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Industrial district! Factories and warehouses! Oh My!

Orihime Inoue steps through the small stairway door, her hand resting on the frame as she looks around...and smiles. This place sure brings back memories. The first time she ever got her powers to manifest! Training with Yoruichi when she thought she was still just a kitty! Chad falling down the stairs! Well...it was a /memory/, even if it wasn't a particularly good one. "Hee...thank you again, Sado-kun!" she turns around, clasping her hands before her with a light bob at the waist. "I've been feeling terribly rusty lately." She steps back, so he can enter the main room as well.

"Mm..." Chad responds in his usual not-very-responsive way. "I admit, I haven't done much myself lately either." Which is true. Despite all that has (presumably) been going on, Chad just hasn't gotten involved with it. As such he's starting to feel a bit left behind. Not that he'll tell anyone that.

Speaking of feeling down, he had an inkling Inoue wasn't at her brightest either, so how could he say no when she asked him to train? "It will do me some good to get some practice too...." But this time... THIS TIME... no destroying things.

"Ha, really?" Orihime beams. Awesome! She's helping Chad! USEFUL! "I'm glad, then! Okay," she swings her arms around, then twists at the waist allll the way to the right, then allll the way to the left. "And you don't have to go easy on me. I need to get a lot tougher, so please don't be afraid of hurting me, okay?" she chirps.

Chad, of course, is absolutely right. She has been feeling a bit down ever since Ling's first day at school...which was Friday. Just because Chad's quiet doesn't mean he's not perceptive. "Anou...should we do this without powers, then?" She'd feel /really/ bad if she hacked off Chad's arm.

Useful? Well, Chad would never have said she wasn't being useful anyway. He folds his arms as she speaks. "Not too long ago Arisawa came across me in Urahara's training facility. I'm not sure how she found it, but she asked me to do the same thing. Fight her. She did well, for someone with no spiritual powers." Chad still won, of course, but he neglects to comment on how it turned out.

"Ummm... will you really be alright if we don't use powers?" Granted he doesn't like the idea of being on the recieving end of Tsubaki, but that seems almost too unfair. "I'll keep from using mine, but you can still use your shield. How does that sound?"

Orihime Inoue considers for a moment...then nods. "All right. We can do that!" It seems a little uneven to her, but on the other hand, it sure beats getting punched out the window and flying across the town, tee hee! "And sure, I'll be fine! Tatsuki taught me some karate. I'll do my best to make it good!" she salutes, tucking one arm behind her back.

/Some/ karate? Well...yes. Orihime just picked up on it fast because it was interesting.

"Okay, here I come, then!" she warns, since she's taking the initiative. That way he can dodge fairly! And she beams from ear to ear as she juts her fist forward at Chad's rock-hard stomach.

Orihime Inoue hits Yasutora Sado with her Poink! jab.

Chad IS rather immovable. But that doesn't mean his body isn't human. And most Martial Arts are less about strength, and more about technique. So while Inoue's punch doesn't have enough power behind it to REALLY hurt him she DOES strike a sensitive spot. "You're better than I thought." He says.

At this point Chad doesn't want to go using his full strength, it wouldn't be fair. So like when he fought Tatsuki, he holds back. Probably even MORE than he did then. Before Inoue can pull away her arm Chad grabs for it, and attempts to judo-flip her onto her back.

You miss Orihime Inoue with your Judo Flip (Wahaha!) jab.

Orihime Inoue beams cheerfully up at Chad, brightened by his compliment. "Hee hee! Thank y--whoops!" She ducks beneath his arm, slipping to his side and wedging herself against him. Her hands clutch at his arm, and her shoulder digs into his side as she pivots on her heel to reverse the big man's momentum and bring him crashing down.

Orihime Inoue misses Yasutora Sado with her The Bigger They Are, The Louder the Earthquake! attack.

Chad's left leg comes forward to plant itself into the floor, giving him the extra balance he needs to not get flipped by his smaller opponent. "You'll have to try harder than that." Using pure strength against Chad isn't a bright idea, even for people who could match him in muscle.

Still holding back quite a but, Chad leans forward on his left leg and crouches down, and kicks with his right leg to try and take Inoue's legs out from under her.

You get a glancing blow on Orihime Inoue with your Leg Sweep jab.

Orihime Inoue yips, and down she goes, onto her back. She sits up, rubbing the back of her head. "Hee...that was a pretty good move!" She'll have to remember it for later. Rolling to her feet, she takes a deep breath to steady herself. "I didn't know you knew karate, Sado-kun!" She'll have to try her specialty again when he's actually unbalanced, it'll work better that way.

Skittering to his left, Orihime feints another jab with her fist, then follows it swiftly with a high kick to the back of his shoulders with the toe of her sneaker.

Orihime Inoue critically strikes Yasutora Sado with her Can she even reach that high? attack.

Yes she can. Barely. The kick will likely leave a small bruise, but it doesn't do much to slow Chad down. "Not really..." He response to the karate comment. "Just a few things I picked up on my own." He was quite a brawler in his youth, and even after he mellowed out he was still thrust into fights once he met up with Ichigo. There was no finesse to Chad's leg sweep, though, Inoue could have easily dodged it if she saw it coming.

Just like what happened before, Chad goes to grab at her leg before she can retract it. It's something he realized when fighting Tatsuki, he could fight her effectively without risking injuring her too badly if he grapsed her limbs as she attacked and threw her to one side. The same can be done here, though he'll have to be careful not to over-do it. He also makes a grab for one of Inoue's arms, and if successful spins around once and tosses her into a pile of empty cardboard boxes, which should help cushion the fall a bit.

You hit Orihime Inoue with your Grab/Toss jab.

"Oof!" Boxes explode into the air, and one of Orihime's legs can be seen jutting into the air at a comical angle. She's not really hurt all that badly, but just the same, it leaves her a little disoriented for a moment. The boxes shift and topple as Orihime works her way to her feet, brushing herself off. "Sado-kun, you're holding back," she chuckles, patting the dust from her knees. "Are you really sure I'm helping you get better like that?" And with a happy smile, she wings one of the boxes at his head. Just to keep him on his toes!

Orihime Inoue hits Yasutora Sado with her Incoming! jab.

Chad wasn't expecting her to use one of the boxes as a projectile, so he gets smacked pretty firmly on the nose. Ow. "Mm, well don't look at it that way." Chad says. "Training doesn't jsut involve going all out. I've always had a hard time controlling my strength, and a time may come where I might have to fight someone while holding back. I need to get used to that too." And though he doesn't want to say it out loud, he's really worried about seriously hurting her if he goes all out. And she can't use her healing powers on herself. So Chad going at full power right now simply isn't happening.

"Besides, you need to worry about yourself too." He begins to sprint towards her. For a moment he's not sure what to do at this point that wouldn't really injure her. So he decides to fall back on a rather weak move. An open-palmed strike, aimed at her right shoulder.

You miss Orihime Inoue with your Shoulder Strike feint.

Orihime Inoue doesn't look too convinced, but she could never contradict someone as kind and gentle as Chad. "Well, if you're sure, then I guess it's okay!" She just won't call on her fairy spirits, since that would definitely be unfair. Orihime can avoid his incoming attack, though! She spins to the side, and THIS time, she believes a judo flip will actually work. He's running! He's on one leg! Hooray! Grab, pivot, throw!

...Of course, if it doesn't work, Orihime's just going to look rather foolish, straining at Chad with squeaky noises coming from behind gritted teeth as she tries to move the immovable.

Orihime Inoue gets a glancing blow on Yasutora Sado with her This Time! FOR SURE! attack.

Tumble. Crash. Bam. NOW she's getting it. Don't try to use strength against Chad, use momentum. His big body works against him this time, and he falls flat on his back. Ow. Some of those cardboard boxes are now nicely flattened.

He doesn't stay down for long, though, as he quickly gets to his feet. He's left with the decision of what attack to throw at her again, now. He's not going to use real punches, too much power behind them even when he DOES hold back, and he is not going to punch Inoue. Instead he tries a simple chop to her mid-section.

You get a glancing blow on Orihime Inoue with your Judo Chop jab.

Orihime Inoue's oof is rather subdued, with more air coming out her mouth than real sound. Even holding back, he sure does hit hard! She's glad, though. This is something she needs to get used to, if she's going to fight people that WON'T hold back. She doesn't want to crumple with a singular blow! And not too long ago, it might have brought her to her knees. She wobbles, but she stays on her feet with dogged determination. "H-hey!" she chuckles, pointing at the boxes. "That will make them easier to recycle, w-won't it?" Oh Orihime with her weird sense of humor... She lashes out with her leg, aiming for his kneecap...then shifting to his shin at the last minute. That might be a little /too/ mean of an attack.

Orihime Inoue misses Yasutora Sado with her Boot attack.

"I guess you're right." Chad says. He doesn't have time to chuckle, though, as he sees Inoue's attack and quickly steps back, just barely dodging it. That WAS a mean attack. It's a good thing Chad's too gentlemanly to play dirty. Or else he'd grab at her hair or something. There IS plenty of it there to grasp, after all.
Great, now what? Chad's running out of moves he can use that won't result in her being considerably hurt. He's going to have to start reusing some. Like the ol' grab 'n toss, that generally works well for combat filler! Since he's too late to grab her leg, he moves into reach for an arm. Toss, flip, either would work.

You miss Orihime Inoue with your Judo Flip/Toss (whichever) jab.

Orihime Inoue eeps! Ducks! And shoots one arm up to prop Chad's elbow in the air while she retaliates with a fist to his side. Immediately she wishes she hadn't done that, it almost seems /too/ dirty. She jerks backwards, blushing hotly. "Ah...sorry...! Ling-san taught me a few new moves, they kind of come on instinct now. It's supposed to help me fight homunculi!"

Orihime Inoue misses Yasutora Sado with her Cheap Blow! CHEAP! feint.

Chad easily bats away Inoue's punch before she can land it. Once again she failed to remember that Chad's arm is far stronger than hers, and thus it would be much more difficult for her to keep it held ANYWHERE. "It's alright. It's good that you're learning how to defend yourself. If you're fighting someone really dangerous then fighting a bit dirty won't matter as long as you make it out alive."

Ok, back to the same old schtick. Find a good move to use that won't hurt her. Let's see... Well, given their close proximity, Chad decides to see how well she may be able to get out of a tough situation. He quickly grabs at both of her arms with one hand, and tries to kick her legs out from underneath her. Well... it would look a bit compromising to a passer-by, but luckily they're alone here. And she knows it's just for training.

You miss Orihime Inoue with your Trip and Hold stun.

Orihime Inoue oofs! Chad...is heavy! And though she does blush a bit, she does indeed know very well that Chad just isn't that kind of person. She twists and struggles a bit, not /really/ wanting to resort to the only move that comes to mind. But unfortunately, without the use of her arms, and her legs trapped beneath his weight, it's all she can do. She'll apologize afterwards.

Arching her back, Orihime then jerks forward to headbutt Chad in the forehead with the hardest skull in all of Karakura.

Orihime Inoue critically strikes Yasutora Sado with her BONK! attack.

CRUNCH! And that wasn't Inoue, that was Chad's nose. His hand darts up to grasp it, and he tries to wiggle it back into place. Ow. "Ah' fugaht aboud dat."
SNAP. Ok, back in place, mostly. Still, that stung. "At least you have something to use in a bad spot, that's good. Sorry about that." Forget about Inoue apologizing for using her head, Chad still feels bad about bringing that up to begin with. This should work a bit better, though, but it might leave him open again due to his momentum. He sprints forward, and attempts to simply ram her. With his shoulder, of course. The impact alone should prove to sting a bit.

You get a glancing blow on Orihime Inoue with your Ram jab.

Orihime Inoue raises her hand with a sheepish smile in apology, struggling to her feet. "Ah, I'm sorry! It was just...yes..." she agrees humbly. "Don't be sorry, it's okay!" She's barely on her feet, and WHAM! Chad Train! Orihime goes spinning backwards, landing firmly on her rear. "Oof! Ah ha ha, I should have dodged that," she chuckles, rubbing the back of her head. "Anou...I'll fix your nose after we're done, sorry about that!" She pushes herself back to her feet, running at Chad (and weaving a bit) as she jumps to throw a punch at the middle of his chest. "Yaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

Orihime Inoue gets a glancing blow on Yasutora Sado with her Flying to Your Heart jab.

This blow hurts conisderably less. In fact Chad doesn't even budge as Inoue lands it. It stings a bit, but it has no real effect on the giant. "You shouldn't rely on physical strength. It's not an asset you can take advantage of very well. You need to work on speed and balance." Again, he has no real training, but you pick up a lot of practical things when street fighting.

"Don't try to fight like me. Attacks like this are more effective for me than you." Attacks like what? Well what he's about to use. He goes for another open-palmed strike, striking Inoue in the chest just like she did him.

Wait--- no. Not chest. Stomach. Yeah, that's right. Well below the chest.

You get a glancing blow on Orihime Inoue with your Stomach Strike jab.

Orihime Inoue lets out a low 'ugh!' at the blow, but she's not throwing up. Yeah, he's /really/ holding back on her! She's grateful, though. Throwing up is such a waste of food, and it tastes really terrible. "I'll try harder," she acquiesces with a wheeze, smiling weakly up at him. Speed and balance...and uppercuts to the jaw! That's got to be more effective too, right? He doesn't look like he can be thrown all that easily, so she's not going for a judo flip this time.

Orihime Inoue hits Yasutora Sado with her Shoryuken! attack.

Yup, that's more effective. Blows to the head are much more effective than body blows, no matter how strong you are. This dizzys Chad for a few moments, but not enough to delay him for long. He can see that Inoue is starting to lose her steam, though, so he decides to hold back even more. She probably won't last much longer.
He tries a completely different throw this time. Instead of grabbing her limbs, he grabs her by both shoulders, and quickly tosses her back to the cardboard-box pile. At this point he's kind of hoping she'll stay down. He doesn't like fighting a weakening opponent. Let alone a friend.

You get a glancing blow on Orihime Inoue with your Toss Number 3 (or was it 4?) feint.

Orihime Inoue is such a lightweight, that the job is done fairly easily despite her flailing when she's picked up. The boxes don't explode this time around, though! They're still kinda sorta FLAT. She looks a little dizzy...a lot, actually...and finally she just flops back with her arms outstretched, as though she wanted to make a cardboard angel. "I think...that's all I can do for today, Sado-kun," she confesses with a smile. "Thank you very much. I really needed that!"

Chad can't help but feel pretty relieved when Inoue finally stops. As much as he wants to help her, he honestly doesn't like being forced to beat up one of his friends. First Tatsuki, now this. He'd still be a bit put off even if it were Ichigo or Ishida, even though he knows they could take a punch or two directly.

Well... Ichigo could. Ishida IS pretty skinny...

Chad nods. "It's alright. I just hope you're not hurt." Or... not hurtING too badly, at least. He can't help but wonder if he could have gone even easier on her. Oh well. He walks over and offers a hand to help her up.

Orihime Inoue smiles, stretching out her palm to fit her small hand in his large paw and hoists herself to her feet. "No, I'm okay!" A little bruised, but honestly nothing to worry about. "This was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for, I'm very grateful." She rolls her shoulders, swinging out her arms to keep the limber and loose. "What about you, are you okay?" She's looking intently at his nose. And without bothering to wait for a response, Shun'ou and Ayame pop into the air above her. "I can fix your nose for you!" she beams. "Sorry I hit so hard!"

"Don't worry, I'm fine---" He barely has time to say before her fairy assistants pop out of nowhere. "Well... if you insist." Not like he could talk her out of it, oh well.
"Don't worry about me. I can take a lot of hits. Are you sure you're ok, though?" She's not built like he is, not by a long shot. "As long as you don't go overboard when you're training like this you'll be fine. I know you want to be stronger, but pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion won't help as much as you'd think. It might be fine for people who want to, or have to, spend their whole lives on the battlefield. But since you're jsut trying to get enough to defend yourself you should go a little easier." Ok, Chad-lecture done. He tried saying something to Arisawa once before too, and it didn't help. So he's not going to waste too much of his breath if he feels it won't help.

Orihime Inoue shakes her head, stating the usual incantation of shield rejection to get Chad back in tip-top shape. This will take care of that impending bruise on his back, too. "Oh no, I fully intend to fight alongside everyone else when that day comes," she beams happily. Clearly she hasn't been told she's a burden by Urahara just yet. Tsubaki's still in one piece, so it hasn't become necessary. "So push all you want, it's good for me!" she smiles.

Orihime Inoue shakes her head, stating the usual incantation of shield rejection to get Chad back in tip-top shape. This will take care of that impending bruise on his back, too. "Oh no, I fully intend to fight alongside everyone else when that day comes," she beams happily. Clearly she hasn't been told she's a burden by Urahara just yet. Tsubaki's still in one piece, so it hasn't become necessary. "So push all you want, it's good for me!" she smiles.

Chad hrms, she doesn't get it. But he decides not to press the matter. He trusts her to know her own limits, so he hopes she'll be careful in her training efforts. "Alright. I know you're determined. Just promise you'll be careful."

He waits for the healing to be finished on his nose before speaking again. Having the shining restorative shield on his face is a bit of a distraction.

Orihime Inoue smiles, and inclines her head. "I'll do my best, Sado-kun. You be careful too!" He's big, tough, and nigh indestructible. But not completely. Like her, Chad is only human, and she'd be devastated if anything were to happen to him. But she doesn't say this, because that's a pretty sad thing to talk about, and she hates bringing other people down. "Well then, let's go home! I was wondering if it would be okay to borrow a cookbook of Mexican cooking, though?" she beams up at him, moving to his side. "I got to try some Mexican food for the first time ever last week, and everyone really liked it, so I thought maybe I could learn how to make those kinds of things."

Chad blinks. "Cookbook?" There's an odd request. Even for Inoue. Then again, Chad imagines what her attempts at Mexican food would be like, given how she handles regular ol' Japanese food. Good thing he doesn't even have one. "Um, sorry. I don't keep cookbooks, everything I know how to make is memorized." He doesn't cook Mexican stuff very often anyway. The ingredients are too hard to get around here.

"Really?" Orihime blinks, undaunted. "Then, will you show me how sometime?" she pleads, clasping her hands together beneath her chin. "Tatsuki-chan and Ling-san would love me forever if I made some refried beans for them! And I'll cook for you, too, to show my gratitude!" BWAH HA HA HA HA! "What have you been up to lately, anyway? We've both been so busy, I never get to really talk to you much."

"Mm.. well sometime, perhaps. We'll see." He says, non-comittedly. He has a feeling she'll corner him into it SOME day, but he's not going to mark it on his calender just yet. He doesn't consider himself a good cook anyway, not half as good as Abuelo was. "Well, just attending classes and working at Mr. Urahara's." He says. "Even though the school has gone through some strange changes lately. I'm still undecided on that."

Orihime Inoue nods. "I think it'll be a good thing, in the end. We have Ling-san and Envy-chan attending as regular students now. I can't help thinking that's a good thing," she smiles, trotting down the stairs. "If something bad chose to attack the school, we'll have lots of defenders to help out. And the classes sound pretty exciting! I heard there's one guy who might teach us how to pilot a mech! Wouldn't THAT be something?" she beams over her shoulder. Of course, that would be the one class to completely and utterly snag Orihime's attention.

It'll also probably be the one class impossible to get into. Keigo is likely camping out for it like he would concert tickets. "Well, we'll have to wait and see. I just hope it doesn't compromise our education as far as the real world goes."

He oddly doesn't comment on Ling or Envy. Ling he doesn't know well enough yet, and Envy, well... he still doesn't trust Envy. He's not going to harrass him, but he's not going to trust him either. "As long as the school doesn't go overboard with these new programs then it should be alright."

Orihime Inoue beams, then nods emphatically. "Absolutely! Besides, they probably won't start in earnest until the fall anyhow, right? That'll give us lots of time to think about it! I can't wait, we're going to learn so much, hee hee!" She hops onto the landing, having finished with the steps. "Oh, guess what? I'm going to meet Darth Vader!" She digs into her pocket, fishing out the slip of paper that he last mailed her. "Ling-san and I are going to the Hub later to speak with him. Isn't that strange? He's REAL!"

"I suppose so." Chad reluctantly admits. "Though the school will look pretty foolish if, somehow, all the Gates closed. They appeared mysteriously, I'm sure they can disappear mysteriously..."

The part on Darth Vader makes Chad blink. He's heard of strange things from the various worlds from the Gates, but Darth Vader? "Are you sure that's a good idea? He was a pretty bad person, wasn't he?" He's not all that sure, he's never seen the Star Wars movies. He just has a vague idea of who he is.

"Oh goodness, I hope they don't close!" Orihime looks alarmed at the mere thought. "What if we were out traveling and got stuck somewhere bad? Or if our friends got separated from us? That'd be terrible!" She really REALLY hopes that never happens. But onto better things! "Yes, I'm sure it'll be fine," she reaffixes her smile. "Nothing violent can happen in the Hub, you know? And he WAS bad, but he got good at the end, so I'm not as worried about meeting with him as I would be about meeting with Jabba the Hutt. He scared me when I was little!"

"You're right, that would be bad." He says. "If it ever does happen, then I hope we can get some warning, somehow. So everyone can make it back home, at least." Chad doesn't know most of these characters, so he doesn't comment on Jabba."Well, if he got good at the end, ok. But is the Darth Vader you're meeting past that point, or still before it?" Poor Chad, doesn't know that if he WAS past that point, he'd be dead. Inoue will spoil the whole trilogy for him before you know it!

If she does, it's Chad's own fault for not stopping her when he had the chance! "You know, I'm not really sure...I'm tempted to ask him what he's done so far, but I think that might be a bad idea," Orihime sighs. "If he knows that I know how things turn out, he might keep me around as a fortune teller or something, and I wouldn't like that at all! Anyway, it's not for anything big, so it'll be fine, Sado-kun."

"If you say so." Chad replies. Meeting fictional characters, eh? Sounds like something out of one of those manga.


"Anyway, I'll see you later, Inoue." Chad says, when they make it down to the street. His apartment is one way, her's is the other, after all. "Be careful when you go to meet Mr. Vader." Heh. Mister.

Orihime Inoue laughs. "I will, Sado-kun! But only if you promise not to worry about me!" she salutes, and winks. Then if anything bad /does/ happen, and things get rectified, she can cheer Chad up by saying he must have worried so it's all his fault. /She/ thinks that would be a funny joke, anyway. She waves happily, then spins around on her heel to jog down the sidewalk back towards the more rural side of Karakura. 

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