Karakura Industrial <KI>

Industrial district! Factories and warehouses! Oh My!

The site of Karakura Industrials seems to have always been under construction. At least, it has ever since Chad and Inoue took to training there. They don't MEAN to be so rough.

Tonight, Chad is there alone. There's a few scortch marks scattered around the ground, but no heavy impacts nor gaping holes. Must mean he's holding back for the sake of keeping his cover. He's been here awhile, too, if his being short of breath is any indication.

o O (Not good enough...) He thinks, staring at his hand. o O (Back then, they were stronger than that. I can't do a thing to them as I am now...)

 And when there's training going on, there's a trainer lurking somewhere in the shadow. This particular trainer, a black cat, is slinking through the Industrials because she sensed a flair up in reiatsu. "Hmm," Yoruichi mumbles to herself as she leaps from building to building, slinking through the rafters and metal beams till she finds the object of her search. With a soft leap, she lands behind Chad and clears her throat, "And what are you doing Sado-kun?"

Chad was about to restart his series of shadow boxing and short-range spiritual blasts when he hears a voice coming from behind that nearly startles him. "...Ms. Yoruichi?" He turns to face the black cat. Hearing her voice in that form has always been a bit distracting ever since Chad discovered Yoruichi's true identity. How long now has it been since she first unlocked his powers in this place?
"What brings you here?"
 There's a yawn from the black cat before she smirks up at Chad, "Why you of course." Yoruichi's tail flicks slightly, "You're training by yourself for the Arrancar invasion I assume." Gold eyes stare up at the much larger man, "Let me see... You're not powerful enough to help Ichigo?" She assumes this because he actually went -with- Ichigo to Soul Society and if Tatsuki of all people was coming to her, Chad must be feeling the same thing.

Chad responds to Yoruichi's question with his usual reluctant silence. "..." His fist clenches as he finds admitting the reality a lot tougher than just trying to move forward without acknowleding it.

"Ichigo... he's too far ahead of me." He finally says, somewhat regretfully. "I have to catch up to him, before I'm no longer able to see his back." The hurt over being too weak affects his voice for a moment, causing it to slightly flare up with more passion than he normally expresses. "If I can no longer watch it, then what's the point of me having this power?"
 "Ichigo's abilities are completely different from yours. I would even go as far out to say that his abilities are extremely rare amongst even the higher echelons of Soul Society. There's no shame in being weaker than him. It doesn't mean you are useless." There's some sympathy in Yoruichi's voice of reason though. "If you really want to improve your abilities, you need a strong opponent whom you can fight your best against; not suppressing yourself while you battle against shadows and dust bunnies." Her nose twitches slightly, "We can make that happen."

If there was a glaring flaw in Chad's training plan then it was not having a big enough arena which to cut loose with all his power. It's just not practical anywhere in Karakura proper.

"Mmm..." Is his initial reply, indicating he's thinking about it. He joined the IPA for a lot of reasons, one of them was the hopes it would keep him caught up to Ichigo. But, of course he had to go off on his own to strengthen himself. "Ms. Yoruichi, I don't want to become a burden. As I am now I won't be of any use if the Arrancar strike again. For the sake of helping Ichigo, Inoue, Ishida, Arisawa, Mr. Superman, Mr. Yao, and everyone else, I must get stronger." His head bows, though he doesn't crouch all the way. He'd feel just a bit silly bowing to a cat, even though he knows what she really is. "Please, whatever you and Mr. Urahara can do for me. I'd be grateful."

 "Hmm hmm." Yoruichi stretches, "I am not exactly suitable for training you. What you need to do is to go up against someone who can oh use their bankai." She grins, "I would suggest speaking to Urahara. He might have someone handy who can unleash their bankai that you can fight against. Renji perhaps. Though fighting against a captain level Shinigami might do some good." Her tail flicks again, "I wonder if Hitsugaya-taichou is available. His bankai is pretty impressive as well. Would you be willing to train nonstop if we were to set this up?"

"Hmm..." Chad considers. With Abarai? Chad's never gotten to know him all that well, though he knows he's a potent fighter. Hitsugaya as well. If he could get either of them, then that would be more than enough.

Chad simply nods, though adds a bit reluctantly "I promised Mr. Superman that I'd help the IPA, though. If something important comes up, I want to help them too." Though taking a break for hard training to test himself against something new and random may be good for him as well.

 There's a light chuckle, "Of course. A little variety is always a good thing. It would get a pretty boring if you fought against the same person every day now wouldn't it?" Yoruichi smiles, "Besides, getting out there and going up against some IPA opponents may be a good thing as well. It'll let you develop battle tactics, ones that you'd never be able to come up with if you fought against just a single opponent." She nods, "Consider your work with the IPA as part of your training Sado-kun."

Good. This is good. This will let him do everything that he's wanted. All that's left now is up to him, he has to succeed. He has to actually gain the strength he needs, or it will be for nothing. He won't let himself we boo weak again, not again.

"Thank you, Ms. Yoruichi." Chad had asked Urahara about training months ago, but he just set him up with a part-time job at his shop. But that was before the Arrancar showed up, now it's a different story. "When will we start?"

 "As soon as I can speak with Urahara and one of the shinigami who know bankai. We will be in touch in the near future. Or you may go and approach them yourself. Say that I requested it." Yoruichi knows that it probably won't make a difference, but hopefully it'll be enough. Worst comes to worst, Urahara can strongarm Renji because Renji's bankai really is the most suitable currently. She also looks a bit thoughtful and shakes her head, "I may ask you to fight with Tatsuki at some point as well."

Chad nods. He doesn't know many Shinigami very well, but if this is what it takes how could he not try? "I'll do that." He says.

He's about to dissipate his arm, when Yoruichi speaks up again, adding that last part. "With Arisawa?" He asks. He's about to refuse. Not out of not wanting to train her, but not wanting to hurt her. But he stops. He's sparred with her before, she wanted to test herself against him. She still wants to get stronger, he knows it. He understands how she feels. She's the same about Inoue as he is about Ichigo, save for the fact that she doesn't have the power to even keep up with what's going on. How can he refuse to help her? "Don't worry, I'll do what I can." She just wants to do what she can to help those she cares about, and is frustrated that she doesn't have the power to do it. There's nothing Chad understands better, right now.

 Yoruichi nods and smiles, "She's a lot tougher than you think. What she really needs right now is to right against other people who have the ability to manifest powers such as yourself." She gets to all fours, "I'll check on you from time to time during your training but remember, we can set up the situation but you're going to have to be the one who motivates yourself."

Chad picks up on the smile, despite her feline features. "Don't worry. I'm going to do whatever I can." There's no hesitation in his voice, and no more doubt. An chance has presented itself, and Chad is not going to waste it. If it is in his power to get even stronger than he is now, then nothing is going to stop him.

The armor on his arm dissipates, and the large youth decides to head home for the night, but pauses at the exit. "I never did thank you properly for training me before I went to Soul Society. Now you're helping me again. Thank you, Ms. Yoruichi."
 "Heh. You can thank me by getting stronger and staying alive when the real battle comes." Yoruich begins walking out after Chad, "If there were any other way, we wouldn't get any of you involved in this." She frowns slightly not liking the idea of sending out a bunch of teenagers, but they really may be the last hope.
"Ichigo is involved. That's all the reason I need." Chad simply states. "He's gotten stronger, but I can tell he'll be in over his head if he's alone. He needs us, so we have to help him."

A group of ragtag teenagers with blossoming powers. Yeah. That's something that's NEVER been done before. 

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