Olympic Stands
Ring Redwing
Radar Meerkat
Spring Man
Inferno Panther
Overdrive Ostrich
Cyber Peacock
Pirate Man
Stone Man
Jack Torval
Pilfer Ant
Skull Man
Psych Mosquito

THe speakers around the track hum to life, "Welcome to the Battle and Chase aerial race! Will the contestants all line up!" A small platform rests on the ground, with a line running across it.

Meanwhile a bunch of teenage kids, all with pocket protectors, plad shirts, thick glasses, and the absolute worst cases of acne you'll ever see enter the stadium, taking seats near the front...

Syphon Squid has connected.

Magma Dragoon has arrived.

Stone Man has disconnected.

Charge Man has arrived.

Radar Meerkat pops the top of a grape soda, and chugs it down without much finesse.

Syphon Squid has reconnected.

Syphon Squid has partially disconnected.

Charge Man lumbers in and Grunts his hellos to his brothers and sisters as he whams on the the seat causing rumblings around the area. He screams as he whistles out his blow hole "Move you sissies"

Skull Man has disconnected.

Stalwart has arrived.

Overdrive Ostrich settles in his front row seat and waves at the Maverick constestants from the stands!

Charge Man grunts and elvbows the person next to him (anyone who wants to be it can.) and grunts "Whats going on now?"

As the contestants line up, the platform shudders and rumbles. It slowly rises up on hovers, lifting all the racers up to the level of the track.

A giraffe Reploid steps into the announcers box. "Good day, all! Hexapod Giraffe here, I'll be announcing today's race!" As his name states, those who can see the box may notice he has four arms and two legs. Odd. "Racers! On your marks!"

Cyber Peacock quietly watches the cigar burn, letting the blue smoke waft around him.

Spring Man yawns and sets his character on autopose.... cuz he just wants to watch.

Crash Man sneers. "You're just jealous that you've got small.. nacelles."

Riptide Wyvern half-spreads her wings, waiting.

"Please," Lunar Vixen chokes up in reply, lurching forward as if vomit were presisting against the edge of her throat, "Don't talk to me... it... cheapens me."

Array Condor adjusts his glasses, then fires up the main thrusters, coming online with a loud burn, waiting for the race to begin.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon flaps his wings slightly, and locks them out. His jets begin to whine as they come to life, a blast of hot air roaring around him. "Aw yeah. Let's go."

> From outside, Sahara Sphinx blinks as she's thanked, by the Robot Master Crash. She blinks again as she watches him and the bra, but, shaking her head, she remarks, cheerfully, "Yer welcome! Such a nice man, indeed!" to Agent Nerp, before kicking her heels. A blast of fire ignites the jets in her feet, and she flashes into the air with a spreading of her metallic, gaudy, silver and gold wings. She waits, patiently, in a strange, half crouched, cat-like position, for the word that means she should start flying. You know. The two lettered one.

Serenade is just one of the crowd...

> From outside, Clef mutters to himself and caws quite loudly as he wants the race to start... oO(Damn these people and their jet turbines...)Oo

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk arrives from the Midwest.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk has arrived.

Hurricane Hawk has arrived.

Psych Mosquito eyes. Hexapod Giraffe, and yet he only has two legs. He turns and purchases a packet of peanuts from a vendor, and then hurls it at Hexapod.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern would pat Clef if he were near. She didn't use jets either, just lots of wing power. And lift from other people's jetwash..

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon flaps her wings, not having engines either, just her own skillz and whatnot. "Aww yeah...I'm so gonna own this race."

> From outside, Crash Man says, "I float like a butterfly, and sting like a tacnuke. I've got six kegs in my tank, and I'm roarin' to go. Can I get a Cult of Crash Man cheer at the people at home? Yeaah, dawg."

Hiryu crosses one leg over the other as he takes another sip of his big ole' coke, and casually eating a couple of snack food items which I've forgotten and am too lazy to scroll back for. Way to fit in, Hiryu.

> From outside, A bunch of drunken frat boys in the stand scream, "CRASH MAN RULEZ!!!!!"

> From outside, Dischord doesn't have jets. or wings. Instead she has good oldfashioned anti-gravs...

> From outside, Crash Man kindly raises the roof for the good people at home!

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle starts to light her jets...Come on...Come on...Damnit, she's been getting ready for this for a year now...Let's do it already...

Charge Man booo's and hoowls "You suck" to the croud linging up blasting his horn and tooting when he notices the yummy snack food items and growls "Hey you!"

Stalwart doesn't fit in very well either. He's walking into the stands, taking a seat in the 'Really Big Robots' section quietly.
Psych Mosquito purchases another bunch of peanuts, and throws the packets forcibly at the Crashmanians.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon is the equivalent of a kitbash on steroids. Of course he has jets. He frowns in concentration.

> From outside, Array Condor waits, the shaking of his thrusters causing him to vibrate visibly. He glances briefly, and to no one, says in a shakey voice from the vibration, "I-I h-hope th--the R-Repliforce l-likes m-my p-performance."

> From outside,

Hexapod Giraffe raises two of his arms, "Get set! GO!" As the racers take off, the launch platform sinks back down to the ground...

Flare Feline is sitting in the stands, near any other forcers, his arms are crossed and his head is turned to the race. And he's... alseep? Darnit! "Zzzzz"

As the race starts, those nerds that entered earlier all pull out their calculators and laptops, before they break down typing like crazy, muttering back and forth to each other... And of course every now and then they laugh as a group with a strange annoying nassely laugh...

Cappella gazes slowly towards Hiryu's direction and frowns. "Man that guy looks rather familar. Oh well."

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet kicks her legs back, hitting orbital launch speeds as she lurches from the start point.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon lets out a squawk of surprise as she zips off, flapping her wings as fast as her synthetic muscles will allow her, narrowing her optics as she glances around to study the competition.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle kicks it into overdrive as her jets ignite to full. She lifts off the ground and rockets straight ahead, over the ground as she takes off, jet boots burning brightly as she kicks her afterburners in early, to try and get a head start..

> From outside, Go. That's the one! Sah grins, and with a mighty, hwoling squeal of delight, she flaps her wings, kicking her into the air. The Fast Flying Feline flings forward in a frenzied flight.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus ignites his jets in a burst of flame. Strangely, the odor of freshly-ground coffee wafts around the start area. Legs and arms tuck in close to his body as the signal is sounded and the fish takes off like a rocket.

> From outside, At the sounding of the race begin, the Vixen's jets ignite within the moment of a breath, great golden sails of energy that thrust against the air behind her, punching her forward at blinding speeds. Air splits over her streamline form in superheated ribbons, as energy spills in her wake.

> From outside, Dischord leaps into the air with that one word, her expression one of strange determination as she silently races, her mind focussed on one thing...

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern takes to the air with a rapid downsweep, fanning rapidly to actually get high enough to start a decent angle of flight, then actually folding most of the wings against her sides, leaving the long, narrow tips- like a falcon's wings.

> From outside, Crash Man blasts off! A noisy combination of vernier thrusters and thermonuclear-powered jet engines send the red Robot Master streaking across the raceway. Go crimson lightning, go!

> From outside, Array Condor takes off in a zip, the burning of his thrusters shooting him over the track. He turns and spins, rolling along and dodging any contestants he might happen to pass. The main thruster core does most of the work, while the smaller thrusters help out where they can and mostly keep him flying straight.

> From outside, Clef leaps into the air as well and immediately starts flapping his wings to gain the momentum and height he needs to do this race. Though he may not be as fast as the others, he's still gonna try and do his best. The sentient robotic raven really starts to caw now as he flies off, "Caw! Caw! Caw!"

Pilfer Ant winces a bit as the nerds seated behind him start making noise... . o O (Shimatta, I'm trying to watch...) O o .

"Haw-haw!" one nerd shouts as he looks at the others, his voise just as nassely and annoying as the groups laugh. "There's no way he's going to win. That money is as good as ours..."

Cringing at the snoring coming from Flare's mouth. Redwing decides to wake her fellow 'Forcer with some good shaking.

Radar Meerkat grins widely, amazed at the sheer velocities involved in this race. He squints in amazement.

> From outside, Sigma blasts off on a wave of super power!

Charge Man grunts "Hey! I'm talking to youse!"

Cyber Peacock just falls real silent now, optics narrowed. He'll only care about the outcome, and if it's a Maverick.

Hiryu catches Cappella looking up at him, returning her glance casually. Two can play the disguise game, can't they? Humans, it seemed, were vastly easier to disguise than a Reploid...Or an Android, for that matter.

> From outside, Titan has arrived.

> From outside, Titan transforms into Hyperion.

> From outside, Titan joins the race.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Cappella continues to try to remember where she has seen that guy before. She knows she ran into him somewhere.

*snort* "Huh.. wha?" Flare wakes up with Ring's rather sudden shaking. "Yaaaawn, is it over yet?" He looks over at her "...don't think I've ever met you yet..."

> From outside, Yay. Yay.

"Oh yes... I agree..." the Nerd right next to the first practically shouts while still maintaining a mater of fact tone. "There's no way Sigma will even stand a chance... That money is ours..."

Overdrive Ostrich yells out, "GO LIGHTNING!" as the racers start out..

> From outside, Sahara Sphinx continues to fly. Well. What did you expect, that she'd suddenly strip naked like certain other shrilly shrieking females with green skin and a bad sense of tune when singing?

Charge Man screams "Burn crash die! Booooooooooo"

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon tucks her paws up against her body as she zips around the track, a few spare sparks of electricity jumping off of her body to fizzle into nothingness. oO(Ugh...I really need to lose some weight...)Oo

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe flies into his commentary, "And taking an early lead are Spitfire Jumpjet, Lunar Fixen, and.. Crash Man? I didn't know he could fly! Close behind is Array Condor, followed by Riptide Wyvern and Fusion Ichth. Ickoo.. Aw, the fish thing."

> From outside, Sigma is, apparently, not that super-powered as far as speed is concerned. He's mainly in the race to slow fast non-Mavericks down so the speedy Mavs can take home the gold. Sigma fingers the baseball bat beneath his cloak and wonders who he'll have to use it on.

> From outside, Array Condor continues zooming forward, his main thruster core in full burn. His beak tightens just slightly at the speeds he is moving at, and his sunglasses go flying to the side. They shatter apart upon hitting the track. He can buy some new ones later, so there is no worry.

Ring Redwing is too caught up in the action of the race to realize that she has shaken a fellow Forcer she has yet to meet formally. These sounds of the crowds cheering and jeering brings her back to the time when she was a civilian performer in a circus. Her yellow eyes are wide with delight.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon prolly wouldn't care if there was a naked catgirl in front of him, because he's busy trying to fly as hard as he can. "I can do this, I can do this!" he pants softly, swinging his wings back slightly to try and set up a more aerodynamic wingset. Aerodynamicity is not easy. Pigeons are not sleek.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle rockets on ahead, watching as people pass her. Oh hell no, not today they don't. She's waited too damn long to lose today. She rockets on towards someone in front of her. Oh, look, it's Afterburner Pigeon. Well, she doesn't know him, but he's in her way. So, rocketing on, she tries to go over him...Then give him a nice boot to the face as she passes. Let's see him deal with that...

> From outside, Dischord just howls as she continues to fly, pouring every ounce of power into her anti-gravs, and yet is still far behind people. Oh she's definately not happy...

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle crashes forcefully into Afterburner Pigeon!

> From outside, Lunar Vixen's arms shut over her chest, yet amplifying her already aerodynamically space-age design. She simply stares ahead, eyes transfixed on the course and her competitors, as her wings press her onwards as if flying on the solar winds themselves.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus wastes no time in jetting forward, leaving a trail of glorious double mocha scented smoke in his wake.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern doesn't honestly expect to win this. She was aware many others were faster, but she'd have fun while she was there. Said goal in mind, the wyvern darts by Skyblade with a flap of briliant colored wings, giggling. "Heya, Sky!"

Psych Mosquito begins purchasing more peanuts, for future resale.

> From outside, As the crow flies, actually, as the Clef flies, he notes that he isn't doing as bad as he thought he'd be. Mananing to keep with some of the other competitors. Some of the much larger and faster competitors. Go fig.

> From outside, Crash Man speeds through the distance, so fast, you wouldn't believe it. WilyTech(tm) engines allow the unlikely competitor to surpass a good deal of his enemies. He's goin' the distance! He's goin' for speed! He's got a bra on his face, and the children of five failed marriages in need!

Pilfer Ant tries his best to ignore the nerds while watching the race... . o O (Where did he go?...) O o .

Flare Feline looks at Ring, and scratches his head. "Oh well." He turns his attention to the race again. And soon falls back asleep. Yep, air races aren't his thing...

Syphon Squid has disconnected.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet concentrates the task on hand, rolling around the corner, and hitting the afterburners, attempting to put some distance between herself and the others, as she notices that she will soon be entering traffic, she tucks her arms and legs aside, preparing to be a lot more like a jet instead on a reploid at the moment.

> From outside, Titan streaks through the sky among the other racers, his finely polished finish reflecting the night sky in itself for a rather "purtay" finish. This was just a side efect of the ultra sleek exterior of this technological marvel. The engine on his pack flares at it's brightest here in the early part of the race, trying to pull ahead of the pack.

Hiryu continues watching Cappella, scanning her visually. Nice disguise - Really what she was designed for. Not by Hiryu, though. Cocking his head a bit, Hiryu ponders playing a game with his Cipher on a piece of easily reeled in fishline. No, not really. The Femme Master Fishing Tournament came later, presumably. But my, Cappy would make quite the lunker!

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Right about now the nerds believe it or not pull out a huge banner that they all hold up in the air for the contestants to see. Does it display the names of a specific racer? No. Does it say something derogitory about another one? No. Instead it just shows a complex mathimatical equation...

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet tears along as Crash takes the lead, and rolls aside, trying to put Lunar between her and Array. Can't hurt the cargo.

Jack Torval is killed horribly by Arago.

> From outside, They say History repeats itself. They'd be right. As Sahara comes along forward, a form bursts past her from nearby, slamming into the large form of a pigeon reploid nearby. A familiar form. A tastey form. Ears cupped forward, Sahara kicks her heels (unknowingly boosting the power in her rockets) and giggles. "OOh! I was hoping there'd be an in flight meal!" Suddenly managing through Anime physics, the cat-girl crouches in mid air, and springs, attempting to tackle Skyblade. "Heeeeeere Chickey chickey chickey!"

> From outside, Sahara Sphinx tries to ram into Skyblade Eagle, without much success.

> From outside, Array Condor gives a small wave of his hand as he passes people by, a beakish grin on his face. He continues flying straight forward, trying to put even more burn on his thrusters and push past Spitfire and Lunar.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern quite suddenly finds herself farther ahead than she'd thought she'd be. Which quickly translates for the Wyvern being very careful about those behind her. Namely, Spitfire. Noxious jetwash. *cough*

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon snarls, clacking her beak in a very annoyed manner, whipping her head around as she looks for a suitable target to take her anger out on. Hmm. How about that sphinx-chick, there? She beaksmirks as she goes into a roll, attempting to slam her out of the way.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle keeps on rocketing along, having ditched that pigeon way behind her...And, lo and behold, who should she be comming up upon? Sigma! Oh yes, now it's finaly time for her REVENGE! Dodging Sahara, she rockets ahead towards Sigma, pulling up next to him, "Hey Sigma, this is for last year!" Midair clothesline.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle tries to ram into Sigma, without much success.

> From outside, Lunar Vixen's solid granite face is marred by a touch of steely cold anger as she watches another competitor soar past her. Determination brims from her icey cold eyes as she diverts every ounce of available auxillery power into her wings, cooling over her every weapon system.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon crashes forcefully into Sahara Sphinx!

> From outside, Dischord lets out a feral scream people moving farther and farther away from her. "GAHHHHH!!!!!"

> From outside, Crash Man zips past Spitfire Jumpjet, and manages to edge out Lunar Vixen for the lead! The man! The myth! The legend! The world's unlikeliest competitor in a race he shouldn't even be belonging in is going for the gold! Hey, the man became Secretary General of the U.N. and is on his way to winning a race.. the Summer of Crash Man continues!

> From outside, Sigma looks behind him to see Skyblade Eagle charging up the rear! He reaches beneath his cloak, fingering the baseball bat again... no, he'll save the baseball bat for something special. He reaches, instead, for a flag pole he is passing by on the track. He renches it from its moorings, spinning around to face Skyblade. He ducks easily out of her pathetic little girly clothesline. "Do I know you?" Sigma asks earnestly as he chucks the flagpole at her throat.

> From outside, Sigma tries to ram into Skyblade Eagle, without much success.

> From outside, Amazingly, Clef is doing quite well. Managing to pass more of his opponents as they are content to waste time and crash into each other. It's time like these that Clef is glad of his small size. He then decides to keep his beak shut and just fly, manuevring through the crowd.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus tucks his arm and legs in tighter, using his tail and shoulders to steer. No need to worry about ramming into others just yet.. there's the whole race ahead.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon AWKS! in horror as Skyblade's foot lashes back into his face. "WHAT THE <serious expletives>?!" he screeches, his glasses cracking under the pressure of the kick. Death. Death to all. Infuriated, he calls Skyblade things that most sailors wouldn't call their worst enemy, and continues on his way. But oh yes, oh yes, he'll get her later. Now what's this thing in front of him?
Pfeh. He can't see. Let's just wait. He's not built for beating things up. He just acts like he is.

Radar Meerkat says, "Wow, they're really getting seriously nasty out there...but it's going to be a -close- one, that's for sure!"

> From outside, Titan adjust some settings, radioing his team */Ian, I seem to be having trouble with the fuel intakes. I'm not getting nearly the thrust this thing is capable of/* The responce from the young weapon's designer */Sorry Titan, Let me run some tests here, I'm monitoring your systems./* During this, Titan continues to plow forward, Lowering his head slightly to allow for less wind shear, he ignores the other participants and focuses on speed, and speed alone.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle ducks under the flagpole, and watches Sigma rocket ahead. Damnit. Okay, forget all of this. She kicks her afterburners on and rockets ahead again, trying to blaze past the competition and hopefully get on ahead this time...

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon flickers with electricity as she struggles to keep her temper under control. oO(Serenity now...)Oo She snaps her beak a few times, flicking her feline ears back against her head as she pushes her wingmuscles to the maximum.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern arcs her flight higher, to escape jetwash and get a better view of those ahead of her. The small Repliforcer has no intent on crashing into anyone just yet, it was, after all, a long race ahead. Watching her fellow 'forcer, namely Skyblade, she grins to herself. Hoped the eagle would win, she deserved it.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus allows himself a small chuckle as he rounds the first lap. More power is fed into his engines as he pours on the speed, cutting the corners as closely as possible.

> From outside, Now if Dischord was paying atention right about now, she'd realize that as she's trying to build up the speed, she's actually passing people. But she isn't. No, instead her eyes are glowing red, as she continues to focus on putting everything she can into winning... Even if at this rate she's garunteed to lose...
Cappella's emerald eyes focus and narrow on the strider before she leans back in her chair. She seems more interested in him the on the games.

> From outside, "EEYEEEOW!!" The squeal of the Sphinx erupts into the air as she's slammed into from behind by a gryphon seconds after missing her in flight meal. Lucky for Skyblade, the cat didn't land, or she might have a fangy bite in her wing! Tail lashing, the angry cat finds herself stuck behind a strange jet thing, another birdy, and.. and.. A DOG?!?! How did a DOG get into this race? Well! INfuriated to no end, the flying feline bares her fangs, fluffs herself out really big, and yells, "DIE CANINE SCUM!" seconds before lunging for the ungrateful neusence of dog-dom.
Namely, Lunar Vixen.
Of course she is. Hiryu is sex-ay.

> From outside, Sahara Sphinx tries to ram into Lunar Vixen, without much success.

> From outside, Vile arrives from the Texas.

> From outside, Vile has arrived.

> From outside, Titan remains in contact with his support staff. Ian Quinn provides, */ Your primary fusion plasma converter is not firing. You are going to need to perform repairs on the fly if you expect to win./* Titan responds, */ I understand Ian, Thanks for the pointers /* The pilot now performs the difficult task of directing the onboard nanobots to their distination, while maintaining concentration on the race. Fun, fun fun.

Vile has arrived.

Magma Dragoon has arrived.

> From outside, Array Condor grimaces, realizing he has to get some ground. He continues to make a full burn in his second lap, trying to get ahead of the other contestants ahead by swooping underneath them.

> From outside, Crash Man is speeding along, looking as if he might just as easily win this race for sure. Now, the Red Bomber might not know how to pick up chicks, but he certainly knows how to go the distance. Hell, all is fine and dandy on the Robot Master side until..

*poof! poof! poof! crackle..BOOM!*

Suddenly, the thruster nozzles decorating Crash Man's Flight Type armor is expelling more power! He's picking up an insane amount of speed! "Uh oh," the Robot Master blinks with worry. "..I'm getting too much thrust! I -knew- I shouldn't have used Canadian beer!"

He's.. moving up! Up! Up! Further high, into the sky. Past the track and straight up to the Heavens. It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's Crash Man goin' straight to spaaaaace!

"Wahoo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTCH!" The Red Bomber calls out, his voice fading as he quickly climbs to Earth Orbit. Meanwhile, back on the Maverick Lunar Base, one of the drones report. "*click* Uh, Sigma.. we have a problem.."

> From outside, Crash Man removes himself from the race roster.

Nerd #1 shouts, "GO! GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!" as he jumps up into the air, letting go of his sign.

Nerd #2 though just shakes his head and looks at nerd #3, "If that Robot Master wins, do we still win our money? Or was that only if a Maverick won?"

But then as Crash goes flying.... "Nevermind..."

> From outside, Sigma reaches into his cloak again. He draws forth a suit-case marked "Li'l Bastard's B&C Mischief Kit." Violen gave it to him after last year. He opens the case and draws forth a brick. He then lets it fall behind him, directly at Dischord's face.

> From outside, Sigma crashes forcefully into Dischord!

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon thinks Skyblade deserves hella more than just that. As he rumbles a little, trying to blink and focus on the mess in front of him, he veers hard to the side to cut a corner. And indeed, his wild veering sends him for Skyblade. Paybacks are a bitch...or is that a bird?

> From outside, The Lunar Maverick's wings coil around her, making the once solar angel into a screaming missile that spirals out of the way of the screaming Sphinx as it lunges towards her. When the assailant soars past, her wings snap open again, bracing her against the forceful flow of the kinetics propelling her, and launching her back amoungst the other racers.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon tries to ram into Skyblade Eagle, without much success.

> From outside, Clef is already on lap 2. Go him. However, he can't really tell how far ahead in the race he is. He just hopes he can win. Well, doesn't everybody.

Crash Man has arrived.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet is still trying to keep Lunar between her and Array, but as Sahara suddenly switches, she's not ready, and almost rear ends Sahara, but engages her leg thrusters, leaping as she kicks at Sahara's back, and spring forward.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Radar Meerkat says, "Wow! This is better than roller derby, Cyber!"

Hiryu continues watching, rather intently, his attention briefly drifting down towards Cappella. Eesh.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle rockets along still. Oh, look at that, it's Clef! Another civvie. Oh well. Hey, she's going to high five him! Oh wait, no she's not, that's a fist. She tries to simply slug Clef's size one frame with a fist as she rockets along.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle tries to ram into Clef, without much success.

Cyber Peacock hehs softly, tapping his beak. "It is close, to say the least," he murmurs. .oO(Good riddance to that stupid Master...)

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe cheers! "And Array Condor pulls into first as--WHOAH! I think Crash Man just became a new satellite! Maybe he'll fall back down in time for next year's games! *ahem* Lunar Vixen is in a close second, and Riptide Wyvern has just passed Spitfire Jumpjet for third!"

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern is lagging behind aparently. Growling, she launches herself foward again, angling to flash by Array Condor, and slam into him broadside. Hey, if she fails, at least she tried!

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon lets out a sound that's a mix between a feline screech and a bird's chirp, the end result being grating on the audials as she zips around the track. She spares a moment to look around, and lets out a relieved sigh. No one near her. "C'mon, wings....move!"

> From outside, OOoooooh. Darn That Dirty Dog! Sahara snaps her claws as she misses hitting Lunar.. And then unleasges a mighty squeal of surprise as she's slammed into frmo behind AGAIN!! "AYIII-AH-III!" howls the catgirl as she whirls about, attempting to lash and slash at anything she can reach. .. Fortunately for Sahara, this includes Fusion Ictho-whatever.

"Excuse me, Mister Fishy! .. Say, do you mind if I nibble on a fin?"

> From outside, Array Condor lets a grin creep across his face as he rounds the third lap, the very tip of one of his arrays nearly hitting the ground. He banks up and waves to the crowd, letting out a whoop as he pushes into first place.

Cappella sighs softly and quietly gets out of her seat and steps towards Hiryu. "You know dear, this staring contest would never end."

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon pants hard. Well, at least he's not in last, right? RIGHT? Oh, he hopes so. He can't see. He yells into his radio to his friends in the stands. "Boomer?! Where the hell am I?" he demands of the small songbird. There's a lot of chirping in reply. "Oh YEAH? Thanks fer nothin', ya bug eyed girly-bird!"

> From outside, Sigma looks ahead of him. Ooooooh, a fast Repliforcer thinks he's all that. We'll see who's all that when they get the base-ba-... No... the base-ball bat is for later. He reaches into the case again and pulls out a tiny cube. He clicks it once and chucks it forward. As the cube soars through the air it turns into a large wall. Ah, miniature-technology. It's a marvel. The wall falls directly in front of Array Condor! Oooooooh. That has the potential to hurt.

> From outside, Sigma crashes forcefully into Array Condor!

Hiryu shrugs a bit, glancing up at Cappella. "..." is all he has to say at the moment. Not much to respond, really, that would be worth the breath.

> From outside, Of course, Sah has only justn noticed Fusion. Not actually going after him. Just noticed, and being polite to.

A small wren, seated beside a seagull, shrugs at the radio conversation. "He's peeved," is all the songbird says.

> From outside, All right. That's it for Disch. Up untill now she's been focuseed on one thing, and one thing only. Racing. But now as Sigma bashes her face and people pass her, she loses it lashing out at the first person she sees. Only instead of trying to crash into spitfire, she pulls out something else. Something that if someone were to pull out a pair of binoclars and look at, they'd recognize it as a framed picture of Zero that she's trying to hit people with...

> From outside, Titan swings wide around the upcoming curve in the track, not wanting to take chances while multi-tasking. Guideing nanobots would be a breaze, if this were a reploid, but the pilot of Titan is human, as advertized, and he doesn't have the joy of a mind link. He reaches over to his right forarm with his left hand and types a few commands into the console. Then with a GUI located in the eyepiece he guides the repairs as best as he can. .oO(I've gotta set up some voice recog in this thing.)Oo.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern is lagging behind aparently. Growling, she launches herself foward again, in a downward angle and into that noxious jetwash again before turning midair to try to slap Spitfire jumpjet across the head with her thick tail.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern tries to ram into Spitfire Jumpjet, without much success.

> From outside, Clef is just flying along, minding his own business when he just idly decides to look around...just to see a rather large eagle bearing down on him, "CAW?!" oO(What the hell?)Oo The raven quickly banks to the right to avoid the punch and dives under Skyblade just before pulling up on the other side of her and deciding to head higher and flap a bit faster.

> From outside, Dischord crashes forcefully into Spitfire Jumpjet!

Cappella eyes Hiryu for the longest time. Before finally commenting. "Do I know you from somewhere?"

> From outside, She sails onwards with a madman's obsession, Lunar Vixen having an utter, blinded awareness of only one thing, only one shining spectacle so brilliant it almost burns her to look at it. Her goal, the far off finish line, which shimmers more brightly than a polished brick of gold. On her way across the lightning breeze that flows under her arched energy wings, a trail of some sort of strange liquid trickles behind her, splattering the faceplates of her
opponents. Descretely, Lunar Vixen wipes the drool away from her jaw.

Hiryu peers up at her, cocking his head. "Maybe." After a decently long pause, he continues. "Depends."

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus just keeps flying along, minding his own business. He ignores the cat behind him as he rockets ahead, trying to pass the insane Hunter known as Dischord.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet oofs as one of her containers is shaken, but doesn't fall off. Running a diagnostic, she makes sure the cargo isn't compromised, and prays nothing breaks, but instead of hitting Dischord, tries to springboard off of Riptide, and race on ahead.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet tries to ram into Riptide Wyvern, without much success.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

> From outside, Sahara Sphinx finally enters lap 2! Booyah! And to celebrate, she starts to sing! ... .. Someone pass out the ear plugs. "AH AH AH AH, Stayin' alive, stayin' alive, Ah ah ah stayin' aliiiiii-iiii-iii-iiive.."

A frown presses lightly on the thief's lips as she draws her fedora down over one eye. "Depending on what? If I might ask?"

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe whoahs! "Array Condor loses his lead, as Lunar Vixen soars ahead! Array is now locked in second with Riptide Wyvern and Fusion Fish-thingy! Dischord is still lagging behind in last... and she doesn't look too happy about it!"

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon growls, flapping her wings, almost sweating under the strain as she finds herself alongside Spitfire. She manages a quick salute to the other racer, before surging forward with a sudden burst of energy. oO(Must..*pant* go on.. So...tired.. *wheeze*)Oo

> From outside, Array Condor grunts and lifts up as he gets dropped by Sigma, trying to push ahead once more. His thrusters, temporarily having lost power, pick up and shoot him forward once more. He glares once at Sigma as he makes a push ahead as best he can, trying to get past Riptide Wyvern and then ahead past Lunar Vixen.

Crash Man has left.

> From outside, Dischord just breaks out laughing like a madwoman as the picture hits home, allowing her to pull ahead of the 'jet'. Of course before she can lash out at another random racer, she just tosses the picture to the side, before she pulls out something else... What appears to be a bottle of shampoo... A bottle she tries to throw at the nearest racer, which unfortunately for a certain winged cat, is Sahara...

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern manages to dodge Spitfire's springboard attempt, banking hard to port and nearly colliding with another racer before shouting an apology and grinning at Array, waving one hind claw in a friendly manner. Attack him? ... Not yet, nope.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle pushes herself, upset that she missed that bird...But then, is that...Ohhh...Her optics narrow, and flash red. It's that damned Vixen! Okay, Skyblade has now become upset. She pushes herself harder, to try and catch up to that damn lupine...

> From outside, Dischord crashes forcefully into Sahara Sphinx!

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus glances aside as he catches up to a pair of Repliforcers. Well now, can't have them regaining their lead... With an innocent swish of his tail, Fusion sends himself jerking sideways toward Array Condor, "'Scuse me! Coming through!"

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus tries to ram into Array Condor, without much success.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon shakes his head to try and clear his vision. This fails miserably. Wobbly and confused, the plain ol' civilian pigeon with dreams of greatness continues on his fast and wobbly way, his sides glowing red.

Hiryu speaks a nearly full sentence now, lagged as he player wades through spamtastic fun. "On who you are."

> From outside, Sigma looks back. Array's still there. Array's still a threat. He rummages through the case and comes upon... a hammer. It's a nice hammer. Looks like it could nail a whole lot of things. Weird... there's a rocket on the back. Sigma turns around and clicks a button on it. A mini-jet ignites on the back of the blunt object and sends it hurling towards Array's face! Fear the rocket hammer!

> From outside, Clef eyes and mutters at this hyper-velocity femme vulpine has managed to almost lap him. Oh well, you know what they say, when in Rome? Clef weaves to the side and waits for Lunar to almost past him, when she does, the raven makes an attempt to swoop down and...land on her or something. Maybe to peck her eyes out! Yeah, he'll peck her eyes out. Or try to anyways. Anything can happen.

> From outside, Clef crashes forcefully into Lunar Vixen!
meanwhile the nerds begin to sing...

Die Sigma Die...

And make sure to lose this race...

> From outside, Titan 's systems report, "Problem Found. Correcting Error." .oO(Good, now I can just focus on the race.)Oo. Titan continues to fly cautiously for the moment, keeping to straight lines, and wide curves. */ Things looking good over there Dude /* crackles over the com system within Titan, */ Thanks for the support Ian, but I'd appreciate it if you'd monitor the problems this unit is experienceing for future upgrade/* */You bet boss!/*

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet continues to race along, and attempts to catch up with Dischord, and bounce off of her when she gets close enough, and attempt to burn off all of her ugly, gnawly hair.

> From outside, The hammer, however, loses momentum and dies before it can hit Array.

Cappella grins rather evilly at this. "I am everyone and no one. If you must know."

Stone Man has connected.

Hiryu nods sarcastically. "That clears it up."

> From outside, Lunar Vixen begins chanting to herself, repeating the words of a self-help booklette she had purchased in secret before hand, just for the purpose of attaining greater self-affirmation to ensure race victory, "You are a good, kind person, you are worth other people's love. I love me, I am a good, kind person, I am worth other people's love... I..." She quivers, unable to stomach the rest, plus, Clef crashes into her, sending her flinging to the side like an out of control comet, since, at her speed, being crashed into is really bad.

Cappella nods with approval at this. "I thought it would."

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Hiryu crosses his arms, leaning back into his seat. "...And?"

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe pumps a few of his arms, "Array Condor retakes the lead, with Riptide Wyvern right behind! Lunar Vixen is trailing in a close third, and Dischord has -finally- passed someone!"

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon lets out a victorious caw as she speeds around the racetrack, flarnig her wings out to their full width before giving them a few powerful strokes. "Aww, yeah! I'm gainin' on 'em!"

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle burns on ahead...But, what's this?! Sahara Sphinx?! Didn't she try and eat Skyblade last year too? Oh well, they say revenge is sweet. Skyblade whips out the Silent Hunter, and as she swoops past Sahara, she aims to smash the Civvie over the head with it.
> From outside, Skyblade Eagle crashes forcefully into Sahara Sphinx!

Cappella says, "And what?"

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus narrows his eyes as he loses some ground... Nevermind, he'll get it back. He must just think fast thoughts. About birds that swim and fish that fly!

> From outside, Array Condor drops down, grinning, and keeps his boosters in full burn. This can be done; it is a simple matter of keeping his balance. He adjusts his vernier and directional thrusters, slightly, then makes his best effort to simply keep on a straight course and increase his lead. He banks up shortly after, waving once more at the crowds.

Spring Man blinks again. "Is it over yet?"

Stone Man says, "Who's left? I can't tell. Oh my."

Hiryu sighs a bit. What does the Thief want with him? Other than the obvious - His Cipher, and the like. Other than that, he turns his attention back towards the crowd, remaining silently ellipsing. "..."

> From outside, Thwonk! Sahara yelps as a bottle thwacks her in the face, clogging up her mouth. Bubbles, not singing, begin pouring out, in the form of hiccups, noisily. "*hiccup!* Look! Pretty bubbles are coming out of my mouth! Eeee!" .. About that time, Skyblade slings forward, and whams into her. "YEEEOW!!" yelps the cat, again, as a stream of bubbles floods from her mouth, and she whirls once more, trying to defend herself. Unfortunately, this includes slinging, accidentally, Agent Nerp, from his resting place in her front-pack, through the air, at, oh, goodness. Dischord.

> From outside, Sahara Sphinx tries to ram into Dischord, without much success.

> From outside, Titan 's systems now report, "System error fully corrected..." Projecting through the external speakers Titan says, "Finally! Now let's show these kids what some wholesome goodness can do in this crazy world!" Titan's burners flare up brightly and then he adjusts his flaps allowing for a fancy barrel roll.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon's vision clears for a moment. The bird blinks a few times before squinting at the nearest racers. Hmm. Array on one side, Clef on the other. Clef's a bird. He's a nice, normal looking bird. But Array...Array is big. Faster than he is. Grr. "EY! Move it or lose it, ya damn showoff!" he yells, trying to pass and smack Array with one of those huge wings of his. "Damn runt," he grunts.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon tries to ram into Array Condor, without much success.

> From outside, Dischord laughs even louder as she pulls out yet another bottle with one hand, while her other pulls her strange and unusual cape enen tighter to her body. Only as Disch looks ahead, she doesn't see anyone to treat to this bottle... So she looks behind and finally notices that she passed Sahara.

"Ah well... She had the shampoo... She should have the conditioner..."

> From outside, Clef seems mighty content at having caused Lunar Vixen to temporarily veer off course. Now it's time for him to get back into this race. Yeah right. Well, a sentient robotic raven can dream, can't he?

> From outside, Dischord crashes forcefully into Sahara Sphinx!

> From outside, Lunar Vixen reocils from her out of control spin with a smoldering burst delivered to her wings, steadying her in place before launching her quickly back into the race. Watching races tumbling into each other all around her was easy enough, little more than a distraction, but to become the target of a collision has dawned upon her the realization that to win this race, she'll have to unleash her carnivorous side. And so, quite nonchallantly, she aims herself at the nearby Riptide Wyvern.

> From outside, Lunar Vixen tries to ram into Riptide Wyvern, without much success.

Stone Man says, "A good pile-up. Now, that's my kinda race."

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet would try to ram Titan, but she's trying to protect her wings, and all that extra weight, so for now, she contents herself with flying normal, and giving a wing waggle to the large civilian.

Cappella frowns as she is pretty much ignored. "I believe it was you that caught my attention first. Why must you be so annoyingly quiet..." She pauses for along moment as her eyes narrow with abit of anger. "It was you, wasn't it! I do know you."

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern doesn't actually look like she's gonna try to crash into Array Condor.. after all, he seemed like such a nice fellow. So far. Then again, the Wyvern wasn't known for her opinions on others, or holding to them. Following right behind Array Condor, she rides the wake he left behind, still not using her reserves of power. It was so much easier to ride his jetwash. And then Lunar tries to blindside her. Shrieking obcenities that would rip the paint off of General's greatcoat at 500 yards, she flicks her tail at the Maverick vixen, dodging nimbly out of the way, and inconveniently out of Array's jetwash. Buggerit.

Hiryu takes another sip of his soda, remaining painfully seperate from Cappella's rantings. "Maybe."

And now the Nerds start singing yet another song as they wave their laptops in the air. What's the song this time? It's 'Money! Money! Money!'

> From outside, Sigma decides to gank the skank and attempt to take Riptide out out with brutal, excessive force. He reaches into his case and takes out... an entire hive of hornets. He chucks it at the back of the Repliforce Ho's head. Ooooh, suck some hornet.

> From outside, Sigma crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

> From outside, Clonk! "Aiiieeee! Agent Nerp!" .. Spouting bubbles, the Sphinx attempts to lag backwards to catch her poor, misplaced plush toy.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon snaps her beak again and peers around, grinning slyly as she spots Riptide in close range. "Oh, well, looky there," she cackles. She zips forward then leaps for Riptide's back, attempting to crash onto the other racer and use the momentum to spring ahead.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern snaps at whatever is thrown at her by Sigma, not realizing her mistake until the hornets are chomped and eaten. And it's not the insects that are the problem, but the stomach pains of swallowing something so big. She grimances and banks sharply ... putting her right in Lightning Gryphon's way. High-speed collison?

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon crashes forcefully into Riptide Wyvern!

> From outside, Sigma decides to just cruise this round. He doesn't feel like beating on Titan. Titan could be good people.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern tries to ram into Lightning Gryphon, without much success.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe continues cheering, "Array Condor remains in the lead, but Lunar Vixen and Spitfire Jumpjet are tied for second now! It seems there's a lot of, err... questionable material flying around but..." After a pause, Hexapod raises a book in one of his hands, "It's legal! So long as no damaging weapons are discharged, it's still legal! And fun to watch!"

Stone Man hails the popcorn-selling lad, and purchases a box.
Cappella's clawed hands clutch into two tight fists. It seems to take all her strength from launching at Hiryu. But there is no way she is going to be taken out of the games. Calming herself down the thief turns towards the race and grumbles softly. "So, I am surprised to see someone like you in a place like this. But then you do fit perfectly in crowds."

> From outside, Array Condor simply continues rushing forward, waving to the crowd and occasionally other racers. He begins trying to lift above most of the other contestants, to avoid any more unfortunate ramming incidents.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus swings one leg out as he takes a turn, using the shifted weight to tag along the post. He may not win, but he's sure gonna give it a shot.. at least until a certain fast bird is close enough.

> From outside, Lunar Vixen decides, after a most humiliating failure at landing a hit on the Repliforce competitor, she'll take the route most favourable for her, pure speed. Ducking her head between her shoulders, she tucks every limb in tight, reducing every ounce of air resistance, conforming to a bullet-like state as she speeds towards Array Condor, obsessively determined to gain a head on him.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle tries to figure out if she's in range of anybody, but nope, she's not. No one that she cares to actualy hit, anyway. She pulls up alongside Array, "Keep it up! I'll cover your tail!"

> From outside, Clef whees and flies along, having finally made it to the third lap. But what's this? Someone ahead of him? Gasp. She's going to have to pay. So what if she's still on her second lap? It doesn't matter what lap she's on. Clef has come to the realisation that he isn't winning this race. So he might as well have some fun, shouldn't he? Excatly. So Dischord, with Clef's vote, you /are/ the Weakest Link. Goodbye. Or so the raven hopes.

> From outside, Clef crashes forcefully into Dischord!

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon keeps flying, trying to regain his wobbly self. "If I weren't freakin' blinded, I'd be able to see where the freak I was goin', but noooooo, some freak-aft chick hadda kick me in th'head! Man, if I see 'er after dis, I'm gonna beat the creamy fillin' outta her!" he yells angrily.

> From outside, Titan flys alongside Spitfire Jumpjet for a brief period, but elects to fade into her air wake for a bit. Once in the vacum created behind the reploid Titan pours on the speed, just as he nears the back of Spitfire Titan pulls out of the rush, .oO(If I can just handle the change in airpresure, this should shoot me ahead.)Oo. VVROOM!

Stone Man munch munch munch on popcorn.

> From outside, A picture... Shampoo... Conditioner... One could almost question just hwere Disch got the items she's using in this race... In fact one could very well guess what she's going to use next. Of course as the mercenary howls and looks for another target, she touches her extra long cape, causing it to vanish and reveal that she has a full leangth mirror strapped to her back. Or at least it's strapped there for a moment before she's ramed, causing it to come free from its bonds...

Look out birdy!

Blues is still watching, mm yup

> From outside, Dischord tries to ram into Clef, without much success.

Radar Meerkat chugs down another grape soda, watching the race intently.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet like Lunar, pours on the speed. "Someone needs to slow down that blasted Condor, so we can pass it by.."

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Cappella glances up and looks at Proto, wanting his scarf.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe tosses the book aside again, "Array Condor is still in the lead, but Spitfire Jumpjet and Lunar Vixen are closing in! Can he hold on for the remainder of the race?"

Hiryu has a couple peanuts, eyeing Cappella. Nope. Nothing to say, so he'll remain silent. "..."

o O (Hmph. My scarf is more valuable to steal.)

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern spits up a handful of wasp wings, gasping painfully. "Ugh." Not to mention that blasted gryphon.. no matter. With a grin to Skyblade in greeting, the mecha-minidragon aims to pounce on Array quite suddenly.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern tries to ram into Array Condor, without much success.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon lets out a triumphant squawk as she zips by her attacker, flipping onto her back and crossing her hind legs. "Ahh...this is the life," she mutters as she flaps every now and then.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet slowly starts to close the gap, but the Repliforce Ho patrol, err streetwalkers, err avian @$@#$@$!@! are in her way. She'll go around them, but if she has to go through, then oh well.

Cappella can just steal Hiryu's scarf later. But it is not the same.
Spring Man stands up, and stretches out to a size 7.

Hiryu's scarf has a built in security system.

> From outside, Catching the plush toy in mid air, Sahara ees, and then bubbles, "Agent Nerp! Next time, you need to keep all your arms and legs and.. uhm.. Hard hats! in the ride at all times!!" scoldingly at the toy. Looking up from her parental duties, she then remarks, "C'mon! We gotta catch up!"

> From outside, Speed manifests across the Lunar Maverick's body in streams of air that tear across the rounded helm she wears. The image of her strongest current foe, Array Condor, is too distant to impact, yet she speeds towards him with a predator's obsession.

> From outside, Dischord doesn't even check to see what happens to the mirror as it comes free. Oh no. Not as Sigma comes up close to her again. In fact as he does, she pulls out a special suprise for the Maverick Commander. Something that didn't come from the same apartment as the rest of the things she's been throwing around. In fact this very thing came from Sigma.

"Have a brick Maverickloser!"

> From outside, Dischord crashes forcefully into Sigma!

> From outside, Array Condor grins. He can. That's the easy part. swoops out of Riptide Wyvern's ram, and then gives Skyblade Eagle a "thumbs-up". He keeps the thrusters on full burn and waves again to the crowd as he flies by them.

> From outside, Sigma looks around and sees no one to ram into.... .... .... .... except Dischord. He flies directly above the psycho hunter biatch and reaches into his case again. He draws forth... a basket ball. The Harlem Globe Trotter's theme begins to play in the background as Sigma spins it on his finger. He then proceeds in his attempt to dribble the ball against the back of the Hunter's head several hundred times. He gets hit in the shoulder with a brick at some time during the course of events.

> From outside, Clef acks as Zero memorabilia starts heading his way. However, with the great aerial skill he has, plus his small size, the bird manages to dodge it. Woot. Anyways, the raven looks for another victim for his wrath. Hrm, it looks like a certain Maverick with an incredibly long and funny name is about to lap him. Not if Clef as anything to say about it. oO(Time to peck out his eyes!)Oo Aaaaah! It's 'Birds' all over again!

> From outside, Sigma tries to ram into Dischord, without much success.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus just keeps on flying, giving Sahara a wide berth. Crazy catgirls don't need this fish in their diets.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle blinks as Riptide tries to hit Array...Ehh, she gets it. She gives a thumbs up to Array, before kicking her afterburners on. If she can stay with him, she can keep all those Mavericks out of the way, and assure Repliforce victory this year.

> From outside, Titan coughs to himself, */ Way to go Titan I'll get your ~victory~ ceremony all set up./* Titan grumbles back at the insulent welp, */ Ian....Sod off. I have work to do. Crono Corp has to come in the top 3. Unless you'd like to start finding a new job, you'd best give me suggestions instead of sarcasim./* */Yes Sir. Here...try this mix.../* Titan continues his flight, turning sideways for his corners now, maintaining the highest speed he can manage.

> From outside, Clef crashes forcefully into Fusion Ichthyosaurus!

And of course at the very moment Sigma gets 'bricked' the entire section of nerd practically jump out of their seats chearing!

Cappella hand brushes past a guy and removes a small wallet. "So dear, want to get something to eat? I will pay if you like?"

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon roars! He flies! He soars!

He...suffers technical difficulties. "Oh shiii..." He wobbles and he weebles...but he doesn't fall down. Not yet. Now he starts to leave a vapor trail -- a thin column of grey smoke. "No. No. No no no no No NO. Not yet! C'mon, baby, hold it t'gether..."

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Hiryu watches Cappella go back to work, not rising up to do anything. Was theft wrong? Yeah, sure. But it was the person's own fault for being so bloody blind. And hence, it was simply a contest, and a contest was not his concern - It was simply the way of things.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe resumes pumping three arms in the air, "Array Condor remains in first, and Spitfire Jumpjet and Lunar Vixen in second and third! Titan passes up the flying fish to gain fourth place!"

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern still thinks it's a game, yes. Is she intent on winning? No. Does she plan on having fun? Oh yeah. Her miss on Array is shrugged off merrily before looking for another pouncing target. To her, high-speed races are games and not life-or-death things to worry about. Still on lap three and lagging badly behind, she angles her flight upwards and over, to once again get a better view.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle races along still. Oh look, it's Lightning Gryphon! And, since Skyblade still has the Silent Hunter out...Ehh, why not. She swoops up next to Gryph, "Hey.." She says, to get her attention, before swinging the weapon straight at her head.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle crashes forcefully into Lightning Gryphon!

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet speeds ahead, trying to keep Array in her sites. But if noone tags him, he's going to run away with this. Using Lunar as her wingmate, she prepares to swerve in and out of the traffic and debris ahead.

> From outside, Dischord hrms as she cathes Sigmas basketball, before giving him a polite waves as she speeds on ahead of him. "See ya later loser!!!" Of course then Disch glances bihind her and plays a quick game of einie mennie miney mo, before tossing the basketball towards Array Condor...

> From outside, Dischord tries to ram into Array Condor, without much success.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon flips back to being right-side up, settling into business mode. Sure, she knows she's not gonna win, and sure, she knows that she won't even place, buy by golly--Her heroic thoughts are cut off as Skyblade smacks her aside with a gun, causing the gryphon to let out a fierce squawk. "Over my dead body, Repliforce punk!" she caws, before leaping to chomp her beak down on her opponent's leg.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon tries to ram into Skyblade Eagle, without much success.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus unfortunately has rather large eyes to target. Fortunately, his eyes are tough. He swats at the annoying bird, at the same time flipping out a cannon on his arm, "Blasted pest..." Barely aiming, he fires, sending a stream of ...something. It's brown, it's really hot, and it's full of caffeine goodness. Of course, it also crosses Array's flight path.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus crashes forcefully into Array Condor!

Overdrive Ostrich yells adn cheers as Array gets knocked back! "YEAAAAAH! GO FUSION! GO MAAAAAVS!"

> From outside, Sahara continues along qwith Agent Nerp clasped tightly in her claws. However; she missed Skyblade earlier, and this has made her quite sour. Upon spotting, of course, Clef, she decides maybe another attempt at the whole In Flight dining idea may be in order. "HEEEEEEeeeeere Birdy birdy birdy.." She calls, sweetly, before tucking Agent Nerp into her shirt.. and withdrawing a steak knife and a fork, rapidly turning her front-pack into a bib, as she springs for the raven.

> From outside, Clef damns as he realises that no one is currently close enough to him so that he can ram into them or make an attempt to peck their eyes out. Oh well, might as well get along with the race then. Fly, fly, fly, flutter, flutter, flutter. Mooo! I mean, uh..."CAW!"

Cyber Peacock simply smirks, and golfclaps.

> From outside, "AH-ah-ah-HAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!" Screams across the field of play as Lunar Vixen watches her comrade barrel headfirst into Array Condor, a twitter of amusement with the shock force of a small grenade going off in her gutt. She streams ahead with ceaseless persistance, arms pinched to her chest, gaze fixed ahead.

Cappella turns back towards Hiryu, wallet still in hand. "I take it you are declining my offer?"

> From outside, Sigma decides that Skyblade has earned a serious ganking. That's right, a ganking. He flies right at her. What fancy gadget does he use? A cold, hard, fist. This unique invention is aimed at Skyblade's face. Remember, kids, fists are good for smashin'

> From outside, Sigma crashes forcefully into Skyblade Eagle!

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon knows he's not going to win. That's okay. But he's gonna finish, dammit, or he'll never live this down. "I think I can...I think I can...IthinkIcanIthinkIcanIthinkIcan!"

> From outside, Titan shoots forward, weaving through the high traffic on the course, "No Time to Doddle! Victory is for the Just!" */I have an idea Titan...it's risky...wanna have some fun?/* */Ian, I don't want to have fun, I want to prove myself. What's your plan?/* */Let me work out the calculations, I'll have them for you in a moment./* */Don't wait to long kid, not much time left here./* Pulling his arms back so his elbows touch his side, and ups his throttle.

Radar Meerkat chuckles, leaning toward Cyber. "That was -clever-, sir, don't you feel?"

> From outside, Array Condor takes the stream of...something best left unnamed, hitting hard into the ground once and viciously bouncing, then shoots back up, as his thrusters try to bring him back up and throw him into the running again.

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Hiryu crosses his arms. Why not? Let's think...He could use dinner, and since she was buying....Not like he would divulge anything he didn't want to. So he just nods, as if to say 'Sure, why not?'.

Hexapod Giraffe leaps from his seat, "And Spitfire Jumpjet takes the lead, followed by Lunar Vixen, as Array Condor flies into a cloud of... something." Another short pause as he confers with someone. "Coffee? Well, if it works."

> From outside, Ricochet arrives from the Rocky Mountains.

> From outside, Ricochet has arrived.

Ricochet has arrived.

Cappella just nods and tosses him the wallet, with all of its money and credit cards. "There you go, help yourself."

> From outside, It takes an immense amount of restraint on the part of Lunar Vixen to *not* attempt to knock her team mate out of the race to gain the 1st place position. Perhaps Sigma's being right on her tail is added incentive.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon grumbles unhappily as she glances around. oO(Ah well...time to pack this up. I got nothin' to lose..)Oo Her beak widens into a grin as she zips towards Skyblade, electricity crackling between her forepaws, trying to apply a stranglehold to the bird...but with a more shocking twist.

Overdrive Ostrich jumps to his feet, yelling for Spitfire to go, go, win, etc, ad nauseum.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon tries to ram into Skyblade Eagle, without much success.

> From outside, Array Condor growls lowly. He throws his thrusters into full burn. No bloody Maverick is going to cost him this race. This race is his. His thruster core goes into a full blast and shoots him forward, towards the jumpjet in the distance.

> From outside, Who... or what is going to be Dischords next target? Well as she putts out a handull of hair brushes and combs, she hrms, before she notices that one of her targets from earlier, Spitfire, isn't that far ahead of her. "Hey you! It looks like you'll need these more than the guy I got them from!"

> From outside, Dischord tries to ram into Spitfire Jumpjet, without much success.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle is smacked by that damn Sigma. Oh well. Hey, look, Lightning Gryphon is still there. Okay...And, as predicted, Gryphon comes in towards her, and she pushes herself ahead, to spear Gryphon in midair! Haha!

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle crashes forcefully into Lightning Gryphon!

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern is slowly regaining her position- slowly. She knew she wasn't going to win, not any more. But maybe she'd get a prize anyhow. Glancing around, she spots Sigma- and remembers those yummie wasps. And the ... fluttery ... red ... cape... Quite suddenly she lunges, intent on grasping it in her hindclaws.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern tries to ram into Sigma, without much success.

> From outside, Clef curses again. Once more, no one is within his pecking range. Dammmit. This bird wants to have fun ramming into people. Let our ravens free!

> From outside, Well well well well well. "Fancy meetin' you here," Afterburner snarls as he shakes out his head again, glaring hellfire at Skyblade. "Lady, you ain't gonna win. 'Cuz I owe you, and you owe me for my damn glasses!" Giving up on winning, he simply lashes out with a savage wing, trying to catch her right in her face. "Ev'rytime I look atchoo, I go BLIND!"

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon tries to ram into Skyblade Eagle, without much success.

> From outside, Sigma looks at Riptide... then back at Array. So many piggies. But which one should he make squeal. Array is the greater threat. Array has earned the baseball bat. Sigma swings around, drawing the aluminum club from beneath his cape. He swings it up, over his head. This mighty instrument was forged by the mighty Violen and it has three mighty words inscribed upon it: WHO'S YO DADDY! Sigma, Emperor and evil guy extraordinary, brings the mighty bat down at Array's expose head. This, of course, begs the question: Who is your daddy? Can anyone ever truly know?

> From outside, Sigma crashes forcefully into Array Condor!

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus glances aside, "Oh no you don't..." He lifts an arm to give a thumbs-up to Spitfire and Lunar as one of his thrusters cuts suddenly. The result? He goes careening toward Dischord to knock her away, six feet of pointed snout leading the way.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus tries to ram into Dischord, without much success.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet shifts her weight, dodging Dischord. And since she can be that close, she can read her bumpersticker, right between her thrusters. It reads.

How's my driving?
Interested in it?
Call 1-877-MAV-RICK.

> From outside, Titan receives some insane instructions, */Okay, we're going to use your extra thrust to pull into the lead here.../* */Ian, I don't have any secret Thrust.../* */Oh, so you took out the missle system then?/* ... ... */Ian, you're nuts...that's what I love about you...I'm removing the safty locks from the missle launch system now, leaving the docking clamps in place, disarming warheads, and .... FIRE!!/* There is a sudden flare from the forarms of Titan as a few dozen mini-missles attempt to launch... */I did mention that this would be difficult to control...didn't I?/*

> From outside, The racers speed around the track....

Cappella eyes Hiryu..... "You really did not have to do that."

Hiryu has one final message for Cappella, as he walks out, and he actually raises his voice. "But I did." With that, he fades off into the concrete jungle of the stadium, and indeed out.

> From outside,
Hexapod Giraffe cheers! "And it's all over, as Spitfire Jumpjet crosses the finish line, followed closely by Lunar Vixen in second! Titan takes third place, with Array Condor fourth, Fusion Ichthyosaurus fifth, Riptide Wyvern sixth, Afterburner Pigeon seventh, Skyblad Eagle eight, Lightning Gryphon and Clef tied for ninth, Sigma eleventh and Dischord dead last!"

> From outside, Sigma sees two Mavericks capture first and second place. His job is done. His bat is used. He just cruises. He's done his job. "Reploids are superrrrrrrior!" he cries.

Overdrive Ostrich leaps up and punches at the air and screeches! "YEEEEEEEEEHAW! MAVS RULE! WOOOOOOOOOOO!"

(Ch. D [Public]) Spitfire Jumpjet transmits: '....I won? Holy #@$!'.

Cyber Peacock actually...leaps up from his seat. "YES!" is the yell from the bird as he pumps his fist into the air. "Can you feel that?!" he shouts. "HUH? Who is the supreme race NOW?!"

> From outside, Titan manages to control the added thrust without fail...but it fades quickly. It was enough to pull ahead of Array Condor, thanks to some assitance from Sigma. .oO(Never thought I'd be thanking a Maverick ... let alone Sigma ... but you take what you can get.)Oo. Titan focuses his gaze ahead, thinking little about anything else. His eyepiece flares a brilient red.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon screeches to a halt in mid-air, pulling out a sign from subspace that reads: MAVERICKS OWN YOU ALL! "OH yeah, bay-bee!"

> From outside, Array Condor lets out a quiet, but vicious curse as he lands, and glares once at the trio of Mavericks that took the three top positions.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sigma transmits: 'Well, the first round falls to the Mavericks.'.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern misses the cloak cleanly, and mutters to herself in irritation. It would have made a perfect bedspread or wall hanging or something. Gliding lazily by Sigma, she wiggles her forked tounge, then angles for Skyblade. "Sky!" Sixth. Not bad for trying to screw up.

Stalwart has left.

> From outside, Stalwart has arrived.

(Ch. D [Public]) Spring Man transmits: 'I dunno. You wern't paying attention either?'.

> From outside, Stalwart goes home.

> From outside, Stalwart has left.

> From outside, Dischord mutters as she slowly comes to a stop, letting out a slight sigh before she sends out a trasnmission

> From outside, Clef rolls his optics at the Gryphon... oO(Riiiiight. Oh well, at least I didn't come last...)Oo The bird relaxes his wings and just glides the air currents for now, looking for a perch.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sigma transmits: 'As some of the humans great, great grandparents might've said...'.

Stone Man has disconnected.

(Ch. D [Public]) Sigma transmits: 'Bitchin''.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet rolls over, doing a little wing waggle to the crowd, as the reploid/vehicle Maverick takes the victory, and blinks her landing lights. "I can't believe this.."

Cappella shrugs and had no need for the money anyways, after all she is rich. Turning away from the strider she focuses back on the finished race.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus cuts his thrust quickly, going down into a spiral toward the ground. His finwings retract slowly, as do his booster jets.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon tosses the sign aside and clacks hr beak, looking quite proud of her faction as a whole...

> From outside, Uranus takes Race Track 2.0.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon soars over the finish line...and that's when his overworked engines die. With an asthmatic wheeze, the battered bird hits the ground gracelessly, sliding through the dirt on his beak. "...wheeeeeeze..." He listens to the standings, and then lets out a weak 'coo' of victory. "Seventh! Go me!" Then he falls down, quite dead tired. *whunk*

Pirate Man has left.

> From outside, Pirate Man has arrived.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle lands, and starts to walk off. Nope, the Mavericks don't even get a congratulations or anything from her. Not this year.

> From outside, Pirate Man has disconnected.

(Ch. D [Public]) Afterburner Pigeon transmits: '...*wheeeeeze* 'Oo's th'wench dat kicked my glasses in? She owes me, dammit.'.

Hiryu crosses his arms, leaning against a wall outside the stadium as he hears the results, and the chantings of superior race. Maybe...But he would have a reminder in store for them eventually.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'You talkin' to me?'.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern, unlike her aparently sore loser fellow Repliforcer, doesn't stalk off in a huff. She hangs around, offering congrats to those who placed better than she.

> From outside, The Lunar Maverick does not 'stop', she blinks, vanishing in a dapple of light and redepositing herself beside the most exhaulted winner, Spitfire Jumpjet. As always, she is immaculately composed, fashioned of elegance and regal poise, yet the turmoil of jealousy hatred that boils behind her stare is an irrepressable force.
"Well done," Is all she says to her Maverick comrade, before she turns gracefully and begins at an unhastened pace off of the track, white-hair tendrils clacking against her metal armoured back.

> From outside, Clef finds a perch on a flag pole or something and just rests there for now.

(Ch. D [Public]) Afterburner Pigeon transmits: 'Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, ya bleedin' freak! What kinda chick you think you are, kickin' in a guy's /glasses/?'.

> From outside, Array Condor simply crosses his arms and snorts. He walks off awkwardly, thickly, the gravity bothering his sensors more than usual, and takes a cue from Skyblade Eagle: no greetings to any of those Mavericks.

> From outside, Dischord just sighs as she hovers about, the only hunter in sight...

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon drops to the ground, landing in a heap of fur and feathers. "...medic. I think I sprained something..."

> From outside, Array Condor enters the Midwest.

> From outside, Array Condor has left.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet says, "Thanks." She says, before rising up. "..I have some repairs to attend to, so, enjoy all the interviews, kay?" With that, she rockets off into the night. "Have fun!"

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet enters the Sky Above Western United States.

> From outside, Spitfire Jumpjet has left.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Look, buddy. I don't know who you are, but if you want to make something of it, file a complaint with Repliforce or something, cause I don't give a damn.'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Midi transmits: 'That's not very nice.'.

Flare Feline is continuing to sleep through all this, even when the winner was announced.

Hiryu has left.

> From outside, Hiryu has arrived.

Psych Mosquito has left.

> From outside, Dischord enters the Sky Above Western United States.
> From outside, Dischord has left.

(Ch. D [Public]) Afterburner Pigeon transmits: 'Yer damn right I'm gonna file a complaint, ya ugly feathered cow! Some defender of de Earth you be! An' a sore loser t'boot!'.

Overdrive Ostrich has left.

> From outside, Overdrive Ostrich has arrived.

(Ch. D [Public]) Afterburner Pigeon transmits: 'Police broo-tal-i-ty!'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: '...'.

> From outside, Sigma has disconnected.

(Ch. D [Public]) Skyblade Eagle transmits: 'Oh hell no.'
(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: '...LOL! Feathered cow! That's a hoot...'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Crash Man transmits: 'L.. O.. L? The hell kinda slack-jawed talk is that?'.

Cyber Peacock has left.

Radar Meerkat takes Cyber Peacock.

(Ch. D [Public]) Crash Man transmits: 'You geek.'.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus skims off, after offering the top three another thumbs-up. He'll have his moment... There are still the other races, after all.

Radar Meerkat has left.

> From outside, Radar Meerkat has arrived.

> From outside, Radar Meerkat enters the Appalachian States.

> From outside, Radar Meerkat has left.

> From outside, Fusion Ichthyosaurus has disconnected.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle stops, and turns around, scanning the area for Afterburner..

(Ch. D [Public]) Nitro Gerbil transmits: 'Hey, come an' say that to my face, punk! *chitter*'.

(Ch. D [Public]) Afterburner Pigeon transmits: 'Help! Help! I'm bein' repressed!'.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern makes a beeline straight for Skyblade, bristling. "Let it go!"

Spring Man has disconnected.

Ring Redwing sits back elated by the race. She's somewhat dissapointed that none of her fellow Repliforce members placed in the top third, but fours not so bad. She has learned a lot from this race. And it is good to feel what the audience feels when they are spectating. She closes her eyes a moment. Then the snoring beside her reminds her of something.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern says, "Come on, work it off in the trainin' room, not here!"

> From outside, Clef sits on his flag pole and watches with interest all the little people below him. Ironic on how a robotic raven is calling people little.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon hoists herself up, and begins to limp off towards base. Whoo. It's gonna be a long walk...

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon enters the Texas.

> From outside, Lightning Gryphon has left.

> From outside, Overdrive Ostrich jumps out of the stands to go congradulate Spitfire! "Great race! Yeah!" He pauses a second, and pats her radome.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle looks down at Riptide, and just eyes her for a moment, before she just turns around and rockets off into the air.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle enters the Sky Above Western United States.

> From outside, Skyblade Eagle has left.

Hurricane Hawk has left.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk has arrived.

Cappella has left.

> From outside, Cappella has arrived.

> From outside, Titan loops and spins as he passes the finish line, stopping compleatly off the track, allowing the other racers to finish gracefully. Inside Evan Carpenter is grining uncontrolably. Titan is a success, his dream is real. And now he has proof.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon drags himself to his feet, more out of anger than anything else. "Kick in a guy's glasses. I coulda HURT someone out dere," he coos furiously, brushing his wings and bristling.

Spring Man has connected.

> From outside, Cappella has left.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern hrrrfs. Sometimes she didn't understand her own commanders. Spreading her wings, the Wyvern springs lazily into the air again.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern enters the Sky Above Western United States.

> From outside, Riptide Wyvern has left.

> From outside, Lunar Vixen enters the Sky Above Western United States.
> From outside, Lunar Vixen has left.

> From outside, Hurricane Hawk enters the Appalachian States.

Serenade has left.

> From outside, Serenade has arrived.

=============================== IC Broadcasts ================================
Message: 9/34 Posted Author
Air race results Wed Jun 20 Uranus
1: Spitfire Jumpjet
2: Lunar Vixen
3: Titan

4: Array Condor
5: Fusion Ichthyosaurus
6: Riptide Wyvern
7: Afterburner Pidgeon
8: Skyblade Eagle
9: Tie: Lightning Gryphon and some bird that officials are assuming is 'Clef'
11: Sigma
12: Dischord

DQ / unfinished: Crash Man, Sahara Sphinx

Ricochet has left.

> From outside, Ricochet has arrived.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon enters the Sky Above Western United States.

> From outside, Afterburner Pigeon has left.

Spring Man has left.

> From outside, Spring Man has arrived.

Jack Torval has left.

> From outside, Jack Torval has arrived.

Ring Redwing seeing almost everyone is gone, but that her fellow Repliforcer Flare Feline is still snoozing, Redwing attempts to shake him awake again with little success.

> From outside, Spring Man has disconnected.

Ring Redwing oh wells. And stands up in preparation to leave. o0(He looks so peaceful there, I guess I shouldn't disturb him.)

> From outside, Ring Redwing Redwing's rings flash as she walks spritely out of the room.

Ring Redwing Redwing's rings flash as she walks spritely out of the room.

Ring Redwing has left.

> From outside, Ring Redwing has arrived.

> From outside, Ring Redwing the sun reflecting off her armor and suffusing her with a red glow.

Vile has left.

> From outside, Vile has arrived.

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