You enter the Harbor District - Neo Tokyo.
Harbor District - Neo Tokyo

Trade is still very much a part of Japan's vitality, and this becomes apparent in this area. Sea-faring hydroplanes of enormous size bob at the carefully controlled docks at the port, while immense cargo-carrying hoverships continually lift into the air and descend on suspension fields to landing pads below. Workers, robotic and human both, dart everywhere as they move to and from their ships while at the same time port authority inspections teams sniff out most of the illegal goods smuggled in.
Despite all the hustle and bustle, traffic here is still well monitored and organized. Among the gargantuan wharehouses and high-tech automated sushi bars are scattered a few much smaller and older buildings left over from before the earthquake which destroyed most of this ciuty, which now house everything from quite legal bars to not-so-legal establishments.

Zero [Casual] [MH]
Colonel [Casual] [RF]
Dr. Thomas Light [MH]
Jet Stingray [RF]
Seminole [Casual] [MH]
Iris [RF]
Dawn [MH]
Hovership <Black Rose> [C]

Obvious exits:
Ocean <O> leads to Honshu.
North <N> leads to Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
South-East <SE> leads to Industrial District - Neo Tokyo.
West <W> leads to Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.

Ballade arrives from the Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.
Ballade has arrived.

Seminole smiles at Sonata and shakes his head, then looks back out to the beach. His gaze catches Zero, not far from Iris and Jet Stingray. o0(Hopefully, this won't get ugly.)0o. Sighing, Seminole leans back a bit in his chair and folds his arms over his chest.

Seminole receives a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray looks over at Iris, chuckling to see that his choice of language is starting to rub off on her. "Got that right," Jet offers. Perhaps that gut feeling happening within the ray, Jet looks over to see Zero coming over to him as he sits with Iris. (Well, it had to happen sometime...)Oo. With that, instead of fleeing, rising, or looking like he cares, Jet merely offers the Hunter a nod before looking up to fireworks.

Seminole sends a radio transmission.

Iris turns casually, then does a surprised double-take as Zero approaches. Her eyes widen, and she grips Jet's hand tighter. (Why does he look so annoyed? I didn't think he still cared...but...maybe he does!) "Oh dear," she murmurs softly.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Riptide Wyvern transmits: 'Private Riptide Wyvern, reportin' for duty.'.

Dawn stands back as the 'roman candle'-ish firework continues its display. 13 more balls launch, alternating at seemingly random between red, green, and blue, then exploding to produce a 'sphere' of similarly colored sparks in the sky. As the firework nears the end of its 'life', she heads off to a box to retreive a few more fireworks...

Colonel continues to look out towards the ocean to wait for the fireworks to begin. The Repliforce XO takes a glance around the area, finding it quite easy to look about being tall and all. Soon his gaze finds its way towards the beach area, where to his dismay, finds the forms of Iris and Jet Stingray close together. Shaking his head, Colonel grumbles slightly as he never completely approved of the relationship. None the less, He will have a talk with the young stingray when the time comes, but for right now he'll let the situation stand for Iris' benefit. Crossing his arms across his chest, the repliforcer glances over to his right side and chuckles upon the notice of Zero, knowing fully well what the Hunter XO plans to do.

With the fireworks about to start, Flare rushes in, late as always. Funny with someone as quick as him he can never get anywhere on time. Thankfully it seems he didn't miss much. He looks around for any other Repliforcers, and sees Iris and Jet, as always. Along with Zero? He's not very clear on their relationships, but he knows enough that there will probably be some tension. His presence could lighten it, or make it worse. He shrugs, oO(Take a chance I guess) and heads off towards them.

There is a flash of light in one of the nearby cargo transport warehouses. With E.R.W.I.N.'s help, Ballade has managed to hack the command codes. There is a low roaring sound that can be clearly heard by all those gathered about the harbor. The low roar becomes a high pitched whine as the walls of the warehouse explode outwards in a flash of force and fire.

From that scattered blast roars a violet hoverbike that's more engine than anything else. Hunched over the controls is Ballade, armed to the proverbial teeth. All his weapon systems are hot, and his expression is colder than ice. The cycle roars towards the harbor, it's driver unaware that he has just been duped into doing something... ill advised.

Seminole looks up at the fireworks as they explode, but is suddenly distracted by a radio transmission. His expression suddenly takes a dark tone as he lowers his head to speak into his radio.

As Dawn works on the reload, a pair of fountains start off some distance off shore. Rising in magnitude, and spouting in the various colors of the rainbow, the bright colors lighting up the area vividly.

Zero continues to step across the sand under he towers over the couple. He folds his arms across his chest and the fireworks overhead silouhette his face in variations of green, blue and red light. He looks at Iris and then at Jet Stingray. Zero looks and clasps a hand firmly on Jet Stingray's back. "Stingray-san," says the Hunter, his hand applying slow pressure to the Repliforcer's shoulder, "I would like to speak with you...." His voice brokes no argument. "...Away from Iris..."

Iris pouts in disapproval, her expression falling. What does Zero think he's trying to do? She clears her throat. "*Ahem* Couldn't it -wait-, Zero? Why must it be -now-?"

Pilfer Ant arrives from the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Pilfer Ant has arrived.

Ballade twitches the controls of his bike as it explodes out over the heads of the gathered crowd, sending it in a tight climbing spiral. Weapon ports glow with amassed energy as he scans the crowd and nearby roofs.

His eyes narrow at the sight of Hunters and Repliforce... but no Vile. Yanking back on the controls, the bike hurtles upwards, the Elite constantly scanning... for the one he desires to kill.

Zero's eyes shift towards Iris and the Hunter says, "Don't worry...we're just going to talk.... And I can't think of a better place to do it than now...." He looks at Jet and squeezes his shoulder once more. "Wouldn't you agree, Stingray-san?" Zero says. At Light's beckoning, curse the Santa Man's interference, Zero shoots back a silent transmission....

With the roar from Ballade's cycle and much more, Colonel quickly turns over towards where the comotion is and shakes his head as he notices Ballade, armed and prepped for a fight. Sighing deeply, He takes a quick glance towards Iris and her group, knowing Zero will take care of her, then takes off towards Ballade. "Armor-engage!" he says loudly, as he dashes towards the Elite Master. Soon, the casual form of Colonel is enveloped in a bright white light as his form transforms! Once the light disappeares, The Repliforce XO is placed in that very armor everyone was wondering about.

Upon approaching Ballade, Colonel grins and begins to speak, "Surprize Surprize." He continues towards the Elite cautiously, then stops while crossing his arms, "Ballade.... Dropping in to watch the display?" He looks the Elite over and smirks, "or perhaps here to create a little Mayham?"

Colonel transforms into Colonel.

Ballade sends a radio transmission.
Ballade receives a radio transmission from Vile.
Ballade sends a radio transmission to Vile.
Ballade receives a radio transmission.

Flare Feline is about to try and talk to Iris, even though there is a situation with Zero and Jet. But before he can walk up and say anything, the explosion caused by Ballade 'sorta' distracted him. Quickly he turns around and runs a few feet to see if he can make out what caused it. At the current distance, all he can make out is the bike, not the driver. oO(I heard people liked to celebrate this holiday in a loud way, but this is too much...)

Seminole glares at Ballade's incoming form, watching the Elite Master approach and the Colonel's interception. Slowly, Seminole rises from his seat, then turns to Dr. Light. "Excuse me, sir.. I have some business back at the Labs to take care of," he grates, then begins his trek back to the Labs.

Iris furrows her brow in concern. Could it -be-? Could it possibly -be- that Zero has changed his mind....THIS far along down the line? She shifts uneasily, looking over to Jet worriedly.

Ballade drops his gaze from the rooftops, levelling the frost filled eyes onto the XO of the Repliforce. "Mayhem... of a specific nature. I believe I have... the wrong location." As fireworks explode in the sky behind him, he levers the bike downwards. "At least for the precise Mayhem I intended..."

Jet Stingray rises up slowly as Zero places his shoulder, narrowing his eyes slightly. "It's okay, Iris... Zero deserves the chance to talk and I, as a fellow Hunter, would be rude in turning him down." He takes out his medal, he digs it into the sand next to Iris. "Just to make sure that people know that this seat is taken." His tone is slightly more serious there, as if to prove a point to... Draw a line in the sand.

Dusting himself off, Jet offers with a faintly sigh, "Where too?" The notice of Ballade and Colonel reach him as well. (Great, the only thing that would make things worse is if they all decided to team up against me...)Oo.

The fireworks continue, a series of balls launch into the air, exploding in brilliant flashes, and expanding sparks as the stairstep their way up towards the twilight and the heavens above.

Zero chucks a thumb in the direction farther along shore. "This way, Fish Face," he says, and moves along the water, his pony tail wafting in the surf and wind. Zero steps along the wet sand, leaving deep impressions as he travels along...

Colonel peers towards the Elite Master and says with a stern tone, "Then I suggest you take this elsewhere and very quickly mind you. Outside the city limits should be far enough."

Flare Feline continues to watch Ballade and Colonel from a distance oO(Is that Colonel? Why is he activating his armor? Just who's on that bike..?)

Iris clings to Jet's gold medal, unhappy tears streaming down her face as she stares up at the fireworks display..

Twila Peterson arrives from the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Twila Peterson has arrived.

Ballade flicks a control switch, setting the bike to hover. "It's irrelevant Colonel. The other party will not be participating. Vile does not play fair - I'm not certain why I expected him to." Leaving the bike floating there, the Elite dismounts, landing in the sand a short distance away from the XO.

"I have no quarrel with you. I am no longer a Robot Master, according to the Doctor."

Dawn discards the opening firework as it dies off, and looks ready to get another...only to find a few things sort of prevent it. First was the loud noise a ways off, though this didn't entirely interrupt the show. Thankfully, the group Dr. Light hired to handle the rest of the presentation seems to have things well in hand, so she backs up and re-joins the crowd to observe.

Dr. Thomas Light notices the look on Iris' face, and sits down next to her. "..are you ok, my child?" he asks in soft concern. True, the old man probably never dated, but hey, if he can help, he'll try.

Meanwhile, the fireworks continue as the balls stop, and missiles, corkscrewing around each other with bright streamers chase each other into the sky, crackling and bursting in a bright shower of reds and blues that turn to gold and green as they shower downwards.

Iris cries softly on Dr. Light's shoulder. "No Dr. Light, I'm not," she laments unhappily. "I don't know what's gotten into Zero...he never used to care about me and Jet...I guess he just changed his mind..."

Ballade sends a radio transmission to Vile.

Flare Feline watches the figure dismount and talk some more with the Colonel, then he turns and sees Iris sitting alone as Jet and Zero walk off. You shouldn't oughtta leave a girl alone like that. Thinking that the Colonel can take care of whoever it is on the bike, he decides to go and talk to her. But as he gets close the Doc goes and sits down next to her. oO(Hey... is that Doctor Light? Wow, I'd love to meet him) And decides to go and talk to Iris anyway "Hey Iris, what's up?" Flare has absolutely no previous experience with relationships either, so he doesn't really know what else to say.

Seminole turns around just before leaving the beach itself, taking one last look at the assembled Hunters and Repliforce. His gaze shifts between them all - Dawn, Iris, Jet Stingray, Colonel, Flare Feline, Dr. Light, Zero, Sonata, and the children. Seminole frowns deeply, then turns and slowly but assuredly walks back toward the Labs.

Jet Stingray watches as Light moves to comfort Iris, narrowing his eyes more to see that someone is causing her to suffer once more. Turning to follow behind the saber weilding Hunter, he offers simply, "Of course... Zero." The name is said with a tone that sounded like gritted teeth.

Yoko Tenbin arrives from the Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.
Yoko Tenbin has arrived.

Dr. Thomas Light sighs, and comfortingly rubs Iris' back, allowing her to cry, being there as he would for any of his own children. "It'll work out for the best, Iris, I assure you.." he says quietly, comfortingly. "..I know it will."

Ballade receives a radio transmission.

Colonel quirks an eyebrow questioningly and keeps his gaze on the Elite, "You are not a Robot Master according to the Doctor? What exactly are you trying to pull here Ballade?" Soon people around the two robots begins to move away, as if to give them room. The Colonel notices this but doesn't take it as a bother, only making his gaze stay on the Ex-Elite, "While you continue to answer me, I recommend if you want to discuss this then lets take it elsewhere... This area is full of people and I cannot allow you to harm any portion of it. Understood?"

Somewhere admist the festivities Twila joins the others, somewhat late of course. But it couldn't be really helped. She blinks and looks about, then starts towards the familiar faces.

Iris reaches over and squeezes Flare's hand when he comes over. "I think they're going to start pounding on each other," she says worriedly...not naming who -they- are...but it doesn't take much brain power to figure it out.

Ballade considers the Colonel for a moment. "Harm? I'm programmed for defense, Colonel. But the person I serve with all my being has fired me, and replaced me." He glances at the humans around him. "Hence, I see no point in continuing to pursue his goals. I simply must find someone else to serve."

He pauses, thinking for a moment. "That, or go mad when my programming is no longer able to compensate."

Seminole enters the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
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Dawn seems to be largely unaware of the major troubles around the area...she's near the front part of the assembled crowd, so most of the major signs of problems go unseen by her. She just continues to watch.

Ballade receives a radio transmission from Vile.
Ballade receives a radio transmission from Vile.

Zero stops towards the end of the beach, where they are out of ear shot. Zero looks at Jet Stingray and says, "Jet... I think you know why I want to talk to you....," he says and doesn't wait for the 'Forcer to answer. It should be pretty obvious. "So let's cut the crap and get down to it... Down at that beach is a very special lady, one who've I let slip through my own fingers. That is my fault, and I can't make up for it...." He places an arm around Jet in a buddy-buddy way. Maybe people from afar will think they're getting along.
"And of course, instead of making up with her and trying to get her back, you've stepped in and made her happy again. I while it burns me, I won't do anything to upset her like that... And neither will you..." Zero tightens up on his grasp around Jet Stingray. "Because there are two things you should be aware of, in case you do.... I have a gun and a shovel, and you will not be missed." He smiles at Jet Stingray and says, "Are we clear on this, Sardine Can?"

Flare Feline kneels down next to her, oO(Wow, she seems really distraught by this...) glancing over at Jet and Zero, and not really knowing what to say "I'm... sure they won't go that far." He sighs and squeezes her hand back "I don't really know what else to say right now, I've never been in situation or relationship like this, so I'm sorry if I sound insensitive or something. But... cheer up, ok?" He offers a smile, thinking that's about all he can do now.

A single shot rises into the air as the smaller rockets fire off, and in the middle, a loud burst occurs, sending a brilliant, almost half mile wide display of light to form as it colors disappate in every imaginable shade, popping and crackling as they do so.

The Repliforce XO blinks as he hears the words coming from Ballade's mouth, then he looks around at the rest of the crowds before returning to Ballade. While the words are hard to swallow, The Colonel knows this particular Elite is not one to lie and begins to speak once more, "Wily fired you? While I find that particularly hard to believe, there is something about you stating its the truth.. However, I am still troubled by the fact that the mad doctor as psychotic as he might be, would replace you seeing how you were his most trusted guard. Tell me, Why would he replace you?"

As the fireworks start, another person quietly mingles into the crowd. Just a small girl in a dirty coat that slips into the party without a word, watching the Hunters as the fireworks go off high above.
Iris blinks, and a few more tears run down her face as she gives Dr. Light and Flare both a hug. "Thank you...I'm just worried this is going to turn out horrible..."

"Because I failed."
The Elite folds his arms across his chest. "You may not be aware, but because of my failure, the Doctor spent several weeks stranded on a deserted island. For that, and for failing to keep Vile from threatening his life in the Battle and Chase games... I have been deemed faulty. And I have been replaced." There is a tension to his expression that denotes the tight control the Elite always holds over himself.

Twila steps closer near her friends, seeing the beserker and the Repliforcer playing "buddy-buddy" on the beach Although...since she's aware of both of their feelings towards a certain Iris, she can't exactly keep it out of her mind that things are not what they seem. She's still upset about how the former reacted yesterday towards her during repairs. Thus, she doesn't approach either. Her gaze turns towards the children as well, quietly hoping they're enjoying themselves...

Skyblade Eagle arrives from the Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.
Skyblade Eagle has arrived.

Dawn remains watching the fireworks display, all too unknowing of the exchanges elsewhere. What's going on in her mind is something along the lines of 'Ooh, SHINY!', though suitably adjusted for observing fireworks.

Flare Feline hugs Iris back "Don't worry, I think that Jet and that Zero guy are smarter than that. Things will be fine, really." And now deciding to turn the conversation in a different direction, he extends his hand towards the Doc "Hello sir, I'm Private Flare Feline, of Repliforce, I've always wanted to meet you in person."

Colonel doesn't approach Ballade, but does nod to him, "So now you are on the warpath to find Vile and seeking to destroy whatever gets in your way? That doesn't exaxtly seem like the most logical path towards life. Personally, I see it as a death wish. However, should you succeed in your endeavor, What do you plan to do afterwards? Return to Wily and ask for forgiveness?"

Keeping up the pace, positions along the shoreline explode in brilliant flashes of silver and gold, lighting up the whole area as the finally builds, designs of various Hunters being somwhat visible within the showers of bright lights. As the display continues, a certain design shows up, that gets the attention of a certain little boy in the display.

He's a small child, probably around the same age as that dirty tattered little girl sitting alone at the moment. Around his neck is his most prized and cherished item. A bright yellow .. some would porn scarf, that he got the day a certain Hunter saved his class from Mavericks in Philidelphia. And he recognizes that design, nudging everyone near him. "Look, that's Protoman! He leads the Hunters, and he can beat up Megaman and Zero, and everyone, because he rules! He gave me this scarf, and he's just the coolest!" This of course, sets off a debate in that area, focusing in on Rock v. Zero v. Blues v. General.

Jet Stingray narrows his eyes once again. Surprisingly enough, he expected something like this. Perhaps Iris' nature merely causes the people about her to be concerned for her to the point where they will take extreme measures to ensure her happiness. Jet was tempted to quit the force to make her happy... Though /Zero's/ method of make Iris happy was not exactly what he had in mind.

"Get this, blond boy... I know how special she is... I would have to be dumber than Guts Man not too. I've already taken slack from Colonel, and now from you, and I bet in a month or so, Sigma too... And that doesn't change a thing at all. I don't care if you have a toothpick, gun, or General's main cannon, I would never so much as hurt a hair on her head if possible... Unlike you, I won't mess up like that. We care each other, and it will take more than a little angst to get in my way. Your threats mean this much to me.."

With that, he makes... What else? A zero. "But rest assured..." he pauses not exact sure how to keep going with his speeches, never a fan of them. "Rest assured, no mistakes from me." Is this going to come back and bite him some day? Doesn't one even need to ask?

Skyblade Eagle flies in! Low, however. Yeah, she's late. No big deal, "You know.." She mutters to herself, "Something about explosives going off that aren't being shot at me I kinda like.." She turns and flies upside down as she watches them..

Dawn continues to remain near the frontmost part of the crowd, apparently uninterrupted in her thoughts, which as someone properly corrected earlier, center on the concept of 'Ooh, SPARKLY!'
Yoko Tenbin slowly hovers around the outside of the group of children, not saying a word and just silently watching them talk and who's better than who. She hangs around behind the boy with Protoman's scarf.

Twila Peterson overhears some of the debate from the children going on. She can't help but smile in some amusement at the chatter and friendly bickering.

Ballade shrugs. "I expect to die, Colonel. I am not programmed to function without someone to protect. I fully expect to take on something I cannot handle and end up in the scrap heap." He glances upwards, considering the fire in the sky. "But - I lack the instinct to step off that path. Nor do I desire to step off that path. Wily has made it clear he does not need me - so I shall serve him as well as I can before I cease to function."

Dr. Thomas Light continues to comfort Iris, as she blubbers like a sixteen year old that just got dumped by her quarterback boyfriend for the head cheerleader.

More fireworks give the image of Zero. "Look!" one the girls call out to Bluesfan. "That's Zero! She's the female hunter with a sword, and she can beat up your Protoman!" "So?!" the boy yells back, "Protoman has a big gun, and he'll shoot up that girl before he ever gets close!"

Iris suddenly calms down considerably, and smiles at Dr. Light and Flare hopefully. "Maybe...this will turn out alright after all," she remarks. "I haven't heard sounds of them destroying each other, yet..."

Dr. Thomas Light blinks at Flare, and shakes his hand. "Nice to meet you, Flare.."

Colonel nods towards the Elite, "If that is your goal, then so be it. I respect your decision, for a true warrior is not without someone to protect. He does not fight to his/her full capacity unless driven by something. However, you could seek to be free from Wily's clutches if you so chose. Found something else in this life to protect or fight for."

One young child tilts his head, then suddly blurts: "Why do thay all look funny?"

Zero looks at Jet Stingray and narrows his eyes, the loud noises playing over the sky above him and setting off various lights. In a strobe effect, the Hunter's buddy-buddy arm suddenly takes on a fiercer turn, grabbing tightingly onto Jet Stingray and pushing him down into the sand with a simple maneuver.

The ballet is played like a music video or something, where the repeatedly bright flashes make it look like stop-go animation. Zero pulls Jet's arm back places pressure on it as he does so. He pushes Jet's face further into the sand with his knee, which he rests against the upper back of the 'Forcer. "I don't think you understand, Fish Head. I'm not the Colonel and I'm not Sigma. I can't order you, and I won't kill you. But I can make you wish I could.... But it's good you keep that mentality about yourself about not screwing up..." He applies more pressure, making Jet feel pain. "It'll keep you on the right track..." Zero reaches into his armor with his free hand, withdrawing a white rose from his person and placing it down on the sand next to Jet Stingray. "Now, I'm going to leave... and you should probably wait till I'm gone before even thinking about moving, much less retaliating... And then you're going to get up, take the rose and give it to Iris....." Zero lets go of Jet Stingray and begins to walk away, quietly through back up the beach, leaving Jet near the surf and lying on the wet sand.

Skyblade Eagle flaps in and lands! Oh, and her armor is changed back to normal from yesterday. She doesn't look like Huntress Eagle anymore. Red armor replaced by blue, optics back to normal, no cigarette or sunglasses. Yep, good 'ol Skyblade. She just kinda wanders along now, "Ooh.." She says as she watches the fireworks go on and on and on..

Ballade smiles thinly for an instant. "That would require free will Colonel."

It would seem Ballade's been thinking. "The only way I could find something or someone else to defend would be to have someone to reprogram me. Which my programming would require me to fight to the death." He turns back towards his bike. "So, you see - there is no choice. If I cannot serve Wily one way, then I will serve him via my destruction."

After shaking Light's hand, Flare just says nothing more oO(Goddarnit, what a time to get cold feet.) To keep himself from looking stupid, he turns back towards Iris "Quite a fireworks display isn't it?"
Colonel says, "You could be reprogrammed should you wish to, Robot Master. Of course, you might have to do time for your crimes against the world, but the situation could be reversed."

Ballade shakes his head. "You fail to understand. My programming prevents me from seeking reprogramming. There is a subsection of my directives that prevent me from considering changing my loyalty from Wily in any fashion." He smiles almost... sadly. "And I would not have it any other way."

The Elite hoists himself back onto the bike. "I believe I shall leave you to your party. You might want to keep Zero from killing Jet Stingray - I'd hate to loose the opportunity." He nods towards the pair.

Iris nods to Flare, still more than a bit worried over the situation. Thankfully she isn't crying over it anymore, though. She just sits quietly, watching the fireworks display.

Turning away from the children and their present delight within the skies she spots some movement unfriendly movement coming from Zero, directed towards the Stingray. The display of fireworks momentarily forgotten her brows furrow in concern. She's too far away to overhear what's being said, and even if she wasn't, the continuous booms abive would drown it out. Even so, it has her attention now. Why does she suddenyl have a sinking feeling that things are about to get worse between those two?

Dr. Thomas Light smiles kindly at Flare. "Yes, it is quite nice." As the fireworks become somewhat of a display of Rock riding Rush, the other children shush the curious one. "You have to use your imagination!" one of them announces, as one of the older fanboys smirks. "This is stupid. See, they even have Megaman in his blue pajamas, instead of that cool new armor of his."

Colonel says, "Then good luck Ballade, may you find your path swiftly."

The Repliforce XO then begins walking away towards his original spot, swiftly returning to his casual setting and not proceeding to deal with the incident below... He wasn't going to interfer in any way this evening. The only thing he does is move to his radio, sending a few messages to a couple people below him. He gazes towards Zero and shakes his head, "So brash.. Zero for once try to act civil." He mutters to himself, "For Iris' sake.""

Colonel transforms into Casual.

Dawn occasionally seems distracted from the display...not by Zero's argument with Jet. But rather, the fireworks themselves momentarily cause her to look down and away from them. An oddity, since it's not like they're blindingly bright.

Dr. Thomas Light sends a radio transmission to Twila Peterson.
Twila Peterson receives a radio transmission.

Yoko Tenbin keeps watching the fireworks and the other children, not making any move to do anything else.

Colonel sends a radio transmission.
Iris receives a radio transmission.

Jet Stingray merely /lets/ Zero have his way, wincing as he gets taught how hurting is done by yet another Hunter who doesn't like him that much. Jet gets up a moment after Zero gets up. "First of all... Iris is dating me, so if you want to give her a rose," he throws it for Zero. "Do it yourself. I give her nice things and I don't need any 'Dating 101' from you to treat Iris right. Me and Iris are happy without your 'help', and if you want to be helpful, then you should make be a little nicer to me." He doesn't ready his weapon systems... No, that would be fighting Zero or acting like he wants a piece of Zero. And as much as he would like to tumble with the Hunter to pay him back, like he said, he doesn't want to hurt Iris and getting into a fight would ust makes things worse for her. Still, he isn't going to be everyone's mat to wipe their feet off as he does. "As I said, I don't want to fight you, but I'm not afraid of you either... No matter what you do or say..." He spots as Colonel comes, sighing once more as he realizes the obvious. (You know, /this/ must have been why no one was thinking about asking Iris out for all that time...)Oo.

Colonel sends a radio transmission.
Dr. Thomas Light receives a radio transmission.

Skyblade Eagle just kinda makes her way over towards where everyone's gathered, since I'm assuming that's a pretty centrilized spot. "Hey everybody.." She says, as she comes up towards them, to see who's not busy..

Twila Peterson hmmms as her comlink sounds off. Looking a bit harder this time through the crowds she thus responds, turning away from the spectical and hopes the matter can be resolved. No sense ruining the holiday after all.

Iris sends a radio transmission.
Colonel receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Dr. Thomas Light seems to be dealing with fifty things at once, as he taps his radio to respond quickly, he continues to comfort Iris.

Twila Peterson sends a radio transmission.

Dr. Thomas Light receives a radio transmission from Twila Peterson.
Dr. Thomas Light sends a radio transmission.

Colonel receives a radio transmission.

Ballade engages the engines on the bike, sand blasting away from the exhaust ports. "I envy you your ability to choose to be loyal, Colonel. Cherish it." And then he slams the throttle forward, and the bike screams out across the ocean... headed east. Always, into the East.

And with the radio, Twila manuvers her towards Dr. Light, Iris, and who else may be nearby. "Happy Indpendence Day," she offers when near enough.

Colonel sends a radio transmission.
Dr. Thomas Light receives a radio transmission.

Iris waves to Twila, wiping tears off her cheeks. "Hi, Twila, happy Fourth," she says in a quavering voice.

Zero ignores Jet Stingray as he walks up the beach. He nods to the Light Gumi on the beach and heads back up the board walk, and continues to walk away

Colonel sends a radio transmission.
Iris receives a radio transmission from Colonel.

Dr. Thomas Light gives a wave of his hand in response, as if it were no problem, as he concentrates on the projects at hand, the old man in remarkably good shape for dealing with all of this. Starting the finale, a shower of red, silver and gold fireworks go off, illuminating the area fully with it's spectacular shower of brightness and color. As Light was waving, he notices a certain waif sitting alone. Someone he's seen before. "Excuse me.." he says quietly, patting Iris' hand, before heading over, and taking a seat next to Yoko. "Good evening, child. Enjoying the show?"

Dawn looks back up to watch the fireworks now, as the display changes.

Ballade enters the Honshu.
Ballade has left.

Flare Feline sighs with relief as Zero walks away from Jet oO(That was close one. Thankfully they didn't make it worse on Iris. I don't think I'll ever understand relationships like this...)

Twila, nods towards Light as he steps away. After a quick glance up shes eyes the light reflected by Iris's tears. "You alight, Iris?" Although, she knows she isn't at the moment.

Colonel gazes down towards Iris and smiles, hoping that she'll look up and notice him offering her a "Everything will be alright." gaze. "Take care of yourself Iris and enjoy the rest of the evening." He says to himself quietly, "Love always."

Yoko Tenbin nods without any expression on her face. "Yes. It's very pretty Dr. Light, sir." Yoko glances at the child wearing Protoman's scarf for a second, then at Dr. Light. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come here. I wasn't invited."

Iris looks worried. "Zero and Jet have been gone a long time, Twila. I'm afraid Jet's going to get hurt..." Her worry dissapates a bit at the arrival of her brother. "Okay, I'll try," she replies, and manages a little smile for his sake.

Skyblade Eagle is ignored! Hrmph. She just goes and sits down on a bench and watches the fireworks.

Colonel then turns around and begins walking away, He has much to do before the night is over....

Dr. Thomas Light shakes his head. "No, child, anyone that wanted to show is more than allowed to, and this show was specifically for the orphans of these islands, my dear girl. However, I do not recall seeing you with any specific orphange.." As he speaks, he reaches into his pocket, and finds a hamburger he had saved from the BBQ earlier, wrapped tightly in celophane. "Hungry?" he asks softly, offering the food to her.

Colonel has disconnected.

Twila offers the Repliforce XO a polite nod while he turns to go, then back to his sister. "We'll know if he is or isn't," she mumbles, just above her breath. In a more regular tone, "I'm sure he'll be alright, Iris."

Yoko Tenbin takes the hamburger, but pockets it instead of eating it. "Thank you, sir. You have always been kind to my children and I. I haven't forgotten the many times your family has helped mine. That is part of why I have come here. I wish to help repay my debt."

Dr. Thomas Light says, "..there's plenty of leftovers if you want them.." he says to Yoko, before blinking. "Repay your debt? Family? What do you mean?"

Jet Stingray takes off his faceplate, letting some of the sand falling to the ground, cursing faintly to himself as he does. Most likely thinking about what has just happened, Jet buckles in his faceplate once more, narrowing his eyes faintly. But instead of going off like Zero or Colonel, he just takes a few steps toward the ocean, stopping as it gets up to his shins with wet sand, the surf coming up to his waist. With the lights of the fireworks reflecting off his golden back from time to time, the stingray merely plops himself down, looking out to the ocean.

Twila Peterson well remembers Zero's attitude the night before and hadn't really expected any change to come anytime soon. As for Jet, she gently shakes her head not knowing what to think. She knows he's had it rough. And if what she thinks may be's going to be rough a little more so. "Want me to call him to see if he's alright?"
Iris nods to Twila wordlessly, her green eyes frought with worry and concern.

Flare Feline sees Jet plop down in the beach oO(Huh? Why doesn't he come talk to her?) Since Iris is talking with Twila, Flare decides to go down and see how Jet's conversation turned out. He stands up and smiles at Iris again before heading down, stopping a bit behind Jet, making sure the waves don't go near him. "...I guess the sound of the ocean must be relaxing to you huh? I wouldn't really understand that, I've been programmed to dislike water... a lot." He's beating around the bush, not sure how to approach him about this.

The young woman nods and speaks into her comlink while offering Iris some kleenex...if that would help any.

Twila Peterson sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

The fireworks show ends with a spectacular display of a dragon made of fireworks dancing across the sky, and a few ear popping blasts of sound and lights, covering the area. As the fireworks die down, everyone starts to head back towards the buses, the great Blues v. Rock v. Zero (with the subdebate of boy or girl) v. General going on.. and General is on the losing end at the moment. Everyone wants to be the vigilante.

Jet Stingray just nods slowly to Flare. He has a feeling his reason for being with him is the same as the tightbeam he gets from another friend. Pity from all sides for him. While he knows they care for him, like he would be concerned for them, it's almost enough to make him sick. "The ocean is a kicking place, Flare... It's calm down there. There is danger to it, just like anyplace in the wild, but there is a peace down there there you don't get on land... Even when you blare through it as fast as I do." He stops as finally responds to Twila.

Dawn seems to be occupied with something once the fireworks end; cleaning up. As promised, she's going off to gather up discarded and used fireworks, cleaning the area up and properly placing things into trash bags as she goes.

Skyblade Eagle keeps on watching fireworks. She wonders where Hurricane is. She hasn't seen him since...Yesterday...

Yoko Tenbin smiles for the first time. "During the winter, you gave us supplies. Blankets, food and more. They helped make it better for the youngest ones. I wish to return the favor to you as best I can." She pulls out a tiny scrap of paper. "The Yakuza discovered our home and struck a deal with me. I have become their pawn to save the others. But we have moved now, and the other children are safe. This is the address of where we were hiding before. In three days, I am to meet with one of the gangs the Yakuza run and give them the weapons I have been storing. You can catch them there."

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.
Twila Peterson receives a radio transmission.

Dr. Thomas Light blinks at Yoko. He was never.. expecting Yoko to pay him back. But with the slip of paper, he looks down worriedly at the child. "..please, be careful." he says, though the point is moot. "I would feel better if you were not involved in this at all, but since you are.. we will do what we can to help."

Twila Peterson sends a radio transmission.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Twila Peterson.

Skull Man arrives from the Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.
Skull Man has arrived.

Dr. Thomas Light sends a radio transmission to Blues.
Dr. Thomas Light receives a radio transmission.

Flare Feline chuckles "I'll bet it is, but unfortunatly I'll probably never see it. At least not the way you do. I'm designed to virtually shut down if I'm submerged for too long..." Flare catches himself babbling again oO(Stick to the matter at hand Flare!) He tries to talk some more, but finds himself at a loss for words at the moment. Like when he was talking with Iris, he's never been in a situation like this before, and really doesn' know what to say right now...

Dr. Thomas Light says, "Yoko, come with me.." he says quietly, "I want to discuss this with someone in private, if you are capable.."

Twila Peterson senses that Iris may have already intercepted. But she informs her anyway. "Jet's alright. Guess 'interesting' isn't the right word for these 'triangles' are they?"

Yoko Tenbin's small face loses the smile. "As you wish Dr. Light, sir."

Iris sighs. "Funny how Zero never even gave me the time of day, while I was still single," she remarks to Twila. "Anyhow, did he say where he was? I feel like I'd better go find him..."

Improv arrives from the Nogaki Commercial District - Neo Tokyo.
Improv has arrived.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.

Twila Peterson receives a radio transmission from Jet Stingray.
Dr. Thomas Light sends a radio transmission to Blues.

Dawn continues to help take care of cleaning up, and pretty good progress is being made, just that there were a lot of fireworks to pick up, so...

Dr. Thomas Light says, "Come, Yoko.." he says, standing up, and dusting himself off. "We can discuss this in my office in the labs.."

Dr. Thomas Light receives a radio transmission.
Dr. Thomas Light sends a radio transmission.

Yoko Tenbin takes another look at the boy wearing Protoman's scarf, and then obediently follows Dr. Light.

Skull Man has disconnected.

Dr. Thomas Light enters the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Dr. Thomas Light has left.

Yoko Tenbin enters the Donachi Business District - Neo Tokyo.
Yoko Tenbin has left.

Jet Stingray merely send off another tightbeam, then chuckles to Flare. "Dude, I know what you are trying to do... Pointless conversation after something big, following me when there are like an super amount of people around. And while I thank you for being a friend, there's not much you can do. Heck, at this point of the game, I'm in so deep /I/ barely know what to do." With that, he leans back into the waters, letting them wash over him, a few pieces of seaweeds getting on him as he does. "Points for effort though," he adds after a moment's pause.

Twila remarks, "Men are sometimes weird like that." So can women, but not like she's going to state as such. "Not seeing what they have until they feel like they're going to loose it. As for Jet..." She points towards the beach. "He was down towards the shore when I last saw him. Sounds a bit drained."

Twila Peterson sends a radio transmission.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission.

Dawn seems to have the clean-up well in hand, because she's hauling off the trash to assorted dumpsters, and with that, begins picking up the other things brought in for the fireworks display. Probably won't be too long until the area's well picked up.

Flare Feline nods, and tries to say something anyway "I've never been in a relationship like the one you and Iris have, so maybe I shouldn't even be talking to you know. I don't understand how you feel... I guess no one does. Though, I gotta admit, I really envy you two. I've never loved anyone, at least not in that way, it's something I don't really understand. I got that feeling when I was trying to talk to Iris earlier, I didn't know what to say. And I don't here either. I guess I just shouldn't... but... it goes against my nature to leave friends like that hanging." He just stares out at the ocean, vast and wide... maybe it's not such a bad place after all...

Iris nods, and remarks quietly..."As long as he's okay, that's what counts...I'd better not bother him, he's probably upset." She busies herself with helping with the cleanup. After a little while, though, she pauses as if something is consuming her thoughts, and won't let her be. Finally, she leans against a tree with a pained sigh, and murmurs softly into her radio...

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.
Twila Peterson receives a radio transmission.

Skyblade Eagle is sitting around bored since the show ended. Darn..

Twila offers her own help with the cleanup as well for a little bit after obtaining a small bag. She glances back towards Iris, watching her briefly, but decides to leave her be for the moment.
Dawn seems to have most things in order, though she stops to say, "Thanks.", to Iris, before flying off for another part of the city...likely to return various materials to where they belong, and then go home.

Twila Peterson sends a radio transmission.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Twila Peterson.

Dawn goes home.
Dawn has left.

Iris sends a radio transmission.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Iris.

Twila straightens after a little more time has passed before spotting one of the other Repliforcers that had been at the base recently and and offers a small wave to Skyblade.

Jet Stingray merely makes another tightbeam and nods to Flare. "Well, love comes with a price... It's always does. It's like paying a million bucks for something worth a billion, but sometimes you don't have enough dough regardless." He looks out to the waters some more. "I know how it to want to be a good friend... And don't worry, good guys don't finish last... They don't finish first... But they always finish the race with their pride." He pauses for a moment, then offers, "Don't know what that means, or if it means anything at all, but it sounds nice, don't it?" He says another tightbeam before he gets a reply.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Hey, any Hunters on this channel?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'Yeah...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'Er....yes...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Spring Man transmits: 'Only when I want to be.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Well, I have a message from Vile. Seminole won't be comming back.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Losers.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'That''.

(Ch. D [Public]) Spring Man transmits: '... Oh. Good. Never liked his shape anyways.'.

(Ch. A [Repliforce]) Hurricane Hawk transmits: 'Good evening Repliforce.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Reason transmits: '....What?! Where is he?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Spring Man transmits: 'Bout' time you guys do something right.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Anthem transmits: 'Shove it out your exhaust, mutt.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Pfft. Like I know where he is.'.

Flare Feline chuckles "I think I know what you mean." He looks up, the fireworks have ended, too bad. "It was certainly quite a show tonight... the fireworks I mean...."

(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'You'd better find out.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'All I know is he's dead. He died whimpering and crying.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'And begging for mercy.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Spitfire Jumpjet transmits: 'On his way to the scrapyard, knowing Vile. Or his wall. One or the other.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Like the peice of lame trash he was.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dagger Lynx transmits: 'Did he scream? I do so love screams.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Napalm Man transmits: 'PORN! (holy feedback)'.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission to Iris.
Iris receives a radio transmission.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'As for him screaming, probably.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'I bet it was a girly scream, too.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Hey Hunters? I picked up a transmission from Vile to de other Mavericks about Seminole not returnin' or someting like dat...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'Kiss off, you punk.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Like the one X or Zero would give.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Anthem transmits: 'You really have no sense of self-preservation, do you?'.

Jet Stingray sends a radio transmission.
Twila Peterson receives a radio transmission.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Twila Peterson transmits: 'Some Maverick is bragging about it on Global...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Who needs self preservation when you already know you're better than everyone?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Reason transmits: 'Can /anyone/ confirm this?!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'Yeah, whatever. I bet I could whip your aft so bad you'd run home sobbing.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Napalm Man transmits: 'Kinky'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'Not I...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Reason transmits: 'Dammit! WHERE is the Maverick Hunter?'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Broadcast Ocelot transmits: 'Well, I jus' lettin' allyuh know wha' I hear.'.

Twila Peterson sends a radio transmission to Jet Stingray.
Jet Stingray receives a radio transmission from Twila Peterson.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Any time you'd care to try, I'm around. And I told you, I don't know. Commander Vile probably desintigrated him or something anyway.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Adler Blau transmits: 'It reeks of trap. If they don't have him, its a trap. If they do, its a trap. If nessesary I will volunteer for the dangerous jobs?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'I dare ya to bring it on, punk.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Reason transmits: 'I don't care if it is a trap...If he is in danger, we must do all that we can to assist him.'.

Iris smiles a bit at a tightbeam transmission, and she begins heading off, leaving Jet to whatever time he needs alone at the moment. "It's going to be rough going for a while, Jet," she says softly, wiping a tear away at the thought.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'I volunteer, as well.'.

(Ch. C [RF/Hunter-Com]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'The man gave me seeds. Seeds!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Will you imbeciles shut up.'.

Standing rigid now, Twila let's out a disgruntled sigh. Something always seems to be happening doesn't it? She moves to dispose of the trash she had gathered before shaking her head once more. Sounds as if those at base are already on the ball on trying to decipher if Sem really is in trouble and trying to find out where he is...if he is. Unfortuately, not much she can do even if he does happen to be...

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I'm working on delicate proceedures and do not need to hear your soap operic babbling.'.

Jet Stingray just nods, looking out to seas, narrowing his eyes faintly. "Yeah, it was pretty nice from what I saw..."

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Then turn your radio off, jackass.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'Be silent, defect.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: '*snickers*'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Make me, jerkoff.'.

Iris has disconnected.

(Ch. D [Public]) Spring Man transmits: 'Pft. Get out of that lab of yours and take a few laps around the base. It might go you good.'.

Flare Feline decides that there's nothing more he can say to Jet now. He gets up and starts to leave "At any rate, I'll be going. You should talk to Iris as soon as you get the chance, she needs your attention more than I do." He starts to walk away, leaving Jet in the surf "...take care, finish with pride."

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I am not going to illogically further this babble by deigning to argue with you, defect. Be silent.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Cyclone Jackal transmits: 'Who are you, anyway? I don't think I was even talking to you.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dr. Landon DeVry transmits: 'I am a human, ergo your superior, defect.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Dagger Lynx transmits: 'I think he doesn't realize no one listens or cares to what he says.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Anthem transmits: 'Y'know, if you can catch him, I think I can overlook you freaks hosing that old pervert.'.

"Beat you there..." The stingray offers quietly to Flare, saluting for saluting's sake. "Take care of yourself as well... And I'll finish with pride." He looks out to the ocean. "And first, if I can help it," he offers just above a hushed whisper.

(Ch. D [Public]) Slash Man transmits: 'What's wrong with freaks hosing an old pervert?'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Spring Man transmits: 'Nahh.... Pops wouldn't like it.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Spring Man transmits: 'And who are you to give me orders?'.

Flare Feline turns back, and heads out of the area "What a night...."

(Ch. D [Public]) Spring Man transmits: 'I think you need to take a serious look at yourself, girlfriend.'.

=============================== IC Broadcasts ================================
Message: 9/8 Posted Author
Opposition Thu Jul 05 Vile
Video Message Spliced onto the GNN Backbone.
<Vile stands in what is clearly Robotropolis. His body is damaged, cobalt armour chipped in numerous places, and even with only his waist up being shown, two clear puncture wounds reside on his chest armour. One goes clearly through his lower abdomen, and both are steadily shooting out sparks from dangling cords and wiring. He speaks, his tone steady, cold, and harsh. Of note, there is no ebony pyramid in the backdrop like similar statements, rather just a massive pillar of smoke.>
People of Earth. Correction. Fools who inhabit this planet. By now you have obviously seen reports of the massive explosion that shook Robotropolis, Vilefoundland. This was an attempt by Maverick Hunter insurgents to interfere with the Spiraling Steel competition and not only rescue the South Dakota School Children, but destroy me.
<Picture of Seminole chopping down a pair of Hunter Seekers, as he makes his way through a very dark and shadowy hallway.>
They have failed.
<Vile's right arm raises now, and clutched in its grip by a glob of brown sythetic hair is the head of Seminole. Dislodged from its body, with hundreds of wires hanging from its severed neck. Half the synthskin on his face is melted away, revealing the Terminator-esque mechanical support 'bones.>
For their attempt, I have killed 4 of the Children and their would-be savior. Their forms are also without head, and can be found in a raft drifting through the Caribbean at this very moment. I will not be trifled with, and all attempts will meet similar gruesome deaths at my hands, as well as insure that the honor of the Spiraling Steel competition not be upheld due to the fools of the worlds meddling. I hope the parents of the deceased realize that it was the Maverick Hunter's rogue actions which cost their children their lives, not my sadistic urges.
<The transmission splices back into standard GNN 24-hour news.>

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