City of Townsville

The City...of Townsville! This is it. It is clean, and pretty, and very nice, unless it's under attack by monsters, giant robots, monkeys, monkeys piloting giant robots, or Satan.

                          THE CITY....of TOWNSVILLE!                         
"The day is bright!" Which it is. "The sun is shining!" Also true! "The Powerpuff Girls are enjoying a wonderful day on the town!" The Girls hover along as the Professor walks down main street, shopping bags in hand. There are plenty of shops and things to see!
"And the Amoeba Boys are planning their latest heist..."
In an alley not too far away, three gigantic amoebas with hats on cluster together. "But...but boss! We don't got no weaponses." "Meaaaaah, see, we don't /need/ weapons! We's the AMOEBA BOYS! We're scary enough on our own!"

The City... of Townsville! Seemed like a good place to go sightseeing. Or, well it does NOW anyway. Honestly, Chad really didn't know where he was going, and since Inoue wasn't with him to guide him today he just sort of wandered for a bit. So he just wound up in Townsville, and decided to make the most of it and look around.

"Hm.." Nice town. Almost too cheery for him, he bets Inoue would like it here though. The giant probaby stands out among the residents, but he tries to remain as inconspicuous as he can, while walking towards what appears to be the town's main street. He doesn't spot the amoeba boys on their alley, and even if he did he probably wouldn't know what to think about them.

The Amoeba Boys continue to plan THEIR MOST BRILLIANT HEIST EVER.

Sado rounds the corner onto Main Street. It is a bustling center of community, with shops of just about every stripe, billboards, cars. The entire city seems almost TOO peaceful, and while people do NOTICE Chad, they don't seem to be particularly startled by him. He, however, may notice the duo of little girls buzzing around the head of the man in a labcoat as they stroll down the street toward a cafe.

Yasutora Sado tries to stay out of the crowd, to avoid running into anyone smaller than him. Which is, uh, pretty much everyone. Finally he decides to duck into a nearby cafe to avoid the crowd for now. He's about to walk up to the counter when it occurs to him that the money he has probably isn't any good. "...that's no good." He mumbles to himself, and finds a seat. He may as well enjoy the scenery for awhile, then, if he can't get some food.

Finally after a few minutes of glancing around at the people in the cafe, he spends a minute looking at the man in the labcoat before even realizing the girls he is with are flying around him. Moreover, one of them looks familiar. Wasn't she in Karakura one evening when the Hollows attacked?

Indeed she was! Buttercup zoom zoom zooms around the Professor's head, chasing a giggling Bubbles, although Bubbles will probably not be giggling so much if Buttercup /catches/ her. Blossom is nowhere to be seen.

The Amoeba Boys emerge from their alley, and begin slinking toward the cafe Chad is at. Buttercup and Bubbles see them, but don't seem to actually care. Instead, the Utoniums wander into the cafe themselves, and prepare to order their various staples - hot dogs and hamburgers. Buttercup stops in mid-flight as the professor pays, blinking owlishly at the titan at the table. "Hey," she says to Bubbles. "I think I know that guy."

Uh-oh. Chad's not sure whether or not he wants to be recognized. He doesn't remember much of Buttercup from that one brief meeting, but he doesn't really want to become the center of attention here. So he quickly turns on his chair to look out the window. He catches a glimpse of the Amoeba Boys, blinks, and looks again. Maybe they're just people in costume? He can't get a clear look at them yet.

Finally, after a moment he decides to turn back around in his chair, better than squinting at people out on the street in blobby costumes. He figures that if Buttercup is going to recognize him, whether or not his back is turned won't make much of a difference.

Buttercup eyes Chad's turnaround, and shrugs. Maybe he's not the same guy? Or maybe he wants to be left alone. Ah well.

"Oh really?" Bubbles squeeks, looking. Buttercup grunts. "Idunno, maybe." The Professor walks over and past them, saying, "C'mon girls, let's go sit down!" "OK!" comes the unified reply.

The Amoeba Boys step up toward the counter, and in an ominous manner, they pull wallets out of their protoplasm.

Yasutora Sado is somewhat relieved when Buttercup turns away. Not that he doesn't want to talk to her, of course, but he's still not sure of who's who in all of these different worlds, and he'd rather play it cautiously when he can.

The fact that both those girls can fly and no one else seems to bat an eyelash at the fact tells him quite a bit about this world.

The giant amoeba tell him something else too, especially when they slide into the cafe and he gets a closer look at them. They're... not costumes. Chad blinks again, but tries not to stare, and looks around to see other people's reactions to the giant blobs. Maybe THEY are perfectly normal too?

"Oh, look! It's the Amoeba Boys! Hello, boys." The Professor waves. Buttercup and Bubbles snicker quietly amongst themselves, as if the name itself were a joke.
Most of the cafe is looking at the Amoebas oddly, but not in a 'what the hell those are giant amoebas' kind of way, it's more like...'what kind of stupid stunt are they gonna pull this time?'

"Meaaaah!" the lead Amoeba Boy says. "We want three hamburgers!" "pssst, and chili fries, boss," "And CHEESE FRIES!" "chili fries!" ".../Chili/ cheese fries!"

Chad blinks a few times. "Huh..." Well, it seems that they don't appear to be foriegn, or a threat. He tries to go back to watching the surrounding area, but the amoeba boys are just too WEIRD for him to take his eyes off of them for long.

And now they're ordering food, reminding him that he has no money to get any food of his own. Though he's not one for junk food, a hamburger sounds pretty good at the moment.

The Powerpuffs are watching intently, but not ACTING, and are in fact snickering amongst themselves. "I wonder if he'll /overpay/," Buttercup stage-whispers, causing the entire Utonium table, Professor included, to burst into snickers.

The lead Amoeba's face falls. Well there goes that idea.

The hamburgers arrive, and the Amoebas pay, turning to leave. "Hey! You're...five cents short!" comes the call from the counter.
"EXACTLY!" the Boss Amoeba jeers. "You've just been robbed by...THE AMOEBA BOYS! MA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Bubbles and Buttercup...stare at each other, not totally sure how to take the concept of the Amoeba Boys successfully doing something illegal.

Yasutora Sado silently watches the entire scene unfold, from the Powerpuff Girls' giggling, to the Amoeba's ordering. Finally the call is heard that they are a few cents short. The giant blinks again.

And they think this is a successful crime?

Chad scratches his head, not really sure HOW to react here. It's theft, sure, but so petty as to be a joke. If they actually robbed the place then he might try to stop them, but given it's only a matter of 5 cents he remains in his seat. Afterall, if he did something himself then the damage total would be way more than 5 cents.

The Amoeba Boys walk off cackling. The Powerpuff Girls look at each other, shrug, and go back to their burgers. Sure, they COULD go beat them up's five cents. Disconsolately, the man at the cashier goes through his change, and then looks up. "Wait...this isn't a nickle. It's a quarter!" He hustles out with a dime. "Hey! Hey, you're not short, you overpayed!"

The Amoeba Boys stop, turn, and stare. "....daaaaah...." they say as one. The Boss, improvising, says, "....YEAH! We MEANT to! You've been bamboozled by................THE AMOEBA BOYS! NYUCK NYUCK NYUCK NYUCK!"

The girls sigh. Seeing Chad confused, Buttercup leans over, and confides, "They're always like that."

"I... see." Chad answers, as Buttercup finally addresses him. "So walking blobs like that are 'normal' around here, are they?" He jumps to the conclusion that this must be Buttercup's world. He has no presedence for reaching that conclusion, it just... feels right.
He finally decides to talk to Buttercup specifically. "I saw you in Karakura a few weeks ago, didn't I? Lost track of you after the Hollows attacked, though..."

Buttercup shrugs. "Dunno about /normal/, but the Amoeba Boys hvae been around here for a while. They try to act like they're criminals but most of the time they go around stealing orange peels, so we don't worry about 'em too much." As Chad turns to address her directly, she puts her burger down. "Yeah, Blossom and I were out there. Bubbles was off--erm." Bubbles is giving her the GLARE OF DEATH, the Professor oblivious to her animal rights activities (i.e., freeing wales from things they're not supposed to be freed from), so Buttercup stammers, "...visiting Bullet. Yeah! That's it."

"Hm..." Chad ponders, watching the Amoeba boys leave (hopefully!). "Well, better that they only attempt crime, than be good at it, I guess." If only the insidious characters from his world were so incompetant. "Are there any other people MORE dangerous than them around here?" If that's the case, then the girls have it easy! But somehow, he doubts it. He has a sense of how strong they must be, and it's not likely all that strength is wasted on orange peel thieves.

The Amoeba Boys have left! Their mad scheme succeeded, after all. Buttercup says, "More dangerous? Yeah, lots!" She's grinning maniacly. "There's Mojo Jojo, and Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Princess, and..." Looks left. Looks right. "Him." Then she brightens, and adds, "And there's all kinds of giant monsters, too! It's great!" She thumps her chest happily. The Professor leans over and chides, "Now, Buttercup, don't forget to eat your food..."

"Oh! Right!" She takes a gigantic bite of hamburger.

"Giant Monsters hm?" Sounds like they must keep busy. Chad idly wonders just how much of this is true, but ultimately decides to take what she's saying at face value. Given what he's seen so far he has no reason not to believer her just yet. "You mentioned that you were the... Power.. something, girls, right? I guess you're the ones who take care of things around here?" He idly glances back at the Professor, and wonders if he's their father? Or paternal equivilent, anyway... "You all fight these things regularly?"

Buttercup grins, swallowing. "Yup! We're the Powerpuff Girls!" No pose, for once. "We fight crime and evil. And giant monsters! There's usually someone trying something most days. We put a stop to it! Rain or shine, night or day!" The Professor gives her the Paternal You Forgot Something Look, causing her to look bashful and add, "As long as it's before bedtime, anyway..."

"I.. see.." Chad says, crossing his arms. This all sounds like something out of a manga. But then again, ghosts and malevolent spirits and warriors who fight them also would have sounded like something out of a manga, before a few months ago. "Sorry, I don't mean to judge. But you just don't look like the sort of people who would be doing those things. You just seem so..." Young? Girly? Cute? He conspicuously pauses here, not really sure how to finish that sentance.

Buttercup's conspicuous glare suggests that Chad's pause to think may have just saved his life. "Yeah, maybe we don't look it, but we are superheroes!" She flexes an arm, which actually looks REALLY WEIRD because first of all it just sort of bends in the middle and second of all it doesn't actually cause any muscles to appear. "We're the reason Townsville is able to be the way it is!"

Chad glances back at the door of the cafe. "..giant amoebas attempting petty theft?" Yup, bang-up job, these girls have done. He pauses, and mentally shrugs, he doesn't want to antagonize her. Besides, despite the boasting, she's kind of adorable. "Well, I heard you were involved fighting the Hollows when they arrived, so I don't disbelieve you. I've only recently had to deal with those creatures, so I wouldn't call myself a superhero..." Actually, Chad doesn't know WHAT to call himself in that regard. Sidekick?

Buttercup scowls. "The Amoeba Boys are nothin' to worry about. The police didn't even take 'em seriously back then, don't see why we should." She pointedly does not explain what 'back then' is. "Yeah, Blossom and I did the big fight there." Chomp chomp. Swallow. "Don't worry! Superheroin's easy! You just blast through the roof and pose a little, then start hittin'! Good fun!"

The Professor chuckles, as though she were talking about something adorable, like candy.

"Hmmmm..." Chad thinks to himself, wondering if these girls have ever been in a REAL fight. Or, at least, takes fighting seriously. They were able to beat some Hollows, but they pale in comparison to what else is out there. "Things don't always work out that way." Chad admits. "Even if you have that attitude, if you meet an enemy that truly is more skilled than you, what can you do?" He says, remembering his encounter with Captain Kyouraku in Soul Society somewhat bitterly.
Buttercup scoffs. "Man! What is it with you people and doubting the Powerpuffs!" she says, which causes the Professor to laugh. "Now, Buttercup, they just aren't used to it!" he says, and takes another bite of burger.

Buttercup turns and says, as if it were Gospel truth, "There's nothing us three can't handle! And if there is, well, we'll get help! Maybe ask Mojo, if we have to, he's a smart monkey and doesn't want anyone else to get rid of us before he does." She snorts, derisively, and adds, "Like that'll ever happen."

"Well, I wasn't really doubting you specifically..." Which is sort of true. "...I was just wondering how often you encountered situations where it didn't seem you could win?" He pauses, glancing at the food they're all eating. Darn lack of currency. He sighs a bit, and continues. "If you think there's nothing you can't handle, then eventually you WILL find something you can't handle."

Bubbles gives Chad a sad look, and then hovers over with her tray of french fries, offering them with a gigantic, adorable smile. "Here! You can have them," the girl says. Buttercup snorts, saying, "We don't. We always come through! No matter how doomed things look, the Powerpuff Girls won't be beaten that easy." The closest they ever came was the RowdyRuff Boys, and Buttercup reaaaaally doesn't like remembering that one.

"Uh.. thanks." Chad says, eating a couple of fries. He takes in what Buttercup says, and just decides to change the subject. Maybe they really are as good as they say, or maybe they just haven't REALLY been in a dire situation before. Pressing it at this point probably won't get him anywhere. "So when did this start? I can't imagine you girls were just born with your powers..." Oh how little he knows..."

Bubbles giggles. "You're funny!" she cheers, and then goes back to her burger. Buttercup's jaw opens and shuts a few times as she tries to figure out how to explain, but then the Professor speaks up. "I'll handle this, Buttercup," he says, pushing his tray away to make room to gesture. "You see, young man, I was working on a formula to create the perfect little girl. I'd gathered the ingredients: Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice. I put them in a pot, and stirred, but..." He blushes, bashfully, "I slipped, or rather my assistant monkey pushed me, and so I accidentally broke a bottle of Chemical X that had been hanging over the pot, which poured into it. There was a giant explosion, and..." His smile grows paternal, and he hugs the two girls at his side; they return the gesture with happy smiles. "...these little angels entered my life."

"... ... ..."


He's.. joking, right? "Sugar and.. spice?" He hasn't taken any health classes at high school yet, but he's PRETTY sure it doesn't work that way. He opens his mouth, about to protest further, then shuts it. It's best, he figures, to just nod and move on. Literally. He refrains from asking what the professor was doing making the perfect little girl in the first place. "I see. Well, er, thanks, for the fries. Say hello if you're ever in Karakura." He stands, and bow's slightly. "If you'll excuse me, I need to head back."

Sugar. And Spice. Wow.

The Powerpuff Girls and Dad wave as Chad departs, saying, "OK! Bye-bye! Come again, sometime!" in an almost eerie unison. Then they go back to their food.
Chad nods, waves, and exits the cafe. Hoping that he can find his way back to Karakura from here, the way wasn't TOO complicated, afterall.

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