Urahara Shop <US>

This is Urahara's shop. Here you will find the weirdest and rarest items, especially if you are a shinigami. The outside of the store seems organized and has a wide selection of touristy items. Ask a employee if you are looking for something in particular.

Welcome to the Urahara Shop!

Well that's what they would be saying if they were currently open. Which they're not. Tessai and the kids are inside while Urahara is off doing God knows what. Chad is outside at the front entrance sweeping the dirt. This is normally Jinta's job, but Chad lost a game of janken with him earlier, so here he is. He was supposed to head home by now. Ah well. He continues sweeping, Chad's not one to abandon a job he starts, no matter how menial and useless.

Open or not, Tatsuki's in a pretty good mood. It's a bit of a turnaround for her from the last couple weeks, when her confidence had been down in the hole.

Not that poor Chad's been there to witness most of it. Which is actually part of why the martial artist has come down to the Urahara shop, whistling a loud, cheerful tune to get the attention of anyone there. Turning the corner to the shop, she sees the Not-So-Jolly Mexican Giant, and calls, "Oi! Sado!"

Chad was in the middle of pondering the necessity of sweeping dirt outside of Urahara's shop when Tatsuki approaches. Oh good, something else to focus on that's not sweeping, nor dirt.

He's never taking Jinta up on a challenge again.

"Evening, Arisawa." He says, with his usual dorky wave, which looks 100x dorkier in that apron he's currently wearing. Probably hard to believe this is the same guy who caught an I-beam on his back yesterday. "What brings you here? If you're looking for Mr. Urahara, he's out."

Tatsuki smirks. "I'll talk to hat-'n'-clogs later. He still owes me a fight or six. But, actually...I came here to talk to you." She rolls her shoulders, a little uncomfortable, and then finally says, "I noticed you hadn't known about the whole thing with Orihime, and...well, I know what it's like to be in the dark. I thought I'd answer any questions ya have that I can answer. Help bring you up to speed."

"Hm?" Chad ponders Tatsuki's offer. He's begun to realize just how much of what went on in Soul Society Tatsuki must have become aware of. He didn't like keeping her in the dark, but it was more for her own good. But that all seems moot right now.

"Well, maybe you can explain to me just what happened with this Envy person, that Inoue seems to have forgiven him." As opposed to them gangbeating him on sight and tossing him back through the Gate in several pieces. That's what Chad THOUGHT would happen if they ever saw Envy again. Not... offer him lemonade for helping rebuild Orihime's apartment.

Tatsuki sighs, running a hand through her hair. "I wish I /knew/. Orihime seems to have decided she trusts him even if he's a homocidal maniac who tried to sacrifice her to some foreign god or some crap. I don't even know." She shrugs, helplessly. "I can't break his neck as long as Orihime's got attachments to him. I won't make that girl cry, even if it is for all the right reasons." Not to mention he kicked her ass up and down the walls! Grr! "But...Basically, Envy kidnapped her and took her shape - he's a shapeshifter...thing. He wasn't very good at it, kept making little mistakes that Orihime wouldn't make, so Ishida 'n' I caught on pretty quick. The other night, us two went to confront him at school. We stuck a soul candy in 'im - it...kinda sorta makes him calm down and stop being an evil bastard. I'm not sure what else they do, I didn't have time for the whole explanation. I'm not sure if he's got it out of his system yet or what."

"Hmmm..." Is Chad's reply to all of that. It's not a happy 'Hmmm', he doesn't like what he's hearing. He can see why Tatsuki really dislikes Envy, and Chad has only met him for maybe a few minutes but he's starting to dislike him too. "Inoue is trusting, and forgiving. Maybe too much so, but that's what makes her who she is, I guess." He has stopped his sweeping by this point, and grasps the broom handle unconfortably. "I can understand you not wanting her being hurt, so I'll leave Envy alone too. But we should keep an eye on him, he doesn't sound like someone I would trust." And that Elric kid didn't have a very high opinion of him either. "If he so much as subtly threatens Inoue again we'll have to take some action."

Grr, this situation is a bit too complicated for his tastes. In his world, he'd be able to punch Envy until he stopped moving, and save the day. Easy. He mentally grumbles about this for a bit, before pausing awkwardly. "So... with all that's happened lately..." He struggles a bit, not really sure HOW to bring this up. "...considering that you've met Captain Zaraki, I guess you know a bit more about everything than I thought..."

Tatsuki Arisawa hums, nodding. "Yeah, this is getting tricky. I'll keep an eye on him. We all should, then if he pulls anything we can beat 'im senseless and throw his corpse in the river." She puts her hands in her pockets and paces a little, before turning back at Chad's awkward question. She laughs. "Yeah, I found out a thing or two. It was...tricky, but I managed it. I don't know everything. I seem to have a knack for putting people who can destroy the universe in headlocks." She grumbles, and ruffles her own hair again in irritation. "But Orihime's explained some stuff to me, yeah, and so's Ichigo and Kuchiki."

Chad nods. "Mmm..." Well she's gotten this far into it, she can see ghosts, she knows about Soul Society, so what reason is there to keep anything from her at this point? "Sorry, no one wanted to keep you in the dark to begin with. It was just for the best." Besides, Soul Society was a trip only if you were in the 'special powers' club. "A lot of things happened in Soul Society, and now it looks like it will only get more complicated with these Gates." Hell, Envy is living proof of THAT. He decides not to mention Aizen, though, no need to stir up THAT wasp's next. "I couldn't help Ichigo like I wanted over there. But I'm going to do what I can to keep supporting him. I know you must feel the same way about Inoue."

Tatsuki snorts. "/Ichigo/, feh. He's changed." She grumbles, looking exasperated. "That bristle-headed maniac...he acts like he thinks he's the only guy allowed to throw a punch in Karakura, these days. I got half a mind to remind him why we used to fight together." Even if she knows that there's a /very good reason/ for them not to fight together these days...

"Still, yeah. I...can't stand the idea of Orihime having to deal with these guys on her own. Love and cuddles won't always work, and...that girl, I don't think she's ready to realize that."

Chad just grins at Tatsuki's rant. "Yeah, he has changed." Chad, however, saw that change take place. So he's a bit more forgiving toward's Ichigo's rash behavior. Of course, he can also admit that he goes a bit too far sometimes. "But he's still Ichigo. You've known him longer than any of us, if you want to say something to him, then you should do it." Chad won't stop her from trying to knock some sense into him either. He's there to watch Ichigo's back, sure, but sometimes, these things are for his own good.

Then the conversation turns back to Inoue, and Chad frowns. Tatsuki is protective of her, that much is certain. But she also hasn't seen Inoue like he has seen her. "Before we went to Soul Society..." He says, suddenly. "Inoue and I trained together to try and harness the strange powers we had only just gotten. We wanted to go to support Ichigo. It was for the same reason, but she was more determined than I was. We were split up shortly after entering, and I never saw her again until she crashed through our cell ceiling with Captain Zaraki." He pauses, he'll have to explain that part in greater detail some other time.

"In the end, I really couldn't do a thing to help Ichigo. But Inoue helped us all, and saved Ichigo's life when it was all over. She's stronger than she even herself realizes, and I think she does know that love and kindness won't always work. She saw all of that firsthand with everything that happened. But... that doesn't mean she still doesn't WANT it to work." He stops again, shifting the broom handle from one hand to the other uncomfortably. He's said a lot more than he usually would on a subject like this.

Tatsuki listens carefully, nodding quietly at Chad. At the end, however, she shakes her head. "I know she's strong. I'm half the reason for it, I trained her myself. Didn't know she knew Zaraki so well, though." She scratches her head, thinking. "So much about that girl I don't know. I don't think she's keepin' it quiet on purpose, just hasn't thought to say it yet. Still...even if she knows better, even if she can take care of herself..." She huffs a sigh, stuffing her hands in her pockets. She paces up and down the yard, saying, "I've been with that girl for three years, protecting her and standing up for her. And now, it feels...like I have to keep doing it, even though now half the time it's more like she's the one with the strength to protect me. And I don't know how to feel about that."

Chad just grins at Tatsuki's determination. He feels kind of the same way about Ichigo, being left behind while he goes on to try to stand above everyone and take everything on his shoulders. Yeah, Chad's not taking that lying down. He'll always have Ichigo's back, even if he has to fight tooth and nail to keep up with him.
"Then do something about it." He says simply. "I can't tell you what to do, or how. I'd never be able to explain how Inoue and myself got these powers, but it's like... they were necessary. The same may happen to you, eventually. The only one who can really help you, is probably Mr. Urahara." He sort of hates to admit this, as Urahara has never really came out and offered direct help, but he seems to be the only one who knows anything about all of this. "Until then, she still needs you. Even if you don't have powers like these she'll still need your support. Not to mention she'll need someone with a level head to keep her from making careless decisions."

Tatsuki Arisawa grunts. "I ain't got nothin'. Apparently sometimes if I'm pissed my fist glows, and that ain't much." She shrugs, helplessly. "It sounds like at this point it's a waiting game, plus whatever Hat-n-Clogs has in store for me." If Tatsuki knew how Urahara trains people, she'd probably be more concerned. Chad's last comment gets a snicker, though, the girl laughing, "What, me, level-headed? At the rate I'm going I'm gonna end up putting every Captain in Soul Society in a headlock. I've already gotten Rukia's brother and Zaraki." She pauses, thinking. "...I wonder if I should try for it. Be something to be known for, at least!"

Level headed compared to Inoue's ditzyness, anyway! She needs that voice of reason, sometimes. "That's a start." He comments, to her fists glowing. "Try not to feel left behind or anything, I'm sure Urahara can do something." Even if that may be getting Chad to fight Tatsuki, he went to Urahara for training himself, and so far he just has him stocking shelves. "He may put you up for work first, though. He's a hard man to read."

The comment about the headlocks gets a gape, though. "You put... Captain Kuchiki..." That just... BOGGLES. How does she manage to get away with this? Not only Kenpachi, but Byakuya too? "Well, uhm, I don't know if that would be the best thing to do. Some of the other Captains may not take it so well." Hm. Captain Kyouraku would probably take it good-naturedly, though he may consider it as if Tatsuki was making a pass at him. Chad's not all that familiar with the rest of the Captains, but he's seen most of them, and the thought of Tatsuki giving ALL of them a headlock is very very funny.

Tatsuki grins that crazy little grin that makes her look uncomfortably like Ichigo. "Well, everyone was freakin' out at seeing him, so I ran up and put him in a headlock and said 'What did you do them!' and then he did a...thing, I didn't even really catch it, and then the rest of it didn't go so well." Pause. "But I did headlock him! 'n' I'll do it to anyone else who needs it, just you watch!"

Chad just shakes his head. It's a good thing Captain Kuchiki seems to have mellowed out a bit, and that Rukia was right there, or else Tatsuki mightn't have been so lucky. "Hmm... well, anyway, just be careful. Some of the other Captains aren't as good natured as Captain Kuchiki or Captain Zaraki." He sighs internally, she'll have to find out about Aizen eventually. But it would be best for her to develop what spirtual power she has first, or else she might go and do something she'll regret without the means to defend herself.

Chad stops his sweeping, and lays the broom up against the side of the shop, and takes his apron off. "Time for me to head home." He says. "Still have homework to do, despite all of this crazy stuff." Like he's going to lose his standing in the class averages! "See you around, Arisawa."

Tatsuki Arisawa nods. "I'll be careful. I'm not /that/ dumb." Usually. She waves as Sado moves to go. "I have some stuff to do myself, or I'd walk ya. I'll see you, Sado." She, likewise, moves to depart, in another direction. 

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