Karakura Town, Tokyo <KT>

    It's about what you would expect from a modern Japanese suburb. The residences are neatly built and clean, with a small number of local-owned businesses and homes-turned-shops. The Kurosaki Clinic is one such place for those needing immediate medical attention but live too far away from Tokyo's city center to get to the hospital. It has a large multi-storied high school with hundreds of students in attendance. Moving closer to the Tokyo side of town, one can find just about anything they need at the open market. And if one is spiritually gifted, they might find something a little more useful at the shady-looking Urahara Shop.

When Orihime gets injured, it's pretty difficult to notice unless one pays extra-special attention. The only class she's had trouble with has been P.E. due to the bandages she's applied to her side. She considered going to the Kurosaki Clinic, but she didn't want Ichigo, or anyone else really, to worry about her. She knows she's all right, and that the wound she took is healing without infection. So there's nothing for anyone to worry about! So she ran her laps quietly with a little smile, lagging a bit now and then, before struggling to catch up to the others.

It's nice to get out and about, even if the weather is still a bit nippy. The snow is gone, at least, and she's happy about that. The purple jacket is zipped up to her chin, with green knitted gloves protecting her hands from the cold. Her brown loafers click quietly on the sidewalk as she takes the path that leads past the river, the gentle wind stirring her long reddish hair and the edge of her pleated navy blue skirt with pink flowers embroidered along the left hem. Clutched in one hand is an empty tote bag, indicative of her intent to go to market.

Not far from Orihime's walking path is Chad. Despite the cold, and melting snow, he's nonchalantly resting on the ground by a riverbed. A pair of headphones adorn his head, so he seems to be rather out-of-tune with the world around him. It's a bit too cold for his normal short-sleeved shirts, and he's wearing a black-fleece coat today.

Right now he seems to be just watching the river, and watching bits of ice that remain float by. It's been a slow week... somewhat slow, anyway. There's all this talk of portals and alternate realities, some of his classmates are more excited by that. But after just getting back from Soul Society, it's not TOO overwhelming for him. There seems to have been nothing but strangeness lately.

Orihime Inoue is more observant than people give her credit for. And besides, it's not hard to miss someone as large as Chad lying in the green of the grass, seemingly at peace with the world around him. Seeing his familiar form is enough to bring a cheerful smile to Orihime's face, and her hand juts straight up into the air in greeting. "Good morning, Sado-kun!" she calls out. She pauses, blinking a bit. "Are you very cold like that? You have no gloves!"

... ... ...

Chad doesn't respond to Orihime. In fact, he just doesn't hear her! He really seems deep into his own thoughts today... or perhaps he just really likes this song. It's a bad habit, anyway, listening to music so loud that you can't hear anyone....

Orihime Inoue's hand lowers. For a moment she seems puzzled, until she spots the long black cord draped over his chest leading to his hip. Ahhhhh, so that's it! She smiles fondly, clasping the tote bag in front of her with both hands as she carefully lifts one leg over the fence, then the other. Luckily she doesn't trip or get tangled on one of the posts, so today must be a very good day. Her shoes whisper across the grass until she stands close to Chad's head, her shadow falling over his face and chest. Here she squats on her heels, holding her bag on her knees as she leans forward to peer at his face, upside-down, eclipsing the sun overhead. "Is it a good song?"

Yasutora Sado blinks. "Inoue?" He reaches up to his headphones and adjusts the volume dial on them, turning it down. "It's that new single, 'Our Pace'. It seems popular but..." He stands, brushing himself off and frowns. "I don't know if I care for it."

He takes the headphones off his ears, and hangs them from his neck, turning the radio off. "What are you doing today?"

Orihime Inoue beams warmly before rising to her feet as well. Not that it makes much difference, since she's still got to tip her head back a great deal to meet Chad's eyes. Eye. Whatever she can see. "I'm going to market, nothing too exciting, really. After that, well..." She smiles, glancing past her shoulder at some unknown point. "I might take a look at some of those other worlds that opened up. Did you know you can WALK from here to America? It's really incredible! Of course, you have to watch out for the giant robots," she furrows her brow, raising a finger sagely. "They were having a big fight! I thought it was a movie at first, but then..." ... "...well, it was pretty clear it wasn't after a little bit! Have you gone out yet?"

"Giant... robots?" Sometimes it's hard to tell when Inoue was daydreaming, and when she wasn't. And with these new worlds that have opened up, it's getting harder and harder to make that distinction. "No, I haven't gone to any of those worlds yet. There's still been school all week you know." She... DID know, right?
"It wasn't too dangerous for you, was it?" Since she is the most battle unready person of their group, despite being the only one not captured in Soul Society.

Orihime Inoue looks alarmed for a moment, then quickly shakes her head with an overly bright smile. "Oh no, not at all! The giant marshmallow man didn't even scratch me!" Which is...mostly true. He wasn't able to hurt her until he was in his smaller human form. "I'm totally okay!" she reassures again, waving her hand up and down. "I went after school, of course, once I finished my homework. I wanted to get you guys some...OH NOOOOOOO!!!" her eyes widen in distress, curling her fingers alongside her jaw. "I forgot the souvenirs! I found these funny giant foam hands for everyone, and I dropped them, and...I'm so sorry, I'll get everyone a new one!"

Yasutora Sado ponders for a moment. Normally when someone insists they are perfectly ok after being in a dangerous situation, it's likely they're NOT totally ok and just hiding it. Inoue especially. He's about to ask again if she's ok, when she informs him of her plight. "No.. that's, ok." He says. "You don't have to worry about it. There should be plenty of chances to get more later." Giant foam hands? Totally sounds like an American thing. Might be a nice souvinier, but Chad doesn't see the practicality of it. (not an exuberant cheerer, he's not).

Orihime Inoue looks vastly relieved when he doesn't press the point. Because she IS vastly relieved. "You're right! I might even find something better next time I go! They have all kinds of strange food there, too. Like fried hot dogs on a stick! You'd want to try one of those, wouldn't you?" she beams. "And if you could walk to America, you could probably walk to any other place you wanted too! I didn't have too much time to explore last time, but since it's the weekend..." She laughs lightly. "Do you want to come, Sado-kun? I bet it would be a lot of fun! You might find some new music!"

Yasutora Sado blinks again. Walk anywhere? He hadn't considered going back to Mexico. Plane tickets cost too much for him to afford, he was lucky to be able to return to Japan. He hasn't visited Abuelo's grave since he left. He'll have to do that on his own, he decides.
But for now.. "America huh?" It might be nice to give it a shot. "I suppose I can go." At the very least he can keep her out of trouble, this time.

Orihime Inoue claps her hands together, looking thrilled. Not only would it be infinitely more safe with someone like Chad around, but it's much better to go with a friend. And since Tatsuki is away visiting relatives, she's happy with the company. "Wonderful! I'm so glad! We'll have a wonderful time, I just know it! Oh, but I'd best hurry to market," she blinks, remembering the original purpose of setting forth from her house. "It shouldn't take me too long, and I suppose you'd want to get ready too, huh?" Not that Chad ever SAID he wanted to go right this moment, but... "Thank you very much for coming with me, Sado-kun," she beams, dipping a faint bow in gratitude. "It's always more fun with a friend."

Yasutora Sado raises a hand "No, it's ok. I've wanted to go myself for awhile." Luckily there's not much getting ready Chad needs to do! He's good to go as is. "Well, you take care of your shopping and meet back here when you're done?" He can finish listening to the radio, at least.

Orihime Inoue inclines her head. "Mm!" she agrees, smiling from ear to ear. Even if he passes it off as no big deal, she's still very grateful. "I promise to be quick!" And away she zooms...rather fast, actually, pausing at the rise of the street to lift her hand. "See you then, Sado-kun!" Zoom. She always was energetic in the mornings...

Yasutora Sado nods and waves. When Inoue is gone he folds his arms, after turning the radio back on. Obviously... everything will work out fine, right? There's probably countless worlds out there... but they're just going to America, aren't they? Hopefully they won't be thrown somewhere compeletly off the mark. But, Chad's not familiar with these portals yet, so, who knows?

Some time later

Mundane Sector - New York City

    New York City is a powerful symbol, a microcosm of everything about the modern Mundane world, in a way that spans through most of the planes throughout the sector. That isn't entirely a good thing, unfortunately. Different planar incarnations of New York City vary in their general environment, but two themes run through the area. One is a deep variety and sense of opportunity, with massive business highrises and people from all over the world roaming the streets, in something like a great melting pot. Another is the ultimate consequences of placing so many people in such small quarters: New York City is far from the safest city in the sector, and especially in the crowded subways and other areas, you'd best keep your eyes on your valuables. Still, with the bustling information explosion of Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty still looming on the horizon in the absence of the Twin Towers, the city's certainly a sight to see.

Orihime Inoue's tote bag is once again empty, now that she's delivered her groceries to her apartment and safely stashed them away. After collecting Chad from the riverbank, the pair of them set off for the strange gate, stepping through to enter the terminus hub and, as she'd so delightedly mentioned before, walked to America. "Isn't it exciting?" she lays her hands together close to her cheek, watching the cheerful hustle and bustle of the big city. People are roaming the streets in a hurry, honking and cussing at each other, sipping from cups of coffee, and other such mundane activities. Of course, Inoue reflects, everything looks pretty mundane after her last visit, what with the giant robots here and there. It's almost a disappointment. Almost! Just the same, it's America, and she's glad she studied her English as it will allow her to communicate with the Americans. Though really, she wishes she knew what the cab drivers were yelling... Perhaps 'bastard' means 'go faster.' They sort of sound the same.

"Well, Sado-kun! Where do you want to go first?" she beams up at her tall and muscular companion, clasping her hands behind her back.

"Hm." Is Chad's initial reply. He's been busy looking up at the buildings, as it is his first time in New York. It's not as huge as Tokyo, but the city has a different kind of largeness to it. Chad would almost fit right in, were it not for the aggressive feeling in the air. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, disregarding everyone in their way. It doesn't suit him. "Well, I've wanted to see the Empire State Building." Leave it to Chad to want to see one of the world's tallest buildings, instead of something more common like the Statue of Liberty.

Midori's between her own personal work related to her homeworld and working with the IPA. She's been to the states a few times. AShe's just moving along, Midori's on the short side but as she walks she does spy Chad amd thinks. oO(Wonder if he plays American Football?) With a build like that it's an decent guess but for now she's going to the Empire State building given she's actually got some time and ponders if she could fly down off it on her Child. Well she would consider it but likely not do something like that, really! For all her antics she's fairly responsible about her own power use.

    To Misery, almost everything in this city is... noisy. Too noisy. Too fast. Too... loud. She loves the sheer chaos of the place, compared to the utter stillness of home, but...

Is there such a thing as a place being /too/ noisy? Too large?

    Of course, Misery being Misery, she somehow managed to stumble onto what could possibly be the only flower stall in New York, and has stopped to smell the roses. Oh, and evidently to eat them, too - as the stallkeeper turns to serve another customer, Misery quickly snatches a petal off of one of the flowers, and chews on it, observing the people and machines with a look of perplexity about her.

    "Monotony is harmful to your health! Art for breakfast! Art for lunch! Art for tea! WAHOOO!"
    Well, so much for your average day in the Big Apple. Something is coming on the horizon. On the most basic level, it is a bus, which is pretty straightforward. A schoolbus, painted all over with psychedelic swirls of bright colors, and "NOBODY FOR PRESIDENT" plastered in large black letters on the sides, skidding haphazardly through traffic, but a bus nonetheless. Behind the bus, however, there is something harder to describe; free-floating globs of color and love, daisies and waking dreams left by the backwash of the bus, a hallucinogenic cocktail of the mind-expanding qualities of the 60s. Behind the bus, a horizon of smiling buildings and rose petals raining from the sky encroaches on New York City. People stand around in spacey wonder, babbling incoherent epiphanies to themselves, or basking in a rain that only they can see. Fire hydrants lift themselves from the sidewalk and walk off to apply for correspondence courses.
    Outside the window of the Magic Bus, a human-shaped absence hangs, bug-eyed and grinning like a lunatic, pumping his arm in the air. "Free Thought! Freebird! Freebase! Free Mumia! Wake up, ma! The grits are ready!"

Orihime Inoue pauses in her strides as they pass the flower booth, being somewhat of a flower fan herself. She smiles, admiring the flowers momentarily...but stares in surprise as a green-haired blue-skinned girl pops a petal into her mouth. "...Ah...?" She blinks a bit. Inoue has heard of edible flowers before, but she really can't imagine that they'd taste very good. She smiles a bit just the same, then hastens to catch up to Chad. "Americans are a little strange sometimes, aren't they, Sado-kun?"

And things are about to get even stranger. There's a faint ripple in the air, the shift of reality not unnoticed by the spiritually perceptive young girl. There's a bus. And colors. And flowers. And...what in the world is going on? "Um...Sado-kun..." she lightly tugs on Chad's sleeve to get his attention, though she doesn't dare look away. Her other hand rises, pointing.

<Live News> Darth Revan |*NEWS BULLETIN* A Twi'lek appears on screen and begins warbling, to the accompaniment of explosions in what looks to be a city complex. People are fleeing and screaming. Subtitles below, fortunately. '...reporting from Vaynai! What was thoguht to be a victory celebration......explosions everywhere....ships flying overhead, commandos on the grounds.....betrayed us all....evan betrayed us....Oh no!' On-screen, a batallion of troops in gleaming metal armour and blaster rifles comes around the corner and begins firing. The camera falls to the ground, and the troops approach. A figure in a dark cloak and partial  Mandalorian armour can be seen. The signal cuts out quickly.

Yasutora Sado didn't notice the little flower-eating girl, and just strode on by, which is where Orihime catches up to him. At almost the same time he sense something is amiss. Narcotics are not something he has a lot of familiarity with, but he he has a pretty good idea of what they can be like. When Orihime tugs on his sleeve, he turns around and sees the bus.

Oh no, it's hippies!

Or not. He's not all that sure WHAT is coming, but a feeling in his gut tells him it's something bad. Seeing the smoke billowing out from behind the bus he instinctively covers his mouth with his sleeve. "I think we should step back..." He says to Orihime. Either something is amiss, or New York's pollution is far worse then he was led to believe.

Midori is moving along at a decent paace and she's catching up with Chad and Orihime. She hears them talking and is about to say hi to them. Then the bus comes and she pauses for a moment. "Tell me about it, they can be very strange." Not to mention she's delt with an American based shadow group as well.

    Misery, having chewed on the flower - and, no, it doesn't taste very nice - must admit that these red flowers are not /the/ red flowers that she's looking for.
Okay, duty done?
Yes, duty done.
    That over and done with, Misery scowls at the young lady who dared to smile at her. "Ameri-"
    And then she notices the bus. Hasn't a clue what it is, but... something like the trail of rose petals, red petals, catches her attention, and her scowl is replaced by a look of despair.
"No. Nooo..."

    The Magic Bus comes to a dangerous skid at a nearby intersection, pulling a few donuts and spreading the hallucinogenic globs of color into the air in all directions. Brought to a stop at a precarious diagonal, the bus opens its doors, permitting that human-shaped emptiness to emerge, prancing and casting a joyous arm to the sky. "Ah! Smell that chromatic air. Say it now and say it loud, I'm a walrus and I'm proud! People of New York City, grime-mound city, surly city, I come to unlock your cage! Give me a hand with this, guys, will you?" He turns to address the interior of the bus, and two more people emerge - a large-built black man in a top hat and powder-blue cloak with bicycle wheels on the back, and a wild-haired man wearing a pink jacket, a big exclamation point on his forehead, plaid pants with another exclamation point on the crotch, and with a birdcage containing a tiny jumbo jet with bird talons perched inside instead of a chest, the latter of whom, strangely, seems to blend in perfectly with the city, and come as no surprise. The two give Mister Nobody a lift onto the roof of the bus, where he draws out a trombone and blows a loud, sour note. "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! I'll give them right back, I promise."
    A small, curious crowd assembles around the bus, while a large number of people simply begin to mill around in a daze. "Did you just hear that? Did you just hear that, man... or did I just /say/ that? The electronic razorbird on the wing of perception. I don't know. I don't know. It's like that, like... a big clap of paperclips and windstorm. You get it? Like what the bodhisattva heard the day before enlightenment. Paperclips."

Orihime Inoue nods a bit at Chad's suggestion. She can't really tell if it's good or bad, just that it's something /unusual./ And in places like these, foreign places, she knows they need to be extra careful. So she takes a few steps back. "Do you think we should stop it...?" she asks, holding a small fist up to her mouth. But lo and behold, the bus stops. Inoue crouches to avoid the flying donut-shaped magic...things...since she's got a bad feeling about them. She listens to the eccentric man's speech, her dark eyes clouded with abject confusion. She rubs at her ear and sighs. "Maybe my English isn't as good as I thought, none of that made any sense to me at all!" And it can't be just a singular case, even the crowd doesn't really make sense either.

Yasutora Sado's eyes narrow, not that they can really be seen anyway. "I.. don't think that was meant to make sense." He says. It's becoming harder and harder for them to keep their distance from the strange aura, or whatever it is, eminating from the rear of the bus. Chad's no expert on New York, but it seems obvious that this is not a common occurance.

"I think we should keep our distance for the moment." Strange as it is, there's nothing violent happening, yet. As long as no one's being put in any danger, Chad can put up with leaving this strange bus alone. There's so much he has to learn about these other worlds.

Midori knows english fairly well given what she's been in school for and it doesn't make a lick of sense to her. Heck Nao's excuses for missing class make more sense that that. "..." she l ooks to Shado and nods slightly. Good idea don't want to rush in without any information.
    Well, that thing is certainly... uh... large. Looks like a lot of the things lying around ruined at home, to Misery.
    Ooh, hey, the flowerseller's distracted again. This time, Misery takes a moment to tear a rose to pieces. Hate. Hate red flowers. Hate petals.
    Of course, Misery doesn't notice the spreading globs of random colour, nor the one that just misses her, only coughing as it passes by, and feeling momentarily... odd.

    "As we speak, the stealth fighters of the Brotherhood of Dada are flying over your fine city. They're dropping stealth /bombs/ that leave no sound or damage in their wake. Everything you ever knew is gone, and yet you stand about in the wreckage. Wake up! Stand up, say, 'I'm more than this drab, workaday world,' and /rise/! Say /no/ to red tape! Say /no/ to little cocktail wieners with toothpicks in them! Say /no/ to trombones!" Mister Nobody shouts from atop the bus, before hurling the trombone down to the ground below, into a bottomless pit that isn't really there, which swallows it and promptly closes up with a belch. "You need no leadership. You are your own masters! You need only wake to your own power!"
    With that, Mister Nobody takes a flying leap off the bus, rolling upon the landing, and working the crowd, passing out little election pins with 'NOBODY for PRESIDENT' on them around a colorful, distorted American flag motif. "Hi, how ya doin'? Vote for Nobody." In doing so, he soon zeroes in on his fellow interdimensional visitors, pressing the buttons into their hands and reaching for a firm handshake. "Enjoying the weather? I'm counting on your vote. Vote early, vote often, vote for Nobody. Nice to meet you."

Orihime Inoue blinks, now completely and utterly confused. He said something about...about bombs? But there aren't any! Not that she can see or sense. "Eh heh!" she laughs nervously, accepting the pin and the firm handshake. Should she tell him that they're not really eligible to vote since they don't live here? Or that they're ineligible because they're underage? Chad DOES look pretty mature, and Orihime's pretty busty for her age, so the mistake is easy to make, but... Well, she wouldn't want to trouble him or upset him, even if he is a bit weird! "Ah...th-thank you very much!" she beams, and slips the button into her tote bag. It's a...a...a souvenir! Yay!

"Sorry but..." Chad, not accepting the pins "We're underage." Not to mention not from the area. Seems he's a bit more willing to speak up than Inoue is. He's still getting a bad vibe from this Mr. Nobody person, either there is something up, or America's electoral system is more messed up than he thought.

Of course, both could be easily correct.

Left wondering what to do, Chad's at a loss. Still a newbie when it comes to extra-dimensional travel. Should he interfere? Should he stay out of it? He could probably blast that truck well outside of the city limits if he wanted, but should he? Hmm. Then again, if he just up and left, something worse could happen."

Midori pauses for a moment "... Wait a moment!" she recalls the bus from the report Superman gave a while back. "No thank you and your the one who was causing trouble for Superman." She notes "What do you want here?"

    "Underage? No problem! I'm sure you don't live over there anyway, unless you're just visiting here. Not a problem, man! Let the voices of the people be heard! Over and over and over before voting closes, if necessary." Nobody beams back at Chad, and then turns and raises a brow as Midori protests. "Hm? Oh, you must be with the old wet towels over in the Watchtower or something. Well, well! Welcome to New York City, Boring Variant! I'm just here to spread a little sunshine in these people's dull, grey lives. Actuaries! Accountants! Notaries public! I mean, /look/ at this place!" Nobody takes a few steps back and swings his arms out, turning around to regard a sky full of falling confetti, cotton candy drifting to the ground, and the meaning of life peaking out from behind Shasta, the Living Mountain. "Isn't it so much more /interesting/ this way? Through the force of our own sheer lunacy, we can reject the dreary, oppressive reality thrust upon us and substitute a world of wonders. Joy and novelty behind every corner. A world of love."

Orihime Inoue seems confused still, but now it's becoming a little more clear to her. "You're trying to...change the world," she states after a moment's pause. "Is that right, Nobody-san?" At first she thought his statement was one of anarchy, voting for nobody, but now she understands it's his name thanks to the handy pins. "Is that really possible?"

Midori isn't with the Watchtower though she hopes to join the justice league someday. But that's aside rom matters at the moment. She wants to know what he's up to. "Your here to cause trouble and put these people at risk." Love's a major issue to Midori but she sees Nobody as just plain wacked.

Yasutora Sado can smell a rat easily enough. And he's had about enough of Nobody's party. "I don't think this concerns us, Inoue. We should move on." Maybe Nobody is a troublemaker, maybe he's just a nut, but Chad will feel a lot better if he just doesn't get involved here. If Ichigo were here he'd probably try and slice Nobody's bus in two, but, there's no need to draw such attention to themselves.

    "Hm? /You're/ pretty confident about that. I mean, honestly. Not all of us supervillains are out to make life worse. World of neverending love! That's a pretty straightforward notion, n'est-ce pas? Lighten up!" Nobody smiles and gives a firm thumbs up gesture, and then turns back over to Inoue. "San, hm? Then you're visiting from a bit farther than I thought. Ah, Land of the Rising Sun, land of gears and churning clockwork, human machines and gyrodroids locked in the cycle." He switches over to a well-practiced Japanese: "<Would Japanese be the better tongue, then? I can roll with it. Yes, Virginia, there can be a better world. This machine, this grinding society we are locked into, teaches us that belief is a dead thing, that ideas are nothing more than floating abstractions. But, you know, when you become a floating abstraction yourself, you awaken to the deep way in which even such things can touch the world. There is an infinite world of novelty, traces of the sublime where dreams have drifted close to the material world and left their spirits in things, which so often people sadly walk straight by without ever realizing, or worse, lock these things up in cobwebbed collections to sacrifice as a monument to Ego and the System. 'Thoughts are things,' say the Basques! The power of the /idea/ surpasses any other, the power to shape and contextualize our world. And, when you grasp its true essence, the power to transform it. It's not even that we /can/ have a better world. We /do/ have a better world. But so few of us permit ourselves to live in it."

Orihime Inoue listens politely, even thoughtfully, at Mr. Nobody's speech. And this time, it seems to make a lot more sense this time around. Inoue is no stranger to living in a little world of imagination, as most people can attest. She smiles. Even though he's a self-proclaimed supervillain, he's really quite well-spoken. And he's not even hurting anyone! "I suppose that would be very nice!" she replies, happy to switch to her native tongue. "But if we lived in a world of dreams, we wouldn't really have anything to dream about, and have nothing good to expect." She clasps her hands together and bows faintly. "But your optimism is wonderful to hear, I like it very much!" She looks up at Chad, seeing that he means to leave. "Ah, heh, we must be going, though. We're just here for a visit, and I need to get some souvenirs for Kurosaki-kun and the others! It was nice meeting you, Nobody-san!"

Yasutora Sado nods again, and follows Inoue away from Mr. Nobody, not engaging in any pleasentries. Inoue was, of course, being polite, as always. Chad, on the other hand, isn't about to spend the effort on someone like that. Too sly, too tricky, and with an air of danger around him Chad can't shake. So, it's best they just leave. "I'm sure Ichigo will be interested enough in the story, Inoue." Of course, so there's no need to dawdle around here any longer than they have to, right?
Midori listans as he switches into Japeanses. She looks at him for a momnt and peers at him for a long momnent. This guy is making less sense than Nagi does back home. She doesn't make any moves yet given the amount people about. But he's not made any hostile action or attempted to use the Bus' strange powers. So she's got no reason to go after him. "Well your more optimisic than some of my students and I'm afraid I'm running late on some things as well." She's also been speaking in Japanese since Mr. Nobody switched over.

    "You limit yourself, my dear. You need to think bigger. Think limitless novelty. A world of infinite interest, where you could walk for centuries and never come upon the same thing twice unless you wished to. A recursive world, a world of soul within soul, life within life, going infinitely down. It can be done. It shall be done! I merely need the world's ear. Vote for Nobody! Tear down the walls, break down the divisions, build the bridge to total freedom!" Mister Nobody smiles widely, and upon Inoue's finish, and Chad's silent exit, swings his arm to his side and takes a deep bow. "Spread the word, tell your friends! Remember: there are no chains upon you. Nothing is denied to you. The bridge has already been built." He gives a sharp, cheerful salute to Midori, and then begins prancing back over to the bus, switching back to English. "Well! If that will be all, then, I'll go back to grooving on the freakout we've got going here. Open your head! o/` Oh, I don't care if it rains or freezes, long as I've got my plastic Jesus, sittin' on the dashboard of my car..."

    The crowd of drugged-out bystanders continues to wander about, some addled and rolling around, some swaying to inaudible music. Traffic has backed up for quite some distance in all directions.

Orihime Inoue starts to walk along, but...she can't help feeling sorry for the disoriented people walking about. She feels she should do something at least to help them! She bites her lip, her steps slowing, until she very nearly causes Chad to begin treading on her heels. Inoue bows her head and looks guiltily over her shoulder, watching a man serenade a trash can. Well then. She can't leave them like this, it's too dangerous. They might stagger out into traffic, or fall out of the windows, or sing really poorly and loudly which is just plain embarrassing. "Sado-kun...I'll catch up to you in a little bit, okay?" So Inoue turns about, lowering her head and touching her fingers to her barettes. "Shun'ou! Ayame!" There's a flicker and a flash of light as the two small fairy-like creatures disperse, unseen except to those with high spiritual senses. "Sacred Dual Return Shield! I reject!" Since the damage is minimal, it doesn't take much time...probably no more than twenty seconds per citizen...as a golden oval shield passes to repel the effects of the hallucinogens from which they suffer.

Yasutora Sado nods as Inoue runs off on her own. But, he wouldn't feel right just LEAVING her like that. Especially if something happened and Ichigo found out.
So, Chad walks out of sight, but he doesn't leave to go back to Karakura right away. He hangs around by the portal, keeping a mental eye on the situation until he's sure Inoue will be alright. 

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