Karakura General Hospital <HSP>

    A tall, stark white building. It's so immaculate that it almost seems intimidating. The tiles of white with blue +'s marking each one's center are always mopped to a sparkling white, the beds neatly made, the staff polite and competent, if a little cold. The director? Ryuuken Ishida. Now that's a familiar name...

Orihime Inoue's smile fades as she looks at Uryuu. There really isn't much of anything that anyone can do. She sighs, resting her hand over her stomach. It feels weird, not to be holding Ling's now, but as long as he'll be back... "I was really..." Stupid? Foolish? Incompetent? Orihime doesn't finish, still keeping that hollow, faint smile on her lips as she looks down at her blanket-covered feet. "I shouldn't have rushed in like that. I shouldn't have tried to use Tsubaki. And now I just feel so..." She tips her head back, closing her eyes as she exhales. So vulnerable. She still has her defending shield, and the power to heal, but how is she supposed to fight back now?

Uryuu sighs. He doesn't know what to say. He reaches out a hand to touch Orihime's upper arm, in an attempt to offer some sort of comfort. He hadn't gotten there fast enough to see Tsubaki get crushed, though, so he doesn't know the entire story. "Orihime-san..." he trails off, then says, "What's important is that we're all safe, and we know better what to expect in the future." That's... really unsatisfying, but it's all he can think of.

Nearly a full day has gone by since the arrival of the Arrancar, and Chad hasn't moved very far from the hospital bed he was dropped off to. Mostly because he's still quite exhausted, but also because he can't move without dismissing Shun'ou and Ayame, Orihime's faries, first.

The large youth slept for most of the day to recover his strength. Though his arm still has awhile to recover to full strength yet, it's no longer as grievously injured as it was last night. He has Inoue and Hanataro to thank for that. He'll speak to them both later, but for now he just glances out the window of his room, with an unreadable expression on his face.

Orihime Inoue doesn't say anything for a moment. Not everyone was safe. A lot of people died. She keeps thinking back to that soulless body that she and Chad found on the street as they rushed to the scene. Aw, but Uryuu's trying so hard to make her feel better. She can't stay like this, after all his hard work. "You're right," she agrees, and smiles at him. "At least we know how strong they are." She just doesn't know what to do about it, since the only solution seems to be Bleachrushkekekekekeke. And what if there are more...? It's scary to think about! "Then the others...are they all right?" she asks, knitting her brow, her dark eyes pleading as she studies Uryuu's face. "Sado-kun, Tatsuki-chan...Kurosaki-kun...?"

Superman is headding inside. He's wearing his 'Casual Superman' outfit-

For those who haven't seen it, that means jeans, work boots, a Superman-shield t-shirt, and a red flannel overshirt. Its fairly obvious that he's Superman...just, Superman in jeans. The fact that Clark has allowed himself to be seen "pubicly" in this helps there. Largely because you cannot wear tights all the time, secret identity or no.

The Man of Steel is holding a medium-sized cooler, and waiting to be okayed in to see a few friends. He hums a cheerful song to himself while waiting for his ID to be okayed.

Right, /that's/ why he wasn't satisfied with that line. A lot of people weren't safe after all. But things would have been much worse if they hadn't fought. "Yes, Kurosaki is fine. I believe I heard him talking to Kusajishi-san on the radio before I arrived here. I believe Arisawa-san was only stunned, and Sado-kun is in another room here, recovering as well." Uryuu plans to go over and say hello to Chad once he's done visiting Orihime. (He didn't bring any flowers for him, though, sorry.)

Chad's room isn't far from Inoue's, but since his own spiritual senses are still fuzzy he's been unable to tell just by feeling it. But he knows that since Shun'ou and Ayame are still here, healing him, then she must be fine.

He still wishes he could get some way to find out for sure, though. Not knowing what became of everyone is maddening. Was anyone else hurt? Did Arisawa get out of there?

He still feels pretty helpless.

Orihime Inoue looks relieved, and sinks back onto her pillow for a moment. "That's good..." She exhales slowly, closing her eyes. She still feels a little empty inside. And it's not just because she's slated for a tasty hospital food lunch in half an hour. But she can mope later when there's no one around. There's no reason for her to dump her problems on anyone. The fact remains that she needs to be stronger, so she might as well start with that. "Anou...this is your father's hospital, isn't it, Uryuu-kun?"

Superman is finally approved! The Man of Steel steps on in, giving the nurse a super-smile. Step step step..

He waves, idly, at Orihime and friends, but considering that she's already got visitors, Clark just tips his hat and leaves them to their moment, stepping into Chad's room to check on the big guy. Superman is fairly worried about this Arrancar nonsense...but they're tough kids. They'll pull through.

The convenience store manager gave everybody the day off while he called in the insurance guys. This made Hanataro very happy. Not only did this mean he could sleep in after an exhausting Saturday, but he could also stop by to check up on his friends at the hospital. And rather than attract attention by having a mousy five-foot tall store clerk performing arcane rituals on hospital patients, Hana decided on taking a more subtle approach.

This is why a small five-year old girl is staring in disbelief as the hospital register seemingly flips through the air on its own. "Sado-san... Sado-san... Sado-san... There he is! And there's Inoue-san!" Hanataro Yamada, Death God, puts the registry back where he found it and jogs unseen down the hall as the little girl shouts, "Mommy! Mommy! I saw a ghost!" "Oi, you've been watching too much Karakura Superheroes again..."

Of course they'll pull through. They're form a shounen series. They just need to punch things until they feel better. Or, Chad does, anyway. But he won't be punching anything for a bit. Even with Inoue's and Hanataro's help, it will be a few days before the arm heals up completely.

Finally, the silence is broken as Superman sticks his head in Chad's door, causing the youth to blink in surprise. "Who..." Wait, he looks familiar. Wasn't he the one Ichigo was mad at after the Menos attacked? Inoue said he was Superman. The outfit is different, but he remembers the face. "Oh, Mr.Superman, I didn't recognize you."

It should be noted once more that Chad has never read a comic in his life (not a foriegn on anyway) and only knew who Superman was before the Gates opened due to his enourmous popularity, but he still wasn't overly familiar with the Man of Steel.

"What brings you here?"

"Ah, yes." Uryuu's expression drops to a slight scowl as Ryuuken is mentioned. "He isn't present at the moment, and honestly I hope he doesn't arrive. I have enough to worry about as it is." He hasn't talked to his father since before the return of his Quincy powers. He's putting that particular revelation off as long as possible.

Uryuu pauses as Superman passes by, and he turns to return the wave. Then he belatedly realizes that he's steered the conversation into a corner. "Ah, I'm sorry, Orihime-san," he says suddenly. "I didn't mean to, er... If you like, I can show you around some time." When Ryuuken is far, /far/ away. "I'm fairly familiar with the building's layout."

Orihime Inoue beams at seeing Superman, too. Just passing through? Then that means someone else she knows must be nearby! Hopefully doing better than she is! What a nice guy he is. She can only pray he isn't too disappointed to hear that she's not going to be quite as useful as she was before.

Orihime looks back at Uryuu. Whoops! He's really not on good terms with his father, she shouldn't have mentioned it! "No no, you don't have to apologize!" she laughs, flapping her good hand up and down. "I shouldn't have brought it up, it's my fault! Ha ha! Sure, I'd like to look around! I'm still thinking about being a doctor myself someday," she winks.

Superman's smile continues to be bright and cheerful. He's just a happy guy! Or a really good actor. He's both, actualy, but in this instance, its the happy. The Man of Steel sits down, pulling a chair in 'visitor's range' of Chad, and gives a shrug. "Its important to visit people in the hospital. And you can call me Calvin when I'm out of uniform, just so you know. Also..."

Superman cracks open the cooler, bringing out a Cold One. Well, okay, its Root Beer, but its cold, and its tasty-looking, and its in a brown bottle, ensuring that it is, in fact, awesome.

A smile works its way back to Uryuu's face. "It's alright, Orihime-san, I understand." The smile grows slightly, and he says, "I think you'd make an excellent doctor. Even without your partners' help, you'll do well. And you have an excellent bedside manner, in addition." She could calm down the most terrified patient, he thinks to himself.

"Alright then, Calvin." Chad says, always a bit uneasy to address people like him informally. If Superman is prone to seeing spiritual things, then he would notice a shimmering light surrounding Chad's right arm, with two faries at each end. They're Inoue's, of course. The regular hospital staff are marvelling at how fast Chad's arm is healing, though they attribute it to his endurance and stamina. Poor Inoue's efforts go unappreciated by everyone else.

His left arm, though, is fine. With with a surprised expression he accepts a root beer. "It's not the best place for it, I suppose. But thank you." This helps him relax a bit, at least. Anxiety has been with him the whole day, while he was awake anyway. Though there's been no sign of those two Arrancar since then, but if they were to suddenly show up AGAIN it could be disasterous. "Do you... know anything about what happened last night?"

Orihime Inoue smiles. It's warmer this time, and more sincere. "You really think so?" There's still so much about the future she doesn't know. It makes it hard to plan her future occupation. She might be a wandering healer. She might be a cop working full time for the IPA! She might be a nun, like Mother Theresa, speading good deeds here and there. She might even be Empress of an ancient and beautiful country! She'll have to keep studying hard, just in case. The knowledge of a doctor is never wasted, after all. "That's nice of you, Uryuu-kun," she chuckles, and pats his hand in appreciation. It's nice to see him smiling.

Superman can see it. Superman can also hit it. He's just lucky like that. Or not, since that gives him the responsibility to see and hit whatever he can. Depends on your perspective.

Clark pops open a root beer of his own-they are awesome. Hank's, baby. Glub glub glub. "Aaah! -well, I read the report, but reading and hearing are pretty different." Superman is fairly casual, despite the somber mood. Or, really, because of the somber mood-bedside manner is important.

"If you want to talk about it, though, I'm all ears."

A small raven-haired head peeks in through Chad's door. "Oh, no doctors or nurses," Hanataro says with a sigh of relief. Superman can breathe in space, so he might be able to see shinigami, but he knows their secret already so the little medic should be safe. "Hello, Sado-san! Hello, Superman-sama!", he says with a respectful bow as he steps in. "Anou.... I'm not interrupting anything important, am I? And are those Inoue-san's little friends? They're cute!"

DOES he want to talk about it? That's an interesting question. But since Superman is the leader of the IPA, he could at least give him the summary. Though he's sure he'll get the same story from a few others in due time.

He's about to speak, when Hanataro walks in. "....Mr. Yamada, right?" Chad asks, not being terribly familiar with the 4th Division member. He's not met him perhaps one or two times in the past. "Don't worry, you're not interupting anything. In fact, I need to thank you. I heard you helped heal me last night." He'd give a proper bow, but being bed-ridden and all he simply lowers his head once.

Then he turns back to Superman. "I don't know how much detail I can give you, I was... removed from things soon after I arrived. But it all started when Inoue and I detected a massive spiritual explosion in the park..." He takes a moment to gather his thoughts, because it's not an easy thing to remember.

Superman nods, compassionately. He wasn't going to press if Chad didn't want to speak, but since he is, Superman will listen.

He waves casualy at Hanataro, and says, "Here!", tossing a Root Beer his way. He also grabs a seat. "Sit down, visit for a while."

Uryuu smiles a lot around Orihime, for some reason. He squeezes her hand gently, then lets go and shifts in his chair. "So, Orihime-san, how are you feeling /physically/? Have the doctors or nurses given you an estimate for your recovery time?" He wants to apologize for being unable to stop Yammy's attack, but he knows Orihime wouldn't see it that way. His senses stretch out briefly, and he notes the small get-together in Chad's room.

Orihime Inoue purses her lips, looking up at the ceiling. "Well...I'm supposed to keep the cast on for a week, and change my bandages every day too. But who knows, maybe Yamada-san's powers will speed the process, and I'll be out and about in no time!" She pauses, then shifts her gaze to the side to eye Uryuu for a few moments. Then, confidentially, she whispers, "Anou...painkillers give you /really/ weird dreams!"

Chad continues. "Inoue and I sped off towards the disturbance. When we arrived we saw a large crater, and two figures standing near it. ...I think they called each other Ulquiorra and Yammy." He shakes his head. "We didn't get much time to act. The big one was about to kick Tatsuki Arisawa, so I ran ahead to block the strike. Arisawa seemed dazed and only partially conscious, but there were many others in the area that seemed to have been killed in the blast."

He frowns, tightening his grip on the bottle a bit as he recalls the next part. "I attacked the big one, to give Inoue the time to get Arisawa to safety. I'm... not sure what happened next. But it felt like the big one reflected my attack back at me when he grabbed my arm. What happened after that..."

He remembers several things. Pain. Blood. Shock. Defeat. All at once.

"I just remember hitting the ground, everything that happened after that is blurry. I think Inoue tried to heal me, and I think I remember Ichigo and Ishida's spiritual energies showing up. But I don't remember anything else, I'm not sure what happened after that."

Chad gets a sheepish nod in return. "You can call me Hanataro. Anou... Mister Yamada isn't quite right either, its Seventh Seat Yamada." A name he's familiar with as that's what 99% of Soul Society yells at him. Whoa, free beer! Hana fumbles the bottle for a moment but he's able to catch it before it drops. This time. "Thank you! Anou," he pauses, glancing at the chair. "I came to check Sado-san and Inoue-san. The doctors here know all about physical injuries, but I wanted to make sure the Arrancar didn't do anything spiritually. There's a lot about them even we in Soul Society don't know."

Superman frowns at this story-scooching out of the way for Hanataro, but otherwise crossing his arms and frowning at these...things. He decides he's going to find one and have a conversation about going after children with it.

And by conversation, you know what we mean, eh?

"I see..." Superman finally says, nodding grimly. "That's serious. You're a strong young man...and very brave. Its not an easy thing to do, trying to endure pain so others do not have to." From one Tanker to another. "Can you describe them?"

Hanataro takes a sip of the root beer and blinks. He looks at the bottle, then takes another sip. Ooh, good stuff. This is why he'll be quiet while Chad does the rest of the explanation.

Uryuu can't help but laugh at that confidential admission. "Is that so?" He eyes the collection of spiritual energy again, considering for a moment. "Say, Orihime-san... Superman and Yamada-san seem to have come in to visit Sado-kun. Do you think you're up to visiting them for a moment? Sado-kun's room is just down the hall a few feet." That's right, the uptight Quincy is suggesting they bend the rules and sneak Orihime out of her room. It would be good for Chad, he thinks, to see that they're alright. And it'd be good for Orihime to see that Chad's alright.

Orihime Inoue blinks. She knew Superman was here, but the others... So that must have been whom the big American was visiting! "Anou...I do..." Buuuuuuut... "It might be a good idea to wait until Ling-san comes back. If he finds an empty room, he'll probably be really worried!" she beams. She just hopes the nurses don't find out. They told her to stay put, not to put any pressure on that arm. But she haaaaaates lying down all the time; it'd be worth it just to get out of bed, really!

    "It would be nice to wait and tell me first, wouldn't it?" Ling asks from the doorway. He's back now, obviously, and though there's no clear evidence of what his sudden departure was about, he seems to have returned with a few items in tow-- Enraku is tucked under one arm, and a shopping bag with a number of items in it is held in the other. Looks like he stopped back at the apartment, then? "I'm sure this is the best possible place I could hope to have a heart attack, but really..." He gives a bit of a lopsided smile. "But if you'd like to move next door..." It's not his place to object.

"Ah, you're right, of course." Uryuu is a bit embarrassed that he didn't think of that. Ling /had/ said he'd be right back, after all. "Perhaps we could leave him a note to --"

Well, speak of the -- let me rephrase that. Look, Ling has returned after all! "Ah, Ling-san! We were just... well, never mind, you obviously heard. Sado-kun, Yamada-san, and Superman are all here as well, so I thought we could head over to Sado-kun's room and greet them." Uryuu smiles sheepishly.

"Thank you." Chad says, feeling a BIT better over his crushing defeat, but he's still down about it.

Describe them? Hm. "Like I said before, one was very large, much bigger than me or you. Maybe ten feet tall or more, very bulky. He had a hole in his chest much like a Hollow does, and a broken mask on his face. He's the one that I attacked. The other was considerably smaller, and didn't move from his position, he only barked out orders to the big one. He also had a hole in his chest, and a broken hollow mask. I didn't get much more of a look at either of them, I'm afraid."

Orihime Inoue's face lights up at seeing Ling. She almost claps her hands together, but...oh. Right, she can't do that, oopth! "What great timing! Yay! ...You brought Enraku too???" How sweet! How completely thoughtful! Just one of the many reasons why she's so in love with the prince. He's always got her best interests in mind. "Wow, thank you so much, Ling!" She's definitely feeling much happier than she was before. "Do you want to go see the others?" She smiles. They'll have plenty of time to spend together alone, once the nurses catch them and bustle them back to their room. Her room. Whatever!

Superman hrms, rubbing his chin. Intriguing...

"Did they say anything about their motivations, or anything like that? It seems like they're just, I dunno, Hollows plus one, but it sounds like I might just be missing something." He looks at Hanataro, offering him the chance to throw in anything he knows. Also, sip of root beer.

    Ling only smiles at Ishida, though it's arguable whether or not it's a happy smile. "I see." Stepping over to the bed, he hands the stuffed bear to Orihime. "Ah.... That isn't a question I need to be asked, Miss Inoue. If you would like to see them, then we'll see to it that you do. Though..." He glances down at her. He hasn't seen the state of her legs, but he can only assume that it's in her best interest if she doesn't walk. "... would you like me to carry you?"

Hanataro looks up from his drink blankly. "Anou... Oh! I didn't hear most of what they were saying, I was too busy using Hisagomaru and my medical kit to notice," he says, dipping his shoulders guiltily. "I think... I remember one of them saying they wanted to fight Ichigo-sama. Then they called him 'trash'."

That tension is back again. Uryuu goes quiet, merely waiting for Orihime's response to Ling. He was going to offer to help her walk, but now that Ling is here, well... He starts feeling awkward again. (And part of him is irritated at Ling, though he isn't even sure why.)

Orihime Inoue blushes. Her legs are okay, really, which is a good thing. They probably would have snapped like twigs if Yammy had hit them. But with the medication, she feels a little dizzy when she has to shuffle to the bathroom, so... "I'd love that," she beams. "Thank you very much!" She hugs Enraku to her chest, the familiar presence of the old pink plush reassuring to her. It's her preeeeecious. "Besides, I've always wanted to know what it would be like to sneak out of your hospital room. Hee hee!"

Chad shakes his head. "They didn't say anything about why there were there at the start. I didn't catch much, though they seemed to look down on just about everybody. They must have been sent for a reason, I just don't know what it was."

Then Supes makes his 'Hollow plus one' theory, and Chad is silent for a few moments. "I don't know. They seemed to be... greater than that. I'm not sure what it is, but their spirtual power felt like much more than a really strong hollow." Chad sighs again, and takes another sip of the rootbeer. It's hard to recall those details. All he remembers is getting thouroughly trashed.

    Ling smiles. "Then that's what we'll do," he says gently. There's a glance at the bag of snacks he brought, and then a glance to Ishida. ".... I don't suppose you'd like to take this for me, Mister Ishida?" he says, holding the bag out towards the other boy with a grin. "Feel free to help yourself." Really, though, it's an odd assortment-- from bagged cookies to small jars of bean paste, and sticks of celery, and individually wrapped pieces of bread. By this point it seems he knows what she likes to eat.

    If Ishida doesn't take the bag, Ling will simply slip his arm through the straps and hold it that way as he then considers the best way to pick up Orihime. Hmm, probably blanket-and-all, for the sake of her decency. "Let me know when you're ready, Miss Inoue."

Superman raises an eyebrowl at this, and nods. He'll have to speak to Ichigo.

And, suddenly, Supes is happy again. "So! How's everything else going, Chad? School okay? I know it can be really tough balancing this kind of thing and a normal life..."

Uryuu reaches out and takes the bag for Ling. "Ah, of course, Ling-san," he says pleasantly (though inside he's still feeling all awkward and slightly annoyed). "Sado-kun's room is just down the hall; I'll lead the way." Uryuu steps out into the hall, to make his way to Chad's room, as well as to allow Orihime and Ling privacy while they figure out the whole 'carrying' thing. (Also, he doesn't really want to watch that.)

Orihime Inoue tucks Enraku's squishy head under her chin, lifting her arm towards Ling. "I'm ready!" she beams. And the blanket is definitely a good idea. Stupid drafty hospital gowns. She beams her thanks at Uryuu as well, peeking curiously in the direction of the bag. What was in there, anyway? Aw, Ling's so nice!

"Their arrival was really powerful," Hanataro adds with a nod to Chad. "I felt it from the store, Rukia-sama and Lieutenant Abarai did too... All the shinigami in town felt it."

    Good boy, Ishida-- err, he means, "Thank you, Mister Ishida," Ling says with a smile, turning then to carefully gather Orihime in his arms, and the blanket along with her. Making sure he has a good grip on her, he then kisses her cheek before he turns to walk her out of the room and down the hallway towards Chad's room.

    Oh, and it's not really that far at all, is it? The prince will allow Ishida the honor of knocking before they make their grand entrance.. or, well, walk through the door.

Chad blinks in surprise as the subject is changed abruptly. It actually takes him a few minutes for his brain to shift gears, so to speak, from one part of his life to another. "It's---- it's fine." He answers.

"I haven't spent much time exploring the other worlds like the others have, so I haven't had any trouble with school." Chad is still one of the highest in his level, though he could never hold a candle to Ishida. Despite everything that's happened his grades really haven't suffered.

Uryuu Ishida is doing what Ling said because it makes sense, not because Ling said to do it. Just for the record. He knocks at the door, leaning into the room. "Sado-kun? Good afternoon. Would it be alright if we joined you? Orihime-san and Ling-san are here as well." He raises a hand to wave to Superman and Hanataro.

There is another in the halls! Her head is wrapped in a thick wad of bandages and her arm is in a sling - again. It's Tatsuki Arisawa, unsteady on her feet and in a hospital gown. The girl is able to focus, but her coordination is off due to a whack on the head she sustained, not to mention the severe spiritual trauma she endured. She has a mission, but at the moment she's more focusing on keeping her wobbly legs under her.

Another spiritual force enters Uryuu's ranges, and he turns to see Tatsuki approaching slowly. "Ah, Arisawa-san! How are you feeling? Er, would you like a hand?" She's generally only slightly less self-reliant than Ichigo, so the answer is probably no, but he asks anyway.

As Ishida walks in, Chad's head darts up. "Inoue's here?" His spirtual senses have been compltely scrambled, so he couldn't tell for himself. "Is she alright?" He never DID get a straight answer on everyone's condition, though he figures he would have been told by now if the worst had happened. Nevertheless, he's still worried.

Then Superman makes his proposal out of the blue, and this causes Chad's mind to trip up in itself again. "I... um..." Wow, he doesn't know what to say. He's been interested in the IPA, to say the least, but he hasn't actually seeked memebership himself. Though, Ichigo is a member. And despite his collossial failure last night, Ichigo still needs back-up.

"I'll join." He doesn't even need to hear the other benefits, his own reasons are enough.

"Anou..." Hanataro looks guilty again. "I used Hisagomaru to absorb Inoue-san's wounds, and I bandaged Rukia-sama back to health. Everybody's safe, Sado-san- Anou?" Is that another armband? The little medic's face brightens and he smiles cheerfully, "Welcome to the IPA!"

    "Indeed, she is!" Ling announces as he steps into the room, Orihime held in his arm like those classic photos of a bridegroom carrying his wife over the threshold-- only instead of a white wedding dress, the poor girl has white bandages and a cast, and a blanket wrapped around her securely. "Yo, Mister Sado, Sir Su.. ah, that is, Calvin... Ah, Miss Arisawa?" The prince turns to look over his shoulder. He'd wave, but his arms are full! "Looks like quite a party in here." Hanataro is given a slight nod-- he doesn't know you, but he can only assume the part-time store clerk is part of the so-called 'Karakura Gang'.
Orihime Inoue smiles warmly, hearing Chad's voice. Awwwwwwww...he was worried about her!

Chalk up another mark on the harem scoreca--*bricked*

"Afternoon, Sado-kun!" she beams cheerfully. She'd wave, but her arm is around Ling's neck. It really does her heart good to see so many friends gathered together in one place, and it's easy to forget everything that was bringing her down before. And Tatsuki is here! She looks /so/ much better than she did last night, that's for sure. She grins gratefully at Ling, then at Uryuu. This was a great idea. And yayyyyyy, Superman! In da flesh! Her eyes fall at last on Hanataro, and she reserves her best smile for him. "Arigatoo, Yamada-san. You saved my life last night!"

It was natural to make a visit, after Amuro read the reports of the wounded in Karakura. As much as a jerk that Ichigo could be, he was an ally, and probably meant well. Besides, he'd met the kind people in that city when he went to visit Tatsuki on her birthday, and they were generally hospitable and helpful. And most notably, he'd heard Tatsuki had been among the injured.

Well, she was a friend, right?

And thus, Yachiru's unfortunate date wanders the hall for a moment, in full uniform as he hadn't had time to change from the base, carrying flowers. You bring flowers to injured people, right? At least, it seems like the right thing to do...

Tatsuki Arisawa looks up at Uryuu, and then past him, towards Orihime and Ling. Her face calms from an obstinate look of determination to a more sedate look, since Orihime is alive, if not necessarily well. Tatsuki does not have enough mental fortitude to get into hypocrisies of who shouldn't be where at the moment, so she merely bobs her head at the duo. She then cranes her neck to Ishida...and shakes her head. As predicted! "I'll...be okay," she manages, stepping back over toward the door. It's more of a stumble, as at the moment she needs the walls to support her thanks to the magnitude of spiritual and mental damage dealt: her body isn't quite reacting like it's supposed to. It'll get better. She's strong. She doesn't see Amuro coming down the way, being more pressingly concerned with the wellbeing of Orihime and the others in the room. She slides herself inside, finding someplace to sit and plopping down. "Ah...hello, everyone," she says, managing a wave.

Superman nods, grimly, offering a hand for Chad to shake. He gets it-he may not get the details, but he knows a look of determination when he sees one. "Very well. I'll send your guardian...or, if you don't have one, you...the paperwork as soon as I get back."

The Man of Steel then waves a little, grinning and nodding at Ishida, Orihime, and Tatsuki, in roughly that order.

Hanataro is still in his shinigami form, though now he realizes he didn't need it as Chad and Orihime are in good spirits. No reiatsu damage here! He blushes and dips his head with a bashful smile at the thanks. "Y-You're welcome," he stammers, completely unused to someone actually noticing -and- thanking him!

Chad, of course, doesn't have a guardian, he'll sign for himself. He finally feels a bit better for the first time since yesterday.

Then Inoue is brought in. Well, 'relief' is probably the best word to describe how he feels. Then seeing Tatsuki also in one piece only adds to it. "Inoue, Arisawa... I'm glad you're alright." The relief he felt fades a bit, as he's forced to remember just why they're hurt to begin with.

"I'm sorry, Inoue. I couldn't give you the time you needed to escape." He turns his head away, as he says this, in typical angsty-macho fashion. "And then you risk your own life to save mine."

"Yes, Orihime-san and Arisawa-san are --" Ling and Orihime enter, saving Uryuu the trouble of answering Chad's question. He simply nods and smiles slightly. He raises a hand in greeting, then blinks as another familiar reiatsu arrives nearby. As everyone else chats, he steps outside the room again and glances over to Amuro. "Ray-san, good afternoon." The Quincy blinks at the flowers. Hm. Given the way they first met, he hazards a guess. "Did you come to see Arisawa-san? She's right in here with everyone else."

Orihime Inoue stares at Chad for a moment. He's apologizing? Why must everyone apologize? Orihime watches him turn away. Her eyes fall to the pink bear on her chest, staring up at her with little beady black eyes of glass. Well.

Up, up in the air, the plush sails in a neat arc, landing on top of Chad's floofy head and bouncing off. Orihime grins at Chad; clearly there's no malice in the gesture, she just wanted to get his attention. "You don't know how valuable you are to us, Sado-kun. You're our friend! You're MY friend! I know I don't tell you often enough, but you wouldn't want to make us cry, would you? Last night you tried to sacrifice yourself so we could get away." She puffs out a breath, smiling, and shakes her head. "If you'd been killed, we all would have cried, and pined away until we withered in misery and DIED. So don't do it again!" she winks. "But...just the same...thank you so much for protecting us, Sado-kun. I'm happy that you're okay. Please take care of Enraku for me until you get better, all right?" She'll have Ling with her, so really, Enraku should guard someone else for a while. Besides, Chad Likes cute things! He can't possibly refuse.

    Seeing no real need to say much of anything at all, Ling brings Orihime over to the nearest free chair and sets her down in it carefully, taking his place close to her side. It's good for him to see her smiling-- a real smile, and not the false cheer she had projected before when Uryuu arrived. All the same, the almost tragic moment they'd shared before the Quincy's arrival still weighs on his mind, and while his expression is ever-smiling, inwardly, he's fairly lost in contemplation.

"...Excuse me. I didn't mean to intrude."

Amuro's voice is soft, but he's still audible as he steps through the doorway, holding the tulips up against the jacket of his blue uniform. He nods to Chad, and then turns to Tatsuki. "I heard from Ichigo's IPA report that you were injured, and I thought I'd visit, but I didn't know you and Orihime already had visitors. I hope I'm not intruding or anything. -Ah, Orihime, are you alright?" Wow, she looks to be in a rough place, too, despite her cheer. "I just...I heard about how thigns went, and..."

He glances down at the flowers in his arms. "Oh, these are for..." For who? He bought them mostly without thinking, didn't he? "...you guys."

Superman gives Amuro Ray-man, that kid's name is fun to say-a little wave as well.

Because he is cheerful and awesome. Chawsome.

Superman continues to work on his root beer, having said what he came to say and leans against the wall, letting the kids converse. Mmm. Root Beer.

Tatsuki Arisawa grins up at Amuro. She seems weak and wobbly, and her head is wrapped in a large swath of bandages. She also has an arm in a sling due to injuries that were probably not inflicted by Pyon. Probably. "Thanks, Amuro," she says. "It's nice of you to come down, really. I think we're OK, we're hurt but nobody's de..." She frowns, looking a little haunted. That's...not right, is it? She saw them...the bodies. "...we're OK, at least."

Chad was still feeling down about what happened, but he simply can't angst any further when he's hit in the held by a pink plushie.

Seriously, who could angst after that.?

So Inoue manages to heal Chad again, though a slightly different part of him this time. He picks the plushie and is silent for a moment before finally, he smirks. "Thanks Inoue." Finally, the oppression he felt seems lighter. He then turns his head in Tatsuki's direction. It seems the poor girl is thrust into these situations whether she wants to be or not. "What about you, Arisawa? Will you be alright?"

Tatsuki Arisawa looks up, and...shrugs. "I'll be OK. The doctors said....I don't totally remember, actually, but they said I'll be OK with some rest. I...Idunno what the hell happened with the energy out there. Just...just their presence was enough that I couldn't breathe...when people cut loose it only got worse." It's called spiritual pressure for a reason, after all - and a spirit unaccustomed to such tremendous pressures can be smothered beneath them. Tatsuki's been training for this - but not enough to withstand the naked power of the Arrancar. "I'll be fine, I think. I just..." She huffs a sigh. "Miyahara and Kudou were...they...didn't make it. Couple others too. I...think I'm the only one who was there when they arrived that survived..."

Tatsuki Arisawa looks down, troubled by this, deep in thought. She doesn't respond for a bit.

Tatsuki Arisawa rises suddenly, and mumbles, "I think I need a second," before staggering back out the door. She'll be back soon. Probably.

Orihime Inoue beams. There! Now Chad looks just /heaps/ better! And now that that's taken care of, she can put her arm around Ling's neck again and kiss his cheek. omg pda! "Thanks for bringing me here," she whispers, much happier. Even if it's just a little bit, feeling like she's still helpful and needed has lifted her spirits a great deal. Now she just has to figure out how to fix Tsubaki.

Glancing up at the sound of her name, her eyes come to a rest on Amuro. Where did she see him before... Oh, right! At the birthday party! And thankfully, Superman says his name, so she can greet him properly. "Ray-san, hello! Yes, I'm just fine, I'm healing really fast! I have Yamada-san to thank for that," she beams over at Hanataro. But to Amuro, she's just smiling at a chair. /Eh?/

Amuro falls quiet when Tatsuki and Chad explain the Troubles, glancing downward. He doesn't know about spiritual energies, though he's starting to get a feel for what a 'presence' is, but he understands facing the deaths of others a bit too well. "Ah, I'm...I'm sorry. I hope others in the city will be okay. Hey, you know, sicne we're in the IPA, we can always offer help and protection and..."

He doesn't know what else to say, though he offers a little smile to Inoue. She's contagious. "I guess I'll put these, um..." He still isn't sure, the dorkus.
And hey, why's she staring at a chair?

Superman's ears twitch. "Darnit."

The Man of Steel looks around. There! "Sorry kids, I've got to go. Brainiac's trying to sell Metropolis to the Space Circus, and he's got a leading bid! Keep the sodas, and welcome aboard Chad!" The Man of Steel sallutes, and heads...to the closet.

And in full uniform, bursts out through an open window. "Up, up...and away!"

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