Medical Complex - RHQ Australia

Spin Cougar's Workshop <SCW> Repair Chamber

Out <O> leads to Admiral's Way East - RHQ Australia.
South <S> leads to Research Labs - RHQ Australia.

Caduceus Catfish is floating around the medical bay, rearranging some misplaced items, and going about typical duties in offtime. All the while humming a tune to himself.

Prismatic Spider enters the medical bay, looking a lot better than he did last night. The wonders of a rest cycle on occasion can't be underestimated. Noting the presence of the floating Catfish, he smiles and approaches, commenting, "Hello, Caduceus. You did a very good job out there in the race last night."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "Good luck and god speed, Sir St--" Silence. Explosions. Some kind of pyrotechnic show. "... my word, you actors have a flair for the dramatic."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Jet's like that... Sometimes it puts the enemy off balance.... I think."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Bolero transmits, "... Mmm... Explosions..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Bolero transmits, "... I mean... uh..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Bolero coughs.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "Holographic projectors... 10,000 Zenny. Special entry box... 20,000 Zenny. Cool high grade steel Jet-sized bat... 1,000 Zenny. Looking like you are unstoppable... Priceless."

Watching the careful handling of the medical appliances with Caduceus' fine whiskers, one has to wonder how he actually manages to do it. Well, not Prismatic, he designed it afterall. Caduceus blinks, spins around, and grins at his creator "Good evening Sir. Thank you, I tried my best, though I admit, third-last place isn't exactly an honor. But I wasn't designed to be a racer afterall, as you well know." He places the rest of the equipment down "Perhaps I might fare better in Sharpshooting, since my accuracy seems quite good, hm?"

Prismatic Spider smiles. "Indeed... If you're capable of the precise movements needed for neural net repair, I'm certain your weaponry can be handled with equal precision. Are your defensive systems ready for that kind of a stress test, however? If your weaponry can't bring your opponent down before you are brought down yourself, the accuracy will be of little help."

Caduceus Catfish's five pairs of fingers are brought together, like someone tapping their five fingers together in a pondering motion "Hm, well I suppose we'll see then. To my knowledge, all my systems were working perfectly fine according to my examination at the end of basic training. During the training it all performed as expected, so I should hope that in the real field, it will still perform. I suppose we'll wait and see." He floats over around the table, and upward to reach a higher cabit, to reorganize the contents "Perhaps the Sharpshooting event will give me time to practice my accuracy."

Prismatic Spider nods, bringing one of his hands up to rub his chin as he track's Caduceus' movement with his optics. "Indeed. Practice will serve you well... In fact, have you had the opportunity to make use of the holotraining rooms in the Marine Building? That would allow you to test and hone your systems in a live-fire style situation safely."

Caduceus Catfish pauses his item management "No, not yet. I haven't even made use of my weaponry and defenses since I left basic. I've been meaning to drop by and train myself though." He closes the cabit, and floats back down "I don't have much to worry about in the Sharpshooting contest, I believe, since targets don't shoot back. But once this truce is over, I had better make sure I'm able to head out into the field when it's needed, yes?"

Prismatic Spider smiles. "Of course. It will be peaceful for a while yet, until the Battle and Chase is over with. You will have ample time to prepare and get used to your duties..." The smile disappears. "Sadly, the situations you will be deploiyed in can become quite dangerous. I've given you all of the advantages I could, but I won't be able to help you in some cases... You will have to be prepared for the worst so you know how to react to it."

Caduceus Catfish grins again "Don't worry sir, Basic training has prepared me well, and the knowledge, and equipment you have given me will be a great asset as well. I am sure that I have all I need to defend myself while I carry out my duties, I merely need to get used to it." He pauses "I admit, in a way, I am eager to experience an actual field situation. I know how dangerous they can be, and I by no means enjoy the thought of danger. But I cannot wait to see what I am capable of, and how much of an asset I can be to Repliforce."

Prismatic Spider folds his upper arms, a confident smile returning to his face. "You will do well. All you need to do is believe in your abilities and use them to the best effect for all."

Caduceus Catfish nods "Time well tell then, hm?" He finishes item arrangement, and pauses for a minute "Tell me Sir, how do you feel everyone will react to me? Granted I got some nice reception last night at the race, but when it all comes down to me doing my medical duties, do you suppose they will be hesitant to approach someone with such a unique design as me?"

Prismatic Spider shakes his head. "No... I don't think anyone will have a problem with your appearane once they become familiar with you. I made you to be original, but I'm confident that once they speak with you any who might have a problem would realize that there's no reason to be uncomfortable."

Caduceus Catfish uses one whisker to scratch his chin "Perhaps you're right. Still, I have gotten a few odd looks from a few privates so far. I suppose it will only be a matter of time though." He pauses "I certainly don't feel that I am at any loss for not having practical limbs, I am glad you created me in this way. I only hope that others will keep an open mind as well."

Prismatic Spider continues smiling. "It's nothing to be worried about. your uniqueness cannot be denied, and your form allowed me to make certain design decisions that would not have been possible had I settled for a more... common anthropomorphic form."

Caduceus Catfish nods again "Oh, as I said, I understand completely. And I enjoy being a unique reploid. All I can hope for is that any doubts people have about me will be put to rest fairly quickly. I already know there are quite a lot of open minded people in Repliforce, I shouldn't have any trouble."

Prismatic Spider says, "Indeed. If you do encounter any kinds of problems like that, however, let me know. I don't want those kinds of occurrances happening."

Caduceus Catfish shakes his head "Oh no, I would like to handle any social situations like that on my own thank you." He smiles "How well will people accept me if I got a superior officer to 'take care' of any situations I may get in? I believe I will handle my affairs and stand on my own too feet...... so to speak."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar tranmsmits a bored sigh.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "I can't believe it... I might actually beat Enker!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Heh, it's my turn next. Good luck!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "You can do it, Sir Stingray! Do it for your... er... fans! Do it for yourself! Do it for Repliforce!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Bolero transmits, "Jet... There's only one thing I can say right now, after Locrian set that up so nicely..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Bolero transmits like that guy in The Waterboy, "YOU CAN DOO EET! YOU CAN DOO EET! ALL! NIGHT! LONG!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris giggles.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Hey, Caduceus?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "Hm? Yes Sir?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Just wanted to say, you did great in the race!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Bolero continues transmitting in that voice, "Hey Ir- ..." He coughs and starts speaking in his normal voice again, "Hey Iris... What's going on?"

Prismatic Spider shakes his head. "Not quite like that, Caduceus. I don't tolerate that kind of behavior for anyone. We're all here to work together, and that kind of behavior only causes division and internal strife, weakening us all. Our power lies in our unity." The Spider Scientist reaches into a pocket and withdraws a datachip, which he holds out to Caduceus. "I also have this for you. It contains the frequency and encryption/decryption codes for a network I am setting up for us."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "Trying to get some information. What's going on with you, sweetie?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "Thank you Sir. Though I admit, I am not really built for racing."

Caduceus Catfish hmms, and two of his whiskers extend over and accept the datachip "Ah, thank you. Speaking of, I would certainly like to meet with my brother sometime soon." Whatever he is like "And yes Sir, I know that sort of behavior is not tolerated. However, it is up to me to get people to accept me, I do not want respect just handed to me."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Bolero transmits, "Nothing much... Relaxing mostly."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar chuckles softly to himself. "I'm never going to get used to it.. Spin will do."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "As you wish, Spin."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar, cheerfully: "Keep it up."

Prismatic Spider nods as his face darkens slightly. "Mmmm... It's possible. I believe he's working with the Hunters now... But he's very... different. Be prepared for some uncertainty... And I intended to let you handle it on your own... But it can't always be solved without intervention... I'll leave it to you to decide when that is."

Caduceus Catfish smiles again "I shall try to get in contact with him soon. Perhaps the three of us can meet together and have tea?" Wrong idea? Yep. "Despite differences, he is still my brother, as anyone would consider, and I would at least like us to be on good terms."

Prismatic Spider sighs. "Does the word 'sadomasochist' mean anything to you, Caduceus?" It should, or he got gypped on that vocabulary module...

Caduceus Catfish only grins "He is who he is, despite how he turned out from what might have been planned. If he is with the Hunters then there certainly must be a good spirit with him too, I am sure we will be able to get along."

Prismatic Spider purses his lips. He'll let Caduceus make his own judgements. "I'll make sure we all meet. Meeting your brother would be good for you, I believe. Also, he has the frequency I had given you."

Caduceus Catfish nods "Well I shall try to reach him at some time when he probably will not be busy." He turns back around, and finishes reorganizing the last of the misplaced medbay items, and turns back to Prismatic "At any rate, Sir, I believe I shall retire soon for the evening. I've been wanting some time to browse some cyber-libraries and pick a new novel to read."

Prismatic Spider chuckles at that. "Of course! Take your time, Caduceus, and rest well. I hope you find a good book to read... I will see you again soon, all right?"

Caduceus Catfish gives a quick wave with five of his whiskers, almost shaped like a hand "I hope so Sir, thank you. Good Evening." And thus, floats out of the medbay.


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