Paranormal Sector - Karakura Town

    Truth be told, this town looks as one might expect of a modern Japanese suburb. The streets are clean here, and the homes usually look neat and tidy. It has a sort of small town charm, with its small, locally-owned businesses - some of which operate out of houses. The local landmarks include a large open market on the end of town close to Tokyo, a large high school, and the family-owned Kurosaki Clinic.
    Indeed, if one cannot see ghosts, Karakura Town seems normal. However, those with supernatural senses may realize this place is out of the ordinary. Hollows, ghosts infused with evil energy, are sometimes on the prowl here, and they are combated by the Death Gods - invisible warriors fighting against these accursed ghosts.
    For those who know better, this place may idyllic, but it is still a battleground.

It is lunch. Next PE. Tatsuki Arisawa is lounging under the tree, chomping on a bento. She's not totally sure where Orihime is; it's harder to keep track of the busy bright-haired girl lately, for some reason.

Her satchel is face-down on the ground next to her; she has been carefully concealing the front all day. She is eagerly keeping her eye out, but for what? Hmm.

Ichigo eat lunch at lunchtime? Never!

Like usual, he's kicking it on the roof with Keigo and the rest of the mongoloids, leaning back against the rail and enjoying the springtime sun in silence.

Well, he's at least being Quiet. He's got this feeling of impending doom he can't seem to shake. Like his entire world is going to blow up at the hands of some cackling maniac very soon. Stupid hollows. Probably going to attack during PE or something.

Chad is also up on the roof with Ichigo, as always. Rawrrawr Mongloids forever! He's already eaten his lunch by this point, and is waiting out the period, watching Keigo's typical antics. Like Ichigo, Chad is being a bit more quiet than usual, though probably for different reasons.

Glancing off the roof, he notices Tatsuki down under the tree (good eyesight, despite the hair). He's been meaning to talk to her about.. well... just about everything that's been going on. But mostly about Urahara. He'd do so now... but, well, if he jumped off the roof just to run over and speak to her that might earn him a kick in the face from a startled Martial Artist.

The fall, of course, wouldn't bother him.

Tatsuki's eyes finally track up to the top of the school, and she grunts. "Of course he's up there," she groans. "The ONE day I wanna show him something...jeeze." She finishes her bento quickly, then begins preparations to take off. Maybe she'll be able to actually get some company that isn't Chizuru trying to cop a feel, if she goes up to join them.

Keigo's continued ramblings about some upperclassman's ....tracts of land, earn the permanant annoyance a big nasty frown from Ichigo. He's not in the mood for his friend's constant perversion.

Stupid festival.

"Oi, Chad. What time is it?"

Chad watches Tatsuki scurry off before turning his attention back to Keigo. Not that he's interested, he just wants to make sure he doesn't say/do anything to cause himself grievous bodily harm.

"About halfway through lunch period." Hah! He's estimating, since he doesn't have his watch on him today. Still, his guess is accurate, so whatever time it would be when it's half-way through lunch period is what it is!

Tatsuki grabs her satchel and walks inside the building, making her way toward the roof. It'll take her a bit to get there. Hopefully, lunch won't end while she's still only halfway up.

Great. Halfway done.

'Come on, Hollow. Attack now so I can escape!'

Likely, lunch would be more pleasant for Ichigo if he didn't forget the damn thing because he overslept. He shifted in his seat, readjusting himself against the bars of the railing. The forboding sense was making stating comfortable kinda tough.

The door opens, and Rukia steps into the rooftop, with a juice box in her hand and tugging absently at a lock of hair behind her ear. Sorry, Ichigo, no hollows. Otherwise she would be bursting in right now and dragging you away.
 "Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Rukia-chan! You're looking even lovelier than usu--"
 "No, Keigo-kun, I don't have Chisa-san's phone number."
 "NANI?! But you were just TALKING to her--"
 Bawl. Sob. Rukia stares at the poor, dateless NPC, before she turns around and walks towards where Ichigo and Chad are, looking a little confused. "What's his problem?" she asks, jabbing a thumb over her shoulder at the exagerratedly hysterical boy.

Chad glances back at Ichigo, like he can READ HIS MIND. No Hollow attacking, bad Ichigo! Bad! Fighting here would be, well, borderline disasterous if Keigo at ALL caught on you had super-powers.

Then Rukia walks in and geastures to Keigo, to which Chad responds "...rejection."

Well, maybe adding SOME excitement in Keigo's life right now might cheer the poor NPC up a bit. Though a Hollow might not be the best way to go.

At the bottom of the stairs, Tatsuki stops. She stretches a little...and then sprints up them, taking them two at a time and generally going really, really fast. Finally, about two minutes later, she kicks open the door to the roof, somehow not crippled from lack of breath. "Take that, stupid stairs! Tatsuki wins! ...oh, there you are. Ichigo!"

Ichigo can answer this one! "He's Keigo." This is said in a matter of fact tone that makes it seem as if it's the most logical and fully explained answer in the world. He can't help but glance at the juice box and smirk a bit, recalling her didfficulty with such mundane things.

He's just about to open his mouth to say something stupid that would, likely, end up with him getting hurled from the roof when Tatsuki literally bursts onto the scene.
"Eh, Tatsuki? What's up? Something important?" The death god rep tenses a bit, ready to spring into action if heroics are needed!

" that supposed to tell me anything?" Back to normal for the two of them, it looks like. Rukia pokes the straw into the juice box and takes a sip. Hey, she's seen it done once before, it's not like she's got the learning curve of a rock. Her hand also draws back in readiness when Ichigo opens his mouth, her Idiocy Senses were tingling.
 Until Tatsuki destroys any headwhacking preemptively.
 She doesn't ask what's up, Ichigo already took care of that. So all she does now is blink at the other teen with a straw in her mouth.

"Hm?" Is Chad's response as Tatsuki comes bursting up on the roof. Ichigo's faster with his mouth than any of them there, so there's no need to ask 'what's up'. So he just waits for something else to happen. He can't go asking Tatsuki about Urahara NOW, with Keigo present (if a bit out of it).

Tatsuki Arisawa grins crookedly. "Oh, nothing," she says. "Chizuru's trying to grope me again and Orihime's gone off to Candyland again, so I figured I'd come up here and spend some time with you guys." She has been holding her satchel close to her chest as if keeping it secret, but now she hangs it low again, as per usual, and begins walking over. "If you don't mind, that is." She doesn't seem to particularly care if they mind, as she plops down in a spot against the fence in short order, satchel facing Ichigo. Which is about when he'll finally be able to catch sight of the new addition to that bag that she's been giggling about all day. It's a patch. An all too familiar patch...
                                11TH DIVISION                                
                               HONORARY MEMBER                               

"When's that psycho /not/ trying to grope you, anyway?" If it wasn't for Ichigo's rule against punching girls, Chizuru would have been knocked into orbit by now. Inoue's always in candyland too.

His friends are great, aren't they?

It takes him a moment to notice the patch. She sits, he goes back to being quiet until it catches his eye. Ichigo shoots straight up onto his feet and /points/ at the patch. "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" Here it goes.

Chad blinks. Stares. Then blinks again. The actual words on the patch don't register with his brain right away, instead the image of the patch comes to mind, he's SEEN something like that before...

Bursting through a wall, Chad steps out on the rubble, just missing Ichigo and Ganju as they sprint off away from their opponents. The members of 11th division, angry at being interupted, try to take their anger out on Chad, only to get swatted in less than 5 minutes. They ALL had a patch like that, except theirs was missing the word 'Honorary'.

"Hmm..." He thought he sensed Captain Zaraki's presence when he left the party the other night. But he can't even begin to imagine how Tatsuki was given that patch. This oughtta be a doozy.

Rukia peers at the patch, and smirks, even as Ichigo goes spastic somewhere next to her. "Zaraki-taicho's crazier than I thought he was," she remarks dryly. Her straw goes back into her mouth. Siiiiip.

"What, this?" Tatsuki asks, guilelessly. She knows; it's easy enough to tell tell from the twinkle in her eye. But obviously she can't talk about it in front of Pinky and the Brain, er, Keigo and Mizuiro, so instead she says, "It's the logo for a martial arts society. That guy I beat up at the festival gave it to me, or well, his partner did. I guess I don't actually meet the requirements to join yet, so they gave me an honorary one!"

This is almost 100% BS, but it sounds just plausible enough that people who aren't In The Know will probably buy it. Or so Tatsuki hopes.

Ah, that guy she beat up. That explains everything. How else would she get a patch like tha--wait. That guy she beat up couldn't have been Kenpachi?

Chad seems more visably put off by this than Ichigo is, though he's not shouting about it. After a moment he composes himself and sighs. Just what has been going on around here lately?

Ichigo's hand drops to his side, and he sinks back to the ground, looking like a cross between dejected and horrified. "I don't get it. I still don't get why he's /here/. Things are fine, aside from the giant robots, but, really, did they need to send /that/ crazy guy?"

Damn you, old man. Damn your sending of captains!

"If it makes you feel better, if he was sent down here, he'd have a limiter imposed on him," Rukia remarks, crossing her arms over her chest and glances at Ichigo askance. "He wouldn't be fighting in his full power in this plane." Might disappoint Tatsuki a little that Zaraki was fighting under a handicap, but that's the way it is.
 "Besides...we have other things to worry about. I got a note regarding that thing you received during the Festival." She winks at him. "I found out where the postcard came from."

It is at this point that the bell rings. Oh those schoolbells. Always ringing at the worst possible time.

It doesn't help that it's PE, with that big jerk.

You know, the one who tried to get half the cast in trouble for a TV appearance? Yeah. Him.

A limiter? That's a bit better then. Chad breathes a sigh of relief. Afterall, his own trip through Soul Society was brought to a screeching halt by the first captain he ran into, and hearing that Tatsuki took down a captain was a bit of a shock.

But now he REALLY needs to find time to speak with her later.

It won't be now, though, the bells ring. And it's time for PE. To help things get back to a bit of normalacy, Chad walks over to the destitute Keigo and picks him up off the ground and puts him back on his feet. "Maybe you can get Chisa's number on the way to PE?"

Augh. Bell. Lame. At least it won't be boring. Ichigo rises to his feet and stuffs his hands into his pockets. The fact that Kenpachi's powers are limited doesn't mean much. He's crazy strong anyway, and has a strange obsession with fighting Ichigo.

"Guess we'd better get goin'." Stupid PE. He gets enough exercise running around and fighting the bad guys. At an easy pace, Ichigo heads for the door to the stairs. It's probably baseball or something today. Or running. How he hates running.

Rukia pushes off the rail, and once people start to file out for PE, she follows the rest, but lags behind. Why? Because she doesn't really get involved with PE. She lets other people do it. She does watch though.

Rukia Kuchiki, cheater.

Aww. Way to ruin the party, Rukia. She didn't actually win, you know. But Tatsuki's expression isn't that dampened by the news. She doesn't reply, just standing up and working her way downstairs along with the others. "Man, I hope it's not marathon again today," she mutters.

Oh, it might be Marathon for someone....Yes indeed...

But still, people are coming together for PE, and big jerk teacheris currently taking the roll. And debating what horrors he will inflict on the students this time. And wondering how best to shut up that kid who's humming the Jaws theme for some unknown reason.

Down the stairs goes Ichigo. He's not hurrying, but he's not being slow and pokey either. If he's late, he'll have to run laps.

Flash forward: Five minutes!

Ichigo's exactly where he's supposed to be. In the gym, getting his name taken down that he's here, and dreading whatever torture's up for them all.
Flash forwards are a fun and convenient way to bypass all the needless mucking about in hypersp--- changing. Yes, changing. So Chad is also fully changed into gym clothes, and ready to do whatever activity is lined up for today. Unlike Ichigo Chad really doesn't mind most of the PE activities. The instructor takes some getting used to though.


Tatsuki is also present, in her gym outfit. She's a little ways off from the boys, standing with the girls. Orihime is...still gone. Worry worry worry.

The roll noted down, the jerk PE Teacher clears his throat. "Alright then! Today, for the boys, sprinting, for the girls, marathon! Are we clear?"

And yet, all of a sudden, Ichigo may, in fact, feel a sudden weight on his head. The weight of a small girl, who probably has pink hair and an incredible sense of balance. "That plans boring. Don't you think so, Ichi?"

The Jerk PE Teacher who's name is unknown blinks. "...Kurosaki, explain why you have a child on your head!" Yeah, that's right, single Ichigo out just because he has a tendency of having insane little girls pop out of nowhere and torment him.

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