Inoue's Apartment <IA>

    OMG THE APARTMENT IS RUINED!!!!! There are shinigami-sized holes in the walls, clothes flung everywhere, broken furniture, broken dishes, torn-up carpet...WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!?!

Admittedly, the materials needed to reconstruct the apartment building aren't so vast. There's a stack of wood, some bricks, some mortar, but none of it in huge quantities since it's only one unit that requires repair. Nonetheless, Dauragon's construction crew is present, and they're hard at work demolishing the sections of wall necessary to restore them in whole. Ms. Moriyata is standing outside, peering up at the workers, and Orihime has set up a folding table with a pitcher of lemonade and plastic cups (the second batch so far), and a tray of cookies (so far untouched for very good reasons). She knows she'd get in the way if she tried to help, so she'll just offer relief to those who need it. Besides, she has the worst headache for some unfathomable reason. Certainly it had /nothing/ to do with the "tea" Rangiku gave her and Tatsuki last night.

Materials? Tools? Construction? HARD PHYSICAL LABOUR? Chad is SO there.

Seriously, he waits for chances like this the way Ishida waits for ripped seams.

Approaching Orihime's rubble pile/apartment the giant carries a few of his own tools, and is wearing some older clothes, because he plans on doing what he can to help rebuild. Which, compared to the average person, is probably a lot.

First he approaches Orihime with a wave. "Thought I'd come help out."

There's a little cold patch over by the plates of cookies and lemonade.

The people who can see spirits will be able to see Nourriture clearly. She's fascinated by them.

She paces back and forth around the table, squeaking in fascination. She just seems to be amazed by this.

Orihime Inoue lifts her head with a smile. Finally! Chad, the bastion of sanity in Karakura! And it's a little sad that she would regard him as such...he and Rukia are the only ones with level heads that she's seen for a good long while. Uryuu comes close, at least. "Good morning, Sado-kun!" she waves right back. Wow, and he brought his own tools? What a sweet guy! "You did? Thank you very much!" she beams.

One of the workers walks straight through Nourriture, pushing back his hard hat with a look of disgust on his face as he eyes the crane rolling down the street. A crane with an iron girder swinging ominously on a length of steel cord. He shivers, but isn't quite sure why, since it's a warm day. "Jin, you idiot! This is an apartment, not a skyscraper, we don't need girders!"

"We /might/. You never know!"

"No we don't, it's too big! Get rid of it!"

Tatsuki Arisawa is here as well.

Unlike Orihime, she does not look as though she is being besieged by rampaging, violent, nomadic biker photons, however her brain does not feel nice right now. For the time being, she is standing by Orihime, overseeing, since there's plenty of people there already. She might step in later, when she gets bored. As she inevitably will. Seeing Chad approaching, the martial artist waves, saying, "Oi! Sado, long time no see."

"Don't worry about it." Chad replies to Orihime. After all, he still feels bad for not doing much to help her at all in the past weeks. At least this is something he's GOOD at. "It looks like this is going to take awhile to fix." He sounds almost glad, not that Orihime is without a home till then, but it WILL be good exercise.
He nods and waves to Tatsuki, deciding not to bring up the last time they saw each other, it wasn't pleasent for anyone involved. Nourriture gets glance, but not much attention, as Karakura is full of ghosts and the only significance to Chad she bears at the moment is that she was ALSO present at the big fight the week before. So he decides to get down to work, and heads over to join some of the construction workers. Urahara's had him doing heavier lifting at the shop than he'll be doing here anyway.

Yes that includes I-beams.

Nourriture wishes she could pick a cookie up. She tries it again, and the only thing she manages to do is get it to judder a little. She can't lift it off the plate. "Oh, foo," she says, snapping her fingers. "I really want to try one."

She shrugs airily, and turns around to Orihime. "They look wonderful. They must just be too pretty to eat," is the suggestion. "Everyone looks at them and goes 'oh, they're too nice, I just can't take one and ruin the display.' Aiya..."

The idea makes her giggle. "If I could be confined to something, I'd help however she could," she insists, walking over in Orihime's direction. "You know, I think this is the first time I've seen you after the sakura festival..."

Orihime Inoue chuckles, inclining her head towards Chad. "Yeah, that's what the foreman said. But if you're here, I'm sure it'll get finished twice as fast!" she exclaims, clasping her hands together. "Come get some lemonade whenever you're thirsty or get tired, okay?" she beams pleasantly.

Turning to Tatsuki, Orihime heaves a short, contented sigh. "So many people showed up to help. Isn't it nice? I really need to thank Mikado-san when he gets here," she smiles brightly. It's good to see that her friend is in good spirits. (Ha ha, SAKE spirits, ha ha ha.) Rangiku was always good at listening and giving advice. Orihime just wishes she'd been awake enough to hear the rest of it. "Sorry I fell asleep on you guys last night, I just felt so warm and comfortable that I couldn't help it!" She rubs at the back of her neck with a sheepish grin.

"Oh, good morning, Nourriture-san. What brings you out here?" she beams, and looks at the plate of cookies. Well at least they LOOK good, then! She takes the compliment happily. "It's all right, I appreciate the thought. If I might ask, what do you mean by being confined? What's that?"

Tatsuki Arisawa's eyes track across Nourriture, and she sighs, but doesn't seem as upset as the last time the two met. She doesn't address the ghost, since Orihime's on top of it and Tatsuki's always felt more comfortable talking to people with a pulse. "Yeah," she says, to her friend. "It's good a lot of people showed up! I'm glad, I was afraid I'd have to go get a press gang going." It's hard to tell whether she's kidding. "It's fine! You were sleepy, you'd done a lot already." She also waves to Sado, but likewise doesn't address their last meeting, although she's pretty sure they're going to need to talk later.

Of course, the two need to have a talk at some point. Probably even with Urahara watching... and involving punching, but a talk, anyway. For now though Chad is more than happy to use the muscles God gave him to do something constructive.

The very first thing he does is lend a hand to a couple of workers trying to unload plywood from a truck. After that he'll be up for grabs to any of the others if they need help. He's all purpose, anyway.

"Sealed into an object," Nourriture replies, answering the quick question first. She tries to pick up a pencil. Fails. "Phantoms can use the mass and abilities of an item to make a body for themselves to fight in the physical world, or be seen by non-sensitives. It's what I had to use when we... well, when we all fought to rescue you."

"After the battle, I had to spend a little while getting my strength back," she explains. "I'm almost back to normal now... so I decided to come and visit you, like I had always planned to before all this started. I wanted to come and see more of your cooking, and see how food is made in Karakura... and to see your meals and the ingredients you use... and your utensils and all those kind of wonderful things!" Her eyes are sparkling.

Orihime Inoue giggles. Tatsuki wouldn't /really/ do anything like that! ... Right? "Yeah...I was sleepy," she replies, rubbing the back of her head with a sheepish smile. Her expression brightens at Nouriturre's expressive interest in cooking. "It can be a lot of fun! I usually use whatever ingredients are on hand, though, so I don't always stick to the recipes. But sometimes that just makes it more fun, to see what I can come up with! I love cooking," she clasps her hands together. Too bad no one else seems to enjoy her efforts... Barring Rangiku and Ling, of course! "If you like, you can play in my kitchen, feel free to look at anything you like!" The door's open! So are the walls! Not that this would matter to a spirit, of course.

There's a startled yelp and the sound of gears grinding, probably in the wrong direction, from the location of the girder-bearing crane. The iron i-beam sways erratically as the machine jerks back and forth, a frustrated worker clutching at the gears and struggling against them.

"Idiot! Don't swing it around like that!" the foreman yells, a tree branch shattering and dropping with a leafy crash to send workers scattering.

"Nnnngh, I can't help it! It's locked up!"

An ominous metallic 'TWANG' sounds from overhead, and the girder suddenly drops an inch. Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeak...


"It's gonna fall!"

"Huh? Where?" a gap-toothed worker dumbly looks straight up.


Tatsuki smirks. "Yeah, I noticed you were..." she says, though she doesn't offer her own insight into the matter just now. Her thoughts are interrupted by the echoing crack of the girder's first drop. "Wh...crap!" She doesn't even stop to think, seeing the stupefied worker standing under the beam - she sprints at him, moving to tackle him out of the way.

Chad has a bit of a danger sense, especially around construction sites. While this is MOSTLY to do with a chance encounter with a pink-cheeked parakeet and his first experience with a Hollow, he knows that they can be dangerous sites ANYWAY, and tends to keep his eyes and ears open when around them.

So he's already moving by the time the 'SNAP' is heard.

While Tatsuki manages to tackle the slack-jawed worker, that doesn't slow Chad down, as there's a good chance they might be hit anyway, depending on how the I-beam falls. So he does what any muscle-bound, situationally indestructable, character would do. He catches the I-beam on his back.

Ok, maybe only he would do that.

There's a loud SLAM as the tremendous piece of metal collids with Chad's back. Despite not hitting the ground, dust is thrown into the air anyway. When it clears, Chad is still on his feet, I-beam neatly across his shoulders, with his arms supporting it. The landing was a bit better than last time, as he's not bleeding profusely from the head. After a few moments a few words escape his mouth.

"Hmm, Deja Vu."

"That's so awesome!" Nourriture says, mimicking the movement. Oh no. This could be really bad. "That's so cool... to have the drive and ingeniuity to do the best you can with anything you have..." she does that typical pose wherein you clench a fist and your eyes waterfall with tears. "It's the sign of a true hardcore chef!" The expression blinks off as if it was never there moments later. She squees as Orihime makes her offer. "Oh, thank you!"

And then WOAH HOLY CRAP FALLING GIRDER. Nourriture's arm snaps out, but there's nothing she can do- and when Chad tanks it, her expression is very much o.o . Then she realises what's happened and scurries over. "Oh my goodness! Are you alright? Do, do you need healing?"

Orihime Inoue's clasped hands slowly fall from her mouth, the expression of horror turning to one of awe. She always knew Chad was strong. But this is the first time she's seen him catch i-beams as if they were made of Nerf. "Oh, wow..." she gasps, stunned. And boy, Tatsuki is /fast/ too, isn't she? "Are you guys okay?" she calls out, abandoning the lemonade stand to rush towards her friends.

The foreman's cigar falls from his lips as he stares at Chad...and one could /swear/ there was a flicker of '$' in his dark eyes. "Hey, that was quite a catch...can I interest you in a job...?" he asks surreptitiously, a clipboard somehow appearing in his hands. He gives it a flourishing spin in his fingers, and suddenly there's a pen, too. "Whaddya say?" Chad's obviously some sort of Hispanic immigrant, so he has no doubt that he works cheap. And with the strength of a bull, too! Uwaa ha ha ha ha!

"Nnnngh...ohhhhhhhh..." The tackled construction worker lifts his head wearily, the yellow hard helmet tumbling off of his balding pate. "I've been saved..." Dizzy eyes suddenly lock on Tatsuki's face, taking in the mass of dark, short hair, and the fiery determination and strength in her sharp facial features. "Saved by an angel~!" he gushes.

Tatsuki Arisawa is pretty damn fast, yes. She grins over her shoulder at Orihime, saying, "We're fine! No worries!" The gushing construction worker gets a scowl, but she doesn't beat his skull into the pavement. ...for now. "Yeah, yeah, yer welcome."
She then stands, leaving him to stand for himself, and looks over at Chad - and has, for once, the good manners to gape. "What the hell! But that's...and you're...what!"

"No, I'm fine." Chad replies to Nourriture. He remians where he is for the time being, supposedly supporting the I-beam with little effort. Actually it's DOES take quite a bit of effort, even for him, but he can't exactly let it fall off his back if everyone is surrounding him, now can he?

The foreman gets quizzical look. "A job? Sorry, I have a part time job as it is." The foreman will probably have to deal with Urahara if he steals Chad away from him, so he's REALLY looking out for the foreman here. No one wants Urahara after them.

Orihime and Tatsuki's concern is met with a small smile. "Don't worry about me, I'm alright. But can all of you move a few feet away for a minute so I can put this down? It's a bit heavy."

"Man. That's just... wow," Nourriture says dumbly, amazed at what she's just seen. Her eyes continue to be small blinking orbs and her mouth a tiny dot. "I've never seen any human that powerful..." But then again she's seen very few humans. "Is this... is this normal?"

The tackled worker leaps to his feet like a rubber band, hands clasped, eyes glowing with admiration. "And so modest! Sweet angel of the construction field, I must have your name!" he pleads, spreading his arms wide and dropping to one knee. "I am forever at your service, for I must repay the debt I have incurred when you so selfishly risked your life to save mine!" Sparkle sparkle.

The foreman's look of disappointed rejection is suddenly replaced with a frightening flash of insight. "Oh well," he shrugs, as though helpless to change the situation. "That's too bad! In that case, can I have you autograph?" he beams toothily. "On the dotted line is okay, right next to the 'x' here, see..."

The other workers exchange an uneasy glance. If the big guy gets hired, then expectation for a full day's work is going to skyrocket. They take three big steps back to clear the way, one even covering his head with his arms as though afraid that Chad's just going to chuck the thing aside with so little effort.

"I'm...not really sure..." Orihime murmurs beside Nourriture. "Kurosaki-kun always said he was strong," and she's seen some of his punches. But he's not using any sort of super powers. He's just that friggin' awesome. "Sado-kun! Do you do this often?" she calls out, very much impressed.

Tatsuki stops, looking back. Squints at the guy. On the one hand, he's genuinely grateful. On the other hand...he's acting like Keigo.

Her fist itches.

"...Tatsuki," she says, flatly. "And you don't owe me anything, man." Or else she will have to break his face. Turning more to Chad, she says, "Yeah, sure." She turns and takes a few paces away from Chad, saying to her new worshipper, "But if you wanna pay me back, get the hell out of his way before he hits you with that."

Chad blinks. "Normal? Well, this happened once before. But otherwise... no, I don't make a habit of doing this." Even Chad's back would suffer if this happened on a regular basis.

As everyone moves away from him to give him some room he growls softly, then quickly stands fully upright, thrusting his arms outward, causing the I-beam to spring off his back and land on the ground behind him, coming to a stop less than a foot before the foreman. "You want my autograph? Sorry, but I don't think mine would be worth anything." It's hard to say whether or not Chad is actually oblivious to the foreman's intentions, or he completely understands and is irritating him now on purpose.

Chad rubs his left shoulder with his hand, while stretching his neck for a moment before a loud snap is heard. Wobbling his head from right to left a few times, Chad seems convinced everything is a-ok. He turns back to the foreman. "So will you need any help getting that out of the way?"

"Now that's really what I call a surprise," Nourriture decides, and, looking around at the various things going on, is right now somewhat glad that only the spiritually sensitive can see her, otherwise she would probably just make a rather complicated situation even more complicated. "Never a dull moment around here, huh?" she comments pithily to Orihime. "I'm glad nobody was hurt..." she adds quietly, "I've seen what the other side seems to be like in this world..."

Orihime Inoue stares at Nouriturre. That...wasn't possible. Unless someone was a death god, or had connections with Urahara. "Er...are you sure...?" she inquires, trying not to look skeptical. "How did you reach Soul Society?" And manage to come back, in that case.

Happy to oblige Tatsuki's suggestion, the man practically zipclings to stand right beside her. "How about if I stand here? Is that okay?" he beams, his eyes sparkling brightly. "Are you hungry? My lunch break is in half an hour, I could take you to a nice restaurant not far from here!" Sparkle sparkle sparkle. "After all, I owe you for saving my life!" SPARKLE.

The money signs in the foreman's eyes are quickly being dashed to tiny pieces. How irritating. At least he's getting more free labor, which means he doesn't have to pay as many hours to the others. "Ah, yes, yes, I think I do! If you'd be so kind..." to whack Jin over the head for bringing it by in the FIRST PLACE... "...and load it in the back of the truck just over there, it'd be a great help." Pause. He suddenly whirls around to bark at the wide-eyed slack-jawed workers. "What are you all staring at? Get back to work!"

Nourriture looks confused. "Soul society?"

Tatsuki stares down at the man. Up, actually, she's pretty short. But somehow she gives the impression she's staring down at him anyway. "Back /off/," she snaps. "I helped you 'cuz I wanted to, now cut it out!" The way she clenches her fist suggests that the unspoken rest of the sentence contains violence.

Taking another moment or two to let his poor back recover, Chad turns around to face the I-beam again. Reaching down, he grabs it with both hands, strains a moment, and hefts it up. It seems to be much more difficult to carry like this, than it was on his back, but doing it this way has the benefit of mobility, which he sort of needs to load it into the truck.

His steps are short, and rigid, but he eventually makes it over to the truck, and loads it up into it. Once it's done he takes a long deserved deep breath, then heads back over to Orihime. "I could use a glass of that lemonade now."

Orihime Inoue blinks at Nouriturre, then tilts her head to the side. "Ah...are you /sure/ it was the other side of this world? You'd know Soul Society if you saw it, it's like Japan during the Edo period," she tries to explain helpfully. Now she's getting a little confused. Thankfully, Chad makes his way over, and Orihime at last gets to be of service! "Sure thing! That was really amazing, lifting that all by yourself. Without a crane or anything!" she beams, sloshing the lemonade into a cup with a few blob-shaped ice cubes. "You and Tatsuki-chan saved that poor guy's life!" Said poor guy is flinging his arms around Tatsuki's ankle, begging her desperately not to go. Or rather, /trying/ to fling his arms in any case. Whether or not he makes it is up to Tatsuki's reflexes. "Would you like a cookie?" she offers, producing one of the sweets in a napkin. "I made it myself!"

Exclamation of pride? Or dire warning? YOU DECIDE.

Did someone say violence? Maybe now would not be a good time to hear a familiar effeminate voice calling from outdoors. "Oi! I heard some construction sounds, so I came to help!" Oops. Too late!

Envy, clad in his black outfit and a construction smock, peeks in from around the front door with a disturbingly cheerful smile. "I don't know much about building, but I do know how to hit things, so maybe I can pound a few nails or something?" Anyone detecting Envy's reiatsu will notice that the soul candy is gone, and he's back to what amounts to normal for a homunculus.

"Oh? There's more to it than just Hollows?" Nourriture asks. "Well, I very much stand corrected!" she concurs, holding up one finger. "I don't know what the edo period was, but if it's a different world... that does sound a little like Celestia. Or the Netherworld. How unusual."

As Envy arrives, she peers at him. Peeers. She wonders if he can see her too. Of course, she never saw him with the soul candy, so she doesn't know the difference has left. "Hi there!" she says. Cheerful. "Try a cookie!" she urges everyone.

OK, line is crossed.

"DRAGON BAZOOKA!!" Tatsuki bellows, which is apparently a very fancy term for 'I am kicking your head like a soccer ball. "HANDS OFF!"

Chad accepts the lemonade and gratefully downs the cup. Then he eyes Orihime's cookies warily. "Um..." She made them herself? Oh boy.... "I'll... pass, thanks. Probably not good to eat sweets during physical labour." That's likely a total croc, but it should work as a suitable excuse.

He's about to go back to work, when Envy approaches. It's probably worth noting that Chad has never met Envy face to face yet, and doesn't even really know what he looks like. It's also worth noting that no one filled Chad in on all the details of Orihime's 'rescue' yet, all he knew was that she was saved. He blinks, staring at Envy for a moment. He didn't know there was a Soul Candy to begin with, but something about him reminds him of that female homunculus from the previous week.

"Who's that?"

"Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! My beautiful angel is actually a beautiful deeeeeeviiiiiiilllllll!" And in a sparkle of light, the offending saved man has effectively been given the day off.

"Hey, Envy-chan!" Orihime brightens, thrusting her hand into the air to welcome in the homunculus. She's not actively searching out his reiatsu; Uryuu seems the one that's far more talented in that department. All she knows is that he looks happy, he's suited up to help, and he's smiling. That's good enough reason for her to see him here. "That'd be wonderful, we'd love your help," she beams.

The foreman looks a little more skeptical. He raises his hand to shield his mouth, muttering to the assistant foreman. "Is that a guy or a girl? We don't allow girls to help out with the heavy stuff..."
"I don't know, sir."
"Frustrating...we can't just /ask/... This is like that 'Pat' situation."
"Yes, sir."
"Go hit on it, see what happens."
", sir."
"Hey, you're getting paid to help out, so go help out!"
"This isn't in my contract, sir."
"Oh yeah? Well it's gonna be!" *page flip*

"This is Envy," Orihime gestures happily to the homunculus, dropping the formality just for now. "He's staying in the apartment behind mine!" He's also attending school as Juliana Douglas. Make what you will of that, o he of the Chad. "Envy-chan, this is Sado-kun, we're classmates!" There, formal introductions have been made!

The androgyny waves with a happy beaming smile, which abruptly freezes at the cry of 'DRAGON BAZOOKA'. This isn't going to end well. We'll be doing more apartment destruction then rebuilding! Ling did say it wouldn't be easy, so time to suck up and... "Hi, Orihime-chan! Hello, Sado! And, uh, hey, Tatsuki." He recognizes Chad from school, big silent guy who hangs with Kurosaki. But who's that with the cookies? Eh, ust be with the construction crew. Envy fishes something out of his smock, showing off a nice shiny new hammer to Orihime and Chad. "I even brought my own tools. Where can I start?"

    Nourriture raises a spectral eyebrow. Envy doesn't call her name, so she surmises he can't see her. She looks at his reiatsu- it's certainly the same as the other homonculi... "Envy? Wra-- he's not a homonculus, is he? He feels the same..."

The question asked is said entirely neutrally. She doesn't seem to have any malice towards him just because of this. Obviously there must be something different about him. Don't be prejudiced against anyone, because everyone can be a friend if you're nice to them, as Marona always says.

"Envy!?" Chad says in surprise, his body suddenly tensing. He knows the name, of course, and he just thought Envy was defeated, or exiled back through the gate. His right fist clenches and he seems about ready to jump at him at any given second, until Orihime starts talking to him with such a friendly tone, and even introduces them to each other.

He pauses, relaxing a bit, looking back and forth from Orihime to Envy. His mouth opens a few times, as if he was about to say something, but decides against it. Finally after a couple more moments he speaks.

"...did I miss something?"

Tatsuki Arisawa walks back over, hands in her pockets and looking only slightly frustrated, having purified her rage in the ancient right of beating the shit out of people. "Yeah," she says to CHad. "Turns out Orihime purified his heart with the power of love and justice, or somethin'." Pause. "The soul dingus I smashed through his teeth might've helped too, I wasn't really clear on that explanation." Grin grin.

Orihime Inoue blushes. "I didn't do anything, it was Envy himself..." she tries to explain. But it probably won't work. Ah, well! "Anyway, it's fine now," she beams up at Chad. "Sorry about that, I should have told you earlier! I just forgot, ha ha!" Her hand rubs at the back of her neck.

Meanwhile, a very depressed and reluctant assistant foreman shuffles closer towards Envy. This is bad. This is very bad. In fact, he'd even go so far as to say 'it sucks' like all those hippie delinquent teenagers do. Approaching Envy, he stops, coughs into his fist, and states in a flat, monotone, 'why me WHY' tone of voice, "Hey hot stuff do you want a burger with that shake." ~Heavens above, please shoot me now.~

Wrath emerges from Envy's apartment and steps into the sunlight, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He'd been sleeping the day away, pretty much, especially with Envy being so quite all day. But the creak of the door as Envy went out awakened the young homunculus, who now sneaks out after him. He has a few questions for the elder homunculus, questions that only multiply when he sees him talking with Orihime and some of her friends in broad daylight. What? Wrath pauses to stare at the group, confused. Is this some sneaky plan? If he goes over there, will he ruin it?

Envy's train of thought to try to explain just what happened in the arts & crafts room of Karakura High is messily derailed by the assistant foreman. Mercifully, he is mercifully spared a painful and lingering death, as Envy is woefully behind on the nuances of modern-day dating. "I'm not hot, and I'm not hungry either, sorry," is all he gets, complete with a WhatchuTalkin'BoutWillis look. These are very strange people Dauragon has working for him.

Now, where were we, oh right. "It wasn't all me, Orihime. Like I said, you're pretty amazing yourself," he answers with a wink, and leaves it at that for there are nails to whack. Walking over to where some beams are being assembled, the homunculus holds up the hammer and with a mighty THWACK, drills the nail in with one blow. Any more questions, gentlemen?

Chad's expression is one of pure "..." As Tatsuki and Orihime give their explanations. He's not really sure WHAT to make of it all at first, but he believes he gets the general gist of it. He stares at Envy for a few moments as the conversation is going on, eyes narrowed (behind the hair, you can't see, hah!). "....if you're sure." He finally says. He's not about to start a fight here, even if he would kind of like to punch Envy in the face, but Chad has a bit more restraint than Tatsuki, and wasn't nearly as involved in the situation anyway.

That doesn't mean things will be hunky-dorey between him and the homunculus. Oh no. He'll be keeping an eye on him, count on that.

Ignoring the antics of the newest construction worked (probably soon to be KOed construction worker) Chad goes back to helping out. His poor muscles haven't been used since throwing the I-beam on the truck! Back to work, back to work!

"Wow, he's really good," Nourriture comments, impressed. "It's a shame he can't see me though..."

She laughs, and spins airily around the room, her feet not touching the ground. "I'm so glad. It just does to show that the power of love and justice is a wonderful thing... kindness really is the greatest gift you can give to someone." She speaks as if this kind of thing is really near and dear to her spiritual heart. There's real weight in the words.

Tatsuki snorts. "I'm not sure," she replies. "Not really, but he hasn't tried to kill her again yet and until he does I ain't gonna break his neck." She wanders over to the refreshments table, frowning again. This Envy situation does not sit well with her, not at all.

"..." Yeah. He doesn't get paid enough for this. Passing by the foreman, the assistant blandly states, "It's a guy." It doesn't matter if he's confirmed this or not. That's the answer he's going to give, and if it's not satisfactory, he's taking up that job as a fashion designer.

Unaware of Wrath's impending presence, Orihime just smiles gratefully at Chad and Envy. She's especially glad that Chad didn't decide to punch Envy into the moon, and heaves a sigh of relief. At this rate, her apartment will be nice and warm once more. The carpet specialists will be by tomorrow morning to lay down a new rug. She even got to pick the color! It's a nice dark brown...just like Ichigo's eyes. Squee!

Wrath sneaks towards the apartment, though he is unhappily aware that they'll probably sense him somehow no matter how he hides. Once he's close enough, he scoops a small rock out of the dirt and flings it at the back of Envy's head. It's just like a young suitor trying to get the attention of his darling without the father noticing! And breaking the window in the process. Yes, he probably could use the radio instead, but that would require thinking about it.

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