Karakura Industrial <KI>
Industrial district! Factories and warehouses! Oh My!

"Focus is important." Of course Soi doesn't really have to state the obvious. But if you can't focus on a task then you'll never complete it, combat-oriented or not. The ninja nods firmly when chibi-mistress throws in her two cents. As for her... "If you tell me what the distractions are, maybe I can remove them." That's her answer for everything! Soi Fong stands up and approaches the edge of the building's rooftop. Hmm. What could possibly be distracting in this place?!

Spirit form? Er.. you mean astral -- er.. oh nevermind. Kitty scritches her head, but nods. "I can block the noises out easy enough -" she reaches up to remove a circular brooch-like thing, setting it aside. "And hopefully Tina won't be pinging me all day this time on that. But let's see..other than that ---" She breaks off, and eyes the left. "That fly is really starting to piss me off." Kill it Soi! Still that aside, she shifts into a comfortable position, slightly slumped forward, eyes closed.

Her breathing slows, and after a few minutes - minutes in which Soi has hopefully destroyed the nuisance of a fly that kept buzzing around her ear, her shoulders slump and her head dips forward. Then a paler version of herself stands up and steps away from the physical body, glancing towards Soi and Yoruichi with a shrug of her shoulders. "Took longer than I like." Her thoughts were the biggest distraction, constantly cycling and such. But this is what happens when she hasn't practiced with it in ages.

Yoruichi watches the process with her arms folded across her chest and a smirk on her face. "I wonder if you can use a giga-nya," the former captain states. "Well then! Why do you think it took so long Kitty-nya?" She also eyes Soi Fong, "If there are distractions, Kitty will just have to learn to deal with them instead of asking you to remove every distraction in her way-nya." The chibi frowns, half lecturing her own student. "You won't be around to remove ever obstacle in her way forever-nya."

Kitty took spirit form. Excellent, that will make it easier for her to notice the tall gaunt man with long white hair and cheerful smile approaching in the background. "Captain Fong! I see your time here has given you a wonderful tan! And-" That is Yoruichi with the chibified fox-form isn't it? The shinigami swallows quietly as he thinks fast, "Shihouin? That's an adorable form you've discovered!" Kitty's last, because he doesn't know her, but he's not hesitant in the least in tossing a dorky-looking salute to the X-Girl, "I am Captain Jyuushirou Ukitake of the Thirteenth Division! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance!"

Fly, meet your maker! Soi Fong's hands clap together in front of her, capturing the insect between them. But before she can crush it, Yoruichi corrects her. "Yes Yoruichi-sama." The fly avoids certain death and is set free to go buzzing on its way. Meanwhile her attention returns to the mutant girl, watching her closely. The slowed breathing has to be a good start. And there's no immediate distractions that the ninja can sense now. A slight breeze stirs her braids and carries away the sigh that escapes her lips too. It does seem to be taking awhile! But she can be impatient too. But finally Kitty's astral form steps forth. Soi Fong tilts her head, circling around it slowly and thoughtfully. Hmm. There has to be a way of speeding that up! The sound of a voice greeting her earns a blink and causes Soi Fong to look back over her shoulder. "Captain Ukitake." It's a slight surprise, but not necessarily an unpleasant one!

    It's been awhile since Chad stopped by his old haunt. Things have gotten busy lately, and he's been working on training in more productive ways, than sticking around the old construction site. That doesn't mean it can't still be useful for OTHERS.

    When Chad felt the spiritual spike coming from the location he decided to check it out, but he certainly wasn't expecting to run into Yoruichi, and TWO Captains. Oh, and Kitty. As he enters the area he sort of stays at the entrance, watching, and doesn't say anything to announce his presence. That's so Chad, for you.

Kitty Pryde shakes her head, "I don't think so. When I'm like this, I can't interact with the environment around me - I don't know how your gigai's exactly work, but I'd probably slide right through it anyway. It's not like when I'm normally in physical form and I can switch the intangibility on and off as I need to -- assuming I'm not sick." Oh boy when she caught a cold she sneezed herself right through the pavement and into the sewers. That was embarassing.

HA HA, Soi got lectured! She blinks at Yoruichi, her eyes narrowing slightly; had to really concentrate to hear the second question for a minute there. "I'm not sure, to be honest. It could be residual effects from that emo-witch's spell that my body hasn't quite recovered from yet." She won't mention the time her body almost dissipated to nothing because of someone's odd weapon. But then another shinigami Captain shows up, much to Kitty's surprise. Glancing towards Ukitake, Kitty smiles and sketches a bow of her own - not Japanese style alas, but more an arm pressing across her chest and dipping forward at the waist a little. "It's nice to meet you -- Captain Ukitake. I'm Kitty Pryde." She'd shake his hand, but she cannae touch anything like this. She hasn't noticed Chad's arrival, but the dragon currently sprawled on the shoulders of Kitty's body does, and he glances in the big fellow's direction curiously.

 "Eh? Jyuushirou-nya? What are you doing down here-nya? That old geezer finally decided to let you have a vacation-nya?" Yup. It's definately Yoruichi. She grins and poses by closing one eye and grinning widely while holding up her right hand to form a victory sign, "Isn't it? Kisuke made it for me-nya." Even though this captain is older than her, she still has no qualms about being so casual with him. She then looks back at Soi Fong and Kitty, "Emo-witch spell? Explain-nya!" Her ears twitch slightly though and she turns around, eyes scanning the park for Chad.

    Chad didn't notice Yoruichi's condition at first. He sensed her presence, and when he didn't see her human form immediately he jumped to the conclusion that she was in cat-form. It only took another moment for it to register, and see what sort of gigai she was wearing.


    Proving that, yes, Chad CAN be fast, he's standing above Yoruichi but a moment later. He reaches down and picks up the adorable little body, and holds it up to eye level. "..."

"Urahara made it?" Ukitake rubs his chin as he looks over the gigai with sparkly eyes, and gives a cheerfully approving nod and a matching v-sign. "Its amazing what he can do with gigai. Very well done!" Yes, this is not a stickler for formality you're dealing with here. "Perhaps, you could call it a vacation," the tall captain sighs, "Though with the rogue captains on the loose beyond that Gate, General Yamamoto felt it wise that myself and Shunsui were to help track them down and coordinate our efforts with the IPA." Yes, Uncle Drinky's on his way over as well. Once Nanao lets him.

Something Kitty says catches the captain's attention, and he turns back to her with a sheepish smile. "You were the one who won Seventh Seat Yamada in a date, correct? I'm sorry to say that he was recalled back home to help with an epidemic. However, we soul reapers are men and women of honor, so it would be my solemn duty to uphold Yamada's end of the deal." Ukitake even looks solemn too, with his arms folded and his hands hidden inside his haori sleeves. He doesn't appear to be all that old either, even if he does appear pale and thin.

Lest we not forget, Chad gets a friendly wave- or would have if he didn't zip over to where Digiyoruichiko was. "Chad! It has been a while, you even look stronger!"

She did not get lectured! She got...good advice from her idol, that's all. Soi finishes circling and leans in closer to peer at Kitty's chest. No one get the wrong idea! (Again.) "No Chain of Fate." She frowns thoughtfully before leaning back again. While everyone else is making with the introductions and catching up, Soi Fong begins to inspect Kitty's physical body. Is it even breathing? Her eyes narrow as she gingerly lifts a hand and tries to coax apart her closed eyelids. Anybody home? "If you want to try your luck with a gigai, you can use mine." She has no qualms with offering hers to Kitty for a 'test drive', especially since she's never really formed an attachment with it anyway. Soi leans back, a frown on her lips as she mutters something to herself. "And they call me a stalker." Seems she too has sensed Chad's arrival. Especially when he approaches so swiftly and picks her mistress up. "You should've asked first!" Ninjabee shoots a disapproving glance back over her shoulder at the giant youth.

Oh that's right, Yoruichi didn't know about that! Then again neither did Soi - not in detail anyway. "Well it was a while ago - over a month at least. Sabrina and I were heading to the mall when this dramaqueen of a witch bumps into Sabrina and gets all huffy. Admittedly we should've just kept going, but I have a problem with people being deliberately rude and obnoxious." Kitty gestures absently, "Sabrina got even with her, but the witch figured out it was her and tried to attack her. I grabbed Sabrina to protect her, and at the same time Sabrina was trying to protect -me- - as far as I can tell since I was in phase at the time that the spell /hit/, it did something weird when it threw my astral form out of my body and I was stuck outside for about a week." Not fun, that. "Since then I've been having a little difficulty with my powers."

Heehee. Uncle Drinky. Blue eyes widen in surprise at Ukitake's words, "Ohh - I'm sorry to hear about the epidemic," she's about to add that he didn't have to uphold Hanataro's end of the deal -- after all, Shinigami Captains surely must have a lot more important things to do than go on a pseudo date with silly mortal girls, right?
.. then again, maybe he's /really/ bored, and this was as much entertainment for him as her. But did he have to be so..so /serious/? Well, she can be serious too! (Too serious, if you talk to Tina about it. u.u) "All right then, Ukitake." (it felt weird calling him 'Captain', and she wasn't familiar enough to use Jyuushirou - she learned that lesson with Toushirou. Koff),"I'd be honored."

Then Yoruichi is getting manhandled by Chad, and Soi is inspecting her .. HEY, just what are you staring at there!? Even though Soi's looking at her /physical/ body, Kitty's astral form crosses its arms in front of her chest, "Soi -" This is not the time or place! Besides, you told her you weren't a pervert! She's been disillusioned! The body that Soi inspects however, is still breathing, to all appearances looking like she had just fallen asleep sitting up. Lockheed shifts over to let Soi have a look all she likes without him being in the way, and as Soi pries apart closed eyelids, Astral Kitty twitches slightly, rubbing her own eyes briefly. Nobody (and no body) home though! Which would have left Kitty vulnerable if someone had tried to take advantage of her - at least if she wouldn't just get jerked back into her body anyway.

"Thanks Soi, but I don't think that'll be necessary." She grins - it was nice of her to offer though. "I'd feel a little weird about it."

 "NYA!" Now getting picked up was not something Yoruichi was expecting. So here she is, dangling by her collar looking cutely at Chad. "Ah! Sado-kun, there you are-nya!" She grins brightly as her legs hang uselessly in the air. "Come back here to do some training-nya?" She waves a paw at Soi Fong, "It's okay Soi Fong-nya. He doesn't really mean any harm. We're just here helping out Kitty with some of her problems-nya." The chibi waves the paw again in Kitty's general direction.

    Chad... can't help but blush a bit at Yoruichi's new cute form, despite knowing full well who is inside of it. He resists the urge to take her home, though.

    He finally turns to Ukitake, remembering that two Soul Society Captains are persent. "Captain Ukitake, hello." It's been too long since he's seen the white-haired captain, probably not since they left Soul Society. Almost seems like a lifetime ago. He's still a bit surprised to see him, at the very least he KNEW Soi Fong was out and about. He was about to ask 'what brings you here', but Ukitake volunteers that information.

    At this point Chad puts Yoruichi back down, having nearly forgotten he was even holding her up. "Well, I just sensed the spiritual power around the area and thought I'd have a look, though I began to recognize it as I got close."

It's a serious matter, young lady! Shinigami honor must be upheld, especially when dealing with young beautiful women! (And if he wasn't serious, he'd be Shunsui.) "Excellent!" Ukitake breaks a small grin at the girl's approval, before remembering he forgot someone else here and turns to Soi. Its then that he also notes that Kitty had two bodies. "I sensed the same thing Chad did. This... Was this also the result of some new gadget of Urahara's? I remember hearing about how Kuchiki was able to punch Kurosaki out of his mortal body."

Not turning the other cheek? Revenge? Soi Fong approves of most of the actions Kitty took that day. There's a blink when Kitty steps in front of her own body and attempts to shield it from her though. "What?" She's just trying to figure it out, she's trying to help! The captain quirks an eyebrow when Kitty says she'd feel weird about trying her gigai, following it with a shrug of her shoulders. "Fine." She's not insulted though, even if it sounds that way from how abrupt she is sometimes. Soi Fong sighs and gives a somewhat less abrasive look in Chad's direction. She knew there was no real malice in his actions, it was just principle. With her it usually is. "Yamada's gone back?" Ukitake's information is finally allowed to register and sink in. Soi Fong frowns a little as she crosses her arms over her chest. Believe it or not she's actually a little disappointed. She always thought she might be able to make a man out of that little runt! But he was Fourth Division so....probably not. They had their own role to play. And maybe she should concentrate on one training at a time, including her own! That being said, she can't help but wonder how Chad's kept up with his, especially when she knows he was under Yoruichi's wing once-upon-a-time.

At least he seems nice enough! At Ukitake's question - and elaboration on a different circumstance, Kitty winces slightly, "..that must have been some punch." Oh wait, he mentioned it being a /gadget/. Still. That had to have been one helluva punch. "Um, No, actually, it's .. a secondary ability of mine, you might say."
Embarassed by Soi's blunt 'what?', Kitty coughs, stepping away from her body again, "I was wondering what you were doing - what you found so interesting, Or uninteresting as the case may be." Ack, is she disappointed? Kitty steps back again, gesturing at her physical body, "Sorry, look all you like!" Ahaha -- just don't touch. Well Lockheed'd bite Soi if she tried anything untoward! (PFF, like that would happen). Glancing between the two Captain's, Kitty gives a shrug, "I think it's a lost cause anyway. Some of us," by which she means her kind, "Don't ever get a full control of their abilities." Like poor Rogue. Kitty's just lucky that she can control her intangibility!

 Yoruichi isn't earth bound for long after Chad sets her down! Instead, the chibi takes a couple flashsteps and leaps up, using the Shinigami's ability to walk on air as a boost so that she reappears moments later sitting on Chad's shoulder. "Kisuke's little 'invention' only works on people like Ichigo-nya," Yoruichi clarifies for Ukitake. "Kitty here is special.

 Yoruichi isn't earth bound for long after Chad sets her down! Instead, the chibi takes a couple flashsteps and leaps up, using the Shinigami's ability to walk on air as a boost so that she reappears moments later sitting on Chad's shoulder. "Kisuke's little 'invention' only works on people like Ichigo-nya," Yoruichi clarifies for Ukitake. "Kitty here is special-nya." The chibi nods her head as she folds her arms across her chest, "Kitty says she has trouble focusing though so things are wierd for her-nya. Soi Fong and I are trying to help her. Does Jyuushirou and Sado-kun want to help too-nya?"

"An innate ability?" Jyuushirou ponders the girl over for a moment befre turning all smiles and thumbs-up. "Certainly! I admit I can't stay for long, as I feel I will be needing some rest soon, but I will do what I can!" Kitty has Soi and Yoruichi's approval, and that's all the clearance she needs. If she can gain their trust, she must be a good bean! "How about you, Chad?"

    Oh look, Charat on his shoulders. The cute is almost overwhelming. Chad's mostly silent as the others talk about what's going on, though he's listening. "Mm. I can't really do it right now," Chad admits, sadly. "But I wouldn't mind helping out some other time."

    This has nothing to do with the player about to head to bed, nope.

    "My own training has been going slowly," He admits. "But I'm working on it." He doesn't want to admit to being too worried about Inoue and Arisawa all week to focus on it. But at the time he was seriously considering trying to learn how to fly a giant robot in that one week period of time. Must be hanging around Inoue too much.

    Chad picks the Digi-Yoruichi up again, and hands her to Soi Fong. "I'll be happy to help out some other time, just let me know, alright?"

"I was looking for a Chain of Fate." Soi Fong explains to Kitty. "But since there isn't one, this form really isn't your soul." Not to mention the way her physical body reacted to all of her scrutiny. It's kind of unique, the bee must admit. She blinks when Chad offers Yoruichi out to her and with a blush reaches out to accept her. Ahem. Soi nods firmly to Chad before returning her attention to Kitty's dilemma. It is unusual, even she'd have to admit. Familiar and yet completely new at the same time. Her eyes narrow once more as she leans closer again. Hmm. For once she really wishes Urahara were around. 

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