Istanbul (not Constantanople) is the center of Turkish culture, just as it has been since the days of the Roman Empire. Controlling the only entrance to the Black Sea, it is a thriving seaport and trading center. Miles to the east, across the small gap between Europe and Asia, sits Ankara, the smaller capital of Turkey, along the Tuz River. Much of the nation is in the middle-range of the world, being neither poor nor rich, save for the great city of Istanbul itself. A jewel able to stand against such cities as Paris or Berlin without flinching, it is the most modern and prosperous city in the region - one much go as far as Cairo to find competition for it's greatness.

Silo [Trenchcoat] [RF] Ricochet [Ricochet] [RF]
Eruption Echidna [RF] Iris [Main] [RF]
Spin Cougar [Armored] [RF] Olympic Stands
Race Track Fugue [Armor] [MH]
Uranus [Admin] [SD]

Submerge <D> leads to Underneath Mediterranean Sea.
Sea <BS> leads to Black Sea.
Southwest <SW> leads to Mediterranean Sea.
Northwest <NW> leads to Balkan Peninsula.
South <S> leads to Syria.
North <N> leads to Caucausus Mountains.
Up <U> leads to Sky Above Middle East.

Shark Man arrives from the Mediterranean Sea.
Shark Man has arrived.
Jet Stingray arrives from the Mediterranean Sea.
Jet Stingray has arrived.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "Hmm. Well, the song itself is... well, not a love song like so many people imagine it to be."

Pink Elephant arrives from the Sky Above Middle East.
Pink Elephant has arrived.
Red Tide arrives from the Caucausus Mountains.
Red Tide has arrived.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Given it's a guy making several impossible demands..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "Quite."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "It sounds more like a lamentation to me.."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Well, extremely difficult with today's technology, but not impossible now."

Comet arrives from the Caucausus Mountains.
Comet has arrived.

Around this time, people might notice a round, pink dot, very small, up in the sky; it kinda looks like a balloon. Falling very, very fast.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "Parsley was once believed that only witches and pregnant women could grow this herb. Sow parsley, sow babes, was an old expression. The herb has been associated with witchcraft in England and also with death since ancient times. But more importantly, it is said to provoke lust and love. Ah.. heh."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "To re-entwine the bond they once shared, I'd wager?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "I'll try and make a parsley pie, one of these days!"

Also around this time, one might notice a fish flying down from the sky. He hovors above everything for a moment, trying to see where everyone is, and swims through the air over towards where most of the Repliforce people have gathered while he waits to join the race.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "I wager it would taste rather foul. Parsley could sweeten a pig's breath, but it leaves much to be desired in the taste department."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "That would be.... interesting, to say the least."

Dr. Light arrives from the Syria.
Dr. Light has arrived.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "It's used as a garnish."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "Hmm, let me see. Sage was once used to help childless couples... er, conceive, heh... and is associated with wisdom and longevity in plant lore. It was also used magically to honor weddings and to ensure domestic harmony."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "I've smoked sage before! It's good. And don't get any funny ideas, it was part of an Indian ritual!"
[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Interesting."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "Rosemary was once held to represent love and faithfulness. The plant was used in wedding ceremonies in place of rings as a sign of fidelity, and carried by newlyweds and wedding guests as a charm for fertility. But it also has the meaning of remembrance, as Shakespeare noted in Hamlet 'there's rosemary for remembrance.' Often used in love potions, it is also said to attract ... elves? Surely, that can't be right."
[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "Do any of these /not/ have to do with fertility or procreation in some way?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Am I the only one seeing a very perverted connection to all this?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian coughs, politely.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "No."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Wisdom and longevity, and fidelity - that one I understand."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "I did not exactly come /up/ with such interpretations, you realize."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "Babies are wonderful! I want to adopt a baby, but my brother won't let me."

Right along with Caduceus, perhaps shadowing his shadow, is Spin Cougar. He's in his combat armor, oddly, along with weapon, but his arm blasters and claws have been temporarily removed. He heads toward the starting area, along with the rest of the participants.

That pink dot in the sky is falling very, very fast. It's now visible as what seems to be...a Pink Elephant? Falling at top speed from high, high up in the sky, right towards the water.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "I am not familiar with the full words, but..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "Ah, finally thyme. Well, this doesn't break the cycle of, er, reproduction... girls once used thyme sprigs in ceremonies to discover the identity of their true loves. A more upscale lady of medieval times would embroider a flowering thyme sprig along with a visiting bee as a token to be given to a favored knight. A woman wearing thyme was once held to be irresistable."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "Reeeeally!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Interesting ..... so they're all various symbols of his wishes for her return?"

Red Tide trails the other Repliforcers towards the starting area, without a word or even bothering to look around. She's never cared for Turkey much.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian coughs slightly as he thumps something - probably a book - shut. "Aye. Herbalists call it a 'lover's posy' - very potent. If, of course, you believe in witchcraft hocus-pocus."

Eruption Echidna isn't far behind the other Repliforcers, cracking his knuckles a few times, and then rotates an arm to loosen up his joints. Instead of being stiking out in various directions as usual, his spines are all lying flat against his back for this.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Very interesting."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "Herbs are very natural and spiratual, not hocus pocus. I found a LOT of herbs in my travels with the Red Cross!"

Iris is up in the stands, waving a Repliforce flag enthusiastically. "Yaaaaaaaay!!!" No, no one's spiked her frosties. It's just the way she is.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Well, another question, this one for perhaps everyone."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "Well, I have no doubt that herbal remedies hold some form of medicinal good."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "There's a background voice describing what sound like war scenes. What is up with this?"

Jet Stingray has been here, clearly getting prepared for this. Taking this even more seriously then the first, he has a small tech crew check out every system.

"Power regulators... Green!"

"Mini-Move Jets... Green!"

"Main Jet... Green!"

"Thrust capabilities reading at 98.02!"

Jet is quiet during all of this, merely focusing on the prize. .oO(Two Gold medals... I should be happy with one. But.... I have to be the best, no matter what! This is my time! This is my race!)

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "I honestly am not certain."


And there's that pink dot, falling from the sky. It's definitely Pink Elephant, cometing downwards at top speed, doing nothing to stop himself Not like those teeny little wings he has could do anything anyway. But what is a flying elephant doing in a water race?

Whatever the reason, nothing's going to stop this big guy. With a final "--EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" He CRASHES into the water, sending up a gigantic tidal wave on anyone else close.

Spin Cougar heads towards Jet, quirking a brow. "You look like you're ready as ever."

Caduceus Catfish floats over to his position at the racetrack, preparing to begin. He is a bit unsure on how this will go, he is a medic, not a racer. But he's here to give it his all at least. He looks around, at fellow Repliforces and other races, then turns his eyes to who would be starting this race.

Approaching from the West on a hoverboard is the lone Master in the race. There's not really a Master area like there is for Repliforce, so Sharky just stands around, waiting for the race to start.

Comet was at the race well ahead of time. She's been waiting on her flight platform (well, it also works in water), in full armor. Already had it cleared out with the B&C committee, too. she's just waiting quietly for now.

Eruption Echidna eyes the elephant bellyflop into the water, and emits a sigh despite his lack of a visible mouth. "If that's what we have to look for in compatition, this will be no contest," mutters the normally fiery echidna as he moves into position.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Good luck Repliforce. Let's try and bring at least one medal home out of this."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Everyone, good luck. Whatever position we get, we will have done our best."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "Yes, I agree, good luck everyone."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "GOOOO REPLIFORCE!!!!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Sgt. Major Harmony transmits, "GOOO JET! Blow 'em out of the water, SEXY STINGRAAAY!!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Sgt. Major Harmony transmits, "..and.. everybody else! YEAH!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar chuckles.

Ricochet is on the edge of the water. It appears that, contrary to his desc, he's changed into swim trunks and... not much else.

Orbit, of course, is butt nekked. Gotta love that free Pikaporn.

Pink Elephant then immediately pops back to the surface. One might notice the bright-orange floaties attached to each of his limbs, to help keep him afloat before the race, since he can't swim. Pink waves his trunk merrily at all around. "Hiiiiiiii!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Locrian transmits, "Good luck, good skill, and Godspeed, Repliforce. Do us proud."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray chuckles. "Thanks Harm... I'll do my best."

Dr. Thomas Light stands at the ready in the water, his latest waterwings prepared, his bathing cap all set. He's been preparing for this in a while, as he'd even got a pair of regulation fins and a snorkle. His speedos bear the hunter logo and...

Just kidding.

Instead, Dr. Light is up in the announcement booth, safe, sound, dry, and much less disturbing.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet says nothing, but Orbit says, "*BWIP BWIP BWIP*" <Is biting allowed now? Please say biting is allowed, now.>

Sigma is here to for one purpose, and one purpose only: To make Jet Stingray's life hell. Of course, he isn't entirely certain of what he will do otherwise, and as he approaches the water. Oh wait! Is that Ricochet? Well that's just darling! He ammends his earlier objectives. He isn't wearing swim trunks, oddly enough, but rather his very shiny looking armor.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Sgt. Major Harmony transmits, "Shoot, you boys watch out. Sigma's eyein' you up like fish at a market."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet transmits, "...this is gonna be fun."

Jet Stingray merely gets the okay from the crew, taking off and making his way toward the waters with everyone else. He is calm and collected, as if trying to stay true to the animal he was based one. His optics scan those about him, and rest one..... SIGMA?!?!?! .oO(What the flying heck!)

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "Oh, is that Emperor Sigma? That's the first time I've seen him in person, how extrordinary."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "Sigma? /SIGMA/? In the words of those geeks I knew, 'OMG!OMG!'"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Sgt. Major Harmony transmits, "He's out of his mind, don't make any point to see him often."

Spin Cougar is technically nude too, aside from his breastplate armor, but it's the way he has always been. He turns to the elephant, and blinks. "Hello there! Good luck in the race!" And from there, moves to the starting area. As an afterthought, he removes his armor, and sets his weapon somewhere off to the side. They'll weigh him down more than they'll protect him.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "...How does one /pronounce/ that?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Jet... This is a military frequency, not an AOL chatroom."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "Oh I'm not about to ask for his autograph, I just never expected to see him in this race."

Fugue is here! The race can now begin! Ahem. She's wearing no special swimming gear, unlike some of the others. Rather, she's in full armor, and a bubble of air forms around her as she activates her forcefield.

Ricochet glances up, and up, and upandupandup... Sigma.

"*BWIP BWIP*" <This is gonna be swell.> Orbit says, his widdle tail waggling.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "I've fought him before, Caduceus. I wasn't alone but I still didn't do well."

Eruption Echidna doesn't wear anything in the first place, why would he be wearing anything now.

Red Tide has even less. You can see her bones! Striding over to the starting position, she glances over at Sigma very briefly before looking away. Don't want to stare...or get the urge to take him apart. Either one.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray transmits, "By saying each letter... I know why he is here. Cuz I doubt he's the racing type!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Sgt. Major Harmony transmits, "If he even messes with my boys, he'll have a lot to deal with! Urgh.."

Sigma receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet transmits, "Jet, I'll try to keep chrome-dome offa you if I get behind."

Prismatic Spider arrives from the Syria.

Prismatic Spider has arrived.

Sigma sends a radio transmission to Iris.

Pink Elephant goes wide-eyed at the sight of Sigma. .oO(He's in this race?! I am /so/ going to give him heck for this later. Does he have ANY idea what this water will do to that armour?! )Oo. The Elephant attempts not to stare at Sigma. Pink Elephant is not yet a known Maverick, and he doesn't want to become one anytime soon.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "That big shiny head is gonna make a niiiice target..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "I'm just going to race."

Shark Man walks up to the waters edge, and changes into his own racing attire, which basicly involves becoming more sharklike, and less manlike, as he slips into the water.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "You do that. I'll make sure you can without someone pulling funny business on ya."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Which they shouldn't be doing anyway. That's Enker's job, tomorrow."

Sigma receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Caduceus Catfish awaits the start of the race. He eyes Sigma momentarily, and makes a note to keep his attention on him throughout the race. He's not someone he really wants to cross.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Sigma's here. That's suspicious enough to make even my spines stand on end."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "*giggling* Don't worry about Sigma, Jet. He can't even SWIM. He just told me!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet transmits, "...then why's he in the water race?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Thanks Iris. You just confirmed that suspicion, too."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Sgt. Major Harmony quietly, "I can't swim either."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet transmits, "I can try to teach you sometime, if you want, Harm."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Sgt. Major Harmony transmits, "That's okay, I'm not built much for submerging. Anyway, I'll sit and cheer, you guys do your stuff!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Swimmin's easy. So's divin', as long as your armor can take it."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray seems to not be handling stres well tonight. "Simga doesn't need to swim... TO KILL ME! Thanks for covering my aft though, Rico. Means a lot."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet transmits, "My pleasure. Just hope to put a dent in his forehead. And if you change your mind, Harm, lemme know." "*BWIP BWIP*" <It's easy for you to swim, Rico, you're full of hot air.> "Actually, yeah!... hey... quit using my specs against me..."

Light taps on the microphone. The old man's voice echos over the ocean. "Oh! Hello there. The Battle and Chase people have told me that I can announce the race. So... Hello Fugue dear. Good luck on the race. So without further ado, let's get this race started. I think that's all what you came here for, right? Well then, keep it nice and clean, and it goes to 3 laps." "5, sir" "Five! Five laps. Right then. I suppose I press this button here and count down. Are you all ready?

"On your mark.

"Get set.


And with that, the race begins.

Comet had been waiting for that. The moment the go-signal is given, her platform's thrusters activate, carrying her along the water like it were a larger version of a surfboard. And in some ways, it is.

Nothing flashy, nothing fancy about it. Eruption Echidna just dives for the water as soon as the signal to begin comes, spines completely flat against his back to cut down on as much turbulance in the water as possible. Into the water goes the echidna.

And with that, Ricochet starts. He leaps into the air, bringing his hands forward to cut into the water. He slices in with a massive splash, Orbit following. A second passes as he reorients himself, Orbit swimming over to board his back as he begins doing large, strong strokes along with foot propulsion. Accelerating into the 'groove', he begins searching the area for any potential threats. Quickly identifying his fellow Repliforcers he diverts course to arrive near their point of aquatic entrance. Looks like the boy and his rat are going to be acting as a rear guard if they can't do anything else.

Caduceus Catfish blinks as Dr. Light begins speaking "Oh, isn't that Dr.Light. How nice, they've got him to give the announcements, why I'd..." And the race begins, and everyone around him begins to move "Oh, oops. My, I almost got left behind, I'd better pay attention, hm?" He's really not talking to anyone in particular. At any rate, he begins swimming forward, not the fastest fish in the water, mind you, but he at least keeps up an even pace.

<GO!> And with that, Spin dives from the side, spearing through the surface, and starting to tear off through the water. He's had plenty of practice lately, and he hopes it'll be enough for him to bring this one home. Stroke, stroke, stroke. He's focused on one thing - forward.

"It's go time! Time for the Ray of Racing to raise some heck on the race track!"

With his battlecry given, Jet turns on the juice and begins to blast off, giving it all he has. Those watching him would think of him a fish making its getaway from a nasty predator... And for Jet, that metaphor holds too true, considering the dangerous people with this race.

As the race starts, Shark Man starts swimming forward, using his tail to propell him through the water. As he swims, he thinks to himself, "Dude, keep cool. You can, like, totally do this."

Sigma leaps into the water, grinning slightly, looking over the various people, specifically those who stare at him as he leaps inside ... and sinking. KERTHUNK.

Taking two steps back before launching herself forward at a decent clip, arcing into a near-perfect (if shallow) dive, Red plunges into the water without waiting a second after the signal is given. Once there, she begins to move herself forward by ripples in her outer layer and tendril motion, arms held motionless in front of her to present a narrower profile. She stays underwater, visible mostly by the back tendrils that stick over the surface.

Fugue glances up toward the announcer's booth and lifts a hand to wave. "Hi, Doc! I'll make you proud!" She grins brightly in that direction until the count begins, then turns quickly and prepares to take off. When the signal is given, she takes off, forcefield bubble skimming neatly through the water.

Pink Elephant takes off! Well, not in any kind of impressive way. He shakes off the orange floaties and immediately sinks to the bottom. Once hitting the floor, he trundles forward in an odd, space-hopping manner. If anyone has good hearing abilities underwater, they'll notice him saying, "Thank you for choosing Pink Elephant Travels. As you know, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view the ocean floor and some of the world's best underwater athletes in action! To your left..." His trunk is also stuck out like a periscope, and his little headlight comes on, sending a beam of light through the water.

The racers speed around the track....

Caduceus Catfish swims along, as he realizes he's not in dead last place. Very good, that's more than he'd thought he'd do. He idly gives a nod to those near him and passing him from Repliforce and swims onward. No crash attempts for him, nope.

Submerging a few feet beneath the surface after his initial freestyle rush, the Cougar switches to breaststroke, his tail keeping his body from twisting sideways too far. He doesn't see anyone ahead of him. Blinking, he doesn't see anyone off to his one, two, ten, or eleven. Just his nine, and it's Jet! Partial elation at being where he is, when he is. Firing off a tightbeam, he continues on, towards the light at the end of the race.

Not much else for Ricochet to do but swim!. Jet, Spin and Comet zoom past he and Orbit, so it appears they ARE taking up rear guard - whether they like it or not. Moving off to the middle of the track, he begins almost punching the water as he tries to gain some speed - or so it appears, anyway. Though perhaps he has some ideas of his own. Orbit doesn't appear to care about getting wet or dry - though that's just as well as Rico seems to be going underwater fairly regularly. It's a good thing he's a robot - otherwise his ventalators being filled with water would probably be bad. (Of course, having ventalators when you're a human is pretty bad in itself...)

Spin Cougar sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Spin Cougar.

Shark Man continues to power his way through the water, not worrying about the other racers as he concentrates on the race. There's noone in his faction to wave towave to, so he just keeps going.

Comet is content to ride her platform for now. Simply put, she's interested in a race, not a demolition derby. She is pretty surprised to see people pass her, but it doesn't really upset her per se. She just keeps going, looking around as the race proceeds.

Eruption Echidna isn't the fastest of aquatic travellers, but the same design that makes him a living drill works for cutting through the water as well. Arms held before him, the large rock-cutting blades jutting from his forearms act like fins to keep him balanced out, his legs tucked up to keep out of the way. Propulsion comes instead once he gets under way, as the grinders afixed as part of his upper arms and legs whirr to life and flip out, spiral blades converting them into fairly apt propellors.

Sigma thunks into the sand and looks around briefly. Scowling at Jet's (usual) lead, he continues to plod forward through the sand, biding his evil time. He looks to Pink Elephant, looks forward, and continues moving rather slowly.

Pink Elephant continues bobbing along--going just fast enough to keep close to the other racers, but certainly, he's not going to place. "Directly in front of us is Sigma, whom I'm sure you've heard of before. Marvelous underwater, isn't he? And to your right you'll see some of Repliforce's best."

Red Tide seems disinclined to do anything other then rush straight ahead, all six tendils moving in smooth motions to propel her forward, her legs beginning to move as well - though her arms are still. She leaves very little wake behind her as she moves.

Jet Stingray blinks as he finds that he has left most people in the dust. Still, the Stingray of Cool knows that even he has a strong lead, the 'laps' allow someone in the far back to still cause him some trouble. Nodding to Spin as he gets a radio from him, he offers a quick thumbs up before trying to speed up just a bit more. .oO(Keep it cool, Jet... You almost lost it on the radio. You have a decent lead. Just keep positive. You are the ray! Chicks dig you! You ...kinda.. saved the world once or twice! Whose the ray? You're the Ray! No, /you're/ the Ray!)

Light continues talking as the contestants race. "Annnd it's a cat and a stingray up ahead, and Comet is right behind. Then it's a fish, Fugue, and a kid behind them. Then another fish, and Red Tide (Who needs to set her short desc) and one of those spiky reploids (Who also needs to set a lwho desc) afterwards. And behind, we got two people on the bottom of the ocean..." The good doctor pauses. "Can someone get me some binoculars? I don't have the latest model eyes, you know..."

Fugue has no need to worry about getting wet. Her forcefield keeps her nice and dry inside the bubble of air. As she skims along through the water, she takes a moment to wave toward Ricochet. "Hiiiiyeeeeee!"

Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission from Abernathy.

The racers speed around the track....

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "KEEP GOING, guys, you're doing GREAT!!"

Comet is still content to simply race. No point in crashing into people, and the only ones she might be able to get in range of would be Jet and Spin Cougar. She's a good sport, content to just follow in their wake for now.

Caduceus Catfish hmms "Everyone seems to be passing me, oh dear. Oh well, swim harder then!" He trudges onward, but it's not like he can really go much faster than he is, he can only keep moving. At least he doesn't have to walk.

Eruption Echidna cruises along, picking up a decent amount of speed once the props get going, though he's still far behind anyone that's in a position to be considered a lead. Though he does start to catch up to the shark-looking Master after a bit. o 0(Time to start doing what I came here to do)0 o . As he closes in, a large hand reachs out to try and grab Shark Man by the tail and slow him down before he can catch up to the others.

Eruption Echidna tries to ram into Shark Man, without much success.

Fugue tosses another wave back toward Ricochet as she speeds on past him. She's not going in for anything fancy right now. Just skimming along.

Sigma continues stomping along, waiting for people to dare lap him. He gets passed by Pink Elephant but he doesn't seem to mind, he'll be able to have his fun momentarily.

"Hey!" Ricochet calls out towards Fugue as she passes him by. "*BWIP!*" <Yo!> calls out Orbit. He's about to say more, but the pair goes underwater, so all that comes out is *BURBLEURBLEURBLE* - and she's already gone by that point. No use in actually trying to say more. All that he can see right now that would possibly be a threat is Shark Man - and that's not worth giving up his lead to attack. He hopes. Things like that sometimes come back to bite the Repliforcer. He continues 'punching' the water, going as quickly as his Reploid legs and arms will carry him.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Note to self. Shooting fish in a sea isn't as easy as shooting them in a barrel."

Hearing 'Annnd it's a cat and a stingray up ahead' throws Spin's mind for a loop, as track 2 of Dark Side of the Moon begins to emanate from his body. His mind running through the stars, his body climbing through the seas, he continues on, minding only his route to the finish line. At least for now.

Pink Elephant bounds along, happy as ever. "Passing Sigma to our left. On our right, you'll notice one of the rarer types of Catfish in these oceans." He pauses in his speech for a moment. "Remember, please refrain from any flash photography, or from placing your arms or heads outside of the main unit. Do not attempt to open the waterproof hatch. It may be best at this point in the race to fasten your seatbelts and secure all loose articles."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "I didn't hear anything."

Shark Man continues swimming, still not worrying about the other racers. At least until one of the tries to grab him. All he does though is swim faster, getting out of range of the echidna.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "It's a figure of speech."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "Of course it is, we have more room to move around in the openness of the sea, than in a barrel. That is just commen sense."

Red Tide continues to swim forward without a word or, in fact, any motion other then the strictly necessary to swim. Quiet, isn't she?

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "Who is producing the music? I am not available to look up at the moment..."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Sounds like Spin's"

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray blinks at Spin is actually able to keep up with him. That's surprising. At least it isn't like last race when everyone was passing him. Still, last race, he rarely got a chance to get to his top speed. Still, the race is a new 'day' as Jet is beinging to realize. .oO(Man... I forgot was it was like to be nervous about your dreams... To know that I had to give it all I need to win. This is great!)

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "You can hear it over radio?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Water carries soundwaves better than air bud."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "No, I can feel it. I am attuned to vibration and the speakers are underwater."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Should I .. ergh .. turn it down?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "No. I was merely curious as to whose it was."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "It's Pink Floyd"

Eruption Echidna snaps his fingers as the shark manages to slip through his grasp. Odd, this race seems to be rather... demolition free, for a chance. Shrugging it off, he continues to motor his way along forward. He's not lagging behind, but he doesn't appear to be in any hurry, either.

Sigma speeds up, unfortunately, moving out of the range of anybody to smite! However, he calmly continues running along, looking as pleasant as a pit of acid. He waves to Pink Elephant again, slightly shaking his head casually.

Prismatic Spider receives a radio transmission.

Comet is still...just racing. Yes. The only truly noteworthy part about this is that she gets a bright idea suddenly, lying down and planting her feet behind her platform, in the water. Triggering the thrusters in her legs, she manages to get a bit more speed going, and passes both Spin and Jet. With that managed, she pulls her feet out of the water and stands back up...

Shark Man continues to swim, not really doing anything special, like ramming into people or passing anyone just yet.

Ricochet WOULD kick the rotten camera that doesn't seem to be working, but, aheheheh, his foot can't quite go high enough to smack it. Feh, feh! Ricochet continues going, almost through the first lap. His legs peddle in the water semi-ineffectually as he seems to be hot on Shark Man's heels for the moment. In the distance, he can see his fellow Repliforcers... so much for doing much to help them. He's probably too far off.

Caduceus Catfish swims like the good little fishy he is. Hey look, there's Echidna, who is as behind as he is! Hooray!

As Spin expected, the 'Fastest thing in the water' manages to pass him. And so does Comet. Okay, this race isn't over yet, he thinks. Passing the lap line once, he keeps going, still playing that music to himself (though everyone else can apparently hear it).

Fugue rounds the second lap! She's now fairly well alone in the water, so doesn't bother to look around much. In fact, after a moment she just turns over on her back, folds her hands behind her head, and crosses her ankles, reclining comfortably as she soars through the water in her bubblefield.

Light did not announce positions last turn, as he's talking with the managers in order to get some assistance in finding who's in what position. "Some binoculars, and maybe, and a list would be good. Maybe I should invent some flying cameras. It'll just take a moment."

Jet Stingray growls as Comet gets in front of him, not focusing on the fact that he passed Spin. If he was wasn't so focused on his top speed, he might debate hitting his own teammate. The times have caused him to be a little more 'end justify the means' but thankfully, he would like choose the high road. .oO(That's what I get for getting overconfident! The race is far from over. Gotta give it all I have. Wonder if I'll be content with Silver or the Bronze. No! All or nothing. That's what one me the first race... It can win me the second!) As he thinks such ranging thoughts, his racing form is smooth and perfect, as is expected from a racing professional like himself.

Red Tide continues to swim right along, popping up to the surface for a moment to see who is passing near her. Just because she can hear them doesn't mean she can tell who they are at this speed! Not seeing anyone she's particularly irritated at, she drops back down to continue her swimming.

Pink Elephant bounds along. Still. He doesn't seem too upset that some of the racers are getting away from him. He seems more aimed towards keeping in the midst of the pack, and maintaining a steady rhythm of movement. He flaps an ear towards Sigma when he waves, but doesn't do much other sign of recognition--he's a bit busy entertaining his passengers. "What an excellent vantage point, wouldn't you say? As a reminder, tapes will be on sale at the end of this race at an extremely low price. Take the memory home for the family!" His little wings flap underwater.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Prismatic Spider sends a radio transmission to Abernathy.

He knows Sigma's intent. He would like to think that it wouldn't be. But one way or another, Spin knows that Jet's going to be hounded. He decides against interfering, as he isn't likely to be able to do just about anything to keep Jet going, but he does swim right past, tightbeaming a warning.

Comet simply continues to keep on going, making turns where she must. She's blazing on ahead, and actually managing to gain a bit of a lead, a tiny piece at a time. She's not really basking in the moment, though. For whatever reason, she seems rather cautious about something.

Spin Cougar sends a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Spin Cougar.

Prismatic Spider enters the Syria.

Prismatic Spider has left.

Eruption Echidna mutters. He's too slow to keep up with the head of the pack, but too fast to keep back and deal with the riffraff farther behind him. So all he can do is swim.

Pink Elephant peers around...excellent! His headlight swivels and he aims his periscope of a trunk right at Jet Stingray. "Ladies and gentlemen, what a sight! It's the Stingray himself, one of the ocean's finest creatures. With Sigma directly in tow! What a rare sighting, I'm all jiggly with excitement!"

Fugue is still right in the middle of nowhere. Which is perfectly find as far as she's concerned! She just keeps on cruising through the water without a care in the world.

Sigma is passed by Comet! But it's too late for him to smash into her because she's just so much faster than he is! Sigma frowns slightly, making a small addition to the list, but then target numero uno arrives and Sigma grins, leaping to the side slightly as he looks back, frowning at Spin Cougar, but choosing to take out his old pal first. Waiting for Jet to get near, Sigma blasts forward and attempts to tackle Jet to the side!

Sigma crashes forcefully into Jet Stingray!

Caduceus Catfish passes the line and is no longer on the first lap. Hooray for him. He continues onward, humming a pleasent tune to himself, utterly enjoying just swimming at his regular pace.

Dr. Thomas Light returns to the microphone. "Okay. Now we have a nice little list. Thanks to...*muffled: What was your name, dear?*... Coconut. Thanks, dear. Here we go... Comet and Jet just passed up the two underwater runners, and Spin Cougar is right behind. Fugue (Go Fugue!), Ricohet, Shark Man, Red Tide, Cadu... Caduceus Catfish and Eruption Echidna and OH MY, we have a crash!"

Ricochet grimmaces. "DAMMIT! C'mon, we gotta kick it into high gear!" Orbit pulls himself down as best as he can to make the pair aerodynamic - but it doesn't help much. Gotta try to knock off Sigma - or at least give him a good kick in the whatfor. Or is that for what? Bah, you know what I mean.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "He got Jet! The b<censored> detained Jet!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Calm."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Sigma will get his."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Easy Spin. It's only the second lap up there."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "... calm."

Red Tide continues to swim underwater, hopefully without being noticed. Apparently it's working, as nobody's crashed into her yet...

Shark Man finishes the first lap, and continues to do the same thing he's been doing for the whole race.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "I shall give him a forceful tail slap if he comes within range, hm?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet transmits, "I'll settle his hash if I get close to him."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "Calm down. It is only a race."

Jet Stingray is going... going... *Crash!* The powerful Maverick Leader smashes into his side, sending the poor stingray to the ground. .oO(I /knew/ it. Bald headed freak. If he makes me lose... I'll make him pay like nothing else. So help me...) That said, he tries to 'shake' it off and continue on.

The racers speed around the track....

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray speaks with a frightening calm, "I will not lose... I don't care if the Stardriods themselves willed it. I Will. Not. Lose."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "Calm down, Commander."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "He is calm."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Just... focused"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "No, I believe that is quite angry."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "I have spoken that way myself before."

Spin Cougar goes right by Jet, but finds himself lagging behind Comet. Scowling with the blatant display of what the spirit of the game frowns upon, he continues moving. But he has to wonder, would he do more good helping secure that second - or maybe first - place, or in helping Jet accomplish the goal he's waited two years for? He ponders as he continues moving forward.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "I said it was calm. I didn't say it wasn't angry. Y'd be surprised how people can be both at once."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "Come now, it is just a race. Isn't the motion of the water soothing?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "It would be if Sigma weren't in it."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "I doubt that would surprise me. - The water? Fairly."

Eruption Echidna still can't do much, other than that he's made it past the first lap finally, and just keeps chugging along.

"Yes, it looks like Sigma crashed into Jet Stingray. I hope Jet and Sigma are alright, that looked somewhat bad. Oh, they're running again. Comet and Spin are first and second, Jet and Fugue tied for third, Ricochet and Shark right behind. And the fish is the last swimmer. I've been told that the first underwater blur is Pink Elephant." Light talks to one of the reploids. "For me? Are you sure? While I'm announcing? Well, my throat is a bit dry."

Caduceus Catfish continues swimming along, still humming a little song to himself. He looks around him, totally surrounded by allies, how nice. He keeps pushing forward, not really seeming to care that he has virtually no chance to win.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "Guys, don't worry, it's just Jet being focused. He does this every year, trust me."

Comet still isn't doing anything truly amazing. She's just continuing to let her platform 'surfboard' plow through the waters, keeping in the spirit of the event.

"Oh, and Red Tide and the Echidna are fight by the catfish. Sorry, didn't mean to forget you! Keep on swimming! You're doing fine!"

Shark Man, er, just keeps swimming. He's not crashing into anyone, being crashed into, he's not passing anyone or being passed. Whoa, what a boring shark.

Fugue cruises along, and.. hey! She knows that fish! "Hi, Jet!" Both former gold medalists, now side by side! She grins brightly and gives him a thumbsup. "C'mon, you can do it! Don't give up yet!" Yes, she is cheering on the person she unseated from the throne last year.

Ricochet is still in lockstep with the Robot Master, but doesn't seem to be paying too much attention. Smooth race so far. That'll last. Right? RIGHT?! Well, at least so long as chrome-dome is his real target and no one else goes after him.

Pink Elephant says, "And oh my goodness, what a sight! Sigma tackling Jet and knocking him right over. A successful venture, one he's probably been waiting for. You're very lucky to see this, and I do recommend purchasing the tape for an Elephant's-Eye view of the carnage." He bounds along, doing rather badly in the race, but not at all worried about it, it seems. "Once again you'll notice Sigma to our left with the Stingray close by."

Sigma continues swimming ahead! You'll never get his lucky charms, Jet Stingray! You may try to lap him, but he won't let you! Well, it isn't really swimming, it's more like stomping along like a golem. Sure, it allows Pink to get ahead, but that's the spirit of the games! To help your comrades against everybody else, right?

Red Tide doesn't come up this time; she's quite low, apparently preferring to be as deep as she can manage.

"Oh, my. This is nice sake. You know, back in the expo of 99, there was this nice little place that Albert, Edward, and I found. Now, you know how Albert can hold his alcohol. And I sometimes indulge. All in good moderation, mind you. But there was something in the sake, it had a kick. I still haven't found anything since." Light continues on, whetting his whistle.

Jet Stingray merely continues to race on. His optics seem glazed over, as if in another world. It isn't that, but merely a unheard of focus and persistance on Jet's part. It is not sheer model design that Jet is one of the best racers ever.

The racers speed around the track....

Caduceus Catfish continues to swim, humming to himself. He's going to do horribly! Yes! Ha!

Eruption Echidna just keeps going. There's just no one nearby for him to keep from getting on the way of others. Yawn. Hope the land race is more exiting than this....

Comet simply keeps going, navigating the race as necessary. She's built a semi-decent lead by now, though she does momentarily slow down as she sees Ricochet up ahead, surfacing and submerging on and off like he's been doing. Then she notices he's doing it on purpose, and speeds back up. Nothing unusual there.

...so... painfully... CLOSE. Yet so far. Ricochet continues swimming, unable to find anyone worth crashing into except Sigma - but he's not in range. By the time he gets there he might not be able to line up to go after Sigma - but he's rapidly losing patience. He soon may just go after any viable target - if he can find one, that is. Unfortunately most of the swimmers are in one way or another on 'his' side and off limits. So much for the mech with compulsive destructive habits. Not that Rico has any of those. 'course not.

Spin Cougar is still far behind Comet, but he isn't giving up. He sees Caduceus up ahead, and grins. "Brother!" he calls out. "You're doing alright, just keep going!" he says cheerfully as he speeds on past. He believes he can say hello to a second place finish when this is all said and done, unless Jet can recover ... but as for Spin, he'll just keep going.

Sigma continues swiiming along, and then sees Fugue and her bubble in front of him! Hey! Maybe if he breaks the bubble, she'll implode, and it'll be one less Hunter trying to psychoanylize him! He grins as he speeds up, pressing his arms in front of him to smash towards the Hunter. Apparently Sigma is willing to just let loose and wreck havoc.

Sigma tries to ram into Fugue, without much success.

Jet Stingray is now passing Fugue. Normally he would respond with his own cheer to hers, but considering how important the race is to him, he felt like harming her for seemingly blissful glee. More so due to the fact that she won with that sorta attitude. Granted he often races with that attitude, but... This is the Battle and Chase here! The biggest kinda race in Jet's life. At least he didn't follow his intial urges to crash into her. Maybe something Jet will notice and be considered about later is the fact that he is willing to be much more viloent... Yet anyone watching will just watch him fluidly pass underneth the waves like fish or a torpedo.

Fugue waves again as Jet speeds off ahead of her. "Good luck!" But then, "Aaack!" As Sigma lunges for her, Fugue quickly rises up out of the way, letting him rebound off her force bubble. "Bad Sigma! Bad bad Sigma! No biscuit!" She turns around a moment to raspberry the Maverick leader as she zooms along.

Shark Man speeds up, still concentrating on the race itself, and not the other racers.

Between sips, the positions are announced. "Oh! We're still on. And, er, now Comet is racing like a comet, and almost a quarter-lap behind is Spin Cougar racing like a cougar, and Jet Stingray racing like a stingray. Fugue and Shark are still neck and neck, and behind them are Red Tide and the Echidna and the catfish. And last is Pink Elephant and woboy, there's that Sigma again! So anyways, after the first day of the expo, we decide to revisit the place, and have a little contest. Now, I'm not one to indulge in drinking contests, but this was a grand day. Let your hair down, as I'd say."

Red Tide's head peers up from the water again for a moment as she rises, eyes flickering in a 'blink' as she considers. Still not particularly wanting to disrupt her forward motion, she moves back down.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Racing like a cougar. How original."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray doesn't say anything, but the sounds of rushing water can be heard, his radio most likely still on.

Pink Elephant is still bounding around. "And now you'll see we're next to Jet Stingray and a rare underwater Cougar. Oh, and I sincerely hope you didn't place bets on me. This is a tour, not a ra--well, it is a race, but you get what you paid for, which was the tour." Several groans from inside the elephant's body. Seems he's not the only one who entered the race...

The racers speed around the track....

Comet's expression brightens up a bit as Dr. Light makes commentary on her. Sure, it was a pretty basic comment, but something about it amuses her. Nonetheless, she just keeps racing on peacefully...

Ricochet iiiiiiiiiiis!... PAST SIGMA! "#*$*****#*#($(*#(*$(*#!!!!" says Rico. "*BWIPBWIPBWIPBWIPBWIP*" <#($*(#**********!!!!> concurs Orbit, forgetting the old rule * before $ except after @. The pair continue swimming, trying to find a 'viable' target but unfortunately any attempt at assisting the Ray through bashing his head into the competition is eluding him.

Eruption Echidna finally manages to edge in front of Caduceus a bit, but loses distance to Red at the same time. Dammit, why can't he get out of the rest of the Repliforcers, and closer to someone he'd want to snack, having much the same problem as Rico....

Caduceus Catfish swims forward, no drama for him.

Spin Cougar is alone in the water, well almost. The lapped Caduceus is next to him as he keeps going. There is almost no way he'll be able to catch up to Comet. He can see Eruption and Red not far off, however. Still his mind strides from star to star, the bass line nearly making him a beacon in the water. His body continues to press on, stroke after stroke.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Whoever told me this race was suppose to be an exciting matter needs to get some sense beat into him."

Fugue finally puts some decent distance between herself and Sigma. Phwew! And hey, there's the ray again! But since she's behind him, Fugue doesn't bother to call out. SHe simply races along, trying to keep up.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "It is exciting when the vast majority of participants are not very friendly-minded, which does not seem to be the case this year."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "Besides that it is merely a matter of continuing to move forward."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet transmits, "'cuz there's a shortage of Masters and Mavericks."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet nnngs. "Someone, do me a favor and whack Shark Man for me, 'k?"

Shark Man continues swimming through the water, still not caring about the other racers. At least, not until Comet attempts to lap him. Sharky angles himself upwards, and, as his fin breaks the water, the familiar Jaws theme begins playing. But, he isn't going to eat Comet, just knock her over, maybe.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet transmits, "I missed my chance earlier and I dunno if I'm gonna catch up with him any time soon."

Shark Man tries to ram into Comet, without much success.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Just Shark Man. Now, if we were all about as equal in speed as me and Jet, that would be a lot more interesting."

Pink Elephant continues to do a nice little underwater dance. He's been lapped twice now by the fastest racers, but oh well. "Now you'll notice a dangerous underwater Shark Man directly close to us. Please do not bleed at this time, as the scent of blood is known to put sharks in a feeding frenzy, and that's very bad PR." He pauses as Shark Man attacks Comet. "As you can see, some Sharks do it anyway."

Jet Stingray blinks as Comet is further along. His tail flails about wildly, which does not slow him down that much... He needs /some/ way to express his frustation. Yeah, he's taking this race far too personally... But well, this is his life. It's like telling an Judge 'it's just a law' or a Star Trek fan 'It's just a alien'. That's just not something you do.

Red Tide swims. Underwater. She does slow down for a moment to see just who is in front of her...wait a moment, is that Sigma? Watching him carefully, she maintains her current speed.

Sigma looks behind him towards Red Tide, but for some reason doesn't smash into her! There's plenty of time for that later, after all. Or maybe she's juuust out of his comfortable range. He continues stomping along.

The racers speed around the track....

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Keep going Jet, you're catching up."

Oohh, lap 3, how spelndid! Maybe he won't get last place. None of the three unfriendlies are around him, so he keeps swimming on.
That was Caducues, BTW

Thomas Light finishes up his tale. "So anyways, they did get the car out from the third story window, and the cows were returned safe and sound. They never found out it was us, though. But it was quite an adventure. *Sip* Very fine Sake. Oh! The race!" A ruffling of papers. "Let's see now. Comet is in a league of her own, and a Cat acting like a fish are a half lap behind. Then there's Jet, and Fugue (You're still doing us proud!), a shark in the water, and a boy and his rat behind. The tides have turned on Red, the Echidna follows, and Caduceus Catfish is there. Pink Elephant is... Is that a camera? Well, that's unique. And last, Sigma, here to make things interesting. Watch out, Red Tide!"



Ricochet's optics narrow as his face turns into a sarcastic grin. Sigma may elude him... but Pink Elephant won't. Paddling as hard as he can, he goes underwater for a few seconds until, suddenly, he surfaces... or more accurately, Orbit does. And leaps out, towards the elephant. "*BWIP BWIP BLOOP BWIIIIIIP!*" <ROBOTIC PIKACHU OMG PWNED J00!> he roars out, attempting to cling to Pink Elephant's face and drunk as Rico tries to whack her from underneith with a bodily torpedo blow.

Comet does a rather unusual thing to evade Shark Man. When he makes his move, she 'barrel rolls' her platform, spinning it 360 degrees and going sideways away from Shark. When the 'barrel roll' completes, she's still standing upright; must've had some kind of magnetic lock on her boots to her platform. She's a bit wet, but keeps on racing.

Spin Cougar sends a radio transmission to Dr. Light.

Dr. Light receives a radio transmission from Spin Cougar.

Ricochet crashes forcefully into Pink Elephant!

Oh look. There's Sigma, still pacing Red. This is making her very nervous, and she never liked him anyway...rather suddenly, she starts pushing herself backwards, stopping almost instantly before reorienting and charging toward Sigma, head-first. The last time she was in combat with him, he wasn't eager to touch the paraplasm...hopefully the distaste remains.

Red Tide tries to ram into Sigma, without much success.

Jet Stingray merely continues on. .oO(This /can't/ be happening. I'm Jet Stingray... The Fastest Water Reploid /ever/. To lose twice. NO! This cannot be! I won't /let/ it be!) That said, he continues to push his raw thrust, which would increase his speed, but since it is harder for him to control it isn't that much of a speed increase.

Fugue somehow manages to catch up to Jet again. Don't ask her how, she's just been speeding along! The stingray gets another cheery wave, as Fugue digs out a small pennant with 'Jet Stingray' written across it. The pennant goes swish swish as she waves it back and forth.

After Comet evades him, Shark Man starts to speed up again, and continues to swim forward.

She's half a lap ahead of him. Spin isn't catching up unless someone knocks Comet out. But he can still solidify that second place, and hope that one of the other Repliforcers (come on, Jet!) can catch up for a good third. He passes Eruption, but ahead of him, Red and Sigma duke it out. Aiming to pass below the two, he continues forward.

Eruption Echidna keeps chugging along, but all he's catching up to is Spin a lap ahead of him. Well, can't crash into that. But since he is up close, he drops back a little again to follow in case some decides to harass Spin instead. -Some- Repliforcer is gonna win this, Jet or otherwise, if he has anything to say about it.

Pink Elephant bounds along, happy as ever. He'll be making some good money off this race. "A very good view of Shark Man to our right. To our left you'll seeFASTENYOURSEATBELTS--" */~WHAM!~/* Pink is given a very good solid whack right in the face. His huge bulk barely takes a dent, but it sends him spinning in a little circle. He waggles his trunk fiercely as Orbit clings. "Mrrrrrrrrrfl!" Doesn't seem he can say very much like that. He whacks his trunk against the ocean floor, trying to dislodge Orbit.

Sigma looks towards Red Tide, narrowing his eyes as he goes spiraling by! He whirls around in a twirl to avoid the Repliforcer, "Hmm...", he says thoughtfully, "Nah.", he comments to himself with a manic grin, "I'm not fallin' for it.", he lets Spin move ahead....for a few seconds, and then blasts forward, attempting to smack into his back. "I remember you too.", he says cheerfully.

Sigma crashes forcefully into Spin Cougar!

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "*smack* Daaaah! Sonofa ... !"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "DAmn! He got him from the front"

Sigma receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Dat's it. I owe Baldy a knuckle sandwhich"

Sigma sends a radio transmission to Iris.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Smash him and smash him *good*."

The racers speed around the track....

Whee, Spin slips right below the pair, and then WHAM! Sigma comes down hard on his back. Something can be heard snapping as Spin's limbs flail for a moment - whatever Sigma hit, it apparently hurt. Struggling to get his bearings and get -away- from the threat, he tries to get himself back into a good stroke pattern, but it takes a while. Long enough for the Stingray to come up behind him again, as well as Fugue.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "I had already attempted to. My apologies."

Caduceus Catfish swim good. Just not fast. But keep swimming he does, hope for any placement at this point is gone, but at least he won't get last place.

Sigma receives a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "You're doing well, Caduceus! Keep it up!"

Ricochet grabs Orbit as the two retreat from Pink Elephant, kicking up their speed again. "Didja see the look on his face?!" "*BWIP BWIP*" <No, I was trying to grab his trunk. Did you?> "No, I, ah... was whacking his stomach." "..." "..." "What a look he had!" "*BWIP*" <*SIGH*>

Sigma frowns at something, and continues marching along, not even slamming into Caduceus even though there's an oppourtunity! Perhaps he has been taken off the dark side? Or maybe he just doesn't know the Catfish well enough to get up close and personal.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, ".... shoot! Caduceus! Watch out! Sigma's right in front of you!"

Eruption Echidna growls as Sigma manages to hit Spin from the front instead, and both end up behind him. Which only pushes him that much harder to get to were to he can do some good. Fortunately, a big, pink target finally gets into reach. Well, if Sigma wants to pick on -his- comrades, turnabout is fair play. "Time to send Pinky back to whatever drunken oaf dreamed him up!" Before trying to slam his fists into Pink's backside.

Eruption Echidna crashes forcefully into Pink Elephant!

Sigma sends a radio transmission.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Caduceus Catfish transmits, "Hmm? Oh, I didn't notice! He doesn't seem to have any ill intent towards me at the moment though."

Shark Man can't really do much at this point, so he keeps swimming forward.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "I'm distracting him!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Prismatic, whatever you gave Caduceus for luck, I want a copy."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Prismatic Spider transmits, "Belief in yourself, Spin."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "That's better."

Light chuckles, "I always wanted to do this. *Ahem* Annnnnnnnn it's Comet and Cupid on the last lap with just a few distances to go. Comet has got almost a full lap on the next racer, which is Spin Cougar. Spin Cougar's in second with Jet and Fugue on his tail. It's Spin and Jet and Jet and Fogue, with Shark Man following up. Shark, shark, shark and then a Boy and his Rat. Boy and Rat follow, and it's the Red Tides of Darkness. Red Tides followed by Echidna. Echidna carrying up the rear with Caduceus Catfish. Catfish, Catfish, passing up Sigma. And now it's Pink. Catfish passing up Siggy and the Magic Tourbus. Tourbus showing up the rear, and it's Sigma in dead last." Light and Sake. Who'd have guessed?

Fugue finds herself... still even with Jet. Hmmm. Maybe he's having engine trouble? She waves the pennant at him again as they round the lap. Go, Jet, go! Turning slightly, she gives Comet a bright grin and a wave. Just because she's cheering for Jet doesn't mean she can't be nice to everyone else, right?

Comet keeps on going for now. She's lapsed back into a cautious mood for the time being, looking around...nah, nothing dangerous in immediate proximity. Fugue's wave causes her to actually look surprised, then finally she waves back. That's fine.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Well, it's not Sigma, but I do feel a bit better now."

Red Tide went past Sigma completely by mistake. Whoops. Time to go back to making up for lost time; she reorients forward and speeds up again.

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "Did he say... 'Magic Tourbus'?"

[RADIO: (F) Global] Burner Man transmits, "Sadly, yes."

Pink Elephant finally recovers as Orbit is tugged off his trunk. "Fwah! Sorry, ladies and gentleploids, we're having some technical difficulties. Anyways. The tape is unaffected, think of this as livening up the action! You're seeing real combat here, ladies and gentlemen, of which I assure you I am a veteran and more than prepared to face in order to bring YOU the latest in quality entertainment. You'll notice Red Tide to our right, who in fact will be in dodgeball, I believe, with the renowned classical musician Javelin Whitetail and an unknown third party tomorrow evening. To our left is Sigma once again, and behind us is OWMYTAIL!" Pink actually shoots forward a few feet before spinning around and giving the Echidna a solid WHAP with his trunk. "I am TRYING to shoot a video here! Would you people PLEASE show some respect! Honestly!" He spins back around and flits on his way.

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "I see."

My dreams to win seem to be slipping from my hand like sand... How can this be? Beaten twice by nobodies... People that could care less about racing. People are fighting for me this time... Is it that I just don't have what it takes anymore. Who knows, I just might win this... At the very least, I can't give up. It would be wrong for my fans, my friends... And myself. Win or lose, I'll be giving it my best tonight.

While the Ray continues to race with the same skills as before, the thoughts going through his head can be seen in his racing style. It lacks the risk taking aura that it had before, most like autopliot then a fierce sea creature fighting for surpremacy. He just pulls away a bit from Fugue, giving her a simple tightbeam and a thumbs up before putting his hands on his side and trying to give another burst from the famed jet systems that have brought him glory and fame in battle as well as out of it.

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "And Cupid is racing as well? I wasn't aware."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Abernathy transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "Exactly!"

[RADIO: (F) Global] Spin Cougar transmits, "Who the .. ?"

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "Well, that's what I'm asking."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "So is he that shoots so trim racing or not? I'm curious, now."

Ricochet is still out of range of Sigma And anyone else, for that matter. His eyes narrow as he tries to accelerate. The race is quickly drawing to a close. Nevertheless, he'll try to get Sigma at least one more time.

Sigma -could- crash into Jet Stingray again, but he chooses not to. There's someone on her fifth lap, afer all, which is the biggest problem! He looks over his shoulder and then grins at Comet. It's her fifth lap, isn't it? yup, it wouldn't be right to let her go by so unchallenged! He turns suddenly and leaps towards the Repliforcer! "I remember you too.", he says. He has to try -her- at least once.

Sigma crashes forcefully into Comet!

Sigma receives a radio transmission.has left.

Shark Man keeps swimming forward, using his tail to propell himself through the water. He's all alone now, with none of the racers near him, so he is able to concentrate on the race, and possibly speed up a bit.

Sigma sends a radio transmission.

Caduceus Catfish swims forward, ignores Sigma, getting late, player tired, want sleeeep...

Sigma is still right there, thinks Spin. The cougar won't be able to fend him off again, but .. it seems everyone has bunched around him. He ends up lunging to the side as Sigma leaps past him, and hears the impact behind him. Comet! Shoot, Sigma wants everyone dead it seems. All Spin can do is keep going. Keep going. Keep going ....

Comet tries to keep on going...and finds Sigma somehow crashing into her platform. She goes tripping end over end due to the unbalancing. At least she stays on the platform due to her feet 'locking' to it. She finally manages to regain her composure, but not until she'd gone hydro-planing several feet and losing all acceleration. "I don't have time to play with you!", she shouts back to Sigma, clearly very annoyed by what's just happened.

Despite being struck two times, Pink Elephant is still, somehow, ahead of Sigma. Having recovered rather well from the last blow, he continues plundering ahead, his trunk and headlight waving around. There are several muffled complains from somewhere around his midsection, but he just rolls his eyes and keeps bouncing along the ocean floor. "The Maverick Hunter Fugue to our right, ladies and gentlemen. A rare sight indeed. And again to our left, a close up shot of the dangerous Shark Man. Ironic that the Repliforcers are the most dangerous beasts in the water these days..."

Jet Stingray merely continues on, surprised that Sigma went after Comet. Maybe he wants some unknown Mav to win... Maybe he just wants to make it so no one wins. He's a maverick, so Jet figures logic doesn't have to play into Sigma's reasons. The side that Sigma crashed into earlier is starting to bother him, the stingray merely putting one hand on his side while the other is forward in a fist in a variant of the 'Superman' style of flying/swimming.

Yipe! Big crashup right ahead! Fugue quickly jinks to the side, gliding along past all the trouble.

Now that the race is getting close to its finish, Red doesn't surface at all, or make any motion toward an attack. She just swims along, deep underwater (well, as deep as she can).

And Light speaks again, in a blur not often known of the good doctor. "And yes, it's all almost over. Comet, the red-nosed reploid has just half a lap to go, with the Spin Cougar formerly known as Prince a full lap behind. Then it's Jet the Magic Stingray right behind, Jet then Fugue. I'll come up with a new racing name for her. Then it's Jaws Man *Dun nun! Dun nun!* and then we have Ricocheting Checks, A Boy and His Blob, and My Fine Feline Fishy Friend all lined up in a nice row. And finally, bringing up the rear, we have Siggy's little Angel and finally, Pink Seabiscuit!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "Come on guys!!! HOME STRETCH!!!"

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "..."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Abernathy transmits, "...?"

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "Right."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Spin Cougar transmits, "Dude, what is that guy smoking?"

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "I give up."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Burner Man transmits, "I want some."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "Is that you, so eloquent in silence, Abernathy?"

[RADIO: (F) Global] Abernathy transmits, "Mm. Am I that obvious?"

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "You are now."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Abernathy transmits, "Good guess, in that case."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "I get a lot of practice."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Dr. Light transmits, "Surely you don't expect me to be always the stuffed shirt. *cough* It should also be noted that GNN supplies some of the best sake I've ever seen."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Spin Cougar transmits, "Doctor Light!?"

[RADIO: (F) Global] Abernathy transmits, "That explains things. Good evening, doctor."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "Indeed. Good eve!"

Eruption Echidna got that out of his system, he's just back to swimming now for the moment.

[RADIO: (F) Global] Dr. Light transmits, "Goodevening, Abernathy and other friends. I hope I'm not sounding too off with my little creative streak here."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Spin Cougar transmits, "Getting there."

The racers speed around the track....

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "A bit, perhaps."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "Who is in the lead, Doctor?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Last lap ... !"

Caduceus Catfish keeps swimming. Uhg, his player wants to give up and go to bed, but he shall persevere!

Fugue swimswimswim. She waves to the catfish as she comes up next to him, though!

Jet Stingray just continues to race on... Rage, saddness, joy, hope, depression, love.... Considering the wild range of the seemingly moody Stingray has felt in such a short time, its easy to see why he refers to many things in life to a race. For him, life is a race.

[RADIO: (F) Global] Dr. Light coughs to clear his throat. "Comet is. But Spin Cougar is catching up."

[RADIO: (F) Global] Feste transmits, "Mm."

Shark Man keeps on swimming forward, before seeing the person that lapped him earlier. Once again the shark's dorsal fin breaks the surface of the water, and the Jaws theme starts playing, as he heads for Comet once again.

Shark Man tries to ram into Comet, without much success.

Last lap ... ! Spin pours on the energy, pulling himself through the water, faster and faster. As much as he hates to admit it, Sigma's interference has given him a chance at first. Keep going, keep going, keep going!

Comet finally seems to have her bearings again once Sigma's gone on by. She has her platform veer off to the left as Shark comes in at her, which...just barely succeeds, as she's not gotten much speed regained. She tries to accelerate onward once more...

Eruption Echidna finds that he can't hit anyone else again, but seeing Jet come up behind him several laps ahead, he does get another idea. As he keeps going, he starts to spiun himself around, as if he was in midst of a burrowing. In the water, instead, it starts to spin the water around him into a stronger current along the track, aimed to give Spin another push ahead, and try to pull Jet up closer with the stronger flow. Nobody said he had to crush people to help.

Sigma frowns as he continues dashing forward. It's unfortunate that he's now out of range of breaking into Comet again, but that would somewhat defeat the purpose and be a little more obvious than he would like. He doesn't see any targets nearby (aside from Pink Elephant, but he'd rather give that fellow a chance to participate as well than disrupt his maneuvering) and so continues on his merry way as well.

Pink Elephant blinks and raises his eyebrows. A slight sideways glance to Sigma...well, why the heck not. It'll sell good, he's sure. "Ladies and gentlemen, I advise you once again to secure all loose articles, fasten your seatbelts, and soforth. I also recommend protecting your heads in some way. Please hold tight. This footage, remember, will not be sold anywhere else! A once in a lifetime opportunity!" And hopefully it won't be the end of his lifetime. Closing his eyes, Pink stops bouncing and, flitting his little pink wings, hovers full speed underwater towards Comet.

Ricochet is once again denied any opportunities to smack Sigma a good one. Nor the Elephant. And Shark Man is five whole positions away. The ignomity of it all!...

And then... it happens.

A fish swims right up Orbit's nose.

"*BWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP*" <GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ID'S GOIND DO LAY ITS EGGS IN MY BRAINDDDDS!> Orbit squirms on Ricochet's back as his fishy friend flops out his nostril.

Pink Elephant tries to ram into Comet, without much success.

Red Tide /had/ just been going to swim. Orbit's loud sound transmits quite clearly through the water, though, and she rapidly ascends to the surface. Head cresting and looking around, she pauses for a moment before sending out a radio message, still moving forward - just not as quickly as before.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "I heard the ... ah, 'bwip'. Is everything all right?"

The racers speed around the track....

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Lt. Ricochet transmits, "Fine. Orbit's just... got... some problems." "*BWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!*" <I can feed dem hadching!>"

Comet looks around once she gets going again. She can see something's wrong, in the water ahead. Something moving towards her. She waits, and then does another 'water barrel roll' to go wide of Pink Elephant, her guess being well warranted. With that, she zooms on ahead, and manages to complete her final lap. She keeps going full speed ahead, though. Odd.

Shark Man keeps swimming after missing Comet once again, lowering himself back into a comfortable position in the water, and tries to regain his speed.

A cough and Light returns to his more mild-mannered self. "I must say, this does have quite a kick. And there we have it! Comet has won the gold, and it's Spin Cougar and Jet Stingray are almost neck and neck, a full half-lap to go to determine silver and bronze. And Fugue is right behind them. You're doing excellently, dear!"

Still stranded, Sigma lets out a wistful sigh. He was hoping he could tear victory out of someone's hands at the last possible moment, but it seems like that just isn't going to happen. Ah well, it was entertaining anyway.

Fugue isn't going to stop cheering for Jet, even if Comet won the gold! She's just going to keep on gliding through the water, waving her little pennant the whole way.

The cougar continues to push himself forward, but he just lost the chance he needed to get ahead of Comet. She's just too fast. But then, he notices. Jet is only two positions behind. This is going to be a water duel to remember, thinks Spin, as he keeps going, jaw set in a clench.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Iris transmits, "Come on, guys!!!"

Eruption Echidna finishes giving his comrades a little boost, which hopefully helped some since Jet's in front of him as well. And the notices Fugue coming up behind him as well as he comes out of the spin to reorient himself. Oh, why the hell not. "Sorry miss, this ain't anything personal." He attempts to smack her bubble off course as she passes.

Slowest fish alive, that's Caduceus. Still, he swims, he'll complete his laps, or last until the bronze medal is won, whichever comes first. Probably the latter.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Good job Comet!!"

Eruption Echidna tries to ram into Fugue, without much success.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Comet transmits, "'Good job'? Huh?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Keep going guys! Only one close behind you is a Hunter."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "That was five laps, you took first place!"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Comet transmits, "...When?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "... Oi."

Ricochet has no opportunity to do terribly much at this point - but still, he swims on.

Orbit, however, continues fortelling of his own doom and gloom. "*BWWWWWWWIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!*" <MY NEURAL NED IS GOIND TO BE A CAVIAR FARM!> "Calm down, Orbit. It's not so bad. I mean, Prismatic can fix you, and if not... well, caviar is pretty expensive!"


"...I deserved that." mutters Rico, before he sinks.

Jet Stingray just cuts off his foot jets for a moment, like the announcement of the gold switched his power for that short second of time. However, he just continues on, the sudden restart making a flurry of bubbles as he goes on. As he made his mind earlier, he'll finish this. For his fans and those cheering him on... He'll be the prim and proper racer. Or try at least.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Comet transmits, "If someone announced it, I missed it. Was busy clearing my head after all those tumbles and spins."

Red Tide continues to swim...oh. Well, there goes Ricochet, by the sounds and motions she can see/feel. Aborting her forward motion, Red turns and angles toward him instead, presumably to make sure he's all right

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "I hope that little current boost helped guys. It's about all I can do at the moment."

Pink Elephant opens his eyes. He--missed. He blinks for a moment, but then swims forth, easily smoothing over. "Thank you for holding on tight, ladies and gentleploids. As you can see, I've gotten us out of any further danger by quickly swimming into an open area where we can't be attacked! Here at...Pink Elephant...we work hard to ensure your safety." He flits forward, recovering his bravado. "And now, a full pan view of the entire racing company." He raises his trunk and turns the end in a few circles. "Marvelous, isn't it? And this is all yours at an extremely low cost..."

The racers speed around the track....

Fugue wiggles a finger at Eruption as he tries to hit her forcebubble. "Uh uh uh! Naughty!" She gives Eruption a wink and speeds up again, gliding neatly past him. Now free and clear, and trailing behind Jet Stingray, she just concentrates on pouring out as much speed as she can for the last leg of the race.

The four repliforcers swimming almost in formation as they near the finish line, Spin still pushes forward, making a mental note. Heck with that, he puts it over radio.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "When this is over, we need to party in the rec room."

Sigma continues swimming along, since it would be nice if he managed to make it to his third lap.

Comet strangely keeps on going. It's like she didn't hear Dr. Light announce that she's completed the race, or something. Very strange. She just keeps blazing on ahead...

Eruption Echidna just chugs alog leasurely now, cotent to paddle along and watch the end of the race unfold ahead of him, having little else he can do at the moment other than give support.

Ricochet mostly goes on momentum and spasms as he drifts forward. He appears to be fine, just... shocked. Very, very shocked. "BLURBLBLBLBL!" says Orbit. Managing to get himself functioning he somewhat hastily waves off Red's help, pointing onwards - which is where he's headed. At least, if Orbit doesn't shock him again. And it's quite possible that he will, at this point.

Caduceus Catfish putters along at his own pace. Well, at least he won't do as badly as Sigs and Pinky.

Shark Man rounds the corner into his final lap of the race. There's no one near him, so he just keeps swimming. Maybe someone will stop all the people in front of him, so he can have a chance to catch up.

Jet Stingray just focuses on raw speed, the currents causing him to sway from time to time, but is nothing too serious. It is almost like he is totally somewhere else, but racing is so who he is, so what he does, it comes as easy to him like breathing does for a human.

Red Tide hesitates at the pointing, keeping pace with Ricochet, before she finally turns away slightly to race forward once again. Not that she's happy about it.

Pink Elephant swims onward! Tally ho! o/~ And all that jazz! o/~ He plods along the ocean floor. "A final close-up of Sigma, as we near the end of the race. Smile for the camera!"

Sigma smiles.

The racers speed around the track....

Pink Elephant says, "A beautiful shot, ladies and gentlemen! You won't see that again in quite some time, I assure you." .oO(YES! Great PR! Although I'm still gonna kill him when I have to clean that armour off later.)Oo. "We're in a tight bundle now, ladies and gentleploids. Sigma, Jet Stingray, Red Tide, that (*#er who hit me earlier, and Spin Cougar, all close together! Remember, no flash photography."

"Annnnd it's Spin Cougar, Jet Stingray, and Fugue battling for the silver and bronze, and there you have it! Comet with first. Spin Cougar with second, and Jet Stingray in third! I'm Thomas Light, and thanks for watching!"

Comet finally gets the hint, once she hears it a second time. She looks around, confused...then realization hits, and she slows her platform down.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, ".. *audible blink*"

Shark Man keeps swimming after the winners are announced. Why? Because there's a fish in front of him, and fish=food. Sharky speeds up, trying to get a bite out of the catfish before stopping.

Shark Man tries to ram into Caduceus Catfish, without much success.

The race may be over! But there are way too many tempting targets! Like Ricochet! But no, it's time to show Jet Stingray a little luving again. He turns as the race ends and goes carreening straight for Jet, whispering something to him as he carreens towards him.

Sigma crashes forcefully into Jet Stingray!

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "... That #$@#!$%#$@#!#@$!"

Spin Cougar continues racing forward, until .. somehow he passes the finish line just ahead of Jet. Light's call stops the race. He quits swimming forward, just to see Sigma crash AGAIN into Jet. After the finish line. This almost sets him off.

Spin Cougar sends a radio transmission.

Sigma receives a radio transmission.

Sigma sends a radio transmission.

Spin Cougar receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Ricochet scowls, as he slows down and finds Sigma jumping at Jet. "Orbit, you wanna get rid of your nose-fish?"

"*BWIP!*" <I'm on it!>

Orbit leaps through the air, attempting to smack into Sigma...

And if he succeeds... sneeze his fishy friend straight into Sigma's audials. "*BWIP!*" <Go lay an egg in someone else's brain!>

Ricochet tries to ram into Sigma, without much success.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray offers softly, "Good race to al-" The message out off by Sigma's attack.

Spin Cougar sends a radio transmission to Sigma.

Sigma receives a radio transmission from Spin Cougar.

Caduceus Catfish continues swimming until it is over. Then he finishes, probably mingles for awhile, then flies back home. Now, though, his player will be needing to log off soon

Eruption Echidna stops at the announcement. Well, that's it. But they swept the places, so all is good in the end there. He turns to congradulate the three that did take spots... only to see Sigma AGAIN smash into Jet, after the race is over. Massive fists clench, as it takes every bit of willpower in the reploid's being to not melt the Maverick leader in a magma gyser from the ocean floor on the spot.

Sigma sends a radio transmission.

Spin Cougar receives a radio transmission from Sigma.

Red Tide pmakes the lap almost at the same time Jet does (though she's a lap behind) and, therefore, is in rather a good spot to see Jet Stingray be rammed by the Maverick leader. She pauses a moment, floating in the water, before sending off another radio.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "Commander, are you all right?"

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "Jet!"

Jet Stingray just stops as he finishes. He made third... But like most perfectionists, third is not first... So it is not good enough. At least it means he improved, which he notes somehwere in his mind. He doesn't even try and dodge Sigma's attack, letting it send him flying back until he sinks toward the bottom.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna snarls. "&*&#$@*#&@ bald *@#&@($#&#@&!@!@!# bastard, *#&$#(#&@&#@!" Sounds like he went to the same cursing class as Q*Bert.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Red Tide transmits, "Calm down, please. I would suppose that he is trying to convince one of you to attack him on the Battle and Chase grounds."

Pink Elephant films the entire spectacle. "And the race ends with a bang, ladies and gentleploids! What an astounding event! Absoloutely marvelous. You will never see a scene like this again--unless you take it home on video! The places have been announced, and I'm sure the fights will continue long after this is over...this has been Pink Elephant. Join me again soon for the air race! Remember, one to three lucky contestants will get to actually ride inside during the race and have an Elephant's-Eye view of everything! Not sold in stores!" This being said, Pink bounces right off the track towards the water's edge, where he can dump out the 'winners'.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Eruption Echidna transmits, "Trust me. It's taking everything I've got to not give him just that."

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Spin Cougar transmits, "It's all propaganda. It won't work on me."

Fugue won gold last year, but didn't even place this time! Is she upset? Not at all! To Fugue, this was just a chance to have fun, and to cheer on Jet! But now that the race is over, she flies up from the water and deactivates her forcefield bubble.

[RADIO: (C) RF-Chat] Commander Jet Stingray offers in the calm tone, despite the static that flares up once or twice. "...Peachy keen, I suppose. As for Ziggy, just chill. The race is over, I'll kill Sigma later, nothing we can do now. Focus on the coolness of Comet and Spin getting first and second place. It's the first medal either have gotten. It's a special thing."


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