provides a distraction, Stahn attempts to shield-bash him.

Stahn Aileron misses Hawke with his Beast! attack!


Judge General takes no damage, of course.

Judge General strikes Zoda with his RED CARD smash attack!
Zoda has been knocked out!

<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "...Zoda, Zoda, Zoda."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "Bad. No."
<Fac-EVIL> King Bowser says, "Wow... and people call ME the dumb one."
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Well."

Yellow Devil hasn't been attacked! It continues after Jak, reforming and slamming at him with still-forming fists. The Yellow Devil seems to be having some trouble reforming, but it's lost none of its ferocity for the hideous damage dealt to it. Its focus is on killing this elf-looking boy, and it means to do it... at least until it sees a Mega Man about somewhere.

Blobby fists slam down!

<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "I...hmm."

Hawke finds himself under attack from the two Palacites, and while he is able to avoid Stahn, Slayn catches him in the side. The Black Hole commander was just about to shoot the boy and his fairy in their face with bullets, when he finds that a Pokéball has ended up in his hand -- when the whistle goes off.

Dammit, Zoda, stop getting red carded for headbutting the Head Judge. And he also tosses the ball -- at Stahn!

<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "I prefer to call Shang Tsung the dumb one."

Yellow Devil misses Jak with his HULK SMASH! weak attack!

Zoda blinks at the Judge as a red card is raised in the air.

And then he vanishes.


<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Ah yes, sorry about earlier, Borgan. Was caught up in the moment. Well, there goes Zoda."
<Fac-EVIL> Eggplant Wizard says, "...Zoda gets points for effort though."
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, ".....what jusssst happened?"
<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "I do hope you realize that your damage to my shield was directly responsible for the Snorlax knocking me out of bounds."
<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "You were redcarded."
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Elaborate."
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Yes."
<Fac-EVIL> Eggplant Wizard says, "You fought 'The Man'." Pause. "And lost."
<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "/Directly/. And I am not impressed, Shang Tsung."
<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "You attacked the judge."
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Yesss. And?"
<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "That's a no no."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "You fough the law and the law won."

Poor Bowser. Things just haven't gone well in the Brawl. He's much more used to one on ones, this type of melee just isn't his style. But he renews his attack (after taking a brief time-out to watch Zoda get Red Carded into oblivion. Nice job.) and charges Hero again. Seems Bowser is dead set on taking out the Hero of Speilburg for the moment. Temporary rivalry! This is Bowser's ultimate fault here, he can't not focus on on just one person. He HAS to focus on just one person. It's just the way he is! Right now he's picturing a big red Mario cap on Hero's head! It makes him want to crush him flat!
King Bowser strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Bodyslam attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "....Zoda comprehendsssss. very well. Zoda will ssssimply essscape. NO PRISSSSSSON CAN HOLD THE PRIME INVADER!"
<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Well, shall I compensate you in some manner later on?"

Cress' eyes widen, suddenly, as he sees someone leaping at him. He ducks down, which lets Miang sail just over his head. He grits his teeth and springs back up just in time to see Shang change into Kinto. His eyes widen slightly, before he begins taking rapid-fire punches. He slumps over a little, grimacing, before he spits more blood up. Then, he raises up his lightsaber and begins to rush forward.

He slashes the lightsaber at the shapeshifter, before he backflips upward and leaps into the air. "Burning PHOENIX!" he shouts as he rises up. Flame surrounds him, and he goes flying back down at the monstrous man as a firebird - which explodes, violently, upon impact.

Ms. Rosenqueen gets a brief reprieve, /and/ manages to get the minuscule health bonus that her Dietician-filled sword offers her. But it'd be unsporting to hit Miang /again/... so where should she go? She looks around the chaotic battlefield, and decides that it might be best to head back to Shang Tsung -- after all, she should really be watching Cress's back. Thus, she returns /exactly/ the way she came... but is interrupted, surprisingly, by a capsule.

Opening it reveals a Super Scope; she smiles, grabbing the weapon and depressing the trigger. The weapon charges, and she decides, quite suddenly, that Cress -- well, Cress can handle himself. Besides, he just got hit that hard; it's only fitting that he deliver the return swing. She whirls around, aiming it instead at the first villain she happens to see -- King Bowser. The full power of the weapon builds, and as unceremoniously as she picked up the weapon, she discharges it, the Scope vomiting a huge ball of white-hot death in Bowser's direction just as he touches down from the body slam.

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda *ping*

Etoile Rosenqueen strikes King Bowser with her Unceremonious Massive Energy Attack smash attack!

You have taken 24 damage.

<Fac-EVIL> Borgan says, "Yes, you shall."

Gameshark jerks to oneside, and back, grinning as Jack brings out the Dark Eco power. "Is that the best you can do!" Gameshark leaps directly upwards, the wash of energy streaking under him. He stows his sword and Justifier in midair, and raises his hands.

The air is split with sizzling white static, the energy engulfing his hands as Travis hangs in the air above Jak. "Allow me to show you... TRUE POWER!" He brings his hands down, and unleashes a massive blast of disruptive force into Jak's area. Standing there will be very unhealthy, my boy.

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "..."
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda *ping*

Cress Albane strikes Shang Tsung with his Burning Phoenix smash attack!
Shang Tsung has been knocked out!

Gameshark misses Jak with his Chaos Flare smash attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, ".........."
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda *ping*
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda *ping*
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda *ping*
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda *ping*

As much fun as picking on a small child is to Captain X, he grits his teeth as he takes bullets to the side, whipping around to glare at Agent 17. "And just who," he asks as he stalks closer to the Agent, "do you think you are to tell me what to do? You with your righteous anger. I guess you'd rather I pick on someone my own size?" As he stalks closer to the Agent, his hand moves to the Controller S, which again changes shape into a whip-like structure.

Which Xavier uses to try to smack Agent 17 across the face.

<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "Zoda, quit pinging. You just made me miss."

Captain X strikes Agent 17 with his DISCIPLINE! attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "......"

Paula leaps backwards out of the way of Captain X's swipe, lifting her pan, ready to retaliate when she sees Zoda slug the judge. "...uh oh." ..and get red carded. Lowering her frying pan, she points at Zoda, "Haaa haaa."
After a moment, she makes a sudden tactical decision, "..Agent 17! You take care of him!" Paula rapidly runs off, dashing after the Yellow Devil, lifting a hand, momentarilly releasing her frying pan, which oddly enough, orbits around her instead of falling to the ground. She cups her hands, draws them back, then thrusts them at the Yellow Devil.
"PSIIIII FREEEEEZE....OMEGA!" No, it doesn't come out kamehameha style but as a sudden point blast around the monster, covering it with ice (hopefully). She quickly follows up by throwing her frying pan at it with the intention of shattering it's frozen form.

Maya is well reeling from the impact and then she gets KER STONED! Maya drops, she's not getting up any time soon. If she does wake up she's going to crawl out of the fighting area, shes' done.

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, " doessss Zoda become freed from captivity?"

Paula strikes Yellow Devil with her I'll give YOU an Omega! smash attack!
Yellow Devil has been knocked out!

Shang Tsung is struck dead on by the flaming divebomb, knocking him clear off the platform. He changes back into his normal form, too shocked to do much. Then, he is gone.
Miang says to Cress as she lands, rather gracefully, "Oh well - it's been fun. See you in a few minutes." She kisses the air at him as well, and dashes off once again.

As she leaps into a flying jump-kick aimed towards Etoile, she reflects that she's starting to feel tearing in the muscles. Probably she should lighten up before terribly long, or she'll start seeing performance reductions.

This does not, of course, alter her current trajectory towards the heiress.

Slayn sees a pokeball go out. There's only one proper response to a pokeball, and that's to get the hell out of the way. Using the last of his Dash-Enhanced Speed, Slayn darts away and starts singing softly the words to an Aria.

Is it a Rock spell? Is it a death spell? No! It's a Cure Spell!
Miang Hawwa misses Etoile Rosenqueen with her Ridiculous Xenogears Screen-Crossing Leap Just For You attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Eggplant Wizard says, "I'm baking you a cake with a jack-hammer in it, I got you covered, Zoda!"

There's a flash of red and white out of the corner of Ian's eye--he notices it just as he's finishing with the medkit, and turns to of things. Hey, hadn't those resulted in massive flying bear of pain? The best idea here is probably to stop Hawke before he can use it, right. "NOOOOO!" Ian minored in Dramatic Screaming in the military academy, and majored in Throwing Himself At The Enemy Suicidally. It's what pilots do. He launches himself at Hawke, the Girl Wings flicking out long enough to give him an extra boost before he attempts to flatten Hawke and hopefully get rid of the Pokeball.
Ian Recker strikes Hawke with his DO NOT WAAAAANT stun attack!

Mike Jones points.

And laughs. He does this for a while, exactly where Zoda was red carded, because it proves that fate likes him after all. Yeah, there's a good reason Zoda hates Mike Jones.

Mike then remembers that he still owes Xavier a face full of pain. While he doesn't want to get in too close, there are...ways. Mike closes his eyes, focusing on his body's energy, and his yo-yo begins to shimmer with silver light, twisting into the sacred weapon of Argonia, the Super Nova! The Super Nova is really neat, know why?

"Cap'n X! Think Fast!" Mike shouts gleefully, pumping his arm forward and snapping the suprisingly yo-yo esque weapon across the /whole screen if nessicary/ and sailing at Francis's head.

<Fac-EVIL> Eggplant Wizard says, "I'll have to bake a seperate cake for the gas generator to power it though."

Mike Jones misses Captain X with his In 2D This Was Impressive attack!

Slayn Wilder restores Slayn Wilder with his Slayn didn't heal rush with the cool crowd, he is his own person! minor healing!

Hero should have bought along his Red Cap, then. If he did , at least, he would give Bowser the privilege of being right in hallusinating him as Mario! The Body Slam fling him /AWAY/ from the King Koopa and /WAAAY/ off the platform and...falls downward into the hole. Is he dead!? Is he gone!? No! He has miraculously managed to hold on the edge and roll upward, glaring toward Bowser as he smack himself on the chest with an glowing hand. Ahhhhhh. Healing.
 Hopefully, that bigarse blast Etoile fired at Bowser will keep 'm busy.

The Hero of Spielburg restores The Hero of Spielburg with his Heaaaaalin' minor healing!

"Sure sucks to be her." Laharl intones. He is, however, excessively beaten up by this point. In fact, for those that can see such things, his HP is in a bad way. Sadly, one of the only people that can see this is Etna. The kick in the butt from Meis doesn't help, either.

Laharl won't be in this fight much longer.

"C'mon, Etna. LET'S GO KILL 'EM!" Laharl waves his sword in the general direction of Captain X and Gameshark. "Take care of those two. YEAH! I'VE GOT THIS GUY! YEEEEEAH! GO TEAM NETHERWORLD! WOO!" He kicks at Meis. IN THE FACE. YEAH.

Laharl strikes Meis Triumph with his SHOE TA DA FACE attack!

Ian Recker is, alas, much like Darth Vader, way too late to actually prevent Sudden Pokedeath, but he tried.
Random Pokeball: Togepi - Metronome (GM Area)

Jak quickly moves to the side as the fists slam down ignoring the Yellow Devil as he charges forward. Grunting he smirks while watching Shark start his move. Barely rushing away from the blast area as he remains in his dark form. He looks back to the devil for a second before turning his full attention back to the Gamemaster saying, "Nice power if you can hit me with it." Rushing forward he focuses his energy a bit as he leaps up onto the platform before leaping towards Sharky. His intention fully to grab his target and slam him to the ground.

Jak misses Gameshark with his Dark Slam attack!

Well, Nanami sees quite a few people going down, but fortunately she continues not quite getting beat up for the moment, and so she'll move on to targets that just might not kill her in return, since Bowser's left alone for the moment. Indeed, she aims for Phoebe, who seems to be working on Laharl and Etna, and she does owe them a bit of a debt of gratitude, right?

<Fac-EVIL> Shang Tsung says, "Well, there I go. The buffet was fun while it lasted."

Nanami misses Phoebe with her Gunshot wounds are bad, all right? attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Robotnik says, "Wait for the Judge to let you out.  Which will probably be some time after the match."

After a brief pause for the Judge to administer a red card to Zoda, Fox tries to see who else deserves to have their jaw kicked in. Some choices are obvious, others are not. All these strange anime characters and the way they defy the laws of physics...
 Like pokemon, for example. The Lylatian pilot thought he saw another one of those stupid things flying around. Better get out of the way while he can. While retreating, he uses another one of ROB's special items.

Fox McCloud restores Fox McCloud with his First aid minor healing!

"Whoa, it sucks for you- OW!" Agent 17 is brought out of his grinning at Zoda being sent off for that misconduct toward the Judge, only to find himself reeling back from Captain X's attack. Naturally, he doesn't like it one bit, and he also doesn't like the fact that Captain X is attempting to discipline him, when in reality, it should be Agent 17, a worker for the government, handing the disciplne to punks like Captain X!

"Well, sorry to do this to you, but you leave me no choice!" He says as he goes for Captain X with a swift punch.

Agent 17 strikes Captain X with his body blow! body blow! attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Hawke says, "Pokémon in the hole!"
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda hrms. "Intriguing."
<Fac-EVIL> Doctor Robotnik says, "Which one this time, I heard it was a Snorlax last time."

Phoebe is stabbed repeatedly without fanfare.

Or maybe with fanfare, she's heard weird stories about Laharl and his crew. After a few stabs to the stomach, Phoebe tries to roll out of the way, attempting to try and get away from Crazy Lady. She looks to the left, she looks to the right--

And finds a pokeball opening. Oh sh. What else is oh shi is Phoebe noticing Nanami break out a gun. Whoops. She drops and covers as soon as she notices. When the gunfire seems to be over, she gets back up and retaliates with an arrow.

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "How doesssss one obtain thissss power?"

Etna's HP bar is better off. But not by much. She looks over at the two Gamemasters, and says, "Are you CRAZY? I'm not gonna piss those two off until they're way weaker! You don't pay me near enough to get wailed on by both at once!"

As if to emphasize her act of staunch rebellion, she pulls a bowl of bat soup from somewhere and eats it.


<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "You don't."

Phoebe misses Nanami with her Ker-Grace attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Impossssible. The human had it."

Etna restores Etna with her Netherworld Healing Items Sound Delicious, Don't They? minor healing!

<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "Besides, you wouldn't want to be living a life constrained by mere rules."
<Fac-EVIL> Gameshark says, "The Judgemasters are incarnations of pure Order."
<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Hmph."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "Trust me, as someone who used to be a Judgemaster once, they are bad things to cross."
<Fac-EVIL> Captain X says, "And you don't really want to be one. You can't fight as a Judgemaster."

Laharl counters with, "I don't pay you anything! Now get out there and take one for the team!"

Etna slurps, pointedly.

Meis Triumph is kicked in the face. It hurts, but that's not at all surprising. He falls to the ground, wincing in pain, but he rolls back and instead of attacking Laharl, he pulls out his sword to cast another spell. "SPEED!" he cries out as his sword gives out a blue glow which soon makes a blue bell of energy form around him. Hopefully, he can avoid the pokemon rather than healing before or after the fact, as the spell makes him rather zippy.

Meis Triumph strikes Meis Triumph with his Need for Speed defense-increasing attack!

<Fac-EVIL> Zoda says, "Very well. Zoda will abandon thissss plan."

Hawke gets the pokeball away just as Ian connects. Blast it all.

    The Pokéball flies out, landing... and a little eggshell Pokémon appears... it's Togepi!

    Togepi looks around for a moment...


    It's so frightened! It just wants to make everything... and everyone...


    TOGEPI used it NIGHT SHADE attack!

Judge General strikes Meis Triumph with his I Can't Remember Anything! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Slayn Wilder with his Can't Tell if this is true or dream! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Jak with his Deep down inside I feel to scream! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Laharl with his This terrible silence stops me! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Captain X with his Now that the war is through with me! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes King Bowser with his I'm Waking up I cannot see! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Phoebe with his That there's not much left of me! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his Nothing is real but pain now! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Ian Recker with his Hold my breath as I wish for death! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Etna with his Oh please God wake me! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Mike Jones with his Back in the womb its much too real! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Etoile Rosenqueen with his In pumps life that I must feel! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Hawke with his But can't look forward to reveal! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Paula with his Look to the time when I'll live! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Fox McCloud with his Fed through the tube that sticks in me! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Cress Albane with his Just like a wartime novelty! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Gameshark with his Tied to machines that make me be! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Stahn Aileron with his Cut this life off from me! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Miang Hawwa with his Hold my breath as I wish for death! Oh please God help me! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Agent 17 with his Now the world is gone I'm just one... oh God help me! defense-increasing attack!
Judge General strikes Nanami with his Hold my breath as I wish for death... oh please God wake me! defense-increasing attack!

Judge General blinks. It's dark. Paula & Fox McCloud get the next two items.

Paula gets...
Random Smash Item: Super Mushroom (+buff/end)

Fox gets...
Random Smash Item: Beam Sword

Judge General strikes Paula with his MUSHROOM MUSHROOM endurance-increasing attack!

Yellow Devil is frozen by Paula! It can't move, glaring balefully at the little girl as she pulls up her Frying Pan.

There's the windup...

The pitch...


The Yellow Devil explodes, sending shards of frozen yellow goo all over the place as energy rings coruscate out of its body.

Maya is covered in devil goop too!

Slayn has a natural defense against The Darkness.

Slayn doesn't even seem scared at all. This is probably because of a little ability called...


Slayn's eyes focus, and using his affinity with darkness...looks at everybody as if there wasn't any darkness there to begin with.

"Might be a stroke of luck for us, Raimy." Slayn murmurs.

Slayn Wilder strikes Slayn Wilder with his Not Afraid Of The Darkness: NIGHTVISION! accuracy-increasing attack!

Hawke is unable to do anything to avoid the Togepi unleashing it's mass attack after Ian dives in the way. The Black Hole commander glares up at Ian, who he can only feel, not see at the moment as he just attempts to grab a hold of the pirate, and lets loose with a drain attack, his Black Wave making things even darker for Ian.

Hawke misses Ian Recker with his Oh Ian, I thought you'd never ask~ drain attack!

Hm, Miang thinks, as darkness descends around her, this is something of a pickle.

She raises one smooth arm in the midst of the darkness, and tries to listen for something moving. Then, she snaps her fingers, and a small blast of energy (dark blue, of course) arcs outwards, abruptly, towards someone - she has no idea who.

In practice, it's Fox. Miang folds her arms in front of her and waits patiently for the darkness to clear.

Miang Hawwa strikes Fox McCloud with her Generic Energy Blast Out Of Nowhere weak attack!

Paula stops as the Yellow Devil shatters into nothingness and blinks. Blushing furiously, she looks down and grinds a foot into the ground bashfully, "Did I do that?" Behold the Paulataunt!'s not very taunting though.
Dyoot dyoot dyoot dyoot! GIANT PAULA. Not only that, it's freakin' dark! She can't see! It's as if two of her adventures in the Psychonauts zone got squished together! Speaking of squishing, Paula tries to make an educated guess to where Captain X is. It's hard to do since this man sort of defies prediction. Should she succeed, she will bring her enormous red-shoed foot down on him.

It is very dark.

The Cheater might be eaten by a Grue.

But the Dark Gamemaster is a friend to the Darkness, as has been proven many a time before. The Cheater is no longer where Jak thought he was in the air, and in the cacaphonic darkness, a hand grabs onto Jak's back, and asks quietly, "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" There is a blast of neon energy, as the Cheater attempts to empty the Justifier into Jak's back. It appears that the man has seriously irritated the Cheater somehow.

Ms. Rosenqueen is in nearly total darkness; she can't see anything at first -- at least she spotted Miang's kick beforehand, so she was able to duck and roll out of the way of that particular problem. She puts the sword away and draws her pistols; noticing an unusual spot of high darkness -- two, actually, she fires into it, not knowing who or what she's striking. It could be an ally; she'd feel a little bad if so, but not /too/ guilty. It's dark!

Laharl also has a defence against blindness. It's called randomly throwing explosions about. You can HEAR the repeated Overlord's Wraths' going off in a sort of demented chain, one after the other. The flares momentarily light the darkness... in a three foot radius around them. Mostly unhelpful, unless you're getting hit by one. The first unlucky fool to come underneath this assault is... Fox McCloud.

Its dark. Yes. Mike blinks, wishing that he didn't feel so darn, um, blind. He's tempted to use the Rod of Sight, but some tiny sliver of common sense informs him that it would ultimately just make things more difficult.

Pulling out a laser pistol, Mike Jones decides to go with his no-fail-always-a-good-idea-in-any-situation plan. Aiming in the vague direction of the smell of ozone and the chaotic primal elemnts of the universe, Mike tries to shoot Gameshark.

Because there's never /not/ a good time to shoot at Gameshark.


Gameshark misses Jak with his Justifier In The Back attack!

Mike Jones misses Gameshark with his Pew Pew attack!

Cress shoots a glare towards Miang, just as she runs by. Then, when the Pokeball goes up and Togepi goes out, the swordsman blinks once. The darkness could prove to his advantage - and with the wounds he has taken, including one hefty punch, a Snorlax, Zoda draining his life, and Shang Tsung beating up on him, the young man is feeling the hurt. He aims to continue for a little while longer, before thrusting his sword down into the surface. He concentrates for a moment, while some of his wounds begin to heal.

The only hint to his location is a brief flash of light and a cry: "Inspiration!"

Laharl strikes Fox McCloud with his Blindly Fired Overlord's Wrath attack!

Cress Albane restores Cress Albane with his Inspiration minor healing!

Better to light a candle than curse the damn darkness, right? Well, so Nanami figures! She deflects Phoebe's arrow with a very cool move, blocking it with the butt of her gun, and then the world is brought into darkness. That being so, Nanami decides to torch someone to light things back up, aiming magical fire arrows at where she thinks Bowser's at. Flaming turtle should push back the darkness, right?

Cress Albane misses Cress Albane with his Gave Himself Away trivial attack!

Etoile Rosenqueen strikes Ian Recker with her Why You Gotta Make Me Hit You, Baby :( attack!

Nanami strikes King Bowser with her Be a shining beacon of hope! And fire. attack!
You have taken 17 damage.
King Bowser has been knocked out!

"H-hey--!" While Ian cannot see, due to the dark, his parasite can. And it's happy to pass him information on his surroundings, like the fact there is even more darkness attacking him. Yes. Ian is being attacked by the darkness, and his first instinct is to roll away from being grabbed. The parasite makes it a little harder to grab him.

Ew. Was that a tentacle?

"--You--argh! I really!" Now Ian whirls around to aim a kick at the downed Hawke. "Don't!" Kick. "Like!" Kick. "Yo--AUGH WHO IS SHOOTING ME?!"
Ian Recker strikes Hawke with his kick :( attack!

SHORT POSE TIME! Etoile shoots Bowser! Then everything goes darky! But Bowser was already running towards Etoile so Bowser keeps running towards Etoile! He's about to attack, but then Nanami snipes him from behind! BOWSER DEAD.

Uh, sir, we can't see @*#&. Stahn blinks as the entire world goes dark. "...what the hell? Hey, who turned out the lights!" He gropes around in the dark for a bit, until he finds someone... "Ah-hah, found you! Flare Tornado!" Without warning, a pillar of lava erupts from the ground beneath the Swordian Master's target, as he himself jumps back to avoid the flames himself. It's a good thing this a free-for-all, though, and that it's pitch black, or he'd get all kinds of words about how he's setting his allies on fire. Sorry, Hero!

Stahn Aileron strikes The Hero of Spielburg with his You're on fire! attack!

Etoile yells a loud yell toward Ian as he cries out. "Oh, heavens! Sorry!" she calls.

"It's okay! It's dark!" Thank you, Mr. Recker.

Reeling from the Agent's punch, Xavier is about to retaliate, when.

Crap. It's DARK.

Usually, Xavier would not mind the dark, but only when he is wearing the appropriate dark vision equipment. And he is not, not right now, because he was not expecting Absolute, Total Darkness. This is both a gift and a curse. It allows the Dark Gamemaster to move about unseen, if not unheard, and it gives him pleasure knowing that somehow, he can hear even in the Pokemon-induced darkness. Now, if only he could see his damn opponent.

Then the ground shakes, as SOMETHING VERY FREAKING LARGE comes down just a few feet to his left. Xavier jumps in surprise, eyes widened, and then focuses on that one spot. He at least knows where someone or something is, and it's probably not the judge. Must be Bowser or something, but nonetheless, he swings a hard kick at what is actually Paula's hugenormous foot.

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